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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38434

Chapter 38434 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Courtois, R.; Labonte, J.; Ouellet, J.-Pierre., 1998:
Movements and home range of the moose Alces alces in east Quebec Deplacements et superficie du domaine vital de l orignal, Alces alces, dans l est du Quebec

Saenz, Joel C., 1999:
Movements and micro-habitat selection by an arboricolous rat Ototylomys phyllotis Rodentia Muridae in a dry tropical forest Movimientos y seleccion de micro-habitat de una rata arboricola Ototylomys phyllotis Rodentia Muridae en un bosque seco tropical

Ulloa, L.; Rodriguez, D.; Sanchez-P., P., 2000:
Movements and use of space and time by a rodent Agouti paca in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia Movimientos y uso del tiempo y el espacio por una guartinaja Agouti paca en la Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia

Pepperell, JG., 1990:
Movements and variations in early year-class strength of black marlin Makaira indica off eastern Australia

Ramos Sanchez, Antonio J., 1996:
Movements of Audouins gull Larus audouinii to an interior wetland in Alicante province Desplazamientos de gaviota de Audouin Larus audouinii a una zona humeda interior en Alicante

Horak, D.; Prochazka, P.; Cepak, J.; Zarybnicky, J., 2003:
Movements of bearded tits Panurus biarmicus in the Czech Republic and Slovakia Tahove pomery sykoric vousatych Panurus biarmicus na uzemi Ceske republiky a Slovenska

Delaporte, P.; Dubois, P.J., 2000:
Movements of black-winged stilts within the annual cycle Les deplacements de lechasse blanche Himantopus himantopus au cours du cycle annuel

David, L.; Di-Meglio, N.; B.ubrun, P., 2001:
Movements of cetaceans, in the summer period in the north western Mediterranean Mouvements de cetaces, en periode estivale, dans le Mediterranee nord-occidentale

Dell'Ariccia, G.; Lipp, H.; Dell'Omo, G., 2005:
Movements of feral pigeons living in Rome a preliminary study with GPS Spostamenti dei piccioni romani uno studio preliminare con il GPS

Voisin, J-F., 1990:
Movements of giant petrels Macronectes spp banded as chicks at Iles Crozet and Kerguelen

Sujii, E.R.oiti.; Garcia,; Fontes, E.M.ria Gouveia., 2000:
Movements of migration and dispersion of adult spittlebugs Movimentos de migracao e dispersao de adultos da cigarrinha-das-pastagens

Sagar, P.; Geddes, D., 1990:
Movements of pied oystercatchers after breeding

Potter, ECE., 1990:
Movements of sea trout Salmo trutta L in the central and southern North Sea

Monnerat, Christian., 2002:
Movements of the genus Sympetrum in Autumn 1999 in western Switzerland Odonata, Libellulidae Deplacements chez le genre Sympetrum a lautomne 1999 en Suisse occidentale Odonata, Libellulidae

Munilla, Ignacio., 1997:
Movements of yellow-legged gulls Larus cachinnans in the north of the Iberian Peninsula Desplazamientos de la gaviota patiamarilla Larus cachinnans en poblaciones del norte de la peninsula Iberica

Roos, A.; Karlsson, O.; Backlin, B.-Marie., 2003:
Movements of young seals followed with satellite transmitters Unga salar foljs med satellitsandare

Gardeisen, Armelle., 2002:
Movements or displacements of animal populations in the Mediterranean during the Holocene research seminar on topic 15 Animal Archaeology UMR 154 - CNRS, Lattes-Montpellier France, 29th September 2000 Mouvements ou deplacements de populations animales en Mediterranee au cours de lHolocene Seminaire de recherche du theme 15 Archeologie de lAnimal UMR 154 - CNRS, Lattes-Montpellier France, 29 Septembre 2000

Sokolskaya, N.L., 1951:
Moving apparatus in Oligochaeta

Ganslosser, Udo., 2006:
Moving noses and molecular genetics Afrotheria - a new mammal super order Bewegliche Nasen und molekulare Genetik Afrotheria - eine neue Saeugetier-Ueberordnung

Bibikov, D.I., 1962:
Moving of marmots

Randler, Christoph., 1998:
Moving treecrepers Certhia familiaris on Pleidelsheimer Baggersee Ziehender Waldbaumlaeufer Certhia familiaris am Pleidelsheimer Baggersee

Anon., 1929:
MrJohn Charles Dacie

Kless, Juergen., 2004:
Msgr Dr hc Adolf Horion, facets from the life a of notable coleopterologist Msgr Dr h c Adolf Horion, Facetten aus dem Leben eines bedeutenden Koleopterologen

Senar, JC., 2004:
Much more than feathers Mucho mas que plumas

Falk, Astrid., 2002:
Much too rarely Krobia in aquaria Viel zu selten Krobia im Aquarium

Van der Veen, Jan., 2007:
Much too tough for the tough capercaillie Alltfor tufft for tuff tjader

Manganelli, M.; Funari, E., 2003:
Mucilage in Adriatic Sea role of possibile causal agents and environmental factors Le mucillagini nel Mar Adriatico ruolo dei possibili agenti causali e dei fattori ambientali

Bitter, F., 1990:

Coelho, AC.; Fontainhas-Fernandes, A.; Santos, S.; Cortes, R.; Rodrigues, J., 2003:
Mucormycosis due to Rhizopus sp in fishes First case described in Portugal Mucormicose por Rhizopus sp em peixes Apresentacao do primeiro caso em Portugal

Rawitz, B., 1888:
Mucous Cells in Invertebrates

Salazar, A.; Pantoja, A.; Ortiz, J., 2005:
Mucuna deeringiana Bort Merr vs the corm weevil, Cosmopolites sordidus Germar Coleoptera Curculionidae, in plantains Mucuna deeringiana Bort Merr y el picudo del cormo, Cosmopolites sordidus Germar Coleoptera Curculionidae, en platano

Stalmakova, G.A., 1957:
Mud macrofauna of the glacial lakes of the north-western part of RSFSR in connection with the mud content

Ullman, Magnus., 2003:
Muddus - a virgin wilderness Muddus - jungfrulig vildmark

Schaefer, Frank., 2002:
Mudskippers Part 1 general information on biology and systematics as well as on false mudskippers Schlammspringer Teil 1 Allgemeines zur Biologie und Systematik sowie Unechte Schlammspringer

Schaefer, Frank., 2002:
Mudskippers Part 2 end true mudskippers Schlammspringer Teil 2 Schluss echte Schlammspringer

Aquarien-A G. des Ev.; Gymnasiums Meinerzhagen., 2004:
Mudskippers Territory formation of mudskippers in relationship to ebb and flow Schlammspringer Die Revierbildung bei Schlammspringern in Abhaengigkeit von Ebbe und Flut

Hueneke, H.; Reich, M., 2000:
Muellerisphaerida incertae sedis from condensed carbonates Givetian/Frasnian of the Harz Mountains Muellerisphaerida incertae sedis aus kondensierten Karbonaten Givetium/Frasnium des Harzs

Schweigert, G.; Dietl, G.; Roper, M., 1998:
Muensteria vermicularis Sternberg Vermes, Sabellidae from the Upper Jurassic lithographic limestones of south Germany Muensteria vermicularis Sternberg Vermes, Sabellidae aus oberjurassischen Plattenkalken Suddeutschlands

Weyer, D., 2001:
Muenstraia, a new genus of Rugosa Anthozoa from the Late Silurian and Early Devonian Muenstraia, ein nues Rugosa-Genus Anthozoa aus dem Obersilur

Brandt, T.; Juelch, C.; Wasmer, K., 2004:
Mueritz national park in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Der Mueritz-Nationalpark in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Greenpeace., 1990:
Muerte de dolfines ustados en el Mediterraneo espanol

Abramov, V.V., 1952:
Mugil cephalus Linne Cuvier from lower Amur

da Rocha e Silva, Roberto., 1997:
Mullerian corpuscles in the diet of Coereba flaveola Parulidae Passeriformes Corpusculos de Muller na dieta de Coereba flaveola Parulidae Passeriformes

Kulikova, N.G. ., 1991:
Mullet culture in the Azov and Black Sea basins collected papers

Gautier, D.; Hussenot, J., 2005:
Mullets of the European seas summary of knowledge about their biological bases and aquaculture techniques Les mulets des mers dEurope synthese des connaissances sur les bases biologiques et les techniques daquaculture

Maini, S.; Galgano, F.; Ferrari, R., 1995:
Multi-baited pheromone traps to catch Paranthrene tabaniformis Rott, Zeuzera pyrina L and Cossus cossus L Trappole a feromoni multi-innescate il caso di Paranthrene tabaniformis Rott, Zeuzera pyrina L e Cossus cossus L

Kautenburger, R.; Muller, P., 1997:
Multi-element analyses for determining the origin of ivory and safeguarding of isotopic analyses Multi-Element-Analysen zur Herkunftsbestimmung von Elfenbein und Absicherung von Isotopen-Analysen

Likhatchev, G.N., 1951:
Multi-plication and food of Corvus corax in protecting Tula forests

Baran, P.; Delacoste, M.; Poizat, G.; Lascaux, JM.; Lek, S.; Belaud, A., 1995:
Multi-scales approach of the relationships between brown trout Salmo trutta L populations and habitat features in the central Pyrenees Approche multi-echelles des relations entre les caracteristiques dhabitat et les populations de truite commune Salmo trutta L dans les Pyrenees centrales

Dalen, J.; Knudsen, H.P.tter.; Knutsen, T.; Vedeler, T.; Melle, W., 2001:
Multi-user system for towed vehicles and drop sonde - preliminary project Multibrukssystem for tauete farkoster og droppsonde - forprosjekt

Hennig, S.; Boegel, R., 2004:
Multi-variate statistics as base for habitat modelling - the example of the chamois in the National Park Berchtesgaden Multivariate Statistik als Grundlage zur Habitatmodellierung Am Beispel der Habitatnutzung der Gams Rupicapra rupicapra im National park Berchtesgaden

Assmann, T., 1990:
Multiallelic genes in the carabid beetle Carabus punctatoauratus Germar from the Pyrenees

Phelps, F M.; IV., 1990:
Multicomponent rank selection as an alternative to Haldanes dilemma

Vaca-Rodriguez, J.G.illermo.; Enriquez-Andrade, R.R.mon., 2002:
Multicriteria analysis of log-set strata closures to reduce the Mexican tuna fishery incidental catch Analisis multicriterio de estratos de veda para reducir la captura incidental en lances sobre objetos flotantes de la flota atunera mexicana

Thireau, M.; Salomon, M.; Dore, J.-Christophe., 2002:
Multidimensional volumetric heterochronies and neoteny of Urodela amphibians according to five brain parts or all the telencephalic areas Relations entre la neotenie des amphibiens urodeles et les heterochronies volumetriques multidimensionnelles des etages encephaliques ou des structures intratelencephaliques

Bianco, P.G.orgio.; Ketmaier, V.; Busatto, T., 2001:
Multidisciplinary approach to the taxonomy and phylogeography of the genus Scardinius Cyprinidae in Europe Approccio multidisciplinare allanalisi tassonomica e filogeografica del genere Scardinius Cyprinidae in Europa

Glandt, D.; Kronshage, A.; Brockmann, I., 2003:
Multidisciplinary environmental shaping in conservation - bases and first results of a Federal Conservation School of Metelen Biological Institute Multidisziplinaere Umweltbildung im Artenschutz-Ansatz und erste Ergebnisse der Bundesweiten Artenschutzschule des Biologischen Institutes Metelen

Norris, Robert F., 1992:
Multidisciplinary integrated pest management a paper on weeds El MIP multidisciplinario el papel de las malezas

Lebourges-Dhaussy, Anne., 1998:
Multifrequency acoustics to characterize planktonic populations Caracterisation des populations planctoniques par acoustique multifrequence

Corsi, I.; Mariottini, M.; Menchi, V.; Bindi, L.; Sensini, C.; Focardi, S., 2002:
Multilevel toxicological approach for the evaluation of coastal pollution using target organisms Approccio tossicologico multilivello per la valutazione della contaminazione marina costiera utilizzando organismi bersaglio

Kirchner, Jose Vera., 1992:
Multilingual dictionary of marine species for the Hispanic world Diccionario multilingue de especies marinas para el mundo hispano

Jaziri, H.; Benazzou, T., 2002:
Multilocus allozyme differentiation of mussel populations Mytilus galloprovincialis Lmk from Moroccan coasts Differenciation allozymique multilocus des populations de moule Mytilus galloprovincialis Lmk des cotes marocaines

Schmidt, P.; Habersetzer, J.; Schaal, S., 2004:
Multimedia presentation of the fossil site of Messel Multimedia-Praesentation zur Fossilienfundstaette Grube Messel

Seifert, P. von Perger, M.; Smola, U., 1990:
Multimodale Rezeptorenfelder am Larvenkopf von Psychoda cinerea Banks Diptera, Psychodidae

Subias, LS.; Arillo, A., 1996:
Multioppiinae from the south of Spain 1 Genera Multoppia and Pulchropiella with description of a new species Acari, Oribatida, Oppiidae Los Multioppiinae del sur de Espana 1 Generos Multioppia y Pulchroppiella con descripcion de una nueva especie Acari, Oribatida, Oppiidae

Arillo, A.; Subias, LS., 1996:
Multioppiinae from the south of Spain 2 Genus Ramusella with description of a new species Acari, Oribatida, Oppiidae Los Multioppiinae del sur de Espana 2 El genero Ramusella con descripcion de una nueva especie Acari, Oribatida, Oppiidae

Dressen, Wolfgang., 2002:
Multiple brooding of the Egyptian plover Pluvianus aegyptius in zoo enclosure conditions Folgebruten beim Krokodilwaechter Pluvianus aegyptius unter Gehegebedingungen

Lewis, R.J.; Sellin, M., 1992:
Multiple ciguatoxins in the flesh of fish

Bartenstein, Helmut., 1998:
Multiple development of netlike ornamentation in lenticulinids Foram in the Toarcian of NW and S Germany, L L foveolata Franke 1936 with two n sp and one n subsp Mehrfachbildungen netzgerippter Lenticulinen Foram im Toarcium NW- und S-Deutschlands, L L foveolata Franke 1936 mit zwei n sp und einer n subsp

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