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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38411

Chapter 38411 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Muller, C.; Molenda, R., 1999:
Microclimatic environment and distribution of Coleoptera in the block field ecosystems of Thuringia and adjacent regions Mikroklima und Coleoptera an Blockhalden in Thuringen und angrenzenden Gebieten

Ribeiro Fincatti, C.; Verdade, L.M., 2002:
Microclimatic temperature variation in a greenhouse and its application to growth of caiman young Variacao termica microclimatica em estufa plastica e sua aplicacao para crescimento de filhotes de jacares

Vera, J.A.; Molina, JM.A.uado, R., 2004:
Microcodium calcarenites Majalcoron Formation, Paleocene, Subbetic description, biostratigraphy and significance in the Tertiary of the Betic Cordillera Calcarenitas de Microcodium Formacion Majalcoron, Paleoceno, Subbetico descripcion, bioestratigrafia y significado en el Terciario de la Cordillera Betica

Lewis, JW.; Campell, PR.; Toms, IP., 1990:
Microcomputer-based monitoring of the effect of phenol on electric organ activity in the mormyrid fish Gnathonemus petersi

Rinaldi, Emidio., 2000:
Microconch morphology of the genus Truncatella Risso, 1826 Microconchiglie del genere Truncatella Risso, 1826

Seidl, T.; Goeken, M.; Kesel, A.B., 2001:
Microconfigured wax layers on the insect cuticle an example of multifunctional surface layering Mikrokonfigurierte Wachsauflagen der Insektenkutikula Ein Beispiel multifunktionaler Oberflaechenbeschichtung

Chardez, Didier., 1999:
Microcorycya husvikensis Beyens and Cardez 1996 Rhizopoda Testacea Microcoryciidae A morphological study Microcorycia husvikensis Beyens et Chardez 1996 Rhizopoda Testacea Microcoryciidae Une etude morphologique

Mendoza-Garfias, B.; Perez-Ponce de Leon, G., 1998:
Microcotylids Monogenea Microcotylidae, parasites of marine fish from Chamela Bay, Jalisco, Mexico Microcotilidos Monogenea Microcotylidae parasitos de peces marinos de la Bahia de Chamela, Jalisco, Mexico

Blettler, M.C.; Costa Bonecker, C., 2006:
Microcrustacean biomass estimation in continental aquatic environments Avaliacao da biomassa de microcrustaceos em ambientes aquaticos continentales

Chen Shouzhong., 1990:
Microcrustaceans at the mouth of Tuojiang River

Bork, Dieter., 2004:
Microctenopoma damasi is a particulary attractive labyrinth fish from Africa Der Perlbuschfisch Microctenopoma damasi ist ein besonders attraktiver Labyrinther aus Afrika

Mezali, K., 2004:
Microdistribution of aspidochirotid holothurians in the sea grass bed of Sidi-Fredj peninsular, Algeria Microrepartition des holothuries aspidochirotes au sein de lherbier de posidonies de la presquile de Sidi-Fredj-Algerie

Astabatyan, K.A.; Fanardzhyan, V.V., 1966:
Microelectrode investigation of electrical activity of the neurons in corpus dentatum in the cerebellum of cat

Petkevich, TA., 1973:
Microelements in the liver of commercial fish and squid in the Equatorial Atlantic

Petkevitch, TA., 1973:
Microelements in the liver of some fish of commercial importance and squid of the equatorial Atlantic

Balog, JS., 1997:
Microendoliths of the Capitan Riff Complex New Mexico, USA Mikroendolithen im Capitan Riff Komplex New Mexico, USA

Puchovskii, SV., 1990:
Microevolution as a universal mechanism of biosystem evolution Selectogenesis in biosystem hierarchy

Barragan-Manzo, R.; Diaz-Otero, C., 2004:
Microfacies analysis and micropaleontological data of the Barremian-Aptian transition in Sierra del Rosario, Durango, Mexico Analisis de microfacies y datos micropaleontologicos de la transicion Barremiano-Aptiano en la Sierra del Rosario, Durango, Mexico

Sebbar, A.; Preat, A.; Mamet, B., 2000:
Microfacies and biozonation of a Carboniferous mixed ramp, Tindouf Basin, Algeria Microfacies et biozonation de la rampe mixte carbonifere du Bassin de Tindouf, Algerie

Brunner, Palmira., 1987:
Microfacies and microfossils of the carbonate rocks of the Palaeozoic of San Salvador Patlanoaya, Puebla, Mexico Microfacies y microfosiles de las rocas carbonatadas del paleozoico de San Salvador Patlanoaya, Puebla, Mexico

Mamet, B.; Preat, A., 2005:
Microfacies of a biohermal lens att he Eifelian/Givetien boundary Wellin, southern edge of the Dinant syncline Microfacies dune lentille biohermale a la limite Eifelien/Givetien Wellin, bord sud du synclinorium de Dinant

Berthou, P-Y.; Odin, GS.; Antonescu, E.; Villain, J-M., 2001:
Microfacies of the sediments of the Campanian and Maastrichtian of Tercis les Bains Landes, France Microfacies des sediments du Campanien et du Maastrichtien de Tercis les Bains Landes, France

Bantel, G.; Schweigert, G.; Nose, M.; Schulz, H.-Martin., 1999:
Microfacies, micro- and nannofossils from the Nusplingen lithographic limestone Late Kimmeridgian, Swabian Alb Mikrofazies, Mikro- und Nannofossilien aus dem Nusplinger Plattenkalk Ober-Kimmeridgium, Schwabische Alb

Mestermann, Bernd., 1998:
Microfacies, palaeogeography and event-formation of the crenistria-Horizon Upper Visean, Rhenohercynian Mikrofacies, Palaeogeographie und Eventgenese des crenistria-Horizontes Obervise, Rhenohercynicum

Andreu, B.; Bilotte, M.; Ettachfini, E.M.stafa.; Grambast-Fessard, N., 1996:
Microfauna Foraminifera, Ostracoda and microflora algae, Charophyta of the Upper Albian?-Cenomanian-Turonian in the Essaouira Basin Western High Atlas, Morocco biostratigraphy and palaeoecology Microfaunes foraminiferes, ostracodes et microflores algues, charophytes de lAlbien superieur?-Cenomanien-Turonien du bassin dEssaouira Haut Atlas occidental, Maroc biostratigraphie et paleoecologie

Goffredi, A.; Benedetti, L.; Madoni, P., 1996:
Microfauna analysis and sludge biotic index evaluation of Bergamo activated sludge plant Analisi della microfauna e valutazione dell indice biotico del fango nell impianto di depurazione di Bergamo

Meric, E.; Kerey, I.; Erdal.; Tunoglu, C.; Avsar, N.; Onal, B.; Cagri., 2000:
Microfauna and sedimentalogical features of the Late Quaternery sequence of the Yesilcay area Agva - NE of Istanbul Yesilcay Agva-KD Istanbul yoresi gec kuvaterner istifinin mikrofaunasi ve sedimantolojisi

Khalilov, D.M., 1967:
Microfauna and stratigraphy of Paleogene deposits in Azerbaidjan Part 2 Akademiya Nauk Azerbaidjanskoi SSR

Civis, J. de Porta, J.; Martinell, J., 1979:
Microfauna del mioceno terminal de la Rambla de Arejos Almeria Microfauna del mioceno terminal de la Rambla de Arejos Almeria

Dzodzo-Tomic, R., 1955:
Microfauna from Flysh of the valley river Zeta

Morgiel, J.; Sikora, W., 1963:
Microfauna from the Krosno Beds at Liskowaty near Ustrzyki Dolne

Ionesi, Bica., 1998:
Microfauna from the Ungheni clays coll Th Vascautanu, 1929 Microfaune des argiles dUngheni Coll Th Vascautanu, 1929

Kasimova, G.K.K.tznetzova, Z.V.; Mikheeva, Z.F., 1956:
Microfauna of the Jurassic deposits in the cross-section of Ulluchait Central Dagestan

Didkovsky, V.Y., 1959:
Microfauna of the Lower Sarmatian of the Pre-Black Sea region of western Russia

Jurkiewicz, H., 1962:
Microfauna of the Lower Zechstein in the Galezice area

Venglinskys, I.V., 1956:
Microfauna of the Middle Miocene deposits of the Bereghovsk region of the Far Carpathians province

Didkovsky, VYa., 1962:
Microfauna of the Middle Sarmatian of the Pre-Blaek Sea basin boundary, USSR

Scheibnerova, V., 1961:
Microfauna of the Middle and Upper Cretaceous of the Klippen Belt of West Carpathians in Slovakia

Lyaliovich, S.S.; Markova, L.P., 1961:
Microfauna of the Miocene deposits of the western Kopet-Dag

Ibanez Palacios, G.P.; Bazan, C.A.; Drahg, F.; Carrion, M.H., 2001:
Microfauna of the San Jose Formation Middle Miocene, at Yasyamayo locality, Tucuman, Argentina Microfauna de la Formacion San Jose Mioceno medjo, en Ia localidad de Yasyamayo, Tucuman, Argentina

Kietzke, KK., 1985:
Microfauna of the Tucumcari Shale, Lower Cretaceous of east-central New Mexico Microfauna of the Tucumcari Shale, Lower Cretaceous of east-central New Mexico

Khalilov, D.M.; Tairov, C.A., 1954:
Microfauna of the Turonian deposits in North-eastern Azerbaidzhan

Grozdilova, L.P., 1956 :
Microfauna of the Upper Artinskian deposits of the lower Permian of the Western Urals

Rodriguez Lazaro, J.; Barroso Barcenilla, F.; Martin-Rubio, M., 2003:
Microfaunal analysis of the Cenomanian of Arceniega Navarro-Cantabrian Basin Analisis microfaunistico del Cenomaniense de Arceniega Cuenca Navarro-Cantabra

Geroch, S., 1960:
Microfaunal assemblages from the Cretaceous and Palaeogene Silesian Unit in the Beskid Slaski Mts Western Carpathians

Pishvanova, L.S., 1967:
Microfaunal characterization of Buglov Beds in the Region of the village Buglov in Voiyno-Podolia

Gudina, V.I., 1961:
Microfaunal characterization of Upper Cretaceous Deposits in the Vakh River Basin

Ivanova, L.V., 1962:
Microfaunal complexes from the Galieka series of the Dashava-Zhidachev area in the Forecarpathians

Sagasti, G.; Ballent, S., 2002:
Microfaunal features of a marine transgression the Agrio Formation Lower Cretaceous, Neuquen Basin, Argentina Caracterizacion microfaunistica de una transgresion marina Formacion Agrio Cretacico inferior, Cuenca Neuquina, Argentina

Kisel'man, E.N., 1960:
Microfaunal zone of the Gankinsk suite in lowlying part of western Siberia

Carbonnel, G. de Klasz, I. de Klasz, S.; Horvath, M.; Lang, J.; Oyede, M., 1996:
Microfaunas and depositional environments of the Oligocene levels overlaying the so-called Oligocene unconformity on the on-shore part of the coastal sedimentary basin of the Benin Republic West Africa Microfaunes et milieux de depot des niveaux oligocenes surmontant la discordance oligocene sur la partie terrestre du bassin sedimentaire cotier du Benin Afrique Occidentale

Danilova, A., 1960:
Microfaune des calcaires du Senonien superieur de oitluk-Potok Fruska gora

Siewniak, A., 1964:
Microfaunistic assemblages of the Jurassic from the southern part of the Silesian-Cracow anticlinorium

Stancheva, M., 1959:
Microfaunistic characteristics of the Tortonian in north-western Bulgaria

Samarskaya, L.F., 1970:
Microfaunistic markings of well known Upper Namurian deposits from western Donbass

Neri, F.M.ria.; Fraiha, V.T.ixeira. de Melo,, 1997:
Microfilariae presence in periferic blood of Callicebus personatus nigrifons Spix, 1823, Primates Cebidae collected in faunistic rescue during the building of the Nova Ponte Hydroelectric Station Presenca de microfilarias em sangue periferico de Callicebus personatus nigrifons Spix, 1823, Primates Cebidae, coletados em resgate faunistico durante a construcao da usina hidreletrica Nova Ponte-MG

Tarnogradskij, DA., 1959:
Microflora and microfauna of peats in the Caucasus 8 A sedge-sphagnum lake in the upper reaches of the Balkan river Cherek

da Cruz-Landim, Carminda., 1990:
Microflora from the intestine of Apis mellifera and Melipona quadrifasciata anthidioides, as seen in ultrastructural examination Microflora do intestino de operarias de Apis mellifera e Melipona quadrifasciata anthidioides, conforme detectada pelo exame ultra-estrutural

Dias, Maria Elice Rosa., 1994:
Microfloristic associations of palaeo-valleys from the Itarare Group, Rio Grande do Sul, Permian of Bacia do Parana, Brazil Associacoes microfloristicas dos paleovales do Grupo Itarare no Rio Grande do Sul, Permiano da Bacia do Parana, Brasil

Tzirekidze, LR., 1975:
Microforaminifera of Lower Cretaceous strata in the southern and eastern parts of Dzirul massif

Fukuda, M., 1954:
Microfossili-forous investigations of the Yuraku formation

Pyatiletov, V.G., 1976:
Microfossils Acritarcha from Precambrian and Lower Cambrian deposits from the Nansk fault

Azanza, Beatriz., 2004:
Microfossils and biological classification Los microfosiles y la clasificacion biologica

Rosales Dominguez, M. del Carmen.; Bermudez Santana, J.C.emente.; Aguilar Pena, M., 1994:
Microfossils and lithology of the Rio Suchiapa section, example of Cretaceous carbonate sedimentation of Chiapas sierra Microfosiles y litologia de la seccion Rio Suchiapa ejemplo de sedimentacion carbonatada cretacica de la Sierra de Chiapas

Brotzen, F., 1962:
Microfossils from the Upper Cambrian

Diaz Saravia, Pamela G., 1998:
Microfossils from the Upper Carboniferous of the Precordillera of La Rioja province, Argentina Microfosiles del Carbonico Superior de la precordillera de La Rioja, Argentina

Yin Chongyu., 1990:
Microfossils from the Zhongyicun Member of Yuhucun Formation Lower Cambrian in Jinning, Yunnan Province, China

Ciguel, J.H.; Godoy.; Daemon, R.F.rreira., 1992:
Microfossils of the Vargas Pena Formation, Itacurubi group Parana Basin of the Lower Silurian of eastern Paraguay Os microfosseis da Formacao Vargas Pena, grupo Itacurubi Bacia do Parana siluriano inferior do Paraguai Oriental

Inanc, F.; Beyarslan, A., 1997:
Microgastrinae Hymenoptera Braconidae species collected from some provinces of Gaziantep and Sanliurfa Gaziantep ve Sanliurfa illerinin bazi yorelerinden toplanan Microgastrinae Hymenoptera Braconidae turleri

Ferreira de Oliveira, C.R.mero; Cysneiros Matos, C.H.lena; Cavalcanti da Rocha, C.M.rcia, 2003:
Microgastropoda Caecidae associated with macroalgae Padina gymnospora Kuetzing Sonder and Hypnea musciformis Wulfen Lamouroux in Candeias Beach Jaboatao dos Guararapes, PE Microgastropodes Caecidae associados as macroalgas Padina gymnospora Kuetzing Sonder e Hypnea musciformis Wulfen Lamouroux na praia de Candeias Jaboatao dos Guararapes, PE

Narciso, S.; Prieto-Arcas, A.; Acosta-Balbas, V., 2005:
Microgastropods associated with the natural bank of Arca zebra Swainson, 1833; Mollusca Bivalvia located in Chacopata, Sucre State, Venezuela Microgasteropodos asociados con el banco natural de la pepitona Arca zebra Swainson, 1833; Mollusca Bivalvia ubicado en la localidad de Chacopata, Estado Sucre, Venezuela

Staeck, Wolfgang., 2000:
Microgeophagus altispinosus Haseman, 1911 An overview of current knowledge Mikrogeophagus Mikrogeophagus Mikrogeophagus Mikrogeophagus Mikrogeophagus Mikrogeophagus Mikrogeophagus Mikrogeophagus Mikrogeophagus Mikrogeophagus Mikrogeophagus Mikrogeophagus Mikrogeophagus Mikrogeophagus Mikrogeophagus Mikrogeophagus Mikrogeophagus Mikrogeophagus Mikrogeophagus Mikrogeophagus Mikrogeophagus Mikrogeophagus Mikrogeophagus Mikrogeophagus Mikrogeophagus Mikrogeophagus Mikr

Mayland, Hans J., 1995:
Microgeophagus altispinosus A new variant ? from Mato Grosso in Brazil Microgeophagus altispinosus Eine neue Variante ? aus dem brasilianischen Mato Grosso

Carreon-Palau, L.; Guzman-del Proo, S.A.; Belmar-Perez, J.; Carrillo-Laguna, J.; Herrera-Fragoso, R., 2003:
Microhabitat and associated biota of abalone juveniles, Haliotis fulgens and H corrugata, in Bahia Tortugas, Baja California Sur, Mexico Microhabitat y biota asociada de juveniles de abulon Haliotis fulgens y H corrugata en Bahia Tortugas, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Poletto, F.; Varga Lopes, E.; Hernandes Volpato, G.; Pereira Serafini, P. de Lima Favaro, F., 2004:
Microhabitat characterization and vulnerability of five woodcreeper Dendrocolaptidae species in a forest fragment in northern state of Parana, southern Brazil Caracterizacao do microhabitat e vulnerabilidade de cinco especies de arapacus Aves Dendrocolaptidae e um fragmento florestal do norte do estado do Parana, sul do Brasil

de Lima Favaro, F., 2005:
Microhabitat of Habia rubica Vieillot and Trichothraupis melanops Vieillot Aves, Emberizidae, Thraupinae in an Atlantic Forest, southern Brazil Microhabitat de Habia rubica Vieillot e Trichothraupis melanops Vieillot Aves, Emberizidae, Thraupinae, em uma floresta atlantica do sul do Brasil

Schumacher, Stefanie., 2001:
Microhabitat preferences of benthic foraminifera in South Atlantic Ocean sediments Mikrohabitatansprueche benthischer foraminiferen in Sedimenten des Suedatlantiks

Hauser, H., 2005:
Microhabitat preferences of millipedes and woodlice in beech forest soils Diplopoda, Isopoda Mikrohabitatpraeferenzen von Tausendfuessern und Asseln Diplopoda, Isopoda in Buchenwaldboeden

Elle, Ortwin., 2002:
Microhabitat selection and dispersion suggest interspecific competition between blackcap Sylvia atricapilla and garden warbler S borin in a wood-meadow ecotone Mikrohabitatwahl und Dispersion als Hinweise auf interspezifische Konkurrenz von Moenchsgrasmuecke Sylvia atricapilla und Gartengrasmuecke S borin in einem Wald-Wiesen-Oekoton

Thielen, D.R.; Arends, A.; Segnini, S.; Farinas, M.R., 1997:
Microhabitat selection by Marmosa xerophila Marsupialia Didelphidae in a semiarid ecosystem from northern Venezuela Seleccion del microhabitat por Marmosa xerophila Marsupialia Didelphidae en un ecosistema semiarido del norte de Venezuela

Martinez, Carmen., 1998:
Microhabitat selection by the little bustard Tetrax tetrax during the breeding season Seleccion de microhabitat del sison comun Tetrax tetrax durante la estacion reproductora

Mastrorillo, S.; Dauba, F.; Belaud, A., 1996:
Microhabitat use by minnow, gudgeon and stone loach in three rivers in southwestern France Utilisation des microhabitats par le vairon, le goujon et la loche franche dans trois rivieres du sud-ouest de la France

Ibanez, C.M.; Pardo-Gandarillas, M.; Cecilia; George-Nascimento, M., 2005:
Microhabitat use by the protozoan parasite Aggregata patagonica Sardella, Re Timi, 2000 Apicomplexa Aggregatidae in his definitive host Enteroctopus megalocyathus Gould, 1852 Cephalopoda Octopodidae in southern Chile Uso del microhabitat por el protozoo parasito Aggregata patagonica Sardella, Re Timi, 2000 Apicomplexa Aggregatidae en su hospedador definitivo, el pulp Enteroctopus megalocyathus Could, 1852 Cephalopoda Octopodidae en el sur de Chile

Samietz, Jorg., 1996:
Microhabitat utilization of a grasshopper species on a semiarid calcareous grassland Stenobothrus lineatus Panzer Insecta Caelifera Zur Mikrohabitatnutzung einer Heuschreckenart in Halbtrockenrasen Stenobothrus lineatus Panzer Insecta Caelifera

Passos, F.C.; Alho, C.J., 2001:
Microhabitats importance in prey foraging behavior of black lion tamarin, Leontopithecus chrysopygus Mikan Mammalia, Callitrichidae Importancia de diferentes microhabitats no comportamento de forrageio por presas do mico-leao-preto, Leontopithecus chrysopygus Mikan Mammalia, Callitrichidae

Diz, P.; Frances, G.; Vilas, F., 2001:
Microhabitats of benthic foraminifera in the ria de Vigo amd their use in the paleoecological interpretation Microhabitats de foraminiferos bentonicos en la ria de Vigo y su aplicacion a la interpretacion paleoecologica

Filipjev, N., 1924:
Microheterocera of the Minussinsk district

Ribeiro de Carvalho, A.; Pinto de Mello, R. d'Almeida,, 2003:
Microhimenopteran parasitoids of Chrysomya megacephala found in Brazil Microhimenopteros parasitoides de Chrysomya megacephala

Marchiori, C H., 2006:
Microhimenopterous of Musca domestica L Diptera Muscidae collected in different substrata in Itumbiara, Goias Microimenopteros de Musca domestica L Diptera Muscidae coletados em diferentes substratos em Itumbiara, Goias

Marchiori, C H.; Caldas, ER.; Almeida, KGS., 2002:
Microhimenopterous parasitoids collected in cattle dung in Itumbiara, Goias Microimenopteros parasitoides coletados em fezes bovinas em Itumbiara, Goias

Marchiori, CH., 2002 :
Microhimenopterous parasitoids of Diptera associated with cattle dung collected in Itumbiara and Cachoeira Dourada in Goias Microhimenopteros parasitoides de Diptera associados as fezes de gado bovino coletadas em Itumbiara e Cachoeira Dourada em Goias

Marchiori, C.H., 2002:
Microhimenopterous parasitoids of fllies in cattle dung in Cachoeira Dourada, Goias Microhimemopteros parasitoides de moscas em esterco bovino em Cachoeira Dourada, Goias, Brasil

Marchiori, CH.; Pereira, LA.; Filho, OMS.; Ribeiro, LCS.; Borges, VR.; Arantes, SB., 2003:
Microhimenopterous parasitoids of muscoids dipterous collected from different substrata in a wood area in Itumbiara, Goias, Brazil Microhimenopteros parasitoides de dipteros muscoides coletados em diferentes substratos em area de mata em Itumbiara, Goias

Bello,; Cabrera, M.I.abel., 1999:
Microhistological techniques of Cavender and Hansen in the identification of aquatic insects Uso de la tecnica microhistologica de Cavender y Hansen en la identificacion de insectos acuaticos

Jeffrey, SW.; Garland, CD.; Brown, MR., 1990:
Microlagae in Australian mariculture

Buschmann, Ferenc., 2004:
Microlepidoptera Collection of Matra Museum; Part 2 Limacodidae - Tortricidae A Matra Muzeum molylepke-gyujtemenye II Limacodidae - Tortricidae

Buschmann, Ferenc., 2004:
Microlepidoptera Collection of Matra Museum; Part 3 Choreutidae - Pyralidae A Matra Muzeum molylepke-gyujtemenye III Choreutidae - Pyralidae

Gozmany, Laszlo., 2000:
Microlepidoptera Palaearctica Volume 10 Holcopogonidae Microlepidoptera Palaearctica Zehnter Band Holcopogonidae

Arenberger, Ernst., 2002:
Microlepidoptera Palaearctica Volume 11 Pterophoridae Part 2 Deuterocopinae, Platyptiliinae Trichoptilini, Oxyptilini, Tetraschalini Microlepidoptera Palaearctica Elfter Band Pterophoridae 2 Teilband Deuterocopinae, Platyptiliinae Trichoptilini, Oxyptilini, Tetraschalini

Arenberger, E.; Gaedike, R., 2005:
Microlepidoptera Palaearctica Volume 12 Pterophoridae part 3 Platyptiliinae Platyptiliini Stenoptilia Microlepidoptera Palaearctica Zwoelfter Band Pterophoridae 3 Teilband Platyptiliinae Platyptiliini Stenoptilia

Imre, F., 2002:
Microlepidoptera Pannoniae meridionalis, IV Catalogue of Microlepidoptera fauna from Baranya county Microlepidoptera Pannoniae meridionalis, IV Baranya megye Microlepidoptera faunajanak katalogusa Lepidoptera

Tibatina, I.A., 1976:
Microlepidoptera deciduous forests of western Siberia

Fuldner, Kai., 1996:
Microlepidoptera fauna in northern Schleswig-Holstein Macrolepidopteren-Fauna im nordlichen Schleswig-Holstein

Fazekas, I., 2001:
Microlepidoptera fauna of Somogy county SW Hungary Lepidoptera Microlepidoptera Somogy megye molylepke faunaja Lepidoptera Microlepidoptera

Stuebner, S.; Stuebner, AK., 2003:
Microlepidoptera from the Hessian Rhoen mountains Kleinschmetterlinge aus der Hessischen Rhoen Lep

Nuss, M.; Segerer, A.; Stuebner, A.; Werno, A., 2004:
Microlepidoptera from the Kaiserstuhl in Baden-Wurttemberg Microlepidoptera vom Kaiserstuhl in Baden-Wurttemberg

Huisman, KJ.; Koster, J.C.; Ulenberg, SA., 2005:
Microlepidoptera in Nederland in 2003

Huisman, KJ.; Koster, JC. van Nieukerken, EJ.; Ulenberg, SA., 2003:
Microlepidoptera in The Netherlands in 2000 Microlepidoptera in Nederland in 2000

Huisman, KJ.; Koster, JC. van Nieukerken, EJ.; Ellis, WN., 2007:
Microlepidoptera in The Netherlands in 2005 Microlepidoptera in Nederland in 2005

King, G.E., 2003:
Microlepidoptera in gypsophilas plants in the area around Saragossa, Spain, with some data on their biology Insecta Lepidoptera Los microlepidopteros sobre plantas gipsicolas en los alrededores de Zaragoza, Espana, con algunos datos sobre su biologia Insecta Lepidoptera

Huisman, KJ.; Koster, J.C.; Ulenberg, SA., 2004:
Microlepidoptera in the Netherlands in 2001-2002 Microlepidoptera in Nederland in 2001-2002

Schmid, J., 2006:
Microlepidoptera new for Switzerland from Graubuenden Lepidoptera, Tineidae, Gelechiidae, Oecophoridae, Tortricidae Fuer die Schweiz neue Kleinschmetterlinge aus Graubuenden Lepidoptera, Tineidae, Gelechiidae, Oecophoridae, Tortricidae

Jurivete, U., 2003:
Microlepidoptera new to Estonia in 2002 Uued pisiliblikad Microlepidoptera eesti faunas aastal 2002

Arenberger, E., 1999:
Microlepidoptera of Fuerteventura Canary Islands Insecta Lepidoptera Microlepidoptera von Fuerteventura Kanarische Inseln Insecta Lepidoptera

Requena, Emili., 2001:
Microlepidoptera of the Anoia district Catalonia, NE Spain III and other interesting records Family Tineidae Latreille, 1810 Lepidoptera Microlepidopters de la comarca de lAnoia III i altres citacions interessants Familia Teineidae Latreille, 1810 Lepidoptera

Requena, E., 2003:
Microlepidoptera of the Anoia district Catalonia, NE Spain IV Family Autostichidae, Le Marchand, 1947 Lepidoptera Microlepidopters de la comarca de lAnoia IV Familia Autostichidae, Le Marchand, 1947 Lepidoptera

Troukens, W., 1974:
Microlepidoptera of the west side of Brussels

Mutanen, M.; Kaitila, J.-Pekka.; Itamies, J.; Junnilainen, J.; Mutanen, T.; Saarinen, T.; Sippola, L.; Teriaho, R., 1998:
Microlepidoptera report for 1996 Pikkuperhostiedonannot 1996

Szaboky, Csaba., 2000:
Microlepidoptera species in the Villany Hills, South Hungary A Villanyi-hegyseg molylepkei Microlepidoptera

Kuchlein, JH., 1993:
Microlepidoptera De kleine vlinders

Gorska-Drabik, E.; Gantner, M., 2006:
Microlepidopteran mining leaves of Corylus avellana L and Corylus maxima Mill Cv Purpurea Motyle minujace liscie Corylus avellana L i Corylus maxima Mill Cv Purpurea

Racovitza, E.G., 1929:
Microlistra spinosa ng, n sp, Isopode spheromien cavernicole nouveau de Slovenie

Racovitza, E.G., 1929:
Microlistra spinosissima n sp Isopoda spheromien cavernicole nouveau de Slovenie

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Micromammal diversity and distribution in the humid forest zone connecting the Andringitra-Ranomafana complex, eastern-central Madagascar Diversite et distribution des micro-mammiferes dans les zones de forets humides reliant le complexe Andringitra-Ranomafana au centre-est de Madagascar

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Micromammalia in barn owl and buzzard sp autumn and winter pellets from the Slonsk reserve Gorzow Wlkp province Drobne ssaki w zrzutkach plomykowki Tyto alba Scop, 1769 oraz myszolowow Buteo sp myszolowa zwyczajnego i wlochatego B buteo L, 1758 i B lagopus Pont, 1763 z terenu rezerwatu Slonsk woj gorzowskie w okresie jesieni i zimy

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Micromammals and terrestrial snail from Middle Pliocene deposits of Neudegg Lower Austria Kleinsauger und Landschnecken aus dem Mittel-Pliozan von Neudegg Niederosterreich

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Micromammals from Alero Los Cipreses Los Lagos Department, Neuquen province, Argentina Los micromamiferos del sitio Alero Los Cipreses Departamento de Los Lagos, Provincia de Neuquen, Republica Argentina

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Micromammals from Baume Moula-Guercy Ardeche, France, systematic, biostratigraphy and palaeoecology Etude preliminaire des micromammiferes de la Baume Moula-Guercy a Soyons Ardeche, France Systematique, biostratigraphie et paleoecologie

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Micromammals from barn owl Tyto alba pellets in Macchia di Gattaceca e del Barco Rome, central Italy La componente a micromammiferi nellalimentazione del Barbagianni Tyto alba nella Riserva Naturale Macchia di Gattaceca e del Barco Roma, Italia centrale

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Micromammals from the lower-middle Pleistocene bocendary from Atapuerca Burgos, Spain Biostratigraphycal and evolutive implications Los micromamiferos del transito Pleistoceno inferior-medio de Atapuerca Burgos, Espana Implicaciones bioestratigraficas y evolutivas

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Micromammals from the state forest of Cadino Micromammiferi della Foresta demaniale di Cadino

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Micromammals of the Arroyo Seco 2 site Buenos Aires province, Argentina Their taphonomic and paleoenvironmental implications Micromamiferos del sitio Arroyo Seco 2 provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina Sus implicaciones tafonomicas y paleoambientales

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Micromammals insectivores, bats and rodents of the Babia Gora Massif Drobne ssaki owadozerne, nietoperze i gryzonie Insectivora, Chiroptera, Rodentia masywu Babiej Gory

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Micromorphological study of themusculo cutaneous sac in the nematode Hamatospiculum cylindrica Zeder, 1803

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Micromorphology of the first instar larvae of Calliphora vicina Robineau-Desvoidy, Phormia regina Meigen and Lucilia illustris Meigen Diptera Calliphoridae Mikromorfologia larw pierwszego stadium Calliphora vicina Robineau-Desvoidy, Phormia regina Meigen i Lucilla illustris Meigen Diptera Calliphoridae

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Micromorphology of the heart tissues in hexagrammids normally and after invasion by Ichthyocotylurus erraticus metacercariae

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Micromorphology of the ovipositor in Hymenoptera and evolution from phytophagous Symphyta to parasitoids Apocrita Micromorphologie de lovipositeur des hymenopteres et evolution des symphytes phytophages aux apocrites parasitoides

Parent, G.; Breton, G.; Reboux, G., 2001:
Micromorphology of the radula of twenty-three species of opisthobranchs Mollusca, Gastropoda from Cerbere and Banyuls Pyrenees-Orientales, France a SEM atlas Micromorphologie radulaire de vingt-trois especes dopisthobranches Mollusca, Gastropoda de la region de Cerbere-Banyuls Pyrenees-Orientales, France un atlas MEB

Ragni, B.; Chiappini, MM., 2001:
Micromys minutus Mammalia, Rodentia in Trasimeno Lake Italy, Umbria Micromys minutus Mammalia, Rodentia nel Lago Trasimeno Italia, Umbria

Manganelli, G.; Pezzo, F.; Piazzini, S., 2002:
Micromys minutus Mammalia, Rodentia, Muridae from the lakes of Chiusi and Montepulciano Tuscany - Umbria Micromys minutus Mammalia, Rodentia, Muridae nel comprensorio dei laghi di Chiusi e di Montepulciano Toscana-Umbria

Aukema, B. van Maanen, B.; Hermes, DJ.; Zeinstra, P.J., 2000:
Micronecta griseola new to the Dutch fauna Heteroptera Corixidae Micronecta griseola nieuw voor de Nederlandse fauna Heteroptera Corixidae

Couteyen, S., 2006:
Micronecta praetermissa Poisson, 1938 Heteroptera Corixidae, a new species from Reunion island Micronecta praetermissa Poisson, 1938 Heteroptera Corixidae, espece nouvelle pour lile de la Reunion

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Micronektonic biomass in the North Atlantic

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Micronema intermedia sp nova Nematoda; Paragrolaimidae

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Micronewsomites and Decoranewsomites, two new Devonian ostracod genera Micronewsomites et Decoranewsomites, deux nouveaux genres dostracodes devoniens

Kriss, A.E.; Assman, A.V., 1955:
Microorganisms as fish-food

Assman, A.V., 1957:
Microorganisms as source of vitamins in food of fish fry

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