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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38398

Chapter 38398 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Ctyroky, Pavel., 2002:
Marine and brachyhaline bivalves from the Karpatian of the Korneuburg Basin Lower Miocene, Austria Marine und brachyhaline Bivalven aus dem Karpatium des Korneuburger Beckens Untermiozan; Osterreich

Harzhauser, Mathias., 2002:
Marine and brachyhaline gastropod fauna of the Korneuburg Basin and the Kreuzstetten Bay Austria, Lower Miocene Marine und brachyhaline Gastropoden aus dem Karpatium des Korneuburger Beckens und der Kreuzstettener Bucht Osterreich, Untermiozan

Salazar-Vallejo, S.I.; Gonzalez, N.E.ilia., 1993:
Marine and coastal biodiversity in Mexico Biodiversidad marina y costera de Mexico

Cione,; Casciotta, J.R.fael; Azpelicueta, M. de las Mercedes; Barla, M.J.lia; Cozzuol, M.A., 2005:
Marine and continental fishes of Miocene in the Argentine Mesopotamian area age and biogeographic relations Peces marinos y continentales del Mioceno del area mesopotamica Argentina Edad y relaciones biogeograficas

Faasse, M.A.; Stikvoort, EC., 2002:
Marine and estuarine amphipods of soft substrates in the Delta area of the Netherlands Crustacea Gammaridea Mariene en estuariene vlokreeftjes van zachte bodems in het Deltagebied Crustacea Gammaridea

Castellanos-Galindo, G.A.olfo; Caicedo-Pantoja, J.A.ejandro; Mejia-Ladino, L.M.rina; Rubio, E., 2006:
Marine and estuarine fishes of Malaga Bay, Valle del Cauca, Colombian Pacific Ocean Peces marinos y estuarinos de Bahia Malaga, Valle del Cauca, Pacifico colombiano

Kiselev, I.A., 1950:
Marine and freshwater Dinoflagellata of Soviet Union Fauna of Soviet Union

Dauvin, Jean-Claude ., 1997:
Marine and littoral habitats of France on the Atlantic coasts, the Channel and the North Sea synthesis, threats and perspectives Les biocenoses marines et littorales francaises des cotes Atlantique, Manche et Mer du Nord synthese, menaces et perspectives

Karlsen, O.; Mangor-Jensen, A., 2000:
Marine aquaculture report 2000 Havsbruksrapport 2000

Samyn, Donald., 2002:
Marine aquaria in the year 2002 De zeeaquaristiek anno 2002

Rnsek, J., 1970:
Marine aquarium 10

Portner, Hans-Otto., 1994:
Marine athletes on the ecophysiology of pelagic squid Athleten des Meeres zur Okophysiologie pelagischer Kalmare

San Martin Peral, G.; Lopez Garcia, E.; Redondo Rodriguez, M.; Capa Corrales, M.; Cladera de Codina, P.; Labordia Navia,, 1997:
Marine benthos of the Coiba National Park El bentos marino del Parque Nacional de Coiba Panama

Perez-Ruzafa, A.; Marcos, C.; Bacallado,, 2005:
Marine biodiversity in oceanic archipelagos specific richness patterns and faunistic affinities Biodiversidad marina en archipielagos e islas patrones de riqueza especifica y afinidades faunisticas

Vargas, R.; Cortes, J., 1999:
Marine biodiversity of Costa Rica Crustacea Decapoda Penaeoidea, Sergestoidea, Caridea, Astacidea, Thalassinidea, Palinura from the Pacific Biodiversidad marina de Costa Rica Crustacea Decapoda Penaeoidea, Sergestoidea, Caridea, Astacidea, Thalassinidea, Palinura del Pacifico

Vargas, R.; Cortes, J., 1999:
Marine biodiversity of Costa Rica Crustacea Decapoda Penaeoidea, Sergestoidea, Stenopodidea, Caridea, Thalassinidea, Palinura from the Caribbean Biodiversidad marina de Costa Rica Crustacea Decapoda Penaeoidea, Sergestoidea, Stenopodidea, Caridea, Thalassinidea, Palinura del Caribe

Rodriguez Sevilla, L.; Vargas, R.; Cortes, J., 2003:
Marine biodiversity of Costa Rica gastropods Mollusca Gastropoda from the Caribbean coast Biodiversidad marina de Costa Rica gastropodos Mollusca Gastropoda de la costa Caribe

Cortes, Jorge., 1996:
Marine biodiversity of Costa Rica phylum Porifera Biodiversidad marina de Costa Rica filo Porifera

Morales-Ramirez, A., 2001:
Marine biodiversity of Costa Rics, the microcrustaceans Subclass Copepoda Crustacea Maxillopoda Biodiversidad marina de Costa Rica, los microcrustaceos Subclase copepoda Crustacea Maxillopoda

de la Guardia, E.; Gonzalez-Sanson, G.; Aguilar, C., 2003:
Marine biodiversity of Guanal coastal lagoon, Cayo Largo, Cuba Biodiversidad marina en la Laguna Costera el Guanal Cayo, largo, Cuba

Tardy, J.; Gofas, S.; Noel, P.; Monniot, C., 2006:
Marine biodiversity of the Charente coast molluscs, decapod crustaceans and ascidians Biodiversite marine sur le littoral charentais Mollusques, Crustaces decapodes, Ascidies

Camus, Patricio A., 2001:
Marine biogeography of continental Chile Biogeografia marina de Chile continental

Kafanov, AI.; Kudryashov, VA.; Kafanov, AI.; Kudryashov, VA.; Kafanov, AI.; Kudryashov, VA.; Kafanov, AI.; Kudryashov, VA., 2000:
Marine biogeography a text-book

Johansen, P.-Otto.; Vassenden, G.; Botnen, H.; Johannessen, P.J., 2004:
Marine biological environmental research at Norscrap near Hanoytangen on the west coast of Norway, Askoy county during 2004 Marinbiologisk miljoundersokelse ved Norscrap west AS pa Hanoytangen, Askoy Kommune I 2004

Johansen, P.-Otto.; Johannessen, P.J.; Botnen, H.B., 1999:
Marine biological environmental research in Landsvikosen and Radfjorden in Radoy commune Marinbiologisk miljoundersokelse i Landsvikosen og Radfjorden i Radoy kommune

Botnen, H.; Johansen, P.-Otto.; Vassenden, G.; Johannessen, P., 2001:
Marine biological environmental researches in Fitjar county and Stokksund during 2000 Marinbiologisk miljoundersokelse i Fitjar kommune og Stokksundet i 2000

Johansen, P.-Otto.; Botnen, H.B.; Vassenden, G.; Johannessen, P., 2001:
Marine biological environmental researches in Uggdal Fjord and near Store Vernoy Island, Tysnes county Marinbiologisk miljoundersokelse i Uggdalsfjorden og ved Store Vernoy i Tysnes kommune

Vassenden, G.; Johansen,; Botnen, H.B.; Johannessen, P.J., 2001:
Marine biological environmental researches near Gjeleviken fisk A/S, Matland fish farm, Matland Marinbiologisk miljoundersokelse ved Gjeleviken fisk A/S, Matland

Johannessen, P.; Vassenden, G.; Johansen, P.-Otto., 2005:
Marine biological environmental studies and assessment of the consequences in connection with rockfill deposits in the sea near Ladstein in Finnoy county Marinbiologisk miljoundersoking og konsekvensvurdering i samband med utfylling av steinmassar i sjo ved Ladstein i Finnoy kommune

Johansen, P.-Otto.; Botnen, H.B.; Vassenden, G.; Johannessen, P., 2001:
Marine biological environmental studies at Raknes, Osteroy county Marinbiologisk miljoundersokelse ved Raknes, Osteroy kommune

Myrseth, E.W.stad.; Hjohlman, S.; Johansen, P.-Otto.; Botnen, H.B.; Johannessen, P.J., 2000:
Marine biological environmental studies in Barsnesfjord, Sogndalsfjord and Amla Gulf, Sogndal county Marinbiologisk miljoundersokelse i Barsnesfjorden, Sogndalsfjorden og Amlabukten, Sogndal kommune

Vassenden, G.; Heggoy, E.; Botnen, H.; Johannessen, P., 2003:
Marine biological environmental studies in Gloppenfjorden near Gloppen county Marinbiologisk miljoundersokelse i Gloppenfjorden for Gloppen kommune i 2002

Johansen, P.-Otto.; Botnen, H.B.; Johannessen, P.J., 1999:
Marine biological environmental studies in the Samnanger and Trengereid Fjords, Samnanger County, in 1999 Marinbiologisk miljoundersokelse i Samnangerfjorden og Trengereidfjorden, Samnanger Kommune i 1999

Johansen, P.-Otto.; Vassenden, G.; Botnen, H.B.; Johannessen, P., 2002:
Marine biological environmental studies near the Saevareid fish farm in Saevareid fjord, Fusa county in 2002 Marinbiologisk miljoundersokelse ved Saevareid Fiskeanlegg i Saevareidfjorden, Fusa kommune i 2002

Johansen, P.-Otto.; Botnen, H.B.; Johannessen, P.J., 1999:
Marine biological environmental studies of marine recipients in Os County, 1999 Marinbiologisk miljoundersokelse av marine resipienter i Os kommune, 1999

Vassenden, G.; Heggoy, E.; Botnen, H.; Johannessen, P., 2003:
Marine biological environmental survey in Gloppenfjorden near the Ivahola refuse site in 2002 Marinbiologisk miljoundersokelse i Gloppenfjorden ved Ivahola avfallsplass i 2002

Botnen, H.; Johannessen, P., 2002:
Marine biological investigation of environmental conditions in Molde fjord, Selje county Marinbiologisk undersokelse av miljoforholdene i Moldefjorden, Selje kommune

Johannessen, P.J.; Johansen, P.-Otto.; Botnen, H.B., 1999:
Marine biological research in Davanger inlet, Florvag, Follese, Hanevik, Hauglandsosen, Kjerrgardosen, Kola inlet and Traetteosen in 1998, Askoy Commune Marinbiologisk miljoundersokelse i Davangervagen, Florvag, Follese, Hanevik, Hauglandsosen, Kjerrgardosen, Kolavagen og Traetteosen 1998, Askoy kommune

Arntz, Wolf E., 1997:
Marine biological research in the Antarctic present situation, international projects and perspectives Investigacion antartica en biologia marina situacion actual, proyectos internacionales y perspectivas

Johansen, P.-Otto.; Vassenden, G.; Hjohlman, S.; Botnen, H.; Johannessen, P., 2001:
Marine biological researches on environmental conditions in Stord county and Stokksund in 2000 Marinbiologisk undersokelse av miljoforholdene i Stord kommune og i Stokksundet i 2000

Botnen, H.B.; Johansen, P.-Otto.; Hjohlman, S.; Vassenden, G.; Johannessen, P.J., 2001:
Marine biological researches on the sea area near Storaviksholmane outside the Svartasmog waste outlet in Fitjar county and Stokksund during 2000 Marinbiologisk miljoundersokelse av sjoomradet ved Storaviksholmane utenfor Svartasmoget avfallsplass i Fitjar kommune og i Stokksundet i 2000

Johansen, P.-Otto.; Heggoy, E.; Vassenden, G., 2003:
Marine biological study of the environment in Maurangerfjord and Hardangerfjord in 2002 and evaluation of the consequences connected with rockfills from the Jondal Tunnel Marinbiologisk miljoundersoking i Maurangerfjorden og Hardangerfjorden i 2002 og konsekvensvurdering i samband med utfylling av steinmassar fra Jondalstunnelen

Heggoy, E.; Johannessen, P., 2006:
Marine biological survey of the environment near a fish farm at Mele in Jondal county, Hordaland, in 2006 Marinbiologisk miljoundersokelse av oppdrettslokalitet ved Mele i Jondal kommune, Hordaland i 2006

Heggoy, E.; Johannessen, P., 2006:
Marine biological survey of the environmental conditions at a fish farm site at Hjartholm in Sognefjorden, Gulen county in 2005 Marinbiologisk miljoundersokelse av oppdrettslokalitet ved Hjartholm i Sognefjorden, Gulen kommune i 2005

Heggoy, E.; Johannessen, P., 2006:
Marine biological survey on the environmental conditions at a fish farm site at Oppedal in Sognefjorden, Gulen county in 2005 Marinbiologisk miljoundersokelse av oppdrettslokalitet ved Oppedal i Sognefjorden, Gulen kommune i 2005

Tuerkay, Michael., 2002:
Marine biology at Senckenberg Meeresbiologie bei Senckenberg

Vassenden, G.; Johansen, P.-Otto.; Botnen, H.B.; Heggoy, E.; Johannessen, P.J., 2002:
Marine biology environmental study at Sore Selsvagen, Oygarden county, 2001 Marinbiologisk miljoundersokelse i Sore Selsvagen, Oygarden kommune, 2001

Relini, G., 2000:
Marine biology in Italy La biologia marina in Italia

Specchi, Mario., 1997:
Marine biology in Trieste La biologia marina a Trieste oggi

Krupp, F.; Apel, M.; Zajonz, U., 2002:
Marine biology investigations of the Socotra archipelago Yemen Meeresbiologische Untersuchungen im Sokotra-Archipel Jemen

Manzi, A.; Perna, P., 1994:
Marine birds overwintering along part of the Marche coast Uccelli marini svernanti lungo un tratto di costa marchigiana

Martinez Abrain, A.; Oro, D., 2002:
Marine birds Applied investigation in the Mediterranean Aves marinas Investigacion aplicada en el Mediterraneo

Buyanovskii, AI., 1994:
Marine bivalves of Kamchatka and perspectives of their management Morskie dvustvorchatye mollyuski Kamchatki i perspektivy ikh ispolzovaniya

Lebedev, EM., 1992:
Marine boring animals and protection from them Morskie kamnetochtsy i zashchita ot nikh

Ferrari, G., 2006:
Marine caves at Lampedusa Grotte marine a Lampedusa

Llanio, M.; Fernandez, M.D., 2003:
Marine compounds with antiinflammatory activity Compuestos de origen marino con actividad antiinflamatorio

Hernandez-Trujillo, S.; Esqueda-Escarcega, G.M., 2002:
Marine copepod diversity of Mexico La diversidad de copepodos marinos en Mexico

Zhuravlev, V.S., 1957:
Marine deposits of the Upper Albian in the Near-Caspian syneclise

Ojeda, A., 1999:
Marine dinoflagellates of the Canary islands Prorocentrales Dinoflagelados marinos de las Islas Canarias Prorocentrales

Ivanov, A.V., 1955:
Marine economic invertebrates

Heggoy, E.; Johansen, P.-Otto.; Johannessen, P., 2006:
Marine environmental conditions and assessment of two potential fish farm sites at Gjolanger in Fjaler county during 2006 Mom-c og lokalitetskassifisering av to potensielle oppdrettslokaliteter ved Gjolanger i Fjaler kommune i 2006

Goethel, Helmut., 2003:
Marine fauna Red Sea, Indian Ocean Maldives Fish 2nd revised edition Meeresfauna Rotes Meer Indischer Ozean Malediven Fische 2 verbesserte Auflage

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Marine fauna from the coast of the southern Iberian Peninsula Results from the oceanographic cruise Fauna 1 Fauna marina circalitoral del sur de la peninsula Iberica Resultados de la Campana Oceanografica Fauna 1

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Marine fauna of West Mexico and Panama Naticidae

Basse, M.; Franke, C., 2006:
Marine faunas of early Lower Emsian age Lower Devonian from the Givonne-Oesling Anticline Luxembourg Marine Faunen aus dem fruehen Unteremsium Unterdevon des Givonne-Oesling-Antiklinoriums Luxemburg

Leopold, Marc., 2004:
Marine finfish of French Guyana illustrated guide Poissons de mer de Guyane guide illustre

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Marine fish communities in Michoacan Comunidades de peces marinos de Michoacan

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Marine fish of Parana State deposited in Museu de Historia Natural Capao da Imbuia MHNCI, Curitiba, Parana, Brazil Peixes marinhos do Estado do Parana depositados no Museu de Historia Natural Capao da Imbuia MHNCI, Curitoba, Parana, Brasil

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de Araujo, M.E.isabeth. de Andrade Cunha,; Carvalho, R.A.relio Almeida.; Pereira de Freitas, J.E.uardo.; Nottingham, M.C.rvalho.; Montandon Noronha Barros, B., 2000:
Marine fishes from Ceara State, Brazil II Elasmobranchii and Actinopterygii of sandstone reefs from intertidal zones Ictiofauna marinha do Estado do Ceara, Brasil II Elasmobranchii e Actinopterygii de arrecifes de arenito da regiao entre mares

de Araujo, M.E.isabeth.; Teixeira, J.M.ria.; Eskinazi de Oliveira, A.M.ria., 2000:
Marine fishes from Ceara State, Brazil III Actinopterygii from estuaries Ictiofauna marinha do Estado do Ceara, Brasil III Actinopterygii de estuarios

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Marine fishes of Galicia 1 Lampreys, rays and sharks Peixes do mar de Galicia 1 Lampreas, raias e tiburons

Rodriguez Villanueva, XL.; Vazquez, X., 1994:
Marine fishes of Galicia 2 Bony fishes generalities, classification of the order Perciformes Peixes do mar de Galicia 2 Peixes oseos xeneralidades, clasificacion e ordre Perciformes

Nguyen, Khac Huong ., 1993:
Marine fishes of Vietnam Anguillomorpha, Cyprinomorpha, Atherinomorpha Ca bien Viet Nam Tap 2, quyen 2 Anguillomorpha, Cyprinomorpha, Atherinomorpha

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Marine fishes of Vietnam Volume 2, Book 1 Ganoidomorpha, Clupeomorpha Ca bien Viet Nam Tap 2, quyen 1 Ganoidomorpha, Clupeomorpha

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Marine fishes of the North-West African Sub-Region Poissons marins de la Sous-Region Nord-Ouest Africaine

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Marine fishes of the world the great Indo-Pacific region Meeresfische der Welt Gross-Indopazifische Region

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Marine fishes which change their sex Meerwasserfische, die ihr Geschlecht wechseln

Thaler, Ellen., 1998:
Marine fishes with genuine brood care Reef fishes Meeresfische mit echter Brutpflege Schwalbenschwanz Riffbarsche

Galvao, M.S.ntos Nunes.; Yamanaka, N., 2000:
Marine food organisms biology and breeding of the rotifera Brachionus plicatilis OF Mueller, 1786 and Brachionus rotundiformis Tschugunoff, 1921 Rotifera, Brachionidae Organismos-alimento marinhos biologia e criacao dos rotiferos Brachionus plicatilis OF Mueller, 1786 e Brachionus rotundiformis Tschugunoff, 1921 Rotifera, Brachionidae

Frassinetti C., D.; Covacevich C., V., 1999:
Marine fossil invertebrates from the Guadal Formation Late Oligocene-Early Miocene at Pampa Castillo, Region de Aisen, Chile Invertebrados fosiles marinos de la Formacion Guadal Oligoceno superior-Mioceno inferior en Pampa Castillo, Region de Aisen, Chile

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Marine fouling communities in two Cuban power plants Comunidades de organismos marinos incrustantes en dos termoelectricas cubanas

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Marine gastropods from Quintana Roo Mexico Maritime Gastropoden aus Quintana Roo Mexiko

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Marine geology of the Tyrrhenian margin the continental shelf from Punta Licosa to Capo Palinuro Southern Tyrrhenian Sea Studi di geologica Marina del Margine Tirrenico la piattaforma continentale tra Punta Licosa e Capo Palinuro Tirreno meridionale

V., C.; Fedak, M.A.; Ridoux, V., 2003:
Marine habitat use by grey seals in Brittany application to the Marine National Park of the Iroise Sea Exploitation des habitats marins par les phoques gris de Bretagne application a la mise en place du parc national marin de lIroise

Ferreira, B.P.dovani.; Cava, F., 2001:
Marine ichthyofauna of APA Costa dos Corais list of species - analysis from fishing data and subaquatic observations Ictiofauna Marinha da APA Costa dos Corais lista de especies atraves de levantamento da pesca e observacoes subaquaticas

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Marine ingressions in the Oligocene lacustrine environment of the Limagne rift French Massif central halophilous organisms and strontium isotopes; dating by mammals Incursions marines dans lenvironnement lacustre du rift oligocene de Limagne Massif central, France apport des organismes halophiles et des isotopes du strontium; datation par les mammiferes

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Marine invertebrates from the Maliman Formation Lower Carboniferous, and their relations with paleofloristic assemblages, San Juan Province, Argentina Invertebrados marinos de la Formacion Maliman Carbonifero inferior, y su relacion con las asociaciones paleofloristicas Provincia de San Juan, Argentina

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Marine invertebrates of El Chacay Formation Eocene, Santa Cruz Province, Argentina Systematic and biostratigraphy Invertebrados marinos de la Formacion El Chacay Eoceno, Provincia de Santa Cruz, Argentina Sistematica y bioestratigrafia

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Marine invertebrates of the Canary Islands Invertebrados marinos de Canarias

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Marine islands, part of natural patrimony conservation Ilots marins, enjeux de la conservation du patrimoine naturel

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Marine isopods Crustacea, Isopoda from the Chafarinas Islands west Mediterranean Isopodos marinos Crustacea Isopoda de las islas Chafarinas Mediterraneo occidental

de Casamajor, M N.; Lecomte-Finiger, R.; Prouzet, P., 2006:
Marine larval past of glass eel Anguilla anguilla migrating in the Adour estuary Passe marin des civelles dAnguilla anguilla en migration dans lestuaire de lAdour

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Marine macro- and megafunal communities of the Grenland fjords SE Norway, and feeding patterns of Atlantic cod, flounder, anadromous brown trout, and epipelagic fishes Marin makro-og megafauna i Grenlandsfjordene, og naeringsvalg til torsk, skrubbe, sjoorret og pelagisk fisk

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Marine mammals handbook

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Marine mammals - 25 Rudimentary hind limbs and teratosis of Cetacea

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Marine mammals from the Neogene of Portugal Geographical and stratigraphical distribution Mamiferos marinhos do Neogenico de Portugal Distribuicao geografica e estratigrafica

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Marine mammals of Canada some salient facts Mammiferes marins du Canada quelques faits saillants

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Marine mammals of Patagonia and the Antarctic Mamiferos marinos de Patagonia y Antartida

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Marine mammals of the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean region Threats to conservation Mamiferos marinos del Golfo de Mexico y el Caribe Problematica de Conservacion

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Marine mammals strandings along the Nord-Pas-de-Calais coast northern France between 1990 and 2002 trends and events Mammiferes marins Les echouages de mammiferes marins sur le littoral du Nord-Pas-de-Calais entre 1990 et 2002 tendances et evenements

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Marine mammals Leningrad Akad Nauk Ikhtiologicheskaya Komissiya, Izdatelstvo Nauka

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Marine mammals Mamiferos marinos

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Marine mammals study groups and organizations in Spain and Portugal Mamiferos marinos grupos de investigacion y colectivos en Espana y Portugal

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Marine man in legend and science Lhomme-marin dans la legende et la science

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Marine micro-aquarium with flowing water

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Marine mollusca of Western Mexico and Panama Columbellidae

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Marine molluscs collected at the D Joao de Castro bank Moluscos marinhos recolhidos no banco D Joao de Castro

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Marine molluscs from Chile species of economic importance Identification guide Moluscos marinos en Chile especias de importancia economica guia para su identificacion

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Marine molluscs in the Gallo-Roman diet of transalpine Gallia I molluschi marini nellalimentazione Gallo-Romana della Gallia Transalpina

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Marine molluscs of Sao Tome and Principe bibliographic actualization and new contributions Moluscos marinos de Sao Tome y Principe actualizacion bibliografica y nuevas aportaciones

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Marine molluscs of soft bottoms from Chafarinas islands Alboran Sea, Mediterranean Preliminary data Moluscos de los fondos de sustratos blandos de las islas Chafarinas Mar de Alboran, Mediterraneo Datos preliminares

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Marine molluscs of the Galapagos islands 2 Factors influencing biogeographical affinities Mollusques marins des Galapagos 2 Facteurs influencant les affinites biogeographiques

Finet, Yves., 1998:
Marine molluscs of the Galapagos islands taxonomic composition and biogeographical affinities 1 Mollusques marins des Galapagos composition taxonomique et affinites biogeographiques 1

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Marine molluscs of the Upper Pliocene of Guafo Island, southern Chile Part 1 Bivalvia Moluscos del Plioceno Superior marino de Isla Guafo, sur de Chile Parte 1 Bivalvia

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Marine molluscs with fishing value Volutid Gastropods Caracoles marinos de interes pesquiro Moluscos gasteropodos volutidos

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Marine mollusks exploitation during the Upper Palaeolithic and Mesolithic in Cantabrian Spain and in the Ebro Valley past and present research La explotacion de los moluscos marinos durante el Paleolitico superior y el Mesolitico en la Region Cantabrica y en el Valle del Ebro pasado y presente de la investigacion

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Marine nematodes of Ria Deseado Axonolaimoidea Axonolaimidae, Diplopeltidae, Comesomatidae Santa Cruz, Argentina 4 Nematodes marinos de la Ria Deseado Axonolaimoidea Axonolaimidae, Diplopeltidae, Comesomatidae Santa Cruz, Argentina 4

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Marine nematodes of Ria Deseado Monhysteroidea Sphaerolaimidae, Monhysteridae, Santa Cruz, Argentina 3 Nematodes marinos de la Ria Deseado Monhysteroidea Sphaerolaimidae, Monhysteridae, Santa Cruz, Argentina 3

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Marine nemertineans from the Netherlands Nemertea Nederlandse mariene snoerwormen Nemertea

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Marine paleocurrents during the Tremadocian on the basis of distribution of Peelerophon oehlerti Bergeron Gastropoda Paleocorrientes marinas durante el Tremadociano sobre la base de la distribucion de Peelerophon oehlerti Bergeron Gastropoda

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Marine park in the Gulf of Kachchh

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Marine plant life

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Marine reserves in the Spanish Mediterranean coast Espacios protegidos y reservas marinas del litoral Mediterraneo espanol

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Marine shells, prestigious symbols and cultural objects of Prehispanic America Conchiglie marine, simboli di prestigio e oggetti cultuali nellAmerica preispanica

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Marine snakes Order Squamata Serpientes marinas Orden Squamata

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Marine stony corals Phylum Cnidaria, Order Scleractinia Corales petreos marinos Tipo Cnidaria, Orden Scleractinia

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Marine stratigraphy and micropalaeontology

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Marine turtles in the Mediterranean Sea Current knowledge on occurrence, population development, behaviour, damaging environmental influences and measures for research and protection of populations Meeresschildkroten im Mittelmeer Bisherige Erkenntnisse uber Vorkommen, Bestandsentwicklung, Verhalten, schadigende Umwelteinflusse sowie Massnahmen zur Erforschung und zum Schutz der Bestande

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Marine turtles of the Gulf of Gascony Les tortues marines dans le Golfe de Gascogne

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Marine turtles Les tortues marines

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Marine turtles Tortugas marinas

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Marine vertebrates I vertebrati marini

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Marine wood boring animals and their control in the USSR Morskie drevotochtsy v SSSR i mery borby s nimi

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Marine zoological expedition to the island Khainan

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Marines und marin-brackisches Miozan des vorkarpathischen Hugellandes in Ostserbien

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Mariposas en el Valle de Mexico introduccion e historia 1 Distribucion local y estacional de los Papilionoidea de la Canada de los Dinamos, Magdalena Contreras, DF Mexico

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Marisa rotula - a rediscovery after 50 years Die gestreifte Posthorn-Deckelschnecke Marisa rotula - ein Wiedersehen nach 50 Jahren

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Marital conflicts in dragonflies Echtelijke conflicten bij libellen

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Maritime marshes and aquaculture Lasting action for the preservation and exploitation of wet littoral zones Marais maritimes et aquaculture Activite durable pour la preservation et lexploitation des zones humides littorales

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Mark Duane McGregor

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Mark recapture techniques using sugar bait for investigating noctuid moth behaviour

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Mark-recapture study on the common hamster Cricetus cricetus L Fang-Wiederfang-Studie am Feldhamster Cricetus cricetus L

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Marked Stork killed in S Africa

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Marked mitochondrial DNA differences between Mediterranean and eastern Atlantic populations of the round sardinella, Sardinella aurita Fortes differences des ADN mitochondriaux de populations de Sardinella aurita de la mer Mediterranee et de lAtlantique Est

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Marking and conservation programme for marine turtles Programa de marcado y conservacion de tortugas marinas

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Marking and recapture of Rana dalmatina in the Natural Reserve Bosco Negri, Pavia, N Italy preliminary results Marcatura e ricattura di Rana dalmatina nella Riserva Naturale Bosco G Negri Pavia risultati preliminari

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Marking of Rana dalmatina with a passive integrated transponder 5 years of experiences in an urban outskirts environment Marcatura di Rana dalmatina con passive integrated transponder cinque anni di esperienza in ambiente planiziale

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Marking of foraging areas, nest entrances and vicinity in Tetramorium caespitum and T impurum Marquage des aires de recolte et des abords et entrees de nids chez Tetramorium caespitum et T impurum

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