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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38385

Chapter 38385 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

de Jesus Soria, S.; Felippe-Bauer, M.L.iza de Oliveira,, 2002:
List of species of Ceratopogonidae Diptera, Nematocera of the cocoa agroecosystem, deposited in the entomological collection of Oswaldo Cruz Institute, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Lista das especies de Ceratopogonidae Diptera, Nematocera do agro-ecosistema cacaueiro, depositadas na colecao entomologica do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Tronquet, Marc., 2001:
List of species of Coleoptera collected during excursions after the EIS Colloquium Liste des especes de Coleopteres recoltes lors des excursions effectuees a la suite du Colloque EIS

Morrone, J.J.; Muniz, R.; Asiain, J.; Marquez, J., 2002:
List of species of Curculionoidea Insecta Coleoptera of the Alfonso L Herrera collection, Scientific Faculty, UNAM MZDFC

Ulykpan, K.; Tuvshinzhargan, G., 1972:
List of species of beetles and locusts in Prikhubsugul

Anonymous., 2001:
List of species submitted for homologation in France on 1st January 2000 Liste des especes soumises a homologation en France au 1er janvier 2000

Anonymous., 1994:
List of species taken at Troia on a collecting trip 27-3-94 Lista das especies apanhadas em Troia na colheita do dia 27-3-94

Vega A., G.; Gloor, P., 1999:
List of sphingid species Lepidoptera Sphingidae of the El Rodeo protected area, Costa Rica Lista de las especies de esfingidos Lepidoptera Sphingidae de la Zona Protectora El Rodeo, Costa Rica

Indrusiak, L.F.lkemberg; Buss, R.G.essler, 2003:
List of spider species of the central region of Rio Grande do Sul - family Araneidae Lista de especies de aranhas da regiao central do Rio Grande do Sul - Familia Araneidae

Alayon Garcia, Giraldo., 1995:
List of spiders of Cuba Arachnida Araneae Lista de las aranas Arachnida Araneae de Cuba

Garces G., G.; Rodriguez V., D., 1998:
List of syrphids Diptera Syrphidae from Cuba Lista de los sirfidos Diptera Syrphidae de Cuba

Caceres, R.; Bidart, L., 1998:
List of terrestrial gastropods from San Antonio de los Banos forest, Ariguanabo River, La Habana province Lista de los gastropodos terrestres del bosque de San Antonio de los Banos, Rio Ariguanabo, provincia de La Habana

Dvorak, L.; Tuckova, P., 2004:
List of terrestrial gastropods of the Krivoklatsko Protected Landscape Area Prehled terestrickych plzu CHKO Krivoklatsko

Montero, Ricardo., 1996:
List of the Argentinian localities of Amphisbaenidae Lista de las localidades de los Amphisbaenidae de la Republica Argentina

Finn, F., 1901:
List of the Birds in the India Museum Part I Families Corvidae, Paradisidae, Ptilonorhynchidae, and Crateropidae

Brusina, S., 1890:
List of the Birds of Croatia, c Motriocem Pticjega Svijaeta Naputak i Popis Domaci ptica avec resume

Harms, M., 1936:
List of the Birds of the island Oesel Eesti Kirjanduse Seltoi Kodu-uurimise Toimkonna toimetusel ilmuvast Koguteos Eesti, Saaremaa Kotest

Blick, Theo., 1998:
List of the Central European families of spiders, with a list of remarkable nomenclatural changes of species and genera by Platnick 1997, with remarks and additions Zusammenstellung der Spinnenfamilien Mitteleuropas, mit Auflistung bemerkenswerter Benennungen, Schreibweisen und Zuordnungen von Arten und Gattungen nach Platnick 1997, mit Anmerkungen und Erganzungen

Miessen, G., 2003:
List of the Cerambycidae Coleoptera of the entomological collection of G Miessen Liste des Cerambycidae Coleoptera de la collection entomologique G Miessen

Sclater, P.L., 1880:
List of the Certainly Known Species of Anatidae, with Notes on such as have been Introduced into the Zoological Gardens of Europe, and Remarks on their Distribution

Rodriguez Velazquez, D.; Mestre Novoa, N., 2002:
List of the Collembola and Insecta Coleoptera, Dermaptera, Dictyoptera, Mantodea, Diptera and Hymenoptera of Sierra de los Organos, Pinar del Rio Arthropoda Hexapoda Lista de los Collembola e Insecta Coleoptera, Dermaptera, Dictyoptera, Mantodea, Diptera e Hymenoptera de la Sierra de los Organos, Pinar del Rio Arthropoda Hexapoda

Hernandez-Baz, F.; Grados, J., 2004:
List of the Ctenuchinae Insecta Lepidoptera Arctiidae of the state of Veracruz, Mexico, and some notes about their richness in the Americas Lista de los Ctenuchinae Insecta Lepidoptera Arctiidae del estado de Veracruz, Mexico y algunas notas sobre su riqueza en el continente Americano

Rieger, Christian., 1996:
List of the Heteroptera found in Baden-Wurttemberg Germany Insecta Heteroptera 1st edition Verzeichnis der bisher in Baden-Wurttemberg Bundesrepublik Deutschland aufgefundenen Wanzen Insecta Heteroptera 1 Fassung

Giachino, P.M.uro.; Grosso, F.; Marchetti, M.; Pagliano, G.; Scaramozzino, P.L.igi.; Vailati, D., 2000:
List of the Hymenoptera Leucospididae Chalcidoidea and Aculeata collected in Greece during 1992 Elenco degli Hymenoptera Leucospididae Chalcidoidea e Aculeata raccolti in Grecia nel 1992

Gunther, A., 1871:
List of the Lizards belonging to the family Sepidae, with notes on some of the species

Hoelzel, Herbert., 1999:
List of the Neuropterida of Carinthia Verzeichnis der Netzfluegler Kaerntens Neuropterida

Troiano, G.; Toscano, E., 1997:
List of the Palaearctic Stratiomyidae of the Genoa Natural History Museum G Doria Diptera Elenco degli Stratiomyidae Paleartici del Museo Civico di Storia Naturale G Doria di Genova Diptera

Szocs, J., 1978:
List of the Pilis Mountains mining moth fauna

Romero Napoles, J.; Anaya Rosales, S.; Equihua Martinez, A.; Mejia Gonzalez, H., 1997:
List of the Scolytidae and Platypodidae of Mexico Insecta Coleoptera Lista de Scolytidae y Platypodidae de Mexico Insecta Coleoptera

Gray, G.R., 1867:
List of the Specimens of Birds in the Collection of the British Museum PartV Gallinae

San Martin, G., 1999:
List of the Syllidae Polychaeta from the Fauna Iberica II, III, and IV Cruises Fauna Iberica Project Lista de los Syllidae Polychaeta de las Campanas Oceanograficas Fauna II, III, IV, del Proyecto Fauna Iberica

Hernandez Suarez, D.; Ayon Guemes, X.; Perez Gomez, R.T.deo., 1999:
List of the avifauna of Ceja de Francisco, Sierra de los Organos, Pinar del Rio, Cuba Listado de la avifauna de Ceja de Francisco, Sierra de los Organos, Pinar del Rio, Cuba

Rettig, Klaus., 1997:
List of the birds of East Frisia Einfache Artenliste der Vogel Ostfrieslands

Cruon, R.; Dubois, P.J.; L.M.rechal, P.; Nicolau-Guillaumet, P., 1996:
List of the birds of continental France Liste des oiseaux de France metropolitaine

Gorner, Martin., 1996:
List of the birds of the biosphere reserve Rhon Verzeichnis der Vogel des Biospharenreservates Rhon

Baugnee, J.Y.; Dethier, M.; Bruers, J.; Cherot, F.; Viskens, G., 2003:
List of the bugs of Belgium Hemiptera Heteroptera Liste des punaises de Belgique Hemiptera Heteroptera

Deckert, Juergen., 1997:
List of the bugs of Berlin und Brandenburg Heteroptera Verzeichnis der Wanzen von Berlin und Brandenburg Heteroptera

Friess, T.; Heiss, E.; Rabitsch, W.B., 1999:
List of the bugs of Carinthia Insecta Heteroptera Verzeichnis der Wanzen Kaerntens Insecta Heteroptera

Kott, P.; Hoffmann, H.-Juergen., 2003:
List of the bugs of North Rhine-Westphalia Insecta Hemiptera Heteroptera Revised edition as at October 2003 Liste der Wanzen Nordrhein-Westfalens Insecta Hemiptera Heteroptera Ueberarbeitete Fassung von Oktober 2003

Anonymous., 1997:
List of the bulletins of the Geological Society of Normandy and Friends of the Havre Museum Liste des bulletins de la Societe Geologique de Normandie et des Amis du Museum du Havre

Vaz, S.Maia, 2003:
List of the capture localities of sloths of Xenarthra under extinction threat in Brazil Lista de localidades de captura de xenartros sob ameaca de extincao no Brasil

Koren, Armin., 1999:
List of the chilopods of Carinthia Chilopoda Verzeichnis der Hundertfuesser Kaerntens Chilopoda

Schindler, Ingo., 2000:
List of the cichlids of Guyana Liste der Buntbarsche Guyanas

Suarez Nunez, Miguel., 2000:
List of the endemic Cuban avifauna of Monte Iberia Natural Reserve, Cuba Listado de la avifauna endemica Cubana en la Reserva Natural, Monte Iberia, Cuba

Poggi, R.; Conci, C., 1996:
List of the entomological collections held in Italian public institutions Elenco delle collezioni entomologiche conservate nelle strutture pubbliche italiane

de la Torre, P.E.; Martinez, H., 2004:
List of the eryophyoid mites Acari Prostigmata Eriophyoidea of Cuba Lista de los acaros eriofioideos Acari Prostigmata Eriophyoidea de Cuba

Evers, Hans-Georg., 2003:
List of the fishes of the Rio Cuiaba near Ninhal Porto da Fazenda Liste der Fische des Rio Cuiaba in der Umgebung des Ninhal Porto da Fazenda

Richards, WJ., 1990:
List of the fishes of the western central Atlantic and the status of early life stage information

Li, Jingke., 2003:
List of the genus Carabus L in the Korean Peninsula Coleoptera, Carabidae Liste du genre Carabus L dans la peninsule Coreene Coleoptera, Carabidae

Stuke, J.-Hermann.; Conrad, H., 1999:
List of the hoverflies recorded so far in the Hansestadt Bremen Diptera Syrphidae Liste der bislang in der Hansestadt Bremen nachgewiesenen Schwebfliegen Diptera Syrphidae

Weitzel, Matthias., 2005:
List of the long-horned beetles Coleoptera, Cerambycidae and stag beetles Coleoptera, Lucanidae recorded in Mattheiser Wald/Trier reserve in 2003 and 2004 Verzeichnis der in den Jahren 2003 und 2004 im NSG Mattheiser Wald/Trier nachgewiesenen Bockkaefer Coleoptera, Cerambycidae und Hirschkaefer Coleoptera, Lucanidae

Aulagnier, S.; Butet, A.; Haffner, P.; Moutou, F.; Oliver, G.; Robineau, D.; Veron, G., 2003:
List of the mammals of metropolitan France August 2003 Liste des mammiferes de France metropolitaine aout 2003

Schmitter-Soto, J.J.cobo.; Vasquez-Yeomans, L.; Aguilar-Perera, A.; Curiel-Mondragon, C.; Caballero-Vazquez,, 2000:
List of the marine fish of the Mexican Caribbean Lista de peces marinos del Caribe mexicano

Moro Abad, L. .; Martin Esquivel, .; Garrido Sanahuja, M.J. .; Izquierdo Zamora, I. ., 2003:
List of the marine species of the Canary Islands algae, fungi, plants and animals Lista de especies marinas de Canarias algas, hongos, plantas y animales 2003

Haybach, A.; Malzacher, P., 2003:
List of the mayflies Ephemeroptera of Germany Verzeichnis der Eintagsfliegen Ephemeroptera Deutschlands

Anonymous., 2005:
List of the members of the Spanish Natural History Society as at 31st January 2005 Lista de socios de la Real Sociedad Espanola de Historia Natural en 31 de enero de 2005

Gargatte, JL., 2001:
List of the moths Heterocera observed or captured at the Les Marais site, Rethoville, Manche between 1980 to 2003 Liste des Papillons de nuit heteroceres observes ou captures sur le site dit Les Marais commune de Rethoville Manche entre 1980 et 2003

Weitzel, Matthias., 2000:
List of the moths from a light trap in Gonnersdorf/Eifel Contributions to the insect fauna of the Eifeldorf 23 Verzeichnis der Nachtschmetterlinge aus der Lichtfalle Gonnersdorf/Eifel 23

Lopez Canovas, C.I., 2006:
List of the nematodes Adenophorea Chromadoria, Enoplia of sea meadows of the Sabana-Camaguey archipelago, Cuba Lista de los nematodos Adenophorea Chromadoria, Enoplia de los pastos marinos del Archipielago de Sabana-Camaguey, Cuba

Martinez, P.A.; Velis, G.J., 2000:
List of the oribatid mites Acari Oribatida of Argentina Listado de los oribatidos Acari Oribatida de la Republica Argentina

Queneherve, P.; Van den Berg, E., 2005:
List of the phytoparasitic nematodes Tylenchida and Dorylaimida of the French overseas departments Guadeloupe, Martinique and Guyane and regulatory considerations Liste des nematodes phytoparasites Tylenchida et Dorylaimida des departements francais dAmerique Guadeloupe, Martinique et Guyane et dispositions reglementaires

Borgo, E.; Brunetti, M.; Raineri, V., 1998:
List of the poriferans of the Giacomo Doria Natural History Museum in Genoa Elenco dei poriferi della collezione del Museo Civico di Storia Naturale Giacomo Doria di Genova

Cerretti, P.; Hardersen, S.; Mason, F.; Nardi, G.; Tisato, M.; Zapparoli, M., 2004:
List of the protected animal species Repertorio delle specie animali protette

Noerdjito, M. .; Maryanto, I. ., 2001:
List of the protected fauna and flora in Indonesia Jenis-jenis hayati yang dilindungi perundang-undangan Indonesia

Schulze, Werner., 2004:
List of the publication series in the library of the Westphalian Entomologists Society and entomological journals in the libraries of Bielefeld Natural History Society and the Natural History Museum of Bielefeld Status as at 10th December 2004 Verzeichnis der Schriftenreihen in der Bibliothek der Arbeitsgemeinschaft westfaelischer Entomologen und der entomologischen Periodika in den Bibliotheken des Naturwissenschaftlichen Vereins Bielefeld und des Naturkunde-Museums namu der Stadt Bielefe

Petzold, Gisela., 1999:
List of the publications of Hellmut Otto Antonius Liste der Publikationen von Hellmut Otto Antonius

de Saint Laurent, M.; Noel, P.Y., 2002:
List of the publications of Jacques Forest from 1946 up to and including 2001 Liste des publications de Jacques Forest de 1946 a 2001

Petzold, Gisela., 2002:
List of the publications of Wolfgang Grummt Continuation Liste der Publicationen von Wolfgang Grummt Fortsetzung

Petzold, Gisela., 1997:
List of the publications of Wolfgang Grummt Liste der Publikationen von Wolfgang Grummt

Bush., 1886:
List of the shallow-water Mollusca dredged off Cape Hatteras by the Albatross in 1883

Lacourt, Jean., 2000:
List of the species belonging to the family Tenthredinidae described by JG Audinet-Serville, in May 1823 and by ALM Le Peletier comte de Saint-Fargeau, in August 1823 with designations of lectotypes Hymenoptera, Symphyta Liste des especes de la famille des Tenthredinidae decrites par JG Audinet-Serville, en mai 1823 et par ALM Le Peletier comte de Saint-Fargeau, en aout 1823 avec designation de lectotypes Hymenoptera, Symphyta

Romero, Fatima., 2003:
List of the species of Megaloptera deposited at the Instituto-Fundacion Miguel Lillo collection Tucuman, Argentina Lista de Megaloptera de la Coleccion Instituto Fundacion Miguel Lillo Tucuman, Argentina

Marelli, C.A., 1931:
List of the species of Reptiles and Amphibians, pp 185-201

Zettel, H.; Gross, H.; Mazzucco, K., 2001:
List of the species of digger wasps Hymenoptera Spheciformes of Vienna Austria Liste der Grabwespen-Arten Hymenoptera Spheciformes Wiens, Oesterreich

Jager, P.; Kreuels, M., 1995:
List of the spiders Araneae of North Rhine-Westphalia Liste der Spinnen Araneae von Nordrhein-Westfalen

Kojima, J-i.; Yamane, S., 1990:
List of the subfamilies Vespinae and Polistinae collected in central Sumatra, with keys to the Sumatran species Hymenoptera, Vespidae

Heller, Klaus-Gerhard., 1998:
List of the taxa described 1963-1988 by Kurt Harz 1915-1996 Liste der von Kurt Harz 1915-1996 beschriebenen Taxa 1963-1988

Kocak, Ahmet O., 1996:
List of the taxa of Polyommatinae of the south west Asia, with some nomenclatural notes Lepidoptera, Lycaenidae Guney bati asya Polyommatinae taksonlarinin listesi ve bazi nomenklatur notlari Lepidoptera, Lycaenidae

Garrido, Orlando H., 2004:
List of the tenebrionid insects Coleoptera Tenebrionidae of Jamaica, Antilles Lista de los insectos tenebrionidos Coleoptera Tenebrionidae de Jamaica, Antillas

Retana, O.G.; Lorenzo, C., 2002:
List of the terrestrial mammals of Chiapas endemism and conservation status Lista de los mamiferos terrestres de Chiapas endemismo y estado de conservacion

Woodruff, DS., 1990:
List of the threatened vertebrate animals of Thailand

Voisin, J.-Francois.; Somadikarta, S.; Nguyen Quang, P., 1999:
List of the type of birds in the collections of the Museum national dHistoire naturelle of Paris 7 Martlets Hemiprocnidae and Apodidae Liste des types doiseaux des collections du Museum national dHistoire naturelle France 7 Martinets Hemiprocnidae et Apodidae

Felippe-Bauer, ML. de Oliveira, SJ., 2001:
List of the type species of Ceratopogonidae Diptera, Nematocera deposited in the Entomological Collection of Instituto Oswaldo Cruz, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Lista dos Exemplares Tipos de Ceratopogonidae Diptera, Nematocera Depositados na Colecao Entomologica do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Okali, I., 1990:
List of the type specimens in the collections of the Slovak National Museum - Natural History Museum, Bratislava Insecta Hymenoptera

Voisin, C.; Voisin, J.-Francois., 1999:
List of the types of birds in the collections of the Museum national d Histoire naturelle of Paris 6 Cuckoos family Cuculidae Liste des types d oiseaux des collections du Museum national d Histoire naturelle de Paris 6 Coucous Cuculidae

Voisin, C.; Voisin, J.-Francois., 1996:
List of the types of birds in the collections of the Museum national dHistoire naturelle of Paris 4 Herons Ardeidae Liste des types doiseaux des collections du Museum national dHistoire naturelle de Paris 4 Herons Ardeidae

Voisin, J.-Francois.; Mougin, J.-Louis.; Jouanin, C., 1997:
List of the types of birds in the collections of the National Natural History Museum France 5 Procellariiformes with a note on the catalogues of the Laboratory of Mammals and Birds Liste des types doiseaux des collections du Museum national dHistoire naturelle France 5 Procellariiformes avec une note sur les catalogues du Laboratoire des Mammiferes et Oiseaux

Kocak, A.O.; Kemal, M., 2001:
List of the vernacular names of the butterflies of Turkey Papilionoidea, Hesperioidea, Lepidoptera Turkiye kelebeklerinin anadillerdeki isimlerinin listesi Papilionoidea, Hesperioidea, Lepidoptera

Stachowiak, Pawel., 1996:
List of the weevils Rhinomaceridae, Rhynchitidae, Attelabidae, Apionidae, Curculionidae - Coleoptera from the collection of JW Szulczewski in the Wielkopolski National Park Museum Wykaz ryjkowcow Rhinomaceridae, Rhynchitidae, Attelabidae, Apionidae, Curculionidae - Coleoptera ze zbiorow JW Szulczewskiego, w Muzeum Wielkopolskiego Parku Narodowego

Anonymous., 1990:
List of threatened antelopes in sub-Saharan Africa identified by the IUCN/SSC Antelope Specialist Groups antelope survey

Anonymous., 2001:
List of titled, associate and correspondent members of the Academy Liste des membres titulaires, associes et correspondants de lAcademie

Dudinak, V.; Mock, A., 2002:
List of type species of helminths deposited in the East-Slovakian Museum in Kosice part one Zoznam typovych druhov helmintov ulozenych vo Vychodoslovenskom muzeu v Kosiciach Prva cast

Rocha, D. da Silva.; Galvao, C.; Borgerth, S.P.reira de Souza.; Jurberg, J., 1998:
List of type specimens and genetic variation in Triatominae Hemiptera Reduviidae of the Rodolfo Carcavallo Collection deposited in the entomological collection of the Oswaldo Cruz Institute, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Lista dos especimes tipos e de variacoes geneticas de triatomineos Hemiptera Reduviidae, da Colecao Rodolfo Carcavallo depositados na colecao Entomologica do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Aescht, E., 2003:
List of type specimens deposited in the collection diverse invertebrates exept insects of the Biology Centre Linz Austria Typen-Liste der Sammlung Wirbellose Tiere ohne Insekten am Biologiezentrum Linz

D.Domenico, F.Campos, 2005:
List of types of Dermaptera and Orthoptera Insecta deposited in the Museum of Zoology in the University of Sao Paulo Lista de tipos de Dermaptera e Orthoptera Insecta depositados no Museu de Zoologia da Universidade de Sao Paulo

Somadikarta, S.; Voisin, J.-Francois.; Dekker, R.W.J., 2002:
List of types of birds in the collections of the Museum national dHistoire naturelle in Paris 10 Megapodes Megapodiidae Liste des types doiseaux des collections du Museum national dHistoire naturelle de Paris 10 Megapodes Megapodiidae

Sirotinina, O.N., 1923:
List of water-bugs from the vicnity of the town of Murom

Vazquez, L.L., 2004:
List of whiteflies Hemiptera Auchenorrhyncha Aleyrodidae and their host plants in Caribbean Lista de moscas blancas Hemiptera Auchenorrhyncha Aleyrodidae y sus plantas hospedantes en el Caribe

Nardi, G.; Cerretti, P.; Fattorini, S.; Moretti, R.; Tenga, A.M.ria., 1997:
List of work published in the bulletin of the Rome Entomology Association from Vol 1 1946 to Vol 50 1995 Elenco dei lavori pubblicati sul bollettino dellAssociazione Romana di Entomologia dal Vol 1 1946 al Vol 50 1995

Anonymous., 2002:
List of works published or in press in 2001 and early 2002 Liste des travaux parus ou sous-presse en 2001 et debut 2002

Filippi, Filippo de., 1908:
List of new genera and species collected by the expedition 394-397 in Ruwenzori

Cermeli, M., 1990:
Lista actualizada de las especies de afidos Homoptera Aphidoidea de Venezuela

Abreu Perez, M., 1990:
Lista actualizada de ofiuroideos aubanos

Crucitti, P., 1990:
Lista aggiornata dei chirotteri del Lazio Chiroptera

Maes, J-M.; O'Brien, CW., 1990:
Lista anotada de los Curculionoidea Coleoptera de Nicaragua

Duellman, WE., 1990:
Lista anotada y clave de los sapos marsupiales Anura Hylidae Gastrotheca de Colombia

Guerrero, OB., 1990:
Lista de acrididos Orthoptera-Caelifera Acrididae, registrados para el Peru

Lalana R., R.; Ortiz, M., 1990:
Lista de aves de la Laguna Guanaroca, Provincia de Cienfuegos, Cuba

Brncic, D.; Martinez, H., 1990:
Lista de ejemplares de Drosophilidae depositados en el Museo Nacional de Historia Natural

Bencke, Glayson Ariel., 2001:
Lista de referencia das aves do Rio Grande do Sul Lista de referencia das aves do Rio Grande do Sul

Cekalovic K., T., 1990:
Lista preliminar de artropodos presentes en el humus de los rios El Ganso y Caleta, Magallanes, Chile

Rocha O., O., 1990:
Lista preliminar de aves de la Reserva de la Biosfera Estacion Biologica Beni

Roman-Valencia, C., 1990:
Lista y distribucion de peces en la cuenca media del rio Atrato, Choco, Colombia

Dalmas, Comte de., 1920:
Liste daraignees de Boudron en Asie Mineure suivie dune etude des especes mediterraneenes du genre Habrocestum

Padalka, B., 1915:
Liste de Tenthredinides receuillis dans le district de Luga, gouvernement Petrograd et quelques observations ladessus

Marquet, J., 1990:
Liste de macrolepidopteres observes ou captures de 1968 a 1989 sur la commu de Bossay-sur-Claise Indre-et-Loire Lepidoptera Deuxieme partie

Marquet, J., 1990:
Liste de macrolepidopteres observes ou captures de 1968 a 1989 sur la commune de Bossay-sur-Claise Indre-et-Loire Lepidoptera Premiere partie

Anonymous., 1990:
Liste de staphylins captures par Mr J Valembourg dans les dunes de St Frieux Pas-de-Calais a la date du 25/5/89 Piege de Barber

Hacker, H.; Ronkay, L., 1990:
Liste der Cucullia Schrank, 1802, Agrochola Hubner und Autophila Hubner, - Arten mit Beschreibung neuer Taxa

Holzinger, J., 1990:
Liste der Vogelarten Baden-Wurttembergs 1990

Donckier D.Donceel, H., 1884:
Liste des Brenthides decrits posterieurement au Catalogue de Gemminger et Von Harold

Schouteden, H., 1916:
Liste des Buprestides du Congo belge

Diukin, S., 1912:
Liste des Cerambycides capturesdans le gouvernement de Pensa

Kaicenko, N.; Th., 1909:
Liste des Chauvesouris trouvees par V L Bianchi dans les gouv de St Peters-bourg et de Tver

Pomeranzev, Dmitri., 1908:
Liste des Coleopteres des environs de la ville de Velsk et dautrea endroits du gouvernement de Vologda

scerbakov, F.S., 1913:
Liste des Dermapteres de Crimee

Oschanine, B., 1870:
Liste des Hemipterea des environs de Moscow

Krempf, ARMAND., 1905:
Liste des Hexanthides du Golfe de Tadjourah par M Ch Gravier

Milaszewicz, K.O., 1909:
Liste des Mollusques collectionnes durant lexpedition zoologique de S A Zernov dans la partie NW de la mer Noire a bord du bateau Academicien Baer

Milaszevicz, K.O., 1909:
Liste des Mollusques marins collectionnes en 1908 par K P Jagodovsky dans la mer Noire pres des cotes du Caucase

Milaszewicz, K.O., 1911:
Liste des Mollusques marins collectionnes par S A Zernov pres de la cote meridionale de la Crimee en 1909

Grigoriev, B., 1905:
Liste des Odonates du Semiretshie

Lucnik, V., 1909:
Liste des Orlhopteres nouveaux pour la faune nordouest du Caucase

Chevreux, ED., 1905:
Liste des Scinidae de la Princesse-Alice et description dune espece nouvelle

Molleson, M.I., 1906:
Liste des collections du Museum de la Sous-Section de Troitzkossawsk-Kiakhta Section du pays dAmour de la Societe Imperiale Russe de Geographie I Section ornithologique

Lucnik, V., 1909:
Liste des especes dee Cicindelidae et des Carabidae nouvelles pour la faune du gouvernement de Stavropol

Milaszewicz, K.O., 1910:
Liste des mollusques collectionnes dans la mer Noire lat N 45 21 15, lat E 31 29 30, dans la region du champs de la Phyllophora, dans une profondeur de 26 Sashen

Milaszewiez, K.O., 1913:
Liste des mollusques collectionnes par S A Zernov pres des cotes du Caucase en mai 1910

Herroelen, Paul., 1995:
Liste des oiseaux de Belgique especes et sous- especes 1901-1992 Naamlijst van de vogels van Belgie soorten en ondersoorten 1901-1992

Bianchi, V., 1907:
Liste des oiseaux du gouv de St Petersbourg

Clerc, W.O., 1910:
Liste des oiseaux ouverts durant les excursions de 1905 dans la region de lOural entre 54o et 57o L N afin den etudier lee parasites

Bianchi, V., 1909:
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Listing action proposed during October 1990 for nine species

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Listing proposals - June 1990

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Listing protection is proposed for two animal species

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Listing protection proposed for six species

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Lithophagy in the life of animals and human being

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Lithophane leautieri settled in the Netherlands Lepidoptera Noctuidae Lithophane leautieri gevestigd in Nederland Lepidoptera Noctuidae

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Lithophane leautieri, a new species for the Belgian fauna Lepidoptera Noctuidae, Cucullinae Lithophane leautieri, een nieuwe soort voor de Belgische fauna Lepidoptera Noctuidae, Cucullinae

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Little auk Alkekung

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Little auks and Bruennichs murre Black-and-white weekend Kleine Alken en Kortbekzeekoet langs Schiermonnikoog

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Little auks in the Celtic Sea, November 1994 Kleine alken Alle alle in de Keltische Zee, November 1994

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Little bittern Capljica Ixobrichus minutus

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Little bittern Capljica Ixobrychus minutus

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Little bittern Capljica Ixobrychus minutus

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Little bunting Emberiza pusilla - a new species in avifauna of Mazowsze Trznadelek Emberiza pusilla nowym gatunkiem w awifaunie Mazowsza

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Little bustard near Etersheim Kleine trap bij Etersheim

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Little bustard shot in the Velika Morava Valley near Striza Village Ubijena mala droplja Tetrax tetrax u dolini Velike Morave kod sela Strize

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Little bustard still declining in France in 1996 Loutarde canepetiere Tetrax tetrax en France le decline saccentue

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Little considered problem areas of phylogenetic analyses invariant positions and the selection of substitution models Wenig beachtete Problemkreise in der phylogenetischen Analyse Invariante Positionen und die Wahl von Substitutionsmodellen

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Little crake Mala tukalica Porzana parva

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Little crake Mala tukalica Porzana parva

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Little crakes moustached warbler Mala tukalica Porzana parva Tamariskovka Acrocephalus melanopogon

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Little eagle Hieraaetus morphnoides predation of silver gulls Larus novaehollandiae at a colony in south-western Australia

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Little egret Mala bela caplja Egretta garzetta

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Little egrets at Corio

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Little grebe Tachybaptus r ruficollis as prey of a kestrel Falco t tinnunculus Ein Zwergtaucher Tachybaptus r ruficollis als Beute des Turmfalken Falco t tinnunculus

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Little grebe Mali ponirek Tachybaptus ruficollis

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Little gull Mali galeb Larus minutus

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Little gulls Larus minutus with dark upper wings Zwergmowen Larus minutus mit dunklen Oberflugeln

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Little gulls in Sweden Result of state population censuses in 2000 Dvargmasen i Sverige Resultat av riksinventeringen 2000

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Little known Carabini and Cychrini of the Caucasian and Pontic-Caucasian regions Coleoptera, Carabidae Carabini et Cychrini mal connus des regions Caucasienne et Pontico-Caucasienne Coleoptera, Carabidae

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Little known Coleoptera recorded in Oise during 2006 Coleopteres peu communs rencontres dans lOise au cours de lannee 2006

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Little known Iberian species Hymenochelus distintus Uhagon, 1879, endemic scarabid from the eastern peninsula Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae, Melolonthinae, Sericini Especies ibericas poco conocidas Hymenochelus distintus Uhagon, 1879, escarabeido endemico del oeste peninsular Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae, Melolonthinae, Sericini

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Little known birds - brief introduction the chiffchaff of the Canaries Wenig bekannte Vogel - kurz vorgestellt der Kanarenzilpzalp

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Little known birds - briefly introduced the Sardinian warbler Wenig bekannte Voegel - kurz vorgestellt Die Samtkopfgrasmuecke

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Little known birds - short portrait The Tenerife robin Wenig bekannte Vogel - kurz vorgestellt Das Teneriffarotkehlchen

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Little known birds briefly introduced the yellow breasted bunting Wenig bekannte Vogel kurz vorgestellt die Weidenammer

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Little known birds in short communications the pine grosbeak Wenig bekannte Vogel kurz vorgestellt der Hakengimpel

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Little known feather-winged beetles from the Hochschwab area Coleoptera, Ptiliidae 4th contribution to the knowledge on beetles of the Hochschwab area, Styria Wenig bekannte Federflugler aus dem Hochschwabgebiet Coleoptera, Ptiliidae 4 Beitrag zur Kenntnis der Kafer des Hochschwabgebietes, Steiermark

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Little known moths taken at Minoo Park In Osaka Prefecture 6

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Little known moths taken at northern part of Miyazaki Prefecture 6

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Little known or new Mitroidea from the Indo-Pacific region 2nd part Mitroidea peu communes ou nouvelles de lIndopacifique 2eme partie

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Little known pests of cereal crops

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Little known rugose corals of the Middle and Upper Devonian of the Aachen Syncline Rhenish Slate Mountains Wenig bekannte rugose Korallen aus dem Mittel- und Ober-Devon der Aachener Mulde Rheinisches Schiefergebirge

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Little known species - more closely investigated the rock sparrow Wenig bekannte Arten - nahe gesehen Der Steinsperling

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Little known species of helminths from Rana terrestris Andr from Kulundinskaya forest-steppe

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Little known staphylinids from the Hochschwab area Col, Staphylinidae, Micropeplidae 3rd contribution to the knowledge of beetles of Hochschwab Wenig bekannte Kurzflugelkafer aus dem Hochschwabgebiet Col, Staphylinidae, Micropeplidae 3 Beitrag zur Kenntnis der Kafer des Hochschwabgebietes

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Little known testacean species Testacea, Rhizopoda from running waters in northern Germany with first description of Phryganella schoenborni n sp Little known testacean species Testacea, Rhizopoda from running waters in northern Germany with first description of Phryganella schoenborni n sp

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Little lanterns in the dark glowworms The lantern in the dark - firefly Heianzhong de xiaodenglong yinghuochong

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Little owl Athene noctua preying on dead day-old chickens Steenuil Athene noctua verzamelt dode eendagskuikens als prooi

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Little owl Athene noctua Cuk Athene noctua

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Little owl census around Epe Heerde The cat-owl is mewing in the river area Steenuileninventarisatie rond Epe Heerde in het rivierenland mauwt de Kat-oele

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Little owl population development in the eastern part of the urban area of Wiesbaden between 1975 and 1998 Entwicklung der Steinkauzpopulation im oestlichen Stadtgebiet von Wiesbaden 1975 bis 1998

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Little owl project in Flanders published data from the provinces Het project steenuil in Vlaanderen gepubliceerde gegevens uit de provincies

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Little owl protection in North Rhine Westphalia - all quiet on the western front Steinkauzschutz in NRW - oder Im Westen nichts Neues

Marcic, Maja., 2002:
Little owl Cuk Athene noctua

Stankovic, B., 1997:
Little owls Athene noctua living in urban area of Jagodina town Kukumavka Athene noctua u urbanoj sredini Jagodine

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Little ringed plover Charadrius dubius in the Skocjan Bay Mali dezevnik Charadrius dubius v Skocjanskem zatoku

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Little ringed plover Charadrius dubius on a flat roof Brut des Flussregenpfeifers Charadrius dubius auf einem bekiesten Flachdach

Louvel, Thiery., 2002:
Little ringed plover wintering in southern France Hivernage du petit gravelot Charadrius dubius a letang de Berre Bouches-du-Rhone

Trstenjak, Tadej., 2001:
Little ringed plover Mali dezevnik Charadrius dubius

Dyer, BM., 1990:
Little shearwater Puffinus assimilis ashore at Robben Island, South Africa

de Wolf, P., 2000:
Little shells in a haystack on the distribution and rarity of Tellina Moerella pygmaea on the beach and continental shelf of the Netherlands Schelpje in en hooiberg over de verspreiding en de zeldzaamheid van Tellina Moerella pygmaea kleine platschelp op het strand en het Nederlands continentaal plat

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Little stint - Calidris minuta

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Little studied ichneumonids of Netelia Gray and 6th supplement to the Scolobatinae Ctenopelmatinae Ichneumonides Netelia Gray mal etudiees et 6e supplement aux Scolobatinae Ctenopelmatinae

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Little swift Apus affinis, new to Germany Der Haussegler Apus affinis, eine neue Art fuer Deutschland

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Little swift Huisgierzwaluw op Terschelling

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Little winter miners

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Little-known land molluscs Mollusca, Gastropoda of the fauna of Middle Asia

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Little-known species of birds - seen up close the crag martin Wenig bekannte Vogel - nahe gesehen Die Felsenschwalbe

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Littoral and benthic investigations on the west coast of Ireland - 23 A contribution to the biology of the thickback sole Microchirus variegatus Donovan, 1808 in the Galway Bay area

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Littoral dunes continual progression of Theba pisana and other helicids towards the east Dunes littorales progression constante de Theba pisana et autres helicides vers lest

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Littoral fauna and its relation to the geological and morphological peculiarities of Island Koraj Guinea

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Littoral fauna of the islands in Kandalak State game reserve

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Littoral fishes of the Cimar-Fiordo 1 Cruise Peces litorales del Crucero Cimar-Fiordo 1

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Littoral fishes of the Salas y Gomez Island, caught during the Cimar-Islands Cruise, in 1999 Peces litorales de la isla Salas y Gomez, Chile, capturados durante el crucero Cimar-Islas, en 1999

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Littoral lagoons as transition systems Le lagune costiere come ambienti di transizione

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Littoral marine Diptera from North Brittany Dipteres littoraux marins de Bretagne-Nord

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Littoral sand Collembola of Albania Collemboles interstitiels des sables littoraux dAlbanie

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Littoral shell accumulations of the Gardno Lake Litoralne odsypy muszlowe jeziora Gardno

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Littorina nerltoides petraea Montagu, 1803 found in 1976 as well

Beaucournu, J.-Claude.; Sountsov, V.V.siljevicj., 1998:
Liuopsylla simondi n sp, a new flea from Vietnam Siphonaptera, Ctenophthalmidae, Liuopsyllinae Liuopsylla simondi n sp, puce nouvelle du Vietnam Siphonaptera, Ctenophthalmidae, Liuopsyllinae

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Live and let live - Some reflections on an exhibition on nature conservation Lat dem leva - Nagra betraktelser kring en utstallning om naturvardsbiologi

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Live and let live Parasites Leben und leben lassen Parasiten

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Live bearing goodeids, a brightly coloured palette Part 1 Levendbarende tandkarpers, een bont palet Deel 1

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Live capture of wild hinds - legal implications

Maunz, Joachim., 1996:
Live catching of mice in winter Lebendfang von Mausen im Winter

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Live coral predation by fish in Tayrona Nature National Park, Colombian Caribbean Depredacion de coral vivo por peces en el Parque Nacional Natural Tayrona, Caribe colombiano

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Live experience The decline of grasshoppers in the 20th Century A hundredth of these survived Live miterlebt Der Niedergang der Heuschrecken im 20 Jahrhunder Ein Hundertstel ueberlebte

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Live food enrichment for marine organisms larvae feeding a brief review Enriquecimento de alimentos vivos para alimentacao de larvas de organismos marinhos uma breve revisao

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Live food of the amphipod Hyalella sp - easy to breed Ein einfach zu zuechtendes Lebendfutter der Flohkrebs Hyalella sp

Anonymous., 2006:
Live food Levend voer

Vanhaelen, Marie-Therese., 2006:
Live razor clams Solen marginatus at Koksijde on 10 February 2006 and a mass stranding of fresh specimens in May 2006 at Sint-Idesbald Levende messcheden Solen marginatus op 10 februari 2006 te Koksijde en een massale verse stranding in mei 2006 te Sint-Idesbald

Vanhaelen, M-Th., 1996:
Live specimens of the large mollusc Monodonta lineata Da Costa, 1778 found on the beach at Koksijde Stevige tolhorens Monodonta lineata Da Costa, 1778 levend op het strand te Koksijde

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Live trapping investigation of the small mammal fauna in the neighbourhood of the Matty Lake, Co Baranya south Hungary A kisemlosfauna elevenfogo csapdazasos vizsgalata a Mattyi-to mellett Baranya megye

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Live traps for catching river beaver

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Live-bearing Poeciliidae Fish for novices and experts Lebendgebarende Zahnkarpfen Fische fur Anfanger und Experten

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Live-bearing fish Levendbarende vissen

Wischnath, Lothar., 2000:
Live-bearing toothed carps, a colourful palette - part 2 Levendbarende tandkarpers, een bont palet - deel 2

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Livebearers with fin variation Lebendgebarende mit Flossenverlangerungen

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Livelier bird song in Avedore Holme Mere livlig fuglesang pa Avedore Holme

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Lively and curious - Cyanoramphus auriceps Lebhaft und neugierig - der Springsittich

Quante, Kai Alexander., 2007:
Lively pygmies Muntere Zwerge

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Liver cadmium, copper, chromium, iron, magnesium, manganese, zinc and lead concentrations in Anatidae and Rallidae ducks captured at the Lerma Valley Lagune in the State of Mexico, Mexico Niveles de varios metales en higado de aves acuaticas migratorias capturadas en la Laguna del Valle de Lerma, Estado de Mexico

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Liver fluke infection and sarcoptic mange in red foxes in Berlin Leberegelbefall und Raeude beim Rotfuchs in Berlin

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Liver fluke infection Leberegelbefall

Gunsser, I.; Haenichen, T.; Maierl, J., 1999:
Liver fluke infestation in South American camelids Parasitology, pathology, clinics, therapy Leberegelbefall bei Neuweltkameliden Parasitologie, Pathologie, Klinik und Therapie

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Liver of antarctic whales as a source for production of vitamin A

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Liver regeneration in Salmo irideus

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Liverpool bird notes

Hartasanchez, A.; Pando, D.; Purroy, F.J.; Magadan, J.R.mon, 2006:
Livestock carcasses - vital for the brown bear Las carronas del ganado extensivo, vitales para el oso pardo

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