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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38406

Chapter 38406 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Goncalves de Oliveira, C.M.rcelo.; Goncalves, W.; Monteiro, A.R.cha., 2001:
Meloidogyne species and races of M incognita on coffee plantations of Sao Paulo State, Brazil Especies de Meloidogyne e racas de M incognita em cafezais do estado de Sao Paulo

Mavlyanov, OM., 1972:
Meloidogynosis in cotton plants in the south of Uzbekistan

Bologna, Marco., 2001:
Meloids, oedemerids, mycterids and pyrochroids of the Castelporziano Presidential Estate Coleoptera, Meloidae, Oedemeridae, Mycteridae, Pyrochroidae Meloidi, Edemeridi, Mitteridi e Pirocroidi della Tenuta Presidenziale di Castelporziano Coleoptera, Meloidae, Oedemeridae, Mycteridae, Pyrochroidae

Gruszka, E.; Kania, J.; Tarnawski, D., 1996:
Melolontha pectoralis Germar, 1824 Coleoptera Scarabaeidae in Poland Melolontha pectoralis Germar, 1824 Coleoptera Scarabaeidae w Polsce

Aragon Garcia, A.; Moron, M.A.gel., 2000:
Melolonthidae Coleoptera associated with the rhizosphere of sugar cane in Chietla, Puebla, Mexico Los coleopteros Melolonthidae asociados a la rizosfera de la cana de azucar en Chietla, Puebla, Mexico

Lacroix, Marc., 1999:
Melolonthidae from Socotra Coleoptera, Scarabaeoidea Melolonthidae de Socotra Coleoptera, Scarabaeoidea

Anonymous., 2004:
Member inventory Mitgliederverzeichnis

Gade, G., 1990:
Members of the AKH/RPCH-peptide family in Coleoptera

Klembara, Jozef., 2001:
Members of the family Discosauriscidae Reptiliomorpha, Seymouriamorpha from the Lower Permian of the Boskovice Furrow Czech Republic in Collections of the Slovak National Museum Zastupcovia celade Discosauriscidae Reptiliomorpha, Seymouriamorpha zo spodneho Permu Boskovickej brazdy na Morave Ceska republika v zbierkach Slovenskeho narodneho muzea

Alvarez, P.A.; Pujade-Villar, J., 2000:
Membracids Hemiptera Archaeorrhyncha captured in a Malaise trap in the Principality of Andorra Iberian Peninsula Membracidos Hemiptera Archaeorrhyncha capturados con trampa Malaise en el Principado de Andorra peninsula Iberica

Abdul-Nour, H., 2005:
Membracoidea of the Lebanon reasoned inventory and description of new or little known species Hemiptera, Cicadomorpha, Membracoidea Membracidae, Ulopidae, Cicadellidae Les Membracoidea du Liban Inventaire raisonne et description despeces nouvelles ou peu connues Hemiptera, Cicadomorpha, Membracoidea Membracidae, Ulopidae, Cicadellidae

Czarska, L.; Grebecki, A., 1966:
Membrane folding and plasma-membrane ratio in the movement and shape transformation in Amoeba proteus

Owen, Richard., 1866:
Memoir on the Dodo Didus ineptus, Linn, with an Historical Introduction by the late WILLIAM JOHN BRODERIP

D'udekem, M., 1865:
Memoire sur les Lombricins Premiere partie

Hesse, Eu., 1864:
Memoire sur les Pranizes et les Ancees, c

Tschitscherine, T., 1896:
Memoire sur quelques especes nouvelles ou peu connues du genre Cymindis, Latr

Saussure, H.; De., 1871:
Memoires pour servir a lHistoire Naturelle de Mexique, des Antilles, et des Etats-Unis Synopsis des Mantides Americains

Romanoff, N.M., 1893:
Memoires sur les Lepidopteres Tome VII Entirely devoted to RAGONOTS work 745 on Phycitinae

Papavero, N.; Teixeira, D.M.rtins., 2000:
Memoirs of Cuthbert Pudsey on Basil Holandes 1629-1640 As memorias de Cuthbert Pudsey sobre o Brasil Holandes 1629-1640

Takahashi, Mayumi., 1996:
Memoirs of the Japanese Expedition to the American Zones, 1973 - on the investigation of the butterfly fauna 6 Recuerdo de La Expedicion Japonesa a las Zonas Amazonicas, 1973- sobre la investigacion de la fauna de mariposa 6

Takahashi, Mayumi., 1996:
Memoirs of the Japanese expedition to the American Zones, 1973 - on the investigation of butterfly fauna 7 Recuerdos de La Expedicion Japonesa a las Zonas Amazonicas, 1973 - sobre la investigacion de la fauna de mariposa 7

Takahashi, Mayumi., 1996:
Memoirs of the Japanese Expedition to the American Zones in 1973 on investigations of butterfly fauna 8 Recuerdos de La Expedicion Japonesa a las Zonas Amazonicas, 1973 - sobre la investigacion de la fauna de mariposa 8

Sociedad Mexicana de Paleontologia Sociedad Mexicana de Paleontologia., 1995:
Memoirs of the Third National Reunion of Palaeontological Collections within the Fifth National Palaeontological Congress organized by the Mexican Palaeontological Society Memoria de la 3 Reunion Nacional de Colecciones Paleontologicas en el marco del 5 Congreso Nacional de Paleontologia organizado por la Sociedad Mexicana de Paleontologia, AC

Kosswig, Curt., 2004:
Memorial Symposium, Istanbul, 26 and 27 October 2003 Gedenkysymposium, Istanbul, 26 und 27 Oktober 2003

Noda, H., 1990:
Memorial to Professor Naoaki Aoki 1933-1990

Hanzawa, S., 1952:
Memorial to Thomas Wayland Vaughan

Arce, Mario., 2002:
Memories and homage to Alfredo Noval Recuerdo y homenaje a Alfredo Noval

Kawabe, A., 1990:
Memories of Dr JF Gates Clarke 1905-1990

Sattler, K., 2003:
Memories of Ernst and Herta Urbahn Erinnerungen an Ernst und Herta Urbahn

Kapischke, Hans-Jurgen., 1996:
Memories of G H W Stein 07041897 - 19041976 Erinnerungen an G H W Stein 07041897 - 19041976

Klos, U.; Klos, H.-Georg., 1999:
Memories of Jochen Ihle 21121919 - 15121997 Erinnerungen an Jochen Ihle 21121919 - 15121997

Hillerich, Klaus., 2003:
Memories of Karl Rothmann Erinnerungen an Karl Rothmann

Muench, Hans., 2005:
Memories of Milutin Radovanovic - a war history Erinnerungen an Milutin Radovanovic - eine Kriegsbekanntschaft

Kawabe, T., 1990:
Memories of Mr Kazutoshi Maeda

Kurozumi, T., 1990:
Memories of Mr Maeda with list of his works

Kuehnert, Frithjof., 2001:
Memories of Paul Koecher 1885-1965 Told and written about out of gratitude, by someone to whom he was a friend and teacher Erinnerungen an Paul Koecher 1885-1965 Aus Dankbarkeit erzaehlt und aufgeschrieben von einem, fuer den er Freund und Lehrer war

Hinkelmann, C., 2006:
Memories of Rossitten Ornithological Station, in pictures part 3 Erinnerungen an die Vogelwarte Rossitten in Bildern 3 Teil

Pederzani, Hans-Albert., 2000:
Memories of Werner Krause 1905-1970 Erinnerung an Werner Krause 1905-1970

Munakata, H., 1990:
Memories of late Mr Shoichiro Hayashi

Schmid, F., 2004:
Memories of licensed university lecturer Dr Max-Gotthard Schultz Erinnerungen an Privatdozent Dr habil Max-Gotthard Schulz

Guerroumi, Robert., 1997:
Memories of my trips to Greece Souvenirs de mes voyages en Grece

Gogala, Andrej., 2005:
Memories of the River Sava Reki Savi v spomin

Berndt, Gesine., 2000:
Memories of the animal painter Wilhelm Eigener Erinnerungen an den Tiermaler Wilhelm Eigener

Billaud, Jean-Paul., 1996:
Memories of the otter ethnozoological survey on the otter in France Attentes vis-a-vis de la nature et appartenances professionnelles essai dinterpretation a partir dune enquete sur la perception de la loutre

Norgaard, Ib., 2002:
Memories recollections of Bornholm and the still waters that run deep Erindringer Bornholmske minder og det stille vand med den dybe grund

Toth, Sandor., 1997:
Memory of Laszlo Toth 1937-1992 Emlekezes Dr Toth Laszlora 1937-1992

Engstrom, Boris., 1996:
Men and birds - some recollections by Boris Engstrom Manniskor och faglar - nagra minnesanteckningar av Boris Engstrom

Rounds, RS., 1990:
Men and birds in South America, 1492-1900

Lorenzi, P.; Bruno, S., 2003:
Men, stories, snakes Contribution to the herpetological historiography of Trentino Alto Adige Uomini, Storie, Serpenti Contributi alla storiografia erpetologica del Trentino-Alto Adige e dintorni

Leblanc, P.; Peru, L., 2001:
Menesia bipunctata Zoubkoff, 1829, a new species for the Aube and the Loiret departments Coleoptera Cerambycidae Menesia bipunctata Zoubkoff, 1829 espece nouvelle pour lAube et le Loiret Coleoptera Cerambycidae

Haldemann, R., 2003:
Menetus dilatatus Gould, 1841 in the Ems side canal Lower Saxony, Emsland district Gastropoda Basommatophora Planorbidae Menetus dilatatus Gould, 1841 im Ems-Seiten-Kanal Niedersachsen, Landkreis Emsland Gastropoda Basommatophora Planorbidae

Hackenberg, Eva., 1997:
Menetus dilatatus Gould, 1841 in the Liepnitzsee Brandenburg Gastropoda Basommatophora Planorbidae Menetus dilatatus Gould, 1841 im Liepnitzsee Brandenburg Gastropoda Basommatophora Planorbidae

Poell, N.; Ortner, S., 2003:
Menophra abruptaria Thunberg, 1792 Lepidoptera, Geometridae new for upper Austria and Salzburg, Austria Menophra abruptaria Thunberg, 1792 Lepidoptera Geometridae neu fuer Oberoesterreich und Salzburg, Oesterreich

Blochlinger, Hermann., 1998:
Menophra abruptaria Thunberg, 1792 also found in the north-east of Switzerland Lepidoptera, Geometridae Menophra abruptaria Thunberg, 1792 auch in der Nordostschweiz festgestellt Lepidoptera, Geometridae

Viviani, V., 1990:
Mensagens de luz

Fernandez, Diego., 2001:
Mentha spicata mint as a food-plant for different Lepidoptera species in El Lledoner Villirana, Barcelona La menta Mentha spicata un recurso trofico utilizado por una gran diversidad de especies de lepidopteros en El Lledoner Vallirana, Barcelona

Drees, Michael., 1999:
Meotica pallens Redt and M marchica G Ben in south Westphalia Staphylinidae Meotica pallens Redt und M marchica G Ben in Sudwestfalen Staphylinidae

Anonymous., 1977:
Mercenaria mercenaria L a long living invertebrate

Senowbari-Daryan, B.; Dimke, M., 2003:
Mercierella ? dacica Dragastan, a worm tube from the Tithonian of the reef limestone of Sicily and the limestone of the Swabian Alb Mercierella ? dacica Dragastan, eine Wurmroehre aus den tithonischen Riffkalken Siziliens und den Oberen Massenkalken der Schwaebischen Alb

Petit, G.; Ruther, F., 1952:
Mercierella enigmatica Fauvel sur les cotes de la Mediterranee FranYaise Observations sur deux stations nouvelles du littoral des Pyrenees-Orientales

Clanzig, S.; Bertrand, A., 2001:
Mercuria emiliana Paladilhe 1869 in France Mercuria emiliana Paladilhe 1869 en France

Poquet, M.; Bigas, M.; Durfort, M., 1996:
Mercury Hg accumulation and cellular alterations in the digestive gland of experimentally contaminated oysters Ostrea edulis Acumulacion de mercurio Hg y alteraciones celulares en la glandula digestiva de ostras Ostrea edulis contaminadas experimentalmente

Cardellicchio, N.; D.L.o, A.; Ragone, P., 1995:
Mercury accumulation and distribution in tissues and organs of dolphins Stenella coeruleoalba stranded along the Apulia coasts Accumulo e distribuzione del mercurio in tessuti ed organi de delfini Stenella coeruleoalba spiaggiati lungo le coste della Puglia

Cope, WG.; Wiener, JG.; Rada, RG., 1990:
Mercury accumulation in yellow perch in Wisconsin seepage lakes relation to lake characteristics

Falandysz, J.; Wlodarczyk, J.; Piotrowska, M., 1994:
Mercury concentration and distribution in a specimen of little auk Stezenie i dystrybucja rteci w ustroju alczyka Alle alle L

Corkum, AP.; Johnson, DM., 1990:
Mercury concentration in fish from Smith Mountain Lake

Padovani, C.R.; Forsberg, B.R.; Pimentel, T.P., 1996:
Mercury concentrations in fishes of the Madeira River results and recomendations for human consumption Contaminacao mercurial em peixes do Rio Madeira resultados e recomendacoes para consumo humano

Marsico, E.T.ixeira. de Sao Clemente, S.C.rmona.; Santos, N.N.bel. da Silva, Procopio., 1999:
Mercury contamination in fish genus Serrasalmus caught in Corichao River at the country of Pocone, MT - Brazil Contaminacao por mercurio em peixea do genero Serrasalmus colectados no rio Corichao, muicipio de Pocone, MT - Brazil

Vieira, L.M.; Alho, C.J.; Ferreira, G.A., 1996:
Mercury contamination in sediment and in molluscs of Pantanal, Mato Grosso, Brazil Contaminacao por mercurio em sedimento e em moluscos do Pantanal, Mato Grosso, Brasil

Hord, LJ.; Jennings, M.; Brunell, A., 1990:
Mercury contamination of Florida alligators

Jordan, D., 1990:
Mercury contamination another threat to the Florida panther

Nunez Nogeira, G.; Bautista Ordonez, J.; Rosiles Martinez, R., 1998:
Mercury distribution and concentration in tissues of Rhizoprionodon terraenovae shark from the Gulf of Mexico Concentracion y distribucion de mercurio en tejidos del cazon Rhizoprionodon terraenovae del Golfo de Mexico

Weber, M.; Niecke, M.; Gedeon, K.; Meyer, H., 2001:
Mercury in the feathers of the sparrowhawk Accipiter nisus from the Erz Mountains Quecksilber in Federn des Sperbers Accipiter nisus aus dem Erzgebirge

Ferrari, S.; Mela, F.; Pellegrini, D., 2003:
Mercury levels in Mullus barbatus muscle tissue along the northern coast of Tuscany Italy Livelli di mercurio nel tessuto muscolare di Mullus barbatus lungo de coste settentrionali della Toscana

Basilone, G.; Rizzuto, V.; Mazzola, S.; Brai, M.; Tranchina, L.; Cuttitta, A.; Agoglitta, R.; Patti, B.; Bonanno, A.; Sposito, P., 2005:
Mercury levels in anchovy and sardine in the Strait of Sicily Livelli di mercurio in acciughe e sardine nello Stretto di Sicilia

Johnels, A.G.; Edelstam, C.; Olson, H.; Westermark, T., 1968:
Mercury that poisons the environment in Sweden

Barak, N.A.; Mason, C.F., 1990:
Mercury, cadmium and lead concentrations in five species of freshwater fish from eastern England

Storelli, MM.; Ceci, E.; Marcotrigiano, GO., 1997:
Mercury, selenium and methylmercury accumulation in some tissues of Stenella coeruleoalba Meyen, 1833 beached along the Apulian coasts 1992 Accumulo di mercurio, selenio e metilmercurio in alcuni tessuti di Stenella coeruleoalba Meyen, 1833 spiaggiati lungo le coste della Puglia 1992

Buturlin, S.A., 1910:
Mergus squamatus Gould, on Amur

Menzel, Frank., 1997:
Merianina bicornis spec nov - a new midge species from Cuba, with notes on the genus Merianina Frey, 1942 Insecta Diptera Sciaridae Merianina bicornis spec nov - eine neue Trauermucken-Art aus Kuba, nebst einigen Bemerkungen zur Gattung Merianina Frey, 1942 Insecta Diptera Sciaridae

Dhieb, K.; Ghorbel, M.; Bouain, A., 2004:
Meristic and metric characteristics of Pomatomus saltatrix Teleostei, Pomatomidae in the Gulf of Gabes, Tunisia Caracteres meristiques et metriques de Pomatomus saltatrix Teleostei, Pomatomidae dans le Golfe de Gabes, Tunisie

Barbieri, F.; Vercesi, A.; Lavizzari, G.; Bernini, F., 2000:
Meristic and morphological features of the oral disc in the larval stages of Rana latasteiand Rana dalmatina Caratteri meristici e morfologici del disco orale negli stadi larvali di Rana latastei e Rana dalmatina

Ferri, V.; Tessaro, L., 2001:
Meristic characteristics of Coronella girondica Daudin, 1803 in Lombardy Reptilia Serpentes, Colubridae Caratteri meristici di Coronella girondica Daudin, 1803 in Lombardia Reptilia Serpentes, Colubridae

Trabelsi, M.; Faure, E.; Quignard, J-P.; Boussaid, M.; Maamouri, F., 2004:
Meristic characterization of the atherine of the Kerkennah islands Tunisia Caracterisation meristique de latherine des Iles Kerkennah Tunisie

Scherren, Henry., 1904:
Meristic variations in Cancer pagurus and Astaous gammarus

Zakharov, AA.; Chernova, NM., 1990:
Merkurii Sergeevich Gilyarov 1912-1985

Olssen, B., 1977:
Merlin - still a victim of environmental pollution

Bordjan, D., 2002:
Merlin Mali sokol Falco columbarius

Ciglic, Henrik., 2001:
Merlin Sokolic falco columbarius

Bowen, WR.; Hemann, CC.; Johnson, AA.; Good, BH., 1990:
Mermithid nematodes SEM observations comparing hexamethyldisilazane and critical point drying methods

Polozhentzev, P.A., 1955:
Mermithidae Enoplida Dorylaimata in the USSR

Ipatieva, GV., 1972:
Mermithidae Nematoda - parasites of the larvae of Scarabaeidae

Rubtzov, IA., 1976:
Mermithidae Nematoda from the Baikal Lake

Steiner, G., 1923:
Mermithidae collected in Virginia

Rubtsov, IA., 1976:
Mermithidae from Kirgizia

Rubtsov, I.A., 1971:
Mermithidae from Simuliidae in westernEurope

Rubzov, I.A., 1971:
Mermithidae from mosquitoes in western Europe

Gauss, Rudolf., 1996:
Mermithids Nematoda as parasites of Vespinae Mermithiden Nematoda als Parasitoide bei Vespinen

Gafurov, AK., 1997:
Mermithids systematics, biology, phylogeny, practical significance

Rubtzov, IA.; Novitzkaya, SA., 1976:
Mermithids - parasites of blackflies in the Tyumenskii Region

Polozhentzev, P.A.Artyukhovski, A.K., 1958:
Mermithids in the Voronezh districts

Rubtsov, IA., 1972:
Mermitids from the Khubsugul Lake

Delfos, Jan. van Helsdingen, Peter., 2000:
Merodon batumicus, a syrphid fly new to the Dutch fauna Diptera Syrphidae Merodon batumicus, een zweefvlieg nieuw voor de Nederlandse fauna Diptera Syrphidae

Nickol, Martin., 1994:
Merodon equestris var bulborum Diptera Syrphidae in Rhineland-Palatinate Merodon equestris var bulborum Diptera Syrphidae in der Pfalz

Jentzsch, Matthias., 1997:
Merodon rufus MG, 1838 Dipt, Syrphidae in the Neue Gohle nature reserve Merodon rufus MG, 1838 Dipt, Syrphidae im NSG Neue Gohle

Puchkova, LV.; Khodykina, ZS., 1975:
Merogenesis of the chemosensory apparatus of the labial palps of the hypopharynx of insects

van Schayck, Eric., 2000:
Meroleuca Meroleucoides verae, a new species of the subfamily Hemileucinae Lepidoptera Saturniidae from Peru Meroleuca Meroleucoides verae, eine neue Art der Unterfamilie Hemileucinae Lepidoptera Saturniidae aus Peru

Naumann, S.; Meister, F.; Brosch, U., 2006:
Meroleuca thibaudi sp nov, a new species of the Hemileucinae from Peru Lepidoptera, Saturniidae Meroleuca thibaudi sp nov, eine neue Hemileucine aus Peru Lepidoptera, Saturniidae

Fedoseeva, L.I., 1969:
Meromyza larvae

Hemming, F. ., 1943: