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Morphological elements for a key to subgenera of Bombus Latreille sl and Psithyrus Lepeletier sl present in Italy Hymenoptera Apidae Bombinae Elementi morfologici per una chiave dei sottogeneri di Bombus Latreille sl e Psithyrus Lepeletier sl presenti in Italia Hymenoptera Apidae Bombinae

Intoppa, F.; Piazza, MG.; Bolchi Serini, G.

Bollettino di Zoologia Agraria e di Bachicoltura 29(1): 1-43


ISSN/ISBN: 0366-2403
Accession: 038427413

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The morphological characteristics of the head of the Bombinae, including the genera Bombus Latreille s.l. and Psithyrus Lepeletier s.l. only, have been reviewed and redescribed, by means of the examination of specimens of the species present in Italy. The more significant characteristics have been utilized to draw up some summarizing tables and a dichotomic key, that allow the discrimination of the respective subgenera.

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