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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38387

Chapter 38387 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Kojevnikova, E.V., 1944:
Localization of cutaneous leishmaniasis according to its type

Perotti, Alejandra., 1999:
Localization of distant preys by Glyptholaspis confusa Acari Macrochelidae Localizacion a distancia de presas por Glyptholaspis confusa Acari Macrochelidae

Herrero-Turrion, MJ.; Velasco, A.; Rodriguez, R.; Aijon, J.; Lara, J., 2001:
Localization of mRNA of the two types of somatolactin in the pituitary of gilthead sea bream Localizacion de los mRNA de los dos tipos de somatolactina en hipofisis de dorada

Herrero-Turrion, M.J.; Velasco, A.; Concepcion, M.; Duran, R.; Rodriguez, R.; Aijon, J.; Lara, J., 2002:
Localization of mRNA of two types of somatolactin, growth hormone, and prolactin in the pituitary of gilthead seabream Sparus auratus L, 1758 Localizacion de los ARNm de los dos tipos de somatolactina, de la hormona de crecimiento y de la prolactina en hipofisis de dorada Sparus auratus L, 1758

Satoda, T.; Uemura-Sumi, M.; Tashird, T.; Takahashi, O.; Matsushima, R.; Mizuno, N., 1990:
Localization of motoneurons innervating the stylohyoid muscle in the monkey, cat, rabbit, rat and shrew

Campioni, D.; Micciarelli Sbrenna, A.; Bolognani Fantin, A.; Sbrenna, G., 1997:
Localization of serotonin-immunoreactive neurons in the nervous system of Tapes philippinarum Localizzazione di neuroni serotoninergici nel sistema nervoso di Tapes philippinarum Bivalvia Veneroida

Gambaccini, S.; Biagi, F.; Bulleri, F.; D.R.nieri, S., 2001:
Localization of settlement areas in 4 sparids species Diplodus puntazzo, D vulgaris, D sargus and Oblada melanura along the coast of Capraia Island Tuscan Archipelago Localizzazione dei siti di insediamento postlarvale di 4 specie di sparidi Diplodus puntazzo, D vulgaris, D sargus e Oblada melanura lungo il profilo costiero dellIsola di Capraia Arcipelago Toscano

Logachev, E.D., 1953:
Localization of timonucleic acid in the parenchyma of cestodes in connection with cell-formation

Pluot-Sigwalt, D.; Matocq, A., 2000:
Localization of type specimens of Palearctics Lygaeidae and Miridae in the Museum national dHistoire naturelle Paris Heteroptera Localisation de specimens-types de Lygaeidae et Miridae palearctiques au Museum national dHistoire naturelle Paris Heteroptera

Mizzan, Luca., 2000:
Location and characterization of outcrops off the Venetian coasts First results of a survey project Localizzazione e caratterizzazione di affioramenti rocciosi delle coste Veneziane Primi risultati di un progetto di indagine

Barszcz, Przemyslaw., 1998:
Location and density of the nests of Pica pica in urban conditions, as exemplified by the district of Krowodrza in Krakow Zageszczenie i umiejscowienie gniazd sroki Pica pica w Krakowie-Krowodrzy

Garcia, L.; Frontera, M., 1999:
Location and historical assessment of the fossil crab Cyphoplax impressa Desmarest, 1822 Crustacea, Decapoda, Ocypodoidea Localitzacio i valoracio historica del decapode fossil Cyphoplax impressa Desmarest, 1822 Crustacea, Decapoda, Ocypodoidea

Albrieu, C.; Navarro, J.L., 1997:
Location and population size of cormorant colonies in the Deseado estuary Santa Cruz, Argentina Localizacion y tamano poblacional de cormoraneras en la Ria Deseado Santa Cruz, Argentina

Defaut, Bernard., 1997:
Location of interesting Orthoptera in continental France Localites orthopteriques interessantes en France continentale

Hernandez, A., 1999:
Location of red squirrel Sciurus vulgaris dreys in woods of Pyrenean oak and hedgerows of the Torio river valley Leon, NW Spain Emplazamiento de nidos de ardila roja Sciurus vulgaris en melojares y setos arbolados del Valle del Rio Torio Leon, NO de Espana

Janeau, Georges., 1998:
Location of terrestrial mammal-borne VHF beacon transmitters system, accuracy, limits and constraints Localisation de balises radio-emettrices VHF portees par des mammiferes terrestres principes, precision, limites et contraintes

Peybernes, B.; Fondecave-Wallez, M.; Stoykova, K.; Ciszak, R.; Ivanov, M.; Nikolov, T., 2004:
Location of the Cretaceous-Tertiary boundary in Bulgaria by means of the planktonic foraminifera Determination de la limite Cretace-Tertiaire en Bulctarie par les foraminiferes planctoniques

Contreras, J.; Lacasa, A.; Sanchez, JA.; Martinez, MC., 1996:
Location of the pupation of Frankliniella occidentalis Pergande in broad bean crops Localizacion de la ninfosis de Frankliniella occidentalis Pergande en los cultivos de habas de verdeo

Chardon, JP.; Vos, CC., 1993:
Location of tunnels for amphibians in the Netherlands Lokaties van amfibieentunnels in nederland

Stock, JH., 1995:
Locations of the barnacle Balanus eburneus in the Netherlands Vindplaatsen van de ivoorpok, Balanus eburneus, in Nederland

Pineda-Santis, H.; Vazquez, E.; Blanco, G.; Sanchez, J.A., 1999:
Loci microsatellite variation in Atlantic salmon Salmo salar L Variabilidad de loci microsatelites en salmon atlantico Salmo salar L

Luthje, Erich., 1998:
Locomotion and digestion of Enchytraeidae Kleiner Wurm ganz gross Fortbewegung und Verdauung von Enchytraeiden

Falta, Eric., 2006:
Locomotion and semi-arboricolous feeding of the Eurasian beaver Castor fiber Locomotion et alimentation semi-arboricole chez le castor dEurasie Castor fiber

Blaszczyk, Janusz., 1996:
Locomotion in mammals principle of interlimb coordination Lokomocja ssakow koordynacja ruchow konczyn

Repenning, CA.; Packard, EL., 1990:
Locomotion of a demostylian and evidence of ancient shark predation

Bacon, Anne-Marie., 2001:
Locomotion of primates of the Miocene of Africa and Europe Functional analysis of long bones of the pelvic limb and systematics La locomotion des primates du Miocene dAfrique et dEurope analyse fonctionnelle des os longs du membre pelvien et systematique

Meller, P.; Greven, H., 1997:
Locomotor activity pattern of the viviparous cockroach Nauphoeta cinerea and their relations to the reproductive cycle Die lokomotorische Aktivitat der viviparen Schabe Nauphoeta cinerea und ihre Beziehungen zum Fortpflanzungszyklus

Ndoutoume-Ndong, A.; Rojas-Rousse, D.; Allemand, R., 2006:
Locomotor activity rhythms in two sympatric parasitoid insects Eupelmus orientalis and Eupelmus vuilleti Hymenoptera, Eupelmidae Rythmes dactivite locomotrice chez deux insectes parasitoides sympatriques Eupelmus orientalis et Eupelmus vuilleti Hymenoptere, Eupelmidae

Ovchinnikov, V.V., 1968:
Locomotor adaptations of the Sword-fish and of other closely related fishes

Vlijm, L., 1966:
Locomotory activity among terrestrial arthropods

Ferenz, HJ., 1990:
Locust pheromones - basic and applied aspects

Launois, Michel., 1996:
Locust watch and man-locust confrontation in the Sahel Veille acridienne et affrontement hommes-criquets au Sahel

Szabo, I.; Szombath, Z., 1970:
Locustella fluviatilis and Lanius minor in the environs of the town TgMures

Koenig, A., 1908:
Locustella luscinioides geyri n subsp

Varvai'ovskt, M., 1970:
Locustella luscinoides on the nest

Bellmann, Heiko., 1993:
Locusts observations and studies 2nd edition Heuschrecken beobachten, bestimmen 2 Auflage

Naumann, Stefan., 1998:
Loepa obscuromarginata n sp, a new saturniid from China Lepidoptera Saturniidae Loepa obscuromarginata n sp, eine neue Saturniide aus der Volksrepublik China Lepidoptera Saturniidae

Weidenfeller, M.; Schneidermeier, T.; Kuehn, P., 2002:
Loess paleosols at Alsheim on the eastern edge of the Mainz Basin Loess-Palaeoboden-Abfolgen bei Alsheim am oestlichen Rand des Mainzer Beckens

Schindler, M.; Frankenberg, A.; Krawinkel, J.; Mauss, V.; Michalski, R.; Wittmann, D., 2000:
Loess- and sand banks as nesting habitats of solitary bees and wasps Hymenoptera Aculeata species communities and factors of colonisation Loss- und Sandsteilwande als Nisthabitate fur solitare Bienen- und Wespenarten Hymenoptera Aculeata Artenvergesellschaftung und Besiedlungsfaktoren

Ziegler, Joachim., 1996:
Loewia cretica spec nov - a new species from Crete Diptera, Tachinidae Loewia cretica spec nov - eine neue Raupenfliege von Kreta Diptera, Tachinidae

Cuerda, A.; Alfaro, M.; Caballe, M.; Furque, G., 1997:
Loganograptus flagellatus nov sp in the Gualcamayo Formation Ordovician, Precordillera of San Juan, Argentina Loganograptus flagellatus nov sp en la Formacion Gualcamayo Ordovicico, Precordillera de San Juan, Argentina

Caminas, Juan A., 1996:
Loggerhead Caretta caretta Linnaeus, 1758 sightings and strandings in the Alboran sea and adyacent areas during 1979-1994 Avistamientos y varamientos de tortuga boba Caretta caretta Linnaeus, 1758 en el mar de Alboran y areas adyacentes durante el periodo 1979-1994

Graff, H., 2006:
Loggerhead musk turtle Sternotherus minor, a little giant Moskusskildpadden Sternotherus minor, en lille kaempe

Irwin, EW., 1990:
Loggerhead shrike, Lanius ludovicianus migrans Palmer; Lanius ludovicianus ludovicianus Linnaeus

Cabello, T.; Carreno, R., 2002:
Logistic equations as models of Noctuid pests phenology in south Spain Lep Noctuidae Modelos logisticos aplicados a la fenologia de Noctuidos plagas en el sur de Espana Lep Noctuidae

Malik, V.; Stuchly, J., 2000:
Logit analysis of the browsing damage to forest trees by a fallow and red deer Logitova analyza poskozeni stromu ohryzem danci a jeleni zveri

Gentric, Alain., 2003:
Loire-Atlantique Departmental Records Committee - report for 1999 Comite dhomologation departemental Loire-Atlantique rapport 1999

Murphy, R.C.; Murphy, E.B., 1965:
Loke Wan Tho, Obituary

Aldrich, FA., 1990:
Lol-i-go and far away a consideration of the establishment of the species designation Loligo pealei

Rebeusek, Franc., 1995:
Lomographa dilectaria Hubner, 1799 - a new species to the Slovenian moth fauna Lepidoptera Geometridae Lomographa dilectaria Hubner, 1799 - nova vrsta v Slovenski favni metuljev Lepidoptera Geometridae

Lesar, Tone., 1998:
Lomographa dilectaria Hubner, 1799 in north-eastern Slovenia Lepidoptera Geometridae Lomographa dilectaria Hubner, 1799, v severovzhodni Sloveniji Lepidoptera Geometridae

Timofeeva, AA., 1972:
Lona Islands feathered population

Oelerich, Hans-Markus., 1992:
Lonchopteridae and Lauxaniidae Diptera caught in Malaise traps in Cologne city Lanzenfliegen und Faulfliegen aus Malaise-Fallen in der Stadt Koln Diptera Lonchopteridae, Lauxaniidae

Mayer, Horst., 2000:
Lonchura, Lonchura - part 20 the great billed mannikin - the queen of the mannikins Lonchura, Lonchura - Teil 20 Die Dickschnabelnonne - die Koenigin der Nonnen

Mayer, Horst., 2000:
Lonchura, Lonchura Part 19 Sharpes chestnut breasted mannikin Lonchura, Lonchura - Teil 19 Der Scharpes- oder Zwergschilffink

Mayer, Horst., 2002:
Lonchura, Lonchura part 21 the yellow rumped mannikin Lonchura, Lonchura Teil 21 gelber Schilffink - gelbe Schilfamadine - Gilbnonne

Mayer, Horst., 1994:
Lonchura, Lonchura Part 12 The care of Lonchura maja Lonchura, Lonchura Teil 12 Weisskopfnonnen in Menschenobhut

Mayer, Horst., 1995:
Lonchura, Lonchura Part 14 The manikin Lonchura striata Das Spitzschwanzbronzemannchen Lonchura striata

Mayer, Horst., 1996:
Lonchura, Lonchura Part 16 Lonchura nevermanni experiences with their keeping and breeding Lonchura or Munia nevermanni Lonchura, Lonchura Teil 16 Weissscheitelnonnen Erfahrungen bei ihrer Haltung und Zucht Lonchura bzw Munia nevermanni

Mayer, Horst., 1998:
Lonchura, Lonchura part 17 the Javanese mannikin Lonchura, Lonchura Teil 17 das Javabronzemannchen

Mayer, Horst., 1995:
Lonchura-Lonchura part 15 On the finch Lonchura or Munia castaneothorax Lonchura-Lonchura Teil 15 Uber Braunbrustige Schilffinken Lonchura bzw Munia castaneothorax

Reichholf, Josef H., 2005:
Long distance counts as a simple method for assessing the annual breeding success in the carrion crow Corvus c corone Fernstreckenzaehlungen als einfache Methode zur grossflaechigen Ermittlung des Bruterfolgs von Rabenkraehen Corvus c corone

Torralba Burrial, A.; Ocharan, F.J., 2005:
Long distance in a failed emergence of Aeshna cyanea Odonata Aeshnidae Larga distancia recorrida en una emergencia fallida en Aeshna cyanea Odonata Aeshnidae

Letnic, M., 2002:
Long distance movements and the use of the fire mosaics by small mammals in the Simpson Desert, central Australia

Pryswitt, K.; Franke, K.; Redmer, B., 2006:
Long distance record of a brown bat Myotis myotis in the north west region of Hannover Fernfund eines Grossen Mausohres Myotis myotis in der nordwestlichen Region Hannover

Hayo, Lothar., 1996:
Long duration of a late black tern Chlidonias niger at Dillingen Lake Lange Verweildauer einer spaten Trauerseeschwalbe Chlidonias niger am Dillinger See

Ott, Gerhard., 2001:
Long finned loaches Comments on the genus Vaillantella Fowler, 1905 Langflossenschmerlen Anmerkungen zur Gattung Vaillantella Fowler, 1905

Heer, Lorenz., 1999:
Long inattentive periods in the black redstart Phoenicurus ochruros and the alpine accentor Prunella collaris during a spell of cold weather Brutpausen von mehreren Stunden Dauer beim Hausrotschwanz Phoenicurus ochruros und bei der Alpenbraunelle Prunella collaris wahrend Kaltwetterperioden

Graf, R.; Maruschka, A.; Thiede, W., 2002:
Long inland stopover of the bluethroat Luscinia svecica svecica Langer Aufenthalt eines rotsternigen Blaukehlchens Luscinia svecica svecica im Binnenland

Philippe, Michel., 1997:
Long lasting frequentation of Balme a Collomb Entremont-le-Vieux, Chartreuse massif, Savoie by the cave bear La tres longue frequentation de la Balme a Collomb Entremont-le-Vieux, massif de Chartreuse, Savoie par lours des cavernes

Brahier, Jean-Luc., 2001:
Long life span of a partially albinotic blackbird Turdus merula in an urban habitat Longevite importante dun merle noir Turdus merula atteint dalbinisme partiel en milieu urbain

Alvarez-Leon, R., 2002:
Long line commercial captures in the Exclusive Economic Zone off Guajira of the Colombian Caribbean Capturas comerciales con palangre en la zona economica exclusiva frente a la Guajira, Caribe de Colombia

Hough, Dennis., 1996:
Long live the Montreal Biodome Viva la Biodome de Montreal

Unfricht, Wolfgang., 2000:
Long loved woodland birds the goldfinch and linnet Seit altersher beliebte Waldvoegel Stieglitz und Bluthaenfling

Esterbauer, Hans., 1996:
Long nosed hawkfishes in the aquarium Langnasen-Buschelbarsche im Aquarium

Brehm, C.; Britsch, G.; Buerkle, M., 2006:
Long period egg laying of Psittaciformes Dauerlegen bei Papageien und Sittichen

Jakobs, Bernhard., 1997 :
Long period spent in nest by young bee eater Merops apiaster Lange Verweildauer eines jungen Bienenfressers Merops apiaster im Nest

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