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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38414

Chapter 38414 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Vlek, Ruud., 2003:
Migration and night roosts of Gull-billed Tern Gelochelidon nilotica in the northern IJsselmeer area Lachsterns Gelochelidon nilotica op slaapplaatsen rond het noordelijk IJsselmeergebied

Forsberg, M.; Ullman, M., 1999:
Migration and overwintering in the red-breasted goose Flyttning och overvintring hos rodhalsad gas

Idrissi, H.R.uibi; Dakki, M.; Bairlein, F., 2007:
Migration and overwintering of some passerines in Morocco clarification using ringing-recapture data Migration et hivernage de quelques passereaux au Maroc mise au point a partir des donnees de baguage-reprise

Garcia Peiro, Ignacio., 1996:
Migration and overwintering of the bluethroat in south-eastern Spain Migracion e invernada del pechiazul en el sureste de Espana

Guerrieri, G.; D.V.ta, S.; Castaldi, A., 1999:
Migration and overwintering of the jack snipe Lymnocryptes minimus along the coastal zone of Lazio Migrazione e svernamento del frullino Lymnocryptes minimus lungo la fascia costiera del Lazio

Kabouche, B.; Dhermain, F., 2002:
Migration and overwintering of the osprey Pandion haliaetus in Provence Migration et hivernage du Balbuzard pecheur Pandion haliaetus en Provence

Sanz, Tomas., 1997:
Migration and overwintering of the osprey in Spain Migracion e invernada del aguila pescadora en Espana

Frenzel, P.; Stark, H.; Schmieder, K.; Stark, H.; Bauer, H.-Gunther.; Suter, W.; Jacoby, H., 1999:
Migration and overwintering of waterbirds Durchzug und Uberwinterung der Wasservogel

Framenau, V.; Reich, M.; Plachter, H., 1996:
Migration and prey of Arctosa cinerea Fabricius, 1777 on a braided section of an alpine river Zum Wanderverhalten und zur Nahrungsokologie von Arctosa cinerea Fabricius, 1777 Araneae Lycosidae in einer alpinen Wildflusslandschaft

Braun, Johannes., 2003:
Migration and rest of golden plover Pluvialis apricaria in the district Stendal Sachsen-Anhalt in the years 1988 to 1996 Durchzug und Rast des Goldregenpfeifers Pluvialis apricaria im Landkreis Stendal in den Jahren 1988 bis 1996

Madlow, Wolfgang., 1997:
Migration and resting behaviour of the robin Erithacus rubecula in Autumn 1995 on Greifswalder Oie situation during mass migration Ringing findings of the Hiddensee ringing station Durchzug und Rastverhalten des Rotkehlchens Erithacus rubecula im Herbst 1995 auf der Greifswalder Oie Situation wahrend eines Masseneinflugs Ringfundmitteilung der Beringungszentrale Hiddensee no 4/1997

Aymi, R.; Romero, JL., 1996:
Migration and seasonal distribution of the hawfinch Coccothraustes coccothraustes in Catalonia NE Spain Migracio i distribucio estacional del durbec Coccothraustes coccothraustes a Catalunya

Reichholf, J.H.; Sakamoto, M., 2006:
Migration and sharp retreat of the painted lady Cynthia cardui Linnaeus, 1758 during early and midsummer 2006 in Munich Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae Einflug und starker Rueckflug des Distelfalters Cynthia cardui Linnaeus, 1758 in Frueh- und Mittsommer 2006 in Muenchen Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae

Ombredane, D.; Siegler, L.; Bagliniere, J.L.c.; Prunet, P., 1996:
Migration and smoltification of young brown trout Salmo trutta in two Basse-Normandie rivers Migration et smoltification des juveniles de truite Salmo trutta dans deux cours deau de Basse-Normandie

Schmidt, Daniel., 1998:
Migration and stopover of the osprey Pandion haliaetus in Koblenz 1987-1996 Durchzug und Rast des Fischadlers Pandion haliaetus im Regierungsbezirk Koblenz 1987-1996

van Turnhout, C.; Voslamber, B.; Willems, F. van Houwelingen, G., 2004:
Migration and survival of greylag geese Anser anser in the Ooijpolder, the Netherlands Trekgedrag en overleving van Grauwe Ganzen Anser anser in de ooijpolder

Solbreck, C.; Anderson, DB.; Forare, J., 1990:
Migration and the coordination of life-cycles as exemplified by Lygaeinae bugs

Fowler, Harold Gordon., 1992:
Migration and trophic structure of eucalyptus litter macroarthropod communities A migracao e a estrutura trofica de comunidades de macroarthropodes em serapilheira de eucalipto

Nikolaev, II.; Nguen Tyong., 1977:
Migration and vertical distribution of planktonic Rotifera and crustacea 241-269, illust

Jukema, Joop., 1998:
Migration and winter mortality in a moorhen Gallinula chloropus population Trekgedrag en wintersterfte bij een populatie van het waterhoen Gallinula chloropus

Hermenau, B.; Oehmigen, J., 1995:
Migration and winter stopover of the jack snipe Lymnocryptes minimus in the Berlin area and in the Braunschweig hills, 1991 to 1994 Zug und Winteraufenthalt der Zwergschnepfe Lymnocryptes minimus im Berliner Raum und im Braunschweiger Hugelland in den Jahren 1991 bis 1994

Zurawlew, Przemyslaw., 1996:
Migration and wintering birds of prey in the Prosna River Valley near Chocz Wielkopolska Przeloty i zimowanie ptakow drapieznych w dolinie Prosny pod Choczem Wielkopolska

Runde, Olav J., 1996:
Migration and wintering in common and Arctic terns Trekk og overvintring hos norske makrell- og rodnebbterner

Halmos, G.; Csorgo, T., 2000:
Migration and wintering of finches Fringillidae in the Charpathian Basin on the basis of foreign recoveries Pintyfelek vonulasa es telelese a Karpat-medenceben

Villaran Adanez, Alfonso., 1999:
Migration and wintering of reed buntings Emberiza schoeniclus in Spain Migracion e invernada del escribano palustre Emberiza schoeniclus en Espana

Bueno, Jose Manuel., 1998:
Migration and wintering of small Turdinae in the Iberian Peninsula 5 Robin Erithacus rubecula Migracion e invernada de pequenos turdinos en la Peninsula Iberica 5 Petirrojo Erithacus rubecula

Rocamora, G.; Maillet, N., 1996:
Migration and wintering of spoonbill in France Stationnements de spatules blanches Platalea leucorodia en France au cours dun cycle annuel

Perez Tris, J.; Asensio, B., 1997:
Migration and wintering of the grey wagtail Motacilla cinerea and the pied wagtail M alba in the Iberian Peninsula and Balearic Islands Migracion e invernada de las lavanderas cascadena Motacilla cinerea y blanca M alba en la Peninsula Iberica e Islas Baleares

Kovats, L.; Csorgo, T.; Palko, S., 1998:
Migration and wintering of the penduline tit Remiz pendulinus in the Carpathian Basin A fuggocinege Remiz pendulinus vonulasa es telelese a Karpat-medenceben

Perez-Tris, J.; Asensio, B., 1997:
Migration and wintering of the yellow wagtail Motacilla flava in the Iberian Peninsula Migracion e invernada de la lavandera boyera Motacilla flava en la peninsula Iberica

Carlsson, Lennart., 2002:
Migration at Ventspils Ventspils

Engelhard, C.; Griesohn-Pflieger, T., 2002:
Migration begins in summer observations from July to October 2002 Wegzug beginnt schon im Sommer Beobachtungen von Juli bis Oktober 2002

Bekyurek, Y.; Ugur, A., 1996:
Migration behavior and its characteristics in insects Boceklerde goc davranisi ve ozellikleri

Merikallio, E., 1929:
Migration dates for Finland

Ducloy, L., 1888:
Migration de Syrrhaptes en France

Antli, I.; Nemeth, C., 1998:
Migration dinamics of robin Erithacus rubecula in the Sopron-hills, western Hungary Madarvonulas-dinamikai vizsgalatok vorosbegy Erithacus rubecula populacioin a Soproni-dombvidek tajegyseg teruleten

Blochlinger, Hermann., 1996:
Migration flights in Bernina Puschlav, Switzerland Insecta, Lepidoptera Wanderfluge am Bernina Puschlav, Schweiz Insecta, Lepidoptera

Walter, Dietmar., 1998:
Migration in Oberallgau - 1996 Vogelzug im Oberallgau - 1996

Walter, Dietmar., 1998:
Migration in Oberallgau - 1997 Vogelzug im Oberallgau - 1997

Cederroth, Christian., 1999:
Migration in Segerstad in 1996 Segerstracket 1996

Lonnve, O.; Sorlibraten, O., 1997:
Migration in butterflies and moths Migrasjon hos sommerfugler

Cigler, Harald., 1996:
Migration is the frogs problem Wandern ist des Frosches Frust

Randler, Christoph., 1999:
Migration observations Zugplanbeobachtungen

Corso, A.; Giordano, A.; Ricciardi, D.; Cardelli, C.; Chiofalo, G., 2001:
Migration of Accipitriformes of the genus Circus along the Strait of Messina La migrazione degli Accipitriformes del genere Circus sullo Stretto di Messina

Csorgo, T.; Miklay, G.; Halmos, G., 2000:
Migration of Acrocephalus species along the coast of the Black Sea A Fekete-tenger partvidekenek szerepe a nadiposzatak Acrocephalus spp oszi vonulasaban

Zahm, N., 2003:
Migration of Agrius convulvuli Linnaeus, 1758 Lepidoptera, Sphingidae Eine Wanderung von Agrius convulvuli Linnaeus, 1758 Lepidoptera, Sphingidae

Samusenko, E.G., 1958:
Migration of Arvicola arvalis

Samusenko, E.G., 1958:
Migration of Arvicola terrestris

Clarke, D.; Purvis, WK., 1990:
Migration of Atlantic salmon in the River Tywi system, South Wales

Stawarczyk, T.; Grabinski, W.; Karnas, A., 1996:
Migration of Charadriiformes at Nyski and Turawski Reservoir in 1976-94 Migracja siewkowych Charadriiformes na Zbiornikach Nyskim i Turawskim w latach 1976-94

Skalinski, E.I., 1954:
Migration of Delafondia vulgaris larvae and pathology provoked by them in the organism of horse

Muskens, GJDM.; Broekhuizen, S., 1993:
Migration of Dutch badgers Meles meles Migratie bij Nederlandse dassen Meles meles L, 1758

Kerihuel, Christian., 1997:
Migration of Hemianax ephippiger Burmeister, 1839 in the Aude department Odonata, Anisoptera, Aeshnidae Migration dHemianax ephippiger Burmeister, 1839 dans le departement de lAude Odonata, Anisoptera, Aeshnidae

Sanchez, F.; Cadena, A., 2000:
Migration of Leptonycteris curasoae Chiroptera Phyllostomidae in arid zones of northern Colombia Migracion de Leptonycteris curasoae Chiroptera Phyllostomidae en las zonas aridas del norte de Colombia

Teplova, E.N., 1952:
Migration of Myopus schisticolor vinogradovi Sk and Rajew in the central valley of R Un

Gas, A., 2003:
Migration of Myotis myotis from maternity colony in Studnisko Cave to hibernacula Migracje Myotis myotis z kolonii rozrodczej w Jaskini Studnisko na zimowiska

Dierschke, Volker., 2002:
Migration of Red-throated Divers Gavia stellata and Black-throated Divers G arctica near Helgoland SE North Sea Durchzug von Sterntauchern Gavia stellata und Prachttauchern G arctica in der Deutschen Bucht bei Helgoland

Haughton, W.H., 1909:
Migration of Swallows, etc, in the Red Sea

Kappes, E.; Kappes, W., 1997:
Migration of Sympetrum at 11081996 near Gummern Sympetrumwanderung am 11081996 bei Gummern

ten Hagen, Wolfgang., 1998:
Migration of Vanessa cardui Linnaeus, 1758 in Anatolia Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae Eine Wanderung von Vanessa cardui Linnaeus, 1758 in Anatolien Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae

Kinzelbach, Ragnar., 2001:
Migration of White Pelicans Pelecanus onocrotalus from Upper Silesia Poland to the Vienna Basin Austria in December 1644 Zug von Rosapelikanen Pelecanus onocrotalus von Oberschlesien zum Wiener Becken im Dezember 1644

Kneis, Peter., 2000 :
Migration of a Eurasian eagle owl from Saxony to Lower Saxony Abwanderung eines saechsischen Uhus Bubo bubo nach Niedersachsen Ringfundmitteilung der Vogelwarte Hiddensee 8/2000

Renner, Michel., 1995:
Migration of amphibians Amphibia at Hammerweiher Mere near Eschbourg Bas-Rhin in 1994 Migration des amphibiens Amphibia a letang du Hammerweiher pres dEschbourg Bas-Rhin en 1994

Renner, Michel., 1996:
Migration of amphibians Amphibia at Hammerweiher Mere near Eschbourg Bas-Rhin in 1995 second year follow-up Evaluation of the protection device Migration des amphibiens Amphibia a letang du Hammerweiher pres dEschbourg Bas-Rhin en 1995 deuxieme annee de suivi Evaluation du dispositif de protection

Schlemaire, Paule., 2005:
Migration of amphibians at Hammerweiher pond near to Eschbourg Lower Rhine Summary of monitoring between 1994 to 2004 Migration des amphibiens a letang du Hammerweiher pres dEschbourg Bas-Rhin Bilan du suivi entre 1994 et 2004

Leresche, P.-Alain.; Cherix, D., 2003:
Migration of amphibians of Jorat forest Vaud, Suisse first analyses of monitoring spring migrations from 1993 to 2002 Migration de batraciens dans les bois du Jorat Vaud, Suisse premieres analyses du suivi des migrations printanieres de 1993 a 2002

Hulo, I., 1997:
Migration of birds from the orders of Gaviidae, Podicipedidae and Anatidae on the Palic Lake between 1981 and 1996 Migracija predstavnika porodica Gaviidae, Podicipedidae i Anatidae na Palickom jezeru u periodu 1981-1996 godine

Jasso, Ladislav., 2006:
Migration of birds in Semily region between 1999-2005 Tah ptaku na Semilsku v letech 1999-2005

Ostapenko, MM.; Kashkarov, D.; Yu.; Lanovenko, EN.; Tret'yakov, GP.; Shernazarov, E., 1977:
Migration of birds in south east Kyzylkumy

Capllonch, P., 2004:
Migration of birds on the Argentine coast Migraciones de aves en el litoral Argentino

Popinet, Jacques., 1997:
Migration of birds Les migrations des oiseaux

Doupal, L.; Sirek, J., 1996:
Migration of black tern Chlidonias niger in Tovacov Tah rybaka cerneho Chlidonias niger v Tovacove

Doupal, L.; Sirek, J., 1997:
Migration of black-throated diver Gavia arctica and red-throated diver Gavia stellata in Tovacov Tah potaplice severni Gavia arctica a potaplice male Gavia stellata v Tovacove

Rudnick, Kurt., 1998:
Migration of butterflies in 1996 near Warnemunde Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Lepidoptera, Pieridae, Nymphalidae, Noctuidae Migration von Schmetterlingen im Jahre 1996 vor Warnemunde Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Lepidoptera, Pieridae, Nymphalidae, Noctuidae

Prange, Hartwig., 1999:
Migration of common crane Grus grus in Europe Der Zug des Kranichs Grus grus in Europa

Plucinski, Alfons., 1999:
Migration of common crane Grus grus over Goslar, Harz Mountains, Germany Zum Durchzug des Kranichs Grus grus uber Goslar am Harz

Sere, Dare., 1997:
Migration of dead birds across Slovenia Selitev mrtvih ptic prek Slovenije

Voslamber, B.; Zijlstra, M.; Beekman, J.H.; Loonen, M.J.E., 1993:
Migration of different populations of greylag geese Anser anser through the Netherlands differences in area preference and timing in 1988 De trek van verschillende populaties grauwe ganzen Anser anser door Nederland verschillen in gebiedskeuze en timing in 1988

Atlavinyte, O., 1960:
Migration of earthworms in the layers of the soil

Pasahan, SC.; Sabhlok, VP., 1990:
Migration of field rodents due to poison-baiting

Noval, Alfredo., 1999:
Migration of gannets and shearwaters in the Bay of Biscay Migracion de pardelas y alcatraces en el golfo de Vizcaya

Dean, Juan Ignacio., 2000:
Migration of goldjich Carduelis carduelis in Navarre Migratologia del jilguero Carduelis carduelis en Navarra

Kurentzov, A.I., 1958:
Migration of grass frogs

Bihari, Zoltan., 1999:
Migration of great horseshoe bats Rhinolophus ferrumequinum in the north-east part of Hungary A nagy patkosdenever Rhinolophus ferrumequinum vandorlasi szokasai EK-Magyarorszagon

Okamoto, Y.; Kumazawa, NH.; Kato, E., 1990:
Migration of hemocytes of two gastropod molluscs, Clithon retropictus and Nerita albicilla, to the respective molluscan serum

Kullberg, Jaakko., 1995:
Migration of hornet Vespa crabro L in southwestern archipelago of Finland in 1992 Hymenoptera, Vespidae Herhilaisvaellus lounaissaaristossa loppukesalla 1992

Butterlin, Jacques., 1996:
Migration of large Paleogene Foraminifera from intertropical America to north-west Africa Migration de grands foraminiferes du Paleogene de lAmerique intertropicale vers lAfrique occidentale

Doupal, Lubomir., 1994:
Migration of little gull Larus minutus on the Tovacov fishponds central Moravia Tah racka maleho Larus minutus na rybnicich v Tovacove stredni Morava

Koop, Bernd., 2003 :
Migration of magpies Pica pica in Schleswig-Holstein Zug der Elster Pica pica in Schleswig-Holstein

Leifsdottir, O.E.; Simonarson, L.A., 2005:
Migration of marine molluscs to Iceland at about 11 Ma Skeldyraflakk a isold

Kiss, L.; Penzes, B., 2004:
Migration of mushroom flies in mushroom cellars Gombalegyek Sciaridae Lycoriella spp migracioja gombapinceben

Schubert, Werner., 1997:
Migration of notable bird species in the Wertach valley between Biessenhofen, Kaufbeuren and Schlingen in 1995 and 1996 Durchzug bemerkenswerter Vogelarten im Wertachtal zwischen Biessenhofen, Kaufbeuren und Schlingen in den Jahren 1995 und 1996

Schropfer, Libor., 1996:
Migration of ospreys Pandion haliaetus Linnaeus, 1758 across west Bohemia Prutah orlovce ricniho Pandion haliaetus Linnaeus, 1758 uzemim zapadnich Cech

Rossi, T.; Bonaccorsi, G., 1998:
Migration of red-footed falcons Falco vespertinus in Corsica Les migrations du faucon kobez Falco vespertinus en Corse

Schubert, Werner., 1995:
Migration of remarkable bird species in the Wertach valley between Biessenhofen, Kaufbeuren and Bad Worishofen in 1994 Durchzug bemerkenswerter Vogelarten im Wertachtal zwischen Biessenhofen, Kaufbeuren und Bad Worishofen im Jahre 1994

Mueller, Hans-Peter., 2007:
Migration of sanderlings with black guillemots Sanderlinge wandern mit einer Gryllteiste

Hansen, Morten DD., 2002:
Migration of small animals Smadyr pa traek

Brudin, I.D., 1957:
Migration of susliks in the dry steppes of the Southern Cisurals

Hernandez, M.; Campos, F.; Arizaga, J.; Alonso, D., 2003:
Migration of the bluethroat Luscinia svecica in the Iberian Peninsula Migracion del pechiazul Luscinia svecica en la Peninsula Iberica

Slavik, O.; Masek, P., 2001:
Migration of the brown trout near the source of the River Vltava Migrace pstruha obecneho v pramenne oblasti reky Vltavy

Csorgo, T.; Karcza, Z., 1998:
Migration of the garden warbler Sylvia borin A kerti poszata Sylvia borin vonulasa

Barancheev, L.M., 1972:
Migration of the great northern diver in the Amur region

Kalkman, VJ., 1999:
Migration of the hover fly Episyrphus balteatus on Falsterbo Migratie van de zweefvlieg Episyrphus balteatus op Falsterbo

Thomas, E., 1966:
Migration of the imagines of Capnia atra Morton Plecoptera

Paci, Andrea Maria., 2004:
Migration of the lesser kestrel, Falco naumanni, in the Umbria region central Italy La migrazione del Grillaio Falco naumanni in Italia brevi dallUmbria

Moenke, R.; Schmahl, R., 2005:
Migration of the little gull Larus minutus in the Schaalsee region Zum Durchzug der Zwergmoewe Larus minutus in der Schaalseeregion

Moreau, R.-Marie.; Moreau, P., 2004:
Migration of the monarch butterfly Danaus chrysippus Linne on the Aude coast Migration du Petit Monarque Danaus chrysippus Linne sur le littoral audois

Ueta, Y.; Jo, Y., 1990 :
Migration of the oval squid, Sepioteuthis lessoniana around Tokushima Prefecture

Albouy, V., 1996:
Migration of the painted ladies Cynthia cardui in France initial data Lep Nymphalidae Migration des belles-dames Cynthia cardui en France premieres donnees Lep Nymphalidae

Sere, Dare., 1994:
Migration of the penduline tit Remiz pendulinus over Slovenia - new evidence confirming its eastern migration route Selitev plasice Remiz pendulinus prek Slovenije - novi dokazi za vzhodno selitveno pot

Batoyan, V.V., 1977:
Migration of the red admiral

Bonaccorsi, Gilles., 1996:
Migration of the red throated pipit Anthus cervinus in Corsica, two examples Capitello Barcaggio La migration du pipit a gorge rousse Anthus cervinus en Corse au travers de deux exemples Capitello et Barcaggio

Belaud, Michel., 2003:
Migration of the red-footed falcon Falco vespertinus in Alpes-Maritimes from 1982 to 2002 Migration du Faucon kobez Falco vespertinus dans les Alpes-Maritimes de 1982 a 2002

Pellinger, A., 2004:
Migration of the red-necked phalarope Phalaropus lobatus at Mekszikopuszta in the Ferto-Neusiedler See region A vekonycsoru viztaposo Phalaropus lobatus vonulasa mekszikopusztan

Hamrouni, H., 2007:
Migration of the sooty Falco concolor and Eleonoras falcons Falco eleonorae in Tunisia La migration du faucon concolore Falco concolor et du faucon dEleonore Falco eleonorae en Tunisie

Khalturin, D.K., 1968:
Migration of the spring salmon into the mouth of the river Svir and the problems of carrying on the salmon farming in the Ladoga lake

Castaldi, A.; Guerrieri, G., 1999 :
Migration of the swallow Hirundo rustica along the Latium coast Migrazione della rondine Hirundo rustica lungo le coste del Lazio

Kmecl, P.; Bozic, L.; Rizner, K.; Smole, J., 1997:
Migration of the turnstone Arenaria interpres through Slovenia Selitev kamenjarja Arenaria interpres prek Slovenije

Corso, A.; Giordano, A.; Ricciardi, D.; Cardelli, C.; Celesti, S.; Romano, L.; Ientile, R., 1999:
Migration of the white stork Ciconia ciconia and the black stork Ciconia nigra across the Strait of Messina Migrazione di cicogna bianca Ciconia ciconia e cicogna nera Ciconia nigra attraverso lo Stretto di Messina

Schroepfer, L., 2004:
Migration of the wood lark Lullula arborea through Western Bohemia Prutah skrivana lesniho Lullula arborea uzemim jihozapadnich Cech

Rey, J.; Carlos., 1999:
Migration of tuna Migraciones entre el Atlantico y el Mediterraneo a traves del Estrecho de Gibraltar y consideraciones hidrologicas

Witkowski, J.; Ranoszek, E., 1998:
Migration of waders at the fish-ponds of the Barycz Valley Migracja siewkowcow Charadrii na stawach doliny Baryczy

Hortas, Francisco., 1997:
Migration of waders in southwest Iberia, the Western Mediterranean flyway and the African flyway Migracion de aves limicolas en el Suroeste Iberico, via de vuelo del Mediterraneo occidental y Africa

Moss, D., 1990:
Migration patterns of the wader populations of north-west Wales

Anciaux, M., 2002:
Migration phenology of African birds in inland South-Benin Allada Plateau and south of the Lama Depression - 2b general discussion Approche de la phenologie de la migration des migrateurs intra-africains de linterieur des terres du Sud Benin plateau dAllada et sud de la depression de la Lama - 2b discussion generale

Anciaux, Marie-Rose., 2002:
Migration phenology of African birds in inland South-Benin Allada Plateau and south of the Lama depression 2a Coraciiformes and Passeriformes Approche de la phenologie de la migration des migrateurs intra-Africains de linterieur des terres du sud-Benin plateau dAllada et sud de la depression de la Lama - 2a les Coraciiformes et les Passeriformes

Beaud, Michel., 1999:
Migration phenology of the goldcrest Regulus regulus at la Berra in the Pre-Alps Canton of Fribourg, Switzerland between 1984 and 1995 Phenologie de la migration du roitelet huppe Regulus regulus a la Berra FR de 1984 a 1995

Gierow, Martin., 2004:
Migration records for Skane part 4 Gulls - woodpeckers Skanska strackrekord del 4 Masfaglar - hackspettar

Gierow, Martin., 2003:
Migration records from Skane Part 2 Raptors Skanska strackrekord Del 2 Rovfaglar

Jakobsson, G.; Johansson, B., 2001:
Migration routes and behaviour of skuas Stercorarius Strackvagar och strackbeteende hos labbar Stercorarius

Schmidt, D.; Roepke, D., 2001:
Migration routes and wintering areas of Ospreys Pandion haliaetus ringed in Germany Zugrouten und Ueberwinterungsgebiete von in Deutschland beringten Fischadlern Pandion haliaetus

Swanberg, PO., 1993:
Migration routes for Swedish cranes Flyttningsvagar for svenska tranor

Tesch, F-W., 1996:
Migration routes of fish, in particular eels and salmon in the sea Wanderwege von Fischen, insbesondere von Aalen und Lachsen, im Meer

Leito, A.; Ojaste, I., 2001:
Migration routes of the common cranes breeding in Estonia first results of colour-marking and radio- and satellite-tracking Eesti sookurgede randeteed margistamistulemuste esmane analuus

Passarella, Menotti., 1995:
Migration routes of the penduline tit Remiz pendulinus across Italy and the Mediterranean basin Rotte di migrazione del pendolino Remiz pendulinus attraverso lItalia e nel bacino del Mediterraneo

Sackl, P.; Dumpelnik, M.; Samwald, F., 2002:
Migration routes, phenology and long-term fluctuations of migrating woodlarks Lullula arborea L in Styria Zugverlauf, Phaenologie und langfristige Schwankungen im Durchzug der Heidelerche Lullula arborea L in der Steiermark

Evans, PR.; Davidson, NC., 1990:
Migration strategies and tactics of waders breeding in arctic and north temperate latitudes

Meissner, Wlodzimierz., 2001:
Migration strategies of west Palaearctic waders Strategie wedrowkowe siekowcow Charadrii zachodniej Palearktyki

Chaves de Tarso, P.; Rickli, A.; Bouchereau, J.-Luc., 1998:
Migration strategy of a predatory sciaenid Isopisthus parvipinnis Teleostei, Pisces in the mangrove of the Bay of Guaratuba Brazil Strategie doccupation de la mangrove de la baie de Guaratuba Bresil par le Sciaenidae predateur Isopisthus parvipinnis Teleostei, Pisces

Cederroth, Christian., 1997:
Migration successes in 1995 Segerstracket 1995

Mikkola, Kauri., 1996:
Migration survey for 1994 Vaelluskatsaus 1994

Squire, JL.; Suzuki, Z., 1990:
Migration trends of striped marlin Tetrapturus audax in the Pacific Ocean

Larsson, PG., 2002:
Migration watch on a pedestrian street in Malmo 28/4 2002 from 1650 - 1705 Strackbevakning pa gagatan i Malmo 28/4 2002 kl 1650 - 1705

Brenning, Ulrich., 2001:
Migration, biometrics, body mass and moult of grey plover Pluvialis squatarola staging on the island of Langenwerder, southwestern Baltic Sea, Germany Phaenologie, Biometrie, Koerpermasse und Mauser rastender Limikolen im NSG Insel Langenwerder, Wismar-Bucht westliche Ostsee I Kiebitzregenpfeifer Pluvialis squatarola

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Migration, wintering and behaviour of common swifts in Congo and southern Africa Trek, overwintering en gedrag van gierzwaluwen Apus apus in Congo en zuidelijk Afrika

Einstein, Jost., 2000:
Migration, wintering and behaviour of the hen harrier Circus cyaneus in the Federsee Fen south Germany, Upper Swabia Zug, Ueberwinterung und Verhalten der Kornweihe Circus cyaneus am Federsee Sueddeutschland, Oberschwaben

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Migration-distances of some crested newts Triturus cristatus within an agricultural landscape Wanderstrecken einzelner Kammolche Triturus cristatus in einem Agrarlebensraum

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Migration Migracao

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Migration Migraciones

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Migrationen und Wanderungen

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Migrations and bank structure use of burbot, Lota lota in the River Elbe, Germany Wanderung und Uferstrukturnutzung der Quappe, Lota lota, in der Elbe, Deutschland

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Migrations and hunting of Delpshinapterua leucas Pall, in the Yenissei and the Pyassina bays

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Migrations and nesting conservatism of some species of birds with specialized feeding

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Migrations and staging sites Records of the 36th Colloquium of Interregional Ornithology, Neuchatel Switzerland - 9 and 10 November 1996 Migrations et sites descales Actes du 36e Colloque interregional dornithologie Neuchatel Suisse - 9 et 10 novembre 1996

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Migrations of Acherontia atropos L during 1996 in Cotentin Lepidoptera Sphingidae Migrations dAcherontia atropos L en 1996 dans le Cotentin Lepidoptera Sphingidae

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Migrations of Oriental turtle-dove Streptopelia orientalis Lath

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Migrations of Whales

Ovchinnikov, V.V., 1969:
Migrations of Xiphias, Histiophorus and Makaira

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Migrations of Yenisey fish in connection with the history of Yenisey river

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Migrations of birds of Eastern Europe and Northern Asia Anseriformes, dabbling ducks

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Migrations of eastern stock pigeon Columba eversmanii Bp

Grosse, Wolf-Rudiger., 1998:
Migrations of juveniles and calls of the European tree frog Hyla arborea L Anura Hylidae in autumn Wanderungen der Juvenes und Rufe des Laubfrosches Hyla arborea L Anura Hylidae im Herbst

Ly, A.; Butterlin, J., 1996:
Migrations of littoral microfauna between tropical America and the NW edge of West Africa in the Eocene and the Oligocene Les echanges de microfaunes littorales entre lAmerique tropicale et la marge NW de lAfrique occidentale a lEocene et a lOligocene

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Migrations of moths in the Krkonose Mts The Giant Mts Migrace nocnich motylu v Krkonosich

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Migrations of roe-buck in Southern Ural

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Migrations of the carp population in the Suskansk and Cheremshansk bays of the Kuibyshev Reservoir

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Migrations of the squirrel in the Siberian taiga

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Migrations of western stock pigeon Columba oenas L

Schwarz-Waubke, M., 1998:
Migratory behaviour and home range of adult Chorthippus pullus Philippi 1830 Orthoptera, Acrididae in a wild river landscape near Salzburg Wanderverhalten und Aktionsraum adulter Chorthippus pullus Philippi 1830 Orthoptera, Acrididae in einer Wildflusslandschaft bei Salzburg

Begout-Anras, M.-Laure.; Lagardere, J.-Paul.; Gosset, C.; Rives, J.; Prouzet, P., 2001:
Migratory behaviour and hydrodynamic structures individual monitoring of Atlantic salmon by tracking in Adour Comportement migratoire et structure hydrodynamiques suivi individuel par pistage des saumons atlantiques dans lAdour

de Casamajor, Marie-Noelle., 2001:
Migratory behaviour of glass-eel Anguilla anguilla in the Adour estuary according to variability of environmental conditions Comportement migratoire de la civelle Anguilla anguilla dans lestuaire de lAdour en fonction de la variabilite des conditions environnementales

Helbig, AJ.; Dierschke, V., 1999:
Migratory bird calendar Zugvogelkalendar

Helbig, AJ.; Dierschke, V., 2002:
Migratory bird calendar Zugvogelkalender

Kjellen, Nils., 2002:
Migratory bird censuses in Falsterbo formerly and now Report no 212 from Falsterbo Bird Station Strackfagelrakningar i Falsterbo forr och nu Meddelande nr 212 fran Falsterbo Fagelstation

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Migratory bird losses of a stormy night in September 2005 in Minnesota Zugvogelverluste einer Sturmnacht im September 2005 in Mennesota

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Migratory bird monitoring in the international Wadden Sea - increasing demands on data exchange and analysis how to come to reliable trend estimates? Monitoring von Rastvoegeln im internationalen Wattenmeer - gestiegene Anforderungen an Datenaustausch und -analyse Wie kommen wir zu verlaesslichen Trendangaben?

Kraft, Helmut., 1996:
Migratory bird sightings in Spring 1996 Eder estuary and surroundings Zugvogelbeobachtungen im Fruhjahr 1996 Edermundung und Umgebung

Garrido, M.; Gil de Sola, L., 1994:
Migratory birds affected by the channelling of the Guadalhorce delta Las aves migratorias, afectadas por el encauzamiento del delta del Guadalhorce

Mesa, Alvaro., 1990:
Migratory birds in the Aburra valley Aves migratorias en el valle de Aburra

Czajkowski, A., 1998 :
Migratory birds of the western Palearctic OMPOs program in Russia Le programme doiseaux migrateurs du palearctique occidental OMPO en Russie

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Migratory build up in the northern Werdenfels region in October 2004 Zungstau im noerdlichen Werdenfelser Land im Oktober 2004

Fagniart, V., 2004:
Migratory butterflies in 16th and 17th century Flemish painting Les papillons migrateurs dans la peinture flamande des xvie et xviie siecles

Milliet, J., 2004:
Migratory dogs their status in some non-European societies An anthropological viewpoint on animal domestication Les chiens migrateurs leurs statuts dans quelques societes non europeennes Un apport a lanthropologie de la domestication animale

Marinval, M., 2004:
Migratory fishes in the Loire Basin France preliminary appraisal of their shared history with local human societies from the end of the Last Ice age to the present day Les poissons migrateurs du bassin versant de la Loire France bilan preliminaire de leur histoire commune avec les societes humaines, de la fin de la derniere glaciation jusqua nos jours

Tchamba, Martin N., 1998:
Migratory habits of elephants and human-elephant interactions in the region of Waza-Logone north Cameroon Habitudes migratoires des elephants et interactions homme-elephant dans la region de Waza-Logone Nord Cameroun

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Migratory movement of adults Remontee migratoire des adultes

Robl, Josef., 1995:
Migratory movements in the dipper Cinclus c aquaticus on the Urslau in the federal state of Salzburg, Austria Ortsbewegungen der Wasseramsel Cinclus c aquaticus an der Urslau im Bundesland Salzburg, Osterreich

Oberhaensli-Neweklowsky, Waltraud., 2001:
Migratory observations on Wasserscheide/Gurnigel Bern canton/Switzerland 2001 Zugbeobachtungen auf der Wasserscheide/Gurnigel Kt Bern/Switzerland 2001

Adamo, C.; Baldaccini, NE.; Marchetti, C.; Mola, E., 1999:
Migratory orientation the effect of successive tests on direction selection Orientamento migratorio leffetto di test successivi sulle scelte direzionali

Kohler, Andreas., 1996:
Migratory passage of the gull-billed tern Gelochelidon nilotica at Lister Koog Sylt Durchzug der Lachseeschwalbe Gelochelidon nilotica am Lister Koog Sylt

Kraus, M.; Krauss, W., 2002:
Migratory pattern of the snipes Lymnocryptes and Gallinago in the Frankonian Pond area 1950 to 2000 Vom Durchzug der Schnepfen Lymnocryptes und Gallinago im Fraenkischen Weihergebiet 1950 bis 2000

Ardanaz, Javier., 1998:
Migratory phenology of Eurasian curlew Numenius arquata and whimbrel N phaeopus in Navarra northern Spain Fenologia migratoria del zarapito real Numenius arquata y del zarapito trinador Numenius phaeopus en Navarra

Marcuzzi, G., 1990:
Migratory phenomena in European animal species

Berthold, P.; Fiedler, W.; Querner, U., 2000:
Migratory restlessness or Zugunruhe in birds - a description based on video recordings under infrared illumination Die Zugunruhe bei Vogeln - eine Darstellung nach Videoaufnahmen bei Infrarotlichtbeleuchtung

Bengtsson, Kenneth., 1996:
Migratory routes and wintering areas of Swedish black-headed gull Larus ridibundus populations Flyttvagar och overvintringsplatser for svenska skrattmaspopulationer

Pouget, R., 1996:
Migratory waterfowl of the Western Palearctic MBWP an example of international coordination Oiseaux migrateurs du Palearctique Occidental OMPO un exemple de coordination internationale

Mones, A., 2001:
Miguel A Klappenbach 1920-2000 Bio-bibliographical essay Miguel Angel Klappenbach 1920-2000 Ensayo bio-bibliografico

Tikhomirov, S.V., 1956:
Mikhail Ser-geevich Shvetzov

Blyakher, L.Y., 1957:
Mikhail, Mikhailovich Zavadovski

Grunda, B., 1999:
Mikrobiological study of the frass of false webworm Cephalcia abietis L Mikrobiologicky pruzkum trusu ploskohrbetky smrkove Cephalcia abietis L

Salaj, J., 1962:
Mikrobiostratigraphie des Dan der Gossau-Kreide und Zentralpaleogens am Hugellande Myjavska Pahorkatina

Cicha, I.; Kheil, J., 1962:
Mikrobiostratigraphie des Miozans des ostslowakischen Neogengebietes

Muldini-Mamuzic, S., 1962:
Mikrofaunistische Untersuchungen des Eozan-Flysches der Insel Rab

Rosa, K., 1956:
Mikroflora und Mikro-fauna schwelender Halden bei Sokolov

Anonymous., 2006:
Mikrogeophagus altispinosa Haseman, 1911 The second role Mikrogeophagus altispinosa Haseman, 1911 Freddy Courvoisier-Clement AFC no 131908 le second role

Schindler, Ingo., 2004:
Mikrogeophagus, Microgeophagus or Papiliochromis? Mikrogeophagus, Microgeophagus oder Papiliochromis?

Sido, M., 1955:
Mikropalaontologische Daten aus den Miozan-Sedimenten von Salka Ipolyssaika

Danilova, A., 1958:
Mikropalaontologische Daten aus der Zone des hoheren Sonon in der Bucht von Kattaro Montenegro

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Mikroskonische Wassertiere des Aralsees und der einmundenden Flusse, im Zusammenhang mit der Frago uber deren Verbreitungsbedingungen,

Haffner, M.; Ziswiler, V., 1990:
Mikroskopisch-anatomische Untersuchungen am Kranialen Integument von Myotis blythi Tomes, 1857 Mammalia, Chiroptera

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Mikroskopische Technik der Pigmentaugen wirbelloser Tiere

Salensky., 1909:
Mikroskopische Untersuchungen einiger Organe des an der Beresovka gefundenen Mammuts

Meissner, V., 1908:
Mikroskopische Wassertiere des Aralsees und der einmunden den Flusse, im Zusammenhang mit der Frage uber deren Verbreitungsbedingungen

Meissner, V., 1908:
Mikroskopische Wassertiere des Aralsees und der einmundenden Flusse, im Zusammenhang mit der Frage nach deren Verbreitungsbedingungen

Klein, C.; Mutterlose, J., 1997:
Milankovitch control of vertical fluctuations in benthic foraminifera from bedding rhythms of the NW German Hauterivian early Cretaceous Milankovitch gesteuerte Verteilungsmuster benthonischer Foraminiferen in rhythmisch gebankten Sedimenten des Hauterive Unterkreide NW Deutschlands

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Milieu de culture pour quelques especes de Trichomonas de la volaille

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Miliolida from the Palaeogene deposits of the lowland area NE of the Aral Sea in the Turgan river basin

Didkovs'ky, V.; Ya., 1961:
Miliolidae of Neogene deposits in the south-western part of the Russian Platform

Dzhanelidze, O.I., 1963:
Miliolidae of the Middle Miocene of Georgia

Putrya, F.S., 1961:
Miliolidae of upper Cretaceous and Paleogene deposits of the lowlying part of western Siberia

Trelea, N.; Simionescu, T., 1997:
Miliolids from the Lower Sarmatian of the Moldavian platform, a region situated between the rivers Siret and Prut Romania Les miliolides du Sarmatien inferieur de la plateforme Moldave, region situee entre les rivieres Siret et Prut Roumanie

Gonzalez-Sponga, MA., 2001:
Milipeds of Venezuela New species of the family Stemmiulidae Part I Diplopoda Chordeumida Miriapodos de Venezuela Nuevas especies de la familia Stemmiulidae Parte I Diplopoda Chordumidae

Almazan-Nunez, R.; Carlos; Nova-Munoz, O., 2006:
Military macaw in Sierra Madre del Sur, Guerrero, Mexico La guacamaya verde Ara militaris en la Sierra Madre del Sur, Guerrero, Mexico

Meyer, Frank., 1994:
Military training grounds as secondary habitats of natterjack toads Militarische Ubungsplatze als Sekundarhabitate der Kreuzkrote

Hernandez de Sanchez, M.; Fernandez, F.M., 1999:
Milk characteristics of Myrmecophaga tridactyla L Edentata Myrmecophagidae Caracteristicas de la secrecion lactea de Myrmecophaga tridactyla L Edentata Myrmecophagidae

Dzhymagylov, IK., 1976:
Milk yield, high fat content in milk yield and investigation of these properties interspecific hybridization of the Bactrian camel with the Arabian camel

Gentelini,; Boscolo, W.R.gerio; Feiden, A.; Meurer, F.; Hayashi, C., 2005:
Milling degree in pellet ration ingredients for Piavucu Leporinus macrocephalus fingerlings Graus de moagem dos ingredientes em racoes peletizadas para alevinos de piavucu Leporinus macrocephalus

Meurer, F.; Bombardelli, R.A.lan; Hayashi, C.; Fornari, D.C.rlos, 2005:
Milling degree of feed in ration for Nile tilapia Oreochromis niloticus larvae during sexual reversion phase Grau de moagem dos alimentos em racoes para a tilapia do Nilo Oreochromis niloticus durante o periodo de reversao sexual

Huppop, Ommo., 1999:
Millions in the North Atlantic guillemots Millionen im Nordatlantik Trottellumen

Madari, B.; Kiss, I.; Korsos, Z., 1996:
Millipede Diplopoda communities in the area of Godollo Godollo kornyeki ikerszelvenyes Diplopoda kozossegek okofaunisztikai vizsgalata

Korsos, Zoltan., 1998:
Millipede Diplopoda fauna of the Hungarian Drava Region A Drava mente ikerszelvenyes Diplopoda faunaja

Voigtlaender, K., 2001:
Millipede and centipede fauna of a landslide in the Berzdorf/Upper Lusatia brown coal open mining area Diplopoda, Chilopoda Die Diplopoden- und Chilopodenfauna einer Grubenrutschung im Tagebaugebiet Berzdorf/Oberlausitz Diplopoda, Chilopoda

Jones, RE., 1990:
Millipede records

Tajovsky, Karel., 1998:
Millipedes Diplopoda and terrestrial isopods Oniscidea of the Podyji National Park Mnohonozky Diplopoda a suchozemsti stejnonozci Oniscidea Narodniho Parku Podyji

Mock, A.; Jansky, V., 2000 :
Millipedes Diplopoda from Slovakia in the collections of the Slovak National Museum in Bratislava Mnohonozky Diplopoda z uzemia Slovenska v zbierkach Slovenskeho Narodneho Muzea v Bratislave

Gilyarov, M.S., 1957:
Millipedes Juloidea and their role in soil-forming processes

Mock, Andrej., 1999:
Millipedes Myriapoda, Diplopoda of the selected localities of the east Slovakia 1 Mnohonozky Myriapoda, Diplopoda vybranych lokalit vychodneho Slovenska 1

Voigtlander, Karin., 1997:
Millipedes and centipedes from dy habitats near Halle East Germany Diplopoden und Chilopoden von Trockenstandorten im Hallenser Raum Ostdeutschland

Voigtlander, Karin., 1995:
Millipedes and centipedes from pitfall traps in the nature reserve Dubringer Moor East Germany/Oberlausitz Diplopoden und Chilopoden aus Fallenfangen im Naturschutzgebiet Dubringer Moor Ostdeutschland/Oberlausitz

Schiejok, Herbert., 2002:
Millipedes in the terrarium Millipedes Tausendfuesser im Terrarium

Gonzalez-Sponga, MA., 2000:
Millipeds of Venezuela Five new species of the genus Cormocephalus Scolopendromorpha Scolopendridae Miriapodos de Venezuela Cinco nuevas especies del genero Cormocephalus Scolopendromorpha Scolopendridae

Gonzalez-Sponga, Manuel A., 2001:
Millipeds of Venezuela ten new species of the genus Newportia Chilopoda Scolopendromorpha Cryptopidae Miriapodos de Venezuela diez nuevas especies del genero Newportia Chilopoda Scolopendromorpha Cryptopidae

Popova, G.V., 1968:
Milt extraction and storage from the Grass carp and the White and Variegated silver carp

Richarz, Klaus., 1996 :
Milvus milvus - following the wind in Europe Rotmilan - Ruckwind fur eienen Europaer

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