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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38432

Chapter 38432 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Torres, J.B.; Zanuncio, J.C.; Cecon, P.R.; Gasperazzo, W.L., 1996:
Mortality of Podisus nigrispinus Dallas by egg parasitoids in areas of eucaliptus Mortalidade de Podisus nigrispinus Dallas por parasitoides de ovos em areas de eucalipto

Mayol, Joan., 1992:
Mortality of Tarentola mauritanica on the rural roads of Menorca Preliminary note Mortalidad de Tarentola mauritanica en caminos rurales de Menorca Nota preliminar

Schneeweis, N.; Schneeweis, U., 1997:
Mortality of amphibians as a consequence of mineral fertilizing Amphibienverluste infolge mineralischer Dungung auf Agrarflachen

Schneeweiss, U.; Schneeweiss, N., 1999:
Mortality of amphibians as a consequence of mineral fertilizing Gefahrdung von Amphibien durch mineralische Dungung

Najbar, B.; Najbar, A.; Maruchniak-Pasiuk, M.; Szuszkiewicz, E., 2006:
Mortality of amphibians on a road in the Zielona Gora town region in the years 2003-2004 Smiertelnosc plazow na odcinku drogi w rejonie Zielonej Gory w latach 2003-2004

Salnikov, N.E., 1957:
Mortality of anchovies in Azov Sea

Riestra, G.; Fabiano, G.; Foti, R.; Santana, O., 1998:
Mortality of benthic organisms on the Atlantic coast of Uruguay Mortandad de organismos bentonicos en la costa atlantica del Uruguay

Jenni-Eiermann, S.; Buhler, U.; Zbinden, N., 1996 :
Mortality of birds of prey associated with the field application of granular carbofuran Vergiftungen von Greifvogeln durch Carbofurananwendung im Ackerbau

Golawski, A.; Golawska, S., 2002:
Mortality of birds on the local roads in the environs of Siedlce Smiertelnosc ptakow na drogach lokalnych w okolicach Siedlec

Kasprzykowski, Zbigniew., 2002:
Mortality of corvids Corvidae on the wintering roosts of Siedlce in the season 2000/2001 Smiertelnosc ptakow krukowatych Corvidae na noclegowisku zimowym w Siedlcach w sezonie 2000/2001

Ortega Zaleta, D.A.icia.; Yahia K., E.M., 2000:
Mortality of eggs and larvae of Anastrepha obliqua Macquart and Anastrepha ludens Loew Diptera Tephritidae in controlled atmospheres and at a high temperature in the Manila mango Mangifera indica fruit Mortalidad de huevos y larvas de Anastrepha obliqua Macquart y A ludens Loew Diptera Tephritidae en atmosferas controladas y temperatura alta en mango Mangifera indica cv Manila

Mancini, M.; Rodriguez, C.; Finola, M.; Basualdo, C.; Prosperi, C., 2000:
Mortality of fish in a recreational lake of south Cordoba, Argentina Mortandad de peces en un lago recreacional del sur de Cordoba, Argentina

de Oliveira Azevedo, S.M.ria Feliciano.; Carmouze, J.-Pierre., 1996:
Mortality of fishes in a tropical coastal lagoon Brazil during a bloom of Cyanophyta coincidence or consequence? Une mortalite de poissons dans une lagune tropicale Bresil durant une periode de dominance de Cyanophyceae Coincidence ou consequence?

D.C.rvalho, A.R.; D'Almeida, J.M.; D.M.llo, R.P., 2004:
Mortality of larvae and pupae of Chrysomya megacephala Fabricius Diptera Calliphoridae and its parasitism by microhymenopteran in Rio de Janeiro county, RJ, Brazil Mortalidade de larvas e pupas de Chrysomya megacephala Fabricius Diptera Calliphoridae e seu parasitismo por microhimenopteros na cidade do Rio de Janeiro, RJ

Hirschfeld, A.; Heyd, A., 2005:
Mortality of migratory birds caused by hunting in Europe bag statistics and proposals for the conservation of birds and animal welfare Jagdbedingte Mortalitaet von Zugvoegeln in Europa Streckenzahlen und Forderungen aus Sicht des Vogelund Tierschutzes

Grosman, F.; Sanzano, P., 2002:
Mortality of pejerrey Odontesthes bonariensis caused by blooms of cyanobacterial in two ponds of Argentina Mortandades de pejerrey Odontesthes bonariensis originadas por floraciones de cianobacterias en dos ambientes de Argentina

Ruiz Liminana, J.B.nito.; Martinez Diaz, F.J.vier.; Aragoneses Garcia, J., 1992:
Mortality of terrestrial vertebrates on the national motorway 332 on the stretch to Las Salinas de Santa Pola km 81 to 87,6 Mortandad de vertebrados terrestres en la carretera nacional 332 a su paso por Las Salinas de Santa Pola km 81 a 87,6

Ruszczyk, A.; Ribeiro, JC., 1998:
Mortality of the parasitoids Spilochalcis morleyi and Xanthozona melanopyga in male and female pupa of Brassolis sophorae Mortalidade dos parasitoides Spilochalcis morleyi Hymenoptera, Chalcididae e Xanthozona melanopyga Diptera, Tachinidae em pupas femininas e masculinas de Brassolis sophorae Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae

Sauvage, A.; Gizart, L.; Lucchesi, J.-Laurent.; Brochet, J., 1997:
Mortality of the sand martin Riparia riparia in connection with the climatic conditions in the Djoudj Ornithological National Park Senegal Mortalite de lhirondelle de rivage Riparia riparia en liaison avec les conditions climatiques dans le Parc National des Oiseaux du Djoudj Senegal

Kabouche, B.; Bayle, P.; Lucchesi, J.-Laurent., 1996:
Mortality of the short toed eagle Circaetus gallicus on an electric cable network in south east France Mortalite du circaete Jean-le-Blanc Circaetus galllicus Mortalite du circaete Jean-le-Blanc Circaetus galllicus Mortalite du circaete Jean-le-Blanc Circaetus galllicus Mortalite du circaete Jean-le-Blanc Circaetus galllicus Mortalite du circaete Jean-le-Blanc Circaetus galllicus Mortalite du circaete Jean-le-Blanc Circaetus galllicus Mortalite du circaete Jean-le-Blanc Circaetus galllic

Shevchenko, VL., 1976:
Mortality of the steppe eagle

Mirat Lopez, Alfredo., 1995:
Mortality of the white stork due to power lines Accidentes de ciguenas blancas en tendidos electricos

Szlaendak, E.; Lewandowski, M., 2000:
Mortality of various developmental stages of P consanguineus fed on larvae of sciarid and phorid Elementy biologii Parasitus consanguineus Oudemans et Voigts, 1904; smiertelnosc stadiow rozwojowych P consanguineus zerujacych na larwach muchowek

Bartoszewicz, Magdalena., 1997:
Mortality of vertebrates on the highway bordering on the Slonsk Reserve, western Poland Smiertelnosc kregowcow na szosie graniczacej z rezerwatem przyrody Slonsk

Pokorski, N.; Kulwas, A., 2002:
Mortality of waterbirds drowned in fishing nets in the Central Pomeranian coast Smiertelnosc ptakow morskich w sieciach rybackich na wybrzezu Pomorza Srodkowego

de Roder, FE., 1990:
Mortality of waterbirds in NE-Greece, spring 1987

Niedzwiecki, S.; Kaliciuk, J.; Kalisinski, M.; Kozlowska, D.; Staszewski, A.; Wysocki, D., 2000:
Mortality of waterfowl in the Szczecin section of the Baltic coast in 1991/1992 and 1992/1993 Smiertelnosc ptakow wodnych na szczecinskim wybrzezu Baltyku w sezonach 1991/1992 i 1992/1993

Meissner, W.; Staszewski, A.; Ziolkowski, M., 2001:
Mortality of waterfowl on the Polish Baltic seashore in the 1998/1999 season Smiertelnosc ptakow wodnych na polskim wybrzezu Baltyku w sezonie 1998/1999

Chaves, L.F.rnando; Zamora, E.; Aldana, E., 2004:
Mortality profile of female Rhodnius robustus Heteroptera Reduviidae Perfil de la mortaliclad de hembras de Rhodniusrobustus Heteroptera Reduvilidae

Matics, Robert., 2000:
Mortality rate of barn owl Tyto alba Scop 1769 in Hungary based on ringing data A gyongybagoly Tyto alba Scop 1769 mortalitasa magyarorszagon a gyuruzesi adatok tukreben

Rubinic, Borut., 2000:
Mortality rate of owls Strigiformes on motorways between Bologna and Monfalcone Italy in the winter of 1998-99 Smrtnost sov Strigiformes na avtocestah med Bologno in Trbizem Italija pozimi 1998-99

Kleewein, D.; Lehner, T., 2000:
Mortality record for the rock snail Cylindrus obtusus Pulmonata, Helicidae at an unusual height above sea level for this species Totfund der Zylinder-Felsenschnecke Cylindrus obtusus Pulmonata, Helicidae in einer fuer diese Art aussergewoehnlichen Seehoehe

van der Sant, D.; Kraft, R., 2006:
Mortality record of an otter Lutra lutra in southern Upper Bavaria Totfund eines Fischotters Lutra lutra im suedlichen Oberbayern

Klaus, Siegfried., 2000:
Mortality record of an otter Lutra lutra in the Altenburg region Totfund eines Fischotters Lutra lutra im Altenburger Land

Ullman, Magnus., 2005:
Morups Tange on the Baltic Sea Morups Tange Vid Vasterhavet

Woas, St., 1998:
Mosaic distribution of basal characters of higher oribatids - the genera Passalozetes and Scutovertex Acari, Oribatei Mosaikverteilung der Merkmale basaler Hoherer Oribatiden - die Gattungen Passalozetes und Scutovertex Acari, Oribatei

Belanger, Louis., 2001:
Mosaic forest as a strategy for the conservation of biodiversity of boreal forest of the East The case of the Montmorency forest La foret mosaique comme strategie de conservation de la biodiversite de la sapiniere boreale de lEst Lexperience de la Foret Montmorency

Sachs, Sven., 2000:
Mosasaur remains from the Upper Cretaceous of North-Rhine Westphalia Mosasaurier-Reste aus der Oberkreide von Nordrhein-Westfalen

Ladwig, Joachim., 1997:
Mosasaur remains in Schleswig Holstein Mosasaurierreste aus Schleswig-Holstein

Bardet, N.; Corral, J.; Carmelo.; Pereda Suberbiola, X., 1997:
Mosasaurs Squamata from the Late Cretaceous of the Basque-Cantabrian Basin Les mosasaures Squamata du Cretace superieur du Bassin basco-cantabrique

Tunoglu, C.; Bardet, N., 2006:
Mosasaurus hoffmanni Mantell, 1829 first marine reptile discovery from Late Cretaceous of Turkiye Mosasaurus hoffmanni Mantell, 1829 Turkiyede, gec kretase donemine ait ilk deniz Surungeninin Kesfi

Bardet, N.; Jagt, J.W., 1996:
Mosasaurus hoffmanni, the Grand Animal fossile des Carrieres de Maestricht two centuries of history Mosasaurus hoffmanni, le Grand Animal fossile des Carrieres de Maestricht deux siecles dhistoire

Rio Garcia, Luis Manuel., 2002:
Moscovian brachiopods Chonetidina and Orthotetida from the Paquetes Improductivos of the Asturian Central Coal Field N of Spain Braquiopodos moscovienses Chonetidina y Orthotetida de los Paquetes Improductivos de la Cuenca Carbonifera Central de Asturias N de Espana

Baumann, Heinz., 1999:
Mosel excursion to Pommern in 1998 Die Mosel-Exkursion nach Pommern 1998

Alexis, R.; Delpont, M., 2001:
Moseriana mai nov sp of Moseriana Ruter 1965, from China, S E Yunnan Moseriana mai nov sp de Moseriana Ruter 1965, de Chine, S E Yunnan

Lyashenko, A.I., 1953:
Mosolov horizon

Lopes, Jose., 1997:
Mosquito Diptera Culicidae ecology of natural and artificial rural breeding places in horthern Parana, Brazil 5 Larvae captured in artificial reservoirs installed in ciliary forest Ecologia de mosquitos Diptera Culicidae em criadouros naturais e artificiais de area rural do norte do estado do Parana, Brasil 5 Coleta de larvas em recipientes artificiais instalados em mata ciliar

Cetin, H.; Yanikoglu, A., 2004:
Mosquito Diptera Culicidae species, their breeding sites and some biological aspects of dominant species Culex pipiens L in Antalya, Turkey Antalya kentinde bulunan Sivrisinek Diptera Culicidae turleri, ureme alanlari ve baskin tur Culex pipiens Lin bazi ozellikleri

Labuda, Milan., 1986:
Mosquito breeding sites in Zahorska lowland and human activity Liahniska komarov na Zahorskej nizine a antropogenna cinnost

Fouque, F.; Baumgartner, J.; Delucchi, V., 1998:
Mosquito control in the Magadino plain 2 Population ecology of Aedes vexans Meigen and proposals of integrated control La demoustication de la plaine de Magadino 2 Ecologie des populations du moustique Aedes vexans Meigen et propositions de lutte integree

Navarro, J.C.rlos.; Bastidas, R.J.; Zavala, Y., 1994:
Mosquito fauna Diptera Culicidae from Falcon State, Venezuela 1 New records and current checklist Fauna de mosquitos Diptera Culicidae del estado falcon, Venezuela 1 Nuevos registros y listado general de especies

Toth, S.; Saringer, G., 2002:
Mosquito fauna and prevention against it in the surrounding of Balaton A Balaton es kornyekenek csiposzunyog-faunaja es az ellenuk valo vedekezes

Kempkes, Michael., 2000:
Mosquito fishes Kobolde, Raufbolde und Globetrotter

Rossi, Gustavo C., 2000:
Mosquito species Diptera Culicidae of Buenos Aires province, Argentina Las especies de mosquitos Diptera Culicidae de la provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina

Merdic, Enrih., 2002:
Mosquitoes Dipera , Culicidae of the park Maksimir, Zagreb, Croatia Komarci Diptera, Culicidae u parku Maksimir, Zagreb, Hrvatska

Navarro da Silva, M.A.tonio.; Leuch Lozovei, A., 1998:
Mosquitoes Diptera, Culicidae captured by human bait in a residual forest patch at Curitiba, Parana, Brazil Mosquitos Diptera, Culicidae capturados com isca humana em area preservada de Curitiba, Parana

Dutra, A.P.; Natal, D.; Tubaki, R.M.; Barata, J.M.; Menezes, R.M.; Urbinatti, P.R.; Costa, A.I., 1996:
Mosquitoes Diptera, Culicidae from Pedro de Toledo State Reserve Juquitiba, SP, Brazil Mosquitos Diptera, Culicidae da Reserva Estadual de Pedro de Toledo Juquitiba, SP, Brasil

Consolim, J. de Mattos Pellegrini, N.J.rge.; Luz, E., 1993:
Mosquitoes Diptera, Culicidae of Itaipu Lake, Parana, Brazil 1 Foz do Iguacu Culicideos Diptera, Culicidae do Lago de Itaipu, Parana, Brasil 1 Municipio de Foz do Iguacu

Rossi, G.C.; Martinez, M., 2003:
Mosquitoes Diptera Culicidae from Uruguay Mosquitos Diptera Culicidae del Uruguay

Wegner, Elzbieta., 1999:
Mosquitoes Diptera Culicidae of Bialowieza Forest Komary Diptera Culicidae Puszczy Bialowieskiej

Kowalska-Ulczynska, B.; Gilka, W., 2003:
Mosquitoes Diptera Culicidae of the vicinity of Wyskok in the Masuria Komary Diptera Culicidae miejscowosci Wyskok na Mazurach

Romi, R., 2004:
Mosquitoes and pathogens they transmit I culicidi quali vettori di agenti patogeni

Aspock, Horst., 1996:
Mosquitoes as virus transmitters in Central Europe Stechmucken als Virusubertrager in Mitteleuropa

Borutzki, E.V., 1955:
Mosquitoes collected in south-western Turkmenia in 1951

Sinelshchikov, VA., 1973:
Mosquitoes from southern Moldavia

Illinois Department of Public Health., 1990:
Mosquitoes in Illinois recommendations for prevention control

Lozovei, Ana Leuch., 2001 :
Mosquitoes microhabitats Diptera, Culicidae in bamboo internodes in Atlantic forest, Parana, Brazil Microhabitats de mosquitos Diptera, Culicidae em internodios de taquara na mata Atlantica, Parana, Brasil

Ribeiro, H.; Ramos, H.C.; Pires, CA., 1999:
Mosquitoes of Montesinho nature reserve Insecta, Diptera, Culicidae Os mosquitos do Parque Natural de Montesinho Insecta, Diptera, Culicidae

Khelevin, N.V., 1969:
Mosquitoes of the genus Aides living near small rivers in Ivanov region

Ahid, S.M.; Lourenco-de-Oliveira, R., 1999:
Mosquitoes potential vectors of canine heartworm in the Northeast Region from Brazil Mosquitos vetores potenciais de dirofilariose canina na Regiao Nordeste do Brasil

Paterno, U.; Marcondes, C.B.isola, 2004:
Mosquitoes with morning biting activity in the Atlantic forest, Brazil Diptera, Culicidae Mosquitos antropofilicos de atividade matutina em Mata Atlantica, Florianopolis, SC

Santos de Souza, A. de Oliveira,; Souto Couri, M., 2001:
Mosquitos Diptera, Culicidae of Pendotiba and oceanic regions of Niteroi Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Mosquitos Diptera, Culicidae das regioes de Pendotiba e oceanica de Niteroi Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Gutsevich, A.V., 1952:
Mosquitos and malaria in Iran Epidemiologo-Parasitological Expeditions to Iran and Parasitological Investigations

Wildermuth, Hansruedi., 2001:
Moss animalcules and non-biting midges as epizoa of Macromia amphigena Bryozoa Plumatellidae; Diptera Chironomidae; Odonata Macromiidae Moostierchen und Zuckmuecken als Epizoen von Macromia amphigena Bryozoa Plumatellidae; Diptera Chironomidae; Odonata Macromiidae

Scholz, Joachim., 1997:
Moss animals Bryozoa Detailed organization in a small space Moostierchen Bryozoa Die grosse Organisation in Richtung des kleinsten Raumes

Woess, Emmy ., 2005:
Moss animals Bryozoa Moostiere Bryozoa

Janecek, B., 2005:
Moss animals and chironomids Moosthierchen und Zuckmuecken

Verni, F.; Rosati, G., 2000:
Moss ciliated Protozoa as bioindicators A study on the urban area of Pisa Italy Protozoi ciliati del muschio come bioindicatori Uno studio nellarea urbana di Pisa

Olszanowski, Ziemowit., 1996:
Moss mites Acari Oribatida - little known parasites of fish Mechowce Acari Oribatida - malo znane pasozyty ryb

Mitsch, Hansjoachim., 1998:
Most advanced evolutionary state - weaver or corvid birds? Hochste Entwicklungsstufe - Weber- oder Rabenvogel?

Brandt, T.; Nuelle, W., 2005:
Most important breeding area of the middle spotted woodpecker discovered in the Schaumburger Forest, district of Schaumburg Wichtigstes niedersaechsisches Brutgebiet des Mittelspechtes Dendrocopos medius im Schaumburger Wald, Landkreis Schaumburg, entdeckt

Skirkyavichyus, A., 1975:
Most important problems in investigating pheromone communication in insects

Barauskas, R.; Preiksa, Z.; Stukonis, V., 1997:
Most valuable natural unprotected territories in middle and north Lithuania Vertingiausios nesaugomos gamtines teritorijos vidurio ir siaures Lietuvoje

Opinion 904., 1969:
Motacilla pleschanka Lepechin, 1770 Aves validated under the plenary powers

Provost, S., 2002:
Motacillidae spring migration on the schorre of bale du Mont-Saint-Michel Stationnement prenuptial des Motacillides sur lherbu de Rochetorin, en 2000

Connell, J.; Steyrer, G., 2005:
Moth caterpillars - getting on the track of feeding larva by trapping Schmetterlingsraupen - Mit Fallen den Fressmonstern auf der Spur

Pospelov, S.M., 1969:
Moth caterpillars

Klyuchko, ZF.; Sheshurak, PN.; Plyushch, IG.; Mirshavko, AA., 1997:
Moth fauna Lepidoptera Heterocera of the Chernigov region, Ukraine 1 Owlets Noctuidae

Kula, E., 1997:
Moth fauna in birch stands in an air-polluted area - 1 Imagoes Fauna motylu porostu brizy v imisni oblasti - 1 Imaga

Bischof, A., 2001:
Moth fauna of Nature Reserve Veier near Bonaduz, Grisons, Switzerland, 1999-2000 Lepidoptera Verzeichnis der Schmetterlingsfauna des Naturschutzgebietes Veier bei Bonaduz, Graubuenden, Schweiz, 1999-2000 Lepidoptera Hepialoidea, Cossoidea, Zygaenoidea, Lasiocampoidea, Bombycoidea, Drepanoidea, Geometroidea, Noctuoidea

Newton, J., 1990:
Moth report 1989

Anonymous., 1990:
Moth trapping 14th July

Mazel, Robert., 1998:
Moth traps Les pieges a papillons nocturnes

Rezbanyai-Reser, L.; Wipraechtiger, P., 2004:
Moth wings as food remains of bats from Schoetz, canton Lucerne Lepidoptera Macroheterocera Mammalia Chiroptera Nachtfalterfluegel als Nahrungsreste von Fledermaeusen aus Schoetz, Kanton Luzern Lepidoptera Macroheterocera Mammalia Chiroptera

Trautner, Jurgen., 1997:
Mother of pearl butterfly Brenthis ino Rottemburg, 1775 in the southern Upper Rhine of Efringen-Kirchen Lep, Argynnidae Madesuss-Perlmutterfalter Brenthis ino Rottemburg, 1775 am sudlichen Oberrhein bei Efringen-Kirchen Lep, Argynnidae

Wickler, W.; Seibt, U., 1990:
Mothers egg-pooling and aposematic offsprings gregariousness cui bono?

Hahn, Tom., 1997:
Moths Lepidoptera, Noctuidae in the urban area of Chemnitz Eulen-Falter Lepidoptera, Noctuidae im Stadtgebiet von Chemnitz

Plyushch, IG.; Sheshurak, PN., 1997:
Moths Lepidoptera Heterocera from the Chernigov region of the Ukraine Part 2

Zagulyaev, A.K., 1969:
Moths and Pyraloidea-pests of stocks

Aiello, A.; Rodriguez Gracia, V.; Osmar Becker, V.; Olga of Greece, 2005:
Moths and butterflies Lepidoptera from Bahia Honda and Canales de Tierra Island Veraguas, Panama Mariposas Lepidoptera de Bahia Honda e Isla de Canales de Tierra Veraguas, Panama

Spitzer, K.; Jaros, J., 2001:
Moths and butterflies Lepidoptera of the Chalupska slat bog, Sumava Mountains Fauna motylu Lepidoptera Chalupske slate na Sumave

Bito, N., 1990:
Moths collected at Tsutsui, Higashi-ku, the central area of Nagoya City

Kusunoki, Y.; Jinbo, K.; Yanagida, Y.; Takahashi, R.; Yasuda, N., 1990:
Moths collected at the alpine zone of Mt Youtei, Hokkaido

Kobayashi, H., 1990:
Moths collected from Is Sado in August 1989

Sato, R., 1990:
Moths collected on Is Awa-shima, Niigata Pref in July 1990 by Messrs H Takada and H Shimada

Tumaikina, Z.S., 1970:
Moths from Altai

Schacht, Wolfgang., 1999:
Moths in Zeller Forest near Dietramszell, Upper Bavaria Insecta, Lepidoptera Nachtfalter im Zeller Wald bei Dietramszell, Oberbayern Insecta, Lepidoptera

van Zuijen, Menno., 1999:
Moths in sunlight the results Nachtvlinders in t zonnetje de resultaten

van Zuijen, Menno., 1999:
Moths in the sun the results Nachtvlinders in t zonnetje de resultaten

van Alebeek, Frans. van Zuijen, Menno., 1998:
Moths in the sunlight Nachtvlinders in het zonnetje

van Damme-Jongsten, Marijke., 1999:
Moths in the sunshine Nachtvlinders in t zonnetje

van Alebeek, Frans., 1997:
Moths in the sunshine Nachtvlinders in het zonnetje

Nakajima, H., 1990:
Moths of Mugikusatoge, Chino-shi, Nagano Prefecture

Nunes, F.G.erreiro; Prestes, A.S.lveira; Corseuil, E., 2004:
Moths of Rothschildia genus Lepidoptera, Saturniidae reported to Rio Grande do Sul State, Brazil Mariposas do genero Rothschildia Lepidoptera, Saturniidae registradas para o Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil

Belin, Vladimir., 2003:
Moths of the Czech and Slovak Republics Nachtfalter der Tschechischen und Slowakischen Republik

Hausmann, A., 2005:
Moths of the land of the Bible Schmetterlinge aus dem Land der Bibel

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