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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38439

Chapter 38439 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Thiesmeier, Burkhard., 2001:
Native amphibians - a survey Die einheimischen Amphibien - eine Uebersicht

Dost, U.; Tomey, W.A., 2000:
Native branchiopods Heimische Kiemenfusser

Pyle, RL., 1990:
Native breeding birds of Hawaii

Lukhaup, C.; Pekny, R., 2002:
Native crayfish Einheimische Flusskrebse

Vasconcelos, M.F.rreira de.; Lombardi, J.A.tonio., 2000:
Native flowers visited by hummingbirds at the middle of summer at Pedra Azul State Park, Espirito Santo State Especies vegetais visitadas por beija-flores durante o meio do verao no Parque Estadual da Pedra Azul, Espirito Santo

Mayer, Horst., 1996:
Native grasses as food for waxbills Einheimische Graser als Prachtfinkenfutter

Finney, GH., 1990:
Native hunting of waterfowl in Canada

Reiter, G.; Jerabek, M.M.ria; Huettmeir, U.; Pysarczuk, S., 2004:
Native night occupants Bats in the city of Linz Heimliche Nachtschwaermer Fledermaeuse in der Stadt Linz

Onillon, J.-Claude.; Maignet, P., 2000 :
Native parasitoids of the B-biotype of Bemisia tabaci Gennadius Homoptera Aleyrodidae What can be expected from them for the biological control of the pest? Les parasitoides indigenes du biotype B de Bemisia tabaci Gennadius Homoptera Aleyrodidae Que peut-on en attendre pour le controle biologique de ce ravageur?

Korpimaki, E.; Nordstrom, M., 2004:
Native predators, alien predators and the return of native top-predators beneficial and detrimental effects on small game? Alkuperaiset pienpedot, tuontipedot ja huippupetojen paluu hyodyllisia ja haitallisia vaikutuksia pienriistakantoihin

Gotzen, Elke., 2002:
Native reptiles 3 the sand lizard Heimische Kriechtiere 3 die Zauneidechse

Skule, Bjarne., 2001:
Native species of Conistra are easy to recognise, even on sugar traps Vore Conistra-arter er lette at kende, ogsa pa sukkerlokningen

Wischnath, Lothar., 2000:
Native species of carp recommended for the pond Aanbevolen inheemse karperachtigen voor de vijver

Gobalet, KW., 1990:
Native status of Sacramento perch Archoplites interruptus in Alameda Creek, Alameda County, California evidence from archaeological site CA-ALA-483

Oromi, P.; Baez, M., 2002:
Native terrestrial invertebrate fauna Fauna invertebrada nativa terrestre

Weiss, Joachim., 2004:
Native woodpeckers and their habitat diverse requirements from forests and trees Heimische Spechte und ihr Lebensraum unterschiedliche Ansprueche an Wald und Baeume

Nasledova, N.I.; Pechurkina, N.I., 1977:
Natrium, kalium and water content in the digestive tract of rodents various ecological specialization under a normal watersalt regime and under dehydration 29

Santos, X.; Llorente, G.A., 1997:
Natrix maura activity patterns in the Ebro Delta using telemetry Actividad de Natrix maura en el Delta del Ebro, analizada mediante tecnicas de telemetria

Eckstein, H.P.ter.; Trapp, B., 2001:
Natrix natrix Linnaeus, 1758 The grass snake

Bol, Steven., 1998:
Natrix tessellata in nature and in captivity De Dobbelsteenslang Natrix tessellata tessellata in het terrarium en in de natur

Limpens, HJGA.; Feenstra, M., 1997:
Natterers bat Myotis nattereri Kuhl, 1818 Franjestaart Myotis nattereri Kuhl, 1818

Hoogervorst, Peter., 2002:
Natterjack toad and sand lizard do not want a Waterways Centre Rugstreeppad en zandhagedis willen geen Waterwegcentrum

Haitlinger, R., 1967:
Natterjack, Bufo calamita Laur, in Dabki, Koszalin Voivodeship

Z.Anatol., 1910:
Natur und Jagd im Bezirk Lida, Gouv Wilna Eine zoogeographische Skizze

Kreisgruppe Speyer der Pollichia., 1990:
Natur und Landschaft um Speyer

Haeckel, E., 1908:
Natur-liche Schopfungsgeschichte Gemeinver-standliche wissenschaftliche Darlegung der Entwicklungslehre 1-ter Teil Allgemeine Entwicklungslehre Trans-formismus und Darwinismus

Ssymank, Axel., 2000:
Natura 2000 - a network of European protection areas from the viewpoint of insect protection Natura 2000 - ein Netzwerk europaeischer Schutzgebiete unter dem Gesichtspunkt Schutz der Insekten

Stloukal, E.; Matis, D.; Bulankova, E.; Holecova, M.; Kovac, V.; Kautman, J.; Krno, I.; Kulfan, M.; Miklos, P.; Ziak, D., 2003:
Natura 2000 - species listed in annexes of the habitat directive known in Slovakia Natura 2000 - zoznam druhov zivocichov uvedenych v prlohach smernice o biotopoch, znamych z uzemia Slovenska

Danielzik, J., 2002:
Natura 2000 in North Rhine-Westphalia Natura 2000 in Nordrhein-Westfalen

Margraf, C.; Lindeiner, A. v, 2005:
Natura 2000 in the Bavarian Alps - requirements and reality Natura 2000 in den bayerischen Alpen - Anspruch und Realitaet

Poboljsaj, K.; Lesnik, A., 2004:
Natura 2000 amphibians Natura 2000 Dvozivke

Pirnat, A.; Drovenik, B., 2004:
Natura 2000 beetles Natura 2000 - Hrosci

Celik, Tatjana., 2004:
Natura 2000 butterflies Natura 2000 Metulji

Slapnik, Rajko., 2004:
Natura 2000 freshwater and land molluscs Natura 2000 Sladkovodni in koprndki mehkuzci

Schreiber, M.; Spilling, E., 1999:
Natura 2000 lists of proposed sites of community interest for Lower Saxony according to the flora-fauna habitats directive Natura 2000 Vorschlagslisten nach Artikel 4 der FFH-Richtlinie fur Niedersachsen Diskrepanzen zwischen fachlichen Anforderungen und Umsetzung

Born, Charles-Hubert., 2002:
Natura 2000 towards an integrated concept of nature conservation in Wallonia Natura 2000 vers une conception integree de la conservation de la nature en Wallonie

Zambotto, Paolo., 2000:
Natura Alpina Index by author and subject 1 1950 - 50 1999

Charles-Dominique, P.; Brosset, A., 2001:
Natural Heritage Collection The bats of Guyana Collection Patrimoines Naturels Les chauves-souris de Guyane

Andersson, Goran., 1992:
Natural History Museum annual report for 1991 Naturhistoriska Museets arsberattelse for 1991

Andersson, Goran., 1996:
Natural History Museum annual report for 1995 Naturhistoriska Museets arsberattelse for 1995

Andersson, Goran., 1997:
Natural History Museum annual report for 1996 Naturhistoriska Museets Arsberattelse for 1996

Andersson, Goran., 1998:
Natural History Museum annual report for 1997 Naturhistoriska museets arsberattelse for 1997

Andersson, Goran., 1999:
Natural History Museum annual report for 1998 Naturhistoriska Museets arsberattelse for 1998

Myhren, Sture., 2000:
Natural History Museum annual report for 1999 Naturhistoriska Museets arsberattelse for 1999

Andersson, G.; Myhren, S., 2001:
Natural History Museum annual report for 2000 Naturhistoriska Museets arsberattelse for 2000

Andersson, G.; Myhren, S., 2003:
Natural History Museum annual report for 2002 Naturhistoriska Museets arsberattelse for 2002

Andersson, G.; Myhren, S., 2004:
Natural History Museum annual report for 2003 Naturhistoriska museets arsberattelse for 2003

Alcock, A., 1889:
Natural History Notes from HM Indian Marine Survey Steamer Investigator, Commander Alfred Carpenter commanding No 10 List of the Pleuronectidae obtained in the Bay of Bengal in 1888 and 1889, with descriptions of new and rare species

Brenchley., 1873:
Natural History Notices Birds

Anon., 1955:
Natural History of Grahamstown, Cape Province

Nesis, KN.; Nigmatullin, C.M., 1972:
Natural Teuthoidea populations from the Patagonian - Falkland Is region

do Nascimento, A.A.tonio; Bonuti, M.R.berto; Mapeli, E.B.rnardo; Tebaldi, J.H.irton; Arantes, I.G.uveia; Zettermann,, 2000:
Natural Trichostrongyloidea Cram, 1927 infections in deer Mammalia Cervidae from the states of Mato Grosso do Sul and Sao Paulo Infeccoes naturais em cervideos Mammalia Cervidae procedentes dos estados do Mato Grosso do Sul e Sao Paulo, por nemateos Trichostrongyloidea Cram 1927

Anez, N.; Saavedra, C.; Crisante, G.; Rojas, A.; Lizano, E., 2005:
Natural Trypanosoma cruzi infection in Panstrongylus geniculatus Latreille, 1811 from the mountain region of Merida, Venezuela Infeccion natural por Trypanosoma cruzi en Panstrongylus geniculatus Latreille, 1811 de la region montana de Merida, Venezuela

Podymakhin, VN., 1971:
Natural amount of radiation on the eggs of marine and freshwater organisms

Kassa, B.; Sinsin, B., 2005:
Natural and anthropic factors influencing the richness and abundance of wild fauna in the Lama protected forest Facteurs naturels et anthropiques influencant la richesse et labondance de la faune sauvage dans la foret classee de la Lama

Grigg, RW.; Dollar, SJ., 1990:
Natural and anthropogenic disturbance on coral reefs

Ruzickova, J.; Ocaskova, I.; Benesova, L.; Hlasensky, I., 2001:
Natural and anthropogenic factors influencing the quality of the water and species diversity of aquatic insects in streams on the territories of the National Park and Bohemian Forest in Sumava Prirozene a antropogenni faktory ovlivnujici kvalitu vody a diverzitu spolecenstva vodniho hmyzu v tocich na uzemi NP a BR Sumava

Nobert, B.; Lenzner, T., 2005:
Natural and artificial breeding of the rhea Rhea americana in Berlin Zoo Natur- und Kunstbrut beim Nandu Rhea americana im Berliner Zoo

Vroon, J.; Coosen, J. de Winder, B., 1998:
Natural and artificial evolution of estuaries the case of Escaut Evolution naturelle et artificielle des estuaires le cas de lEscaut

Prestreau, J., 2001:
Natural and balanced diet for terrestrial Mediterranean tortoises Alimentation naturelle et equilibree pour les tortues terrestres mediterraneennes

Praschag, Reiner., 1999:
Natural and captive care of turtles and crocodiles Part 2 Schildkroten und Krokodile in der Natur und in Schaustellungen Teil 2

Shevelev, MS., 1992:
Natural and commercial mortality of the wolf fish in the Barents Sea

Scherzinger, Wolfgang., 1997:
Natural and cultivated woodland from a birds-eye view Naturwald und Kulturwald aus der Vogelperspektive

Gabrielsen, G.W. .; Brekke, B. .; Alsos, I.G.eve .; Hansen, J.R.chard ., 1997 :
Natural and cultured environment on Jan Mayen Natur- og kulturmiljoet pa Jan Mayen

Anonymous., 2000:
Natural beach Salt marshes sand dunes Creixell, Roda de Bera and Torredembarra Platja natural Els salats i els muntanyans Creixell, Roda de Bera and Torredembarra

Wunderlich, Guenter., 2007:
Natural breeding of Montezumas quail Naturbrut bei den Montezumawachteln

Hedenas, H.; Hjerpe, J., 1997:
Natural catastrophes and biodiversity in tropical rain forests Naturliga katastrofer och artrikedomen i tropisk regnskog

Arocena, R.; Fabian, D.; Clemente, J., 2000:
Natural causes versus organic contamination as factors influencing the structure of zoobenthos in three affluents of a coastal lagoon Las causas naturales versus la contaminacion organica como factores estructuradores del zoobentos en tres afluentes de una laguna costera

Sneshnikova, N.P.; Kokovin, I.L.; Sahartzeva, TF.; Tershik, V.I., 1967:
Natural centre of leptospirosis is retained in the waters of river Yakhrom

Mueller, Josette., 2001:
Natural chance breeding of Otocinclus sp Negros Natuerliche Zufallszucht von Otocinclus sp Negros

Sokolov, I.I., 1954:
Natural classification of Bovidae

Ballan-Dufrancais, C.; Jeantet, A.-Yvonne.; Truchet, M., 1997:
Natural concentration of germanium in the gill cell nuclei and lysosomes of the oyster Crassostrea gigas Thunberg Mollusca, bivalve Concentration naturelle de germanium dans les noyaux et les lysosomes des cellules branchiales de lhuitre Crassostrea gigas

Gubanov, IA.; Dorofeyuk, NI.; Neronov, VM., 1988:
Natural conditions, vegetative cover and the animal world of Mongolia

Piekarska-Boniecka, H.; Wilkaniec, B.; Trzcinski, P.; Borowiak-Sobkowiak, B., 2006:
Natural control of abundance of rose tortrix moth Archips rosana L occurring in an apple orchard at Tarkowo in the environs of Inowroclaw Naturalna regulacja liczebnosci zwojki rozoweczki Archips rosana L wystepujacej w sadzie jabloniowym w tarkowie w okolicach inowroclawia

Piekarska-Boniecka, H.; Wilkaniec, B.; Trzcinski, P.; Borowiak-Sobkowiak, B., 2004:
Natural control of abundance of rose tortrix moth Archips rosanus L occurring in apple orchards in the environs of Kornik Regularcja naturalna liczebnosci zwojki rozoweczki Archips rosanus L wystepujacej w sadach jabloniowych okolic Kornika

Piekarska-Boniecka, H.; Wilkaniec, B.; Trzcinski, P., 2005:
Natural control of abundance of rose tortrix moth Archips rosanus L in a fruit-growing environmentin the environs of srem Regulacja naturalna liczebnosci zwojki rozoweczki Archips rosanus L w srodowisku sadowniczym okolic sremu

Maximov, AA., 1989:
Natural cycles reasons of recurrence of ecological processes

Oliveira, A.; Pinto, T.K.; Santos, D.P.; D'Incao, F., 2006:
Natural diet of the blue crab Callinectes sapidus Decapoda, Portunidae in the Patos Lagoon estuary area, Rio Grande, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil Dieta natural do siri-azul Callinectes sapidus Decapoda, Portunidae na regiao estuarina da Lagoa dos Patos, Rio Grande, Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil

Ribeiro, R.C.rdoso.; Milward-de-Azevedo, E.M.ria Vieira., 1997:
Natural diets to rear Chrysomya albiceps Wiedemann, 1819; Diptera Calliphoridae a comparative study Dietas naturais na criacao de Chrysomya albiceps Wiedemann, 1819; Diptera Calliphoridae estudo comparado

Jax, Kurt., 1999:
Natural disturbances an important concept for ecology and conservation? Natuerliche Stoerungen ein wichtiges Konzept fuer Oekologie und Naturschutz?

Koclu, T.; Karsavuran, Y., 1998:
Natural effectiveness of the egg parasitoids of Helicoverpa armigera Huebner Lepidoptera Noctuidae Manisa ilinde Helicoverpa armigera Hubner Lepidoptera Noctuidaenin yumurtalarinin parazitoitleri ve dogal etkinlikleri

Huffaker, CB.; Gutierrez, AP., 1990:
Natural enemies and prey population regulation

Pena, E.; Hernandez, Y.; Cruz, O.; Vazquez, L.; Blanco, E.; Gonzalez, C.; Rijo, E.; Milan, O., 2003:
Natural enemies associated at populations of Paracoccus marginatus William and Granara de Willink Homoptera Pseudococcidae in Cuba Enemigos naturales asociados a poblaciones de Paracoccus marginatus William and Granara de Willink Homoptera Pseudoccidae en Cuba

Wolff, V.R. dos S.; Pulz, CE. da Silva, DC.; Mezzomo, JB.; Prade, CA., 2004:
Natural enemies associated to Diaspididae Hemiptera, Sternorrhyncha, on Citrus sinensis Linnaeus Osbeck, in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil Inimigos naturais associados a Diaspididae Hemiptera, Sternorrhyncha, ocorrentes em Citrus sinensis Linnaeus Osbeck, no Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil I - Joaninhas e fungos entomopatogenicos

Gospodarek, J., 2004:
Natural enemies of Aphis fabae Scop in urban environment with varied pollution Wrogowie naturalni Aphis fabae Scop w srodowisku miejskim o roznym stopniu zanieczyszczenia

Sinacori, A.; Tsolakis, H., 1994:
Natural enemies of Phenacoccus madeirensis Green Coccoidea Pseudococcidae in Sicily Nemici naturali di Phenacoccus madeirensis Green Coccoidea Pseudococcidae in Sicilia

Perera, E.S.arez.; Carbonell, R.J.menez.; Pilona, R.A.ea.; Gonzalez, L.C.stellanos., 2005:
Natural enemies of Phyllocnistis citrella Stainton citric leaves miner in citric enterprise Arimao, Cienfuegos Enemigos naturales de Phyllocnistis citrella Stainton minador de la hoja de los citricos en la empresa citricola de Arimao, Cienfuegos

Abreu-Rodriguez, E.; Cruz, C., 1997:
Natural enemies of Plutella xylostella L Lepidoptera Plutellidae in Puerto Rico Enemigos naturales de Plutella xylostella L, Lepidoptera Plutellidae en Puerto Rico

Farkas, L.; Kozma, E., 2003 :
Natural enemies of Russian wheat aphid Diuraphis noxia Mordvilko Az orosz buza-leveltetu Diuraphis noxia Mordvilko termeszetes ellensegei

Campadelli, Guido., 1996:
Natural enemies of Zeuzera pyrina Lepidoptera Cossidae Nemici naturali di Zeuzera pyrina Lepidoptera Cossidae

Tarasco, E.; Triggiani, O., 1994:
Natural enemies of eopupae and pupae of Thaumetopoea pityocampa Denis et Schiffermuller Lepidoptera Thaumetopoeidae Antagonisti biologici delle eopupe e delle crisalidi della Thaumetopoea pityocampa Denis et Schiffermuller Lepidoptera Thaumetopoeidae

Anonymous., 1990:
Natural enemies of granadilla scale, review

Zeki, H.; Ozdem, A.; Bozkurt, V., 1999:
Natural enemies of larvae of Depressaria cf daucivorella Rag Lep Oecophoridae on anise Pimpinella anisum L and the parasitism rates in Burdur Province of Turkiye Burdur ilinde anasonda Pimpinella anisum L zararli anason guvesi Depressaria cf daucivorella Rag Lep Oecophoridae larvalarinin dogal dusmanlari ve larvalarin parazitlenme oranlari

Bua, G., 1958:
Natural enemies of phytophagous mites

Makhmadzieev, AM., 1977:
Natural enemies of the flat-headed pear borer Agrilus riridis L M aceris Al

Makhmadzieev, A.M., 1977:
Natural enemies of the flat-headed pear borer Agrilus viridis L M aceris Al

Vakhidov, T., 1971:
Natural enemies of the green apple aphid

Kicherov, V.P., 1970:
Natural enemies of the hessian fly

Blanco-Metzler, H.; Laprade, S., 1998:
Natural enemies of the spiralling whitefly, Aleurodicus dispersus Russell Homoptera Aleyrodidae parasitoids y depredators Enemigos naturales de la mosca blanca Aleurodicus dispersus Russell Homoptera Aleyrodidae parasitoides y depredadores

Egorova, L.E., 1970:
Natural enemies of the weevil on clover

Osorio M., P.A.; Espitia M., E.; Luque Z., E., 2001:
Natural enemies recognition of Tecia solanivora Lepidoptera Gelechiidae in Colombian potato grower localities Reconocimiento de enemigos naturales de Tecia solanivora Lepidoptera Gelechiidae en localidades productoras de papa en Colombia

Parellada, Xavier., 2000:
Natural environment fauna Medi natural fauna

Nemesio, Andre., 2000:
Natural extinction of Spixs macaw Cyanopsitta spixii A extincao da ararinha-azul Cyanopsitta spixii na natureza

Soares, C.M.rtins.; Hayashi, C.; Furuya, W.M.ssamitsu.; Furuya, V.R.sseto Barriviera.; Maranhao, T.C.sar Freire., 1997:
Natural feed of cascudo preto Rhinelepis aspera Agassiz, 1829 Osteichthyes - Loricariidae larvae in culture system Alimentacao natural de larvas do cascudo preto Rhinelepis aspera Agassiz, 1829 Osteichthyes - Loricariidae em tanques de cultivo

Guevara, E.; Bosch, A.; Aguilar, C.; Lalana R., R.; Beltran, J., 1994:
Natural feeding habits of three species of snook fishes Pisces Centropomidae in laguna Guanaroca, Cienfuegos Alimentacion natural de tres especies de robalos Pisces Centropomidae en la laguna Guanaroca, Cienfuegos

Lunardon-Branco,; Branco, J.O.into, 2003:
Natural feeding of Etropus crossotus Jordan Gilbert, 1882 in the Armacao do Itapocoroy, Santa Catarina, Brazil Alimentacao natural de Etropus crossotus Jordan Gilbert Teleostei, Pleuronectiformes, Paralichthyidae, na Armacao do Itapocoroy, Penha, Santa Catarina, Brasil

de Meiroz Grilo Raposo, Ricardo. de Castro Bezerra Gurgel, Helio., 2003:
Natural feeding of Serrasalmus spilopleura Kner, 1860 Pisces, Serrasalmidae from Extremoz Lake, in Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil Variacao da alimentacao natural de Serrasalmus spilopleura Kner, 1860 Pisces, Serrasalmidae em funcao do ciclo lunar e das estacoes do ano na lagoa de Extremoz, Rio Grande do Norte, Brasil

Branco, J.O.into.; Moritz Junior, H.C.ssiano., 2001:
Natural feeding of Xiphopenaeus kroyeri Heller Crustacea, Decapoda in the Armacao do Itapocoroy, Penha, Santa Catarina Alimentacao natural do camarao sete-barbas, Xiphopenaeus kroyeri Heller Crustacea, Decapoda, na Armacao do Itapocoroy, Penha, Santa Catarina

Saucedo Lozano, M.; Chiappa Carrara, X., 2000:
Natural feeding of juvenile Lutjanus guttatus Pisces Lutjanidae off the coast of Jalisco and Colima, Mexico Alimentacion natural de juveniles de Lutjanus guttatus Pisces Lutjanidae en la costa de Jalisco y Colima, Mexico

Bravet, E.P.rera; Diaz-Iglesias, E.; Baez-Hidalgo, M.; Nodas, F., 2003:
Natural feeding of juveniles of the spiny lobster Panulirus argus Latreille, 1804 5 Echinoidea Analisis bioenergetico de la alimentacion natural en juveniles de la Langost espinosa Panulirus argus Latreille, 1804 5 Echinoidea

Guevara Carrio, E.; Bosch Mendez, A.; Suarez Mulkay, R.; Lalana Rueda, R., 1994:
Natural feeding of three species of snappers Pisces Lutjanidae from the Canarreos Archipelago Alimentacion natural de tres especies de pargos Pisces Lutjanidae en el Archipielago de los Canarreos, Cuba

van Dijk, T., 2001:
Natural fish environments 3 Africa, the whole range of environments Natuurlijke vismilieus 3 Afrika scala aan milieus

Pavlovsky, E.N., 1944:
Natural focal localization of transmissible diseases of man and the concept of landscape as an epidemiological factor

Zhmaeva, Z.M.; Karulin, B.E.; Pchelkina, A.A., 1957:
Natural foci of Q-fever in Central Asia, and Kazakhstan

Shekhanov, M.B.; Suvorova, L.G., 1960:
Natural foci of cutaneous leishmaniasis in the South-west of Turkmenistan

Petrisceva, P.A., 1957:
Natural foci of human diseases in Kara-kum

Blaskovic, D. ., 1956:
Natural foci of infectious diseases Symposium on natural focalization of infections in man, animals and plants according to the doctrine of Academician E N Pavlovsky

Conrady, D.; Boddenberg, J.; Robisch, F.; Thiele, A.; Uthleb, H., 2005:
Natural forest brooks and light forest habitats in Thuringia A model project in the Ilm district and Thuringia Naturnahe Waldbaeche und lichte Waldlebensraeume in Thueringen Ein Modellprojekt des Ilm-Kreises und des Freistaates Thueringen

Wegener, U.; Hellmann, M.; Wadewitz, M., 2004:
Natural forest development and bird settlement in the Upper Harz - conservation perspectives Naturwaldentwicklung und Vogelbesiedlung im Hochharz - Perspektiven des Schutzes

Thuringer Landesanstalt fur Umwelt., 1999:
Natural forest in Europe - model for the future national park of Hainich Papers of the international meeting on 27th and 28th October 1997 in Bad Langensalza, Thuringia Naturwald in Europa - Leitbild fur den kunftigen Nationalpark Hainich Beitrage der internationalen Tagung am 27 und 28 Oktober 1997 in Bad Langensalza, Freistaat Thuringen

Kawai, K.; Uchio, T., 1950:
Natural gas in the vicinity of Otaki, Chiba-Ken

Tutor Larrosa, E.; Tutor Monge, A.; Nuno Frias, M., 2004:
Natural gems of the museum room Longinos Navas the narwhal Joyas naturales de la Sala-Museo Longinos Navas el narval

Rodrigues, M.L. de A.; Muniz-Pereira, L.C.; Pinto, R.M.; Lins, F.P.; Vaz, M.G.; Riehl de Abreu, A.P.ula M. de Souza, P.C.sar A., 2005:
Natural helminth infection in Sicalis flaveola Linnaeus, 1766, by Acuaria mayori Lent, Freitas e Proenca, 1945 Nematoda-Acuarioidea in Brazil Infeccao natural em Sicalis flaveola Linaeus , 1766 por Acuaria mayori Lent, Freitas e Proenca, 1945 Nematoda Acuarioidea no Brasil

Mapeli, EB. do Nascimento, A.A.; Szabo, MPJ.; Tebaldi, JH., 2003:
Natural helminth infection in captive red-winged tinamou Rhynchotus rufescens Temminck, 1815 from Jaboticabal, Sao Paulo State, Brazil Infeccoes naturais por helmintos em perdizes Rhynchotus rufescens Temminck, 1815 de cativeiro, no Municipio de Jaboticabal, Estado de Sao Paulo

Summers, WC., 1990:
Natural history and collection

Aizen, M.A.; Vazquez, D.P.; Smith-Ramirez, C., 2002:
Natural history and conservation of plant-animal mutualisms in the temperate forest of southern South America Historia natural y conservacion de los mutualismos planta-animal del bosque templado de Sudamerica austral

Azevedo, M.A.G.; Di-Bernardo, M., 2005:
Natural history and conservation of the swallow-tailed kite, Elanoides forficatus, on Santa Catarina Island, southern Brazil Historia natural e conservacao do gaviao-tesoura, Elanoides forficatus, na Ilha de Santa Catarina, sul do Brasil

Rossmanith, W.; Riess, J., 1997:
Natural history and darwinism in Russia and the USSR Naturgeschichte und Darwinismus in Russland und der UdSSR

Ernst, C.H., 1970:
Natural history and ecology of the Painted turtle,Chrysemys picta Schneider

Gibin, Cinzio., 1999:
Natural history and its interpretation by three professors of Padova University Renier, Catullo and Molin La storia naturale nellinterpretazione di tre professori dellUniversita di Padova Renier, Catullo, Molin

D.G.acomo, A.G.; Krapovickas, S.F., 2005:
Natural history and landscape of the El Bagual Reserve, Formosa Province, Argentina Inventory of the vertebrate fauna and vascular flora of a protected area in the Chaco Humedo Historia natural y paisaje de la Reserva el Bagual, Provincia de Formosa, Argentina Inventario de la fauna de vertebrados y de la flora vascular de un area protegida del Chaco Humedo Historia natural y paisaje de la Reserva el Bagual, Provincia de Formosa, Argentina Inventario de la fauna de vertebrados y de la flo

Marquez, Cruz., 1995:
Natural history and sexual dimorphism of the turtle Kinosternon scorpioides in Palo Verde Costa Rica Historia natural y dimorfismo sexual de la tortuga Kinosternon scorpioides en Palo Verde Costa Rica

D'Angelo Neto, S.; Queiroz, S.R.mos., 2001:
Natural history aspects of the rusty-throated nunlet Nonnula rubecula in the caatinga of northern Minas Gerais state, Brazil Aspectos da historia natural da freirinha-parda Nonnula rubecula na caatinga do norte de Minas Gerais, Brasil

Ziegler, Willi ., 1995:
Natural history collections in Hesse Report of the ad-hoc working group of the Hesse Ministry for Science and Art Naturhistorische Sammlungen in Hessen Bericht der ad-hoc-Arbeitsgruppe des Hessischen Ministeriums fur Wissenschaft und Kunst

Herholdt, E M. ., 1990:
Natural history collections their management and value

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Natural history drawings and illustrations Naturwissenschaftliches Zeichnen und Illustrieren

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Natural history information system NHIS NKIS - Naturkundliches Informationssystem

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Natural history journey to Namibia part 2 Voyage naturaliste en Nemibie 2e partie

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Natural history museum annual report for 2004 Naturhistoriska museets arsberattelse for 2004

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Natural history politicians Naturpolitikeren

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Natural history, classification, reconstructed phylogeny, and geographic history of Pytho Latreille Coleoptera Heteromera Pythidae

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Natural hybrid between the Great Plains toad Bufo cognatus and the red-spotted toad Bufo punctatus from central Arizona

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Natural hybridization between Globodera rostochiensis and G pallida Hybridations naturelles entre Globodera rostochiensis et G pallida

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