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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38381

Chapter 38381 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Huusko, A. van der Meer, O.; Koljonen, M-L., 1990: Life history patterns and genetic differences in brown trout Salmo trutta L in the Koutajoki River system

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Sacchi, Cesare F., 1995: Life history r-K traits in syntopic snail populations from the Po River plain Lombardy, northern Italy Caracteristiques r et K dans un peuplement de gasteropodes pulmones syntopiques de la plaine du Po Italie septentrionale

Garcia-Marquez, Marcos.; Lopez-Jurado, Luis Felipe.; Mateo, Jose A., 1999: Life history traits and demographic processes in a population of Gallotia caesaris at El Hierro Canary Islands Caracteristicas reproductoras y procesos demograficos en una poblacion de Gallotia caesaris Lacertidae de El Hierro Islas Canarias

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Elfferich, Nico W., 1997: Life in an ants nest Leven in een mierennest

Lardinois, Ruud ., 2005: Life in death the nature of dead animals Dood doet leven de natuur von dode dieren

Chevin, Henri., 1998: Life in seaweed washed up on beaches La vie dans les varechs echoues sur les plages

Birstein, Y. A.; Borutsky, E. V., 1955: Life in subterranean waters

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Wassenberg, Toon.; Versweyveld, Stefan., 2003: Life in the concrete jungle Leven in de betonnen jungle

de Batist, Peter., 2002: Life in the desert Leven in de woestijn

Borren, Wiebe., 2000: Life in the flooded quarry at Buren A double excursion report Leven in de Put van Buren Een dubbel excursieverslag

Wild, Rupert., 1998: Life in the freshwater landscape of variegated red sandstone Leben in der Flusslandschaft des Buntsandsteins

Nachtigall, Werner. , 2000: Life in the on the bottom - sessile microscopic organisms of lotic waters use a physical-ecological niche Leben in der Grenzschicht - festsitzende mikroskopische Organismen des Fliesswassers nutzen eine physikalisch-okologische Nische

Blieck, A.; Brice, D.; Courville, P.; Cronier, C.; Derycke, Claire; Hubert, B.; Mistiaen, Bruno; Nicollin, J.; Zapalski, M., 2006: Life in western Ardenne in Late Palaeozoic time Devonian-Carboniferous, - 416 50 -299 My palaeobiodiversity, palaeobiological events, palaeoenviroments, palaeobiogeography La vie en Ardenne occidenatale au Paleozoique superieur Devonien-Carbonifere, - 416 a - 299 Ma paleobiodiversite, evenements paleobiologiques, paleoenvironnements, paleobiogeographie

Blieck, A.; Brice, D.; Courville, P.; Cronier, C.; Derycke, Claire; Hubert, B.; Mistiaen, Bruno; Nicollin, J.; Zapalski, M., 2006: Life in western Ardenne in Late Palaeozoic time Devonian-Carboniferous, - 416 to - 299 My palaeobiodiversity, palaeobiological events, palaeoenvironments, palaeobiogeography La Vie en Ardenne occidentale au Paleozoqiue superieur Devonien-Carbonifere, - 416 a - 299 Ma paleobiodiversite, evenements paleobiologiques, paleoenvironnements, paleobiogeographie

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Thaler, Ellen., 2003: Life long fidelity and no infidelity - Oxymonacanthus longirostris and Oxymonacanthus halli Lebenslange Treue, ganz ohne Seitenspruenge - Oxymonacanthus longirostris und Oxymonacanthus halli

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Zenkevich, L. A. ., 1968: Life of animals Invertebrates

Zenkevich, L. A. ., 1968: Life of animals 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

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Mulhauser, Blaise., 2003: Life of the hazel grouse Bonasa bonasia in the Franco-Swiss Upper Jura Vie de la gelinotte des bois Bonasa bonasia dans les forets du Haut Jura franco-suisse

Stange, Christian., 1997: Life on a volcano Leben auf dem Vulkan

Vasicek, A.; La Rossa, F.; Paglioni, A., 1999: Life parameters of Nasonovia ribisnigri Mosley Homoptera Aphidoidea on three lettuce varieties Lactuca sativa L under laboratory conditions Estadisticos vitales de Nasonovia ribisnigri Mosley Homoptera Aphidoidea en tres cultivares de lechuga Lactuca sativa L en condiciones de laboratorio

Regidor-Higuera, I.; Garcia-Garmilla, F.; Elorza, J., 2002: Life span and growth rates of radiolitid rudist shells Bivalvia from the Upper Cretaceous of Gredilla de Sedano Northern Burgos, Spain Periodo vital y velocidad de crecimiento de rudistas radiolitidos Bivalvia del Cretacico Superior de Gredilla de Sedano Norte de Burgos, Espana

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Viborg, Arne., 2002: Life strategies in larvae of Lycaenidae Lepidoptera Livsstrategier hos larver af Lycaenidae Lepidoptera

Metz, Cornelia., 1996: Life strategies of dominant Antarctic Oithonidae Cyclopoida, Copepoda and Oncaeidae Poecilostomatoida, Copepoda in the Bellingshausen Sea Lebensstrategien dominanter antarktischer Oithonidae Cyclopoida, Copepoda und Oncaeidae Poecilostomatoida, Copepoda im Bellingshausenmeer

Scaramozzino, Pier Luigi., 1997: Life strategies of parasitic wasps Strategie di vita delle vespe parassite

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Michelotto, M. D.; Adaime Da Silva, R.; Busoli, AC., 2004: Life table for Aphis gossypii Glover, 1877 Hemiptera Aphididae on three weeds species Tabelas de vida para Aphis gossypii Glover, 1877 Hemiptera Aphididae em tres especies de plantas daninhas

Togashi, K., 1990: Life table for Monochamus alternatus Coleoptera, Cerambycidae within dead trees of Pinus thunbergi

Soto-Rodriguez, G. A.; Retana-Salazar, A. P., 2005: Life table for Selenothrips rubrocinctus Thripidae Panchaetothripinae under laboratory conditions Tabla de vida y patron de distribucion de Selenothrips rubrocinctus Thripidae Panchaetothripinae en condiciones de laboratorio

Garcia Gonzalez, Javier.; Benitez S., Edgar Ricardo.; Lopez-Avila, Aristobulo., 2005: Life table of Delphastus pusillus Coleoptera Coccinellidae on the whitefly Trialeurodes vaporariorum Hemiptera Aleyrodidae Tabla de vida de Delphastus pusillus Coleoptera Coccinellidae en la mosca blanca Trialeurodes vaporariorum Hemiptera Aleyrodidae

Retana S., Axel P.; Ramirez, Sonia.; Peinador, Mariano., 1997: Life tables and galls of Gynaicothrips ficorum Thysanoptera Phlaeothripidae in the field Tabla de vida y observaciones de las agallas de Gynaicothrips ficorum Thysanoptera Phlaeothripidae en el campo

Aguilera, Lucita.; Marquetti, Maria del Carmen.; Gutierrez, Alfredo.; Navarro, Agustin., 1997: Life tables of Blattella germanica Dictyoptera Blattellidae under laboratory conditions and their importance for control Tablas de vida de Blattella germanica Dictyoptera Blattellidae en condiciones de laboratorio y su importancia en el control

Simonini, R.; Prevedelli, D., 2000: Life tables of Dinophilus gyrociliatus Polychaeta Dinophilidae under different diets Effetti della dieta sulle life tables di Dinophilus gyrociliatus Polychaeta Dinophilidae

Michelotto, M. Doniseti; Chagas Filho, N. Rodrigues da Silva, R. Adaime; Busoli, A. Carlos, 2005: Life tables of Myzus persicae Sulzer, 1776 Hemiptera Aphididae on eggplant at different temperatures Tabelas de vida de Myzus persicae Sulzer, 1776 Hemiptera Aphididae sobre berinjela em diferentes temperaturas

Navarro, Rafael V.; Marcano, Rodolfo., 2000: Life tables of Trichogramma pretiosum Riley and T atopovirilia Oatman and Platner in the laboratory Tablas de vida de Trichogramma pretiosum Riley y T atopovirilia Oatman y Platner en el laboratorio

Rudolph, Frank., 2004: Life traces in Lower Cambrian glacial erratic boulders Lebensspuren in unterkambrischen Geschieben

Wehrmann, Achim.; Hertweck, Gunther., 1998: Life traces Lebensspuren

Beau, F.; Thirion, J.; Forti, M., 2005: Life traits of a population of the large blue of Chateau-Gaillard nature reserve Traits de vie dune population dAzure du serpolet de la Reserve Naturelle Regionale de Chateau-Gaillard

Scheidt, U.; Uthleb, H., 2005: Life under extreme conditions the larvae of the midwife toad Alytes obstetricans Laurenti, 1768 Amphibia, Discoglossidae in two different reproduction sites in the Spanish Pyrenees Leben unter extremen Bedingungen Larven der Geburtshelferkroete Alytes obstetricans Laurenti, 1768 Amphibia, Discoglossidae in zwei verschiedenen Gewaessern der spanischen Pyrenaen

Ullrich, Elmar., 2001: Life with Wuerzburg Natural Sciences Association Ein Leben mit dem Naturwissenschaftlichen Verein Wuerzburg

Fernandez-Badillo, Alberto., 1997: Life zones of the Henri Pittier National Park, Venezuela Zonas de vida del Parque Nacional Henri Pittier, Venezuela

Konstantinov, K. G., 1970: Life, trapping and utilization of sharksSurvey of literature

Balaguer, L., 1999: Life-Nature and the conservation of Mediterranean wetlands Proposals for the adaptation of the life instrument to the conservation needs of Mediterranean countries Life-Nature, a tool for the conservation of Mediterranean wetlands analysis and evaluation workshop held in Barcelonia, Catalonia, 4-6th of November Life-natura i la conservacio de les zones humides mediterranies Propostes per adaptar linstrument life a les necessitats de conservacio dels paisos mediterranis Life-natura, una e

Abdallah, L.; Gargouri-Ben.; Maamouri, F., 2002: Life-cycle of Bucephalus anguillae Spakulova, Macko, Berrilli Dezfuli, 2002 Digenea, Bucephalidae parasite of Anguilla anguilla L Cycle evolutif de Bucephalus anguillae Spakulova, Macko, Berrilli Dezfuli, 2002 Digenea, Bucephalidae parasite de Anguilla anguilla L

Zelikman, E. A., 1953: Life-cycle of Gymnophallus affinis Jameson and Nicoll, 1913

Pavlov, A. V., 1959: Life-cycle of Hepathola hepaiua

Ivashkin, V. M., 1956: Life-cycle of Parabronema skriabini-parasite of ruminants

Mozgovoi, A. A., 1952: Life-cycle of Porrocaecum crassum, the nematode of aquatic birds

Jarecka, L., 1960: Life-cycle of tapeworms from lakes Goldapiwo and Mamry Po#x00142;nocne

Orlov, I. V.; Romanova, N. P., 1953: Life-cycle of the nema-tode Travassosius rufus, parasite of the beaver

Dotzenko, T. K., 1953: Life-cycle of the nematode Cheilospirura hamulosa, parasite of Gallidae

Ginetzinskaya, T. A., 1957: Life-cycles and biology of the larval stages of fish-helminths

Bink, F.; Moenen, R., 2004: Life-history and habitat of the brown hairstreak Thecla betulae Lepidoptera Lycaenidae Leefwijze en habitat van de sleedoornpage Thecla betulae Lepidoptera Lycaenidae

Torre Bueno, J. R. de la., 1917: Life-history and habits of the larger waterstrider, Gerris remigis Say

Chimenz, C.; Gravina, MF.; Nicoletti, L., 1999: Life-history diversity in infralittoral Mediterranean Bryozoa Diversita delle strategie vitali dei briozoi infralitorali Mediterranei

Nakamura, M., 1990: Life-history of Arippara indicator Walker Pyralidae Pyralinae

Ruf, Andrea., 1997: Life-history strategies of predatory mites and characterisation of soils - A tool for bioindication of soil quality Fortpflanzungsbiologie von Raubmilben und Charakterisierung von Boden - Ein Konzept zur Indikation von Belastungszustanden von Boden

Stevens, Virginie.; Wesselingh, Renate.; Baguette, Michel., 2002: Life-history traits in a Natterjack toad Bufo calamita Anura Bufonidae population in Southern Belgium Traits dhistoire de vie dans une population de Crapaud calamite, Bufo calamita Anura Bufonidae en Brabant Wallon

Pont, D.; Allardi, J.; Belliard, J.; Boet, P.; Carrel, G.; Changeux, T.; Oberdorff, T.; Olivier, JM.; Persat, H.; Poizat, G., 1995: Life-history traits of the fish fauna of French rivers first results Strategies demographiques des poissons des rivieres francaises premiers resultats

Grosberg, RK., 1988: Life-history variation within a population of the colonial ascidian botryllus schlosseri 1 the genetic and environmental control of seasonal variation

Kofler, Evi Maria.; Meyer, Erwin., 1992: Life-history, abundance and production of Enantiulus nanus Latzel in an inner alpine mixed oak wood Tyrol, Austria Lebenszyklus, Abundanz und Produktion von Enantiulus nanus Latzel in einem inneralpinen Eichenmischwald Tyrol, Austria

Regidor-Higuera, I.; Garcia-Garmilla, F.; Zuluaga, MC.; Elorza, J., 2003: Life-span and growth cycles in Praeradiolites ciryi and Hippurites quintanalomensis Hippuritacea, Bivalvia, Upper Cretaceous of Gredilla de Sedano, northern Burgos, Spain Periodo vital y ciclos de crecimiento en Praeradiolites ciryi e Hippurites quintanalomensis Hippuritacea, Bivalvia, Cretacico Superior de Gredilla de Sedano, Norte de Burgos, Espana

Greco, Nancy., 1995: Life-tables of Diatraea saccharalis Lepidoptera Pyralidae in laboratory Tablas de vida de Diatraea saccharalis Lepidoptera Pyralidae en laboratorio

Vlastov, B. V.; Kochanova, A. A., 1959: Lifelong diagnostic of sex of Dreissena polymorpha Pallas with some data on the cycle of reproduction of this mollusk

Reinhardt, Klaus.; Jentzsch, Anja., 1999: Lifespan, egg number and duration of sperm storage in females of the Italian locust, Calliptamus italicus L Lebensdauer, Eizahl und Dauer der Speicherung lebensfahiger Spermien bei Weibchen der Italienischen Schonschrecke, Calliptamus italicus L

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