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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38383

Chapter 38383 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Semenov-Tian-Shansky, Andreas., 1910:
Limites taxonomiques de lespece et de ses subdivisions Essai dune categorisation precise des unites systematiques inferieures

Vadrucci, MR.; Decembrini, F.; Magazzu, G., 1995:
Limiting role of the phosphorus on the primary production of the brackish lagoon of Acquatina Lecce Ruolo limitante del fosforo sulla produzione primaria nello stagno salmastro di Acquatina Lecce

Buturlin, S.A., 1911:
Limits of distribution of some Siberian birds

Aspoeck, U.; Aspoeck, H., 2005:
Limits of distributions of Neuropterida in central Europe Verbreitungsgrenzen von Neuropterida in Mitteleuropa

Andriaholinirina, V.N.cole; Rabarivola, J.C.ement; Rumpler, Y., 2004:
Limits of the zone of dispersal in Propithecus diadema diadema and Propithecus diadema edwardsi Limites de la zone de repartition de Propithecus diadema diadema et Propithecus diadema edwardsi

Drahg, F.; Camacho, M., 1998:
Limnaea viatrix DOrbigny 1835 Gastropoda, Pulmonata from the Quaternary sediments in La Quiaca Vieja, Province of Jujuy, Argentina Limnaea viatrix DOrbigny 1835 Gastropoda, Pulmonata en sedimentos del Cuaternario de La Quiaca, Jujuy, Argentina

Kreutz, Martin., 2001:
Limnias melicerta - a little distributed rotifer in an unusual capsule Limnias melicerta - Ein wenig verbreitetes Raedertier in einem ungewoehnlichen Gehaeuse

Ruiz L., R.; Bahamonde N., N., 1989:
Limnic Cladocera and Copepoda from Chile and their geographical distribution Systematic list Cladoceros y copepodos limnicos en Chile y su distribucion geografica Lista sistematica

Colin, J.-Paul.; Tambareau, Y.; Krasheninnikov, V.A., 1996:
Limnic and brackish-water ostracodes in the Late Cretaceous of Mali West Africa systematics, palaeoecology and palaeobiogeographical affinities Ostracodes limniques et lagunaires dans le Cretace superieur du Mali Afrique de louest systematique, paleoecologie et affinites paleobiogeographiques

Vila, I.; Fuentes, L.; Contreras, M., 1999:
Limnic fish of Chile Peces limnicos de Chile

Pereira, D.; Konrad, H.G.rso.; Paloski, N.I.ra., 2000:
Limnic gastropods of the Camaqua River Basin, RS, Brazil Gastropodos limnicos da Bacia do Rio Camaqua, RS, Brasil

Pereira, D.; Veitenheimer-Mendes, I.L.dmila.; Mansur, M.C.istina Dreher. da Silva, M.C.istina Pons., 2000:
Limnic mollusc fauna of the Capivara stream microbasin irrigation system, Triunfo County, Rio Grande do Sul State, Brazil Malacofauna limnica do sistema de irrigacao da microbacia do arroio Capivara, Triunfo, RS, Brasil

Colin, J.; Tabuce, R., 2004:
Limnic ostracodes from the Irbzer Formation, uppermost Cretaceous of the Middle-Atlas, Morocco systematics, biostratigraphy, palaeocology , palaeobiogeography Ostracodes limniques de la Formation dIrbzer, Cretace terminal du Moyen-Atlas, Maroc taxonomie, biostratigraphie, paleoecologie, paleobiogeographie

Bhandari, A.; Colin, J.-Paul., 1999:
Limnic ostracodes from the inter-trappean sediments uppermost Maastrichtian-basal Paleocene near Anjar Kachchh, Gujarat State, India systematics, palaeoecology and palaeobiogeographical affinities Ostracodes limniques des sediments inter-trappeens Maastrichtien terminal-Paleocene basal de la region dAnjar Kachchh, etat de Gujarat, Inde systematique, paleoecologie et affinites paleobiogeographiques

Colin, J.-Paul.; Greaume, C., 2002:
Limnic ostracods in humid environments of the geological natural reserve of Saucats-La Brede Gironde, France and its environs Les ostracodes limniques des milieux humides de la Reserve Naturelle Geologique de Saucats - La Brede Gironde et de sa peripherie

Colin, JP., 1993:
Limnic ostracods in the departments of Gironde and Landes up-to-date annotated list Les ostracodes limniques actuels des departements de la Gironde et des Landes liste annotee

Souza, C.P.reira de.; Lima, L.C.ark.; Jannotti-Passos, L.K.novaloff.; Silva Ferreira, S.; Guimaraes, de Figueiredo Vieira, I.B.lo.; Mariani Junior, R., 1998:
Limnic snails in the microregion of Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais State, Brazil a survey emphasizing on vectors of parasitosis Moluscos limnicos da microrregiao de Belo Horizonte, MG, com enfase nos vetores de parasitoses

Kiselite, T.S., 1961:
Limnocalanus grimaldi var macrurus in the lakes of Lithuania

Petzold, F.; Martin, P., 2004:
Limnochares aquatica as a parasite of Leucorrhinia albifrons Hydrachnidia Limnocharidae; Odonata Libellulidae Limnochares aquatica als Parasit von Leucorrhinia albifrons Hydrachnidia Limnocharidae; Odonata Libellulidae

Fighiera, Benoit., 2007:
Limnochromis auritus an atypical biparental mouth brooder Limnochromis auritus un incubateur buccal biparental atypique

de Batist, Peter., 1998:
Limnodynastes peroni Dumeril Bibron, 1841, an example of programmed rearing of frog larvae Limnodynastes peroni Dumeril Bibron, 1841 een voorbeeld van geprogrammeerde opkweek van kikkerlarven

Anonymous., 1996:
Limnofaunal and limnofloristic contributions in Schriften des Vereins fur die Geschichte des Bodensees und seiner Umgebung from Vol 1, 1869 up to Vol 113, 1995 Limnofaunistische und limnofloristische Beitrage in den Schriften des Vereins fur die Geschichte des Bodensees und seiner Umgebung von Band 1, 1869 bis Band 113, 1995

Mauch, Erik., 1996:
Limnofaunistic and limnofloristic contributions in the publications of the Internationale Gewasserschutzkommission fur den Bodensee Limnofaunistische und limnofloristische Beitrage in den Veroffentlichungen der Internationalen Gewasserschutzkommission fur den Bodensee

Rambach, P.; Buchwald, R., 1998:
Limnological and botanical investigations on ground water brooks of the southern Upper Rhine plain 1 Riedkanal near Wasenweiler Freiburg Bay, south Baden Limnologische und vegetationskundliche Untersuchungen von Grundwasserbachen der sudlichen Oberrheinebene 1 Riedkanal bei Wasenweiler Freiburger Bucht, Sudbaden

Haiss, A.; Buchwald, R., 1998:
Limnological and botanical investigations on groundwater brooks of the southern Upper Rhine plain 2 The Lutter near Benfeld Alsace Limnologische und vegetationskundliche Untersuchungen von Grundwasserbachen der sudlichen Oberrheinebene 2 Die Lutter bei Benfeld Elsass

Riofrio, J.; Samanez, I.; Carrasco, F.; Clavo, M., 2003:
Limnological characteristics of the Amazonic Cashibococha Lake Ucayali-Peru at 2001 Caracterizacion limnologica de la laguna de Cashibococha Ucayali-Peru durante el ano 2001

Rzoska, J., 1933:
Limnological characteristics of the lake Welikoye Kierskoe

Hoyer, MV.; Canfield, D E.; Jr., 1990:
Limnological factors influencing bird abundance and species richness on Florida lakes

Koenig, O., 2006:
Limnological investigations in the carbonate fen complex Benninger Ried, Bavaria, Germany Limnologische Untersuchungen im Kalkquellmoor Benninger Ried bei Memmingen, Bayern

Salmaso, N.; Decet, F.; Manfrin, M.; Cordella, P., 1997:
Limnological research on Lake Garda 1991-1996 Ricerche limnologiche sul Lago di Garda 1991-1996

Halbfass, Gondhardt., 1990:
Limnological studies in the Upper Rhine Limnologische Untersuchungen in Altrheinen

Fukuhara, H.; Ohtaka, A.; Tomita, N.; Nakamura, T.; Higashide, T., 1990:
Limnological studies of lakes in Niigata Prefecture 6 Limnological studies of Lake Sagata, with special reference to the seasonal changes in nutrients and the macrophyte biomass

Luglie, A.; Manca, B.; Sechi, N., 1997:
Limnological studies on Alto Flumendosa Reservoir Studi limnologici sul Lago Alto Flumendosa Sardegna centrale stato trofico e fitoplancton

Velasco,; Soriano, O.; Alvarez, M.; Rubio, A., 1999:
Limnological study of six lenitic environments of La Rioja Spain Estudio limnologico de seis medios leniticos de La Rioja Espana

Villar, C.A. .; Bonetto, C.A. ., 1998:
Limnological study of the River Parana in the Atucha area Estudio limnologico del Rio Parana en la zona de Atucha

Palau Ybars, Antoni., 1998:
Limnological study of the fluvial ecosystem affected by the Barasona reservoir flushing Estudio limnologico del ecosistema fluvial afectado por los vaciados del embalse de Barasona

Stepanek, M.; Cervenkove, E., 1959:
Limnological study of the reservoir Sedlice near Zeliv VIII The horizontal distribution of zooplankton in different sections of the reservoir Protozae, Rotatoria, Crustacea

Roldan, G.; Bohorquez, A.; Catano, R.; Ardila, J.I., 2000:
Limnological study of the reservoir of El Guavio Colombia Estudio limnologico del embalse de El Guavio Colombia

Russev, B.; Naidenow, W., 1990:
Limnologische Berichte der 28 Tagung der IAD Wissenschaftliche Kurzreferate

Naidenow, W.; Russev, B., 1990:
Limnologische Berichte der 28 Tagung der IAD Ubersichtsreferate

Strack-Rombach, M., 1990:
Limnologische Untersuchung der Erft und des Erftmuhlenbaches im Raum Kuchenheim Kreis Euskirchen

Meier, Frank A., 1999:
Limnology and microscopy at Lake Constance 1998 Limnologie und Mikroskopie am Bodensee 1998

Kaspar, E., 2000:
Limnology and microscopy at Lake Constance A week course in Bodman Limnologie und Mikroskopie am Bodensee Eine Kurswoche in Bodman

Sevastyanov, DV.; Shuvalov, VF.; Neustrueva, I.; Yu., 1994:
Limnology and palaeolimnology of Mongolia

Dwivedi, RK.; Karamchandani, SJ.; Joshi, HC., 1990:
Limnology and productivity of Kulgarhi Reservoir, Madhya Pradesh

Cantonati, M.; Chiesa, P.; Primicerio, R., 1996:
Limnology note on Lake Valletta Alta Adamello-Brenta Park, 2217 m above sea level Note limnologiche sul laghetto di Valletta Alta Parco Adamello-Brenta, 2217 m slm

Perez-Rodriguez, Roberto., 1995:
Limnology of Apizaquito dam, Tlaxcala, Mexico Limnologia de la Presa de Apizaquito dam, Tlaxcala

Seeligmann, C.T.; Tracanna, B.C., 1994:
Limnology of El Cadillal reservoir Tucuman - Argentina II qualitative study of the phytoplankton Limnologia del embalse El Cadillal Tucuman - Argentina II estudio cualitativo del fitoplancton

Vega Jacome, Eduardo., 1996:
Limnology of La Florida Lake Limnologia del Lago La Florida

Gonzalez, J M.; Becares, E.; Luis, E., 2002:
Limnology of experimental lagoon systems for treatment of waste water Limnologia de sistemas experimentales de lagunaje para el tratamiento de aguas residuales

Alcorlo, P.; Baltanas, A., 1999:
Limnology of the Los Monegros marine lagoons and the characteristics of its animal communities Limnologia de las lagunas salinas de Los Monegros y caracterizacion de sus comunidades animales

Lenhart, B.; Seitz, G., 1998:
Limnology Limnologie

Augener, K., 1929:
Limnoloshka ispitivayua balkanskog poluostrva ii Fauna khirudinea okhrisskog i prespanskog jezera

Michels, Ute., 2005:
Limnomysis benedeni Crustacea Mysidacea new for the lower Oder River, Poland Limnomysis benedeni Crustacea Mysidacea neu fuer die Untere Oder in Polen

Reinhold, M.; Tittizer, T., 1998:
Limnomysis benedeni Czerniavsky 1882 Crustacea Mysidacea a further alien species of pontocaspian origin in the Main-Danube Canal Limnomysis benedeni Czerniavsky 1882 Crustacea Mysidacea, ein weiteres pontokaspisches neozoon im Main-Donau-Kanal

Wittmann, KJ.; Ariani, AP., 2000:
Limnomysis benedeni Czerniavsky a pontocaspian mysid new for the freshwaters of France Crustacea, Mysidacea Limnomysis benedeni Czerniavsky mysidace ponto-caspien nouveau pour les eaux douces de France Crustacea, Mysidacea

Ituarte, Cristian F., 1997:
Limnoperna fortunei Dunker, 1857 Bivalvia Mytilidae off the Uruguayan coast of Rio de La Plata Limnoperna fortunei Dunker, 1857 Bivalvia Mytilidae en la costa uruguaya del Rio de La Plata

Darrigran, G.; Ezcurra de Drago, I., 2000:
Limnoperna fortunei Dunker, 1857 Mytilidae distribution in the Plate Basin Neotropical region Distribucion de Limnoperna fortunei Dunker, 1857 Mytilidae, en la Cuenca del Plata, region Neotropical

Scarabino, F.; Verde, M., 1995:
Limnoperna fortunei Dunker, 1857 at the Uruguayan Coast of Rio de la Plata Bivalvia; Mytilidae Limnoperna fortunei Dunker, 1857 en la costa Uruguaya del Rio de la Plata Bivalvia; Mytilidae

Dreher Mansur, M.C.istina.; Zani Richinitti, L.M.ria.; Pinheiro dos Santos, C., 2000:
Limnoperna fortunei Dunker, 1857, spread of a bivalve mollusc to Guaiba Bay, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil Limnoperna fortunei Dunker, 1857, molusco bivalve invasor, na Bacia do Guaiba, Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil

Zettel, H., 1997:
Limnotrephes minutissimus sp n Heteroptera Helotrephidae from India Limnotrephes minutissimus sp n Heteroptera Helotrephidae aus Indien

Hendrich, L.; Herrmann, A.; Tolasch, T., 1993:
Limnoxenus niger Zschach, 1788 in the Lower Elbe region Limnoxenus niger Zschach, 1788 im Niederelbegebiet

Schmidt, Joachim., 2005:
Limodromus klausnitzeri n sp, a phylogeographically interesting finding from North Vietnam, as well as a determination key for the species of the genus Limodromus Motschulsky, 1850 Coleoptera, Carabidae, Platynini Limodromus klausnitzeri n sp, ein phylogeographisch interessanter Fund aus Nord-Vietnam, sowie Bestimmungsschuessel fuer die Arten der Gattung Limodromus Motschulsky, 1850 Coleoptera, Carabidae, Platynini

Podenas, S.; Geiger, W.; Mendl, H.; Stubbs, A.; Oosterbroek, P., 1997:
Limoniidae Diptera, Nematocera from Corsica France Limoniidae Diptera, Nematocera de Corse France

Moeller, G., 2003:
Limoniscus violaceus in the north of Brandenburg and in Saarland Limoniscus violaceus im Norden des Landes Brandenburg und im Saarland

Ytreberg, N.J., 1960:
Limosa limosa breeding in SE Norway in 1958

Kaag, K., 2003:
Limpets Patella vulgata in The Helder Schaalhorens Patella vulgata in Den Helder

L.Roux, A., 2005:
Limpets and the decline of brown algae at Morbihan Les patelles et la regression des algues brunes dans le Morbihan

Trappe, Guenther., 2002:
Limpets in Europe and NW Africa Patellen in Europa und NW- Afrika

de Lozoya, A.Valledor, 2006:
Limpets the most threatened marine invertebrates Lapas los invertebrados marinos mas amenazados

Muller, Staffan., 1996:
Limsjon, a rediscovered bird locality in the middle of Leksand restored Limsjon, nygammal fagellokal aterskapas mitt i Leksand

Hautschke, N.; Wilde, V., 2000:
Limulid remains from the Lower Buntsandstein Bernburg-Formation, Lower Triassic of Saxony-Anhalt, Germany Limulidenreste aus dem Unteren Buntsandstein Bernburg-Formation von Beesenlaublingen Sachsen-Anhalt

Daigneault, Martin., 2004:
Limulids a natural history Limules une histoire naturelle

Cox, S.A., 1944:
Lincolnshire Ornithology

Carlberg, Tomas., 2006:
Linda Nyman, fish painter Linda Nyman, fiskmalare

Haendel, Joachim., 2001:
Lindane in insect collections - risks and alternatives Lindan in der Insektensammlung - Risiken und Alternativen

Kunz, B.; Kunz, D., 2001:
Lindenia tetraphylla rediscovered in North Africa Odonata Gomphidae Lindenia tetraphylla Wiederfund fuer Nordafrika Odonata Gomphidae

Jacobs, H J., 2005:
Lindenius anatolicus Beaumont 1967 - first record in Europe and additional data on the digger wasp fauna of Bulgaria Hymenoptera Sphecidae, Crabronidae Lindenius anatolicus Beaumont 1967 - Erstnachweis in Europa und weitere Angaben zur Granwespenfauna Bulgariens Hymenoptera Sphecidae, Crabronidae

Norregaard, K.; Meltofte, H., 1998:
Lindhard Hansen 26 August 1907 - 21 October 1997 Lindhard Hansen 26 august 1907 - 21 oktober 1997

Gall, T.; Struwe-Juhl, B.; Tiedemann, R., 1995:
Line transect counts - a suitable method for meadow bird surveys? Linientaxierung - eine geeignete Methode zur Erfassung von Wiesenvogelbestanden?

Vaisanen, R.A.; Ellermaa, M., 2003:
Line transects should be sufficiently long A comment on the article The Finnish method of line transects in the light of forest bird censuses in east-central Estonia Transektloendused peavad olema piisavalt pikad Kommentaar artiklile Joontakseerimese Soome variandi metoodikast Tartumaa metsalinnuloenduste pohjal

Kiziroglu, I.; Turan, L., 2004:
Line-transect estimates of birds in two different structured Bavarian forest Vogelbestandsaufnahmen durch Linientaxierungen in zwei unterschiedlich strukturierten bayerischen Waeldern

Pereira, MJS.; Fonseca, AH.; Lopes, CWG., 2001:
Linear regression for characterization of morphometrics variations in Coccidia Regressao linear na caracterizacao de variacoes morfometricas em coccidia

Zubenko, EB., 1975:
Linear-age variability of morphological indicators in the perch Perca fluviatilis L in the Kremenchugsk Reservoir

Martinez, M.; Dolores.; Ornosa, C.; Gamarra, P., 1997:
Linepithema humile Mayr, 1868 Hymenoptera Formicidae in Madrid households Linepithema humile Mayr, 1868 Hymenoptera Formicidae en las viviendas de Madrid

Ferrer, Julio., 2001:
Linepithema humile Mayr, 1868 an Argentinian ant, found in the south of France and discovered in Zimbabwe Hymenoptera, Formicidae Linepithema humile Mayr, 1868 fourmi argentine, presente dans le Midi de la France, decouverte au Zimbabwe Hymenoptera, Formicidae

Margotta, V.; Gibertini, G.; Pica Alfieri, E., 1990:
Linfociti splenici ed extrasplenici nei fenomeni di istocompatibilita ai trapianti di pelle in adulti di Triturus carnifex

Costa Straube, Fernando., 2002:
Linguistic matters in ornithology, 5 the suffix -acu, its variants and the formation of some popular Brazilian avian names Questoes linguisticas em ornitologia, 5 O sufixo -acu, suas variantes e a formacao de alguns nomes populares de aves brasileiras

Kuznetsov, Y.I., 1962:
Lingula species from the Carboniferous of Tartar

Emig, C.C.; Gutierrez-Marco, J.C.rlos., 1997:
Lingulid beds at the upper limit of the Armorican Quartzite Ordovician, Arenig, SW Europe Signification des niveaux a lingulides a la limite superieure du gres Armoricain Ordovicien, Arenig, sud-ouest de lEurope

Batanova, G.P., 1955:
Lingulidae from Devonian deposits of the central part of the Volga-Ural territory

Bennouna, A.; Berland, B.; E.A.tar, J.; Assobhei, O., 2002:
Lingulodinium polyedrum Stein Dodge red tide in shellfish areas along Doukkala coast Moroccan Atlantic Eau coloree a Lingulodinium polyedrum Stein Dodge, dans une zone aquacole du littoral du Doukkala Atlantique marocain

Rymkevich, TA.; Savinich, IB.; Noskov, GA.; Afanaseva, GA.; Rezvyi, SP.; Artemev, AV.; Gaginskaya, AR.; Golovan, VI.; Federov, VA. et al., 1990:
Linka vorobinykh ptits severo-zapada SSSR

Wynn, AH., 1986:
Linkage disequilibrium and a contact zone in plethodon cinereus on the del-mar-va peninsula

Sparmberg, Heiko., 2003:
Linkage of xerothermic Keuper grassland with agricultural landscape in the Thueringer Becken north of Erfurt Thuringia Verflechtung von Keuper-Trockenrasen und Agrarlandschaft im Thueringer Becken noerdlich von Erfurt am Beispiel der Laufkaefer Coleoptera Carabidae

Stankov, S.S., 1957:
Linnaeus and his times

Eijkenduijn, RV., 1992:
Linnaeus and philately Linnaeus en philatelie

Hoffmann, Roland., 1998:
Linne, 1758 or also Linnaeus, 1767 Biographical information Linne, 1758 oder auch Linnaeus, 1767 Schon mal gehort? Wer war das eigentlich?

Haitlinger, Ryszard., 1999:
Linobia coccinellae Scopoli, 1763 Acari Astigmata Hemisarcoptidae a species new to the fauna of Poland, associated with Chrysomela populi L Coleoptera Chrysomelidae Chrysomelinae Linobia coccinellae Scopoli, 1763 Acari Astigmata Hemisarcoptidae nowy gatunek dla fauny Polski, zwiazany z Chrysomela populi L Coleoptera Chrysomelidae Chrysomelinae

Sears, M., 1932:
Linuche unguiculatd

Wunderlich, Jorg., 1994:
Linyphiidae from Mongolia Arachnida Araneae Linyphiidae aus der Mongolei Arachnida Araneae

Schwarz, Martin., 2000:
Linz - a wasp kingdom city Linz, eine wespenreiche Stadt

Vanhaelen, M-Th., 1998:
Liocarcinus arcuatus returned to Koksijde, after the severe winters of 95-96 and 96-97 Liocarcinus arcuatus terug te Koksijde, na de strenge winters 95-96 en 96-97

Jacobs, Marc., 1998:
Liocarcinus vernalis back once again on the beach at Koksijde Liocarcinus vernalis terug op het strand van Koksijde

Wunderlich, Jorg., 1999:
Liocranoeca - a hitherto unknown genus of field spiders from Europe and North America Arachnida Araneae Liocranidae Liocranoeca - eine bisher unbekannte Gattung der Feldspinnen aus Europa und Nordamerika Arachnida Araneae Liocranidae

Troukens, Willy., 2005:
Liodidae and Scaphidiidae at the westside of Brussels, Belgium Coleoptera Truffelkevers en schimmelkevers aan de westrand van Brussel Coleoptera Liodidae Scaphidiidae

Korinek, Milan., 1995:
Lioheterodon madagascariensis a most attractive species of viper from Madagascar Lioheterodon madagascariensis nejkrasnejsi uzovka Madagaskaru

Pincheira-Donoso, D., 2003:
Liolaemus altissimus araucaniensis Sauria, Tropiduridae, Liolaeminae in Antuco, Chile Liolaemus altissimus araucaniensis Sauria Tropiduridae Liolaeminae en Antuco, Chile

Christie, Miguel I., 2002:
Liolaemus chiliensis Sauria Liolaemidae in the northeast of Patagonia Liolaemus chiliensis Sauria Liolaemidae en el noroeste Patagonico

Javier Avila, Luciano., 1996:
Liolaemus donosobarrosi geographical distribution expansion and first record for the province of Neuquen Liolaemus donosobarrosi ampliacion de su distribucion geografica y primera cita para la provincia de Neuquen

Nunez, H.; Navarro, J.; Veloso, A., 2000:
Liolaemus foxi a new species of lizard from northern Chile Squamata Reptilia Sauria Liolaemus foxi, una nueva especie de lagarto para el norte de Chile Squamata Reptilia Sauria

Nunez, H.; Pincheira-Donoso, D.; Garin, C., 2004:
Liolaemus hajeki, new species of lizard from Northern Chile Squamata, Sauria Liolaemus hajeki, nueva especie de lagartija de Chile Squamata, Sauria

Nunez, H.; Schulte, J.A.; II.; Garin, C., 2001:
Liolaemus josephorum new species from northern Chile Liolaemus josephorum, nueva especie de lagartija para el norte de Chile

Christie, M.I., 2002:
Liolaemus lineomaculatus Sauria Liolaemidae in northeast Patagonia Liolaemus lineomaculatus Sauria Liolaemidae en el noroeste Patagonico

Williams, Jorge D., 1997:
Liolaemus lineomaculatus Sauria Tropiduridae First record for the province of Chubut, Argentina Liolaemus lineomaculatus Sauria Tropiduridae Primera cita para la provincia de Chubut, Argentina

Pincheira-Donoso, D.; Nunez, H., 2004:
Liolaemus robertoi, a new species from the Andean Range of northern Chile belonging to the ruibali group Iguania Tropiduridae Liolaeminae Liolaemus robertoi, una nueva especie de los Andes del norte de Chile perteneciente al grupo ruibali Iguania Tropiduridae Liolaeminae

Abdala, C.S.mon.; Diaz Gomez, J.M.nuel., 2001:
Liolaemus silvanae Donoso Barros Cei, 1971 Iguania Liolaemidae Liolaemus silvanae Donoso Barros Cei, 1971 Iguania Liolaemidae

Kaumanns, W.; Singh, M.; Beisenherz, W.; Schwitzer, C.; Knogge, C., 2000:
Lion-tailed macacques and their habitat Bartaffen und ihr Lebensraum

Kaumanns, Werner., 2002:
Lion-tailed macaques in south India Bartaffen in Suedindien

Schmidt, Christian R., 2005:
Lions Panthera leo with ridge Loewen Panthera leo mit Ridge

Mgodo, Didas Godfrey., 2003:
Lions battle nile crocodile Lions battle nile crocodile

Carmeli, M.; Sanchez, J.; Morales, P.; Godoy, F., 2004:
Liorhyssus hyalinus F Hemiptera Rhopalidae a new pest of sorghum in Venezuela Liorhyssus hyalinus F Hemiptera Rhopalidae neuva plaga del sorgo en Venezuela

Grochowska, M., 2004:
Lipara similis Schin 1854 Diptera Chloropidae, an enemy of a friend of man? Lipara similis Schin 1854 Diptera Chloropidae wrog, czy sprzymierzeniec czlowieka?

Knutelski, S.; Royaud, A., 1997:
Liparus dirus Herbst Coleoptera Curculionidae and Clonopsis gallica Charpentier Phasmatodea Bacillidae, two interesting species for the entomofauna of the Atlantic Pyrenees France Liparus dirus Herbst Coleoptera Curculionidae et Clonopsis gallica Charpentier Phasmatodea Bacillidae deux especes interessantes pour lentomofaune des Pyrenees-Atlantiques France

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