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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38404

Chapter 38404 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Surkova, L.A.; Tzis, Y.V., 1956:
Mechanised spray of poisonous bait in controlling field mice

Seikai, T., 1990:
Mechanism and practical prevention of albinism in hatchery-reared flounder, Paralichthys olivaceus

Khodorov, B.I.; Peganov, E.M., 1969:
Mechanism of changes in ionic permeability in the membrane of the node of ranvier during generation of hyperpolarizational responses

Kadijrov, G.K.; Djabarova-Abdullaeva, E.A., 1970:
Mechanism of cortical-reticular activation by somato-visceral reactions

Aliev, M.N.; Akiev, A.K.; Lenchitzkii, A.Z., 1977:
Mechanism of development of various types of epizootic plague centers for the red tailed jird in Zakavkaz low mountain basin

Zotin, A.I., 1954:
Mechanism of formation of the perivitelline space in the eggs of Salmonoid fishes

Genes, S.G., 1953:
Mechanism of hormonal action in the central nervous system

Irchenko, V.M.; Kulak, A.P., 1968:
Mechanism of motion in the squid and its possible use in technology

Miryakov, VR., 1991:
Mechanism of the acquired immunity formation in fish

Shoshina, M.A., 1953:
Mechanism of transmission of cutaneous leishmaniasis, J.; Basco, L.K.; Eldin de Pecoulas, P., 1996:
Mechanisms and epidemiology of falciparum resistant malaria Mecanismes et epidemiologie des resistances aux antipaludiques

Claessen, H., 1976:
Mechanisms involved in the development and hatching of reptile eggs and the practical application for this

Belmar, M.; Armas, J.C.; Belmar, D.; Riveros, W.; Yegres, S.; Carrillo, G., 1998:
Mechanisms of acid-base regulation in some vertebrates and invertebrates of eastern Venezuela Mecanismos de regulacion acidobasica en algunos vertebrados e invertebrados del oriente de Venezuela

Deml, Reinhold., 2001:
Mechanisms of chemical defence of larval Lymantriidae Lepidoptera Mechanismen chemischer Verteidigung bei larvalen Lymantriiden Lepidoptera

Spirito, F.; Modesti, A.; Perticone, P.; Cristaldi, M.; Federici, R.; Rizzoni, M., 1980:
Mechanisms of fixation and accumulation of centric fusions in natural populations of mus musculus l 1 karyological analysis of a hybrid zone between two populations in the central appennines

Uribe Soto, Sandra., 1997:
Mechanisms of immune response in insects Mecanismos de respuesta inmune en insectos

Sieber-Blum, M., 1990:
Mechanisms of neural crest diversification

Romanov, AN., 1990 :
Mechanisms of numbers dynamics in the grouse birds monitoring, modelling, forecasts

Wagner, W., 2003:
Mechanisms of phenological and spatial niche-formation of burnet moths Lepidoptera Zygaenidae on limestone habitats in the Suevian Alb mts Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany Mechanismen der phaenologischen und raeumlichen Einnischung bei Rotwidderchen Lepidoptera Zygaenidae auf Kalkmagerrasen der Schwaebischen Alb Baden-Wuerttemberg

Hejnol, Andreas., 1999:
Mechanisms of polar lobe formation in the mudsnail Ilyanassa obsoleta Gastropoda Mechanismen der Pollappenbildung bei der Schnecke Ilyanassa obsoleta Gastropoda

Dugassa Gobena, D.; Vidal, S., 2001:
Mechanisms of systemic effects of endophytic fungi on plant-herbivore interactions Mechanismen der systemischen Wirkung von Endophyten auf Pflanzen-Herbivoren-Beziehungen

Louis, C.; Izaabel, H.; Lopez-Ferber, M., 1994:
Mechanisms of transmission of fruit rots by drosophilas Mecanismes de transmission de champignons de pourriture des fruits par drosophiles

Fausto, A.M.; Gambellini, G.; Mazzini, M.; Cecchettini, A.; Locci, M.T.; Masetti, M.; Giorgi, F., 2004:
Mechanisms of yolk utilization in embryos of the stick insect Carausius morosus Phasmatodea Lonchodinae Meccanismi di utilizzazione del vitello in embrioni dellinsetto stecco Carausius morosus Phasmatodea Lonchodinae

Dessi-Fulgheri, Francesco., 1998:
Mechanisms regulating reproduction in vertebrate societies I meccanismi di regolazione della riproduzione nelle societa dei vertebrati

Haas, Fabian., 1999:
Mechanistic and evolutionary aspects of wing folding in Blattodea, Dermaptera and Coleoptera Mechanische und evolutive Aspekte der Flugelfaltung bei Blattodea, Dermaptera und Coleoptera

Garrigue, J.; Gourves, J., 2004:
Mecinus circulatus Marsh, Derelomus chamaeropsis L and Peritelus ruficornis Brisout in Pyrenees-Orientales Coleoptera, Curculionidae Mecinus circulatus Marsh, Derelomus chamaeropsis L et Peritelus ruficornis Brisout dans le Pyrenees-Orientales Coleoptera, Curculionidae

Ivashkin, V.M., 1949:
Mecisto-cirriasis of cattle and measures against the disease

Takakuwa, Y., 1934:

Jahn, Ilse., 2002:
Meckel-Serres law of parallelism, its origins and its relation to evolution theories of the 19th century Das Meckel-Serres-Gesetz, sein Ursprung und seine Beziehung zu Evolutionstheorien des 19 Jahrhunderts

Borrmann, Klaus., 2001:
Mecklenburg-Vorpommern the eagle owl is back again Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Der Uhu ist wieder da

Jacquemin, G.; Renner, M., 1998:
Meconema meridionale Costa, 1860 in Lorraine Tettigoniidae Meconematinae Meconema meridionale Costa, 1860 en Lorraine Tettigoniidae Meconematinae

Sziraki, Gyorgy., 1996:
Meconema meridionale Costa, 1860 Orthoptera Tettigoniidae - a tettigoniid species new to the fauna of Hungary collected in the Zselic Landscape Protection Area Meconema meridionale Costa, 1860 Orthoptera Tettigoniidae - Magyarorszag faunajara uj szocskefaj a Zselici Tajvedelmi Korzetbol

Stitz, H., 1926:

Hoffmann, J., 1966:
Mecopteran fauna of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Balogh, I., 1978:
Mecsek Mountain fauna Lepidoptera

Sacher, P., 1999:
Mecynargus morulus OP Cambridge, 1873, and Lepthyphantes antroniensis Schenkel, 1933 - two remarkable boreal spiders from the summit of Mt Brocken in the Harz Mts Araneae, Linyphiidae Mecynargus morulus OP Cambridge, 1873, und Lepthyphantes antroniensis Schenkel, 1933 - zwei bemerkenswerte nordische Spinnenarten vom Brocken-Gipfel im Harz Araneae, Linyphiidae

Bianchi, I.; Clo, S.; Costantini, M., 1997:
Med-Tag and baby shark; two projects for tagging sharks First results, considerations and prospects Med-Tag e baby shark due progetti per la marcatura degli squali Primi risultati, riflessioni e prospettive

Pasolini, P.; Bertozzi, M.; Tinti, F., 2005:
Med-skate an on-line data bank to explore and monitor the biodiversity of skates Rajidae in the Mediterranean - Black Sea Med-skate una banca dati on-line per esplorare e monitorare la biodiversita delle razze Rajidae del Mediterraneo -Mar Nero

Oudemans, J.T., 1908:
Mededeeling over Amblyteles variegatorius

Oudemans, A.C., 1913:
Mededeeling over Cryptostoma tarsale Rob Desv

Schmitz, H., 1908:
Mededeeling over Phora-soorten

Weele, H.W. van der., 1908:
Mededeeling over Platydema moerens

Everts, E.J.G., 1913:
Mededeeling over de bij s Gravenhage gevonden Coleoptera

Ihle, J.E.W., 1920:
Mededeeling over het geslacht Cylicostomum

Sitsen, A.E., 1913:
Mededeeling over rat-tenschedels op Java

Boeer, M.; Scoene, J.; Scneider, MA.; Hackenbroic, C., 2002:
Medetomidine-ketamine-remote anaesthesia of the Asiatic wild dog Cuon alpinus Hodgson 1838 effects on cardiopulmonary and metabolic parameters Zur Medetomidin-Ketamin-Distanzanaesthesie des Asiatischen Wildhundes Cuon alpinus Hodgson 1838 und ihrer Wirkung auf kardiopulmonale und metabolische Parameter

Scoene, J.; Hackenbroic, C.; Bonat, KH.; Failing, K.; Boer, M., 2002:
Medetomidine-ketamine-remote anaesthesia of the Eurasian lynx Lynx lynx Linne, 1758 and its effects on anaesthetic depth, respiration, circulation and metabolism Medetomidin-Ketamin-Distanzanaesthesie des Eurasischen Luchses ynx Lynx lynx Linne, 1758 Wirkung auf Anaesthesietiefe, Atem-, Kreislauf- und Stoffwechselfunktionen

Devaux, Bernard., 1995:
Media and conservation friends or enemies? Medias et conservation amis ou ennemis?

Farina, G.; Moresco, A.; Mutinelli, F.; Bozza, M.A.gusta.; Zanin, E., 1996:
Mediastinal lymphoma in a badger Meles meles in Italy Linfoma mediastinico in un tasso Meles meles

Monzon Munoz, F.J.; Blasco Gil, R.M., 1997:
Medical and popular concepts on the scorpion Conceptos medicos y populares en torno al escorpion

Vorontzov, S.A., 1953:
Medical and prophylactic action of pheno-thiazine in ascaridiasis and hetera-kidiasis of chickens

Cuisance, D., 2003:
Medical and veterinary entomology in France survey of status Entomologie medicale et veterinaire en France regard sur une situation

Forattini, Oswaldo Paulo., 1996:
Medical culicidology Volume 1 General principles, morphology, taxonomic glossary Culicidologia medica Volume 1 Principios gerais, morfologia, glossario taxonomico

Arnemo, Jon M., 1996:
Medical immobilization of animals Medikamentell immobilisering av dyr

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