Section 39
Chapter 38,432

Moth fauna in birch stands in an air-polluted area - 1 Imagoes Fauna motylu porostu brizy v imisni oblasti - 1 Imaga

Kula, E.

Lesnictvi (Prague): 437: 289-295


Accession: 038431846

A total of 861 moth species were caught using light traps in a location with dominant representation of birch in an air-polluted area of the Krusne hory Mts.; trophic relations to the birch (Betula verrucosa Ehrh.) were confirmed in 123 species out of them, while their classification indicated the species Biston betularius (L.) (7.7%), Cabera pusaria (L.) (6.9%), Apotomis betuletana (Haw.) (6.9%), Pandemis cerasana (Hbn.) (6.2%), Epinotia ramella (L.) (5.9%), Olethreutes lacunana (D. et Sch.) (5.4%), Pheosia gnoma (Fabr.) (5.5%) as the most important.

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