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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38410

Chapter 38410 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Kracht, Peter., 1997:
Methods of fish population censusing in a reservoir of the river Main Methoden der Fischbestandserfassung im gestauten Main

Prusevich, NA., 1975:
Methods of forecasting catches of semi migratory species of Coregonus

Cristobo, FJ.; Urgorri, V.; Solorzano, MR.; Rios, P., 1993:
Methods of gathering, study and conservation of Porifera collections Metodos de recogida, estudio y conservacion de las colecciones de poriferos

Aldebert, Y.; Recasens, L., 1996:
Methods of hake stock assessment in the Gulf of Lions Methodes d evaluation du stock de merlu du golfe du Lion

Hausen, Gerhard., 1999:
Methods of hunting birds by the kestrel Methoden der Vogeljagd des Turmfalkens

Serov, N.P., 1956:
Methods of improving the race of carp in lake Balkhash

Gerbilski, N.L., 1957:
Methods of increasing the stock of fish in connection with hydroconstruction

Skahravy, V. ., 1968:
Methods of insect breeding

Likventov, A.V., 1969 :
Methods of insect pest discovery

Laufer, Hubert., 1997:
Methods of investigating amphibian migrations to spawning pools within road construction planning - the common toad Bufo bufo L as a case study Methodik bei Untersuchungen von Amphibienwanderungen zum Laichgewasser im Rahmen von Strassenausbauverfahren - am Beispiel der Erdkrote Bufo bufo L

Veselov, E.A., 1959:
Methods of investigating gas-exchange in fish and aquatic invertebrates Pavlovski, E N Zhadin, V I

Veselov, E.A., 1959:
Methods of investigating osmo-regulation of fishes and aquatic invertebrates

Privolnev, T.I., 1959:
Methods of investigating the development of fish Pavlovski, E N Zhadin, V I

Baldi-Beke, M., 1964:
Methods of investigation of the calcareous nannofossils and their significance

Ginetsinskaya, T.A., 1957:
Methods of investigation of the larval stages of digenetic trematodes

Privolnev, T.I., 1959:
Methods of investigation offish blood Pavlovski, E N Zhadin, V I

Gvozdik, Lumir., 1998:
Methods of keeping the gecko Paroedura pictus Metodika chovu gekona Paroedura pictus

Gvozdik, Lumir., 1998:
Methods of keeping the gecko species Paroedura pictus 2 Metodika chovu gekona Paroedura pictus 2

Abbasov, G.S., 1967 :
Methods of migration of fish fry from spawning place in USSR reservoirs Izv

Koehler, U.; Kayser, A.; Weinhold, U., 2001:
Methods of monitoring presence of the common hamster Cricetus cricetus and recommended time investment Methoden zur Kartierung von Feldhamstern Cricetus cricetus und empfohlener Zeitbedarf

Inogamov, A.B., 1957:
Methods of physiological investigation of leish-manias

Shevtchenko, F.I., 1935:
Methods of preservation of leishmania cultures

Savinski, P.I., 1953:
Methods of preserving form and natural colours of insect larvae, fish and other animals

Kazimirsky, NK., 1972:
Methods of prognosis in the development, reproduction and behaviour of the pest- Eurygaster integriceps Put

Pokrovskii, VS.; Pokrovskii, VS., 1975:
Methods of protecting disappearing species of predatory mammals of the Caucasus

Rybacki, M., 2002:
Methods of protection of amphibian migration routes Metody ochrony szlakow migracji plazow

Pereira Moreira de Sousa,; Beck Eichler, B.; Petrosino, M.; Spadafora Treuherz, A., 1997:
Methods of quantitative sampling and evaluation of marine microphytobenthos and foraminifers Metodos de amostragem e avaliacao quantitativa do microfitobentos e foraminiferos marinhos

Yasseri, A.M.; Parzefall, J., 1997:
Methods of rearing and keeping ant-lions Methoden der Aufzucht und Haltung von Ameisenjungfern

Petrishcheva, P.A.; Olsuf'ev, N.G., 1964:
Methods of staying natural nidality of diseases of man

Arenillas, Ignacio., 2004:
Methods of stratigraphical correlations with microfossils Metodos de correlacion estratigrafica con microfosiles

Bryuzgin, V.L., 1969:
Methods of study of the growth of fishes from scales, bones and otoliths

Stukalina, G.A., 1964:
Methods of studying and collecting fossil remains of sea lily stems

Shcherbak, GI., 1977:
Methods of studying free-living mites Parasitiformes, Gamasoidea

Petrischsheva, P.A.; Olsufev, N.G., 1964:
Methods of studying natural nidality of diseases of man

Babushkin, GM., 1974:
Methods of studying the correlation between ondatra zibethica and the American species

Petrishcheva, P.A.; Olsufev, N.G., 1964:
Methods of studying the natural nidality of diseases of man

Solem, A., 1969:
Methods of subfamily recognition in Pacific Islandendodontid land snails

Khajuria, H., 1975:
Methods of suspension, crawling, swimming and defecation in Indian bats with remarks on possible causes of chiropteran head-downward suspension

Markovskii, B.P., 1966:
Methods of the biofacies analysis

Markovskii, B.P., 1966:
Methods of the biofacies analysis Izd

Veselov, E.A., 1959:
Methods of the investigations of the gas exchange in fish and in the aquatic invertebrates

Virgos, E.; Revilla, E., 2005:
Methods of the study of abundance of badger Meles meles Metodos de estudio de la abundancia del tejon Meles meles

Gogala, A., 1990:
Methods of transporting pollen in bees

Mittleman, M.B., 1963:
Methods of treating infections of reptiles in captivity

Neumeyer, R., 2004:
Methods suggested for a Red List of endangered aculeate Hymenoptera, especially bees Hymenoptera, Apidae in Switzerland Methodischer Vorschlag zu einer Roten Liste der gefaehrdeten Stechimmen, insbesondere Bienen Hymenoptera, Apidae der Schweiz

Tirelli, E.; Tinarelli, R., 1997:
Methods to assess lead poisoning in waterfowl Metodi di indagine per il monitoraggio della contaminazione da piombo nellaviauna acquatica

Malerbo-Souza, D.T.resinha; Charlier, A.; Rossi, M.M.ria de Sene Pinto, A.; Nogueira-Couto, R.H.lena, 2003:
Methods to attract and repel Africanize honey bees Apis mellifera, L, to passion fruit Passiflora edulis flavicarpa flavicarpa Deg Metodos para atrair e repelir a abelha Apis mellifera L em cultura de maracuja amarelo Passiflora edulis flavicarpa flavicarpa Deg

Chancerelle, Yannick., 2000 :
Methods to estimate actual surface areas of scleractinian coral at the colony- and community-scale Methodes destimation des surfaces developpees de coraux scleractiniaires a lechelle dune colonie ou dun peuplement

Grigera, D.; Ubeda, C., 2001:
Methods to evaluate the conservation status of wildlife Una comparacion de tres metodaos para evaluar el estado de conservacion de la fauna silvestre, mediante su aplicacion a un conjunto de memiferos patagonicos

Jaffe, J.J.; Chrin, L.R., 1978:
Methylenetetrahydrofolate dehydrogenase and reductase activity in normal and Brugia pahangi-infected Aedes aegypti

Skrjabin, K.I., 1928:
Metod polnykh gelmintologicheskikh vskriytii pozvonochykh, vklyuchaya cheloveka

Pefaur, Jaime E., 1995:
Metodology of an integral faunistical analysis in the study of an hidrologycal basin Metodologia de un analisis faunistico integral en el estudio de una cuenca hidrografica

Lecoq, Jean-Claude., 1999:
Metoponcus brevicornis Erichson in the Pyrenees Staphylinidae Metoponcus brevicornis Erichson dans les Pyrenees Staphylinidae

Bruers, J.; Viskens, G., 1998:
Metopoplax ditomoides Costa, 1847, a new species for Belgium Heteroptera, Lygaeidae, Oxycareninae Metopoplax ditomoides Costa, 1847 Belgie nieuw sp Heteroptera, Lygaeidae, Oxycareninae

Werneburg, R., 1990:
Metoposaurier Amphibia aus dem Unteren Keuper Obertrias Thuringens

Dauphin, Patrick., 1998:
Metopsia of France Coleoptera, Staphylinidae Les Metopsia de la faune francaise Coleoptera Staphylinidae

H.A., 1900:
Metostracon, a new slug-like genus of dart-bearing Helicidae

Reguant, S., 1990:
Metrarabdotos orisense n sp Bryozoa Cheilostomata Ascophora del Eoceno medio de Vic Barcelona una forma ramosa singular

Derijst, Eddy., 1998:
Metriaclima A new genus name for well-known Malawi cichlids Metriaclima Een nieuwe genusnaam voor gekende Malawicichliden

Puissant, S.; Voisin, J.-Francois., 1999:
Metrioptera Bicolorana bicolor Philippi, 1830, new species for the department of the Pyrenees-Orientales France, its macropterism, comparison with Metrioptera Roeseliana azami Finot, 1892 Orthoptera, Tettigoniidae Metrioptera Bicolorana bicolor Philippi, 1830, espece nouvelle pour les Pyrenees-Orientales, son macropterisme, comparaison avec M Roeseliana azami Finot, 1892 Orthoptera, Tettigoniidae

Schmidt, Gerhard H., 1998:
Metrioptera Vichetia helleri sp n Ensifera, Tettigoniidae from Bulgaria Metrioptera Vichetia helleri sp n Ensifera Tettigoniidae aus Bulgarien

Nel, Jacques., 1995:
Metriotes jaeckhi Baldizzone, 1985, a new species for France, discovered at Mont Ventoux Vaucluse Description of its biology Twenty-third contribution to the knowledge of Coleophoridae Lepidoptera Coleophoridae Metriotes jaeckhi Baldizzone, 1985, espece nouvelle pour la France decouverte au Mont Ventoux Vaucluse Description de sa biologie Vingt-troisieme contribution a la connaissance des Coleophoridae Lepidoptera Coleophoridae

Nicolau-Guillaumet, P.; Bremond-Hoslet, E.; Cuisin, M., 2001:
Metropolitan French ornithological bibliography for the year 1998 Bibliographie dornithologie Francaise metropolitaine annee 1998

Nicolau-Guillaumet, P.; Cuisin, M.; Bremond-Hoslet, E., 2000:
Metropolitan French ornithology bibliography 1997 Bibliographie dornithologie francaise metropolitaine annee 1997

Alla, S.; Malosse, C.; Cassel, S.; Rollin, P.; Frerot, B., 2002:
Mevalonolactone, a volatile compound released by Psammotettix alienus Dhb La mevalonolactone un compose volatil produit par Psammotettix alienus Dhb

Keijman, MCW., 2002:
Mexican adventure Avontuur Mexico

Solorzano Kraemer, M.M.; Rust, J., 2006:
Mexican amber and its inklusions Der Mexikanische Bernstein und seine Einschluesse

Racheli, Luigi., 1994:
Mexican hawkmoths collected by Adolfo Dampf Lepidoptera, Sphingidae Sfingidi raccolti in Messico da Adolfo Dampf Lepidoptera, Sphingidae

Smith, H.M., 1942:
Mexican herpetologioal miscellany 1 Six new species and Bubapeoies of Sceloporua with a redefinition of the formosus group 2 A new horned lizard from Durango 3 A tentative arrangement and key to Mexican Gerrhonotus, with the description of a new race 4 An unnamed Celestus from Mexico, with a key to the mainland speoies of the genus 5 New xantusid lizards 6 The Mexican subspecies of Drymobius margaritiferous 7 Notes on Mexioan Imantodes 8 Two new snakes of the genus Clelia 9, Addi

Ochoterena, I., 1927:
Mexican onchoceroiasis

Artigas Azas, Juan Miguel., 2004:
Mexico - the River Panuco Basin The river Gallinas and its fishes Part 2 Mexico - Rio-Panuco-Becken Der Rio Gallinas und seine Fische Teil 2

Esser, J., 2006:
Meybohmia adanaensis nov gen nov sp - a new cryptophagid beetle genus and species from Turkey Coleoptera, Cryptophagidae Meybohmia adanaensis nov gen nov sp - eine neue Schimmelkaefergattung und -art aus der Tuerkei Coleoptera, Cryptophagidae

Pidoplichenko, I.G., 1977:
Mezhirich dwellings from mammoths bones

Belles, X., 2005:
Mezium affine Boieldieu, 1856 Coleoptera, Ptinidae, a new beetle from the Balearic fauna Mezium affine Boieldieu, 1856 Coleoptera Ptinidae, un coleopter nou per a la fauna balear

Lopez-Colon, Jose Ignacio., 1997:
Mezium affine Boieldieu, 1856 a synanthropic species living in urban habitats Mezium affine Boieldieu, 1856 especie sinantropa y habitante de las viviendas urbanas

Teunissen, APJA., 2001:
Mezium affine, a remarkable observation in a house in Eindhoven Coleoptera Ptinidae Mezium affine, een bijzondere waarneming in een woonhuis te Eindhoven Coleoptera Ptinidae

Muller, Anja., 1999:
Mg/Ca- and Sr/Ca- relationships in biogenic carbonate of planktonic foraminiferans and benthic ostracods Mg/Ca- und Sr/Ca-Verhaltnisse in biogenem Carbonat planktischer Foraminiferen und benthischer Ostracoden

Del Tio, R.; Soria, F.J.; Ocete, M.E.vira., 1995:
Micetangia and stridulatory organ of Platypus cylindrus Fabricius, 1801 Coleoptera Platypodidae Micetangio y aparato estridulador de Platypus cylindrus Fabricius, 1801 Coleoptera Platypodidae

Pritzl, A.G.nnar.; Pedersen, J., 2002:
Michael Hansen 09/20/1956 - 11/26/2000 Michael Hansen 2091956-26112000

Hassler, Michael., 1998:
Michaelsberg Nature and history of the Untergrombach hilltop estate Der Michaelsberg Naturkunde und Geschichte des Untergrombacher Hausbergs

Cailliez, J.-Claude.; Finet, Y., 2000:
Michel Adanson 1727-1806, naturalist and French malacologist, precursor of binomial nomenclature Michel Adanson 1727-1806, naturaliste et malacologue francais, precurseur de la nomenclature binominale

Grenot, Claude., 1995:
Michel Lemire 1943-1995 Laboratory of comparative anatomy National natural history museum 75005 - Paris Michel Lemire 1943-1995 Laboratoire dAnatomie Comparee Museum National dHistoire Naturelle 75005 - Paris

Forest, Jacques., 2004 :
Michele de Saint Laurent 1926-2003 Michele de Saint Laurent 1926-2003

Kushner, H.F., 1955:
Michurins genetics and teaching on animal husbandry

Glushchenko, I.E., 1956:
Michurins teaching abroad

Mikhailov, V., 1955:
Michurins teaching- the basis of modern biology

Bernardelli, A.; Nader, AJ.; Loureiro, J.; Michelis, H.; Debenedetti, R., 1990:
Micobacteriosis en mamiferos y aves marinas

Galetti, M.; Stotz, D., 1996:
Miconia hypoleuca Melastomataceae as keystone species for frugivorous birds in southeastern Brazil Miconia hypoleuca Melastomataceae como especie-chave para aves frugivoras no sudeste do Brasil

Cuartas-Calle, C.A., 2004:
Micoureus alstoni J A Allen, 1900 Didelphimorphia Marmosidae first record from Colombia Micoureus alstoni JA Allen, 1900 Didelphimorphia Marmosidae primer registro para Colombia

Darge, Philippe., 2001:
Micragone morettoi a new orophilous species from west Africa Lepidoptera, Saturniidae Micragone morettoi nouvelle espece orophile de lAfrique de louest Lepidoptera, Saturniidae

Rossa, Robert., 2000:
Micrambe lindbergorum Bruce, 1934 Coleoptera Cryptophagidae - new to the fauna of Poland Micrambe lindbergorum Bruce, 1934 - nowy dla fauny Polski gatunek skrytojadkowatych Coleoptera Cryptophagidae

Simon Benito, J.; Carlos.; Lucianez Sanchez, M.; Jose.; Ruiz Ortega, M., 1996:
Micranurophorus valdelatensis n sp a new species and a first record of the genus for the Iberian Peninsula Collembola, Isotomidae Micranurophorus valdelatensis n sp nueva especie y primera cita para este genero de la Peninsula Iberica Collembola, Isotomidae

Relys, V.; Weiss, I., 1997:
Micrargus alpinus sp n, an additional species of the M herbigradus-group from Austria Arachnida Araneae Linyphiidae Micrargus alpinus sp n, eine weitere Art M herbigradus-Gruppe aus Osterreich Arachnida Araneae Linyphiidae

Costa, J.M.; Lourenco, A.N.; Vieira, L.P., 2002:
Micrathyria pseudhypodidyma sp nov Odonata Libellulidae, with key to the species of the genus which occurr in Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil Micrathyria pseudhypodidyma sp n Odonata Libellulidae, com chave das especies do genero que ocorrem no Estado do Rio de Janeiro

Floquet, M.; Marchand, D.; Sida, B.; Contini, D., 2000:
Micritic sponge mounds and sedimentary discontinuity markers of the carbonate platform of the Basse province in the Upper Aalenian-Lower Bajocian Monticules micritiques a spongiaires et discontinuites sedimentaires marqueurs de lennoiement de la plate-forme carbonatee de Basse Provence a lAalenien superieur-Bajocien inferieur

Gromyko, KV., 1976:
Micro and mesozoobenthos from Annasai and Dalverzin lakes

Gromyko, KV., 1976:
Micro and mesozoobenthos from Karakkum water reservoir

Glaub, Ingrid., 1994:
Micro borings in selected depositional areas of the European Jura and Lower Cretaceous classification palaeoecology Mikrobohrspuren in ausgewahlten Ablagerungsraumen des europaischen Jura und der Unterkreide Klassifikation und Palokologie

Polishchuk, L.N. ., 1968:
Micro- and meso-hypopneuston in the Caspian Sea

Bartholomaus, W.A.; Forster, L., 1998:
Micro-coprolite concentrations in a limestone deposit Konzentrat von Mikro-Koprolithen in einem Serpelkalk-Geschiebe

Kasimova, G.K.K.znetzova, Z.V.; Mikheera, Z.F., 1956:
Micro-fauna of Jurassic deposits in the cross-section of Ulluchai Central Dagestan

Didkovski, B.A., 1950:
Micro-fauna of the Neogene Deposits in the Moldavian Soviet Republic

Shutzkaya, E.K., 1952:
Micro-palaeontological character of the Kutaiso deposits of the lower Palaeogene in the Western Precaucasus

Bogoyavlenski, Y.K.; Balagina, G.M., 1962:
Micro-scopical investigation of cuticula and hypoderma in Nematode Mecistocirrus digitatus Linstow, 1906 Raillet et Henry, 1912

Moscatelli, R., 1991:
Micro-shells in stamps of French Polynesia Micro-shells in stamps of French Polynesia

Bogdanowa, E.A., 1957:
Micro-sporidium Glugea hertwigi Weissenberg in den Stinten des Sees Juli-Jarvi

Curiel, D.; Marzocchi, M.; Scattolin, M., 1998:
Microalgal epiphytes of marine phanerogams in the Venice lagoon Basin of Malamocco Microflora algale epifita di fanerogame marine nella laguna di Venezia Bacino di Malamocco

Montenari, M.; Uhl, D., 2005:
Microanalytical and scanning electron microscopical investigations on the diagenesis of fossil arthropods from contact metamorphous sediments - first results Mikroanalytische und rasterelektronenmikroskopische Untersuchungen zur Taphonomie von Arthropoden in kontaktmetamorphen Sedimenten - Erste Ergebnisse

Laurin, M.; Germain, D.; Steyer, J.; Girondot, M., 2006:
Microanatomical data and the conquest of land by vertebrates Donnees microanatomiques sur la conquete de lenvironnement terrestre par les vertebres

Leal-Zanchet, Ana Maria., 2001:
Microanatomy and histology of the buccal mass of the Limacoidea and Milacidae Mollusca, Gastropoda, Pulmonata Microanatomia e histologia do bulbo bucal dos Limacoidea e Milacidae Mollusca, Gastropoda, Pulmonata

Echeverria, Dinorah D., 1998:
Microanatomy of the buccal apparatus and oral cavity of tadpoles of Bufo fernandezae Gallardo, 1957 Anura, Bufonidae, with comments on the in vivo colour and external anatomy Microanatomia del aparato bucal y de la cavidad oral de la larva de Bufo fernandezae Gallardo, 1957 Anura, Bufonidae, con comentarios acerca de la coloracion in vivo y la anatomia externa

Echeverria, D.D.; Alonso, C.A.; Pillado, M.S.sana.; Ubeda, C.A., 2001:
Microanatomy of the buccal apparatus and the buccopharyngeal cavity of the larvae of Alsodes gargola Gallardo, 1970 Leptodactylidae, Telmatobiinae Microanatomia del aparato bucal y cavidad bucofaringea de la larva de Alsodes gargola Gallardo, 1970 Leptodactylidae, Telmatobiinae

Echeverria, Dinorah Diana., 1998:
Microanatomy of the buccopharyngeal cavity of the larva of three bufonids from Argentina, with comments on the buccal apparatus and intestinal contents Microanatomia de la cavidad bucofaringea de la larva de tres bufonidos de la Argentina, con comentarios acerca del aparato bucal y del contenido intestinal

Gullo, Bettina Sandra., 1994:
Microanatomy of the female gonad in Helobdella triserialis Hirudinea, Glossiphoniidae Microanatomia de la gonada femenina de Helobdella triserialis Hirudinea, Glossiphoniidae

Bulavintsev, VI., 1990:
Microarthropod complexes of Fildes and Ardley Peninsulas and Nelson Island in the system of complex ecological monitoring of the Antarctic

Covarrubias, R.; Toro, H., 1996:
Microarthropods associated to fog dependent vegetation Province Antofagasta, Chile Microartropodos asociados a vegetacion de neblina Provincia de Antofagasta, Chile

Mejia-Ortiz, L.M.; Palacios-Vargas, J.; Cardona, L.; Viccon-Pale, J.A., 1997:
Microarthropods from Gabriel Cave and the Cave del Nacimiento del Rio San Antonio, Oaxaca, Mexico Microartropodos de la Cueva Gabriel y la Cueva del Nacimiento del Rio San Antonio, Oaxaca, Mexico

Mordkovich, VG.; Folitarek, SS., 1991:
Microarthropods, soils and vegetation and the effects of intermittent flooding the Karasukskaya Plain

Cepeda P., J.; Whitford, WG., 1990:
Microartropodos edaficos del Desierto Chihuahuense, al norte de Mexico

Genaro, JA.; Sanchez Alonso, C., 1990:
Microbembex argentifrons Cresson, una especie necrofaga Hymenoptera Sphecidae

Brepohl, D.C.ristine.; Abreu, P.C.sar.; Anesio, A.M.gno B.; Costa, C.S., 1996:
Microbial biomass variability during degradation of the macrophyte Scirpus maritimus var macrostachyus Lam Michx Variacao da biomassa microbiana durante a degradacao da macrofita Scirpus maritimus var macrostachyus Lam Michx

Prins, R.A., 1975:
Microbial digestion in herbivores and metabolism in strictly anaerobic microorganisms in the first stomach

Berman, T., 1990:
Microbial food-webs and nutrient cycling in lakes changing perspectives

Bertoni, R.; Callieri, C., 1997:
Microbial loop and organic carbon in large southern Alpine lakes Il microbial loop e il carbonio organico nei grandi laghi sudalpini

Schweigkofler, W., 2004:
Microbial pathogens of the cockchafer Melolontha spp Mikrobielle Pathogene des Maikaefers Melolontha spp

Marengo, G.; Marengo, S.; Pastoni, F.; Peduzzi, R., 1996:
Microbial recolonization of Lake Orta after liming La ricolonizzazione microbica dell ecosistema Lago d Orta dopo il liming carbonatazione

Moissette, P.; Saint Martin, J.-Paul.; Andre, J.-Pierre.; Pestrea, S., 2002:
Microbialite-bryozoans association in the Messinian of Sicily and Sardinia Lassociation microbialite-bryozoaires dans le Messinien de Sicile et de Sardaigne

Ourribane, M.; Chellai, E.H.ssane.; Zaghbib-Turki, D., 2000:
Microbialites and micro-encrusters role in the reefs lithification examples of the Maghrebian Atlas reefs during the Upper Jurassic Role des microbialites et des micro-encroutants dans la lithification recifale exemples du Jurassique superieur de LAtlas maghrebin Maroc et Tunisie

Stabili, L.; Mercurio, M.; Licciano, M.; Longo, C.; Cavallo, RA.; Giangrande, A.; Corriero, G., 2006:
Microbiological accumulation in Spongia officinalis var adriatica Schmidt Porifera, Demospongiae Accumulo microbiologico in Spongia officinalis var adriatica Schmidt Porifera, Demospongiae

Philippe, R., 1995:
Microbiological control of insects pests Lutte microbiologique contre les insectes ravageurs

Rybchin, V.E., 1970:
Microbiological method of control of weevils

Orlovskaya, E.V., 1970:
Microbiological method used against the gypsy moth

Iriarte Rota, M.M.lagros.; Rengel, A., 1998:
Microbiological quality indicators of oyster Crassostrea rhizophorae and Las Marites lagoon water, Margarita Island, Venezuela Bacterias indicadoras de calidad sanitaria en las ostras de mangle Crassostrea Rhizophorae y en el agua de la Laguna de las Marites, Isla de Margarita, Venezuela

Chourio G., L.; Montiel de M., M., 1997:
Microbiological quality of the clanup Tivela mactroides Guacuco from Cano Sagua, Zulia State Calidad microbiologica de la almeja Tivela mactroides Guacuco, en la playa Cano Sagua, Edo Zulia

Jrovec, O.; Peter, R.; Jra, I.; Petru, M., 1958:
Microbiology of the vagina and trichomoniasis of the genital organs

Zlinska, Adriena., 2000:
Microbiostratigraphic evaluation of samples within the framework of the 13-35 Bysta Au-Ag excavation Mikrobiostratigraficke vyhodnotenie vzoriek v ramci ulohy 13-35 Bysta Au-Ag

Samuel, O., 1962:
Microbiostratigraphic situation in Cretaceous sediments of Klippes-zone in vicinity of Benatina

Higuchi, Y., 1964:
Microbiostratigraphical studies of the gas field in Chiba Prefecture, Japan

Blaicher, J.; Nowak, W., 1963:
Microbiostratigraphy of the Siedliska conglomerates of Siedliska SW of Rzeszow

Henderickx, Hans., 1999:
Microbisium suecicum a new species for the Belgian fauna Arachnida Pseudoscorpiones Microbisium suecicum een nieuwe soort voor de Belgische fauna Arachnida Pseudoscorpiones

Schmidt, Horst., 1993:
Microborings in macrobenthos from the Upper Muschelkalk of SW-Germany Microbohrspuren in Makrobenthonten des Oberen Muschelkalks von SW-Deutschland

Radtke, Gudrun., 1998:
Microborings in molluscan shells from the Early Oligocene lake Sieblos/Rhoen mountains Mikroendolithische Bohrspuren in Gastropoden-Schalen von Sieblos/Rhon Unter-Oligozan

Gnavi, D.; Faimalli, M.; Rialdi, G.; Geraci, S., 2000:
Microcalorimetry and metabolism of Mytilus galloprovincialis Mollusca Bivalvia and Balanus amphitrite Crustacea Cirripedia Microcalorimetria e metabolismo di Mytilus galloprovincialis Mollusca Bivalvia e Balanus amphitrite Crustacea Cirripedia

Canepa, E.; Fraschetti, S.; Geraci, S.; Licciano, M.; Manganelli, M.; Albertelli, G.; Rialdi, G., 1997 :
Microcalorimetry of some invertebrates preliminary characterization of their metabolic activity during different developmental stages Microcalorimetria di alcuni invertebrati caratterizzazione preliminare della loro attivita metabolica durante i diversi stadi di sviluppo

Lourenco, Wilson R., 1996:
Microcharmus hauseri, new species of scorpion from Madagascar Scorpiones, Buthidae Microcharmus hauseri, nouvelle espece de scorpion de Madagascar Scorpiones, Buthidae

Priore, R.; Mancini, D.; Tremblay, E., 1999:
Microchelonus silvestrii Papp and Pholetesor arisba Nixon Hymenoptera Braconidae new records for the Italian fauna Microchelonus silvestrii Papp e Pholetesor arisba Nixon Hymenoptera Braconidae specie nuove per la fauna italiana

Granzotto, Angela., 2001:
Microchemical analysis of Zosterisessor ophiocephauls Pallas otolith Analisi microchimica dellotolite di Zosterisessor ophiocephalus Pallas, 1811

Daverat, F.; Elie, P.; Lahaye, M., 2004:
Microchemistry contribution to a first approach to the diversity of life histories of eels from the lower part of the Gironde-Garonne-Dordogne watershed Premiere caracterisation des histoires de vie des anguilles Anguilla anguilla occupant la zone aval du bassin versant Gironde-Garonne-Dordogne apport dune methode de microchimie

Rasolozaka, Ihary Nirina., 1994:
Microchiroptera Les micro-chiropteres

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