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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38419

Chapter 38419 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Caravita, S.; Falchetti, E., 2003:
Models for understanding skeletons Modellizzare per capire gli scheletri

Gilio, N.; Oppio, C.; Pompilio, L.; Viterbi, R.; Bassano, B.; Meriggi, A., 2003:
Models of environmental conditions for the black grouse Tetrao tetrix, the ptarmigan Lagopus mutus and the rock partridge Alectoris graeca saxatilis of Gran Paradiso national park Modelli di idoneita ambientale per Fagiano di monte Tetrao tetrix, Pernice bianca Lagopus mutus e Coturnice Alectoris graeca saxatilis nel Parco nazionale del Gran Paradiso

Gilio, N.; Oppio, C.; Pompilio, L.; Vitterbi, R.; Bassano, B.; Meriggi, A., 2003:
Models of environmental conditions for the golden eagle Aquila chrysaetos, the sparrowhawk Accipiter nisus and the goshawk Accipiter gentilis of Gran Paradiso national park Modelli di idoneita ambientale per Aquila reale Aquila chrysaetos, Sparviere Accipiter nisus e astore Accipiter gentilis nel Parco nazionale del Gran Paradiso

Liebhold, AM.; Elkinton, JS., 1990:
Models of the spatial dynamics of epidemic gypsy moth populations

Rabinovich, Jorge., 1995:
Models on exploitation of wild populations of guanacos Modelos para el aprovechamiento de poblaciones silvestres de guanacos

Pinto, MA., 1998:
Models predicting attack by bark beetles on stands of Pinus pinaster Aiton Modelos de previsao de ataque de escolitideos em povoamentos de Pinus pinaster Aiton

Ranoux, F., 1998:
Models to predict grey Perdix perdix and red-legged Alectoris rufa partridge spring densities in the Massif Central Modeles de prediction des densites printanieres de perdrix grises Perdix perdix et rouges Alectoris rufa dans le Massif Central

Sala, L.; Gianaroli, M.; Tongiorgi, P., 2000:
Modena ichthyofauna 15 years after the first fish map Littiofauna modenese 15 anni dopo la prima carta ittica

Reise, K., 1979:
Moderate predation on meiofauna by the macrobenthos of the Wadden Sea

Ravikovich, A.I., 1954:
Modern and fossil reefs

Gromov, V.V., 1956:
Modern changes in the distribution of the Caspian forms in the river Kama

Eremeev, VN.; Gaevskaya, AV., 2003:
Modern condition of biological diversity in near-shore zone of Crimea the Black Sea sector

Wainwright, S.A., 1963:
Modern coral reef associations in Ager, D V Nichols, D, Marine Ecology and Palaeoecology

Mineeva, NM., 2000:
Modern ecological situation in Rybinsk and Gorky reservoirs the state of biological communities and perspectives of fish reproduction

Bach, C.; Compte, A., 1997:
Modern entomology in Spain Its development from origins to 1960 La entomologia moderna en Espana Su desarrollo de los origenes a 1960

Kamenkova, KV., 1972:
Modern estimates of the role of entomophags in the abundance dynamics of Eurygaster integriceps Put in wheat agrobiocoenoses

Yanko, VV.; Vorobyeva, LV., 1990:
Modern foraminifers of the Sea of Azov and the Kerch Strait

Blaise, E., 2006:
Modern frame of reference for ewes in the southern pre-Alps Digne, Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, France husbandry practices and dental Referentiel actuel de brebis Prealpes du Sud Digne, Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, France pratiques delevage et ages dentaires

Palicka, Pavel., 2005:
Modern history of the breeding of big cats in Usti nad Labem Zoo Novodoba historie chovu velkych kockovitych selem ZOO Usti nad Labem

Diehl, Eduard W., 2001:
Modern light trapping with special consideration of tropical environments Moderner Lichtfang unter besonderer Beruecksichtigung tropischer Verhaeltnisse

Zasosov, A.V., 1970:
Modern methods for determining the size of whale schools

Zasosov, A.V., 1969:
Modern methods of assessing the number of whales Trudy vses nauchno-issled

Varshavski, S.N., 1952:
Modern methods of calculating the population of Citellus and Rhombomys Kucheruk, V V Methods of calculating the number and geographical distribution of terrestrial vertebrates

Breeb, K.A., 1965:
Modern methods of fight against warble flies and the perspective of their development

Oparin, A.I., 1958:
Modern notion of the origin of life

Belozerski, A.N.Spirin, A.S., 1956:
Modern notion of the structure of nucleic acids and their specificity

Kurochkin, E N. ., 1990:
Modern ornithology 1990 collected papers of the USSR Ornithological Socitey

Kurochkin, E N. ., 1992:
Modern ornithology 1991

Martinez, D.Elsa, 2005:
Modern ostracod assemblages from the Bahia Blanca estuary, Buenos Aires, Argentina Asociaciones de ostracodos modernos del estuario de Bahia Blanca, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Anon., 1965:
Modern problems of ornithology

Oparin, B.I., 1957:
Modern problems on the origin of life

Zotikov, E.A., 1958:
Modern problems on the tissue inconsistency in homo-plastic graphs of organs and tissues

Schulze, Werner., 1993:
Modern range extension of moths Insecta, Lepidoptera Noctuidae in central Europe Neuzeitliche Arealerweiterungen bei Eulenfaltern Insecta, Lepidoptera Noctuidae in Mitteleuropa

Korovchinsky, NM., 1992:
Modern state and problems of systematics of Cladocera Crustacea Sovremennoe sosteoyanie i problemy sistematiki vetvistousykh rakoobraznykh

Kluge, NJu., 2000:
Modern systematics of insects Part 1 Principles of systematics of living organisms and general system of insects with classification of primary wingless and paleopterous insects

Kibyakov, A.V., 1959:
Modern theory on the chemical transfer of an impulse

Cheissin, E.M., 1962:
Modern trends in soviet proto-zoology in relation to the decisions of the XXII Congress of the CPSU

Milovanov, V.E.; Jokolovskaya, I.I., 1955:
Modern views on fertilization in domestic animals

Tarakanov, V.I., 1967:
Modern views on the possibility of culturing the nematodes in vitro to an adult stage

Madanecki, P., 2002:
Modern ways of propagation of nature knowledge and the future of nature protection Nowoczesne metody propagowania wiedzy przyrodniczej a przyszlosc ochrony przyrody

Wiesner, Henning., 2001:
Modern zoo management Modernes Zoomanagement

Heurtault, J.; Vannier, G., 1990:
Modes de transpiration chez les pseudoscorpions hygrophiles et xerophiles

Berezantzev, Y.A., 1957:
Modes of Trichinella distribution in natural conditions 9th Conf parasit Probl

Dantas de Araujo, C.Z.; Jaisson, P., 1994:
Modes of colony foundation in the queenless ant Dinoponera quadriceps Santschi Hymenoptera, Formicidae, Ponerinae Modes de fondation des colonies chez la fourmi sans reine Dinoponera quadriceps Santschi Hymenoptera, Formicidae, Ponerinae

Krupa, Adam., 1998:
Modes of nests locations by the grey lag goose Anser anser in the middle course of the Warta River near Zagorow Sposoby umieszczania gniazd przez gegawe Anser anser w dolinie srodkowej Warty kolo Zagorowa

Messner, B.; Adis, J., 2003:
Modes of respiration in plastron-bearing arthropods by way of example of the bug Aphelocheirus aestivalis Fabricius Atmungsformen bei Plastronatmern am Beispiel der Grundwanze Aphelocheirus aestivalis Fabricius Heteroptera

Aellen, V.; Thorens, P., 1997:
Modicogryllus frontalis Fieber, 1844, a new species record of cricket for South of France Var Orthoptera, Gryllidae Modicogryllus frontalis Fieber, 1844, un nouveau grillon pour la faune francaise decouvert dans le Var Orthoptera, Gryllidae

le Bras, S., 1990:
Modification de la sensibilite au lindane dAsellus aquaticus L en fonction de la variation de facteurs biotiques poids et metabolisme et abiotiques concentration de linsecticide et temperature

Legrand, JJ., 1970:
Modification experimentale dela proportion des sexes chez les crustacks isopodes terrestres induction de la thelygenie chez Armadillidium vulgare Latr

Calvao-Brito, R.H. dos S.; Maia-Herzog, M., 2003:
Modification in the mounting technique of simulim Insecta, Diptera on glass slides Modificacao na tecnica para montagem de simulideos Insecta, Diptera em lamina/laminula

D.A.mas R., Y.; Rodriguez C., M.M.; Bisset L., J.A., 2005:
Modification of a method to extract genomic DNA from Aedes aegypti Diptera Culicidae Modificadon de un metodo de extraccioin de ADN genomico de Aedes aegypti Diptera Culicidae

Shapiro, E.A., 1953:
Modification of absorbable properties in the terminal parts and the ramifications of nervus ischiadicus in vertebrates under physio-logical stimulus

Alvarez, J.A.tonio.; Pozo, J.E.teban., 1996:
Modification of an overhead cable as threat to wintering crane population La modificacion de una linea electrica amenaza a la invernada de las grullas

Palomo, L.; Javier., 2000 :
Modification of conservation categories by the IUCN La UICN modifica sus categorias de conservacion

Sandoval, E.; Morales, G.; Jimenez, D.; Pino, L.A.; Matinella, L., 2004:
Modification of the precipitins circumoval test for the immunological diagnosis of Fasciola hepatica Modification de la prueba de precipitation circumoval para el diagnostico inmunologico de Fasciola hepatica

Cao Lopez, J.; Rodriguez Velazquez, D.; Leal, M., 1995:
Modification of the rapid method of arthropod dissection in parafin Modificacion al metodo rapido de corte de artropodos en parafina

Nitzu, E.; Juberthie, C., 1996:
Modification of the sensilla on the antennae and the maxillary palps in relation to the habitat of the coleopterans Clivininae Scaritidae Changement dans lequipement sensoriel des antennes et des palpes maxillaires en fonction de lhabitat chez les coleopteres Clivininae Scaritidae

Raimondi, V.; Markariani, R., 2005:
Modification of the technique for isolation and purification of DNA from osseous remains of pampas deer Ozotoceros bezoarticus Ajuste de la tecnica de aislamiento y purificacion de ADN a partir de restos oseos de venados de las pampas Ozotoceros bezoarticus

Privat, F., 1970:
Modifications du comportement de nutrition deTilapia rendalli, apres ablation de la zone dosale telencephalique, dans differentes conditions de temperature et de luminosite

Tiberi, R.; Niccoli, T.; Niccoli, A.; Panzavolta, T., 2003:
Modifications in pine processionary moth egg parasitism due to augmentative biological control with laboratory reared Ooencyrtus pityocampae Mercet Hymenoptera Chalcidoidea Encyrtidae Modificazioni nella parassitizzazione delle nova della processionaria del pino conseguenti al potenziamento artiliciale di Ooencyrtus pityocampae Mercet Hymenoptera Chaleidoidea Encyrtidae allevato in laboratorio

Godoy, M.C.; Torales, G.J., 1999:
Modifications of digestive system and ventral nerve chain in three Neoptropical Termitidae Isoptera Comparisons among young females and physogastric queens Modificaciones del sistema digestivo y de la cadena ganglionar de tres Termitidae Isoptera neotropicales Estudio comparado de hembras jovenes y reinas fisogastricas

Espinoza, E.; Primera, G.; Gonzalez, N.; Mosca, W., 2001:
Modified isopenic method for purification of tripanosoma Metodo isopenico modificado para la purificacion de tripanosomas

Kosupko, GA., 1977:
Modified method for the fixing of trematodes Byulleten vses

Novo, Jose PS. de Baptista, Gilberto C., 1998:
Modified stereoscopic microscope stage to select sex adults of the coffee bean weevil, Araecerus fasciculatus Deg Coleoptera Anthribidae Mesa de microscopio estereoscopio modificada para separacao por sexo de adultos de caruncho-do-cafe, Araecerus fasciculatus Deg Coleoptera Anthribidae

Crimes, TP., 1977:
Modular construction of deep water trace fossils

Treherne, JE.; Howes, EA.; Schofield, PK.; Smith, PJS., 1990:
Modulation and repair of the insect blood-brain barrier

Hoffmann, KH.; Espig, W.; Weidner, K.; Liebrich, W., 1990:
Modulation of hormone titers during insect reproduction by external factors

Bruschi, Fabrizio., 1997:
Modulation of inflammatory cells by parasitic helminths Modulazione delle cellule infiammatorie nelle infezioni da elminti

Jones, EG., 1990:
Modulatory events in the development and evolution of primate neocortex

Zarske, A.; Gery, J., 2002:
Moenkhausia dorsinuda sp n - a new interesting characid fish Teleostei, Characiformes, Characidae from the Rio Itenez drainage of Bolivia Moenkhausia dorsinuda sp n - ein neuer interessanter Salmler Teleostei, Characiformes, Characidae aus dem Einzugsgebiet des Rio Itenez in Bolivien

Zarske, A.; Gery, J., 2001:
Moenkhausia margitae sp n a new characid fish from the Rio Ucayali basin in Peru Teleostei Characiformes Characidae Moenkhausia margitae sp n eine neue Tetra-Art aus dem Stromgebiet des Rio Ucayali in Peru Teleostei Characiformes Characidae

Westhaeuser, Christian., 2004:
Moenkhausia pittieri Moenkhausia pittieri - Der Brillantsamler

Zarske, A.; Gery, J.; Isbruecker, I.J., 2004:
Moenkhausia rara sp n - a new threatened characid fish Teleostei Characiformes Characidae from Suriname and French Guyana, with a supplementary description of M simulata Eigenmann in Pearson, 1924 Moenkhausia rara sp n - eine neue, bereits bestandsgefaehrdete Salmler-Art Teleostei Characiformes Characidae aus Surinam and Franzoesisch Guayana mit einer ergaenzenden Beschreibung von M simulata Eigenmann in Pearson, 1924

Svoboda, Jaroslav., 1997:
Moenkhausia sanctaefilomenae, the Paraguayan tetra, breeding and rearing techniques Moenkhausia sanctaefilomenae tetra paraguayska chov a odchov

Nogueira, M.Jr, 2006:
Moerisia inkermanica Paltschikowa-Ostroumova Hydrozoa; Moerisidae and Blackfordia virginica Mayer Hydrozoa; Blackfordiidae at Antonina Bay, Parana, Brazil Moerisia inkermanica Paltschikowa-Ostroumova Hydrozoa; Moerisidae e Blackfordia virginica Mayer Hydrozoa; Blackfordiidae na Baia de Antonina, Parana, Brasil

Kohl, R., 1990:
Moglichkeiten der Gewasserbewertung mit Kocherfliegenlarven - Limnologisch - okologische Untersuchungen zur saarlandischen Trichopterenfauna

Petryszak, B.; Fremuth, J., 1998:
Mogulones curvistriatus Schultze, 1897, a new weevil in the fauna of Poland Coleoptera Curulionidae Mogulones curvistriatus Schultze, 1897, nowy dla fauny Polski gatunek ryjkowca Coleoptera Curculionidae

Hovemeyer, Klaus., 2000:
Moisture and light preferences of spiders - a comparison of two classification systems Feuchtigkeits- und Belichtungspraferenzen bei Spinnen - ein Vergleich von zwei Klassifizierungssystemen

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