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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38389

Chapter 38389 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Beker, B.; Romano, J.-Claude.; Arlhac, D., 2001:
Long-term series, a tool for monitoring the variability of phytoplanktonic populations in the marine littoral environment The Gulf of Marseilles in 1996-1997 Le suivi de la variabilite des peuplements phytoplanctoniques en milieu marin littoral Le golfe de Marseille en 1996-1997

Hollwedel, W., 2004:
Long-term studies 1969-2002 of the cladoceran distribution on the sandy islands of the sourthern North Sea in Lower Saxony, Germany Langzeituntersuchungen 1969-2002 zur Verbreitung der Cladoceren auf den Niedersaechsischen Sandinseln der suedlichen Nordsee, Deutschland

Anker-Nilssen, T.; Broseth, H., 1998:
Long-term studies of the breeding biology of puffins at Rost An update with results from 1995-97 Hekkebiologiske langtidsstudier av lunder pa Rost En oppdatering med resultater fra 1995-97

Sei, S.; Rossetti, G.; Villa, F.; Ferrari, I., 1999:
Long-term studies of zooplankton in two lagoons of the Po River Delta Studi di lungo termine dello zooplancton in due lagune del Delta Padano

Salvidio, S.; Andreone, F., 2000:
Long-term studies on amphibians in Italy Gli studi ecologici pluriennali sugli anfibi in Italia

Sy, T.; Grosse, W.-Rudiger., 1998:
Long-term studies on population ecology in yellow-bellied toads Bombina v variegata in northwestern Thuringia Populationsokologische Langzeitstudien an Gelbbauchunken Bombina v variegata im nordwestlichen Thuringen

Thorup, Ole., 1997:
Long-term studies on sandpipers at Tipperne Langtidsstudier af ryler pa Tipperne

Zuna-Kratky, T.; Kurthy, A., 1999:
Long-term study of birds of prey in the lower March-Thaya-valley along the Austrian-Slovakian border Mehrjahrige Greifvogelerhebung in den unteren March-Thaya-Auen im osterreichisch-slowakischen Grenzgebiet

Triplet, P.; Sueur, F.; Carruette, P., 2002:
Long-term study of breeding in the shelduck Tadorna tadorna on the Plaine Maritime Picarde France Suivi a long terme de la reproduction du Tadorne de Belon Tadorna tadorna dans la Plaine Maritime Picarde France

Schmidt, M.; Schmidt, R., 2006:
Long-term successful breeding in a mixed pair of black and red kites Milvus milvus and Milvus migrans in Schleswig-Holstein during the years 1978-1984 and the subsequent breeding attempt of a hybrid in 1985 Langjaehrig erfolgreiches Mischbrutpaar von Schwarz- Milvus migrans und Rotmilan Milvus milvus in Schleswig-Holstein

Saether, Bernt-Erik., 2006:
Long-term time series and the management of ungulate populations Die bedeutung von langen Zeitreihen fuer das Management von Huftierpopulationen

Leopold, MF.; Smit, CJ.; Goedhart, PW. van Roomen, MWJ. van Winden, AJ. van Turnhout, C., 2004:
Long-term trends in numbers of waders in relation to cockle fishing and policy conduct in this matter Final report EVA II Evaluation of shellfish fisheries second phase Joint project C2 Langjarige trends in aantallen wadvogels, in relatie tot de kokkelvisserij en het gevoerde beleid in deze Eindverslag EVA II Evaluatie Schelpdiervisserij tweede fase Deelproject C2

Clausen, W., 2003:
Long-term trends of Coenagrion ornatum in northeastern Northrhine-Westphalia, Germany Odonata Coenagrionidae Die Bestandsentwicklung von Coenagrion ornatum in Ostwestfalen, Nordrhein-Westfalen Odonata Coenagrionidae

Becker, Peter H., 1998:
Long-term trends of breeding success in common terns Sterna hirundo in the Wadden Sea Langzeittrends des Bruterfolgs der Flussseeschwalbe Sterna hirundo und seiner Einflussgrossen im Wattenmeer

Eriksson, Par., 2000:
Long-term variation in population densities of saproxylic Coleoptera species at the river of Dalalven, Sweden Populationsutveckling for nagra tradlevande skalbaggar vid nedre Dalalven

Zaika, V.E. ., 1992:
Long-term variations in the Black Sea zoobenthos

Ilinsky, EN., 1990:
Long-time changes in catch composition of demersal fishes at the continental slope of the Sea of Okhotsk and the Sea of Japan

Wirdheim, Anders., 2004:
Long-toed lark? Langtalarka?

Dix, T., 1990:
Long-toed stint in the Western Isles

Joza, Miroslav., 1999:
Longevity age of bats at hibernaculum Bila Desna in the Jizerske hory Mts Vysoky vek netopyru na zimovisti Bila Desna v Jizerskych horach

Marchiori, C.H.; Prado, A.P., 1995:
Longevity and fecundity of Fannia pusio Wiedemann, 1830 Diptera Fanniidae at laboratory Longevidade e fecundidade de Fannia pusio Wiedemann, 1830 Diptera Fanniidae em laboratorio

Molina-Rugama, A.J.; Zanuncio, J.C.; Torres, J.B.; Zanuncio, T.V., 1997:
Longevity and fecundity of Podisus nigrispinus Heteroptera Pentatomidae fed Musca domestica Diptera Muscidae and bean Longevidad y fecundidad de Podisus nigrispinus Heteroptera Pentatomidae alimentado con Musca domestica Diptera Muscidae y frijol

Santos, A.; Almaguel, L. de la Torre, P.; Caceres, I., 2001:
Longevity and fecundity of Steneotarsonemus spinki Smiley Acari Tarsonemidae on rice crop in Cuba Longevidad y fecundidad de Steneotarsonemus spinki Smiley Acari Tarsonemidae en el cultivo del arroz en Cuba

Kruger, R.F.; Ribeiro, P.B. de Carvalho, C.J.; Lambrecht, F.M.; Nunes, A.M., 2004:
Longevity and oviposition of Ophyra albuquerquei Diptera, Muscidae under laboratory conditions Longevidade e oviposicao de Ophyra albuquerquei Diptera, Muscidae em condicoes de laboratorio

Lehnert, H.; Reitner, J., 1997:
Longevity and regeneration of Ceratoporella nicholsoni Hickson, 1911 and Spirastrella Acanthochaetetes wellsi Hartman Goreau, 1975 Lebensdauer und Regeneration bei Ceratoporella nicholsoni Hickson, 1911 und Spirastrella Acanthochaetetes wellsi Hartman Goreau, 1975

Silva Barbosa, L.; Lopes de Jesus, D.M.ra; Magalhaes Aguiar Coelho, V., 2004:
Longevity and reproductive capacity of grouped couples of Chrysomya megacephala Fabricius, 1794 Diptera, Calliphoridae originated from natural diet bred larvae Longevidade e capacidade reprodutiva da casais agrupados de Chrysomya megacephala Fabricius, 1794 Diptera, Calliphoridae oriundos de lavras criadas em dieta natural e oligidica

Doniseti Michelotto, M.; Rodrigues Chagas Filho, N. da Silva, R.A.aime; Busoli, A.C.rlos, 2005:
Longevity and reproductive parameters of Myzus persicae Sulzer, 1776 Hemiptera Aphididae on eggplant at different temperatures Longevidade e parametros reprodutivos de Myzus persicae Sulzer, 1776 Hemiptera Aphididae sobre berinjela em diferentes temperaturas

d'Almeida,; Ribeiro de Almeida, J., 1996:
Longevity and survivorship curves of eight species of the calyptrate flies Calliphoridae, Muscidae and Sarcophagidae under laboratory conditions in Rio de Janeiro Longevidade e curva de sobrevivencia de oito especies de dipteros caliptrados Calliphoridae, Muscidae e Sarcophagidae, em condicoes de laboratorio

Vianna, EES.; Costa, PRP.; Ribeiro, PB., 1996:
Longevity and viability of the Culex quinquefasciatus Say, 1823 Diptera Culicidae aquatic cycle under environmental conditions in Pelotas, State of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil Longevidade e viabilidade do ciclo aquatico do Culex quinquefasciatus Say, 1823 Diptera Culicidae em condicoes ambientais, em Pelotas, RS

Bengtsson, Kenneth., 2001:
Longevity in birds - a reflection Langa fagelliv - en betraktelse

Dementiev, G.P., 1946:
Longevity in birds in Russian

Bydzovsky, Vladko., 1997:
Longevity in fish Stari ryb

Ide, S.; Lanfranco, D., 2001:
Longevity of Orgilus obscurator Ness Hymenoptera Braconidae under the influence of different food sources Longevidad de Orgilus obscurator Ness Hymenoptera Braconidae en presencia de diferentes fuentes de alimento

Gemel, Richard., 1997:
Longevity of a marginated tortoise, Testudo marginata Schoepff, 1792, in captivity Testudines Testudinidae Langjahrige Gefangenschaftshaltung einer Breitrandschildkrote, Testudo marginata Schoepff, 1792 Testudines Testudinidae

Kornacker, Paul M., 1998:
Longevity of green iguana Iguana iguana in the terrarium Zum Lebensalter des Grunen Leguans Iguana iguana im Terrarium Reptilia Sauria Iguanidae

Kuznetzov, M.I., 1968:
Longevity of mites Scheloribates laevigatus infected with cysticercoids of Moniezia expansa

Gabriel, D., 2002:
Longevity of the Anthonomus grandis Boh reared with alternate host plants in the laboratory Longevidade do bicudo do algodoeiro Anthonomus grandis Boh, criado em hospedeiras alternativas no laboratorio

Blaszkiewitz, Bernhard., 2004:
Longevity of the Berlin rhinos II Zum Lebensalter Berliner Panzernashoerner II

Schuerer, Ulrich., 2001:
Longevity of the pavonine quetzal and broad-billed tody in Wuppertal Zoo Lebensalter von Pfauentrogon und Breitschnabeltodi im Zoologischen Garten Wuppertal

Cardoso, ACB.; Araujo, CLD.; Daemon, E.; Faccini, JLH., 2002:
Longevity of unfed adults of Haemaphysalis leporispalustris Packard, 1869 Acari Ixodidae at different constant humidities Longevidade de adultos nao alimentados de Haemaphysalis leporispalustris Packard, 1869 Acari Ixodidae em diferentes umidades relativas

Gory, Gerard., 1995:
Longevity record for a siskin Carduelis spinus Longevite record pour un tarin des aulnes Carduelis spinus

Wiesner, Henning. von den Driesch, A., 1996:
Longevity record in a hippopotamus Hippopotamus amphibius L Altersrekord bei einem Flusspferd Hippopotamus amphibius L

Schmidt, C.R.; Weigl, R., 1999:
Longevity record in the siamang, Symphalangus syndactylus Hohe Lebensdauer beim Siamang, Symphalangus syndactylus

Volf, Jiri., 2003:
Longevity record of cricetid mammals Cricetidae Rekord dlouhovekosti kreckovitych savcu Cricetidae

Gutowski, J.M., 2006:
Longhorn and buprestid beetles Coleoptera Cerambycidae, Buprestidae of the forest-steppe Bielinek reserve and its surroundings Chrzaszcze kozkowate i bogatkowate Coleoptera Cerambycidae, Buprestidae rezerwatu lesno-stepowego Bielinek nad Odra oraz jego okolic

Feldmann, Reiner., 2001:
Longhorn beetle communities Coleoptera, Cerambycidae on flowering shrubs and umbels in the mountains of southern Westphalia Die Gilde der bluetenbesuchenden Bockkaefer Coleoptera, Cerambycidae im suedwestfaelischen Bergland

Siering, G., 2002:
Longhorn beetles Col, Cerambycidae in tree tops of oaks Quercus robur on the former Soviet military training ground Dallgow-Doeberitz near the city of Potsdam Brandenburg, Germany Zur Bockkaeferfauna in den Kronen von Stieleichen im Gebiet des ehemaligen GUS-Truppenuebungsplatzes Dallgow-Doeberitz bei Potsdam Col, Cerambycidae

Feldmann, Reiner., 2004:
Longhorn beetles Coleoptera, Cerambycidae of the southern Westphalian Bergland Results of fifty years of population counts Bockkaefer Coleoptera, Cerambycidae des suedwestfaelischen Berglands Ergebnisse fuenfzigjaehriger Bestandsaufnahmen

Konvicka, O., 2005:
Longhorn beetles Coleoptera Cerambycidae of Valachia Czech Republic knowledge implication in nature conservation Tesarici Coleoptera Cerambycidae Valasska implikace pznatku v ochrane prirody

Gorski, Pawel., 2004:
Longhorn beetles Coleoptera Cerambycidae of Warsaw Kozkowate Coleoptera Cerambycidae Warszawy

Gutowski, Jerzy M., 1995:
Longhorn beetles Coleoptera Cerambycidae of eastern Poland Kozkowate Coleoptera Cerambycidae wschodniej Polski

Staven, Klaus., 2000:
Longhorn beetles and remarkable groundbeetles Coleoptera Cerambycidae, Carabidae of the Elber-Berg near Salzgitter Lower Saxony, Germany Zur Bockkaferfauna und zu bemerkenswerten Laufkaferarten Coleoptera Cerambycidae, Carabidae am Elber-Berg bei Salzgitter Lower Saxony, Germany

Kurzawa, Jacek., 2002:
Longhorn beetles fauna Coleoptera Cerambycidae of Puszcza Pilicka Kozkowate Coleoptera Cerambycidae Puszczy Pilickiej

Schedl, Wolfgang., 2002:
Longhorn beetles in the Botanical Garden in Innsbruck Coleoptera Cerambycidae Die Bockkaefer des Botanischen Gartens in Innsbruck Coleoptera Cerambycidae

Filimonov, RV., 2002:
Longhorn beetles of the St Petersburg region an identification atlas Zhuki-usachi Leningradskoi oblasti atlas-opredelitel

Cherepanov, AI.; Cherepanova, NE., 1976:
Longhorn beetles of the genus Exocentrus Muls Coleoptera, Cerambycidae from broad-leaved forests of the Far East

Chu, DR., 1990:
Longicorn beetles Cerambycidae around Mt Kwanmobong

Nielsen, T., 1970:
Longicorn beetles and their behaviour

Binon, M.; Rougon, D.; Secchi, F., 2000:
Longicorn beetles of the Loiret Coleoptera Cerambycidae Longicornes du Loiret Coleoptera Cerambycidae

Pascoe, F.P., 1864:
Longicornia Malayana; or a descriptive catalogue of the species of the three Longicorn families Lamiidae, Cerambycidae, and Prionidae, collected by Mr A R Wallace in the Malay Archipelago

Pascoe, F.P., 1868:
Longicornia Malayana; or, a Descriptive Catalogue of the species of the three Longicorn families Lamiidae, Cerambycidae, and Prionidae, collected by Mr A R Wallace in the Malay Archipelago

Pascoe., 1867:
Longicornia Malayana; or, a descriptive Catalogue of the species of the three Longicorn families Lamiidae, Cerambycidae, and Prionidae, collected by Mr A R Wallace in the Malay Archipelago Continued

da Veiga Ferreira, G., 1969:
Longicornis de Mocambique2 Subfamilia Lamiinae

Berrahou, A.; Cellot, B.; Richoux, P., 2001:
Longidutinal distribution of benthic macroinvertebrates in the Moulouya River Morocco Distribution longitudinale des macroinvertebres benthiques de la Moulouya et de ses principaux affluents Maroc

Carlberg, Tomas., 2002:
Longing for the impossible Langtan efter bla berg

Vorst, O., 2005:
Longitarsus ferrugineus Coleoptera in the Millingerwaard Longitarsus ferrugineus Coleoptera in de Millingerwaard

Warchalowski, Andrzej., 1998:
Longitarsus kippenbergi n sp, a new species from Morocco Coleoptera Chrysomelidae Halticinae Longitarsus kippenbergi n sp, eine neue Art aus Marokko Coleoptera Chrysomelidae Halticinae

Fritzlar, F., 2001:
Longitarsus languidus Kutschera, 1863, Cassida bergeali Bordy, 1995 and Cryptocephalus bameuli Duhaldeborde, 1999 3 species of the German fauna and other supplements to leaf-beetles within the checklist of German beetles Longitarsus languidus Kutschera,1863, Cassida bergeali Bordy, 1995 und Cryptocephalus bameuli Duhaldeborde, 1999 Drei Arten der deutschen Fauna und weitere Nachtraege zu Blattkaefern Col, Chrysomelidae im Verzeichnis der Kaefer Deutschlands

Borowiec, L., 1990:
Longitarsus medvedevi Shapiro, 1956 Col, Chrysomelidae in Wroclaw

Borowiec, Lech., 2005:
Longitarsus reichei Allard, 1860 Coleoptera Chrysomelidae, new to the Polish fauna Longitarsus reichei Allard, 1860 Coleoptera Chrysomelidae, nowy dla fauny Polski

Pochec, Pawel., 2003:
Longitarsus substriatus Kutschera, 1863 Coleoptera Chrysomelidae in Poland 363 Longitarsus substriatus Kutschera, 1863 Coleoptera Chrysomelidae w Polsce

Aranha, J.M.rcelo Rocha.; Carameaschi, E.P.llegrini., 1997:
Longitudinal distribution and habitat use of four Cyprinodontiformes species in a coastal stream in southeastern Brazil Marica, RJ Distribuicao longitudinal e ocupacao especial de quatro especies de Cyprinodontiformes no rio Ubatiba, Marica, RJ, Brasil

Machado Velho, L.F.lipe.; Amodeo Lansac-Toha, F.; Costa Bonecker, C., 2005:
Longitudinal distribution of the zooplankton community in reservoirs Distribuicao longitudinal da Comunidade Zooplanctonica em Reservatorios

Assmann, T.; Terlutter, H., 1999:
Longitudinal division of the ground beetle fauna of the river Ems north-west Germany Die laengszonale Gliederung der Laufkaeferfauna an der Ems

Ross, ST.; Knight, JG.; Wilkins, SD., 1990:
Longitudinal occurrence of the Bayou darter Percidae Etheostoma rubrum in Bayou Pierre - a response to stream order or habitat availability?

Niemuller, C.; Gentry, P.A.; Liptrap, R.M., 1990:
Longitudinal study of haematological and biochemical constituents in blood of the Asian elephant (Elephas maximus)

Williams, B.; Beck, RA.; Akers, B.; Via, JW., 1990:
Longitudinal survey of the beach nesting and colonial waterbirds of the Virginia barrier islands

Tito de Morais, L.; Lauzanne, L., 1997:
Longitudinal zonation of fish communities before impoundment of the Petit-Saut Dam French Guiana Zonation longitudinale des peuplements ichtyques avant mise en eau de la retenue de Petit-Saut Guyane francaise

Orsi Relini, L., 2000:
Longline fisheries, blue shark catches and conservation problems Pesche professionali daltura, catture di verdesca, Prionace glauca L, e problemi di conservazione

Passadore, C.; Szephegyi, M.; Domingo, A.; Mora, O., 2007:
Longline fishing as a source of information on the distribution of the orca Orcinus orca in the southwest Atlantic Ocean 2002-2006 La flota de palangre como fuente de informacion sobre la distribucion de la orca Orcinus orca en el oceano Atlantico Sudoccidental 2002-2006

Kotas, J.E.uardo.; Petrere Junior, M.; Guedes de Azevedo, V. dos Santos, S., 2005:
Longline fishing in south Brazil A pesca de espinhel-de-superficie no Sul do Brasil

Haimovici, M.; Avila-da-Silva, A.O.into dos Santos Tutui, S.L.iz; Cyrino Bastos, G.C.sar dos Santos, R.A.uiar; Gomes Fischer, L., 2004:
Longline fishing of demersal species of the southeastern south region of Brazil Prospeccao pesqueira de especies demersais com espinhel-de-fundo na regiao sudeste-sul do Brasil

The Southern Africa Ornithological Society., 1990:
Longterm and single species bird studies Symposium, programme and abstracts

Rutschke, Joachim., 2000 :
Longterm combined breeding of the European migratory locust Locusta migratoria and the meal beetle Tenebrio molitor for animal food purposes Langjahrige kombinierte Futtertierzucht der Europaischen Wanderheuschrecke Locusta migratoria und des Mehlkafers Tenebrio molitor

Peter, Heinz., 1996:
Longterm development of numbers of the rook Corvus frugilegus in Austria from 1955-1994 Die Bestandsentwicklung der Saatkrahe Corvus frugilegus in Osterreich 1955-1994

Steiner, H.; Deschka, C., 2006:
Longterm-monitoring of birds of prey in upper Austria between 1990-2003 Integriertes Greifvogel-Monitoring 1990 bis 2003 in Oberoesterreich

Lietz, Johanna., 1999:
Longtermed changes of mayflies and stoneflies Ephemeroptera, Plecoptera in a semi-natural lowland stream in Schleswig-Holstein Langfristige Veranderungen der Eintagsfliegen- und Steinfliegenfauna Ephemeroptera, Plecoptera in einem naturnahen Tieflandbach in Schleswig-Holstein

Kern, Dietrich., 1999:
Longtime investigations on population development and life cycle of Gomphus vulgatissimus Linnaeus in a northwest German running water Anisoptera Gomphidae Langzeituntersuchungen zur Populationsentwicklung und zum Lebenszyklus von Gomphus vulgatissimus Linnaeus an einem nordwestdeutschen Fliessgewasser Anisoptera Gomphidae

Lacourt, Jean., 2003:
Lonnea, new genus for Birka perplexa Zombori, 1976 and comparison with Pseudostromboceros Takeuchi, 1941 Hymenoptera, Tenthredinidae, Selandriinae Lonnea, genre nouveau, pour Birka perplexa Zombori, 1976 et comparaison avec Pseudostromboceros Takeuchi, 1941

Taylor, F.M., 1964:
Lonsdaleia as Lonsdalia sic duplicata Martin in Derbyshire

Leraut, P.; Mermet, G., 2003:
Look at insects entomological collections of the National Museum of Natural History Regard sur les insectes collections dentomologie du Museum national dHistoire naturelle

Moosleitner, Horst., 2001:
Look there, twins Hoppla, Zwillinge

Lewejohann, L.; Wistuba, J., 1997:
Look whats rattling - vocal mimicry by snakes Guck mal, wer da rasselt - Gerauschmimikry bei Schlangen

Lillico, S., 1990:
Look whos forty

Ducotterd, J-M., 1996:
Looking after European terrestrial tortoises garden homes Maintenance des tortues terrestres europeenes les serres de jardins

Boeggemann, Markus., 2007:
Looking at a worms mouth Dem Gewuerm aufs Maul geschaut

Schouten, Gerard., 2004:
Looking at butterflies in northern Italy around Lake Garda Vlinderen rondom het Gardameer

D.Blauwe, Hans., 2004:
Looking at shells in a different light Schelpen anders bekeken

Hegele, Anton., 1999:
Looking back once again - minerals in Jurassic ammonites Einfach mal hineinschauen - Mineralien in Jura-Ammoniten

Mey, Wolfram., 2006:
Looking back caddisflies of the River Rhine near St Goarshausen in 1890 Ein Blick zurueck Koecherfliegen am Rhein bei St Goarshausen im Jahre 1890 Insecta, Trichoptera

Korell, Armin., 2005:
Looking for Carabus menetriesi within Bavaria Auf der Suche nach Carabus menetriesi in Bayern

in den Bosch, Herman AJ., 1996:
Looking for Lacerta brandtii in Iran Auf der Suche nach Lacerta brandtii im Iran

in den Bosch, HAJ., 1996:
Looking for Lacerta brandtii Op zoek naar de perzische hagedis Lacerta brandtii

Wirtz, Peter., 2006:
Looking for a safe place to sleep Zoeken nar een veilige slaapplaats

Rose, Louis., 1999:
Looking for moths in the Spa and Hautes-Fagnes regions An initiative of popular education A la rencontre des papillons nocturnes de la region de Spa et des Hautes-Fagnes Une initiative deducation populaire

Even, Eddy., 2005:
Looking for reptiles in Australia Reptielen zoeken in Australie

Veling, Kars., 2004:
Looking for special species Inhaalslag op zoek naar bijzondere soorten

Stumpf, Wolfgang., 1997:
Looking for the larva of Stenagostus rufus De Geer, 1774 Coleoptera, Elateridae Zur Suche der Larven von Stenagostus rufus De Geer, 1774 Coleoptera, Elateridae

Mangeaud, A.; Videla, M., 2005:
Looking for the lost independence using Mixed Generalized Linear Models in choice tests En busca de la independencia perdida la utilizacion de Modelos Lineales Generalizados Mixtos en pruebas de preferencia

Fankhauser, Regine., 1996:
Looking for villages at high altitude Dorfbesuch aus grossen Hohen

Couteyen, Samuel., 2000:
Lookout position determinism in Trithemis annulata haematina Rambur, 1842 Odonata, Libellulidae Determinisme de la posture de guet chez Trithemis annulata haematina Rambur, 1842 Odonata, Libellulidae

Dagys, A.S., 1958 :
Loop development in certain Triassic Terebratulida

Bozzetti, Luigi., 1996:
Lopha poppei n sp and Trochus ferreirai n sp Two new species from Pacific Ocean Lopha poppei n sp e Trochus ferreirai n sp Due nuove specie dallOceano Pacifico

Cuesta, Miguel Angel., 1994:
Lophiodontidae Perissodactyla, Mammalia of the Eocene from the Duero Valley Castilla y Leon, Spain Los Lophiodontidae Perissodactyla, Mammalia del Eoceno de la Cuenca del Duero Castilla y Leon, Espana

Gudimovich, P.K., 1956:
Lophius piscatorius in Black Sea

Mikuz, V., 2004:
Lophoranina marestiana from Middle Eocene flysch beds at Gracisce in Istria, Croatia Lophoranina marestiana iz srednjeeocenskikh flisnih plasti pri Graciscu v Istri

Geh, Georg., 2002:
Lopinga achine Scopoli, 1763 - a threatened treasure in the city forest Augsburg south nature reserve Lopinga achine Scopoli, 1763 - ein bedrohtes Kleinod im Naturschutzgebiet Stadtwald Augsburg-Sued

Percy, R., 1970:

Guinness, W.E., 1938:
Lord Moyne

Schuelke, Michael D., 2006:
Lordithon bimaculatus Schrank - in Switzerland, Rumania and the Ukraine Coleoptera, Staphylinidae Lordithon bimaculatus Schrank - in der Schweiz, Rumaenien und der Ukraine Coleoptera, Staphylinidae

Drost, Bas., 1999:
Lordithon pulchellus, new for the Dutch fauna Coleoptera Staphylinidae Lordithon pulchellus, nieuw voor de Nederlandse fauna Coleoptera Staphylinidae

Bordat, Patrice., 1997:
Lorditomaeus ferreri n sp Coleoptera, Scarabaeoidae Lorditomaeus ferreri n sp Coleoptera, Scarabaeoidae

Martijn, Dick., 2005:
Lords of the castles and country dwellers The lizard population of central Tuscany Burgherren und Landbewohner Ueber die Eidechsenbevoelkerung der mittleren Toskana

Reichelt, Guenther., 2002:
Lorenz Oken and the Society of Friends of History and Natural History in Donaueschingen exposed by unknown letters Lorenz Oken und der Donaueschinger Baarverein im Spiegel neu entdeckter Briefe

Radek, R.; Hausmann, K., 2001:
Lorenz Oken scientist and nature philosopher Lorenz Oken Naturwissenschaftler und Naturphilosoph

Knauer, J.; Nagy, I., 1964:
Lorenziella nov gen nouveau genre des Calpionellides

Grimm, Martin., 2005:
Loricariidae Hexenwelse

Ribeiro, FN., 1990:
Loricula freyi Lindberg, 1932 Hemiptera Microphysidae especie nova para Portugal

Anonymous., 1996:
Loriculus flosculus Wallace 1864 Wallaces hanging parrot Loriculus flosculus Wallace 1864 Blutenpapagei

Reinschmidt, Matthias., 1997:
Loriculus galgulus from Borneo Blaukronchen Loriculus galgulus auf Borneo

Parent, Georges H., 1996:
Lorraine Alsace, impact on botanical, zoological palaeontological nomenclature, mineralogy, stratigraphy prehistory Critical study La Lorraine et lAlsace dans la nomenclature botanique, zoologique et paleontologique, en mineralogie, en stratigraphie et en prehistoire Etude critique

Zaballos, JP., 1990:
Los Carabidae Coleoptera de oeste del Sistema Central 2 parte

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Los Cyrtinini Coleoptera, Cerambycidae, Lamiinae de Venezuela

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Los Gobidos de la Peninsula Iberica y Baleares Nota I El Gobius lesueurii Risso

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Los Orthoptera, Mantodea y Phasmatodea Insecta de la Sierra de Alcatraz Albacete, SE Espana 1 Estudio faunistico

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Los Pandalidae Crustacea Caridea del Pacifico mexicano, con una clave para su identificacion

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Los Trilobites y el origen de los Artropodes

Acero P., A.; Garzon, J., 1990:
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