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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38391

Chapter 38391 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Bondarevskaya, EF., 1971:
Ls the starling always a useful bird?

Kharsun, AI., 1974:
Lsoenzymes esterase from the mitochondria of Musca domestica L

Borntzkii, EV., 1972:
Lsopoda Oniscoidea in caves of the Black Sea coast, Krasnodar region

Kafiani, KA., 1975:
Lst International Conference on Cell Differentiation Nice, 13th-16th September 1971

Berg, L.S., 1908:
Lste des poissons de la Kolyma

Isenmann, Paul., 2002:
Luc Hoffmann is 80 Luc Hoffmann a 80 ans

Wood, K.V., 1990:
Luc genes: introduction of colour into bioluminescence assays

Dang Thi Dap.; Tran Thieu Du., 2003:
Lucanid beetle species and subspecies Coleoptera, Lucanidae recorded in Vietnam Nhung loai va phan loai bo cap kim Coleoptera, Lucanidae da duoc phat hien o Viet Nam

Maes, J.-Michel.; Pauly, A., 1998:
Lucanidae Coleoptera from Gabon Lucanidae Coleoptera du Gabon

Camillo, P.; Salvatore, V., 2007:
Lucanidae Coleoptera present in entomological collections of Corleto Monforte Natural History Museum SA records from Campania Lucanidae Coleoptera presenti nelle collezioni entomologiche del Museo Naturalistico di Corleto Monforte SA reperti della Campania

Li, J., 2006:
Lucanidae of the province of north Pyongan province, in North Korea Les Lucanidae de la province du Nord-Pyongan, en Coree du Nord

Warzee, N.; Lempereur, J.-Michel.; Muret, P.; Drumont, A., 2004:
Lucanoidea and Scarabaeoidea of Wellin 2nd note on the Coleoptera of this region Les Lucanoidea et les Scarabaeoidea de Wellin 2eme note sur les Coleopteres de ce Cantonnement

Espejo Fraga, D., 2005:
Lucanus cervus Linnaeus 1758 in the area of Sabadell city Coleoptera, Lucanidae Lucanus cervus Linnaeus 1758 en los alrededores de la ciudad de Sabadell Coleoptera, Lucanidae

di Carlo, EA., 1990:
Lucarino Carduelis spinus presenze estive in Italia centrale

Sequeiros San Roman, L., 2000:
Lucas Mallada y Pueyo 1841-1921 and Aragonese nature Lucas Mallada y Pueyo 1841-1921 y la naturaleza Aragonesa

Verdugo Paez, Antonio., 1995:
Lucasianus levaillanti Lucas, 1849 in Cadiz Province Coleoptera Cerambycidae Lucasianus levaillanti Lucas, 1849 en la Provincia de Cadiz Coleoptera Cerambycidae

Anonymous., 2000:
Lucien A Berger is no longer with us Lucien A Berger nest plus

Luczak, C., 2005:
Lucien Kerautret the written thoughts of a naturalist Lucien Kerautret des ecrits reflets du Naturaliste

Juberthie, Christian., 2004:
Lucien-Charles Genest 1 January 1928-12 March 2003 Lucien-Charles Genest 1 janvier 1928-12 mars 2003

Fritzsche, Ingo., 2003:
Lucihormetica grossei n sp - a new species of glowing cockroaches from Venezuela Dictyoptera Blaberidae Brachycolini Lucihormetica grossei n sp - eine neue Art der Leuchtschaben aus Venezuela Dictyoptera Blaberidae Brachycolini

Nikolajev, GV., 1990:
Lucinidae Coleoptera from the Palaeogene of Eurasia

Martinez-Lazaro, N., 2004:
Lucinidae Mollusca Bivalvia from the Miocene of the Valles-Penedes Basin Catalonia, Spain Lucinidae Mollusca Bivalvia del Mioceno de la Cuenca del Valles-Penedes Cataluna, Espana

Smid, GR., 2003:
Luciocephalus pulcher Gray, 1830 robber barons in cola-coloured water, a fish-eating torpedo Luciocephalus pulcher Gray, 1830 roofridders in colawater, een visentende torpedo

Hartl, Andreas., 2004:
Luciocephalus pulcher The pikehead - as particular as it is fascinating Luciocephalus pulcher Der Hechtkopf - ebenso heikel wie faszinierend

Smith, K.G.V., 1970:
Lucy Evelyn Cheesman, OBE, FRES1881-1969

Buerger, Petr., 2002:
Ludvik Muehlstein seventy years old Ludvik Muehlstein sedmdesatilety

Daszkiewicz, P., 2004:
Ludwig Bojanus, an Alsatian naturalist based at Vilnius Ludwig Bojanus, un naturaliste alsacien a Vilnius

Rentrop, Gundula., 2004:
Ludwig Cohn Zoologist and expeditionary researcher of the Bremen City Museum 1904-1935 Ludwig Cohn Zoologe und Forschungsreisender des Bremer Staedtischen Museums 1904-1935

Mudryk, Zbigniew., 2006:
Ludwik Zmudzinski 17 VIII 1928-8 IV 2005 - Obituary Ludwik Zmudzinski 17 VIII 1928-8 IV 2005

Schallreuter, R.; Hinz-Schallreuter, I., 2006:
Luettigia octoginta gen sp n and other ostracodes from Silurian Geschiebes glacial erratic boulders of Westphalia Luettigia octoginta gen sp n und andere Ostakoden aus silurischen Geschieben Westfalens

Sobczyk, Thomas., 2001:
Luffia palmensis sp n, a new psychid from the Canary Islands Psychidae Luffia palmensis sp n, eine neue Psychide von den Kanarischen Inseln Psychidae

Ippen, R.; Tscherner, W., 1990:
Luftsackmilben Cytodites nudus bei Zoovogeln

Sidlo, Pawel Olaf., 1998:
Lugi Bird Reservation Swietokrzyskie Voivodship Conservation Research Project 1997 Awifauna Rezerwatu Lugi Woj swietokrzyskie w roku 1997 i jej ochrona

Roomusoks, A.K., 1956:
Luhaia a new-genus of Strophomenids from the upper Ordovician of Estonia

di Carlo, EA., 1990:
Lui verde Phylloscopus sibilatrix in Italia

Aguilar Fernandez, Pedro G., 2004:
Luis Gonzales-Mugaburu Figueroa Biologist and Doctor in Biological Sciences 1915-2004 Luis Gonzales-Mugaburu Figueroa Biologo, Doctor en Ciencias Biologicas 1915-2004

Saldanha, M., 2001:
Luiz Saldanha Or my father Luiz Saldanha O meu Pai

Grunert, P., 2006:
Lukas Friedrich Zekeli 1823-1881 life and work of a nearly forgotten pioneer of paleontological teaching in Austria Lukas Friedrich Zekeli 1823-1881 Leben und Werk eines nahezu vergessenen Pioniers des palaeontologischen Unterrichts in Oesterreich

Barros, R.A.gelica de Carvalho; Prada, I.L.iza de Santis; Silva, Z.; Ribeiro, A.R.drigues; Silva, D.C.istina de Oliveira, 2003:
Lumbar plexus formation of the Cebus apella monkey Constituicao do plexo lombar do macaco Cebus apella

Ashbel, S.I., 1947:
Lumbliasis of the gastrointestinal tract and biliary ducts

Plisko, J.D., 1962:
Lumbricidae Oligochaeta der Insel Wolin

Duhlinska, DD., 1990:
Lumbricids Oligochaeta, Lumbricidae and their protozoan parasites from Vitosha

Baubet, E.; Touzeau, C.; Brandt, S., 1997:
Lumbricids in the diet of the wild boar Sus scrofa L in mountain habitats Les lombriciens dans le regime alimentaire du sanglier Sus scrofa L en montagne

Talavera, Jose Antonio., 2003:
Lumbricids of the Canary Islands V Genus Dendrodrilus Omodeo, 1956 Lumbricidos de las islas Canarias V Genero Dendrodrilus Omodeo, 1956

Kobel-Lamparski, A.; Lamparski, F., 2004:
Lumbricus badensis - a French species which has grown big in Baden Lumbricus badensis - ein Franzose, der in Baden gross wurde

Jimenez Berrocoso, A.; Zuluaga, MC.; Elorza, J., 2003:
Luminescence against elemental chemistry from deep facies inoceramids Bivalvia Plentzia Formation, Santonian of the Basque Arc Part I Luminiscencia frente a quimismo elemental en inoceramidos Bivalvia de facies profunda Formacion de Plentzia, Santoniense del Arco Vasco Parte I

Jimenez Berrocoso, A.; Zuluaga, MC.; Elorza, J., 2003:
Luminescence against elemental chemistry from shallow facies inoceramids Bivalvia Isla de Castro and Villamartin Sections, Santonian of the Basque-Cantabrian Basin Part II Luminescencia frente a quimismo elemental en inoceramidos Bivalvia de facies somera Secciones de Isla de castro y Villamartin, Santoniense de la Cuenca Vasco-Cantabrica Parte II

Cormier, M.J., 1969:
Luminescence in annelids

Kochel, B., 1990:
Luminescence of perturbed living organisms a memory function approach based on linear stochastic models of nonstationary photon emission processes

Kulikova, E.B., 1954:
Luminescent anchovy Lampanyctus nannochir laticauda subsp nov from Okhotsk sea

Rizzi, C.; Stabili, L.; Cavallo, RA.; Acquaviva, MI., 1997:
Luminous bacteria in benthonic organisms in the Gulf of Taranto I batteri luminosi in organismi bentonici del Golfo di Taranto

Vauk-Hentzelt, Erika., 2005:
Lummenfelsen Helgoland 25 years of management by Verein Jordsand Lummenfelsen Helgoland 25 Jahre Betreuungsarbeit durch den Verein Jordsand

Kiseleva, M.I., 1957:
Lunar periodicity in the swarming of heteronereitic forms of Platynereis dumerilii Aud et Edw and Nereis zonata Malmgren in the Black Sea

Pearse, JS., 1990:
Lunar reproductive rhythms in marine invertebrates maximizing fertilization?

Abe, A.S.inya.; Steffensen, J.F.eng., 1996:
Lung and cutaneous respiration in awake and estivating South American lungfish, Lepidosiren paradoxa Respiracao pulmonar e cutanea na piramboia, Lepidosiren paradoxa, durante a atividade e a estivacao Osteichthyes, Dipnoi

Manfredi, M.T.resa.; Dini, V.; Ganduglia, S., 1996:
Lung nematodes of the wild boar in the Ligurian hinterland Italy diffusion and helmintic community Nematodi broncopolmonari in cinghiali provenienti dallentroterra ligure diffusione e struttura della comunita elmintica

Boev, S.N., 1954:
Lung-nema-todes of ruminants in Kazakhstan

Boev, S.N., 1959:
Lung-nematodes of hoofed animals in Kazakhstan

Biddau, M.; Cherchi, M.; Cabras, PA.; Mesina, G.; Deiana, AM.; Garippa, G., 2003:
Lung-worms in wild boars from the Nuoro Province Nematodi broncopolmonari in cinghiali della Provincia di Nuoro

Hauschild, Andree., 2000:
Lungata, the centralian blue-tongued lizard Tiliqua multifasciata Sternfeld, 1919 Lungata, der gebanderte Blauzungenskink Tiliqua multifasciata Sternfeld, 1919

Jakob, W.; Tscherner, W.; Dathe, F., 1990:
Lungenparasitose bei Schlangen

Artner, H., 2000:
Lungs, respiration and diving capability a short comparison between turtles and man Lunge, Atmung und Tauchvermoegen ein kurzer Vergleich zwischen Schildkroete und Mensch

Fibiger, M.; Perez-Lopez, F.; Javier., 1997:
Luperina Eremobastis maribelae Perez-Lopez and Morente-Benitez, 1996 new species for the fauna of Aragon Lepidoptera, Noctuidae Luperina Eremobastis maribelae Perez-Lopez y Morente-Benitez, 1996 nueva especie para la fauna aragonesa Lepidoptera Noctuidae

Nowacki, Janusz., 1997:
Luperina nickerlii Freyer, 1845, a noctuid moth new to the fauna of Poland Lepidoptera, Noctuidae Luperina nickerlii Freyer, 1845, nowy dla fauny Polski przedstawiciel sowkowatych Lepidoptera, Noctuidae

Schawaller, Wolfgang., 1997:
Luprops kaszabi n sp from the Himalayas with a key to the Luprops species from Nepal Coleoptera Tenebrionidae Luprops kaszabi n sp aus dem Himalaya, mit einer Bestimmungstabelle der Luprops-Arten Nepals Coleoptera Tenebrionidae

Dorovatovskij, N., 1913:
Lurche Amphibia Katalogder Kollektionen des Museums am Zoologischen Institut der K Universitat zu St Petersburg Redig von Privat-Dozeut K Derjugin

Tiedemann, E. ., 1990:
Lurche und Kreichtiere Wiens

Grazia, J.; Marin Fernandes, J.A.tonio.; Feldens Schwertner, C., 1998:
Luridocimex, a new genus of Pentatomini Heteroptera, Pentatomidae from Brazil Luridocimex, um novo genero de Pentatomini Heteroptera, Pentatomidae do Brasil

Nordlund, Mattias., 2004:
Luscinia in birdwatchers dreams Luscinia i fagelskadarens drommar

Anonymous., 2001:
Luscinia Volumes 1-50 Luscinia Band 1-50

Navas, J.M.ria; Mananos, E.; Ramos, J.; Zanuy, S.; Carrillo, M., 2004:
Luteinizing hormone plasma levels in male European sea bass Dicentrarchus labrax L feeding diets with different fatty acid composition Niveles plasmaticos de hormona luteinizante en machos de lubina Dicentrarchus labrax L alimentados con dietas con distinta composicion en acidos grasos

Richter, G.; Wuttke, M., 1999:
Lutetiospongilla heili n gen n sp and the Eocene spongillid fauna from Messel Lutetiospongilla heili n gen n sp und die eozane Spongillidenfauna von Messel

Reuther, C., 1993:
Lutra lutra Linnaeus, 1758 - the otter Lutra lutra Linnaeus, 1758 - Fischotter

Caceres, A., 1990:
Lutzomyia spp Diptera Psychodidae del valle de Marca-Recuay Ancash, Peru

Leonardo, F.S.ntos; Rebelo, J.M.nuel Macario, 2004:
Lutzomyia whitmani periurbanization in a focus of cutaneous leishmaniasis in the State of Maranhao, Brazil A periurbanizacao de Lutzomyia whitmani em area de foco de leishmaniose cutanea, no Estado do Maranhao, Brasil

Tholl, M.-Therese.; Baral, H.-Otto.; Schultheis, B.; Marson, G., 2001:
Luxembourg excursion of springtime mycology, 1999 Journees luxembourgeoises de mycologie vernale 1999

Parent, Georges Henri., 1998:
Luxembourg sandstone, Vosgesian sandstone and Murcian sandstone occasional use of prehistoric stone by amphibians Gres de Luxembourg, gres vosgien, gres de murcie lutilisation occasionnelle des pierres a cupules prehistoriques par les batraciens

Reinicke, G.B.; Podszuck, I., 2006:
Luzinda and Rudi Enzenross - 15 years of collecting for the German Oceanographic Museum Luzinda und Rudi Enzenross - 15 Jahre Sammeln fuer das Deutsche Meeresmuseum

Korablev, AM., 1975:
Lxodid and gamasoid mites of rodents in wooded biocenoses of the Samara-Dneprovsk valley

Kostler, Wilhelm., 1997:
Lycaena dispar Haworth, 1803 - observations on its habitat in the Po delta/Italy Lep, Lycaenidae Der Grosse Feuerfalter Lycaena dispar Haworth, 1803 - Habitatbeobachtungen im Podelta/Italien Lep, Lycaenidae

Cama, A., 1990:
Lycaena dispar Haworth en Indre-et-Loire Lep Lycaenidae

Bachelard, P.; Descimon, H., 1999:
Lycaena helle Denis Schiffermuller, 1775 in the Massif Central France an ecogeographical analysis Lepidoptera Lycaenidae Lycaena helle Denis Schiffermuller, 1775 dans le Massif Central France une analyse ecogeographique Lepidoptera Lycaenidae

Luy, Udo., 1997:
Lycaenid bibliography 1995 Lycaeniden Bibliographie 1995

Luy, Udo., 1999:
Lycaenid bibliography 1997 Lycaeniden Bibliographie 1997

Luy, U., 2002:
Lycaenidae bibliography 2000 Lycaeniden Bibliographie 2000

Koehler, J.; Schmidt, G., 2005:
Lycia pomonaria Huebner, 1790 Lepidopera Geometridae - new findings of a species supposed to be extinct in Lower Saxony Germany Lycia pomonaria Huebner, 1790 - eine in Niedersachsen verschollen geglaubte Art wieder nachgewiesen Lepidoptera Geometridae

Kassebeer, Christian F., 2001:
Lyciella stylata Papp, 1978 Diptera, Lauxaniidae also in Germany Lyciella stylata Papp, 1978 Diptera, Lauxaniidae auch in Deutschland

Barrientos, Jose A., 2004:
Lycosa ambigua sp nov Araneae, Lycosidae, a new Iberian tarantula Lycosa ambigua sp nov Araneae, Lycosidae, una nueva tarantula para la fauna Iberica

Tanaka, H., 1990:
Lycosid spiders of Japan 4 The genus Tricca Simon

Tanaka, H., 1990:
Lycosid spiders of Japan 5 The genus Hygrolycosa Dahl

Tanaka, H., 1990:
Lycosid spiders of Japan 6 The genus Xerolycosa Dahl

Buchar, J., 1997:
Lycosidae from Bhutan 1 Venoniinae and Lycosinae Arachnida Araneae Lycosidae aus Bhutan 1 Venoniinae und Lycosinae Arachnida Araneae

Buchar, J.; Thaler, K., 2001:
Lycosidae from the Nepal Himalayas IV Arctosa raptor Kulczynski 1885, a noteworthy high alpine species from the Dhaulagiri Massif Lycosidae aus dem Nepal-Himalaya IV Arctosa raptor Kulczynski 1885, eine bemerkenswerte hochalpine Art aus dem Dhaulagiri-Massiv Araneae, Lycosidae

Forsius, R., 1909:
Lygaconematus ambiguus Fall und Pteronus ribesi Scop

Puchkov, V.G., 1969:

Pericart, Jean., 1997:
Lygean miscellanea synonymies and various observations Heteroptera, Lygaeidae Melanges lygeiens synonymies et observations diverses Heteroptera, Lygaeidae

Orozco Sanchis, R.; Orozco Sanchis, A.; Perez De-Gregorio, J.J.aquim., 2005:
Lygephila Tathorhynchus exsiccata Lederer, 1885 new from the Catalonian fauna and other interesting Noctuidae from the Delta de lEbre Lepidoptera Noctuidae Lygephila Tathorhynchus exsiccata Lederer, 1885, nova per a la fauna catalana, i altres Noctuidae interessants del delta de lEbre Lepidoptera Noctuidae

Descombes, Jean-Paul., 2004:
Lygephila procax Hubner, 1813, a new species for the fauna of France and confirmation of the presence of two geometrids of the genus Gnophos l sensu Lepidoptera, Noctuidae, Geometridae Lygephila procax Hubner, 1813 espece nouvelle pour la faune de France et confirmation de la presence de deux Geometres du genre Gnophos l sensu Lepidoptera, Noctuidae, Geometridae

Gunther, Hannes., 1997:
Lygocoris zebei n sp, a new plant bug from Central Europe Heteroptera, Miridae Lygocoris zebei n sp, eine neue Weichwanzen-Art aus Mitteleuropa Heteroptera Miridae

Roell, Beate., 2004:
Lygodactylus luteopicturatus Pasteur, 1965 1964 a synonym of Lygodactylus picturatus Peters, 1870 Sauria Gekkonidae Lygodactylus luteopicturatus Pasteur, 1965 1964 ein Synonym von Lygodactylus picturatus Peters, 1870 Sauria Gekkonidae

Grzywocz, Janusz., 1997:
Lymantor aceris Lindemann, 1875, nowy dla fauny slaska gatunek kornika Coleoptera Scolytidae Lymantor aceris Lindemann, 1875, a species of bark-beetles new to the Silesian fauna Coleoptera Scolytidae

Stobel, K.; Schroder, H-D., 1999:
Lyme borreliosis - an emerging disease evaluation of its importance for zoo animals in Germany Lyme-Borreliose - eine aktuelle Zoonose Untersuchungen zur Beurteilung ihrer Bedeutung fur Zootiere in Deutschland

Doby, JM.; Degeilh, B., 1996:
Lyme borreliosis and urban and periurban public parks Borreliose de Lyme et parcs publics urbaines et periurbaines

Sauter, A.; Eiffert, H.; Bommer, W., 1999:
Lyme borreliosis a search for the causative agent in ticks from the region around Manaus Brasil Lyme-Borreliose Erregersuche in Zecken aus der Region um Manaus Brasilien

Satz, Norbert., 1998:
Lyme-borreliosis Die Lyme-Borreliose

Fernandez-Gamboa, Roberto., 2003:
Lymenitis reducta Staudinger, 1901 f pytonisa Milliere, 1859, a whim of nature Limenitis reducta Staudinger, 1901 f pytonisa Milliere, 1859 Lepidoptera Nymphalidae, un capricho de la naturaleza

de Massias, E.; Rondelaud, D.; Mage, C.; Gevrey, J., 1996:
Lymnaea truncatula Muller in high altitude regions The occurrence of a single annual generation Lymnaea truncatula Muller dans les zones de haute altitude Existence dune seule generation annuelle

Vareille, L.; Vareille-Morel, C.; Dreyfuss, G.; Rondelaud, D., 1996:
Lymnaeid habitats in swampy meadows on acid soil effects of agricultural impacts Les gites a limnees dans les prairies marecageuses sur sol acide les effets dimpacts agricoles

Kovalenko, VA., 1990:
Lymnaeids of the subgenus Omphiscola from the Neogene of south Ukraine

Valero, MA.; Marti, R.; Marcos, MD.; Robles, F.; Mas-Coma, S., 1998:
Lymnea truncula Mollusca Lymnaeidae in the rice fields of eastern Spain Le mollusque Lymnaea truncatula Lymnaeidae dans les rizieres de lest de lEspagne

Hampl, A.; Prasek, J., 1990:
Lymph nodes in hare Lepus europaeus Pallas 1778 3 Lymphocentrum iliosacrale

Brinkmann, A., 1962:
Lymphocystis disease in the flounder

Cedillo Pelaez, C.; Rosales Montano, L.M.ria.; Constantino Casas, F., 2001:
Lymphocystis in Parambassis baculis in Mexico City Linfoquistosis en peces tetra fantasia Parambassis baculis de la ciudad de Mexico

Ponghellini, M.; Rizzatti, D., 1996:
Lymphosarcoma in a roe deer Capreolus capreolus in Italy Segnalazione di un caso di linfosarcomatosi nel capriolo

Boeck, Christopher., 2005:
Lynx and hunting in upper Austria - problems and chances Luchs and Jagd in Oberoesterreich - Problematiken und Chancen

Reddersen, J.; Junker-Hansen, B., 2001:
Lynx in Denmark? Observations of the lynx from the Stenderup Forests 1996-2001 Hvad - er der los i Danmark? Observationer af lossen fra Stenderup-skovene 1996-2001

Roman, J.; Ruiz, G.; Lopez, M.; Palomares, F., 2005:
Lynx in Donana, at the crossroads Los linces de Donana, en la encrucijada

Zwier, Jaap., 2005:
Lyonetia prunifoliella, a moth the size of a gnat Lyonetia prunifoliella, een vlinder zo groot als een mug

Digiani, Maria Celina., 1997:
Lyperorchis inexpectabilis n sp, a parasite of Aramus guarauna guarauna L Aves Aramidae and the inclusion of Lyperorchis Travassos, 1921 within the Echinostomatidae Lyperorchis inexpectabilis n sp parasita de Aramus guarauna guarauna L Aves Aramidae y reubicacion del genero Lyperorchis Travassos, 1921 Digenea Echinostomatidae

Skriabin, K.I., 1914:
Lyperosomum filiforme nov sp Materialien zur Systematik der Gattung Lyperosomum Looss 1899

Bondarev, I.; Bail, P., 1998:
Lyria doutei, Bouchet Bail, 1991 Variability at the top Donnees recentes sur Lyria doutei, Bouchet et Bail, 1991 Variation au sommet

Limpus, Allan., 1996:
Lyria grangei Cernohorsky, 1980 A welcome return after 15 years Lyria grangei Cernohorsky, 1980 Un gradito ritorno dopo 15 anni

Bartelt, U., 2004:
Lyriocephalus scutatus Breeding up to F3 Lyriocephalus scutatus Nakweek tot F3

Gutierrez-Marco, J.C.rlos.; Babin, C., 1999:
Lyrodesma and other bivalve molluscs from the Middle Ordovician Botella Quartzite Central-Iberian Zone, Spain Lyrodesma et autres mollusques bivalves des quartzites Botella Ordovicien moyen de la zone centre-iberique Espagne

Jordal, Bjarte H., 2006:
Lysholms Collection of Palaearctic beetles - a jewel in the crown of the Science Museums insect collections Lysholms palearktiske billesamling - en perle i Vitenskapsmuseets insektmagasiner

de Angeli, Antonio., 1997:
Lysiosquilla messinae, a new species of stomatopod crustacean from the Tertiary of Vicenza northern Italy Lysiosquilla messinae, nuova specie di crostaceo stomatopode del Terziario di Vicenza, Nord Italia

Landa Jaime, V.; Arciniega Flores, J., 1997:
Lysiosquilla panamica Stomatopoda Lysiosquillidae range extension in the Mexican tropical Pacific Ampliacion de ambito de Lysiosquilla panamica Stomatopoda Lysiosquillidae en el Pacifico tropical mexicano

Spitschakoff, Th., 1911:
Lysmata seticaudata Risso, als Beispiel eines echten Hermaphroditismus bei den Decapoden Crustaceen

Donval, A.; Plana, S., 1998:
Lysosomal changes in the digestive glands of bivalves in the Bay of Brest Alterations des lysosomes de la glande digestive chez des bivalves de la rade de Brest

Nagornaya, IM.; Andreeva, RV.; Isaeva, NM., 1990:
Lysozyme in host-parasite relations of helminths and insects

Tabachnick, K.R.; Levi, C., 2004:
Lyssacinosida of the southwestern Pacific Porifera Hexactinellida Lyssacinosida du Pacifique sud-ouest Porifera Hexactinellida

Vachard, D.; Roche, M., 1996:
Lyssakid oxyhexactines Hexactinellida, Spongia in palynological preparations of the Rhaetian Uppermost Triassic from eastern France Oxyhexactines de lyssakides spongiaires hexactinellides dans des preparations palynologiques du Rhetien Trias Terminal de lest de la France

Lother, Rolf., 1996:
Lyssenkoism contra genetics Lyssenkoismus contra Genetik

Gelbrecht, J.; Sobczyk, T., 2004:
Lythria purpuraria Linnaeus, 1758 - an unusual common and widely distributed geometrid moth in Brandenburg Germany in 2003 Lepidoptera, Geometridae Lythria purpuraria Linnaeus, 1758 - eine im Jahr 2003 in Brandenburg ungewoehnlich haeufig und verbreitet nachgewiesene Spannaerart Lepidoptera, Geometridae

Mondera, A.; Priore, V.; Saracino, V.; Monaco, F., 1995:
Lytta vesicatoria L serious deflorations in young olive-groves of Medio Ionio Cosentino Lytta vesicatoria L gravi defogliazioni in giovani oliveti del Medio Ionio Cosentino

Roma, S.; Rossetti, M., 1997:
M Cairos district and its avifauna Il comprensorio di Monte Cairo FR e la sua avifauna

Skorikov, Aleksandr StepanovixD., 1906:
M N Michailovakij

Abraham, L., 1990:
M Nattans Macrolepidoptera Collection in the Janus Pannonius Museum, Pecs, Hungary

Heliodoro Latasa, Jesus., 1996:
M Ruiz de Gaona Information on a scholar M Ruiz de Gaona Resena humana de un escolapio

Ruben, L.N.; Stevens, J., 1963:
M Wounds and the polarity of implant induced accessory urodele limbs

Foucher, Eric., 1996:
MIGRATHON an expert system to estimate the fish migratory flows between different areas Application to the skipjack tuna Katsuwonus pelamis in eastern tropical Atlantic MIGRATHON un systeme expert pour lestimation des flux de migration de poissons entre zones Application au listao Katsuwonus pelamis dans locean Atlantique tropical est

Fornasari, L. de Carli, E.; Mingozzi, T., 2001:
MITO2000, monitoring project for the nesting fauna in Italy summary of the first study year MITO2000, programma di monitoraggio dellavifauna nidificante in Italia sintesi del primo anno di rilevamento

Fornasari, L. de Carli, E.; Brambilla, S.; Buvoli, L., 2003:
MITO2000 environmental and geographical distribution of common bird species nesting in Italy MITO2000 distribuzione geografica e ambientale delle specie comuni di uccelli nidificanti in Italia

M M.E.; Nomenclator Bizottsag., 1998:
MME Nomenclator Bizottsag 1998 report of the Hungarian Checklist and Rarities Committee on accepted records of rare bird species in Hungary recorded before 1988 Az MME Nomenclator Bizottsag jelentese a magyarorszagon ritka madarfajok 1988 elotti elofordulasairol

Shelley, G.E., 1887:
MOLONEY, H Sketch of the Forestry of West Africa, with particular reference to its present principal commercial products

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