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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38357

Chapter 38357 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Buchweitz, Matthias., 1997:
Is an urban inhabitant dying out? Record of the crested lark Galerida cristata with notes on its population status in Boblingen district Aussterbender Kulturfolger? - Ein Nachweis der Haubenlerche Galerida cristata mit Anmerkungen zur Bestandssituation im Landkreis Boblingen

Alind, Per., 1999:
Is antagonistic behaviour by the red-necked grebe Podiceps ruficollis a cause for the decline of the Slavonian grebe Podiceps auritus in southern Sweden? Kan konkurrens med grahakedopping Podiceps ruficollis vara en orsak till svarthakedoppingens Podiceps auritus minskning i sodra Sverige?

Weiserbs, A.; Jacob, J.-Paul., 2001:
Is breeding bird distribution affected by motorway traffic noise? Le bruit engendre par le trafic autoroutier influence-t-il la repartition des oiseaux nicheurs?

Garrido, C.; Edelmann, A., 1998:
Is brood parasitism of Osmia rufa L Hymenoptera, Megachilidae dependent on locality Ist Brutparasitismus bei Osmia rufa L Hymenoptera, Megachilidae vom Standort abhaengig?

Povilitis, T., 1990:
Is captive breeding an appropriate strategy for endangered species conservation?

Ehmke, Wolfgang., 2001:
Is climate change detectable even in Wiesbaden and the Taunus region? Ist der Klimawandel auch in Wiesbaden und im Taunus feststellbar?

Gudo, Michael., 1997:
Is constructional morphology a current principle of palaeontology? Ist die Konstruktionsmorphologie ein Aktualistisches Prinzip der Palaontologie?

Knoff, Carl., 1999:
Is continuous forestry activity the way forward for the goshawk? Blir bestandsskogbruket honsehaukens bane?

Spittler, Heinrich., 1998:
Is data from hunting sites suitable for assessment of small game populations? Eignen sich Streckenmeldungen fur die Erfassung von Niederwild?

Breton, G.; Vincent, T., 2002:
Is epibenthic biodiversity well estimated by means of scuba diving? La plongee subaquatique permet-elle devaluer de maniere fiable la biodiversite de lepibenthos dans un port?

Yatsenko-Khmelevskii, AA., 1974:
Is evolution predestined?

Rupprecht, R.; Mauden, R., 1996:
Is forest liming useful for the stressed fauna of acidified streams? Waldschutzkalkungen - auch eine Hilfe fur die Fauna versauerter Bache?

Byholm, P., 2004:
Is grouse availability of importance for northern goshawk reproductive success? Metsakanalintujen runsauden vaikutus kanahaukan pesimismenestykseen

Mooij, Johan H., 1999:
Is hunting tourism a sustainable use of natural resources? Mass slaughter of migrating birds in Bulgaria Ist Jagdtourismus eine nachhaltige Nutzung naturlicher Ressourcen? Massenschlachtung von Zugvogeln in Bulgarien

Laurits, M.; Erit, M.; Kuresoo, A.; Luigujoe, L., 2004:
Is it necessary to describe vegetation composition and structure while mapping birds on floodplain meadows? Kas luhalinnustiku kaardistamisel tuleb arvestada taimestiku koosseisu ja struktuuri?

Sil, M.; Rabas, P., 2001:
Is it normal to kill animals in the zoo? Je normalni zabuet zvirata v zoo? Jsme schopni vnimat prirozene veci?

Greve, Karl., 2006:
Is it only the female greenfinch Carduelis chloris which breeds? Bruetet beim Gruenfinken Carduelis chloris tatsaechlich nur das Weibchen?

Weber, Eberhard., 2001:
Is it only the swift which roosts on the wing? Naechtigt nur der Mauersegler Apus apus in der Luft?

Bengtsson, K.; Blomquist, L., 2003:
Is it possible to age subadult common gulls Larus canus? Alderskaraktarer for fiskmas - gar det att aldersbestamma subadulta fiskmasar?

Piaget, N.; Hernandez, S.; Lamilla, J.; Vega, A., 2005:
Is it possible to breed sharks in captivity? The case of the dogfish, Schroederichthys chilensis Chondrichthyes, Scyliorhinidae Es posible criar tiburones? El caso de la pintarroja comun, Schroederichthys chilensis Chondrichthyes, Scyliorhinidae

Lohmus, A., 2003:
Is it possible to determine the occupying species and nest age from the dimensions of raptor nests? Kas kullipesa suuruse jargi saab maarata asustavat liiki ja pesa vanust?

Papp, L., 2002:
Is it possible to protect flies in Hungary? Lehetseges-e a legyfajok vedelme Magyarorszagon?

Winckel, C.W.F., 1948:
Is it possible to provoke an attack of malaria?

Boehm, F.; Kostler, W., 1996:
Is it possible to rear Satyrium w-album Knoch, 1782 ab ovo? Lep, Lycaenidae Ist die Zucht von Satyrium w-album Knoch, 1782 ab ovo moglich? Lep, Lycaenidae

Meier, Elmar., 2000:
Is it possible to save the Asian turtles and tortoises? Sind die Schildkroeten Asiens noch zu retten?

Banaszak-Cibicka, W.A.; Wilkaniec, Z., 2006:
Is it the solitary bee Anthophora plagiata Illiger, 1806 endangered species in Poland? Pszczola porobnica murarka Anthophora plagiata Illiger, 1806 - ginacy gatunek w Polsce?

Lindell, Lars., 2005:
Is it time for plan B in the conservation work carried out on the lesser white-fronted goose? Ar det dags for plan B i fagelskyddsarbetet for fjallgasen?

Thiede, Walther., 2004:
Is it worth publishing in English in our country? Lohnt es sich wirklich, bei uns in Englisch zu publizieren?

Myklebust, Magne., 2006:
Is life ill-fated for seabirds in the North Sea? Er det liv laga for sjofuglene i Nordsjoen?

Neraudeau, Didier., 2001:
Is morphological variation an obstacle to the definition of palaeontological species? The case of spatangoid echinids La variabilite morphologique est-elle un obstacle a la definition des especes paleontologique? Le cas des echinides spatangues

Czybulka, Detlef., 2000:
Is national law prepared for integrated coastal zone management IKZM? Ist die nationale Rechtsordnung auf ein integriertes Kuestenzonenmanagement IKZM vorbereitet?

Hess, L.; Vodicka, R.; Kral, J., 2001:
Is opioid remifentanil suitable in primates immobilization? Je opioid remifentanil vhodny k imobilizaci primatu?

Libus, Jiri., 1993:
Is our knowledge of toads sufficient? Jsou nase vedomosti o ropuchach dostacujici?

Fornasaro, D.; Strami, F.; Cabrini, M., 2006:
Is phytoplankton declining in the Gulf of Trieste? Fitoplancton in declino del Golfo di Trieste?

Barendregt, A.; Heijerman, T.; Kleukers, R.; Ottenheim, M., 2000:
Is re-introduction of insects useful? Heeft herintroductie van insecten zin?

Wistuba, J.; Bettin, C., 2003:
Is spontaneous metamorphosis in Ambystoma mexicanum Shaw, 1798 possible? Ist Spontanmetamorphose bei Ambystoma mexicanum Shaw, 1798 Caudata Ambystomatidae moeglich?

Kjesbu, O.S.gurd.; Marshall, T.; Thorsen, A., 2001:
Is survival in larvae dependent on the mother fishs size and condition? Studies on Arctic cod Pavirkes larvens sjanse til overlevelse av morfiskens storrelse og kondisjon? - undersokelser pa norsk-arktisk torsk

Greenman, A.; Rubin, J.-Francois., 2005:
Is the Artic char growth modified by the winter quality evolution of Lake Geneva? La croissance de lomble chevalier se modifie-t-elle suite a levolution de la qualite suite a levolution de la qualite des eaux du Leman?

Thibault, J.; Seguin, J.-Francois; Villard, P.; Prodon, R., 2002:
Is the Corsican pine Pinus nigra laricio a key-species for the Corsican nuthatch Sitta whiteheadi? Le pin laricio Pinus nigra laricio est-il une especie cle pour le sitelle Corse Sitta whiteheadi?

Karapandza, B., 1990:
Is the Earth dying?

Gamauf, Anita., 1999:
Is the European honey-buzzard Pernis apivorus a feeding specialist? The influence of social Hymenoptera on habitat selection and home range size Der Wespenbussard Pernis apivorus ein Nahrungsspezialist? Der Einfluss sozialer Hymenopteren auf Habitatnutzung und Home Range-Grosse

Giordana, Barbara., 1995:
Is the K+/amino acid symporter of the larval midgut of Lepidoptera a target for the activity of Bacillus thuringiensis -endotoxins? Il contrasportatore k+/aminoacidi del mesointestino larvale dei lepidotteri e coinvolto nel meccanismo di azione delle -endotossine di Bacillus thuringiensis?

Laubier, L.; Perez, T.; Lejeusne, C.; Garrabou, J.; Chevaldonne, P.; Vacelet, J.; Boury-Esnault, N.; Harmelin, J.-Georges, 2004:
Is the Mediterranean warming up? La Mediterranee se rechauffe-t-elle?

Fournier, A., 2005:
Is the Siberian chipmunk Tamias sibiricus still present at Bruay-Labuissiere Pas-de-Calais? Le Tamia de Siberie Tamias sibiricus est-il encore present a Bruay-Labuissiere Pas-de-Calais?

Chanet, Bruno., 1998:
Is the asymmetry of the caudal vertebrae an autapomorphy of the scophthalmid fishes Pleuronectiformes? Lasymetrie des vertebres caudales chez les Scophthalmidae Pleuronectiformes est-elle une autapomorphie?

Hoetker, Hermann., 2005:
Is the avocet a cuckoo? Ist der Saebelschnaebler ein Kuckuck?

Gatter, Wulf., 1996:
Is the ban on controlled burning a reason for the decrease in song birds? Das Abflammverbot als Ruckgangsursache von Singvogeln?

Pannach, Guenter., 2001:
Is the black swan Cygnus atratus a pest? Ist der Schwarzschwan Cygnus atratus ein Schaedling?

Waugh, D., 2005:
Is the blue-throated macaw Ara glaucogularis recovering? A arara-de-garganta-azul Ara glaucogularis esta se recuperando?

Dix, M.; Musters, K. ter Keurs, W., 1998:
Is the breeding succes of the blackbird Turdus merula declining in The Netherlands? Neemt het broedsucces van de merel Turdus merula in ons land af?

van der Velden, Derk., 1996:
Is the brown hairstreak moving into urban areas? Verhuist de sleedoornpage naar de stad?

Thiede, Walther., 1999:
Is the buzzard call of the jay imitated or species specific? Ist der Bussardruf des Eichelhahers nachgemacht oder artspezifisch?

Billen, W., 1999:
Is the carnation tortrix Cacoecimorpha pronubana Hubner Lepidoptera Tortricidae in the process of becoming native to south Germany? Ist der Mittelmeernelkenwickler Cacoecimorpha pronubana Hubner Lepidoptera, Tortricidae im Begriff, in Suddeutschland heimisch zu werden?

Antoine, L.; Guyader, O.; Goujon, M., 1998:
Is the change in fishing technique compatible with responsible fishing? The example of large albacore Thunnus alalunga drift net fishing in the North Atlantic Un changement de technique de peche est-il compatible avec une peche responsable? L exemple de la peche au germon Thunnus alalunga au filet derivant en Atlantique Nord

Tome, D., 2002:
Is the corn crake Crex crex population at Ljubljansko barje still stable? Ali je populacija kosca Crex crex na Ljubljanskem barju se stabilna?

Berthelot, J.-Yves.; Navizet, G., 1997:
Is the courtship behaviour of the squacco heron Ardeola ralloides the end of a discrete evolution? La parade nuptiale de heron crabier Ardeola ralloides set-elle le terme dune evolution sautillante, ponctualiste?

Herroelen, Paul., 2004:
Is the cuckoo becoming a rare bird? Le coucou devient-il un oiseau rare?

Blant, M.; Beuret, B.; Ducommun, A.; Joseph, E.; Meyrat-Paratte, M.-Anne; Poitry, R.; Lehmann, A., 2004:
Is the cyclic variation of abundance of water voles Arvicola terrestris sherman in the higher parts of the Swiss Jura-Mountains dependant of the landscape-features? Le paysage de la Haute Chaine jurassienne suisse influence-t-il les pullulations cycliques du campagnol terrestre Arvicola terrestris sherman Shaw, 1801?

Reibnitz, Johannes., 1996:
Is the distribution of Triplax lepida Fald expanding? Col, Erotylidae Triplax lepida Fald in Ausbreitung begriffen? Col, Erotylidae

Matzke, Danilo., 1998:
Is the earwig Euborellia annulipes Lucas, 1847 Dermaptera still a part of the fauna of Saxony? Ist der Ohrwurm Euborellia annulipes Lucas, 1847 Dermaptera noch Bestandteil der sachsischen Fauna?

Chaline, J.; Nottale, L.; Grou, P., 1999:
Is the evolutionary tree a fractal structure? Larbre de la vie a-t-il une structure fractale?

Appenzeller, AR., 1997:
Is the fish population in Lake Ammer too high? Acoustic fish population estimates in Bavarian prealpine lakes Ist der Fischbestand im Ammersee zu hoch? Akustische Fischbestandsaufnahmen in bayerischen Voralpenseen

Pfeifer, Friedrich., 2000:
Is the great black water beetle Hydrophilus piceus L, 1758 coming back to Westphalia? Kehrt der Grosse Kolbenwasserkaefer Hydrophilus piceus L, 1758 nach Westfalen zurueck?

Vrezec, A., 2006:
Is the grey partridge Perdix perdix population decline in Slovenia the result of apparent competition with the pheasant Phasianus colchicus? Ali je vzrok upada populacije jerebice Perdix perdix v Sloveniji prikrita kompeticija s fazanom Phasianus colchicus?

Luebcke, Wolfgang., 2006:
Is the hazel grouse Tetrastes bonasia returning to the Kellerwald? Kehrt das Haselhuhn Tetrastes bonasia in den Kellerwald zurueck?

Haupt, H.; Kaminski, R., 1995:
Is the herring gull and the yellow-legged gull the same species? Sind Silbemowe und Weisskopfmowe eigene Arten?

Arnold, C.; Sengonca, C., 2000:
Is the horse chestnut scale Pulvinaria regalis Canard Homoptera, Coccidae a problem for ornamental trees in urban areas or not? Die Wollige Napfschildlaus Pulvinaria regalis Canard - kein Problem fur Strassen- und Alleebaume unserer Stadte?

Scherner, Erwin Rudolf., 2000:
Is the immutabilis-gene transmission in mute swans Cygnus olor subjected to selection? Unterliegt die Weitergabe der immutabilis-Erbanlage bei Hoeckerschwaenen Cygnus olor einer Selektion?

Buczynski, P.; Serafin, E., 2004:
Is the incorporation of the Krowie Bagno Marsh into the Poleski National Park well-founded? - On the basis of Odonata, aquatic Coleoptera and Trichoptera O zasadnosci wlaczenia Krowiego Bagna do Poleskiego Parku Narodowego - na podstawie Odonata, wodnych Coleoptera i Trichoptera

Bitusik, Peter., 1996:
Is the interaction between chironomid larvae Diptera Chironomidae and river crayfish Astacus astacus phoresy? Je interakcia medzi larvami pakomarov Diptera Chironomidae a rakom riecnym Astacus astacus foreziou?

Hamon, J.; Osten, T., 1994:
Is the large European scoliid with a yellow head Scolia Triscolia flavifrons Fabricius, 1787 or Megascolia Regiscolia maculata Drury, 1773 Hymenoptera Scoliidae? Le nom de la grande scolie europeenne a tete jaune est-il Scolia Triscolia flavifrons Fabricius, 1787, ou bien Megascolia Regiscolia maculata Drury, 1773 Hymenoptera Scoliidae

Varga, L.; Csorgo, T., 1998:
Is the migratory behaviour of Hungarian lapwings Vanellus vanellus changing? Valtozik-e a magyarorszagi bibicek Vanellus vanellus vonulasa?

Samhaber, Johanna., 2003:
Is the mistle thrush Turdus viscivorus becoming a synanthropic species even in Upper Austria? Wird die Misteldrossel Turdus viscivorus auch in Oberoesterreich zum Kulturfolger?

Moutou, Francois., 2002:
Is the monk seal going to disappear? Le Phoque moine va-til disparaitre?

Mandak, M.; Hudecek, J.J., 2005:
Is the observation of the red-rumped swallow Hirundo daurica the first record in the Czech Republic? Prvni pozorovani vlastovky skalni Hirundo daurica na uzemi Ceske republiky?

Kornobis, S., 2004:
Is the occurrence of Globodera artemisiae in Poland truthful? Czy Globodera artemisiae wystepuje w Polsce?

Baumgart, Wolfgang., 2001:
Is the occurrence of immature lammergeiers Gypaetus barbatus in northern Central Europe a result of drifting with spring migration of the honey buzzard Pernis apivorus? Ist das Auftreten immaturer Bartgeier Gypaetus barbatus im noerdlichen Mitteleuropa Folge eines Verdriftens mit dem Wespenbussard Pernis apivorus-Fruehjahrszug

Chaput, M., 1990:
Is the olfactory bulb functionally organized in parallel columns?

Garrido, Orlando H., 2000:
Is the olive-capped warbler Dendroica pityophila Aves Parulidae a monotypic species? Es la bijirita del pinar Dendroica pityophila Aves Parulidae especie monotipica?

Pacheco, Jose Fernando., 1999:
Is the only and original specimen of Nemosia rourei from Minas Gerais? E de Minas Gerais o exemplar unico e original de Nemosia rourei?

van Eekelen, R.; Winter, L., 1999:
Is the otter on the way back? Keert de otter terug?

Pojmanska, T.; Niewiadomska, K., 2003:
Is the parasite fauna of Poland well recognized? Czy fauna pasozytnicza Polski jest dobrze poznana?

Tulp, I., 2002:
Is the perch Perca fluviatilus a help to the black tern Chlidonias niger? Helpt Baars Perca fluviatilus Zwarte Stern Chlidonias niger?

Gysels, J.; Bosmans, R., 1998:
Is the pond skater Aquarius najas likely to survive to the year 2000? Haalt de beekschaatsenrijder Aquarius najas het jaar 2000?

Tome, Davorin., 1998:
Is the population of the northern lapwing Vanellus vanellus at Ljubljansko barje on the verge of a total collapse? Ali je populacija pribe Vanellus vanellus na Ljubljanskem barju pred zlomom?

Suslik, Vojtech., 1996:
Is the protection of Acrida hungarica Orthoptera effective? Je ochrana konika stepneho - Acrida hungarica Orthoptera ucinna?

Kaltenegger, D., 2004:
Is the pumpkinseed sunfish dangerous for the pike? Kann der Sonnenbarsch Lepomis gibbosus den heimischen Hecht Esox lucius gefaehrden?

Nilsson, Lennart., 2000:
Is the puzzle of the azure-winged blue magpie solved? Ar blaskatans gata lost?

Voitel, S., 2004:
Is the reproduction of Discoglossus pictus at the isle of Gozo permanently? Ganzhaehrige Fortpflanzung von Discoglossus pictus auf der Insel Gozo?

Blottner, S., 2001:
Is the reproductive capacity impeded in European brown hares? The importance of and difficulties in discriminating between physiological, ecological and anthropogenic factors of influence Gestoerte Fortpflanzungsfaehigkeit des Feldhasen? Notwendigkeit und Schwierigkeit der Unterscheidung zwischen physiologischen, oekologischen und anthropogenen Einflussfaktoren

Eriksson, Bengt S., 2002:
Is the rough-legged buzzard heading for a new springtime? Fjallvraken gar en ny var till motes?

Janzing, Erich., 2000:
Is the sand martin returning to the Ruhr valley? Kehrt die Uferschwalbe Riparia riparia in Ruhrtal zuruck?

Kulfan, J.; Kulfan, M.; Zach, P.; Topp, W., 1997:
Is the small tortoiseshell, Aglais urticae Nymphalidae, facing endangerment? Ist der Kleine Fuchs, Aglais urticae Nymphalidae, in Zukunft gefahrdet?

Robel, Detlef., 2004:
Is the spectacled warbler Sylvia conspicillata a permanent bird on Fuerteventura? Ist die Brillengrasmuecke Sylvia conspicillata auf Fuerteventura Standvogel?

Giacobbe, M.G.; Vila, M.; Maso, M.G.rces, E.; Luglie, A.; Sechi, N.G.ngemi, E.G.lletta, M.G.asso, V.G.tsis-Skretas, O.; Ignatiades, L., 2006:
Is the spreading of the genus Alexandrium Dinophyceae in Mediterranean coastal waters related to human activities? La diffusione del genere Alexandrium Dinophyceae nelle acque costiere Mediterranee e correlata alle attivita umane?

Messner, B.; Trei, H.; Rabenstein, F., 1998:
Is the sucking louse of seal capable of plastron respiration? - The respiration of the sucking louse of seal Echinophthirius horridus Olfers 1816 Echinophthiriidae, Anoplura Ist die Seehundlaus ein Plastronatmer? - Zur Atmung der Seehundlaus Echinophthirius horridus Olfers 1816 Echinophthiriidae, Anoplura

Morel, F., 2003:
Is the use of the Seine Estuary by the shelduck Tadorna tadorna linked with the invertebrate fauna abundance in the mudflats? Lutilisation de lestuaire de la Seine par le tadorne de Belon Tadorna tadorna est-elle liee a la population en invertebres de ses vasieres?

Buresch, I.; Beskov, V., 1965:
Is the venomous snake Vipera aspis L encountered in Bulgaria?

Jonsson, L.J.; Wilander, P., 1999:
Is the wasplike spider, Argiope bruennichi, established in Sweden? Ar getingspindeln, Argiope bruennichi, etablerad i Sverige?

Stevens, M.; Greven, H., 1995:
Is the water mite Hydrachna skorikowi dispersed through its parasitic larvae? Wird die Wassermilbe Hydrachna skorikowi durch ihre parasitischen Larven verbreitet?

Phb., 1996:
Is the western population of the snow crane Grus leucogeranus on the increase? Westliche Population des Schneekranichs Grus leucogeranus im Aufwind?

Ross-Nickoll, Martina., 1997:
Is there a biotope-specific binding of epigeic arthropods to shrubs close to settlements? Reflections on the differentially-diagnostic evaluation of species spectra, shown for the example of Carabidae Coleoptera Gibt es eine biotoptypspezifische Bindung epigaischer Arthropoden an stadtnahe Geholze? Uberlegungen zur differentialdiagnostischen Wertung von Artspektren, dargestellt am Beispiel der Carabidae Coleoptera

Dittberner, Winfried., 2001:
Is there a chance? Little terns in inland areas Gibt es eine Chance? Zwergseeschwalben im Binnenland

Voelkl, W.; Janssen, I.; Kaesewieter, D.; Baumann, N., 2004:
Is there a correlation between population structure of the grass snake Natrix natrix and froglet density? Gibt es bei der Ringelnatter Natrix natrix eine Beziehung zwischen der Populationsstruktur und der Amphibiendichte?

Timofeev-Resovskij, N.V., 1930:
Is there a delayed action of roentgenisation on the process of geno-variation ?

Van Goethem, Freddy., 2003:
Is there a doctor in the room? Acanthurus achilles - Acanthurus leucosternon - Zebrasoma flavescens Is er een dokter in de zaal? Acanthurus achilles - Acanthurus leucosternon - Zebrasoma flavescens

van der Winden, J.; Hagemeijer, W.; Terlouw, R., 1997:
Is there a future for the black tern Chlidonias niger as a breeding bird in the Netherlands? Heeft de zwarte stern Chlidonias niger een toekomst als broedvogel in Nederland?

Betzholtz, P.-Eric.; Lindeborg, M., 1996:
Is there a future for the handmaid, Dysauxes ancilla Lepidoptera Ctenuchidae, on the Baltic island of Oland? Har lavdagsvarmaren, Dysauxes ancilla Lepidoptera Ctenuchidae, en framtid pa Oland?

Likharev, B., 1959:
Is there a genus Derbyia Waag ? -A claim for the farther existence of the name

Jacob, Jens., 1998:
Is there a gradation in the common vole population in Thuringia in 1998? The effect of extensification on population development Gibt es in Thuringen 1998 eine Feldmaus-Gradation? Die Auswirkung von Extensivierungen auf die Bestandsentwicklung

Heinze, Bernd., 2005:
Is there a potential natural fauna? Considerations on the probability of the existence of a species in a concrete biotope Gibt es eine potentielle natuerliche Fauna? Betrachtungen zur Wahrscheinlichkeit der Existenz einer Art in einem konkreten Biotop

de Schutter, Geoffroy., 2000:
Is there a proliferation of magpies and crows? Y-a-t-il proliferation de pies et de corneilles?

Coelln, K.; Jakubzik, A., 2000:
Is there a trap fauna? Investigations on the Hymenoptera Gasteruptionidae et Evaniidae Gibt es eine Fallenfauna? Untersuchungen an Schmalbauch- und Hungerwespen Hymenoptera Gasteruptionidae et Evaniidae

Davey, KG., 1990:
Is there an endocrinology of nematodes?

Pollo, C.J.; Robles, L.; Garcia-Miranda, A., 2004:
Is there an increase of crazy capercaillies in the Cantabrian Cordillera? Aumentan los urogallos locos en la Cordillera Cantabrica

Floren, A.; Otto, S., 2002:
Is there an influence of the red wood ant Formica polyctena Foerster on species composition and structure of spider communities of oak trees? Beeinflusst die Anwesenheit der Waldameise Formica polyctena Foerster die Artenzusammensetzung und Struktur von Spinnengemeinschaften auf Eichen?

Oien, I.J.stein; Aarvak, T., 2002:
Is there continued hope for the singing goose? Fortsatt hap for den syngende gasa?

Charalambous, M., 1990:
Is there heritable variation in female selectivity for male calling song in the grasshopper Chorthippus brunneus Thunberg?

Hansen, L.Ove, 2005:
Is there hope for nature conservation in Norway? Er det hap for naturvernet i Norge?

Blasco-Zumeta, Javier., 1996:
Is there life in the steppe? ?Existe vida en la estepa?

Bolle, Yves., 1998:
Is there polyandry in Paracyprichromis brieni? Gibt es Polyandrie bei Paracyprichromis brieni?

Frank, Stanislav., 2002:
Is there really a live-bearing Endler variety of guppy? Skutecna Endlerova zivorodka?

Schmidt, G.; Friebolin, M., 2005:
Is there really a new Homoeomma species Araneae Theraphosidae Theraphosinae from Peru? Gibt es jetzt wirklich eine neue Homoeomma-Art Araneae Theraphosidae Theraphosinae aus Peru?

van Tweel, Melchior., 1996:
Is there still hope for the large copper? a sequel Is er nog hoop voor de grote vuurvlinder? een vervolg

Lohmann, Michael., 1995:
Is waterfowl partly responsible for the decline of aquatic reed? Sind Wasservogel am Schilfruckgang beteiligt?

Fadat, Charles., 1994:
Is woodcock abundance a cyclic phenomenon? Labondance des becasses est-elle periodique?

White, J., 1990:
Isabelline shrike on Minehead golf course - the first Exmoor and Somerset record

Wassink, Arend., 1996:
Isabelline shrike on Texel in May 1995 Izabelklauwier op Texel in mei 1995

Wouters, Paul., 1996:
Isabelline shrike on Texel in October 1985 Izabelklauwier op Texel in oktober 1985

Dijksman, W.J.; Maas, J.W., 1997:
Isabelline wheatear at Maasvlakte in October-November 1996 Izabeltapuit op Maasvlakte in oktober-november 1996

Duquet, M.; Fremont, J.-Yves., 1998:
Isabelline wheatear pitfall Les pieges didentification le traquet isabelle Oenanthe isabellina

Driessens, Gerald., 2005:
Isabelline wheatear Izabeltapuit in Aarschot

Bosma, J.; Nanninga, K., 2006:
Isabelline wheatear Izabeltapuit in Eemshaven

van der Aa, Marc. van Loon, Andre J., 2000:
Isabelline wheatear Izabeltapuit op Schiermonnikoog

Moerbeek, Dirk J., 2000:
Isabelline wheatear Izabeltapuit te IJmuiden

Moerbeek, D.J.; Slaterus, R. van der Aa, M.L. van Loon, A.J., 2002:
Isabelline wheatears at IJmuiden in September 2000 and on Schiermonnikoog, in October 2000 Izabeltapuiten te IJmuiden in september 2000 en op Schiermonnikoog in oktober 2000

Lopez, J.; Roman, E., 2004:
Isaster sp nov A new echinid of the Maastrichtian of Alicante Isaster sp nov un nuevo equinoideo del Maastrichtiense alicantino

Grohmann, P.A.aci.; Peixinho, S., 1996:
Isaurus tuberculatus Cnidaria, Anthozoa, Zoanthidea, new record for the southwestern tropical Atlantic Isaurus tuberculatus Cnidaria, Anthozoa, Zoanthidea, nova ocorrencia para o Atlantico sudoeste tropical

Delogu, M.; Catelli, E.; Sanguinetti, V.; D.M.rco, M.A.essandra.; Guberti, V.; Govoni, S., 1996:
Ischemic syndrome of the kestrel Falco tinnunculus description and aetiopathogenetic hypothesis Sindrome ischemica del gheppio Falco tinnunculus descrizione ed ipotesi eziopatogenetica

Buchholz, L.; Ossowska, M., 1990:
Ischnodes sanguinicollis Panzer, 1793 - an elaterid new for the Polish fauna Coleoptera, Elateridae

Schulke, Michael., 1997:
Ischnosoma pseudolongicorne Palm, 1980 in the western Mediterranean region Staph Ischnosoma pseudolongicorne Palm, 1980 im westlichen Mittelmeergebiet Staph

Rudloff, Jan-Peter., 1997:
Ischnothele longicauda Franganillo 1930, a rare but interesting terrarium occupant Dipluridae Mygalomorphae Ischnothele longicauda Franganillo, 1930 ein seltener, aber interessanter Terrarieninsasse Dipluridae Mygalomorphae

Hoppe, H., 2004:
Isine heidrunae sp nov Lepidoptera Arctiidae, a new arctiid from Bioko island on the West African coast Isine heidrunae sp nov Lepidoptera Arctiidae, eine neue Baerenspinnerart von der Insel Bioko an der westafrikanischen Kueste

Krivolutsky, DA.; Druk, AYa.; Eitmimaviciute, IS.; Laskova, LM.; Karppinen, E., 1990:
Iskopaemye pantsirnye kleshchi Fossil oribatid mites

Hernandez Gil, Vicente., 1997:
Isla Grosa a sanctuary for Audouins gull in the Murcian coast Isla Grosa un santuario para la gaviota de Audouin en el litoral murciano

Garrison, G., 2000:
Isla del Coco Fishes - Peces de la Isla del Coco

Heaney, LR., 1978:
Island area and body size of insular mammals evidence from the tri-colored squirrel callosciurus prevosti of southeast asia

Ritzau, Carsten., 1996:
Island biogeographical aspects of the colonization of East Frisian Islands by Symphyta Hymenoptera Inselbiogeographische Aspekte der Besiedlung der Ostfriesischen Inseln durch Pflanzenwespen Hymenoptera Symphyta

Pinilla Agudelo, G.A.tonio.; Guillot Monroy, G., 1996:
Island biogeography applied to the phytoplankton community of small artificial lakes in the Altiplano Cundiboyacense La biogeografia de islas aplicada a la comunidad fitoplanctonica de pequenos lagos artificiales en el Altiplano Cundiboyacense

Huppop, O.; Dierschke, V., 1999:
Island bird research Helgoland Ornithological Station - the second oldest ornithological station in the world Vogelforschung auf der Insel Vogelwarte Helgoland - die zweitalteste Vogelwarte der Welt

Carnier, Thomas., 1996:
Island faunas and their evaluation Inselfaunen und ihre Bewertung

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