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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38413

Chapter 38413 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Abelova, M., 2006:
Microstructure analysis of Mammuthus primigenius Blumenbach, 1803 tusks Analyza mikrostruktur klov druhu Mammuthus primigenius Blumenbach, 1803

Higuera-Ruiz, R.; Elorza, J., 2006:
Microstructure and cements in the oyster Crassostrea sp of the Upper Albian-Lower Cenomanian Somocuevas beach, Cantabria geochemical trends and luminescence Microestructura y cementos en Crassostrea sp del Albiense superior-Cenomaniense inferior Playa de Somocuevas, Cantabria Perfiles geoquimicos y luminiscencia

Miletic, M.; Bottos, P.; Pizzui, E.; Lenaz, D., 1999:
Microstructure and cristalline composition in otolithos of Esox lucius Linnaeus, 1758 Osteichthyes, Esocidae, Cyprinus carpio Linnaeus, 1758 Osteichthyes, Cyprinidae, e Tinca tinca Linnaeus, 1758 Osteichthyes, Cyprinidae in freshwaters of lower Friulan plane Microstruttura e composizione cristallina degli otoliti in Esox lucius Linnaeus, 1758 Osteichthyes, Esocidae, Cyprinus carpio Linnaeus, 1758 Osteichthyes, Cyprinidae, e Tinca tinca Linnaeus, 1758 Os

Kolodziej, Boguslaw., 1995:
Microstructure and taxonomy of Amphiastraeina Scleractinia Mikrostruktura i taksonomia Amphiastraeina Scleractinia

D.S.ntis, L.; Moreira, G.J., 2001:
Microstructure of incisor enamel of some species of the tribe Phyllotini Rodentia Sigmodontinae Microestructura del esmalte de los incisivos en algunas especies de la tribu Phyllotini Rodentia Sigmodontinae

Calamante, C.; Alvarez, B.B., 2003:
Microstructure of the epidermal scales in five taxa of gymnophtalmid lizards from Argentina Microestructura de las escamas epidermicas encinco especies de Gymnophthalmidae de Argentina

Kolensnikov, ChM., 1976 :
Microstructure of the exoskeletons of Mesozoic limnetic molluscs and questions on phylogeny

Krasheninnikov, V.A., 1956:
Microstructure of the wall in some Kainozoic foraminifera and the methods of study in polarised light

Barskov, I.S.; Kiyashko, S.I.; Dauphin, Y.; Denis, A., 1997:
Microstructures of calcitic and aragonitic parts of rostra of Goniocamax Cephalopoda, Belemnitida, from the Turonian of Northern Siberia Microstructures des zones calcitiques et aragonitiques des rostres de Goniocamax Cephalopoda, Belemnitida, du Turonien de Siberie du Nord

Dauphin, Y.; Pickford, M.; Senut, B., 1996:
Microstructures of fossil avian eggshells from Namibia Microstructures des coquilles doeufs doiseaux fossiles de Namibie

Dzhaush, R.; Evgeneva, TP.; Lebedev, IG.; Ilichev, VD., 1990:
Microstructures of the birds podotheka surface Columbiformes, Charadriiformes, Anseriformes, Falconiformes

Higuera-Ruiz, R.; Elorza, J., 2006:
Microstructures, luminescence and geochemical behaviour in Crassostrea sp of the Zufia Formation, Navarra Upper Albian-Lower Cenomanian Part 1 Microestructuras, luminiscencia y geoquimica en Crassostrea sp de la Formacion Zufia, Navarra Albiense superior-Cenomaniense inferior Parte I

Krasheninnikov, V.A., 1960:
Microstrueture of septae of Miocene Discorbidae and Rotalia

Mangeaud, Arnaldo., 1995:
Microsuccesion of insects in Rio Dulce wetlands Cordoba, Argentina Microsucesion de insectos en los banados del rio Dulce Cordoba, Argentina

Makhotin, A.A., 1955:
Microsurgical scissors in morphological and experimental work on insects

Reiss, Friedrich., 1997 :
Microtendipes schuecki, a new species of the numerosus group from Thailand Insecta, Diptera, Chironomidae Microtendipes schuecki, eine neue Art der numerosus-Gruppe aus Thailand Insecta, Diptera, Chironomidae

Nesin, VA.; Rekovets, LI., 1993:
Microtheriofauna of the Pliocene locations Shirokino and Obukhovka Mikroteriofauna Pliotsenovykh mestonakhozhdenii Shirokino i Obukhovka

Mambyanga Mokoma, G.; Devos, L.; Cardona, L., 1999:
Microthrissa congica Osteichthyes Clupeidae diet in the upper Congo river basin Africa Alimentacion de Microthrissa congica Osteichthyes Clupeidae en la cuenca alta del rio Congo Africa

Skorik, AF., 1974:
Microtine voles of the genus Villanyla from Late Pliocene deposits of the south of the Ukraine

Minieri, M.R.saria.; Palombo, M.R.ta.; Scarano, M., 1995:
Microtus Tyrrhenicola henseli Major, 1882 from the Late Pleistocene of Cava Alabastro Oreris island; Iglesias; south western Sardinia Microtus Tyrrhenicola henseli Major, 1882 del Pleistocene superiore di Cava Alabastro Is Oreris; Iglesias; Sardegna sudoccidentale

Pyastolova, OA., 1971:
Microtus oeconomus

Vinolas, A.; Escola, O., 1999:
Microtyphlus fideli n sp of Anillina from the Latonero cave, Castellote, Teruel Coleoptera, Carabidae, Bembidiini Microtyphlus fideli sp n de Anillina de la sima Latonero, Castellote, Teruel Coleoptera, Carabidae, Bembidiini

Riemann, F.; Schuelke, I.; Thies, D., 2002:
Microvertebrate remains from the basal Famennian triangularis- to crepida-Zone of Montagne Noire France Mikrovertebratenreste aus dem basalen Famennium triangularis- bis crepida-Zone der Montagne Noire Frankreich

Umar, M.; Halit.; Van Griensven, LJLD., 1996:
Microwave histotechnique applied to Arion ater a methodological investigation Kisadalga histoloji tekniginin Arion atere uygulanisi metodolojik arastirma

Berninger, U-G.; Wickham, SA., 2002:
Microzooplankton - microbial food web Mikrozooplankton - Mikrobielles Nahrungsnetz

Umani, S.; Fonda.; Monti, M., 1996:
Microzooplankton of the northern Tyrrhenian the results of seven seasonal cruises Microzooplancton del Tirreno settentrionale risultati di sette crociere stagionale

Modzalevskaya, E.A., 1961:
Mid Ordovician Bryozoa from the basin of the river Lena

Raevski, M.I., 1965:
Mid and upper Eocene deposits of the southern part in the Tedzhen-Murgab interfluve

Deceuninck, B., 2004:
Mid-January counts of ducks and coots wintering in France from 1983 to 2002 20 year trends Anatides et foulques hivernant en France bilan de vingt-annees de denombrement 1983-2002

Kerautret, Lucien., 1998:
Mid-January counts of water birds in 1998 in the Nord - Pas-de-Calais region Bilan du recensement des oiseaux deau a la mi-janvier 1998 dans les departements du Nord et Pas-de-Calais

Kamoun, F.; Peybernes, B.; Martini, R.; Zaninetti, L.; Vila, J.-Marie.; Trigui, A.; Rigane, A., 1998:
Mid-Upper Triassic benthic foraminifers from the central and southern Tunisian Atlasic Range Associations de foraminiferes benthiques dans les sequences de depot du Trias moyen?-superieur de lAtlas Tunisien central et meridional

Cardinale, C.; D.L.renzo, S.; Milazzo, M.; Chemello, R., 2003:
Mid-range distribution of phytal molluscs a case of inverse costaphyly? La distribuzione a media scala dei molluschi delle alghe fotofile un caso di costafilia inversa?

Deceuninck, Bernard., 1998:
Mid-winter counts and their implications Plus de 2 400 000 oiseaux deau hivernants denombres en France a la mi-janvier 1996

Costa, L.T.; Rufino, R., 1994:
Mid-winter waterfowl counts in Portugal - January 1994 Contagens de aves aquaticas em Portugal - Janeiro de 1994

Costa, L.T.; Rufino, R., 1996:
Mid-winter waterfowl counts in Portugal - January 1995 Contagens de aves aquaticas em Portugal - Janeiro de 1995

Costa, L.T.; Rufino, R., 1996:
Mid-winter waterfowl counts in Portugal - January 1996 Contagens de aves aquaticas em Portugal - Janeiro de 1996

Costa, L.T.; Rufino, R., 1998:
Mid-winter waterfowl counts in Portugal - January 1997 Contagens de aves aquaticas em Portugal - Janeiro de 1997

Shvartz, SS.; Pyastolova, OA., 1971:
Middendorfs vole

Shvartz, SS.; Pyastolova, OA., 1971:
Middendorffs vole

Lazarenko, N.P., 1959:
Middle Cambrian Pagetides of the northern Siberian platform Trilobites

Bognibova, R.T., 1965:
Middle Cambrian Trilobites of the Dolgi mountain region Batenevsky Mountain Range

Mergl, M.; Slehoferova, P., 1990:
Middle Cambrian inarticulate brachiopods from central Bohemia

Borukaev, R.A.; Ivshin, N.K., 1960:
Middle Cambrian of the north-east and east of Central Kazakhstan

Weidner, Thomas., 1998:
Middle Cambrian sequences in deposits of Vastergotland, Denmark Vastergotlands mittelkambrische Schichterfolge in Geschieben aus Danemark

Lermontova, E.V., 1951:
Middle Cambrian trilobites and gastropods from Shody-Mira Southern part of the Fergana basin

Chernysheva, N.E., 1953:
Middle Cambrian trilobites of Eastern Siberia Part I

Ivshin, N.K., 1953:
Middle Cambrian trilobites of Kazakhstan Part I Boshchekulsky faunal horizon

Sebbar, Amina., 1998:
Middle Carboniferous biostratigraphy Foraminifera, Bechar-Mezarif Basin, Algeria Biostratigraphie foraminiferes du Carbonifere moyen, bassin de Bechar-Mezarif, Algerie

Rauzer-Chernousova, D.M., 1961:
Middle Carboniferous deposits of Vozhgalsk region

Makhlina, MKh.; Alekseev, AS.; Goreva, NV.; Gorjunova, RV.; Isakova, TN.; Kossovaya, OL.; Lazarev, SS.; Lebedev, OA.; Shkolin, AA., 2001:
Middle Carboniferous of Moscow Syneclise southern part, vol 2, biostratigraphy

Heidelberger, Doris., 2001:
Middle Devonian Givetian gastropods Mollusca of the Lahn syncline southern Rhenish Slate Mountains Mitteldevonische Givetische Gastropoden Mollusca aus der Lahnmulde suedliches Rheinisches Schiefergebirge

Medina D.Fonseca, V.Maria, 2004:
Middle Devonian Chonetoidea Brachiopoda of the Amazon and Parnaiba basins, Brazil Chonetoidea Brachiopoda do Devoniano Medio das bacias do Amazonas e Parnaiba, Brasil

Heidelberger, Doris. , 2000:
Middle Devonian finds of molluscs in the Hahnstaetten Hollow and near Villmar Funde von mitteldevonischen Schnecken in der Hahnstaettener Mulde und bei Villmar

Polenz, Harald., 2001:
Middle Devonian reefs in Sauerland and Eifel Mitteldevonische Riffe in Sauerland und Eifel

Alekseeva, R.E.; Nuzhdina, N.A., 1967:
Middle Devonian terebratulids from the Omolon Massif North-eastern territory of USSR; Hsiang Lee-wen., 1977:
Middle Devonian trilobites of Nantan, Kwangsi

Basse, Martin., 1996:
Middle Devonian trilobites of the Rhenohercynian 1 Corynexochida and Proetida 1 Trilobiten aus mittlerem Devon des Rhenohercynikums 1 Corynexochida und Proetida 1

Basse, Martin., 1997:
Middle Devonian trilobites of the Rhenohercynian 2 Proetida 2, Ptychopariida, Phacopida 1 Trilobiten aus mittlerem Devon des Rhenohercynikums 2 Proetida 2, Ptychopariida, Phacopida 1

Basse, Martin., 1998:
Middle Devonian trilobites of the Rhenohercynian 3 Proetida 3, Phacopida 2, Lichida Lichoidea, Odontopleuroidea, and additional data Trilobiten aus mittlerem Devon des Rhenohercynikums 3 Proetida 3, Phacopida 2, Lichida Lichoidea, Odontopleuroidea und erganzende Daten

Parayre, Dominique., 2003:
Middle Eastern animal figurines from the historical period Les figurines animales dans le Proche-Orient ancien aus epoques historiques

Bignot, G.; Strougo, A., 2002:
Middle Eocene benthic foraminiferal assemblages from eastern Egypt, as biochronological et Peritethyan lagoonal indicators Les associations de foraminiferes benthiques de lEocene moyen dEgypte nord-occidentale, indicateurs chronologiques et temoins des lagons peritethysiens

Selin, YuI., 1971:
Middle Eocene gastropods from the Boltysh Depression Ukraine

Miquel, S.E.; Bellosi, E.S., 2007:
Middle Eocene land microgastropods Charopidae from Gran Barranca Central Patagonia, Argentina Microgasteropodos terrestres Charopidae del Eoceno Medio de Gran Barranca Patagonia Central, Argentina

Garcia, J.-Pierre.; Laurin, B.; Sambet, G., 1996:
Middle Jurassic brachiopod associations from the Paris basin a punctuated biochronological scale of marker-beds for high resolution correlations Les associations de brachiopodes du Jurassique moyen du bassin de Paris une echelle biochronologique ponctuee de niveaux-reperes pour la contrainte des correlations sequentielles a haute resolution

Pronina, M.T., 1961:
Middle Miocene deposits and fauna, new species of Botalia, of the Dzhebrail region Azerbaidjan

Gal, E.; Hir, J.; Kessler, E.; Kokay, J.; Venczel, M., 2000:
Middle Miocene fossils from the section of the road at the Rakoczi Chapel, Matraszolos II Locality Matraszolos 2 Kozepso-miocen osmaradvanyok a Matraszolos, Rakoczikapolna alatti utbevagasbol II A Matraszolos 2 lelohely

Gal, E.; Hir, J.; Kessler, E.; Kokay, J.; Meszaros, L.; Vencel, M., 1999:
Middle Miocene fossils from the sections at the Rakoczi chapell at Matraszolos Kozepso-miocen osmaradvanyok, a Matraszolos, Rakoczi-kalpolna alatti utbevagasbol 1 A Matraszolos 1 lelohely

Gross, M., 2006:
Middle Miocene ostracods from the Vienna Basin Badenian/Sarmatian, Austria Mittelmiozaene Ostracoden aus dem Wiener Becken Badenium/Sarmatium, Oesterreich

Mikuz, Vasja., 1998:
Middle Miocene pectinids from vicinity of Sentilj NE Slovenia Srednjemiocenske pektinide iz bliznje okolice Sentilja SV Slovenija

Riznar, I.; Miletic, D.; Verbic, T.; Horvat, A., 2002 :
Middle Miocene sediments on the northern part of Gorjanci between Catez and Kostanjevica SE Slovenia Srednjemiocenske kamnine severnega pobocja Gorjancev med Catezem in Kostanjevico

Horvat, A., 2003:
Middle Miocene silicoflagellates from the western part of Central Paratethys Srednjemiocenski silikoflagelati zahodnega dela Centralne Paratetidae

Auge, M.; Ginsburg, L. de Lapparent de Broin, F.; Makinsky, M.; Mourer, C.; Pouit, D.; Sen, S., 2002:
Middle Miocene vertebrates from Contres Loir-et-Cher, France Les Vertebres du Miocene moyen de Contres Loir-et-Cher, France

Daxner-Hoeck, G., 2003:
Middle Miocene vertebrates from the Austrian Molasse Basin - tie points for marine/continental correlation Mittelmiozaene Vertebraten aus dem oesterreichischen Molassebecken - ein Schluessel zur kontinentalen und marinen Korrelation

Brink, JS., 1990:
Middle Neolithic animal remains from Bajuwarenkaserne, District Regensburg

Bouhamdi, A.; Gaillard, C.; Ruget, C.; Bonnet, L., 2000:
Middle Oxfordian benthic foraminifera from the shelf to the basin in southeastern France Distribution and environmental control Foraminiferes benthiques de lOxfordien moyen de la plate-forme au bassin dans le Sud-Est de la France Repartition et controle environnemental

Gutowski, J., 2004:
Middle Oxfordian coral facies of the Baltow region, NE margin of the Holy Cross Mts, Poland Dynamika rozwoju utworow koralowych srodkowego oksfordu okolic Baltowa

Reolid, M., 2005:
Middle Oxfordian-lowermost Kimmeridgian brachiopods assemblages from the Prebetic Zone southern Spain relation to lithofacies and the proximal-distal gradient in the platform Asociaciones de braquiopodos del Oxfordiense medio-Kimmeridgiense inferior en la Zona Prebetica Sureste de Espana Relacion con la litofacies y el gradiente proximal-distal de la plataforma

Martinez, K.; Garcia, J.; Chacon,; Fernandez-Laso, M.C.istina, 2005:
Middle Palaeolithic of the Abric Romani Ecosocial behaviours of Neandertalian groups La Paleolithique moyen de lAbric Romani Comportements ecosociaux des groupes neandertaliens

Marra, A.Cinzia, 2001:
Middle Pleistocene Hippopotamus cf amphibius from southern Calabria Hippopotamus cf amphibius nel Pleistocene Medio della Calabria meridionale

Carobene, L.; Colalongo, M.L.isa.; Pasini, G.; Raffi, I., 1997:
Middle Pleistocene depositional sequences in the Crati Valley near Tarsia Calabria Sequenze deposizionali del Pleistocene Medio nella valle del fiume Crat presso Tarsia Calabria

Ivanov, M., 2006:
Middle Pleistocene herpetofauna of Mladec caves Moravia, Czech Republic and its palaeoecological significance Herpetofauna stredniho Pleistocenu Mladecskych jeskyni Morava, Ceska Republika a jeji paleoekologicky vyznam

Koenigswald, Wighart v., 1999:
Middle Pleistocene mammal faunas from Central Europe - elucidation of a biostratigraphical framework Mittelpleistozane Saugetierfaunen aus Mitteleuropa - der Versuch einer biostratigraphischen Zuordnung

Torti, Valentina., 1997:
Middle Triassic brachiopods from Val Parina Bergamo Alps I brachiopodi del Triassico medio della Val Parina Alpi Bergamasche

Marquez-Aliaga, A.; Budurov, K.; Martinez, V., 1996:
Middle Triassic conodonts record in a nautiloid from Espejeras Alicante, Spain Registro de conodontos del Triasico Medio en un nautiloideo de Espejeras Alicante, Spain

Tintori, A.; Dal Sasso, C.; Feber, M.; Lombardo, C.; Nosotti, S.; Renesto, S.; Teruzzi, G., 2005:
Middle Triassic of the Lombardian prealps Il Triassico medio delle prealpi Lombarde

Rosendahl, W.; Grupe, G., 2001:
Middle Wurmian cave bears and their food preferences Studies in the New Laubenstein bear cave, Chiemgau, Germany Mittelwuermzeitliche Hoehlenbaeren und ihre Nahrungspraeferenz Forschungen aus der Neuen Laubenstein-Baerenhoehle/Chiemgau

Smith, BA.; Egan, KC., 1990:
Middle and Late Archaic faunal and floral exploitation at the Weber I site 20SA581, Michigan

Nesov, LA., 1990:
Middle and Late Jurassic turtles of Fergana Kirghiz SSR

Volkova, NA., 1990:
Middle and Upper Cambrian acritarchs in the East European Platform

Lazarenko, NP.; Nikiforov, NI., 1972:
Middle and Upper Cambrian of north Siberian Platform and adjacent regions

Lazarenko, NP.; Nikiforov, NL., 1972:
Middle and Upper Cambrian of the north Siberian Platform and the Prilegayushchikh folded region

Delvene, Graciela., 1998:
Middle and Upper Jurassic bivalves from Northeastern Iberian Chain Arino and Oliete, Spain Bivalvos del Jurasico Medio y Superior de la Cordillera Iberica Nororiental Arino y Oliete, Espana

Balashova, E.A., 1959:
Middle and Upper Ordovician and Lower Silurian trilobites of Eastern Taimyr and their stratigraphical significancePart 3

Andreeva, ON., 1977:
Middle and Upper Ordovician of the Siberian Platform

Solomon, S.; David, B., 1990:
Middle range theory and actualistic studies bones and dingoes in Australian archaeology

Trontelj, P., 2005:
Middle spotted woodpecker collared flycatcher Srednji detel Dendrocopos medius belovrati muhar Ficedula albicollis

Kis, B., 2004:
Middle spotted woodpecker Dendrocopos medius feeding on dry bread Szaraz kenyeret fogyaszto kozep fakopancs Dendrocopos medius

Fauvel, B.; Carre, F.; Lallement, H., 2001:
Middle spotted woodpecker Dendrocopos medius ecology in the Champagne Region east France Ecologie du pic mar Dendrocopos medius en Champagne est France

Bordjan, D., 2006:
Middle spotted woodpecker Dendrocopos medius Srednji detel Dendrocopos medius

Guenther, E.; Hellman, M., 2004:
Middle spotted woodpecker Picoides medius breeding in a fragmentary hornbeam Carpinus betulus Mittelspecht Picoides medius bruetet in abgebrochener Hainbuche Carpinus betulus

Nicolai, Bernd., 2003:
Middle spotted woodpecker Picoides medius feeds young house sparrow Passer domesticus Mittelspecht Picoides medius fuettert jungen Haussperling Passer domesticus

Gunther, E.; Hellmann, M., 1997:
Middle spotted woodpecker and beech an attempt of interpretation of its occurrence in beech wood Der Mittelspecht und die Buche Versuch einer Interpretation seines Vorkommens in Buchenwaldern

Jansen, Justin., 1997:
Middle spotted woodpecker in Limburg and elsewhere in the Netherlands Middelste bonte spechten in Limburg en elders in Nederland

Vrezec, A., 2005:
Middle spotted woodpecker Srednji detel Dendrocopos medius

Bordjan, D.; Vidmar, A., 2006:
Middle spotted woodpecker Srednji detel Dendrocopus medius

Melendez, G.; Bello, J.; Delvene, G.; Perez-Urresti, I., 1997:
Middle to Upper Jurassic Callovian-Kimmeridgian in the Arcos Plateau Arino-Oliete area, eastern Iberian chain, Spain taphonomic analysis and biostratigraphy El Jurasico Medio y Superior Calloviense-Kimmeridgiense en el sector de la Llanura de Arcos Arino-Oliete, Teruel analisis tafonomico y bioestratigrafia

Bogdanov, O.P., 1969:
Middle-Asian conference on venomous animals and their venoms

Maksimova, Z.A., 1968:
Middle-Palaeozoic trilobites of Central Kazakhstan

Pothe de Baldis, Elba Diana., 2000:
Middle-Upper Ludlovian palynomorphs from the Los Espejos Formation, Aguada de Los Azulejitos, central Precordillera, San Juan, Argentina Palinomorfos de la Formacion Los Espejos Ludloviano medio-tardio de Aguada de Los Azulejitos, Precordillera central, San Juan, Argentina

Herroelen, P., 2002:
Middle-spotted woodpecker Dendrocopos medius in Flemish Brabant Middelste bonte specht Dendrocopos medius in Vlaams-Brabant

Rubinic, B., 2002:
Middle-spotted woodpecker Srednji detel Dendrocopos medius

Kinks, R.; Eltermaa, J., 2000:
Middle-spotted woodpeckers in Rapina park Tamme-kirjurahnid Rapina pargis

Hurtado-Mejia, J.G.illermo.; Velez-Angel, R., 1999:
Midges Diptera, Ceratopogonidae associated with cocoa Theobroma cacao L from Fredonia and Tamesis Antioquia, Colombia Mosquitos Diptera, Ceratopogonidae asociados al cacao Theobroma cacao L en Fredonia y Tamesis Antioquia, Colombia

Nagel, D.; Rabeder, G., 2000:
Midpleistocene mammal remains in the Mannersdorf am Leithagebirge quarry in Lower Austria Mittelpleistozaene saeugetierreste aus einer Spaltenfuellung bei Mannersdorf am Leithagebirge Niederoesterreich

Fuersch, H., 2006:
Midus Mulsant, 1850 an unrecognised genus Coleoptera Coccinellidae Midus Mulsant, 1850 eine lange verkannte Gattung Coleoptera Coccinellidae

Scheckeler, Hans-Joachim., 2001:
Midwife toads genus Alytes, Discoglossidae Biology, care and breeding Geburtshelferkroeten Gattung Alytes, Discoglossidae Biologie, Haltung und Nachzucht

Ryser, J.; Luescher, B.; Neuenschwder, U.; Zumbach, S., 2003:
Midwife toads in the Emmental, Switzerland Geburtshelferkroeten im Emmental, Schweiz

Pehlak, H.; Luigujoe, L.; Kuresoo, A., 2001:
Midwinter waterfowl census in the coastal waters of Estonia, 1994-1999 Kesktalvised veelindude loendused Eesti rannavetes 1994-1999

Dzodzo-Tomic, R., 1958:
Mierofaunal investigations of the II-Mediterranean Tortonic and Sarmatic layers of the surroundings of Belgrade Zborn Radova geol

Sosnina, M.I., 1960:
Mierofaunistic zones in the Carboniferous and Permian deposits of the Sikhote-Alin

Kopik, J., 1960:
Mieropalaeontological characteristic of Lias and Lower Dogger in Poland

Jaloszynski, P.; Ruecker, W.H., 2002:
Migneauxia orientalis Reitter, 1877 Coleoptera Latridiidae - a new beetle to the Polish fauna Migneauxia orientalis Reitter, 1877 Coleoptera Latridiidae - nowy w faunie Polski gatunek chrzaszcza

Renner, Klaus., 1995:
Migneauxia orientalis from the Senne region between Bielefeld and Paderborn, one of two lathridiids previously unrecorded for Germany Migneauxia orientalis, der zweite in Deutschland bisher nicht nachgewiesene Schimmelkafer Col, Latridiidae aus der Senne zwischen Bielefeld und Paderborn

Vanholder, Bart., 1996:
Migrant Lepidoptera in 1995, twelfth annual report Lepidoptera Trekvlinders in 1995, twaalfde jaarverslag Lepidoptera

Vanholder, Bart., 1997:
Migrant Lepidoptera in 1996, thirtheenth annual report Lepidoptera Trekvlinders in 1996, dertiende jaarverslag Lepidoptera

Vanholder, Bart., 1998:
Migrant Lepidoptera in 1997 fourteenth annual report Lepidoptera Trekvlinders in 1997, veertiende jaarverslag Lepidoptera

Vanholder, Burt., 1999:
Migrant Lepidoptera in 1998, fifteenth annual report Lepidoptera Trekvlinders in 1998, vijftiende jaarverslag Lepidoptera

Vanholder, Bart., 2000:
Migrant Lepidoptera in 1999, sixteenth annual report Lepidoptera Trekvlinders in 1999, zestiende jaarverslag Lepidoptera

Vanholder, Bart., 2001:
Migrant Lepidoptera in 2000, seventeenth annual report Lepidoptera Trekvlinders in 2000, zeventiende jaarverslag Lepidoptera

Vanholder, B., 2003:
Migrant Lepidoptera in 2001, eighteenth annual report Lepidoptera Trekvlinders in 2001, achttiende jaarverslag Lepidoptera

Vanholder, B., 2004:
Migrant Lepidoptera in 2002 nineteenth annual report Lepidoptera Trekvlinders in 2002, negentiende jaarverslag Lepidoptera

Van Cleynenbreugel, S., 2006:
Migrant Lepidoptera in 2003 twentieth annual report Lepidoptera Trekvlinders in 2003, twintigste jaarverslag Lepidoptera

van Cleynenbreugel, S., 2007 :
Migrant Lepidoptera in 2004 twenty-first annual report Lepidoptera Trekvlinders in 2004, eenentwintigste jaarverslag Lepidoptera

Wust, Peter., 1996:
Migrant Lepidoptera species in the Nestos-Delta, Macedonia, Greece, 1988-1993 Insecta, Lepidoptera Wanderfalter im Nestos-Delta, Mazedonien, Griechenland, 1988-1993 Insecta, Lepidoptera

Clausen, Allan Borno., 1995:
Migrant admirals Autumn flight observations Admiraler pa vandring Observation af admiraler flyvende mod syd i efteraret

Spano, S.; Truffi, G.; Marsan, A.; Tognoni, C., 1996:
Migrant birds autunnal routes in Liguria Rotte autunnali degli uccelli migratori in Liguria

Rettig, Klaus., 1994:
Migrant butterflies recorded in the same localities Denmark and same time period 20894 - 3994 An gleichen Ortlichkeiten Danemark und zur selben Zeit 20894 - 3994 festgestellte Wanderfalter

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Migrant butterflies Rare guests from the south Wanderfalter Seltene Gaeste aus dem Sueden

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