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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38390

Chapter 38390 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Tarrier, M.; Leestmans, R., 1997:
Losses and gains in the lepidopteran fauna of the Eastern Mediterranean probably connected with global warming Pertes et acquisitions probablement liees aux effets du rechauffement climatique sur la faune lepidopterique en Mediterranee occidentale Lepidoptera, Papilionoidea

Godmann, Olaf., 1997:
Losses in a winter roost for the greater noctule bat Nyctalus noctula Verluste in einem Winterquartier des Grossen Abendseglers Nyctalus noctula

Haas, D., 2005:
Losses of eagle owls Bubo bubo by electrocution Uhu Bubo bubo -Verluste durch Stromschlag

Godmann, Olaf., 2000:
Losses of field hamster Cricetus cricetus by deliberate killing Verluste beim Feldhamster Cricetus cricetus durch direkte Verfolgung

Schirmeister, Bernd., 2003:
Losses of waterfowls in gill nets of the coastal fishing - the example of the Island Usedom Verluste von Wasservoegeln in Stellnetzen der Kuestenfischerei - das Beispiel der Insel Usedom

Bodson, Liliane ., 1999:
Lost and recovered animals reappearance or reintroduction into western Europe of species which have disappeared from their original environment Meeting Liege University, 21st March 1998 Animaux perdus, animaux retrouves reapparition ou reintroduction en Europe occidentale despeces disparues de leur milieu dorigine Journee detude Universite de Liege, 21 mars 1998

Jimz-Quiroz, M. del Carmen; Marquez-Millan, R., 2002:
Lost of metal marks in the Kemps ridley sea turtle Lepidochelys kempi nesting in Rancho Nuevo, Tamaulipas, Mexico Perdida de marcas metalicas en la tortuga marina lora Lepidochelys kempi que anida en Rancho Nuevo, Tamaulipas, Mexico

Bezzel, Einhard., 2004:
Lost paradises? - we must do something for them Verlorene Paradiese? - Wir Muessen etwas fuer sie tun

Hilton, A., 1990:
Lothian ringing group report 1989

Thiele, V.; Graewe, D.; Blumrich, B., 2006:
Lotic water valleys in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern - typological and faunistic aspects Lepidoptera Fliessgewaessertaeler in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern - typologische und faunistische Aspekte Lepidoptera

Naturschutzbund Deutschland, Kreisverband Esslingen., 1997:
Lotic waters Part 2 biological water quality and lotic water fauna Fliessgewasser Teil 2 biologische Gewassergute und Fliessgewasserfauna

Heitkamp, U. ., 1998:
Lotic waters Fliessgewasser

Habe, T., 1944:
Lottiidae =Acmaeidae

Papazian, Michel., 2002:
Louis Bigots collection of Odonata La collection dodonates de Monsieur Louis Bigot

Bonnet, Charles., 2005:
Louis Chaix - The man and the animal Louis Chaix- Lhomme et lanimal

Sigrist, Rene., 1995:
Louis Jurine, surgeon and naturalist 1751-1819 Louis Jurine, chirurgien et naturaliste 1751-1819

Nouvel-Laurent, C.; Vernet, G.; Holthuis, LB., 2000:
Louise Nouvel-Van Rysselberge 4th August 1908 - 20th April 1998 Louise Nouvel-Van Rysselberge 4 aout 1908 - 20 avril 1998

Dantas, P.; Sanz, JL.; Marques da Silva, C.; Ortega, F. dos Santos, VF.; Cachao, M., 1998:
Lourinhasaurus n gen A new sauropod dinosaur from the Upper Jurassic Upper Kimmeridgian-Lower Tithonian of Portugal Lourinhasaurus n gen Novo dinossaurio sauropode do Jurassico superior Kimeridgiano superior-Titoniano inferior de Portugal

Tempelman, David., 1995:
Louse flies The malicious world of the branched antennae, bat itches and anguish for birds Luisvliegen De boosaardige wereld van boomvormige antennes, vleermuizekriebels en vogelangsten

Doszhanov, TN., 2003:
Louse-flies Diptera, Hippoboscidae of the Palaearctic

Kock, D., 2003:
Louseflies of Hassia Diptera Hippoboscidae Lausfliegen in Hessen Diptera Hippoboscidae

Van der Jeught, Walter., 2001:
Love at first sight Liefde op het eerste zicht

Schurig, Volker., 2000:
Love of nature nature conservation under conditions of the Leisure Society and the primacy of the utilitarian way of thinking Liebe zur Natur Naturschutz unter den Bedingungen der Spassgesellschaft und dem Primat des Nuetzlichkeitsdenkens

Schneidewind, Frank., 2006:
Love worthy and protection worthy sea horses Liebenswuerdige schutzbeduerftige Meeresrosse Seepferdchen

Mayer, Horst., 1998:
Loveable Namaqua doves Oena capensis Liebenswerte Kaptaubchen Oena capensis

Kunz, Kriton., 2005:
Lovely climbers in the terrarium The green tree frog Hyla cinerea Schneider, 1799 Liebenswerte Klaeffer im Terrarium Vom Karolinen-Laubfrosch, Hyla cinerea Schneider, 1799

Kopeliovitch, A.V., 1950:
Low Cambrian and Silurian ? deposits in the central part of Moscow syncline

Aua, Jaanus., 2003:
Low breeding success in the little ringed plover Vaiketulli madalast pesitsusedukusest

Weissgerber, Rolf., 2002:
Low breeding success of a magpie in the Zeitz city area Geringer Bruterfolg der Elster im Zeitzer Stadtgebiet

Richard, F.-Jeanne.; Fabre, A.; Dejean, A., 2001:
Low flexibility in predatory behavior in a dominant arboreal ant species from Cameroon Flexibilite reduite dans le comportement predateur dune espece de fourmi arboricole dominante au Cameroun

Batista, R.P.; Sole-Cava, A.M., 2005:
Low genetic differentiation between populations of the tilefish Lopholatilus villarii Miranda-Ribeiro, 1915 to the north and south of the Abrolhos Bank, Brazil Baixa diferenciacao genetica entre populacoes do peixe-batata Lopholatilus villarii Miranda-Ribeiro, 1915 ao norte e sul do Banco dos Abrolhos, Brasil

Arculeo, M.; L.B.utto, S.; Cammarata, M.; Mazzola, A.; Parrinello, N., 1997:
Low genetic diversity in Seriola dumerili studied by electrophoresis Variabilita genetica di Seriola dumerili attraverso dati elettroforetici

de Alba Jurado, F.; Cabello., 2001:
Low reproductive success of an azure-winged magpie Cyanopica cyanus colony in the province of Cordoba south Spain Bajo exito reproductor de una colonia de rabilargo Cyanopica cyanus en la provincia de Cordoba sur de Espana

Marras, P.M.; Ortu, S., 2004:
Low temperature effects on some aspects of the biology of Leptomastix dactylopii How Osservazioni sugli effetti delle basse temperature su alcuni aspetti della biologia di Leptomastix dactylopii How

Rinaldi, A.; Gismondi, M.; Ferrari, CR.; Montanari, G.; Ghetti, A.; Giovanardi, O., 2004 :
Low temperature values in the northern Adriatic Sea and effects on the fauna January-February 2002 Minimi termici nellalto Adriatico ed effetti sulla fauna Gennaio-Febbraio 2002

Morin, D.; Menut, T., 2000:
Low-altitude locations for Zeuneriana abbreviata and Platystolus monticolus, endemic Pyrenean mountain species Orthoptera Tettigoniidae Decticinae et Ephippigerinae Localites de basse altitude pour Zeuneriana abbreviata et Platystolus monticolus, endemiques pyreneens montagnards Orthoptera Tettigonhidae Decticinae et Ephippigerinae

Yeskov, EK.; Mironov, GA., 1990:
Low-frequency electric field and concomitant physical factors influence upon bees, comparative analysis

Eberstaller, J.; Gumpinger, C., 1997:
Low-gradient natur -like bypass channel on the River Pielach Uberfallfreies Umgehungsgerinne an der Pielach

Martinez, R.; Grauges, A., 2006:
Lower Aptian Lower Cretaceous nautilids from the Oliete subbassin, eastern Iberian Range Teruel, Spain Nautilidos del aptiense inferior Cretacico inferior de la subcuenca de Oliete, Cordillera Iberica oriental Teruel, Espana

Menendez, S.; Moreno-Eiris, E.; Perejon, A., 1999:
Lower Cambrian archaeocyathans and carbonate facies of the Arroyo Guadalbarbo, Cordova, Spain Los arqueociatos y las facies carbonatadas del Cambrico Inferior del Arroyo Guadalbarbo, Cordoba, Espana

Zhuravleva, I.T.; Repina, L.N.; Khomentovsky, V.V., 1959:
Lower Cambrian horizons of the Shory highlands

Semikhatov, M.A., 1959:
Lower Cambrian of the Kansk-Angara depression

Melnikova, LM.; Mambetov, AM., 1990:
Lower Cambrian ostracods of northern Tyan-Shan

Vladimirsky, G.M.; Zadorozhnaya, N.M., 1970:
Lower Cambrian stratigraphy of the right bank of the upper Enysei River of Central Tuva

Khomentovsky, V.V.; Repina, L.N., 1965:
Lower Cambrian stratotypical sections of Siberia

Pospelov, AG.; Boyarinova, AS.; Aksaryna, NA.; Nadler, YuS.; Fedyanina, ES., 1975:
Lower Cambrian supporting sections on the River Kie in Kutnetsk Alatau

Bryant, ID.; Pickerill, RK., 1990:
Lower Cambrian trace fossils from the Buen Formation of central north Greenland preliminary observations

Lermontova, E.V., 1951:
Lower Cambrian trilobites and brachiopods from Eastern Siberia

Ergaliev, GKh.; Pokrovskaya, NV.; Keller, BM., 1977:
Lower Cambrian trilobites of Malyi Karatau, South Kazakhstan

Korobeinikova, T.V., 1965:
Lower Cambrian trilobites of the River Uyar Basin Eastern Sayan

Weyer, Dieter., 2000:
Lower Carboniferous Anthozoa from Germany Korallen im Unterkarbon Deutschlands

Besnosova, G.A., 1959:
Lower Carboniferous Brachiopods of the Kuznetz Basin

Sakagami, S., 1962:
Lower Carboniferous Bryozoa from the Omi Limestone, Japan Part I Discovery of the Profusulinella zone, and Descriptions of Profusidinella zone, and Descriptions of Profusulinella, Oydostomata, Trepoetomata and Fenestella

Nekhoroshev, V.P., 1953:
Lower Carboniferous Bryozoa of Kazakhstan

Cozar, P.; Rodriguez, S., 2000:
Lower Carboniferous Microproblematica from Guadiato area southwestern Spain Microproblematica del Carbonifero inferior del Area del Guadiato suroeste de Espana

Berg, L.S., 1958:
Lower Carboniferous fishes from the Achinsk Government

Wells, J.W., 1962:
Lower Cretaceous Corals in K W Barr, The Geology of the Toco District, Trinidad, West Indies Part 1

Purliev, Ch., 1965:
Lower Cretaceous Trigonids in Tuarkir

Nazarishvili, TYu., 1973:
Lower Cretaceous belemnitids from Georgia

Tentor, M.; Tunis, G.; Venturini, S.; Gei, D.; L.P.rta, M., 2000:
Lower Cretaceous deposits from the border zone of the Trieste karst I depositi infra-cretacei della zona di confine del Carso triestino

Eristavi, M.S., 1955:
Lower Cretaceous fauna of Ghruzii

Sztejn, J., 1964:
Lower Cretaceous micropalaeontological stratigraphy in the bore holes Kcynia II and III

Tuaev, N.P., 1955:
Lower Cretaceous of adiacent Dzhungaria

Bobrek, L.; Gliniak, P.; Swietlik, B.; Urbaniec, A., 2003:
Lower Cretaceous strata in the central part of the Polish Fore-Carpathians - verification of their extent according to microfaunal and sedimentological studies Utwory kredy dolnej w srodkowej czesci przedgorza polskich Karpat - weryfikacja zasiegu na podstawie badan mikrofaunistycznych i sedymentologicznych

Segnestam, M., 1975:
Lower Dalalven - a new Swedish national park?

Cherkesova, S.V., 1970:
Lower Devonian deposits of the Soviet Arctic

Langenstrassen, F.; Schultze, H.-Peter., 1996:
Lower Devonian fish localities in sediments of shallow marine exposition in the Canadian Arctic Unterdevonische Fischfunde aus Sedimenten des Flachmeerbereiches der kanadischen Arktis

Malumian, N.; Jannou, G., 2000:
Lower Eocene unilocular foraminifers from Tierra del Fuego Island and adjacent continental platform, Argentina Foraminiferos uniloculares, Eoceno inferior, Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego y la plataforma continental adyacente, Argentina

Lethiers, F.; Casier, J.-Georges., 1999:
Lower Famennian ostracods from the Coumiac stratotype Montagne Noire, France the post-event recovery Les ostracodes du Famennien inferieur au stratotype de Coumiac Montagne Noire, France la reconquete post-evenementielle

Thuy, B., 2005:
Lower Hettangian ophiuroids from the Lower Hettangian of Vance B, Bereldange/Bridel and Bourglinster L Les ophiures de lHettangien inferieur de Vance B, Bereldange/Bridel et Bourglinster L

Delsate, D., 2005:
Lower Hettangian vertebrates from the Belgian province and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg Vertebres de lhettangien inferieur du Grand-Duche et de la Province belge de Luxembourg

Meister, C.; V.K.uc.; Tran Huyen, D., 2002:
Lower Jurassic ammonites from the provinces of Dak Lak and from Ho Chi Minh City, South Viet Nam Les ammonites du Jurassique inferieur des provinces de Dak Lak et de Ho Chi Minh Ville, Viet Nam du Sud

Comas-Rengifo, MJ.; Gomez, JJ.; Goy, A.; Herrero, C.; Perilli, N.; Rodrigo, A., 1999:
Lower Jurassic at the Almonacid de la Cuba section central sector of the Iberian Range, Zaragoza, Spain El Jurasico Inferior en la seccion de Almonacid de la Cuba sector central de la Cordillera Iberica, Zaragoza, Espana

Nutsubidze, K.; Sl., 1966:
Lower Jurassic fauna of Caucasus

Topchishvili, MV., 1990:
Lower Jurassic-Aalenian ammonites from the Bolshoi Caucasus of Georgia

Bancora, C.; Carmona, J.; Melendez, G., 2005:
Lower Kimmeridgian Upper Jurassic ammonite successions from the Calanda-Alcorisa area northeastern Iberian range, teruel, spain taphonomic analysis and biostratigraphy Las sucesiones de ammonoideos del Kimmeridgiense inferior Jurasico Superior en el sector de Calanda-Alcorisa Cordillera Iberia nororiental, Teruel analisis tafonomico y bioestratigrafia

Mehdi, M.; Neuweiler, F.; Wilmsen, M., 2003:
Lower Liassic Formations of the central High Atlas near Rich Morocco lithostratigraphic speciation and basin evolution Les formations du Lias inferieur du Haut Atlas central de Rich Maroc precisions lithostratigraphiques et etapes de levolution du bassin

Gawlick, H.-Juergen.; Suzuki, H.; Missoni, S., 2001:
Lower Liassic pelagic sediments in Hallstatt facies Duerrnberg Formation from the Hallein - Berchtesgaden Hallstatt Zone and the Lammer Basin Hettangian - Sinemurian Nachweis von unterliassischen Beckensedimenten in Hallstaetter Fazies Duerrnberg-Formation im Bereich der Hallein - Berchtesgadener Hallstaetter Zone und des Lammer Beckens Hettangium - Sinemurium

Yildiz, A.; Karahasan, G.; Demircan, H.; Toker, V., 2000:
Lower Maastrichtian-Paleocene biostratigraphy and palaeoecology in southeast Kalecik Ankara Kalecik Ankara guneydogusu Alt Maastrichtiyen-Paleosen biyostratigrafisi ve paleoekolojisi

Davoli, Franco., 2003:
Lower Messinian Mollusca from Borelli Turin Hill 5 Conidae and Terebridae I molluschi del Messiniano Inferiore di Borelli Torino 5 Conidae e Terebridae

Vakhaniya, E.K.; Papava, D.Y., 1957:
Lower Miocene deposits in the Lechkhumsk Basin

Agusti, J.; Llenas, M., 1993:
Lower Miocene rodents from Els Casots Valles-Penedes Preliminary notes Los roedores del Mioceno inferior de Els Casots Valles-Penedes Nota preliminar

Sando, W.J., 1962:
Lower Mississippian corals in northern Arizona and North Dakota in Geological Survey Research 1962 Synopsis of Geologic, Hydrologic and Topographic Results

Stouge, S.; Bagnoli, S., 1990:
Lower Ordovician Volkhovian-Kundan conodonts from Hagudden, northern Oland, Sweden

Coke, C.; Gutierrez-Marco, JC., 2001:
Lower Ordovician Linguliformea brachiopods from the Serra do Marao central-Iberian Zone, north Portugal Braquiopodos Linguliformea del Ordovicico Inferior de la Serra do Marao Zona Centroiberica, N de Portugal

Gutierrez-Marco, JC.; Babin, C.; Porro Mayo, T., 1997:
Lower Ordovician bivalve molluscs from the quartzitic facies of the Central Iberian Zone Spain Moluscos bivalvos de las facies cuarciticas del Ordovicico Inferior centroiberico

Keller, B.M.; Rozman, K.S., 1961:
Lower Ordovician deposits of the Aktyubinsk district of Kazakhstan and adajcent regions of the western slope of the southern Urals

Andreeva, O.N., 1967:
Lower Ordovician deposits of the north Siberian Platform

Sinyakov, V.I.; Fedyanina, E.S., 1962:
Lower Ordovician deposits of the region of the Kazsky iron ore deposits in the Gornaya Shoriya

Jegu, M.; Keith, P., 1999:
Lower Oyapock River as northern limit for western Amazon fish fauna or only a stage in its northward progression Le bas Oyapock limite septentrionale ou simple etape dans la progression de la faune des poissons dAmazonie occidentale

Dragunov, V.I.; Smirnov, A.L.; Chernysheva, N.E., 1967:
Lower Palaeozoic deposits in the basement of the eastern part of the West Siberian Plain Yeloguy Test Hole

Schallreuter, R.; Hinz-Schallreuter, I., 1999:
Lower Palaeozoic ostracodes with stop-pegs Altpalaeozoische Ostrakoden mit Stoppern

Tichomirov, V.V.; Chain, V.E., 1949:
Lower Paleogene between the Terter and Gandshatchay rivers Asserbaidjan USSR

Sawatzki, G.; Vaida, M.; Hann, H.P.ter., 1997:
Lower Paleozoic chitinozoans and acritarchs from gneisses of the southern Black Forest, SW-Germany Altpalaozoische Chitinozoen und Acritarchen in Gneisen des Sudschwarzwalds, SW-Deutschland

Plummer, F.B., 1947:
Lower Pennsylvanian Strata of the Llano Region Texas-Summary of Classification

Pagani, Maria Alejandra., 2000:
Lower Permian bivalves from the Bonete Formation, Sierras Australes Buenos Aires Province, Argentina Bivalvos del Permico Inferior de la Formacion Bonete, Sierras Australes provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina

Sour-Tovar, F.; Perez-Huerta, A.; Quiroz-Barroso, S.A.; Centeno-Garcia, E., 2004:
Lower Permian brachiopods and trilobites from northwestern Hidalgo State, Mexico Braquiopodos y trilobite del permico inferior del noroeste del Estado de Hidalgo, Mexico

Vistelius, A.B.; Miklucho-Maklaj, A.D., 1950:
Lower Permian conglomerate in Apsheronsk Peninsula Foraminifera

Krolopp, Endre., 2002:
Lower Pleistocene mollusc fauna from the Borehole Gorgeteg-I SW Hungary Also-pleisztocen Mollusca-fauna a Gorgeteg-I furasbol

Krolopp, Endre., 2000:
Lower Pleistocene mollusc fauna from the Villany Mts southern Hungary Also-pleisztocen Mollusca-fauna a Villanyi-hegysegbol

Wedel, Joachim., 1999:
Lower Pleistocene small mammals and molluscs from a boring in Nordheim/Biblis Altpleistozaene Kleinsaeuger und Schnecken aus einer Bohrung bei Nordheim/Biblis

Griesohn-Pflieger, Thomas., 1996:
Lower Rhein wild geese and soft tourism Niederrhein wilde Ganse und sanfter Tourismus

Klinska, A.; Fordinal, K., 1995:
Lower Sarmatian fauna from Drillhole K-3 Eastern Slovakian Basin Spodnosarmatska fauna zo stretavskeho suvrstvia z okolia Slanskej Huty vychodoslovenska panva

Bogachev, V., 1956:
Lower Sarmatian fishes from Ambrosiev

Benk, Alfred., 1998:
Lower Saxony Zoological Association - AZHN Die Arbeitsgemeinschaft Zoologische Heimatforschung Niedersachsen eV - AZHN

Herrmann, D.; Podloucky, R.; Wagner, T., 2003:
Lower Saxony green toad species recovery plan presentation of a regional species recovery strategy Niedersachsisches Artenschutzprogramm Wechselkroete Darstellung eines regionalen Artenschutzkonzeptes

Podloucky, Richard., 1996:
Lower Saxony yellow-bellied toad species protection programme an overview of historical distribution, current status and prognostics Niedersachsisches Artenschutzprogramm Gelbbauchunke ein Uberblick uber historische Verbreitung, Ist-Zustand und Zukunft

Shevchenko, T.V., 1964:
Lower Silurian crinoids of central Tadjikistan

Teller, L.; Korejwo, K., 1968:
Lower Silurian deposits from the borehole Lutom 1 North-western Poland

Obut, A.M.; Sobolevskaya, R.F., 1966:
Lower Silurian graptolites in Kazakhstan

Malumian, N.; Camacho, H.H.; Gorrono, R., 1979:
Lower Tertiary Magallanian molluscs of the Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego Republica Argentina Moluscos del Terciario inferior Magallanense de la Isla Grande de Tierra de Fuego Republica Argentina

Parent, H.; Capello, O.D., 1999:
Lower Tithonian ammonites from Casa Pincheira, Mendoza Argentina Amonites del Tithoniano inferior de Casa Pincheira, Mendoza Argentina

Delsate, D.; Godefroit, P., 1995:
Lower Toarcian Chondrichthyes from Aubange Belgian Lorraine Chondrichthyens du Toarcien inferieur dAubange Lorraine belge

Rivas, P.; Braga, J.C.; Sanchez-Almazo, I.M., 1999:
Lower Tortonian reefs in the Granada Basin, Betic Cordillera, Spain Arrecifes del Tortoniense inferior en la Cuenca de Granada, Cordillera Betica, Espana

Jurkovsek, B.; Ogorelec, B.; Kolar-Jurkovsek, T., 1999:
Lower Triassic beds from Tehovec Polhov Gradec Hills, Slovenia Spodnjetriasne plasti pri Tehovcu Polhograjsko hribovje

Ignasyev, V.I., 1956:
Lower Triassic deposits of the Betluga basin

Monakhova, L.P., 1959:
Lower Visean brachiopods from Uglia, Central Kazakhstan

Semichatova, S.V., 1950:
Lower and Middle Carboniferous in the Gorki district Foraminifera

Montesinos, J.; Roman.; Sanz Lopez, J., 1999:
Lower and Middle Devonian ammonoids from the central-eastern Pyrenees Historical precedents and new findings Ammonoideos del Devonico Inferior y Medio en el Pirineo oriental y central Antecedentes historicos y nuevos hallazgos

Kopik, Janusz., 1998:
Lower and Middle Jurassic of the north-eastern margin of the Upper Silesian coal basin Jura dolna i srodkowa polnocno-wschodniego obrzezenia Gornoslaskiego Zaglebia Weglowego

Hagdorn, H.; Simon, T., 2005:
Lower and Middle Muschelkalk in the Taubergebiet and Bauland Excursion C on 31 March 2005 Der Untere und Mittlere Muschelkalk im Taubergebiet und im Bauland Exkursion C am 31 Maerz 2005

Gureva, NA., 1976:
Lower crustaceans and rotiferans of freshwater reservoirs of the Chukotsk Peninsula

Gureva, NA., 1976:
Lower crustaceans and rotifers from freshwater reservoirs in Chukotsk Peninsula

de Silva, H.Gomez, 2005:
Lower limits of the alpha diversity of birds in Mexico, and contributions made by the study of low diversity communities Limites inferiores de la diversidad alfa de aves en Mexico y contribuciones del estudio de comunidades con baja diversidad

Diaz-Franco, S., 2002:
Lower occlusal pattern variation in Boromys torrei Rodentia Echimyidae La variacion del diseno oclusal inferior en Boromys torrei Rodentia Echimyidae

Cabello de Alba, Federico., 2002:
Lower reproductive success in barn swallows Hirundo rustica after a massive aerial treatment with Bacillus thuringiensis Disminucion del exito reproductor de la golondrina comun Hirundo rustica tras un tratamiento aereo masivo con Bacillus thuringiensis

Jolet, P., 1998:
Lower to Middle Turonian carbonate platform of Provence SE France active distensional tectonism control La plate-forme carbonatee du Turonien inferieur a moyen de Provence SE France mise en evidence dune tectonique active en distension

Poplin, C.; Blieck, A.; Cloutier, R.; Derycke, C.; Goujet, D.; Janvier, P.; Lelievre, H.; Veran, M.; Wenz, S., 1997:
Lower vertebrate palaeontology - renewal and developments Paleontologie des vertebres inferieurs renouveau et developpements

Pothe de Baldis, Elba Diana., 1997:
Lower-Middle Llandoverian Acritarchs and Prasinophyceae from the La Chilca Formation, Talacasto Creek, San Juan Province, Argentina Acritarcas y prasinoficeas del llandoveriano temprano-medio de la formacion La Chilca, Quebrada de Talacasto, Provincia de San Juan, Argentina

Pelman, YuL., 1976:
Lower-middle Cambrian Stenotecoida and new skeletal remains of uncertain systematic position in the stratotypical region of Aldan and Lena rivers

Chugunkov, DI., 1971:
Lowering the mortality of young in the fur seal in their breeding grounds

Mojon, Pierre-Olivier., 2001:
Lowermost Cretaceous dinosaurs from the Purbeckian facies Lower Berriasian of Southern Jura Mountains SE France Dinosauriens eocretaces des facies purbeckiens Berriasien inferieur du Jura meridional S-E de la France

Brown, BJ., 1990:
Lowestoft kittiwake wall

Ruebel, Alex., 2002:
Lowland lakes for Euro-Asiatic waterfowl in Zurich Zoo Tieflandseen fuer Eurasiatische Wasservoegel im Zoo Zuerich

Vanzo, S.; Pizzul, E.; Specchi, M.; Miletic, M., 2001:
Lowland spring brooks of Friuli-Venezia Giulia north eastern Italy fish populations analysis Le acque di risorgiva del Friuli-Venezia Giulia analisi delle popolazioni ittiche

Robinson, SK.; Terborough, J.; Munn, CA., 1990:
Lowland tropical forest bird communities of a site in western Amazonia

Hall, DG., 1990:
Lowveld Bird Clubs mini big birding day 17th February 1990

Freitag, Michael., 1997:
Loxia leucoptera bifasciata Der Bindenkreuzschnabel Loxia leucoptera bifasciata

Marques-da-Silva, E.; Fischer, M.L.ciane, 2005:
Loxosceles Heinecken Lowe, 1835 Araneae; Sicariidae species distribution in the State of Parana Distribuicao das especies do genero Loxosceles Heinecken Lowe, 1835 Araneae; Sicariidae no Estado do Parana

Parra, D.; Torres, M.; Morillas, J.; Espinoza, P., 2002:
Loxosceles laeta, a looking over scanning microscope Loxosceles laeta, identificacion y una mirada bajo microscopia de barrido

Bobin, G., 1970:
Loxosoma fishelsonin spEntoprocta Loxo-somatidae du Golfe dAkaba

Kullberg, Jaakko., 2000:
Loxostege turbidalis Treitschke, 1829 Pyralidae new to Finland Loxostege turbidalis Treitschke, 1829 Pyralidae Suomelle uusi koisalaji

Urban, Danuncia., 2001:
Loyolanthidium gen n and three new neotropical species Hymenoptera, Megachilidae Loyolanthidium gen n e tres especies novas neotropicais Hymenoptera, Megachilidae

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