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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38353

Chapter 38353 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Caspar, J., 1998: Introducing animal protection into constitutional law? On the necessity of including animal protection in the constitution Tierschutz ins Grundgesetz? Uber die Notwendigkeit der Aufnahme des Tierschutzes in die Verfassung

Neraudeau, Didier ., 2005: Introduction - The Miocene Faluns of France Anjou, Gironde, Touraine, new stratigraphic and fossil data Introduction - Les faluns miocenes de France Anjou, Gironde, Touraine, nouvelles donnees stratigraphiques et paleontologiques

Chermiti, B.; Gahbiche, H.; Onillon, JC.; Laarif, A.; Dali, M.; Messelmani, H., 1995: Introduction and acclimatization of Eretmocerus debachi Rose Rosen Hym, Aphelinidae parasitoid of Parabemisia myricae Kuwana Hom, Aleurodidae in Tunisia Introduction et acclimatation en Tunisie dEretmocerus debachi Rose Rosen Hym, Aphelinidae parasitoide de Parabemisia myricae Kuwana Hom, Aleurodidae

Castroviejo, Santiago., 1997: Introduction and biogeographical considerations Introduccion y consideraciones biogeograficas

Aristizabul A., L. Fernando; Salazar E., H. Mauricio; Mejia M., C. Gonzalo; Bustillo P., A. E., 2004: Introduction and evaluation of Phymastichus coffea Hymenoptera Eulophidae in smallholder coffee farms, through participatory research Introduccion y evaluacion de Phymastichus coffea Hymenoptera Eulophidae en fincas de pequenos caficultores, a traves de investigacion participativa

Barre, Nicolas.; Feldmann, Philippe.; Tayalay, Georges.; Roc, Patrice.; Anselme, Maurice.; Smith, William., 1997: Introduction and extension of collared dove Streptopelia decaocto in the Lesser Antilles Introduction et extension de la tourterelle turque Streptopelia decaocto dans les Petites Antilles

El Zein, G., 2005: Introduction and impact of the crayfish Procambarus clarkii in the Egyptian Nile Introduction et impact de lecrevisse rouge de Louisiane Procambarus clarkii en Egypte dans le Nil

Ovruski, S. M.; Colin, C.; Soria, A.; Orono, L. E.; Schliserman, P., 2003: Introduction and laboratory production of Diachasmimorpha tryoni and Diachasmimorpha longicaudata Hymenoptera Braconidae for the biological control of Ceratitis capitata Diptera Tephritidae in Argentina Introduccion y produccion en laboratorio de Diachasmimorpha tryoni y Diachasmimorpha longicaudata Hymenoptera Braconidae para el control biologico de Ceratitis capitata Diptera Tephritidae en la Argentina

Foster-Turley, P., 1990: Introduction and overall recommendations

Chapman, JA.; Flux, JEC., 1990: Introduction and overview of the lagomorphs

Sverlova, Nina., 2002: Introduction and polymorphism of Cepaea species by the example of Lvov in Western Ukraine Gastropoda Pulmonata Helicidae Einschleppung und Polymorphismus der Cepaea-Arten am Beispiel von Lwow in der Westukraine Gastropoda Pulmonata Helicidae

Alvarenga, C. D.; Brito, E. S.; Lopes, Elisangela N.; Silva, M. A.; Alves, D. A.; Matrangolo, Carlos AR.; Zucchi, R. A., 2005: Introduction and recovering of the exotic parasitold Diachasmimorpha longicaudata Ashmead Hymenoptera Braconidae in commercial guava orchards in the north of the State of Minas Gerais, Brazil Introducao e recuperacao do parasitoide exotico Diachasmimorpha longicaudata Ashmead Hymenoptera Braconidae em pomares comerciais de goiaba no norte de Minas Gerais

Reynaud, Jean-Yves.; Lauriat-Rage, Agnes.; Tessier, Bernadette.; Neraudeau, Didier.; Braccini, Eric.; Carriol, Rene-Pierre.; Clet-Pellerin, Martine.; Moullade, Michel.; Lericolais, Gilles., 1999: Introduction and reworking of thanatofaunas in deep shelf sediments of the Western Channel Approaches Importations et remaniements de thanatofaunes dans les sables de la plate-forme profonde des approches occidentales de la Manche

Cato, Ingemar., 2006: Introduction and summing-up of the investigations of toxic substances in sediment and biota along the Bohus Coast in 2000/2001 Inledning och summering av 2000/2001 ars miljogiftsundersokningar av sediment och biota utmed Bohuskusten

Perez, Julio E., 1994: Introduction and transfer of aquatic species Introduccion y transferencia de especies acuaticas

Darge, P., 1990: Introduction au genre Carabus en Turquie

Yigit, Abdurrahman.; Canhilal, Ramazan., 1998: Introduction into East Mediterranean region of cold-tolerant ecotypes of the citrus mealybugs predator Cryptolaemus montrouzieri Muls Col Coccinellidae, some biological properties and their adaptation to the region Turuncgil unlubiti Planococcus citri Risso Hom Pseudococcidae predatoru, Cryptolaemus montrouzieri Muls Col Coccinellidaenin soguga dayanikli irkinin temini, bazi biyolojik ozellikleri ve Dogu Akdeniz Bolgesine uyum durumu uzerinde arastirmalar

Sellenschlo, Udo., 1999: Introduction occurs mainly via wood imports Termites in Germany? Die Einschleppung erfolgt meist uber Holzimporte Termiten in Deutschland?

Elvira, Benigno., 1995: Introduction of Adriatic sturgeon into Spanish rivers La conservacion del esturion en Espana alstruismo o pingue negocio?

Linares, Blas.; Hernandez, Julitt.; Morillo, Juan.; Hernandez, Livia., 2001: Introduction of Ageniaspis citricola Logvinovskaya, 1983 Hymenoptera Encyrtidae for controlling the citrus leaf miner Phyllocnistis citrella Staiton Lepidoptera Gracillariidae Phyllocnistinae in Yaracuy state, Venezuela Introduccion de Ageniaspis citricola Logvinovskaya, 1983 Hymenoptera Encyrtidae para el control del minador de la hoja de los citricos Phyllocnistis citrella Staiton Lepidoptera Gracillariidae Phyllocnistinae en el estado de Yaracuy, Venezuela

Kosztarab, M.; Kozar, F., 1983: Introduction of Anthribus nebulosus Coleoptera Anthribidae in Virginia for control of scale insects a review Introduction of Anthribus nebulosus Coleoptera Anthribidae in Virginia for control of scale insects a review

Rizzo, M. C.; Lo Verde, G.; Rizzo, R.; Buccellato, V. Caleca, V., 2006: Introduction of Clostocerus sp in Sicily for biological control of Ophelimus maskelli Ashmead Hymenoptera Eulophidae invasive gall inducer on eucalypt trees Introduzione di Closterocerus sp in Sicilia per il controllo biologico di Ophelimus maskelli Ashmead Hymenoptera Eulophidae galligeno esotico sugli eucalipti

Schulze, Werner., 2002: Introduction of Helicoverpa armigera Huebner, 1808 to east Westphalia Lep, Noctuidae Eine Helicoverpa armigera Huebner, 1808 nach Ostwestfalen eingeschleppt Lep, Noctuidae

Luxmoore, R., 1990: Introduction of Nile crocodiles to South America

Sanabria, E. A.; Quiroga, L. B.; Acosta, J. C., 2005: Introduction of Rana catesbeiana Shaw bullfrog, in pre-Andean environments of San Juan, Argentina Introduccion de Rana catesbeiana Shaw rana toro, en ambientes pre-Cordilleranos de la Provincia de San Juan, Argentina

Arenberger, Ernst., 2002: Introduction of a determination aid for Stenoptilia species, with description of Stenoptilia bassii sp nov Lepidoptera Pterophoridae Einfuehrung einer Determinationshilfe bei den Stenoptilia - Arten mit der Beschreibung von Stenoptilia bassii sp nov Lepidoptera Pterophoridae

Trouilhet, J-F.; Nadaud, S.; Vincent, F.; Ricci, J-C., 1998: Introduction of a working method for biological signals classification Application to bird chirp recognition Presentation dune methodologie pour la classification de signaux biologiques Application a la reconnaissance de cris de turdides

Ludes, E.; Anderson, JR., 1995: Introduction of an unfamiliar female capuchin monkey Cebus apella into a group in captivity Introduction dune nouvelle femelle singe capucin Cebus apella dans un groupe en captivite

Sidlo, Pawel O., 1996: Introduction of beaver Castor fiber L, 1758 as a method of renaturalization and restraining of degradation of ecological systems Introdukcja bobrow Castor fiber L, 1758 jako metoda renaturalizacji i powstrzymywania degradacji ukladow ekologicznych

Zablotzki, M. A., 1960: Introduction of bison in USSR and abroad

Loomans, Antoon., 2000: Introduction of exotic biological control agents evaluating environmental risks Introductie van uitheemse soorten als bestrijders van plagen ecologische risico-analyse

Cowx, IG., 1997: Introduction of fish species into European fresh waters economic successes or ecological disasters? Lintroduction despeces de poissons dans les eaux douces europeennes succes economiques ou desastres ecologiques?

Santos, X.; Garcia-Cardenete, L., 2006: Introduction of fish to rivers of the Mediterranean Basin a threat for predators Introduccion de peces en rios de la cuenca Mediterranea una Amenaza para sus depredadores

Diego-Rasilla, F.; Javier., 2001: Introduction of goldfish Carassius auratus in a breeding area of amphibians in north Burgos Introduccion de carpines Carassius auratus en un medio reproductor de anfibios en el norte de Burgos

Limoges, Benoit.; Societe Provancher d'histoire naturelle du Canada., 2006: Introduction of ligneous debris in deficient habitats effects on biodiversity Introduction de debris ligneux dans des habitats qui en sont depourvus effets sur la biodiversite

Mayer, Horst., 1997: Introduction of more rare Estrildidae Part 1 Weitere seltene Prachtfinken eingefuhrt 1 Teil

Mayer, Horst., 1997: Introduction of more rare Estrildidae Weitere seltene Prachtfinken eingefuhrt

Morales, C. L., 2007: Introduction of no native bumblebees Bombus causes, ecological consequences and perspectives Introduccion de abejorros Bombus no nativos, causas, conscuencias ecologicas y perspectivas

Fraticelli, Fulvio., 2000: Introduction of purple gallinule Porphyrio porphyrio in Latium central Italy Lintroduzione del pollo sultano asiatico Porphyrio porphyrio poliocephalus nel Lazio

Camus, P. A., 2005: Introduction of species in Chilean marine environments not only exotic, not always evident Introduccion de especies en ambientes marinos chilenos no solo exoticas, no siempre evidentes

Brancotte, Virginie., 2002: Introduction of the Turkish snail Helix lucorum L in Comtat Venaissin Vaucluse, France Introduction de lescargot turc Helix lucorum L dans le Comtat Venaissin Vaucluse, France

Aldana, Rosa Cecilia.; Baena, Martha Lucia.; Chacon de Ulloa, Patricia., 1995: Introduction of the crazy ant Paratrechina fulva at the Laguna de Sonso nature reserve Cauca valley, Colombia Introduccion de la hormiga loca Paratrechina fulva a la Reserva Natural Laguna de Sonso Valle del Cauca, Colombia

Manojina, Natalia.; Gonzalez Grau, Angela.; Hernandez Marrero, Arturo., 1994: Introduction of the hutia Capromys auritus in rustic areas at Cayo Fragoso Introduccion de la jutia rata Capromys auritus en cayos aledanos a Cayo Fragoso

Contreras-Balderas, S.; Garcia-Ramirez, M. Elena, 2002: Introduction of the hybrid fish, Colossoma X Piaractus, in Nuevo Leon, Mexico Characidae - Serrasalminae Introduccion de un pez hibrido, Colossoma X Piaractus, en Nuevo Leon, Mexico Characidae - Serrasalminae

Sellenschlo, Udo., 2006: Introduction of the large brown cockroach by a tourist Portrait Rauchbraune Grossschabe durch Touristin eingeschleppt Erscheinungsbild

Vicens i Siquier, Pere., 2000: Introduction of the white-headed duck Oxyura leucocephala at Albufera de Mallorca Reintroduccion de la malvasia Oxyura leucocephala en sAlbufera de Mallorca

Pukaine, Rudite.; Jankelevica, Berta., 1995: Introduction of the zoophagous mirid bug Macrolophus costalis Fieber Heteroptera, Miridae in Latvia Zoofagas blakts Macrolophus costalis Fieber Heteroptera, Miridae introdukcija Latvija

Colazza, Stefano.; Czepak, Cecilia.; Isidoro, Nunzio., 1995: Introduction of two American predators to Italy, Podisus maculiventris Say and P connexivus Bergroth, for the biocontrol of nonindigenous pests Heteroptera Pentatomidae Introduzione di due predatori americani in Italia, Podisus maculiventris Say e P connexivus Bergroth, per il controllo biologico di fitofagi esotici Heteroptera Pentatomidae

Matile-Ferrero, Daniele.; Etienne, Jean.; Tiego, Guy., 2000: Introduction of two important pests for the French Guyana Maconellicoccus hirsutus and Paracoccus marginatus Hem, Coccoidea, Pseudococcidae Introduction de deux ravageurs dimportance pour la Guyane francaise Maconellicoccus hirsutus et Paracoccus marginatus Hem, Coccoidea, Pseudococcidae

Forneris, Gilberto.; Merati, Fabrizio.; Pascale, Massimo.; Perosino, Gian Carlos., 2005: Introduction on an icthyic index II for the Po western basin Proposta di indice ittico II per il bacino occidentale del Po e prime applicazioni in Piemonte

David, Matej., 1999: Introduction on nonindigenous organisms in the northern Adriatic and ballast water management Vnos tujerodnih organizmov v severnem Jadranu in upravljanje balastnih vod

Svilponis, Eha., 2005: Introduction potential of harmful plant pests of Liriomyza genus Liriomyza perekonda kuuluvate ohtlike taimekahjustjate introduktsiooni toenaosus

Iraola, Victor., 2001: Introduction to Acari II Habitats and significance for man Introduccion a los acaros II habitats e importancia para el hombre

Bosmans, Robert.; Nieser, Nico., 1997: Introduction to Dutch names of water bugs occurring in Flanders and the Netherlands Voorstel tot Nederlandse namen van de in Vlaanderen en Nederland voorkomende water- en oppervlaktewantsen

Ujiie, H., 1963: Introduction to Foraminifera 1

Ujiie, H., 1963: Introduction to Foraminifera 2

Mazza, S., 1941: Introduction to Spanish version of paper by Chagas, C see 114

Navarro Castillo, Jose Angel., 1995: Introduction to bumble-bees as pollinators of protected crops in Almeria Introduccion de abejorros como polinizadores en cultivos protegidos de Almeria

Korochkin, LI., 1999: Introduction to developmental genetics

Camousseight, Ariel.; New, Timothy R., 1994: Introduction to insects of the order Psocoptera in Chile Introduccion a los insectos del orden Psocoptera en Chile

Grosso-Silva, Jose Manuel., 2003: Introduction to insects Introducao aos insectos

Iraola, Victor., 1998: Introduction to mites 1 general description and principal groups Introduccion a los acaros 1 descripcion general y principales grupos

Barrientos, Z., 2003: Introduction to molluscan classification, collection, data recording and conservation Aspectos basicos sobre la clasificacion, recoleccion, toma de datos y conservacion de los moluscos

Elle, O., 2005: Introduction to multivariate statistics for field ornithologists Principal Component Analysis, Discriminant Analysis and Cluster Analysis Einfuehrung in die multivariate Statistik fuer Feldornithologen Hauptkomponentenanalyse, Diskriminanzanalyse undClusteranalyse

Telitchenko, MM.; Ostroumov, SA., 1990: Introduction to problems of biochemical ecology biotechnology, agriculture, environment

Fonteneau, Alain., 1998: Introduction to problems of tuna and environment relationships in the Atlantic Introduction aux problemes des relations thons-environnement dans l Atlantique

Nakamura, I., 1990: Introduction to scombriform fishes - 6 Body color and marking

Dierschke, Jochen.; Dierschke, Volker.; Krueger, Thorsten., 2005: Introduction to systematic observation of bird migration over the sea seawatching Anleitung zur Planbeobachtung des Vogelzugs ueber dem Meer Seawatching

Ishikawa, C., 1892: Introduction to the Anatomy of Animals, I Dipsas plicata, Lea

Alonso, L. E.; Hannah, Lee, 2002: Introduction to the Reserve Naturelle Integrale and Reserve Forestiere dAnkarafantsika and to the Rapid Assessment Program Introduction a la Reserve Naturelle Integrale et la Reserve Forestiere dAnkarafantsika et levaluation rapide du RAP

Lemos-Espinal, Julio A.; Smith, Hobart M.; Chiszar, David., 2004: Introduction to the amphibians and reptiles of the state of Chihuahua, Mexico Introduccion a los anfibios y reptiles del estado de Chihuahua

Sueur, Jerome., 1998: Introduction to the discussion bioacoustics or the scientific ear listening to the world of animal sounds Introduction a la table ronde la bioacoustique ou loreille scientifique a lecoute de lunivers sonore animal

Quartau, JA.; Simoes, PC.; Andre, G., 1998: Introduction to the ecology of insect communities associated with the salt marsh of the EXPO 98 Lisboa, Portugal Introducao a ecologia das comunidades de insectos do sapal da zona de intervencao do parque Expo 98 Lisboa, Portugal

Yanosky, Angel Alberto.; Mercolli, Claudia., 1994: Introduction to the ecology of the lizard assemblage at El Bagual Ecological Reserve Formosa, Argentina Introduccion a la ecologia de la comunidad de saurios de la Reserva Ecologica El Bagual Formosa, Argentina

Schlampp, Victor., 2006: Introduction to the excursion points during the VFMG summer outing 2006 to Altdorf Einfuehrung zu den Exkursionspunkten der VFMG-Sommertagung 2006 in Altdorf

Merz, Bernhard., 2002: Introduction to the family Lauxaniidae Diptera, Acalyptrata with focus on the Swiss fauna Einfuhrung in die Familie Lauxaniidae Diptera, Acalyptrata mit Angaben zur Fauna der Schweiz

Bellido, D.; Pujade-Villar, J., 2001: Introduction to the knowledge of biogeography of Cynipini tribe Hymenoptera Cynipoidea Cynipidae in the Palaearctic region Aproximacio al coneixement de la biogeografia de la tribu Cynipini Hymenoptera Cynipoidea Cynipidae a la regio paleartica

Crespo, F. Antonio; Valverde, A. del Carmen, 2003: Introduction to the knowledge of cockroaches of Uruguay Blattaria Introduccion al conocimiento de las cucarachas del Uruguay Blattaria

Ruiz Torres, Manuel.; Montiel Bueno, Alfonso., 2001: Introduction to the knowledge of insects communities of the grove olive in the Province of Jaen Andalusia, Spain Quantitative aspects II Introduccion al conocimiento de la entomofauna del olivar en la Provinica de Jaen Aspectos cuantitativos II

Ribera, Ignacio.; Melic, Antonio., 1996: Introduction to the methodology of cladistic systematics Introduccion a la metodologia y la sistematica cladista

Godinot, Marc.; Gingerich, Philip D., 1996: Introduction to the scientific work of Donald E Russell, gentleman paleontologist Introduction a loeuvre scientifique de Donald E Russell, gentleman paleontologist

Villa, Jaime., 1999: Introduction to the study of fish of Nicaragua Introduccion al estudio de los peces de Nicaragua

Pek, Ilja.; Mikulas, Radek., 1996: Introduction to the study of fossil tracks Uvod do studia fosilnich stop

Mazel, Robert., 2002: Introduction to the study of the Lepidoptera of Eyne valley Pyrenees-Orientales Introduction a letude des Lepidopteres de la vallee dEyne Pyrenees-Orientales

Gon, O.; Heemstra, PC., 1990: Introduction to the systematic section

Sanisidro, O., 2005: Introduction to the three-dimensional scientific illustration reconstruction of the rhinoceros Stephanorhinus etruscus Falconer Introduccion a la Representacion Cientifica Tridimensional Reconstruction del Rinoceronte Stephanorhinus etruscus Falconer

Goldarazena, Arturo.; Mound, Laurence.; Jordana, Rafael., 1999: Introduction to the thrips fauna Insecta, Thysanoptera of the Basque Country, their host-plants and distribution, with host-plants and distribution data 1 Gipuzkoa Introduccion a la fauna de los Tisanopteros Insecta, Thysanoptera del Pais Vasco, sus plantas hospedadoras y su distribucion 1 Gipuzkoa

Goldarazena, Arturo.; Mound, Laurence., 1997: Introduction to the thrips fauna of Navarra-Nafarroa cl Insecta; o Thysanoptera their host-plants and distribution data 1 Suborder Terebrantia Introduccion a la fauna de los tisanopteros cl Insecta; o Thysanoptera de Navarra-Nafarroa, sus plantas hospedadoras y su distribucion 1 Suborden Terebrantia

Mitchell, P. C., 1896: Introduction to translation of Hertwig, see 328, pp vii-xix

Vargas, Ofelia Milan.; Camacho, Esperanza Rijo.; Villalon, Elina Masso., 2005: Introduction, quarantine and development of Cryptolaemus montrouzieri Mulsant in Cuba Introduccion, cuarentena y desarrollo de Cryptolaemus montrouzieri Mulsant en Cuba

Gruner, H-E., 1993: Introduction Einfuhrung

Monge-Najera, J., 2003: Introduction overview of molluscan natural history Introduccion un vistazo a la historia natural de los moluscos

Melic, Antonio., 1996: Introduction palaeoentomology for neoentomologists A modo de introduccion palaeoentomologia para neoentomologos

Vedrasco, Arcadie.; Lobchenko, Vitali.; Billard, Roland., 2001: Introductions and culture of the paddlefish Polyodon spathula in Europe Introductions et elevage du poisson-spatule Polyodon spathula en Europe

Vande Weghe, Jean Pierre., 1999: Introductions and reintroduction of large ungulate species in the Akagera National Park, Rwanda Les introductions et reintroductions d especes au Parc National de l Akagera, Rwanda

Lustrat, Philippe., 1996: Introductions and reintroductions of animals in the Fontainebleau forest Seine et Marne - France Introductions et reintroductions danimaux en foret de Fontainebleau Seine et Marne - France

Moore, JR., 1971: Introductions by

Leveque, C., 1997: Introductions of exotic fish species in tropical freshwaters purposes and consequences Introductions de nouvelles especies de poissons dans les eaux douces tropicales objectifs et consequences

Malausa, Jean-Claude., 2000: Introductions of exotic insects as agents in the biological control of crop pests Les introductions dinsectes exotiques comme agents de lutte biologique contre les ravageurs des cultures

Vigneux, E., 1997: Introductions of freshwater decapod crustaceans into France Can we speak of management? Les introductions de crustaces decapodes deau douce en France Peut-on parler de gestion?

Reille, A., 1990: Introductions, reintroductions et renforcements de populations

Carpenter, K.; Currie, PJ., 1990: Introducton on systematics and morphological variation

Anonymous., 1996: Introductory remarks to the red lists of German spiders Arachnida Araneae, Opiliones, Pseudoscorpiones Vorbemerkungen zu den Roten Listen der Spinnentiere Deutschlands Arachnida Araneae, Opiliones, Pseudoscorpiones

Steiner, Siegfried., 2003: Introductory research leading towards a revision of the tribe Dorcadionini Coleoptera Cerambycidae Lamiinae in Greece, part 1 Vorbereitende Untersuchungen zu einer Revision der Tribus Dorcadionini Coleoptera Cerambycidae Lamiinae in Griechenland, Teil I

Tagiev, Sh K.; Yusifov, P. G., 1968: Introreceptive influence on bioelectrical activity of the cephalic brain in frogs and tortoises on the background of the activity of adrenaline and aminasine

Acharjyo, LN.; Tripathy, SB.; Sahoo, GC., 1990: Intussusception in a captive hoolock gibbon Hylobates hoolock case report

Faegteborg, M., 1990: Inuit organisations and whaling policies

Verdugo, Antonio., 2001: Inula viscosa Ait, the host plant of Sphenoptera Chilostetha fernandesi Cobos, 1966 in Cadiz and comments relating to this taxon Col, Buprestidae Inula viscosa Ait, planta nutricia de Sphenoptera Chilostetha fernandesi Cobos, 1966 en Cadiz y comentarios en torno a este tazon Col, Buprestidae

Mulhauser, Blaise., 1996: Inundations allogenous evolutionary factors of a lakeshore ecosystem and its influence on the invertebrate population The example of the south-east shore of the lake of Neuchatel Switzerland Les inondations facteur allogene evolutif dun ecosysteme riverain et ses influences sur les peuplements dinvertebres Exemple de la rive sud-est du lac de Neuchatel Suisse

Darrigran, G., 2004: Invaders mollusc, specially Corbicula fluminea Asiatic musse and Limnoperna fortunei golden mussel in the Litoral region Moluscos invasores, en especial Corbicula fluminea almeja Asiatica y Limnoperna fortunei mejillondorado, de la region Litoral

Mallet-Rodrigues, F., 2002: Invalidation of the supposed Brazilian record of Wilsonia canadensis Invalidacao do registro supostamente brasileiro de Wilsonia canadensis

Gushanskaya, L. K., 1950: Invalidation of the tribe Antennocarea and the genus Antennocara

Louchart, Antoine., 1999: Invalidity of note 3321 Alauda 67 1 72-73 Yellow-throated sparrow Petronia superciliaris sighting in NDjamena Tchad Invalidite de la note 3321 Alauda 67 1 72-73 Observation du moineau bride, Petronia superciliaris a NDjamena, Tchad

Arai, H.; Saito, H.; Nomura, T., 1958: Invasion and multiplication of Toxoplasma gondii in Hela cells

Eberl, Roland., 1998: Invasion by the the goosander Absence of fish along long stretches of lotic waters of Bavaria Invasion der Gansesager Fliessgewasser Oberbayerns auf grossen Strecken fischleer

Stickroth, Hermann., 2001: Invasion by the waxwing Bombycilla garrulus in winter 2000/2001 in Swabia Invasion des Seidenschwanzes Bombycilla garrulus im Winter 2000/2001 in Schwaben

De Knijf, Geert., 1999: Invasion of Anax parthenope Selys in Belgium in 1999 Invasie van Anax parthenope Selys in Belgie in 1999

Chakroun, Founoun.; Aloui-Bejaoui, Nejla., 1996: Invasion of Aurelia aurita Cnidaria, Scyphomedusa in Bizerte Lake Tunisia during summer 1994 Invasion dAurelia aurita Cnidaria, Scyphomedusa dans le lac de Bizerte Tunisie au cours de lete 1994

Hustings, Fred.; Knolle, Paul. de Knijff, Peter. van Winden, Erik., 1998: Invasion of Bohemian waxwing in the Netherlands in 1995/96 in international perspective Invasie van pestvogels in Nederland in 1995/96 in internationaal perspectief

Amat, F.; Green, A. J., 2005: Invasion of Iberian salt waters by the American crustacean Artemia franciscana El crustaceo americano Artemia franciscana invade las salinas ibericas

Bunch, Mads Jensen., 1997: Invasion of Sabines gull - a preliminary status report Sabinemageinvasionen - en forelobig status

Wirdheim, Anders., 1997: Invasion of Sabines gulls Tarnmasinvasionen

Cadee, Gerhard C., 1997: Invasion of Sepia officinalis cuttlebones on Texel in 1996 Invasie van Sepia officinalis schilden op Texel in 1996

Nilsson, Leif., 2001: Invasion of barnacle geese in Southern Sweden Invasion av vitkindade gass i Sydsverige

Nilssen, A. C.; Strann, K., 2006: Invasion of convolvulus hawk-moths Agrius convolvuli in North Norway in the autumn of 2005 Invasjon av vindelsvermere Agrius convolvuli i nord-Norge hosten 2005

Ellestrom, Ola., 2002: Invasion of crossbills in the autumn of 2002 Korsnabbsinvasionen hosten 2002

Randler, Christoph.; Blessing, Juergen., 1999: Invasion of hawfinch in autumn 1998 near Stuttgart Invasion des Kernbeissers Coccothraustes coccothraustes im Herbst 1998 am Lotterberg bei Stuttgart

Soderstrom, Bo., 2006: Invasion of hummingbird hawkmoth in 2006 Invasion av storre dagsvarmare 2006

Mathiasson, Sven., 1994: Invasion of kittiwakes Rissa tridactyla to the Swedish coast in 1983 Invasion av tretaig mas Rissa tridactyla vid svenska kuster 1983

Gorski, Pawel., 1994: Invasion of strongylides in Carnivora - a review Inwazje tegoryjcow u miesozernych - patogeneza i reakcje obronne zywicieli

Baliteau, Lucas., 2005: Invasion of the Italian cricket in Aveyron Invasion en Aveyron du Caloptene italien

Sikora, Arkadiusz.; Cenian, Zdzislaw., 1996: Invasion of the Tengmalms owl Aegolius funereus in some areas of northern Poland in 1996 Nalot wlochatki Aegolius funereus w wybranych rejonach polnocnej Polski 1996 roku

Fluyt, Frederik.; Herroelen, Paul., 2002: Invasion of the bullfinch in the Leuven region Invasie van Noordse Goudvink in de Leuvense regio

Schedl, W., 1999: Invasion of the eucalyptus borer, Phoracantha semipunctata F, in the Mediterranean Basin and at the Canary Islands Coleoptera Cerambycidae Zur Ausbreitung des Eukalyptusbohrers, Phoracantha semipunctata F, im Mediterranraum und auf den Kanarischen Inseln Coleoptera Cerambycidae

Eenpuu, R.; Elts, J., 2004: Invasion of the fieldfare to Estonia in winter 2002/03 Hallrasta invasioon Eestisse 2002/03 a talvel

Hartel, Heiner.; Conrads, Klaus., 1995: Invasion of the nutcracker Nucifraga caryocatactes caryocatactes in the year 1993 in East Westphalia - Lippe Die Invasion des Dickschnabligen Tannenhahers Nucifraga caryocatactes caryocatactes im Jahre 1993 nach Ostwestfalen-Lippe

Skule, Bjarne., 2003: Invasion of the owlet moth Eucarta virgo Tr in Denmark in 2002 On the biology and distribution of the species together with status report on North European finds during 2002 Invasionen af uglen Eucarta virgo Tr i Danmark 2002 Om artens biologi og udbredelse samt status over de norduropaeiske fund i 2002

Kaaber, Svend.; Gjelstrup, Peter.; Bloch, Dorete.; Jensen, Jens-Kjeld., 1994: Invasion of the red admiral Vanessa atalanta L and other butterflies on the Faeroes in 1992 Invasion af admiralen Vanessa atalanta L og andre sommerfugle pa Faeroerne i 1992

Sikora, Arkadiusz.; Cenian, Zdzislaw., 1996: Invasion of the red-footed falcon Falco vespertinus in the Pobrzeze Gdanskie coastland in the autumn of 1996 Nalot kobczyka Falco vespertinus na Pobrzezu Gdanskim jesienia 1996 roku

Fossa, Jan H.; Bamstedt, Ulf.; Fosshagen, Audun.; Martinussen, Monica., 1998: Invasion of the siphonophore Apolemia uvaria along the Norwegian coast in 1997 Invasjon av en kolonimanet langs norskekysten i 1997

Andries, Tom., 1997: Invasion of the southern migrant hawker Aeshna affinis Invasie van de zuidelijke glazenmaker Aeshna affinis

Bachmann, Horst., 2005: Invasion of the waxwing Bombycilla garrulus in 2004/2005 Observations from east Hesse Invasion des Seidenschwanzes Bombycilla garrulus 2004/2005 Beobachtungen aus Osthessen

Sorhuus, Halvor.; Vang, Morten.; Osteras, Tom Roger., 1996: Invasion of two-barred crossbills Loxia leucoptera in inner parts of Trondelag 1995/96 Bandkorsnebb Invasjon i indre strok av Trondelag varen 1996

Brader, M., 2005: Invasion of waxwing Bombycilla garrulus in upper Austria during the winter 2004/2005 Die Invasion des Seidenschwanzes Bombycilla garrulus in Oberoesterreich im Winter 2004/2005

Jacob, Jean-Paul., 1997: Invasion of waxwings Bombycilla garrulus in the beginning of 1996 in Wallonia and in Brussels Linvasion de jaseurs boreaux Bombycilla garrulus de debut 1996 en Wallonie et a Bruxelles

Larsson, Par Gunnar., 1997: Invasion of white-winged terns in Scania in May 1997 Sensationellt och spektakulart i Skane invasion av vitvingade tarnor

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