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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38386

Chapter 38386 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Fico, R.; Angelucci, S.; Patumi, I., 2005:
Livestock predation assessment methods, validation and management outcome Wolf or dog predation who did it? Accertamento dei casi di predazione sul bestiame domestico metodi, validazione dei risultati e implicazioni gestionali Lupo o cane chi e stato?

Franceschini, Alessandra., 2003:
Living against the current Invertebrates of waterfalls faced with problems of being carried away by water Vivere contro corrente Gli invertebrati dei torrenti alle prese col problema di non essere trasportati via dallacqua

Grinchenko, SN.; Zaguskin, SL., 1989:
Living cell mechanisms algorithmic model

Vereshchagin, N.K., 1958:
Living conditions and ecological classification of animals of the Caucasian region

Novikov, G.A., 1953:
Living conditions of forest animals

Rensenbrink, H.P., 1977:
Living electricity

Waugh, David., 2006:
Living flames in Colombia - the Pyrrhura project Die lebenden Flammen von Kolumbien - das Pyrrhura-Projekt

Madson, C., 1990:
Living for wildlife

Thenius, Erich., 2000:
Living fossils old-timers of the animal and plant world, witnesses of prehistoric times Lebende Fossilien Oldtimer der Tier- und Pflanzenwelt Zeugen der Vorzeit

Ekman, Jan., 1997:
Living in a flock An advantage for many bird species Att leva i flock En fordel for manga fagelarter

Diestelhorst, O.; Lunau, K., 2001:
Living in the top - coloured pan tap catches of dolichopodid flies in the canopy of a beech tree Leben in der Krone - Farbschalenfaenge von Dolichopodiden im Kronenraum einer Buche

Kittel, Klaus., 1996:
Living record of Chondrula tridens OF Muller 1774 in the arid region of Ammerfeld-Ellern at Aschfeld, Main-Spessart district Lebendnachweis der Dreizahn-Turmschnecke Chondrula tridens OF Muller 1774 im Trockengebiet Ammerfeld-Ellern bei Aschfeld, Landkreis Main-Spessart

Zeissler, Hildegard., 1999:
Living record of a mussel in Leipzig flowing waters Lebendfund einer Muschel in den Leipziger Fliessgewaessern

Oliver, Pere., 1996:
Living resources in the western Mediterranean stock assessment and scientific management recommendations Ressources vivantes de la Mediterranee occidentale evaluatio des stocks et recommandations scientifiques aux fins d amenagement

Gritsenko, O.F. ., 1992:
Living resources of the Pacific Ocean Collected papers

Petersen, Dirk., 2000:
Living sand Part 2 what does the species composition of the interstitial depend on? Lebender Sand Teil 2 wovon hangt die Artenzusammensetzung des Interstitials ab?

Petersen, Dirk., 2000:
Living sand Part 4 end care measures and advantages and disadvantages Lebender Sand Teil 4 Schluss die Pflegemassnahmen sowie Vor-und Nachteile

Surmont, Miguel., 2006:
Living sand Levend zand

Tyree, Steve., 2003:
Living sponges as a filter for reef aquaria Lebende Schwaemme als Filter fuer Riffaquarien

Pinoli, G.; Vanzulli, C., 2002:
Living with exotic species management problems of Pineta di Appiano Gentile e Tradate park Convivere con le specie esotiche problematiche gestionali nel Parco Pineta di Appiano Gentile e Tradate

de Lima, J.T.X.; Chellappa, S.; Thatcher, V.E., 2005:
Livoneca redmanni Leach Isopoda, Cymothoidae and Rocinela signata Schioedte Meinert Isopoda, Aegidae, ectoparasites of Scomberomorus brasiliensis Collette, Russo Zavala-Camin Ostheichthyes, Scombridae in Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil Livoneca redmanni Leach Isopoda, Cymothoidae e Rocinela signata Schioedte Meinert Isopoda, Aegidae, ectoparasitos de Scomberomorus brasiliensis Collette, Russo Zavala-Camin Ostheichthyes, Scombridae no Rio Grande do Norte, Brasil

Herrmann, Andreas., 1997:
Lixus filiformis Fabricius new for our faunal region Lixus filiformis Fabricius neu fur unser Faunengebiet

Drilling, K.; Klass, K.-Dieter., 2006:
Lixus subtilis Boheman, 1836 Coleoptera, Curculionidae, Lixinae New finding for Saxony Lixus subtilis Boheman, 1836 Coleoptera, Curculionidae, Lixinae Neufund fuer Sachsen

Msuya, CA., 1990:
Lizard buzzard feeding on Hemidactylus geckos

Fiedler, Werner., 1999:
Lizard fishes Eidechsenfische

Osland, L.M., 1968:
Lizard footprint on Spitzbergen

Ditmars, Raymond L., 1928:

Shcherbak, NN., 1977:
Lizards Eremias of the Palaearctic region

Rogner, Manfred., 1994:
Lizards 2 Varanus, skinks and other lizards including Rhynchocephalia and crocodiles Echsen 2 Warane, Skinke und andere Echsen sowie Bruckenechsen und Krokodile

Abdala, V.; Montero, R.; Moro, S., 2004:
Lizards and amphisbaenians of the Argentinian Mesopotamia and its influence region Review of knowledge Lagartos y anfisbenas del litoral fluvial Argentino y areas de influencia Estado del conocimiento

de Massary, Jean-Christophe., 1999:
Lizards and forest fragmentation in French Guyana Hagedissen en bosversnippering in Frans-Guyana

Bringsoe, H., 2001:
Lizards for beginners Begynderogler

Krumbiegel, Gunter., 1998:
Lizards found in Baltic amber Eidechsenfund im Baltischen Bernstein

Schluter, Uwe., 1996:
Lizards from the dry north east of Venezuela Echsen aus dem trockenen Nordosten Venezuelas

Maslak, Robert., 1995:
Lizards in Poland Eidechse in Polen

Schmidt, F.A C., 2005:
Lizards in family groups husbandry and breeding of the giant plated lizard Gerrhosaurus v vallidus Echsen im Familienverband Haltung und Zucht der Felsen-Schildechse, Gerrhosaurus v vallidus

Kroniger, M.; Zawadzki, M., 2005:
Lizards in the terrarium Eidechsen im Terrarium

Rodel, M.-Oliver.; Grabow, K.; Hallermann, J.; Bockheler, C., 1997:
Lizards of Comoe-National Park, Ivory Coast Die Echsen des Comoe-Nationalparks, Elfenbeinkuste

de Carvalho, A.Luiz Gomes, 2007:
Lizards of Marambaia, an insular remnant of Restinga and Atlantic Forest in the State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Lagartos da Marambaia, um remanescente insular de Restinga e Floresta Atlantica no Estado do Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Castro-Franco, R.; Bustos Zagal, M.G.adalupe, 2003:
Lizards of Morelos, Mexico distribucion, habitat and conservation Lagartijas de Morelos, Mexico distribucion, habitat y conservacion

Carretero, Miguel Angel., 1999:
Lizards of Torredembarra, the community structure of saurians adapted to dunes Lagartijas de Torredembarra, estructura de una comunidad de saurios adaptada a las dunas

Carlo, A.B.rnal; Roze, J.A., 2005:
Lizards of the genus Anolis Reptilia Polychrotidae from Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia, with description of two new species Lagartos del genero Anolis Reptilia Polychrotidae de la Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia, con descripcion de dos nuevas especies

Rogner, Manfred., 1992:
Lizards behaviour, care and breeding in the terrarium 1 Geckoes, pygopodids, agamids, chameleons and iguanas Echsen Haltung, Pflege und Zucht im Terrarium 1 Geckos, Flossenfuesse, Agamen, Chamaeleons und Leguane

Salazar E., Cesar A., 1999:
Llanadas - ecological stronghold Some ornithological aspects Llanadas, fortaleza ecologica Algunos aspectos ornitologicos

Kroniger, Michael., 1996:
Lloret de Mar - short herpetological notes Lloret de Mar - Einige kurze herpetologische Notizen

Jurado, Jesus R., 2006:
Lluis Pou and Francesc Barcelo - two major figures Lluis Pou i Francesc Barcelo, dues figures senyeres

Musaev, MA.; Feizullaev, NA., 1974:
Ln memory of Professor Gadzhibab Samedovich Kasimov 1908-1973

Pigolkin, AU., 1971:
Lncrease and seasonal dynamics of various pig helminthoses in Primorye region

Yudin, B.S., 1977:
Lndividual population variation in the dental system of the Siberian mole in relation to the problem of origin of multi apex teeth

Gembitskii, AS., 1975:
Lnhabitants of birds nests in the Belorussian polesye

Braiko, VD., 1975:
Lntensity of feeding in Balanus improvisus Durwin under normal conditions and under the influence of some poisons

Tishkov, AA., 1977:
Lnteractions between the phytophagous animals and vegetation in the tundra

Merkushava, IU., 1971:
Lnvasion of bats by helminths in the territory of Byelorussia

Baltvilks, Ya., 1970:
Lnvasion of nuthatch Nucifraga caryocatactes L in Latvia in 1968

Mamaev, BM., 1974:
Lnvertebates as indicators in the stages of natural decomposition of wood

van den Nieuwenhuizen, Arend., 1999:
Loaches in the Mae Nam Mun Botia s in de Mae Nam Mun

Ott, Gerhard., 2000:
Loaches in the aquarium Schmerlen im Aquarium

Freyhof, Jorg., 1999:
Loaches of the genus Cobitis A puzzling species group spined loaches Die Schmerlen der Gattung Cobitis Eine verwirrende Artengruppe Steinbeisser

de Santisteban, C.; Suner, M., 2002:
Load structures and pseudonodules generation associated to vertebrate mesozoic icnites, probably dinosaurs, in the Upper Jurassic and Lower Cretaceous of Alpuente Valencia Generacion de estructuras de carga y pseudonodulos asociados a la impresion de icnitas de grandes vertebrados continentales, posiblemente de dinosaurios, en el Jurasico superior y Cretacico inferior de Alpuente Valencia

Wetterer, JK., 1990:
Load-size determination in the leaf-cutting ant, Atta cephalotes

Dell'Acqua, A.; Zamboni, A., 2000:
Loano artificial reef polychaetes I policheti della barriera artificiale di Loano

Citrangulo, M.; Coppi Marceil Ribeiro, A.A.gusto.; Teixeira de Barros Moraes, P.; Fernandes Machado, M.R.ta., 2001:
Lobation and arterial vascularization of the lung of capybara Hydrochaeris hydrochaeris Lobacao e vascularizacao arterial do pulmao da capivara Hydrochaeris hydrochaeris

Penno, A.K.ndlein de Carvalho, M.A.elina Martins de Assisneto, A.C.aves; Mello, G.W.lson de Sousa, 2005:
Lobation, bronchial tree and distribution of the pulmonary artery in Agouti Dasyprocta sp, Mammalia- Rodentia Lobacao, ramificacao bronquica e distribuicao arterial no pulmao da cutia Dasyprocta sp, Mammalia- Rodentia

Lindstrom, A., 2005:
Lobby in Brussels - do a census on birds Lobba i Bryssel - inventera faglar

Darge, Philippe., 2002:
Lobobunaea sangha, a new species from the Sangha river basin, Cameroon Lobobunaea sangha, nouvelle espece du bassin de la Sangha, Cameroun Lepidoptera, Saturniidae

Gehrmann, Sven., 1999:
Lobster care Auf den Hummer gekommen

Irias, A.; Rodriguez, J.; Suazo, M., 2001:
Lobster fishing in Honduras La pesqueria de la langosta en Honduras

Sosa Cordero, E.; Rios Lara, V.; Arce, AM.; Vasquez, M.; Cabrera., 2001:
Lobster fishing in Mexico Yucatan and Quintana Roo La pesqueria de langosta en Mexico Yucatan y Quintana Roo

Fernandez, JC., 2001:
Lobster fishing in Venezuela La pesqueria de langosta en Venezuela

Infante, J., 2001:
Lobster fishing in the Dominican Republic La pesca de langosta en la Republica Dominicana

van der Meeren, G.I.; Uglem, I.; Tveite, S.; Korsoen, E.; Jorstad, K.E., 1995:
Lobsters - biology, fishing and management Hummer - biologi, fiske og forvaltning

de Araujo Silva, K.C.istina.; Aniceto Cintra, I.H.denburgo.; Ramos-Porto, M.; Segundo Viana, G.F.bia., 2003:
Lobsters captured during experimental fishing of the REVIZEE/Norte Programme Crustacea, Nephropoidea, Eryonoidea, Palinuroidea Lagostas capturadas durante pescarias experimentais para o programa REVIZEE/Norte Crustacea, Nephropoidea, Eryonoidea, Palinuroidea

Richer de Forges, B.; Laboute, P., 1996:
Lobsters of New Caledonia Langoustes, langoustines et cigales de mer de Nouvelle-Caledonie

Schweigert, G.; Dietl, G.; Roeper, M., 2000:
Lobsters of the family Erymidae van Straelen Crustacea, Decapoda from the Nusplingen Lithographic Limestone Late Kimmeridgian, Swabian Alb and from Franconia Die Panzerkrebse der Familie Erymidae van Straelen Crustacea, Decapoda aus dem Nusplinger Plattenkalk Ober-Kimmeridgium, Schwaebische Alb im Vergleich mit fraenkischen Vorkommen

Zhu, Z.; Xia, M.; Jourdane, J.; Combes, C., 2003:
Local adaptation of Schistosoma japonicum to its snail host Oncomelania hupensis demonstrated by transplantation of sporocysts and exposure to miracidia Recherches experimentales sur ladaptation locale de Schistosoma japonicum a son vecteur Oncomelania hupensis

Uiblein, F.; Friedl, T.; Honsig-Erlenburg, W.; Weiss, S., 2002:
Local adaptation Dangers and protection of the grayling in the waters of Carinthia Lokale Anpassung, Gefaehrdung und Schutz der Aesche in drei Gewaessern in Kaernten

Czubak, J.; Hausler, R.; Topp, W., 1999:
Local adaptations of phyllophagous insects to the alien Fallopia Polygonaceae in Central Europe Lokale Adaptationen von phyllophagen Insekten an Neophyten der Gattung Fallopia Polygonaceae in Mitteleuropa

Buczek, A.; Stanislawek, I.M.; Bartosik, K.; Kruk, T.; Olszewski, T., 2004:
Local anomalies in ticks larvae Acari Ixodida Anomalie lokalne u larw kleszczy Acari Ixodida

Sass, H.R.; Chamberlain, R., 1910:
Local bird notes Charleston S C

Pinheiro, F.; Diniz, I.R.; Kitayama, K., 1998:
Local community of Coleoptera in Cerrado species diversity and body size Comunidade local de Coleoptera em Cerrado diversidade de especies e tamanho do corpo

Eisinger, D.; Jeltsch, F.; Henschel, J.; Ulbrich, K.; Lubin, Y.; Wissel, C., 1998:
Local dispersal pattern of the desert spider Seothrya henscheli - a spatially-explicit grid-based simulation model Das lokale Ausbreitungsmuster der Wustenspinne Seothyra henscheli - ein raumlich-explizites gitterbasiertes Simulations-modell

Buffoni, G.; Orsi, E. di Cola, G.; Garaventa, L., 2000:
Local dynamics of a tri-trophic system Dinamica locale di una catena a tre livelli trofici

Gerhardinger, L.C.valeri; Marenzi, R.C.rvalho; Hostim-Silva, M.; Medeiros, R.P.reira, 2006:
Local ecological knowledge of fishermen from Babitonga Bay, Santa Catarina, Brazil fishes from the Serranidae family and marine environmental changes Conhecimento ecologico local de pescadores da Baia Babitonga, Santa Catarina, Brasil peixes da familia Serranidae e alteracoes no ambiente marinho

Calvo Macho, J.M.; Peris Alvarez, S.J., 1993:
Local evolution of bird communities in oak woods Quercus pyrenaica, Willd in the east-central part of the peninsula qualitative analysis Evolucion estacional de dos comunidades de aves de rebollares Quercus pyrenaica, Willd en el centro-oeste peninsular analisis cualitativo

Uys, CJ., 1990:
Local francolins

Durbin, JC., 1990:
Local knowledge of nature

Ilyina, L.K., 1968:
Local migration and structure of under-growth fish runs in littoral zone of the Rybinsk reservoir

Trnka, A., 2005:
Local movements and home ranges of reed passerine birds in postbreeding period Lokalne pohyby a denne teritoria trstovych druhov spevavcov v pohniezdnom obdobi

Fernandez Garcia, JM., 1996:
Local natural history societies Alava Nature Institute Sociedades de historia natural en el ambito local El Instituto Alaves de la Naturaleza

Buergi, M.; Speich, D., 2004:
Local nature 150 years of the Thurgau Natural History Society 1854-2004 Lokale Naturen 150 Jahre Thurgauische Naturforschende Gesellschaft 1854-2004

Franco L., J.; Abarca A., L.G.; Chavez L., R., 1992:
Local occurrence of marine ichthyofauna in the Tamiahua lagoon, Veracruz Ocurrencia estacional de la ictiofauna marina en la Laguna de Tamiahua, Veracruz

Warner, RR.; Hoffman, SG., 1980:
Local population size as a determinant of mating system and sexual composition in two tropical marine fishes thalassoma spp

Eggers, T.Ols, 2005:
Local presence of Jaera istri Veuille, 1979 Crustacea Isopoda in the branch canal Salzgitter, Germany Punktuelles Vorkommen von Jaera istri Veuille, 1979 Crustacea Isopoda im Stichkanal Salzgitter

Grigoriadis, N.; Donth, S.J.; Panagiotopoulou, M., 2002:
Local problems of a heron colony at Porto Lagos, north east Greece Standortprobleme einer Reiherkolonie bei Porto Lagos, Nordostgriechenland

Birman, I.B., 1956:
Local shoals of the autumn Keta Salmon in the Amur basin

Soleilhavoup, M.; Gervet, J.; Semenoff Tian-Chanski, S., 1996:
Local stimulus and contextual factors in nest building of polistes wasp Stimulus locaux et facteurs contextuels dans lactivite batisseuse du poliste

Skogen, K.; Haaland, H.; Krange, O.; Brainerd, S.M.; Hustad, H., 2003:
Local views on game animals and their management A study taken in four counties Aurskog-Holand, Lesja, Lierne og Porsanger Lokale syn pa rovvilt og rovviltforvaltning En undersokelse i fire kommuner Aurskog-Holand, Lesja, Lierne og Porsanger

Kuroli Geza.; Kovacs Tamas.; Pomsar Peter.; Nemeth Lajos.; Orsolya Pali.; Monika Kuroli., 2006:
Localisation and seasonal distribution of wireworms in the soil A drotfergek lokalizacioja es szezonalis elhelyezkedese a talajokban

Batueva, V.; Suderevskaya, E.I.; Vesselkin, N.P.; Pierre, J.; Repérant, J., 1990:
Localisation of GABA-immunopositive cells in the river lamprey spinal cord

Tauzin, Pierre., 2004:
Localities of French species of Aleurostictus Coleoptera, Cetoniidae, Trichiinae, Trichiini Quelques localites connues pour les especes francaises dAleurostictus Coleoptera, Cetoniidae, Trichiinae, Trichiini

Lempke, BJ., 1978:
Localities of Tortricidae Lep in Limburg

Towpasz, K.; Kotanska, M., 2001:
Localities of the banded garden spider Argiope bruennichi on the Proszkowice plateau Malopolska Lowlands Stanowiska tygrzyka paskowanego Argiope bruennichi na Plaskowyzu Proszkowickim Wyziyna Malopolska

Penalver, E.; Martinez-Delclos, X.; Arillo, A., 1999:
Localities with fossil insects from Spain Yacimientos con insectos fosiles en Espana

McCarthy, T.J.; Arroyo-Cabrales, J., 2000:
Locality correction for a Neotropical squirrel Mammalia Sciuridae of Honduras Correccion de la localidad de una ardilla neotropical Mammalia Sciuridae de Honduras

Wesenigk-Smith, Bernd., 2003:
Locality descriptions and first experiences on the relocation of the ant Formica Coptoformica foreli Emery 1909 Fundortbeschreibungen und erste Erfahrungen beim Umsetzen der Kerbameise Formica Coptoformica foreli Emery 1909

Zmihorski, M., 2004:
Locality of ladybird spider Eresus cinnabericus in Piska Forest NE Polska Stwierdzenie poskocza krasnego Eresus cinnabericus Olivier 1789 w Puszczy Piskiej NE Polska

Buczynski, Pawel., 1997:
Locality of the sponge Spongilla lacustris in the Poleski National Park Stanowisko nadecznika stawowego Spongilla lacustris w Poleskim Parku Narodowym

Herrmann, Mike., 2001:
Locality persistence and longevity of bees Osmia adunca, Hylaeus signatus Standorttreue und Langlebigkeit von Bienen Osmia adunca, Hylaeus signatus

Smolenskaja, J.M., 1946:
Localiza-tion of stages of schizogony in Plus-modium falciparum, the agent of tropical malaria

Niemczuk, W.; Chorbinski, P., 1996:
Localization and activity of some hydrolases in the larvae of tapeworms Neogryporhynchus cheilancristrotus and Triaenophorus nodulosus parasitizing in fish Lokalizacja i aktywnosc niektorych hydrolaz w postaciach larwalnych tasiemcow Neogryporhynchus cheilancristrotus oraz Triaenophorus nodulosus pasozytujacych u ryb

Mosconi Bernardini, P., 2004:
Localization and evolution of a new species occurring in Italy, Cryptotermes brevis Walker, Kalotermitidae Isoptera Localizzazione ed evoluzione di una nuova specie presente in Italia, Cryptotermes brevis Walker, Kalotermitidae Isoptera

Dahane-Barka, Z.; Bensalem, M.; Exbrayat, J-M., 2001:
Localization by immunohistology of the hypothalamic nuclei involved in the synthesis of AVT in one specimen of Uromastix acanthinurus Bell 1825 Sauria - Agamidae, a herbivorous desert lizard Localisation par immunohistologie des noyaux hypothalamiques impliques dans la synthese de lAVT chez un individu dUromastix acanthinurus Bell, 1825 Sauria - Agamidae lezard deserticole et herbivore

Varaksina, GS.; Varaksin, AA., 1990:
Localization of 3-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase in ovaries and testes of the scallop Mizuhopecten yessoensis and the mussel Crenomytilus grayanus

Quaglia, A.; Minelli, D.; Gatteli, R.; Giuliani, A.; Villani, L., 2001:
Localization of NADPH-diaphorase in the olfactory mucosa of the Chiloscyllium arabicum Chondrichthyes, Elasmobranchii Localizzazione della NADPH-diaforasi nella mucosa olfattoria de Chiloscyllium arabicum Chondrichthyes, Elasmobranchii

Perez-Rodriguez, R.; Vicente-Velazquez, V.; Saldana-Arias, A.; Badillo-Solis, A., 2000:
Localization of Thiara tuberculata in the waters of El Ojito, Apizaquito, Tlaxcala, Mexico Localizacion de Thiara tuberculata en el manantial El Ojito, Apizaquito, Tlaxcala, Mexico

Cano Villegas, F.Jesus, 2005:
Localization of a new breeding zone of Lestes dryas Kirby, 1890 Odonata Lestidae in Andalusia Localizada una nueva zona de cria de Lestes dryas Kirby, 1890 Odonata Lestidae en Andalucia

Prasad, MS., 1990:
Localization of carbonic anhydrase in the skin of a catfish, Heteropneustes fossilis, during different respiratory conditions

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