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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38428

Chapter 38428 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Fabrezi, M.; Vera, R., 1997:
Morphological characterization of larvae of Anura of north east Argentina Caracterizacion morfologica de larvas de anuros del noroeste Argentino

Gusmao, P.; Pavanelli, C.S.mone., 1996:
Morphological characterization of males and females of Phalloceros caudimaculatus Hensel, 1868, Cyprinodontiformes Poeciliidae Caracterizacao morfologica de machos e femeas de Phalloceros caudimaculatus Hensel, 1868, Cyprinodontiformes Poeciliidae

de Souza Filho, M.F.; Gabriel, D. de Azevedo Filho, J.A., 2001:
Morphological characterization of three species of stem borer Coleoptera Cerambycidae, Lamiinae in chayote Caracterizacao morfologica de tres especies de broca-da-haste em chuchuzeiro Coleoptera Cerambycidae, Lamiinae

Monteiro, C.M.ria Rodrigues; Carvalhal, R.; Perri, S.H.lena Venturoli, 2003:
Morphological characterization of uterus and oviducts of Nelore bovine fetuses Bos primigenius indicus at various gestation stages Caracterizacao morfologica do utero e tubas uterinas de feto bovinos da raca Nelore Bos primigenius indicus em diferentes fases de gestacao

Cabrera, N.; Lazaro, H.; Nasca, A., 2000:
Morphological characters and presence of Maecolaspis monrosi Bechyne Coleoptera Chrysomelidae Eumolpinae in soybean in Tucuman province Argentina Caracterizacion morfologica y presencia de Maecolaspis monrosi Bechyne Coleoptera Chrysomelidae Eumolpinae en el cultivo de soja en Tucuman

Fabrezi, M.; Langone, J.A., 2000:
Morphological characters in the disputed arboricolous species of Neobatrachia Allophryne ruthveni Gaige, 1926 Los caracteres morfologicos del controvertido Neobatrachia arboricola Allophryne ruthveni Gaige, 1926

Maceljski, Milan., 1998 :
Morphological characters of Lixus junci Boh Coleoptera Curculionidae Morfoloske karakteristike vrste Lixus junci Boh Coleoptera, Curculionidae

Traugott, M., 2000:
Morphological characters of the larvae of Cantharis rustica Fallen Morphologische Merkmale der Larven von Cantharis rustica FALLEN Col, Cantharidae

Werner, Doreen., 1995:
Morphological charakteristics of spiracular gills of Coboldia fuscipes Meigen, 1830 Diptera, Scatopsidae Morphologische Besonderheiten der Thorakalstigmen von Coboldia fuscipes Meigen, 1830 Diptera, Scatopsidae

Pineda Santis, H.; Restrepo, LF.; Olivera Angel, M., 2002:
Morphological comparison between males and females of Cachama Negra Colossoma macropomum, Cuvier 1818 kept in tanks Comparacion morfometrica entre machos y hembras de Cachama Negra Colossoma macropomum, Cuvier 1818 mantenidos en estanque

Mebert, Konrad., 1997:
Morphological comparisons between allochtonus and autochtonous populations of Natrix tessellata Ophidia, Colubridae in the Alps Comparaison morphologique entre des populations introduites et indigenes de Natrix tessellata de larc alpin

Takami, T.; Kinoshita, T., 1990:
Morphological comparisons of charr, Salvelinus leucomaenis Pallas, obtained from Lake Shikotsu and the Moheji River in Hokkaido, Japan

Parada Ruffinatti, Carmen., 1994:
Morphological comparisons of the topotypes of Ammonia beccarii Linne with specimens from the Colombian Caribbean, the Gulf of Mexico and West Atlantic Comparacion morfologica de topotipos de Ammonia beccarii Linne con especimenes del Caribe Colombiano, Golfo de Mejico y Atlantico Oeste

Aliev, B.A., 1959:
Morphological composition of blood and some physiological peculiarities in sheep under conditions of high mountain grazing in Azerbaidjan

Toro, H.; Rodriguez, S., 1997:
Morphological correspondence for copulation in Anthidium Hymenoptera Megachilidae Correspondencia estructural para la copula en Anthidium Hymenoptera Megachilidae

Bagliniere, JL.; Ombredane, D.; Marchand, F., 2001:
Morphological criteria for identification of two forms river, sea of brown trout Salmo trutta present in the same river Criteres morphologiques pour lidentification des deux formes riviere et mer de truite Salmo trutta presentes sur un meme bassin

Tinelli, A.; Pietrelli, L.; Focardi, S., 2000:
Morphological data of an authochtonous population of wild boar Sus scrofa L belonging to Castelporziano Dati biometrici della popolazione autoctona di cinghiale Sus scrofa L di Castelporziano

Rost, F.; Michel, J., 1998:
Morphological data on crossbill Loxia curvirostra from Neuhaus am Rennweg in the Thuringian Forest Morphologische Daten vom Fichtenkreuzschnabel Loxia curvirostra aus dem Thuringer Wald bei Neuhaus am Rennweg

Gilka, W., 2005:
Morphological deformations of adult non-biting midges Diptera Chironomidae as a result of parasitic activity Deformacje ciala imagines ochotkowatych Diptera Chironomidae skutkiem oddzialywania pasozytniczych nicieni

Parab, PP.; Gaikwad, UD., 1990:
Morphological description and ecology of Sabellaria miryaensis sp nov Polychaeta-Sabellariidae from the west coast of India

Jadin, J.-Marie.; Dahan, K.; Jadin-Nyssens, M.; Houbion, Y.; L.C.rre, F.; Verellen-Dumoulin, C., 2002:
Morphological description and genetic approach to a new Reduviidae Harpactorinae Zelus josephpaulusi, n sp Description morphologique et approche genetique dun nouveau Reduviidae Harpactorinae Zelus josephpaulusi, n sp

Gromisz, Michal., 2000:
Morphological description of Norwegian bee Opis morfologiczny pszczoly norweskiej

Langioni Junior, G.; Tse, MCP.; Tse, HG.; Padovani, CR.; Aragon, FF.; Tse, MLP. de Tofoli, CA.; Candeloro, L., 2000:
Morphological description of Piaractus mesopotamicus Pacu and Colossoma macropomum Tambaqui through the morphometry, selected by Z-score Descripcion morfologica del Piaractus mesopotamicus Pacu y Colossoma macropomum Tambaqui, a traves de la morfometria, seleccionados por el Z-score

Morgilevskaya, I.E., 1954:
Morphological description of four populations of wood mouse in Georgia

Baumbetov, A., 1975:
Morphological description of the Amur stone moroko Pseudorasbora parba Shl of the Kapchagaiskoe Reservoir

Martin, J.W.; Rodriguez, A.; Zimmerman, T.L., 1998:
Morphological description of the first zoeal stage of the tropical xanthid crab Panopeus purpureus Lockington, 1877 Crustacea, Decapoda, Brachyura, Xanthidae Descripcion morfologica de la primera etapa de zoea del cangrejo xantido tropical Panopeus purpureus Lockington, 1877 Crustacea, Decapoda, Brachyura, Xanthidae

Amorim, Marinete. da Serra-Freire, Nicolau Maues., 1994:
Morphological description of the larval stage of a tick Acari Ixodidae 4 Amblyomma dissimile Koch, 1844 Descricao morfologica do estadio de larva de carrapato Acari Ixodidae 4 Amblyomma dissimile Koch, 1844

Amorim, M.; Serra-Freire, N.M.ues., 1999:
Morphological description of the larval stage of ticks Acari Ixodidae 8 Amblyomma geayi Neumann, 1899 Descricao morfologica do estadio de larva de carrapato Acari Ixodidae 8 Amblyomma geayi Neumann, 1899

Suborova, AF.; Nuraliev, Z.K., 1974:
Morphological description of the scaly Diptychus of River Kulsaj

Amorim, M.; Serra-Freire, N.M.ues., 1999:
Morphological description of the study of a larval tick stage Acari Ixodidae 6 Amblyomma cooperi Nuttal Warburton, 1907 Descricao morfologica do estadio de larva de carrapato Acari Ixodidae 6 Amblyomma cooperi Nuttal Warburton, 1907

Litvinenenko, VV., 1975:
Morphological details of Blicca bjoerkna L in the Kremenchugsk Reservoir

Pardo, J.; Tormos, J.; Jimenez, R., 2000:
Morphological details of the final larval instar of Dacnusa rodriguezi Docavo Tormos, 1997 Hymenoptera, Braconidae, parasitoid species of Chromatomyia horticola Goureau, 1851 Diptera, Agromyzidae Particularidades morfologicas del ultimo estado larvario de Dacnusa rodriguezi, especie parasitoide de Chromatomyia horticola Hymenoptera, Braconidae; Diptera, Agromyzidae

Leite, F.P.dini Pereira.; Leite, P.E.uardo Pereira., 1998:
Morphological development and ovary histology of Kalliapseudes schubarti Mane-Garzon Crustacea, Tanaidacea from Sao Sebastiao Channel, Sao Paulo, Brasil Desenvolvimento morfologico e dos ovarios de Kalliapseudes schubarti Mane-Garzon Crustacea, Tanaidacea do Canal de Sao Sebastiao, Sao Paulo, Brasil

Sazhinov, E.G., 1970:
Morphological differences and peculiaritiesin formation of body proportions of Pigmy blue whales

Makkaveeva, E.B., 1970:
Morphological differences in Leptochelia savignii Kroyeri in the Black and Adriatic Seas

Flores, D.A.; Abdala, F., 2001:
Morphological differences in the skull and dentition of Didelphis albiventris and D marsupialis Didelphimorphia, Didelphidae from Argentina and Bolivia Diferencias morfologicas de craneo y denticion en Didelphis albiventris y D marsupialis Didelphimorphia, Didelphidae de Argentina y Bolivia

Luther, Gertraud., 1995:
Morphological differences of Balanus porosus Blumenbach, 1803 from the Upper Oligocene of the North Sea Basin Morphologische Unterschiede von Balanus porosus Blumenbach, 1803 aus dem Oberoligozan des Nordsee-Beckens

Kaszycka, Katarzyna A., 1995:
Morphological differences within australopithecine faces as a reflection of distinct functional adaptations Funkcjonalno-adaptacyjne uwarunkowania zmiennosci morfologicznej twarzy australopitekow

Pugues, S.M.rtha.; Alberto, R.M.ria de Fraga.; Pereira, E.H.nrique Lopes.; Bertoletti, J.J.rge., 1998:
Morphological differenciations in embrionary development of Artystone trysibia Schioedte, 1866 Crustacea, Isopoda, Cymothoidae Diferenciacoes morfologicas no desenvolvimento embrionario de Artystone trysibia Schioedte, 1866 Crustacea, Isopoda, Cymothoidae

Lalanne, Y.; Hemery, G.; Cagnon, C.; D'Amico, F. d'Elbee, J.; Mouches, C., 2001:
Morphological differentiation between European Storm-Petrel subspecies New results regarding two Mediterranean populations Discrimination morphologique des sous-especes dOceanite tempete Nouveaux resultats pour deux populations mediterraneennes

Protti, M.; Pequeno, G., 1999:
Morphological differentiation between Pseudolabrus fuentesi Regan, 1913 and Pseudolabrus gayi Valenciennes, 1839 Perciformes Labridae by multivariate methods Diferenciacion morfologica entre Pseudolabrus fuentesi Regan, 1913 y Pseudolabrus gayi Valenciennes, 1839 Perciformes Labridae por metodos multivariados

Teugels, G.G.; Hanssens, M.M., 1995:
Morphological differentiation of eight populations of Sarotherodon melanotheron Ruppell, 1852 Cichlidae Differenciation morphologique de huit populations de Sarotherodon melanotheron Ruppell, 1852 Cichlidae

Hanssens, M.M.; Teugels, G.G., 1995:
Morphological differentiation of nine populations of Chrysichthys nigrodigitatus Lacepede, 1803 Differenciation morphologique de neuf populations de Chrysichthys nigrodigitatus Lacepede, 1803

Chaoui, L.; Quignard, JP.; Kara, MH., 2001:
Morphological differentiation of two marine and lagoonal populations of the sea bream Sparus aurata Linne, 1758 Differenciation morphologique de deux populations marine et lagunaire de daurade Sparus aurata Linne, 1758

Cavalcanti,; Gomes, U.L.ite.; Gomes Tomas, A.R.beiro., 1996:
Morphological discrimination between Rhizoprionodon porosus Poey, 1861 and Rhizoprionodon lalandii Valenciennes, 1839 Elasmobranchii, Carcharhiniformes, Carcharhinidae a multivariate study Discriminacao morfologica entre Rhizoprionodon porosus Poey, 1861 e Rhizoprionodon lalandii Valenciennes, 1839 Elasmobranchii, Carcharhiniformes, Carcharhinidae um estudo multivariado

Akhundov, F.M., 1964:
Morphological distinction of Necromites nestoris of family Semantoridae Mammalia, Pinnipedia

Ivanova-Berg, M.M., 1966:
Morphological distinctions of Ladoga and Neva lampreys

Foldi, Imre., 1999:
Morphological diversity in the margarodid male scale insects the examples of Neomargarodes erythrocephala Green and Stigmacoccus asper Hempel Hemiptera Coccoidea Margarodidae Diversite morphologique chez les cochenilles males des Margarodidae lexample de Neomargarodes erythrocephala Green et Stigmacoccus asper Hempel Hemiptera Coccoidea

Kouamelan, P.; Essetchi.; Gourene, G.; Teugels, G.G.; N'Douba, V.; Thys van den Audenaerde, D.F., 1997:
Morphological diversity of the digestive tract in 39 African fish species Diversite morphologique du tube digestif chez 39 especes de poissons africains et relation avec la classification ichtyo-logique

Kobelkowsky, A., 2007:
Morphological diversity of the excretory duct system of teleostean fishes Diversidad morfologia del sistema de conductos excretores de los peces teleosteos

Cossu, A.; Gazale, V.; Orru, P.; Pala, D.; Puddu, A., 2000:
Morphological elements and cartography of benthic community in Rada Delle Reale, Asinara Island Sardinia NW Lineamenti morfologici e cartografia dei popolamenti bentonici di rada della reale nellAsinara Sardegna NW

Intoppa, F.; Piazza, MG.; Bolchi Serini, G., 1997:
Morphological elements for a key to subgenera of Bombus Latreille sl and Psithyrus Lepeletier sl present in Italy Hymenoptera Apidae Bombinae Elementi morfologici per una chiave dei sottogeneri di Bombus Latreille sl e Psithyrus Lepeletier sl presenti in Italia Hymenoptera Apidae Bombinae

Intoppa, F.; Piazza, M.; Gioia.; Bolchi Serini, G., 2004:
Morphological elements index for a dichotomic key of subgenera of Bombinae living in Italy Hymenoptera Apidae Repertorio dei caratteri morfologici per una chiave dicotomica dei sottogeneri di Bombinae presenti in Italia Hymenoptera Apidae

Carrascal, L.M.; Moreno, E.; Valido, A., 1994:
Morphological evolution and changes in foraging behaviour of island and mainland populations of blue tit parus caeruleus - a test of convergence and ecomorphological hypotheses

Tatarinov, LP., 1976:
Morphological evolution of the theriodonts and the general problems of phylogenetics

Verzi, D.H., 2002:
Morphological evolution patterns in Ctenomyinae Rodentia, Octodontidae Patrones de evolucion morfologica en Ctenomyinae Rodentia, Octodontidae

Schimming, B.C.sar; Vicentini, C.A.berto; Tirapelli, L.F.rnando; Tirapelli, D.P.etti da Cunha, 2002:
Morphological examination of the epididymal duct in the dog Observacoes morfologicas no ducto epididimario do cao

Eck, Siegfried., 1994:
Morphological expression Formbildung in grey shrike species Lanius excubitor and its allies Uber die Formbildung bei den Raubwurger-Arten Lanius excubitor ua

Gadzbiev, D.V., 1957:
Morphological features in structure of nasal bones in Phoca caspica and their taxonomic significance

Bogdanov, VD., 1998:
Morphological features of the development and identification of larval whitefish in River Ob

Sokolov, LI.; Sokolov, AS.; Klebranova, EA., 1974:
Morphological features of the organs of locomotion of some members of Mustelidae in connection with their way of life

Francois, E.; Marchand, D.; David, B., 2003:
Morphological fluctuations and heterochronies of Toxaster echinoid, Lower Cretaceous Fluctuations morphologiques et heterochronies chez Toxaster echinides, Cretace inferieur

Zvorikin, V.P., 1957:
Morphological grounds in differences between the capacity of hearing of the dog and of the monkey

Popov, O.A., 1968:
Morphological indices in various populations of the Atlantic cod in connection with feeding

Kumlutas, Yusuf.; Tosunoglu, Murat.; Gocmen, Bayram., 1999:
Morphological investigation of Rana ridibunda Anura Ranidae populations in the Black Sea Region Karadeniz Bolgesi Rana ridibunda Anura Ranidae populasyonlari uzerinde morfolojik arastirma

Dietze, A.; Stefen, C.; Wolf, R., 2005:
Morphological investigation of a house mice population from Gniebitz in Saxony - a contribution to the mammal fauna of Saxony Morphologische Untersuchung einer Hausmauspopulation aus Gniebitz in Sachsen - ein Beitrag zur Saeugetierfauna Sachsens

Eitschberger, U.; Hofmann, P., 2002:
Morphological investigations on some Aporia crataegi populations from Iran Lepidoptera, Pieridae Morphologische Untersuchungen an einigen Aporia crataegi-Populationen aus dem Iran Lepidoptera, Pieridae

Herler, J.; Ahnelt, H.; Scsepka, S., 1999:
Morphological investigations on two cave dwelling gobiid fishes Pisces Gobiidae of the western Mediterranean Sea Morphologische Untersuchungen an zwei hohlenbewohnenden Meergrundeln Pisces Gobiidae des westlichen Mittelmeeres

Sokolov, VA., 1976:
Morphological modification of Echinococcus granulosus larvae in agricultural animals of Altaya

Nucifora, S.; Vasquez, G.; Coco, V., 2004:
Morphological observation on male and female chrysalises of Phyllocnistis citrella Osservazioni morfologiche su crisalidi di linea maschile e femminile di Phyllocnistis citrella Lepidoptera Gracillariidae

Godwin-austin., 1903:
Morphological observations on species belonging to the families Cyclostomidae and Helicidae

Stornelli, M.R.ta.; Temporin, C.; Giannessi, E., 1999:
Morphological observations on the knee joint of the ostrich Struthio camelus Osservazioni morfologiche sull articolazione del ginocchio dello struzzo Struthio camelus

Shy, J-Y.; Tsou, Y-E.; Yu, H-P., 1990:
Morphological observations on the larval development of Macrobrachium formosense Crustacea Decapoda Palaemonidae

Ramzu, M.; Meunier, F.J., 1999:
Morphological parameters of the vertebral column in the rainbow trout Oncorhynchus mykiss Teleostei, Salmoniform Descripteurs morphologiques de la zonation de la colonne vertebrale chez la truite arc-en-ciel Oncorhynchus mykiss Walbaum, 1792 Teleostei, Salmoniforme

Tombari, AD.; Volpedo, AV.; Echeverria, DD., 2000:
Morphological patterns of the sagittae of silverside fish of the Argentine ichthyofauna Patrones morfologicos de la sagitta de pejerreyes de la ictiofauna Argentina

Safarov, M.A., 1965:
Morphological peculiarities and the systematic position of the wild boar in Azerbaidjan

Astafieva, A.V., 1967:
Morphological peculiarities in oral and gills-gullet apparatus in Melanogrammus aeglefinus

Kuliev, G.K., 1964:
Morphological peculiarities of some organs and systems in Azerbaidjan mountain merino and its hybrids with the coarse-fleeced sheep

Miclaus, V.; Rotaru, O., 2002:
Morphological peculiarities of the Hassall corpuscles in the coypu Myocastor coypus Particularitati morfologice ale corpusculilor hassall la nutrie Myocastor coypus

Djumaliev, MK.; Tazabekova, MS., 1976:
Morphological peculiarities of the alimentary tract of some amphibians

Skopin, N.G., 1971:
Morphological peculiarities of the larvae and the position in the system of some groups-Ulomini Coleoptera, Tenebrionidae

Strel'nikov, AS.; Dikanskii, VYa., 1976:
Morphological peculiarities of the pike-perch acclimatising in the waters of Kazakhstan

Safarov, M.A., 1958:
Morphological peculiarities of the wild boar in Azerbaidjan

Messner, B.; Adis, J., 2000:
Morphological structures and comparative biology of plastron respiring arthropods Morphologische Strukturen und vergleichende Biologie plastronatmender Arthropoden

Jantsch, Lauro Jose., 1994:
Morphological studies in male of Stagmatoptera abdominalis Mantodea, Mantidae, Vatinae Estudos morfologicos em macho de Stagmatoptera abdominalis Mantodea, Mantidae, Vatinae

Jurberg, J.; Lent, H.; Carcavallo, R.U.aldo da Silva Rocha, D.; Galvao, C.; Lasserre, D.F.ias, 2002:
Morphological studies of male genitalia of Mepraia gajardoi Frias, Henry Gonzalez, 1998, with discussion about filogenitical relations Estudo morfologico da genitalia externa masculina de Mepraia gajardoi Frias, Henry Gonzalez 1998, Hemiptera, Reduviidae com comentarios sobre suas relacoes filogeneticas

Suck, G.; Dzwillo, M., 1997:
Morphological studies on Stylodrilus heringianus Claparede, 1862 with emphasis on taxonomic relevant characters of the genital apparatus Oligochaeta, Lumbriculidae Morphologische Untersuchungen an Stylodrilus heringianus Claparede, 1862 Oligochaeta, Lumbriculidae unter besonderer Berucksichtigung taxonomisch relevanter Strukturen des Genitalapparates

Stephan, Burkhard., 2002:
Morphological studies on cuckoos Aves, Cuculiformes, Cuculidae Part III Tarsus and toes Measurements, proportions Studien zur Morphologie der Kuckucke Aves, Cuculiformes, Cuculidae Teil III Lauf und Zehen Masse, Proportionen

Stephan, Burkhard., 2001:
Morphological studies on cuckoos Aves Cuculiformes Cuculidae Part I Wing form, change of form, wing formula, measures, number of primaries and secondaries, alula Studien zur Morphologie der Kuckucke Aves Cuculiformes Cuculidae Teil I Fluegel Form und Formwandel, Fluegelformel, Masse, Anzahl der Hand- und Armschwingen, Alula

Stephan, Burkhard., 2001:
Morphological studies on cuckoos Aves Cuculiformes Cuculidae Part II Tail measures, proportions, steps Studien zur Morphologie der Kuckucke Aves Cuculiformes Cuculidae Teil II Schwanz Masse, Proportionen, Stufung

Hawkins, H.L., 1921:
Morphological studies on the Echinoidea Holectypoida and their allies XI Conulopyrina anomala a new type of the Echinoneidae

Isshiki, O., 1953:
Morphological studies on the eggs of the lung-fluke in the lung tissues spontaneous infection cases

Eck, S.; Schlegel, S.; Schlegel, J., 1996:
Morphological studies on the redpoll Carduelis flammea A fieldwork from the Saxon Ore Mountains Aves Passeriformes Fringillidae Morphologische Untersuchungen am Birkenzeisig Carduelis flammea Eine Feldstudie im sachsischen Erzgebirge Aves Passeriformes Fringillidae

Kawamura, R., 1964:
Morphological studies on the starved condition in the ciliate Condylostoma sp I Light microscopical observation

Breit, S.; Konig, HE.; Stoger, E., 1998:
Morphological studies on the thyroid gland of chicken in addition to seasonal changes Untersuchungen zur Form der Schilddruse Glandula thyreoidea beim Geflugel mit besonderer Berucksichtigung der jahreszeitlichen Schwankungen

Eck, Regine., 1996:
Morphological studies regarding the distinction of species of the American members of the Vespula vulgaris group Do hybrids exist? Insecta Hymenoptera Vespidae Morphologische Untersuchungen zur Artabgrenzung innerhalb der amerikanischen Vertreter der Vespula-vulgaris-Gruppe Sind Hybriden nachweisbar? Insecta Hymenoptera Vespidae

Achouri, M.S.haier.; Charfi-Cheikhrouha, F., 2001:
Morphological study and geographical distribution of Porcellionides sexfasciatus Budde-Lunde, 1885 in Tunisia Isopoda, Oniscidae Etude morphologique et repartition geographique de Porcellionides sexfasciatus Budde-Lund, 1885 en Tunisie Isopoda, Oniscidae

Sanchez-Soto, S.; Nakano, O., 2004:
Morphological study of Batrachedra nuciferae Hodges Lepidoptera Coleophoridae Estudo morfologico de Batrachedra nuciferae Hodges Lepidoptera Coleophoridae

Tabe, M., 1937:
Morphological study of Coniglobus batanicus pancalus Schmacker Bottger and C b botellobagoensis Kuroda and on the systematic position of the genus Coniglobus

Araujo Silva, M.B.atriz.; Jurberg, J.; Galvao, C.; Carcavallo, R.U., 2000:
Morphological study of eggs and nymphs of Triatoma guazu Lent Wygodzinsky, 1979 Hemiptera, Reduviidae, Triatominae through optical and electronic scanning microscopy Estudo morfologico e morfometrico de ovos e ninfas de Triatoma guazu Lent Wygodzinsky, 1979 Hemiptera, Reduviidae, Triatominae vistos por microscopia optica e electronica de varredura

Nascimento, E.S.uza Silva.; Serra-Freire, N.M.ues., 1998:
Morphological study of gnathosoma of tick nimph stage of Amblyomma rotundatum Acari Ixodidae Estudos do gnathosoma de ninfas de Amblyomma rotundatum Koch, 1844 Acari Ixodidae por microscopia optica

Cuezzo, Fabiana del C., 1996:
Morphological study of mature larvae of Forelius Emery Hymenoptera Formicidae Estudio morfologico de larvas maduras de Forelius Emery Hymenoptera Formicidae

Aldana, E.; Lizano, E.; Contreras, F.; Valderrama, A.; Viera, D., 2000:
Morphological study of nymph stages of various species of the genus Rhodnius Hemiptera Reduviidae Estudio morfologico de estadios ninfales de varias especies del genero Rhodnius Hemiptera Reduviidae

Cury Maroun, S.L.pes.; Amorim, M.; Gazeta, G.S.lles.; Serra-Freire, N.M.ues., 1999:
Morphological study of nymphs of Anocentor nitens Neumann, 1897 Acari Ixodidae Estudo morfologico de ninfas de Anocentor nitens Neumann, 1897 Acari Ixodidae

Berrou, V.; Dommergues, J-L.; Merle, D.; Cronier, C.; Neraudeau, D., 2005:
Morphological study of shells of European Ocenebrinae reflections on inter- and intraspecific variations Etude morphologique de coquilles dOcenebrinae europeennes reflexions sur les variations inter- et intra-specifiques

Galiulin, V.I., 1976:
Morphological study of structural organization of sockeye salmon in population of Azabach lake

Sendino, M.C., 2006:
Morphological study of the Conulariida Cnidaria Estudio morfologico de los Conulariida Cnidaria

Chehade Nasser Junior, Jorge. das Gracas Ribeiro, Maria. de Oliveira Teles, Maria Eloiza. das Gracas Maruch, Sandra Maria., 1994:
Morphological study of the Coturnix coturnix ovary Linne, 1758 Phasianidae-Galliformes Estudo morfologico do ovario da codorninha japonesa Coturnix coturnix Linne, 1758 Phasianidae-Galliformes

Monasterio de Gonzo, G., 2004:
Morphological study of the dentition of three species of loricarid fish from northwestern Argentina Teleostei, Siluriformes Estudio morfologico de la denticion de tres especies de loricaridos del noroeste Argentino Teleostei, Siluriformes

Felipe, A.E.; Castro, A.; Callejas, S.S.; Cabodevila, J.A., 2001:
Morphological study of the female external genitalia of the Myocastor coypus Coypu Estudio morfologico de los organos genitales femeninos externos de Myocastor coypus coipo

Khouri, A.; Lopes, S.M.ria., 2000:
Morphological study of the female genitalia structure of Anopheles Nyssorhynchus albitarsis Lynch Arribalzaga 1878 and Anopheles Nyssorhynchus aquasalis Curry 1932 Diptera, Culicidae, Anophelinae Estudo morfologico da estrutura genital das femeas de Anopheles Nyssorhynchus albitarsis Lynch Arribalzaga 1878 e Anopheles Nyssorhynchus aquasalis Curry 1932 Diptera, Culicidae, Anophelinae

D'Agostini, F.M.urer.; Cappellari, L.H.lena. dos Santos-Costa, M.C.istina., 2000:
Morphological study of the hemipenis of Philodryas aestivus Dumeril, Bibron Dumeril, 1854 Serpentes, Colubridae, Xenodontinae Estudo morfologico do hemipenis de Philodryas aestivus Dumeril, Bibron Dumeril, 1854 Serpentes, Colubridae, Xenodontinae

Ramirez Salinas, C.; Castro Ramirez, A.E., 1998:
Morphological study of the larval stage of six species of Phyllophaga Coleoptera Melolonthidae of the Chiapas Highlands region, Mexico Estudio morfologico del estado larval de seis especies de Phyllophaga Coleoptera Melolonthidae de la region Altos de Chiapas, Mexico

Dobrilla, R.; Dolce, S., 1996:
Morphological study of the populations of Vipera ammodytes L, 1758 of Friuli, Venezia Giulia, Istria and Dalmatia Studio morfologico delle popolazioni di Vipera ammodytes L, 1758 di Friuli, Venezia-Giulia, Istria e Dalmazia

Bani, G.; Formigli, L.; Cecchi, R., 1990:
Morphological study on the salivary glands of Eobania vermiculata Muller Mollusca, Pulmonata

Lebrun, D.; Faucheux, M.J., 1994:
Morphological study related to the speciation in the genus Reticulitermes Isoptera Etude morphologique relative a la speciation dans le genre Reticulitermes Isoptera

Novikov, IS., 2004:
Morphological tectonics of the Altai

Rossi de Garcia, E., 1968:
Morphological terminology of fossil ostracods in use in the Spanish language

Folgarait, P.J.; Chirino, M.G.; Gilbert, L.E., 2005:
Morphological traits associated with pupae viability in Pseudacteon Diptera Phoridae parasitoids Rasgos morfologicos asociados a la viabilidad de pupas en parasitoides del genero Pseudacteon Diptera Phoridae

Yoshimatsu, S-i., 1990:
Morphological transitions in the larval mandibles of the Leucania-complex Lepidoptera, Noctuidae

E.O.alidi, J.; Jaziri, H.; E.O.alidi, J.; Jaziri, H., 2001:
Morphological variabilities and genetic of the green toad Bufo viridis systematic values Variabilites morphologiques et genetique du Crapaud vert Bufo viridis valeurs systematiques

Bushnell, JH.; Byron, ER., 1979:
Morphological variability and distribution of aquatic invertebrates principally Crustacea from the Cumberland Peninsula and Frobisher Bay regions, Baffin Island, NWT, Canada Morphological variability and distribution of aquatic invertebrates principally Crustacea from the Cumberland Peninsula and Frobisher Bay regions, Baffin Island, NWT, Canada

Godinot, M., 2003:
Morphological variability and evolution of Necrolemur Omomyiformes, Primates close to the reference-levels MP 17 to MP 20 from the south of France Variabilite morphologique et evolution des Necrolemur Primates, Omomyiformes des niveaux-reperes MP 17 a MP 20 du sud de la France

Guglielmino, A.; D'Urso, V., 2000:
Morphological variability in Adarrus exornatus Ribaut, 1952 Homoptera Auchenorrhyncha Cicadellidae Variabilita morfologica in Adarrus exornatus Ribaut, 1952 Homoptera auchenorrhyncha cicadellidae

Kreiter, P.; Panis, A.; Tourniaire, R., 1999:
Morphological variability in a population of Pseudaulacaspis pentagona Targioni Tozzetti Hemiptera Diaspididae from the southeastern France Variabilite morphologique chez Pseudaulacaspis pentagona Targioni Tozzetti dans une population du sud-est de la France Hemiptera Diaspididae

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