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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38426

Chapter 38426 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Salewski, Volker., 2005:
Moorhen, guelder rose and the theory of optimal foraging strategy Teichralle, Schneeball und die Theorie der optimalen Nahrungssuche

Anderson, P., 1990:
Moorland recreation and wildlife in the Peak District summary

Dordel, J., 2004:
Moose Alces alces - creators of bare soil as habitats for pioneer plant species; comparative study of the proportion of moose created bare soil in a semi-natural enclosure Elche Alces alces - Verursacher offener Bodenstellen als Besiedelungsflaechen fuer Pionierpflanzen Eine vergleichende Untersuchung ueber den Anteil der durch Elche verursachten offenen Bodenstellen in einem naturnahen Gehege

Randveer, T.; Juri, T., 2003:
Moose and forest - relations through the times Podra ja metsa suhete ajaloost j a hetkeseisust Eestis

Konold, W.; Gaertner, M.; Burkart, B., 2004:
Moose as creators of bare soil habitats Elche als Verursacher offener Bodenstellen

Koskela, T.; Nygren, T., 2002:
Moose hunting clubs in Finland 1999 Hirvenmetsastysseurueett Somessa vuonna 1999

Medina-Quej., A.; Dominguez-Viveros, M. de Jesus-Navarrete, A., 2005:
Mophometric relationships in the queen conch Strombus gigas in Chincorro Bank, Quintana Roo, Mexico Relations morfometrics en el caracol rosado Strombus gigas en banco Chincorro Quintana Roo Mexico

Levinson, H.; Levinson, A., 2007 :
Morals and reverence for man and mammals in Ancient Egypt Das moralische Gewissen und die Ehrfurcht vor Mensch und Tier bei den alten Aegyptern

Hruby, J., 2006:
Moravian ornithologist Ferdinand Stoliczka Moravsky ornitolog Ferdinand Stolicka

Agrimi, U.; D.G.ardo, G.; Palazzini, N.; Kennedy, S., 1996:
Morbillivirus infection in cetaceans stranded along the Italian coast an update Aggiornamenti sullinfezione da morbillivirus nei cetacei in Italia

Sekiama, dos Reis, N.R.berto.; Peracchi, A.L.cio.; Rocha,, 2001:
Morcegos do Parque Nacional do Iguacu, Parana Chiroptera, Mammalia Morcegos do Parque Nacional do Iguacu, Parana Chiroptera, Mammalia

Kubisz, Daniel., 2000:
Mordellochroa milleri Emery Mordellidae, Anaspis bohemica Schilsky Scraptiidae and Corticeus bicoloroides Roubal Tenebrionidae - Tenebrionoidea Coleoptera new to the Polish fauna Mordellochroa milleri Emery Mordellidae, Anaspis bohemica Schilsky Scraptiidae i Corticeus bicoloroides Roubal Tenebrionidae - nowe dla fauny Polski gatunki chrzaszczy Coleoptera Tenebrionoidea

Kapp, Andreas., 1997:
Mordellochroa milleri Emery found in Steiermark Austria Mordell Mordellochroa milleri Emery auch in der Steiermark Osterreich Mordell

Fontaine, H.; Vachard, D., 1990:
More Triassic Foraminifera from Peninsular Malaysia

Vanhaelen, Alex., 1999:
More about Aequorea vitrina Gosse, 1853 Nog iets over Aequorea vitrina Gosse, 1853

Dekker, Henk., 1996:
More about Clanculus nodulosus A Adams, 1855 and Trochus ferreirai Bozzetti, 1996 Gastropoda Trochidae Contributo a Clanculus nodulosus A Adams, 1855 e Trochus ferreirai Bozzetti, 1996 Gastropoda Trochidae

Richards, A., 1990:
More about Melo aethiopica Linne, 1758

L.Perna, R., 2004:
More about chronospecies Ancora sulla Cronospecie

Freyhof, Jorg., 2000:
More about gobiids on their way west Noch einmal Grundel auf dem Weg nach Westen

Nielsen, P.S., 1976:
More about our new spinner Notodonta torva Hb

Nilsson, Lennart., 2002:
More about salted buzzards Mer om saltade vrakar

Svensson, S., 2004:
More about the bird kills on the roads Mer om fageldoden pa vagarna

Engstrom, Henri., 2005:
More about the genetics of the lesser white-fronted goose Mer om fjallgasens genetik

Lemmen, Gradus., 2003:
More and more about the Naardermeer Steeds meer Naardermeer

Hartmann, J.; Probst, L., 1998:
More benthos closer to the organically polluted lake affluent? Mehr Bodentiere naher zum organisch belasteten See-Zufluss?

Ullrich, Manfred., 2003:
More breeding of the pin-tailed parrot finch Wieder einmal Nachzuchten mit der Lauchgruenen Papageiamadine

van Swaay, C.; Plate, C., 2007 :
More butterflies in 2006 Meer vlinders in 2006

Baaijens, Anton., 1996:
More butterflies with the help of volunteers from Zeeuwsch Meer vlinders door Zeeuwse vrijwilligers

Sweeney, Roger., 1995:
More care is needed in the keeping of Tanygnathus sumatranus Die Haltung von Mullers Edelpapagei verdient mehr Beachtung

Vanhaelen, M-Th., 2002:
More clusters of egg capsules of Alloteuthis subulata at Koksijde during the summer of 2001 Opnieuw trosjes eikapsels Alloteuthis subulata tijdens de zomer 2001 te Koksijde

Korell, A.; Kleinfeld, F., 1997:
More comments on Carabus tokatensis Roeschke Coleoptera Carabidae Weitere Bemerkungen zu Carabus tokatensis Roeschke Coleoptera Carabidae

Caballero, H.; Chevalier, P.P.; Varona, G.; Cardenas, A.L.; Pastor, L.; Perez-Hernandez, A.; Garcia, Y., 2004:
More common components of the fauna of the coral reef of the Eastern Coast of Cochinos Bay, Cuba corals, sponges, gorgonian corals, and fishes Componentes mas comunes de la fauna del arrecife de coral de la costa oriental de Bahia de Cochinos, Cuba corales, esponjas, gorgonceos y peces

Lopez-Colon, J.I.nacio.; Agoiz-Bustamante,, 2003:
More data on Iberian anobiids Coleoptera, Anobiidae Mas datos sobre anobidos ibericos Coleoptera, Anobiidae

Lopez Ruf, Monica L., 1997:
More data on Pelocoris P impicticollis and description of the eggs Heteroptera Limnocoridae Ampliacion de datos sobre Pelocoris P impicticollis y descripcion de los huevos Heteroptera Limnocoridae

Faasse, Marco., 1996:
More data on the fauna of the canal which runs through Walcheren Meer over de fauna van het kanaal door Walcheren

Iorio, Etienne., 2002:
More detailed description of the French lithobiomorph Lithobius dentatus C Koch, 1847 Description approfondie dun lithobiomorphe francais Lithobius dentatus C Koch, 1847

Suhaj, J., 2001:
More detailed evaluation of historical reports concerning occurrence of bearded vulture Gypaetus barbatus within the Czech Republic Detailnejsi hodnoceni historickych zprav o vyskytu orlosupa bradateho Gypaetus barbatus v Ceske republice

Fischer, M., 2001:
More detailed studies on the recently described Dacnusini from the Far East of Russia and further forms from the Palaearctic with an appendix on Alysiini Hymenoptera, Braconidae, Alysiinae Genauere Studien an juengst beschriebenen Dacnusini aus dem Fernen Osten Russlands und weiteren Formen aus der Palaearktis mit einem Anhang ueber Alysiini Hymenoptera, Braconidae, Alysiinae

Petroczi, Imre., 2000:
More details about the otters distribution in Veszprem County Hungary Adatok a vidra Lutra lutra Linnaeus, 1758 Veszprem megyei elterjedeserol

Nijland, R.; Faasse, M., 2005:
More discoveries of the Japanese shore crab Hemigrapsus sanguineus de Haan, 1835 for the Netherlands Meer vindplaatsen van de blaasjeskrab Hemigrapsus sanguineus de Haan, 1835 in Nederland

Potapenko, Y.Y.; Momot, S.P., 1965:
More facts about Cambrian sediments of the northern Caucasus

Hohnstedt, S., 1976:
More forest reserves

Falconieri, Angelo., 1995:
More freshwater bivalves Ancora bivalvi acquadulcicoli

Walter, Thomas., 2004:
More grasshoppers thanks to ecological compensation Mehr Huepfer dank Oeko-Ausgleich

Ustinov, A.A.; Zinoviev, V.G., 1963 :
More important phytonematodes of the USSR

Starobogatov, Y.I., 1965:
More important results in anatomical and systematic investigations in Mollusca in the last ten years

Borzakovskiy, Y.A.; Suyetenko, O.D.; Khrapov, A.A., 1969:
More information about the Precambrian and Lower Paleozoic of the eastern Gobi MPR

Wijffels, LCM., 1996:
More information on southern France the amphibians and reptiles of the Drome area Meer over zuid-Frankrijk amfibieen en reptielen in het departement Drome

Sanz, Francisco Oliver., 1998:
More interesting and some new records for the Santander Province Cantabria Lepidoptera Mas citas interesantes Lepidoptera y algunas nuevas, para la provincia de Santander Cantabria

Sclater, P.L., 1909:
More marked Storks captured on migration

Vanhaelen, M-Th., 1999:
More newly dead specimens of Lutraria angustior washed ashore at Koksijde Opnieuw vers dode Lutraria angustior aangespoeld te Koksijde

Verschoore, K. van Meel, F., 1977:
More news about 5 years of bird population censuses on Kalmthout Heath

Verschoore, K. van Meel, F., 1977:
More news about 5 years bird population censuses on the Kalmthout Heath

Lefeber, BA., 1998:
More news on Aculeata from South-Limburg Hymenoptera Apidae Weer aculeatennieuws uit Zuid-Limburg Hymenoptera Apidae

Kuijpers, MG., 1996:
More notes on Acrantophis Nogmaals notities over de Grondboas van Madagascar

Bartsch, Paul., 1909:
More notes on the family Pyramidellidae

Vanhaelen, M-Th., 2002:
More numerous sightings of pea crabs Pinnotheres pisum Linnaeus, 1758 on the West Coast during 2002 Weer talrijke waarnemingen van erwtenkrabbetjes Pinnotheres pisum Linnaeus, 1758 aan de Westkust in 2002

Kappes, E.; Kappes, W., 1994:
More observations on Rosss gull Rhodostethia rosea in Schleswig-Holstein Weitere Beobachtungen der Rosenmowe Rhodostethia rosea in Schleswig-Holstein

Salazar E., J.A.; Mejia, M.G.raldo.; Vargas, J.I., 2003:
More observations on the density of territorial butterflies of Colombian hill summits Kennedy hill Minca, Magdalena, Tusa hill and Bravo hill Venecia-Fredonia, Antioquia, La Cruz hill Mar Iquita, Tolima, River Dovio Bitaco, Valle and species resident to Bavaria Forest Villavicencio, Meta, spatial distribution and trophism Mas observaciones sobre la concentracion de mariposas territoriales en cumbres de cerros Colombianos Cerro Kennedy Minca, Magdalena, Cerro Tusa y Cerro Bravo

Bahillo de la Puebla, Pablo., 1997:
More of the same Iberodorcadion Mas de lo mismo Iberodorcadion

Nielsen, Per Stadel., 1996:
More on A macrogamma Ev Mere om A macrogamma Ev

Anera, M., 1970:
More on Arvicola terristris L,

Metzler, Eric H., 1993:
More on Colias, monarchs, and other species More on Colias, monarchs, and other species

Lopez-Colon, Jose Ignacio., 2001:
More on Plagionotus marcorum Lopez-Colon, 1997 presence in Almeria Coleoptera, Cerambycidae Mas sobre Plagionotus marcorum Lopez-Colon, 1997 presencia en Almeria Coleoptera, Cerambycidae

Smetana, A., 2003:
More on Quedius puthzi Korge, 1964 Nochmals Quedius puthzi Korge, 1964

Storace, Luciano., 1997:
More on Zygaena Agrumenia hilaris O Lepidoptera, Zygaenidae Ancora sulla Zygaena Agrumenia hilaris O Lepidoptera, Zygaenidae

Busching, Wolf-Dieter., 1998:
More on magpie-crow hybrids Noch einmal Elstern-Krahenbastarde

Knight, R., 1990:
More on megalacrons

Brooke, RK., 1990:
More on swifts

Geis, Klaus-Ulrich., 2001:
More on the autochthonous occurrence of Tarsostenus univittatus Rossi Col, Cleridae, together with Trogoxylon impressum Com Col Lyctidae in south Baden Nochmals zum autochthonen Vorkommen von Tarsostenus univittatus Rossi Col, Cleridae, zusammen mit Trogoxylon impressum Com Col Lyctidae in Suedbaden

Hlavicka, Pavel., 2004:
More on the captive breeding of Cuora flavomarginata Jeste o chovu zelvy Cuora flavomarginata

Engler, Gernot., 1999:
More on the feeding of the Siberian jay in Sweden Weiteres zur Ungluckshaher-Nahrung in Schweden

Rettig, Klaus., 1996:
More on the mass occurrence of the painted lady Vanessa cardui in summer 1996 Weiteres zum Distelfalter-Massenvorkommen im Sommer 1996

D.Knijf, Geert., 1995:
More on the population of Cordulegaster boltoni from the Flemish Ardennes Nog meer over de Vlaamse Ardennen en zijn populatie Cordulegaster boltoni

Maubeuge, PL., 1995:
More on the problem of the Bathonian of Neufchateau Vosges Encore sur le probleme du Bathonien de Neufchateau Vosges

Ortega G., Carlos L., 2002:
More on the yellow-faced siskin Carduelis yarrellii Algo mais sobre o pintassilgo do nordeste Carduelis yarrellii

Ulfstrand, Staffan., 2004:
More people = less birds Fler manniskor = farre faglar

Lyngsoe, Jens., 2002:
More recent observations of Lamprotes c-aureum Knoch Nyere iagttagelser af Lamprotes c-aureum Knoch

van Bragt, P.H.; Faasse, MA., 2006:
More recent sightings of the sand-burrowing brittle star, Amphiura Acrocnida brachiata Montagu, 1804 Meer recente waarnemingen van de ingegraven slangster, Amphiura Acrocnida brachiata Montagu, 1804

Rettig, Klaus., 1996:
More records of the Camberwell beauty in East Frisia Noch weitere Trauermantel in Ostfriesland

Pott-Dorfer, Barbel., 1991:
More results on rabies in bats - study in Lower Saxony Weitere Ergebnisse zur Fledermaustollwut-Untersuchung in Niedersachsen

Frossard, P.-Andre.; Lachat, B.; Paltrinieri, L., 1998:
More scope for our lotic waters Profit for man and nature Mehr Raum fur unsere Fliessgewasser Ein Gewinn fur Mensch und Natur

Green, M.; Gronroos, J.; Lindstrom, A., 2004:
More than 100 000 golden plovers in Sweden in October Fler an 100 000 ljungpipare i Sverige i oktober

Lopez, Alfredo., 1997:
More than 200 cetaceans were stranded on the Galician coasts during the last year Mas de 200 cetaceos han varado en las costas gallegas durante el ano pasado

Romulo y Remo., 1997:
More than 25,000 companies are sponsoring wolf protection in Castilla-La Mancha Presentadas mas de 25000 firmas para proteger al lobo en Castilla-La Mancha

Bostrom, S.; Sohlenius, B., 2006:
More than a thousand roundworms nematodes found in Sweden Over tusen rundmasker nematoder funna i Sverige

Schmitt, K.; Kesel, A.B.; Nachtigall, W., 2000:
More than the sum of its parts - the gliding flight of the dragonfly Aeshna cyanea Mehr als die Summe ihrer Teile - der Gleitflug der Grosslibelle Aeshna cyanea

Toma, R.; Guimaraes, J.H.nrique., 2001:
Moreiria wiedemanni sp nov and redescription of M maura Diptera, Tachinidae Moreiria wiedemanni sp nov e redescricao de M maura Diptera, Tachinidae

Amundsen, Ulf., 2003:
Morelia spilota spilota - care and breeding of the diamond python Morelia spilota spilota - Haltung und Nachzucht des Diamantpythons

Frey, R., 1909:
Morellia simplex Lw aus Finland

Zetto Brandmayr, T.; Marano, I., 1994:
Morfofunctional aspects of predation in Coleoptera Carabidae larvae Aspetti morfofunzionali della predazione in larve di coleotteri carabidi

Rosa, FB.; Teran, J., 1990:
Morfologia de la cabeza de larvas del tercer instar de Meteorus laphygmae Viereck Hymenoptera Braconidae

Sibaja, WG., 1990:
Morfologia de la concha en el mejillon chora Mytella guyanensis L Bivalvia Mytilidae, en relacion con la granulometria en el Golfo de Nicoya, Costa Rica

Linares F., BA., 1990:
Morfologia del adulto de Diatraea saccharalis Fabricius Lep Pyralidae

Ferreira, M.C., 1954:
Morfologia dos Coleopteros africanos I- Familia Tenebrionidae contd No 3- Tribos Zophosini, Epitragini e Epiphysini

Yepez Gil, G.; Montagne, A., 1990:
Morfologia reproductiva general y clasificacion del estado de desarrollo ovarial de coquitos perforadores Andrector arcuatus Olivier, A ruficornis Olivier y Gynandrobrotica equestris Fabricius Coleoptera Chrysomelidae

Romero-Napoles, J., 1990:
Morfologia y biologia de Ogdoecosta biannularis Coleoptera Chrysomelidae en su huesped silvestre Ipomoea murucoides Convolvulaceae en el Estado de Morelos, Mexico

Barreira, J.D.; Rossi, D. da, G.V.cente O.; Pires, F.A.; Massard, C.L., 2005:
Morfologic characterization and biological aspects of evolutives forms of Babesia bigemina Smith and Kilborne, 1893 Protozoa Babesiidae in Boophilus microplus Canestrini, 1887 Caracterizacao morfologica e aspectos biologicos das formas evolutivas de Babesia bigemina Smith; Kilborne, 1893 Protozoa Babesiidae em Boophilus microplus Canestrini, 1887

Almeida, M.M.rcos de; Carvalho, M.A.elina Martins de; Cavalcante Filho, M.F.rreira; Miglino, M.A.gelica; Menezes, Ayres de, 2003:
Morfological and morfometric study of the ovary in agoutis Dasyprocta aguti, Linnaeus, 1766 Estudo morfologico e morfometrico do ovario de cutias Dasyprocta aguti, Linnaeus, 1766

Lorini, L.M.; Corseuil, E., 2001 :
Morfological aspects of Lonomia obliqua Walker Lepidoptera Saturniidae Aspectos morfologicos de Lonomia obliqua Walker Lepidoptera Saturniidae

Carneiro, M.E.isa.; Daemon, E.; D.A.osto, M., 1998:
Morfological caracterization of hemocytes of Rhipicephalus sanguineus adults Ixodoidea Ixodidae Caracterizacao morfologica dos hemocitos de adultos de Rhipicephalus sanguineus Latreille, 1806 Ixodoidea Ixodidae

Senotrusova, V.N., 1958:
Morfologija dejtonimfy gamazovoko klesca Hirstionyssus meridianus Zemsk 1955

Suarez, O.; Ramos, L.; Martinez, L.; Huberman, A., 1996:
Morfology of the eyestalk in shrimp Penaeus schmitti and Penaeus notialis Morfologia del pedunculo ocular en los camarones Penaeus schmitti y Penaeus notialis

Juca-Chagas, Ricardo., 1996:
Morfometric analysis in genera of macroteiids Reptilia, Sauria, Teiidae Analise morfometrica em generos de macroteiideos Reptilia, Sauria, Teiidae

Perez, A.; Mijail.; Ramos, I., 1997:
Morfometry of three Caracolus sagemon populations Gastropoda Camaenidae in Cuba Morfometria de tres poblaciones de Caracolus sagemon Gastropoda Camaenidae en Cuba

Melendez C., R.; Pequeno R., G., 1996:
Morid fishes from Desventuradas Islands Teleostei, Gadiformes, Moridae Peces moridos de las Islas Desventuradas Teleostei, Gadiformes, Moridae

Jezek, Jan., 1986:
Mormiini, Paramormiini and Psychodini Diptera, Psychodidae in Ceske Budejovice distr Mormiini, Paramormiini a Psychodini Diptera, Psychodidae z okoli Ceskych Budejovic

Seegers, Lothar., 1996:
Mormyridae from the Malawi Lake area Mormyriden aus dem Malawi-Einzug

Cagniant, Henri., 1996 :
Moroccan Aphaenogaster Hymenoptera Formicidae key and catalogue of species Les Aphaenogaster du Maroc Hymenoptera Formicidae cle et catalogue des especes

Cagniant, Henri., 1996:
Moroccan Camponotus Hymenoptera Formicidae key and catalogue of species Les Camponotus du Maroc Hymenoptera Formicidae cle et catalogue des especes

Pelletier, J.; Chavanon, G., 2004:
Moroccan Curculionidae additions and corrections to the Kochers catalogue Les Curculionidae du Maroc additions et corrections au catalogue de L Kocher 2e note

Ott, Gerhard., 2002:
Moroccan adventure Abenteuer Marokko

Ghaioule, D.; Abourouh, M.; Bakry, M.; Haddan, M., 1999:
Moroccan forest ravager insects Insectes ravageurs des forets au Maroc Article de synthese

Qninba, A.; Dakki, M.; E.A.bani, M.-Aziz.; Benazzou, T.; Benhoussa, A.; Qninba, A.; Dakki, M.; E.A.bani, M.-Aziz.; Benazzou, T.; Benhoussa, A., 2001:
Moroccan wintering of the black-winged stilt Himantopus himanopus and the avocet Recurvirostra avosetta Charadrii, Recurvirostridae Hivernage au Maroc de lEchasse blanche Himantopus himantopus et de lAvocette Recurvirostra avosetta Charadrii, Recurvirostridae

Qninba, A.; Dakki, M.; E.A.bani, M.-Aziz.; Benhoussa, A.; Benazzou, T.; Qninba, A.; Dakki, M.; E.A.bani, M.-Aziz.; Benhoussa, A.; Benazzou, T., 2001:
Moroccan wintering of the godwits Limosa limosa and Limosa lapponica Charadrii, Scolopacidae, Tringinae geographical distribution, evolution of the national numbers and sites of international importance Hivernage au Maroc des Barges Limosa limosa et L lapponica Charadrii, Scolopacidae, Tringinae repartition geographique, evolution des effectifs nationaux et sites dimportance internationale

Berg, L., 1911:
Morone labrax L trouve dans la mer Noire

Acosta, M.; Garcia-Lau, I., 2005:
Morphemetrics and diet of the northern bobwhite Colinus virginianus in two areas of western Cuba Morfometria y alimentacion de la codorniz Colinus virginianus en dos areas del occidente de Cuba

Fruhstorfer, H., 1913:
Morphidae Schluss

Furtado, Eurides., 2000:
Morpho deidamia Huebner and its immature stages Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae, Morphinae Morpho deidamia Huebner e seus estagios imaturos Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae, Morphinae

Friedrich, Ekkehard., 1997:
Morpho species Morphos

Podlesni, A.V., 1954:
Morpho- logical and biological features of Brachymystax lenok and Lavaretus pidschian natio fluviatilis of the river Angara

Arruda, J.O.iveira; Gomes, S.R.drigues; Ramirez, R.; Thome, J.W.llibaldo, 2006:
Morpho-anatomy of two species of the genus Omalonyx Mollusca, Pulmonata, Succineidae withnew occurrence for Minas Gerais, Brazil Morfoanatomia de duas especies do genero Omalonyx Mollusca, Pulmonata, Succineidae com novo registro para Minas Gerais, Brasil

Karmanova, EM., 1976:
Morpho-biological details of trematodes of the genus Echinochasmus Dietz, 1909 Echinostomatidae parasites of piscivorous birds

Viggiani, G.; Iaccarino, F.M.ria, 2002:
Morpho-biological notes on Aleurotrachelus rhamnicola Goux Homoptera Aleyrodidae Notizie morfo-biologiche su Aleurotrachelus rhamnicola Goux Homoptera Aleyrodidae

Viggiani, Gennaro., 1996:
Morpho-biological notes on Microterys dichrous Mercet Hymenoptera Encyrtidae, parasitoid of Nidularia pulvinata Planchon Homoptera Kermesidae Note morfo-biologiche sul Microterys dichrous Mercet Hymenoptera Encyrtidae, parassitoide di Nidularia pulvinata Planchon Homoptera Kermesidae

Troccoli, A.; Costilla, MA.; Lamberti, F., 1996 :
Morpho-biometric notes on Pratylenchus zeae Graham, 1951 Note morfo-biometriche su Pratylenchus zeae Graham, 1951

Okhotina, MV., 1974:
Morpho-ecological features making possible joint habitation of different species of the genus Sorex Sorex, Insectivora

Tikhomirova, AL., 1972:
Morpho-ecological peculiarities and phylogenesis of Staphylinidae with a catalogue of the fauna of USSR

Nikitinskaya, I.V., 1966:
Morpho-ecological peculiarities of the post-embryonal development of the Sakhalin herring Clupea harengus pallasi Val

Scarfi, K.; Mauceri, A.; Maisano, M.; Minniti, F.; Bruno, R.; Fasulo, S., 2006:
Morpho-functional alterations in branchial epithelium of Mytilus galloprovincialis L living in natural and polluted environments Alterazioni morfo-funzionali dellepitelio branchiale di Mytilus galloprovincialis L proveniente da ambiente naturale antropizzato

Malakhova, N.P., 1961:
Morpho-functional analysis of the inner structure of Bradyina shell

Pluot-Sigwalt, D.; Martinez Morales, I., 1998:
Morpho-functional anatomy of the male reproductive system of dung Scarabaeoidea Coleoptera comparative data Anatomie morpho-fonctionnelle de lappareil genital male des coleopteres Scarabaeoidea coprophages donnees comparatives

Rykova, T.I., 1968:
Morpho-functional peculiarities of Grass carp eggs and of White and Variegated silver carp

Musatov, V.A., 1957:
Morpho-physical changes in the organism of the tick Bhipicephalus bursa Can Fanz 1877 under the action of preparations of DDT and hexachlorane in connection with the evaluation of their effectiveness

Tugarina, PYa.; Ryzhova, LN., 1976 :
Morpho-physiological analysis of the adaptive peculiarities in the blood of Lake Khubsugul grayling

Reimov, R.; Karabekov, M., 1971:
Morpho-physiological peculiarities of the house mouse and the short-tailed bandicoot rat in various ecological conditions of the Amudarya Delta

Ignatyeva, G.M., 1957:
Morpho-physiological studies of the hatching gland in Adpenser stellatus at different incubation temperatures

Stornelli, M.R.ta.; Ricciardi, M.P.ola.; Temporin, C.; Giannessi, E., 1998:
Morpho-structural observations on the knee-joints menisci in the ostrich Struthio camelus L Osservazioni morfo-strutturali sui menischi dellarticolazione femoro-tibio-rotulea di struzzo Struthio camelus L

Ryzhikov, KM.; Tolkacheva, LM., 1977:
Morpho-taxonomic characteristics oof representatives of the genus Schistotaenia Cohn 1900 Amabiliidae, Acoleata

Perrault, Grard H., 2004:
Morphoanatomic and biometric study of the previous metasoma of workers Contribution to systematic and the phylogenic of ants Etude morphoanatomique du metasoma anterieur des et biometrique ouvrieres Contribution a la systematique et a la phylogenie des fourmis Hymenoptera Formicidae

Godoy, M.C.; Torales, G.J., 1998:
Morphoanatomic aspects of the digestive tube of the major worker of Syntermes obtusus Isoptera Termitidae, Nasutitermitinae Aspectos morfoanatomicos del tubo digestivo de obreras mayores de Syntermes obtusus Isoptera Termitidae, Nasutitermitinae

Borovik, E.A. ., 1969:
Morphobiological characteristics of the rainbow trout

Orekhova, M.M., 1963:
Morphobiological peculiarities of poultrys triehomonads

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Morphobiological perculiarities in Nemachilus stoliczkai uranoscopus Steimdfrom Matcha River

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Morphocarabus monilis F Reflections on a species and distribution of races in the west of the Massif Central Coleoptera Carabidae Morphocarabus monilis F Reflexions sur lespece et la repartition de ses races dans louest du Massif Central Coleoptera Carabidae

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Morphocarabus monilis Fabricius 1792 - Study and the distribution of forms 3rd part and conclusion Morphocarabus monilis Fabricius 1792 - Etude et repartition des formes de l espece 3eme partie et fin

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Morphocarabus monilis Fabricius 1792 Study and distribution of species forms 2nd part Morphocarabus monilis Fabricius 1792 Etude et repartition des formes de lespece 2eme partie

Valemberg, J., 1998:
Morphocarabus monilis Fabricius 1792 Study and distribution of the species forms 1st part Morphocarabus monilis Fabricius 1792 Etude et repartition des formes de lespece 1ere partie

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Morphoceras from the Parkinsonian-Oolith Middle Jurassic from Sengenthal/Oberpfalz Morphoceras aus dem Parkinsonien-Oolith Mittlerer Jura von Sengenthal/Opf

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Morphoceras macrescens Buckman 1923 Morphoceras macrescens Buckman 1923

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Morphocytochemical aspects of the blood of some species of urodelans changes during natural hibernation Aspetti morfocitochimici degli elementi ematici di alcune specie di urodeli cambiamenti durante libernazione naturale

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Morphocytochemical modifications of the liver cell in Triturus alpestris apuanus and Triturus carnifex during the winter Modificazioni morfo-citochimiche della cellula epatica di Triturus alpestris apuanus e Triturus carnifex durante il periode invernale

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Morphodynamic analysis of cave bears Carnivora, Ursidae from five sites of the Mediterranean basin Analyse morphodynamique de lOurs de Cavernes Carnivora, Ursidae de cinq sites du pourtour Mediterraneen

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Morphofunctional analysis and trophic adaptations The case of the bill apparatus of Old-world flycatchers Analyse morphofonctionnelle et adaptations trophiques Le cas de lappareil du bec des gobe-mouches de lAncien Monde

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Morphofunctional characteristics of the thyroid gland in Cricetidae from the high mountains of Tadzhikistan

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Morphofunctional characteristics of the thyroid gland of Duplicidentata in the high mountains of Tadzhikistan

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Morphofunctional characteristics of the thyroid gland of several species of rodents of Tadzhikistan

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Morphofunctional types of nutrition in Cladocera, Crustacea

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Morphogenese et ultrastructure des ecailies et dela cuticule imaginale chez Galleria mellonella Llepidoptere Pyralidae

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Morphogenesis and evolution in the genus Euplotes

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Morphogenesis by cell rearrangement a computer simulation approach

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Morphogenesis of myocard during second half of embryonic development

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Morphogenesis of the nerve cell

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Morphogenesis of the vertebrae and systematics of Anura 1 Bufo bufo and Hyla arborea

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Morphogenetic interactions between neural tubes artificially brought together in amphibian embryos

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Morphogenetically active substances

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Morphogenetik der Gruppe von Nummulites perforatus aus dem Bakony-Gebirge

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Morphohistochemical studies of the vertebrate lens

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Morphohistology of the reproductive system of Andiodrilus bogotaensis from the soils of high tropical mountains Paramo de Chisaca, Colombia Morfohistologia del sistema reproductor de Andiodrilus bogotaensis en suelos de alta montana tropical Paramo de Chisaca, Colombia

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Morphologic analysis and phenotypic variations observed in the acid glands of Apis mellifera L 1758 africanized worker bees HYM Apidae in the region of Dourados, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil Analise morfologica e variacoes fenotipicas observadas na glandula acida em operarias de Apis mellifera L 1758 africanizadas HYM Apidae na regiao de Dourados - Mato Grosso do Sul, Brasil

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Morphologic and behavioral development of white-throated hawk Buteo albigula Aves Accipitridae nestlings in northwestern Argentine Patagonia Desarrollo morfologico y conductual de pollos del aguilucho chico Buteo albigula Aves Accipitridae en el noroeste de la Patagonia argentina

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Morphologic and genetic evidence of the native character of the Adriatic sturgeon in the Iberian Peninsula Evidencias morfologicas y geneticas del caracter autoctono del esturion del Adriatico en la peninsula Iberica

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Morphologic and morphometric characterization of skull of the gray dolphin, Sotalia fluviatilis Gervais 1853, off the coast of Ceara State, Brazil Caracterizacao morfologica e morfometrica craniana do boto cinza, Sotalia fluviatilis Gervais, 1853, da costa do estado do Ceara, Brasil

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Morphologic caracteristics of cells on the erytrocytic series of the Caiman crocodilus yacare Daudin, 1802; Reptilia, crocodilia Aspectos morfologicos de celulas da serie eritrocitica de Caiman crocodilus yacare Daudin, 1802; Reptilia, crocodilia

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Morphologic characterization of the Hemerobius Linnaeus, 1758 species Neuroptera, Hemerobiidae associated to the cultivations of coffee Coffea arabica L, maize Zea mays L and mate Ilex paraguariensis St Hill Caracterizacao morfologica de especies de Hemerobius Linnaeus, 1758 Neuroptera, Hemerobiidae associadas a cultivos de cafe Coffea arabica L, milho Zea mays L e erva-mate Ilex paraguariensis St Hill

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Morphologic description of the hemocytes of the Tropidacris collaris grasshopper Stoll, 1813 Orthoptera Romaleidae Descricao morfologica dos hemocitos do gafanhoto Tropidacris collaris Stoll, 1813 Orthoptera Romaleidae

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Morphologic differentiation of Trichomycterus areolatus Valenciennes 1846 Pisces Siluriformes Trichomycteridae from Chile Diferenciacion morfologica de poblaciones de Trichomycterus areolatus Valenciennes 1846 Pisces Siluriformes Trichomycteridae de Chile

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Morphologic experimentale-Action dujeune, applique des 1eclosion, sur le developpement des gonades dEisenia foetida annelide oligochete, lombricide

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Morphologic identification of tilapia Chiclidae species found in Cukurova And Hatay Regions Cukurova ve Hatay Bolgelerinde Bulunan Tilapia Chiclidae Turlerinin Morfolojik Farkliliklari

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Morphologic study of Hemigrammus marginatus Ellis spleen, 1911 Pisces Characidae Estudo morfologico do baco de Hemigrammus marginatus Ellis, 1911 Pisces Characidae

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Morphologic study of Triatoma guazu Lent Wygodzinsky, 1979 Hemiptera, Reduviidae, Triatominae Estudo morfologico de Triatoma guazu Lent Wygodzinsky 1979 Hemiptera, Reduviidae, Triatominae

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Morphologic study of the cheek teeth of the cave bear Ursus spelaeus Rosenmueller-Heinroth from some European sites Estudio morfologico de los molariformes de oso de las cavernas Ursus spelaeus Rosenmueller-Heinroth de varias poblaciones europeas

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Morphologic study of the tympanoperiotic bones of cetaceans from the sub-order Odontoceti Mammalia Cetacea Estudo da morfologia dos ossos timpano-perioticos de cetaceos da sub-ordem Odontoceti Mammalia Cetacea

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Morphologic variability in three strains of Sarcoptes scabiei Acaridida Sarcoptidae from Costa Rica Variabilidad morfologica en tres cepas de Sarcoptes scabiei Acaridida Sarcoptidae de Costa Rica

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Morphologic variability of Phyllocaulis variegatus Mollusca, Gastropoda, Veronicellidae in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil Variabilidade morfologica de Phyllocaulis variegatus Mollusca, Gastropoda, Veronicellidae nor Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil

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Morphologic variation of the male genitalia in the Littorina ziczac species complex Mollusca, Gastropoda, Littorinidae from Ilha Grande, Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil Variacao morfologica da genitalia masculina nas especies do complexo Littorina ziczac Mollusca, Gastropoda, Littorinidae procedentes da Ilha Grande, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

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Morphologic variations and growth patterns in Sterna sandvicensis eurygnatha in Brazil Variacoes morfologicas e padroes de crescimento de filhotes de Sterna sandvicensis eurygnatha no Brasil

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Morphologic variations in Blackfordia virginica Hydroidomedusae Blackfordiidae in coastal lagoons of Chiapas, Mexico Variaciones morfologicas en Blackfordia virginica Hydroidomedusae Blackfordiidae en lagunas costeras de Chiapas, Mexico

Kulikov, J.A., 1944:
Morphologica peculiarities of malaria parasites

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