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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38412

Chapter 38412 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Zoellmer, Anja., 2004:
Microorganisms in anthraquinone containing eggs of chrysomelid beetle Galeruca tanaceti Mikroorganismen in den anthrachinonhaltigen Eiern des Blattkaefers Galeruca tanaceti Chrysomelidae

Tauscher, Manfred., 2006:
Microorganisms on carbolated lime mounds Mikroorganismen auf Carbokalk-Anhaeufungen

Herrig, Ekkehard., 1998:
Microostracods Cytheracea of the Upper Maastrichtian from the Baltic Sea area Danish-Polish area Mikroostrakoden Cytheracea des Ober-Maastrichtium aus dem Ostsee-Raum Danisch-Polnische Furche

Bielecka, W.; Styk, O., 1964:
Micropalaeontological Upper Jurassic stratigraphy in the Kcynia I, II and IV bore-holes

Schaefer, P.; Kuhn, W., 2004:
Micropalaeontological and lithological differentiation criteria between the Upper Rupelian clay = Rosenberg subformation and the Schleichsand = Stadeck Formation in the Rupelian Tertiary of the Mainz Basin Mikropalaeontologische and lithologische Abgrenzungskriterien zwischen Oberem Rupelton = Rosenberg-Subformation und Schleichsand = Stadecken-Formation im Rupelium Tertiaer des Mainzer Beckens

Khasina, G1., 1972:
Micropalaeontological characteristics of the Khuratagsk horizon

Wank, Max., 2006:
Micropalaeontological notes to the exploratory shaft Paierdorf and to the rock dump Mitterpichling Koralm Tunnel, Lavanttal, Carinthia Mikropalaeontologische Anmerkungen zum Erkundungsschacht Paierdorf und zur Gesteinsdeponie Mitterpichling Koralmtunnel, Lavanttal, Kaernten

Gawor-Biedowa, E.; Witwicka, E., 1960:
Micropalaeontological stratigraphy of Upper Albian and Upper Cretaceous in Poland excluding the Carpathians

Styk, O., 1990:
Micropalaeontological stratigraphy of the Roethian and Lower Muschelkalk deposits in south western Poland

Azeredo, Ana C., 1999:
Micropalaeontological studies on Middle Jurassic carbonate successions from the Lusitanian Basin Portugal Etudes micropaleontologiques dans les series carbonatees du Jurassique moyen du Bassin Lusitanien Portugal

Pazdrowa, O., 1960:
Micropalaeontologieal characteristic of Vesulian and Bathonian of Polish Lowland

Sztejn, J., 1960:
Micropalaeontologieal stratigraphy of the Lower Cretaceous in Poland excluding the Carpathians

Bartels, A., 1968:
Micropalaeontology and stratigraphy of the Cretaceous-Tertiary section in Huantrai-co Neuquen Province Ostracoda part I Cytherellidae, Bairdiidae, Pontocypridinae, Buntoniinae and Trachyleberidinae

Perez Cruz, L.L.; Gonzalez Lara, J.C.; Gomez Ponce, J.A., 1995:
Micropalaeontology of the Oligo-Miocene sections of the south east of Mexico chronostratigraphical and paleobathymetric implications Micropaleontologia de tres secciones Oligo-Miocenicas del sureste de Mexico implicaciones cronoestratigraficas y paleobatimetricas

Colom, G., 1965:
Micropalaeontology of the Spanish Sahara

Schlagintweit, F.; Gawlick, H.-Juergen.; Lein, R., 2005:
Micropalaeontology und biostratigraphy of the Plassen carbonate platform of the type locality Upper Jurassic to Lower Cretaceous, Salzkammergut, Austria Mikropalaeontologie und Biostratigraphie der Plassen-Karbonatplattform der Typlokalitaet Ober-Jura bis Unter-Kreide, Salzkammergut, Oesterreich

Molina, Eustoquio ., 2004:
Micropalaeontology 2nd edition Micropaleontologia 2a edicion Micropaleontologia 2a edicion Micropaleontologia 2a edicion Micropaleontologia 2a edicion Micropaleontologia 2a edicion Micropaleontologia 2a edicion Micropaleontologia 2a edicion Micropaleontologia 2a edicion Micropaleontologia 2a edicion Micropaleontologia 2a edicion Micropaleontologia 2a edicion Micropaleontologia 2a edicion Micropaleontologia 2a edicion Micropaleontologia 2a edicion Micr

Naydin, DP.; Kopaevich, LF.; Moskvin, MM.; Shimanskaya, NV.; Kalinichenko, GP.; Andreev, YuN., 1990:
Micropaleontologic characteristic of the Maastrichtian and Danian in the continuous sections of Mangyshlak

Naidin, DP.; Kopaevich, LF.; Moskvin, MM.; Shimanskaya, NV.; Kalinichenko, GP.; Andreev, YuN., 1990:
Micropaleontologic characteristics of the Maastrichtian and Danian in the Mangyshlaks uninterrupted sections

Pascual, A.; Pujos, M., 1996:
Micropaleontological analysis of the Holocene sediment of the Guianas continental shelf paleoceanography interpretation Analisis micropaleontologico del sedimento Holoceno de la plataforma de la Guayanas interpretacion paleoceanografica

N'da, V.; Saint-Marc, P. de Klasz, I.; Tokpa,, 1995:
Micropaleontological data on the Cretaceous-Tertiary boundary of the Ivory Coast Donnees micropaleontologiques sur le passage Cretace-Tertiaire de Cote dIvoire

Lozano-Garcia, S.; Carreno, AL., 1987:
Micropaleontological indicators of climatic and lacustrine conditions of the Mexican basin former Texcoco lake Indicadores micropaleontologicos de condiciones climaticas y lacustres de la cuenca de Mexico ex-lago de Texcoco

Bossio, A.; Foresi, LM.; Mazzanti, R.; Mazzei, R.; Salvatorini, G., 1998:
Micropaleontological notes on the Miocene succession of Morra Stream and on the Pliocene succession of Tora and Fine rivers basin Leghorn and Pisa provinces Note micropaleontologiche sulla successione Miocenica del torrente Morra e su quella Pliocenica del Bacino dei Fiumi Tora e Fine Provincie di Livorno e Pisa

Marengo, H.Guillermo, 2000 :
Micropaleontological outlines of the Entrerriense-Paranense transgression beds in the Chaco-Paranense basin and the northwest Argentina Rasgo micropaleontologicos de los depostios de la transgresion Entrerriense-Paranense en la cuenca Chaco-Paranense y Noroeste Argentino

Ruzicka, B.; Benes, S.K., 1952:
Micropaleontological research in the Torton of Svinov

Santos Fidalgo, L.; Bao Casal, R.; Jalut, G., 1993:
Micropaleontological study of an Holocene coastal peat in the Ria de Ares A Coruna, Espana Estudio micropaleontologico de una turbera litoral holocena en la Ria de Ares A Coruna, Espana

Sutone Szentai, Maria., 1997:
Micropaleontological type material of Natural History Collection at Komlo A Komloi Termeszettudomanyi Gyujtemeny mikropaleontologiai tipus-anyaga

Hanzlikova, E., 1953:
Micropaleontological-stratigraphical evaluation of the bore Zukov NP 15

Huang, T., 1959:
Micropaleontologieal investigation of the western part of Tseugwen-chi section, Tainan, Taiwan

Pascual, A.; Rodriguez-Lazaro, J., 1996:
Micropaleontology of Holocene deposits from the Ria of Gernika Bay of Biscay Micropaleontologia en materiales holocenos de la Ria de Gernika Golfo de Vizcaya

Bouaouda, Mohammed., 2002:
Micropaleontology of the carbonate platform of the Bathonian-Oxfordian of Imi-NTanout and the occidental Jbilet regions Morocco A biozonation tentative Micropaleontologie de la plate-forme du Bathonien-Oxfordien des regions dImi-NTanout et du Jbilet occidental Maroc, Essai de biozonation

Molina, E.; Arenillas, JI.; Arz, JA.; Diaz, C.; Garcia, D.; Melendez, A.; Rojas, R., 2002:
Micropaleontology, chronostratigraphy and sedimentology of the Cretaceous/Tertiary boundary in NW Cuba Micropaleontologia, Cronoestratigrafia y Sedimentologia del limite Cretacico/Terciario en el NO de Cuba

Kapp, Andreas., 2003:
Micropeplus latus Hampe, 1861 - found in Austria Staphylinidae Micropeplus latus Hampe, 1861 - in Oesterreich Staphylinidae

Drees, Michael., 2003:
Micropezidae and Tanypezidae faunistics of the Hagen area Diptera Zur Faunistik der Stelzenfliegen im Raum Hagen Diptera Micropezidae et Tanypezidae

Vences, M.; Kniel, C., 1998:
Microphagous and myrmecophagous specialization in frogs of the genus Mantella Mikrophage und myrmecophage Ernahrungsspezialisierung bei madagassischen Giftfroschen der Gattung Mantella

Deblock, S.; Canaris, A.G.; Kinsella, J.M., 2004:
Microphallidae Digenea from southern Africa Parasites of Charadrii Aves Second note Microphallidae Digenea dAfrique du Sud, parasites de Charadrii Aves Seconde note

Kinsella, M.; Deblock, S., 1997:
Microphallidae Travassos, 1920 Trematoda 50 Testiculoporus cedarkeyensis n g, n sp and Endocotyle bushi n sp, parasites of a Catoptrophorus Aves from the USA Microphallidae Travassos, 1920 Trematoda 50 Testiculoporus cedarkeyensis n g, n sp et Endocotyle bushi n sp, parasites dun Catoptrophorus Aves des Etats-Unis

Deblock, S.; Canaris, AG., 1996:
Microphallidae, Trematoda 48 - Four Maritrema of the eroliae group, parasites of Australian birds Microphallidae, Trematoda 48 - Quatre Maritrema du groupe eroliae parasites doiseaux australiens

Zompro, Oliver., 1999:
Microphasma, a new phasmid genus from Sri Lanka Phasmatodea Pachymorphinae Microphasma, eine neue Stabsrecken-Gattung aus Sri Lanka Phasmatodea Pachymorphinae

Zinkl, G.M.; Maier, L.; Studer, K.; Sapp, R.; Chen, D.M.; Stark, W.S., 1990:
Microphotometric, ultrastructural, and electrophysiological analyses of light-dependent processes on visual receptors in white-eyed wild-type and norpA (no receptor potential) mutant Drosophila

Janak, Jiri., 2005:
Microphthalmous species of the genus Lathrobium from Bulgaria Mikrophthalme Lathrobium-Arten Coleoptera Staphylinidae aus Bulgarien

Koshtoyantz, H.S.; Kader-Stepanova, I.A.S.idlovski, V.A., 1948:
Microphysiological investigation on the occurrence of calcium ions in the heart during the irritation of the sympathetic nerves

Poulickova, A.; Hanel, L.; Pesout, P., 2000:
Microphytobenthos and macrozoobenthos of several localities with occurrence of the brook lamprey Lampetra planeri in the Sumava region southern Bohemia Mikrofytobentos a makrozoobentos lokalit s vyskytem mihule potocni Lampetra planeri na Sumave

Welker, C., 1998:
Microphytobenthos as food source for the clam Tapes philippinarum in natural environment Lagoon of Marano, northern Adriatic Sea Microfitobenthos quale componente della dieta di Tapes philippinarum in ambiente naturale Laguna di Marano, alto Adriatico

Ilina, VI.; Kulkova, IA.; Lebedeva, NK., 1994:
Microphytofossils and detailed stratigraphy of marine Mesozoic and Cenozoic of Siberia Mikrofitofossilii i detalnaya stratigrafiya morskogo Mezozoya i Kainozoya Sibiri

do Nascimento Feitosa, Fernando Antonio. da Silva Cunha, Maria da Gloria Goncalves. de Sousa Branco, Elisangela., 2005:
Microphytoplankton compostion in Barra das Jangadas estuarine system, Jaboatao dos Guararapes, Pernambuco Statem , Brazil Composicao do microfitplancton no sistema estuarino de Barra das Jangadas Jaboatao dos Guararapes - Pernambuco - Brasil

Sarjeant, W.A.S., 1960:
Microplaiikton from the Corallian rooks of Yorkshire

Meunier, A., 1919:
Microplancton de la Mer Flamande 4 Les Tintinnides et caetera

Fernandes, L.F.; Brandini, F.P., 1999:
Microplankton communities in the southwestern Atlantic Ocean biomass and distribution in November/1992 Comunidades microplanctonicas no Oceano Atlantico Sul Ocidental biomassa e distribuicao em novembro de 1992

Lukasenko, N.P., 1960:
Microprecipitation on larvae of Trichinella spiralis in vitro as a method of vital diag-nostics of trichinellosis in swine

Witte, Kai-Erik., 2001:
Microrasbora nana Kottelat Witte, 1999 Cyprinidae Portrait of the annual slide edition - picture number 2000/11 Microrasbora nana Kottelat Witte, 1999 Cyprinidae Portraet zur Dia-Jahresgabe - Bildnummer 2000/11

Pelagatti, O., 1990:
Microrganismi appartenenti al genere Bacillus spp isolati da insetti 2 contributo

Kral, Pavel., 2002:
Microsatelite DNA analysis in Somali wild and domestic asses Analyza mikrosatelitni DNA oslu somalskych a domacich

Chapuisat, M.; Cherix, D., 1994:
Microsatellites and genetic structure in a red wood ant, Formica lugubris Microsatellites et structure genetique chez une fourmi des bois, Formica lugubris

Solignac, M.; Baylac, M.; Cornuet, J.-Marie., 1997:
Microsatellites and microsystematics Microsatellites et microsystematique

Gonzalez, E G., 2003:
Microsatellites application to biodiversity conservation Microsatelites sus aplicaciones en la conservacion de la biodiversidad

Sturm, Robert., 2006:
Microscopic analysis of the insect abdomen by example of the Australian cricket Teleogryllus commodus Mikroskopische analyse des Insektenabdomens am Beispiel der australischen Feldgrille Teleogryllus commodus

Fiedler, K.; Lieder, J., 1994:
Microscopic anatomy of invertebrates a colour atlas Mikroskopische Anatomie der Wirbellosen ein Farbatlas

Pereira, M.E.isa. da Silveira, A.F.rreira.; Silveira, S.O.iveira., 2002:
Microscopic aspects from howler monkeys Alouatta fusca clamitans esophagus Aspectos microscopicos do esofago do bugio ruivo Alouatta fusca clamitans

Pereira, M.E.isa da Silveira, A.F.rreira; Silveira, S.O.iveira, 2002:
Microscopic aspects from howler monkeys Alouatta fusca clamitans lip Aspectos microscopicos do labio do bugio ruivo Alouatta fusca clamitans

Koc, N.Deniz, 2006:
Microscopic features of horse mackerel Trachurus mediterraneus Steindachner, 1868 ovary Sarikuyruk istavrit Trachurus mediterraneus Steindachner, 1868 Ovaryumunun mikroskopik ozellikleri

Jacob, Wolfgang., 2000:
Microscopic growth rarities of a Masurian lake - periphyton studies Mikroskopische Aufwuchs-Raritaten aus einem masurischen See - Periphyton-Untersuchungen

Savas, E.; Timur, M., 2006:
Microscopic investigation of embryologic and larval development on the street sweeper Corydoras paleatus, Jenyns 1842 Copcu baliklarinda Corydoras paleatus, Jenyns 1842 embriyolojik ve larval gelisimin mikroskobik incelenmesi

Hoc, Siegfried., 2005:
Microscopic studies on freshwater and marine sponges Porifera Mikroskopische Studien an Suess- und Meerwasserschwaemmen Porifera

Hoc, Siegfried., 2006:
Microscopic studies on the tracheal system of insects Mikroskopische Studien am Tracheensystem von Insekten

Babotchkina, G.A., 1949:
Microscopical observations in vivo on Pelmatohydra oligactis

Guenkel, N.Gregor, 2005:
Microscopical societies and associations organize scientific life Mikroskopische Gesellschaften und Vereinigungen organisieren das wissenschaftliche Leben

Ricciardelli D'Albore, G.; Quaranta, M.; Pinzauti, M., 1994:
Microscopical study of the dietary habits of Osmia rufa cornigera Rossi, in Umbria Studio microscopico della dieta di Osmia rufa cornigera Rossi, in Umbria

Clausing, Andreas., 1998:
Microscopid organic study of Lake Enspel sediments Upper Oligocene, Westerwald area, Germany Mikro-organofazielle Studien an Sedimenten des Enspel-Sees Oberoligozan, Westerwald, Deutschland

Abstracts., 1998:
Microscopy meeting 98, Strasbourg-Illkirch, 01-03 July 1998 Biology resumes Trinoculaire 98 des Microscopies, Strasbourg-Illkirch, 01-03 juillet 1998 Resumes de biologie

Duverger, Christian., 1997:
Microserangium coconiensis n sp Coleoptera Coccinellidae from Mayotte island Microserangium coconiensis n sp Coleoptera Coccinellidae de lile de Mayotte

Ode, H., 1990:
Microshell collecting among bald eagles

Deblock, S.; Vaucher, C., 1997:
Microsomacanthus kaulobatroni n sp and Wardium neotropicale n sp parasites of Himantopus melanurus in Paraguay Microsomacanthus kaulobatroni n sp et Wardium neotropicale n sp parasites dHimantopus melanurus du Paraguay

Rizhikov, K.M., 1962:
Microsomacanthus melanittae n sp of cestode occurring in Melanitta deglandi

Micieli, M.V.; Garcia, J.J., 1997:
Microspora parasitism on three mosquito species Diptera Culicidae from Argentina Parasitismo por microsporidios Microspora en tres especies de mosquitos Diptera Culicidae de la Argentina

Bykova, HI.; Issi, IV., 1991 :
Microsporidia - horsefly parasites

Levchenko, NG.; Issi, IV., 1974:
Microsporidia of blood sucking Diptera

Mathis, A.; Deplazes, P.; Weber, R., 2002:
Microsporidia intracellular eukaryotes and opportunistic pathogens Mikrosporidien intrazellulaere Eukaryoten und opportunistische Krankheitserreger

Vivares, Christian P., 1999:
Microsporidia new perspectives on these curious parasites Les microsporidies un regain d interet pour ces curieux parasites

Guerrera, MC.; Triglia, F.; Navarra, E.; Marino, F.;, G., 2005:
Microsporidian infection in marine teleosts reared at the civic aquarium of Messina Infezione da micorsporidi in teleostei marini dellacquario comunale di Messina

Ruiz-Sanchez, D.; Sanchez-Vega, JT.; Tay, J., 1996:
Microsporidiosis current status of a new parasitosis Microsporidiosis estado actual de una nueva parasitosis

Goreglyad, K.S., 1962:
Microsporosis Plistophorosis of pond carp Plistophores, Cyprini

Ozegovic, L.; Krilic, M.; Ozegovic, T.; Veljo, V., 1990:
Microsporosis in rabbits caused by Microsporum canis in Jugoslavia

Gon, O., 1990:

Sabussow, H., 1894:
Microstomidae, O Schm, okrestnosti gh Kazani

Schiller, Wolfgang., 2000 :
Microstratigraphical investigations of drill core Enspel 1991 2 with special consideration of siliceus microfossils Fernstratigraphische Untersuchungen der Kernbohrung Enspel 1991 2 unter besonderer Beruecksichtigung der kieseligen Mikrofossilien

Marquez-Aliaga, A.; Martinez del Alamo, V., 1991:
Microstructural aspects of foliated Triassic bivalves Aspectos microestructurales de bivalvos triasicos foliares

Marquez-Aliaga, A.; Martinez del Alamo, V., 1991:
Microstructural aspects of prismatic Triassic bivalves Aspectos microestructurales de bivalvos triasicos prismaticos

Regidor-Higuera, I.; Garcia-Garmilla, F.; Zuluaga, MC.; Elorza, J., 2003:
Microstructural geochemistry of Praeradiolites ciryi Hippuritacea, Bivalvia, Upper Cretaceous of Gredilla de Sedano, northern Burgos, Spain Geoquimica microestructural en Praeradiolites ciryi Hippuritacea, Bivalvia, Cretacico Superior de Gredilla de Sedano, Norte de Burgos, Espana

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