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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38433

Chapter 38433 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Ichikawa, K., 1990: Moths taken at Kashi-onsen, Fukushima Pref in April 1990, with a record of Brachionycha permixta Sugi

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Niedringhaus, Rolf.; Broring, Udo.; Finch, Oliver-D.; Zander, Barbel., 1997: Motif oriented assessment of sweetwater and brackish ponds within the national park Niedersachsisches Wattenmeer Leitbildorientierte Bewertung von Kleingewassern im Nationalpark Niedersachsisches Wattenmeer

Huelsmann, Norbert., 2006: Motility, food intake and reproduction of Wobo gigas gen et spec nov Rhizopoda Bewegung, Nahrungsaufnahme und Fortpflanzung bei Wobo gigas gen et spec nov Rhizopoda

Shishov, B. A., 1961: Motion of ascarids as means of localization inthe intestine

Lehrer, Miriam., 1998: Motion vision in insects Was bewegte Bilder der Biene erzahlen

Thaler, Ellen., 2003: Motivation analysis on filefishes or how to identify a filefish? Motivationsanalyse an Feilenfischen oder wie bestimme ich einen Feilenfisch?

Pegel, V. A.; Remorov, V. A., 1967: Motor and secretional function of the gastro-intestinal tract in fish outside digestion

Seravin, L. N., 1969: Motor apparatus of Protozoa Structure, mechanochemistry and physiology Akademiya Nauk SSSR

Ortiz, R.; Saez, M.; Soler, E.; Rodrigo, E.; Nunez, J.; Nunez, A., 1996: Motor behaviour and feeding of the purple gallinule Porphyrio porphyrio L, during its first 12 weeks of life Comportamiento motor y de alimentacion en calamon comun Porphyrio porphyrio, L, durante las 12 primeras semanas de vida

Mishin, A. V., 1958: Motor reactions in Ixodes persulcatus P Sch, as affected by phytoncides

Ree, Viggo., 2005: Motorway bridge a threat to Ramsar site at Ringerike Motorveibro truer Ramsar-omrade pa Ringerike

Hill, DA., 1990: Motorway sentinels common buzzards, Buteo buteo L on the Slavonski Brod-Zagreb Highway in January 1989

Badora, K., 2003: Motorway vs nature conservation Opole section fo A-4 motorway - an example of spatial conflict Konflkty przestrzenne autostrada - ochrona przyrody na przykladzie Opolskiego odcinka autostrady A-4

Groppali, Riccardo., 2001: Motorways and avifauna Autostrade e avifauna

Malher, Frederic., 2003: Mottled Carrion Crows Corvus corone in Europe Les corneilles bigarrees Corvus corone en Europe

Del Brocco, C., 2004: Mottled jackdow Corvus monedula in Rome Un Taccola Corvus monedula con le ali depigmentate a Roma

Smale, S.; Owen, K., 1990: Motuhora a whale of an island

Monchot, Herve., 1999: Mouflon Ovis antiqua Pommerol, 1879 hunting during the Middle Pleistocene in the Pyrenees the example from Arago cave Tautavel, France La caza del muflon Ovis antiqua Pommerol, 1879 en el Pleistoceno Medio de los Pirineos el ejemplo de la cueva de L Arago Tautavel, Francia

Monchot, H., 1997: Mouflon Ovis antiqua, Pommerol 1879 consummation during the Middle Pleistocene at La Caune de lArago Tautavel, Pyrenees-Orientales La consommation du mouflon Ovis antiqua, Pommerol 1879 au Pleistocene moyen a la Caune de lArago Tautavel, Pyrenees-Orientales

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Gutebier, Thomas., 2003: Mould project - collections are saved, but what next? Projekt mogelsanering - samlingarna ar raddade, men vad hander sedan?

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Ogilvie-Grant, W. R., 1910: Moult and seasonal change of plumage in Lagopus scoticus

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Weber, Laura I.; Tarifeno, Eduardo., 1995: Moult induction in Cancer plebejus Poeppig, 1836 Decapoda, Brachyura by eyestalk ablation at different temperatures Induccion de muda en Cancer plebejus Poeppig, 1836 Decapoda, Brachyura mediante extirpacion de pedunculos oculares a distintos rangos de temperatura

van Impe, J., 1978: Moult migration and wing moult of the pochard Aythya ferina in the Antwerp area

Ellegren, H.; Staav, R., 1990: Moult migration in the bluethroat, Luscinia s svecica

Christen, Walter., 1999: Moult migration of male goosanders Mergus merganser near Solothurn, Switzerland? Mauserzug von Mannchen des Gansesagers Mergus merganser bei Solothurn?

Niebergall, Peter., 2003: Moult of an adult Aesculapian snake Elaphe longissima, including the skin of the hemipenis Haeutung einer adulten Aeskulapnatter Elaphe longissima einschliesslich der Haut der Hemipenes

Brune, Jens., 2001: Moult of flight-feathers of red kite Milvus milvus Zur Mauser des Grossgefieders beim Rotmilan Milvus milvus

Nicolai, Bernd., 1999: Moult of horny shield of black redstart Phoenicurus ochruros? Mauser der Laufschiene beim Hausrotschwanz Phoenicurus ochruros?

Herroelen, P., 1987: Moult of the rose-coloured starling Sturnus roseus

Diaz, AC.; Petriella, AM., 1990: Moult staging in the shrimp, Pleoticus muelleri Bate

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Poeckl, M., 1998: Moulting and growth of crayfish Haeutung und Wachstum von Flusskrebsen

van Dijk, Klaas., 1998: Moulting black swans Cygnus atratus at Lake Ijsselmeer, The Netherlands Ruiende zwarte zwanen Cygnus atratus op het Ijsselmeer

Lobao, Vera Lucia.; Roverso, Edson Angelo.; Lace, Marilda.; Hortencio, Elisabeth., 1996: Moulting cycle and growth in Macrobrachium amazonicum Heller, 1862 and Macrobrachium rosenbergii De Man Decapoda, Palaemonidae Ciclo de muda e crescimento em Macrobrachium amazonicum Heller, 1862 e Macrobrachium rosenbergii De Man Decapoda, Palaemonidae

da Silva Gama, A. Mara; Montu, M. Adelina; D'Incao, F., 2006: Moulting cycle and growth rate of Metamysidopsis elongata atlantica Crustacea, Mysidacea reared at different temperatures and salinities Cido de mudas e taxas de crescimento de Metamysidopsis elongata atlantica Crustacea, Mysidacea cultivado em diferentes temperaturas e salinidades

Dosse, Jean., 1999: Moulting in Artemia Het ontschalen van Artemia

Wang, Jialing.; Han, Neiren., 1997: Moulting in Plagiolaria Trilobita from the Lower Devonian of China La mue de Plagiolaria Trilobita, du Devonien inferieur de Chine

Forsten, A.; Lindholm, Antero, 2005: Moulting in gulls An aid to correct identification of species Trutarnas ruggning En hjalp till ratt artbestamning

Stepanyan, LS.; Stepanyan, EN., 1973: Moulting in the barbary falcon Falco pelegrinoides babylonicus Sclater

Cieslak, M.; Kwiecinski, Z., 2006: Moulting of Tengmalms owl Aegolius funereus in the Poznan zoological garden Pierzenie wlochatek Aegolius funereus w poznanskim ogrodzie zoologicznym

Cieslak, M.; Kwiecinski, Z., 2005: Moulting of the hawk owl Surnia ulula in the Poznan zoological garden Pierzenie sow jarzebatych Surnia ulula w poznanskim ogrodzie zoologicznym

Romeu da Nobrega Alves, Romulo.; Nishida, Alberto Kioharu., 2002: Moulting of the mangrove crab Ucides cordatus L Decapoda, Brachyura according to the perception of the crab collectors A ecdise do caranguejo-uca, Ucides cordatus L Decapoda, Brachyura na visao dos caranguejeiros

Schiejok, Herbert., 2000: Moulting problems for Parabuthus transvaalicus Purcell, 1899 Haeutungsprobleme bei Parabuthus transvaalicus Purcell, 1899

Alstrom, Per., 1995: Moulting, a necessity for all birds Ruggning, en nodvandighet for alla faglar

Fernandes, Paulo Marcal.; Czepak, Cecilia.; Veloso, Valquiria RS., 1998: Mound building termites in pastures true damage or aesthetic pest? Cupins de monticulos em pastagens prejuizo real ou praga estetica?

Hutson, AM., 1990: Mount Etna to become National Park

Heer, Lorenz., 1996: Mountain birds also need protection Gebirgsvogel brauchen besondern Schutz

Holmberg, Thomas., 2001: Mountain birds in Jamtland The bird station at Lake Annsjo is watching over the bird fauna Fjallfaglar i Jamtland Annsjons fagelstation overvakar fagelfaunan

Bretfeld, Ralf.; Bock, Karl-Heinz.; Bellstedt, Ronald.; Nixdorf, Frank.; Zimmerman, Wolfgang., 2004: Mountain brooks in Thuringia Bergbaeche in Thueringen

Poschadel, J. R.; Plath, M., 2004: Mountain creeks and stalactite caves - two habitats of the Pyrenean mountain newt with first results on the phylogenetic relationships of surface and subsurface populations Gebirgsbaeche und Tropfsteinhoehlen, die zwei Lebensraeume des Pyrenaeengebirgsmolches mit ersten Ergebnissen zu den Verwandtschafts-verhaeltnissen zwischen ober- und unterirdischen Populationen

Motta, Renzo., 1997: Mountain forests and ungulates in the Italian western Alps Comparison between six areas recently colonized by deer Ungulati selvatici e foreste di montagna nelle Alpi occidentali italiane Confronto tra sei aree colonizzate recentemente da cervidi

Alendal, E., 1977: Mountain fox

Vu Dinh Thong.; Pham Duc Tien.; Cao Van Sung., 2001: Mountain fruit bat Sphaerias blanfordi Thomas, 1891 the rare species and genus first found in Vietnam Loai doi qua nui cao - Sphaerias blanfordi Thomas, 1891 phat hien duoc o Viet Nam

Rajchel, Oldrich., 2000: Mountain goat in Decin Zoo Kamzik belak v Zoo Decin

Kosir, Roman., 1997: Mountain gorillas Gorske gorile

Maiolini, Carlo., 2005: Mountain monkeys Why are there no other primates apart from man in the Alps? Scimmie di montagna Perche, oltre alluomo, non ci sono Primati sulle Alpi?

Bisgaard, A.; Knutz, H.; Mikkelsen, K.; Mikkelsen, US.; Weitemeyer, L., 1979: Mountain newt Triturus alpestris Laur in Denmark Recent study, 1975-1978

Clausen, MK., 1990: Mountain plover sighted in Kimball County

Fonters, M., 2003: Mountain populations of Bufo calamita and Alytes obstetricans in the French Alps Populations daltitude de Crapaud calamite et de Crapaud accoucheur dans les Alpes francaises

Shaposhnikov, F. D., 1956: Mountain sheep of the Western Tyan-Shan

Werning, Heiko.; Wolf, Claudia., 2006: Mountains and highlands - reptiles and amphibians in extreme habitats Gebirge und Hochland - Reptilien und Amphibien in einem extremen Lebensraum

Melo, G. A R.; Alves-dos-Santos, I., 2003: Moure at 90 a journey in images Moure 90 anos uma trajetoria em imagens

Sapsford, A., 1990: Mourning dove - a new Western Palearctic bird

Petursson, Gunnlaugur., 1996: Mourning dove Zenaida macroura new to Iceland Tregadufa i Vestmannaeyjum

Beemster, Nico., 1999: Mouse eating birds of prey in Dutch wetland areas Muizenetende roofvogels in Nederlandse wetlands

Windisch, Roland., 1999: Mouse hunting by an overwintering bittern Mausejagd einer uberwinternden Rohrdommel

Kappeler, Peter M., 2000: Mouse lemur ecology Ecologie des microcebes

Koslikina, T. V., 1958: Mouse-like rodents on the Kolsk peninsula and their density dynamics

Mokeeva, T. M.; Gladkina, T. S.; Ivanov, OA.; Ipat'eva, N. V. Meier, M. N.; Cheptsova, N. Y., 1964: Mouselike rodents

Rosello Izquierdo, E.; Morales Muniz, A., 2006: Mousterian fish faunas from the Iberian Peninsula evidence of Neanderthal fishing? Ictiofaunas musterienses de la Peninsula Iberica evidencias de pesca Neandertal?

Griggo, Christophe., 1999: Mousterian occupation of complex V13 at Umm el Tlel Syria taphonomy in the arid steppes Les occupations mousteriennes du complexe V13 dUmm el Tlel Syrie taphonomie en milieu steppique aride

Hoc, Siegfried., 2005: Mouth apparatus of insects Mundgliedmassen von Insekten

Kokoscha, Michel., 1999: Mouth brooding labyrinth fishes Maulbrutende Labyrinthfische

Evers, Hans-Georg., 1999: Mouth brooding mailed catfishes Maulbrutende Harnischwelse

Werner, Uwe., 1999: Mouth brooding of cichlids Das Maulbruten der Buntbarsche

Fiedler, Werner., 2001: Mouth forms and life mode Maulformen und Lebensweise

Busse, K.; Werning, H., 2004: Mouth-breeding frogs in danger Hope for Rhinoderma rufum? Nasenfroesche in Gefahr Hoffnung fuer den Halbschwimmer - Nasenfrosch Rhinoderma rufum?

Denis, Christian.; Le Lannic, Joseph., 1993: Mouthparts of adult Trichoptera and their microstructures Les pieces buccales des trichopteres adultes et leurs microstructures

Vermeulen, Jean., 1997: Moutoniceras marii a new species of heteromorphic ammonite from the Barremian of south east France Moutoniceras marii nouvelle espece dammonite heteromorphe du Barremien du sud-est de la France

Nasonov, N. V.; Dorogostajskij, V. C., 1916: Moutons sauvages Ovis nivicola potanini de las chaine de montagnes Yablonovoj

Nachtigall, Werner., 1999: Movement analyses of microorganisms using a video camera Bewegungsanalysen an Mikroorganismen mit der Videokamera

Kristiansson, H.; Erlinge, S., 1977: Movement and home range of the hedgehog

Mohl, Bernhard., 1996: Movement control in biology as a model for technical applications Bewegungssteuerung in der Biologie als Vorbild fur technische Anwendungen

Aprahamian, MW.; Strange, CD.; Dimond, C., 1990: Movement of adult Atlantic salmon Salmo salar in the Usk Estuary

Fletcher, WJ.; Brown, IW.; Fielder, DR., 1990: Movement of coconut crabs, Birgus latro, in a rainforest habitat in Vanuatu

Kanda, K.; Takagi, K.; Seki, Y., 1982: Movement of the larger swarms of Antarctic krill Euphausia superba population off Enderby Land during 1976-1977 season

Nachtigall, Werner., 2001: Movement on and take off from the water surface in the saltfly species Ephydra flavipes Diptera Ephydridae Bewegung auf und Abflug von der Wasseroberflaeche bei der Salzfliegen-Art Ephydra flavipes Diptera Ephydridae

Meddleton, KM.; Litvaitis, JA., 1990: Movement patterns and habitat use of adult female and subadult black bears in northern New Hampshire

Darevsky, I. S., 1956: Movement when biting of poisonous snakes

Morscheidt, Jerome.; Nebel, Denis.; Canut, Jordi., 1996: Movements and areas of activity of three ptarmigan Lagopus mutus in the central Pyrenees Deplacements et domaines dactivite de trois lagopedes alpins Lagopus mutus dans les Pyrenees centrales

Gardeisen, Armelle., 2002: Movements and displacements of animal populations in the Mediterranean during the Holocene archaeozoological introduction Mouvements et deplacements de populations animales en Mediterranee au cours de lHolocene Introduction archeozoologique

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