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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38448

Chapter 38448 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Mauries, J.-Paul.; Nguyen Duy-Jacquemin, M., 1997:
New Craspedosomatida and cavernicolous Glyphiulidae from China (Diplopoda) - Nouveaux craspedosomides et glyphiulides cavernicoles de Chine (Diplopoda)

Deuve, T., 2005:
New Crepidogaster Coleoptera, Caraboidea, Brachinidae from Western Africa and Madagascar Nouvelles Crepidogaster Coleoptera, Caraboidea, Brachinidae dAfrique occidentale et de Magagascar

Atabekyan, A.A.; Glazunova, A.E.; Romanovskaya, LY.; Zonova, T.D., 1970:
New Cretaceous Inoceratnidae from some parts of the USSR

Glazunova, A.E., 1970:
New Cretaceous ammonites from Povolzheand Zavolzhe

Maulik, S., 1923:
New Cryptostome Beetles

Ortells, MO.; Contreras, JR.; Reig, OA., 1990:
New Ctenomys karyotypes Rodentia, Octodontidae from north-eastern Argentina and from Paraguay confirm the extreme chromosomal multiformity of the genus

Rossi, Gustavo Carlos., 1997:
New Culicidae Diptera for Argentina and Paraguay Culicidae Diptera nuevos para la Argentina y el Paraguay

Bohaty, J., 2006:
New Cupressocrinitidae Crinoidea from the Middle Devonian of the Eifel Hills western Rhenish Slate Massif, Germany Neue Cupressocrinitidae Crinoidea aus den mitteldevonischen Kalkmulden der Eifel linksrheinisches Schiefergebirge, Deutschland

Osella, Giuseppe. di Marco, Carla., 1996:
New Curculionoidea Coleoptera from Sicily Nuovi Curculionoidea della fauna Siciliana Coleoptera

Acuna-Mesen, R.; Garcia-Diaz, E., 1998:
New Cuvieronius hyodon Proboscidea Gomphotheriidae from the Pleistocene of Costa Rica Nuevo ejemplar de Cuvieronius hyodon Proboscidea Gomphotheriidae del Pleistoceno de Costa Rica

Cavazzuti, Pierfranco., 1999:
New Cychrus F specimens from China and a new Carabus L Lamprostus from Anatolia Coleoptera, Carabidae Nuovi Cychrus F della Cina e un nuovo Carabus L Lamprostus dellAnatolia Coleoptera, Carabidae

Curran, C.H., 1923:
New Cyclorrhaphous Diptera from Canada

Kabak, I., 1997:
New Cymindis Latreille from Central Asia Coleoptera, Carabidae, Lebiini Nouveaux Cymindis Latreille de lAsie Centrale Coleoptera, Carabidae, Lebiini

Balashova, E.A. ., 1969:
New Dalmanitids from Pamir

Christensen, S.B.; Henningsen, K.E.ik.; Poulsen, J.B.erring., 1998:
New Danish moth - Hecatera dysodea D S Ny danske ugle - Hecatera dysodea D S

Fibiger, M., 1977:
New Danish record-Cucullia lucifuga Schiff-notes on other northern and central European species of Cucullia

Esteban, G.I.; Nasif, N.L., 1996:
New Dasypodidae Mammalia, Xenarthra from the Late Miocene of Valle del Cajon, Catamarca, Argentina Nuevos Dasypodidae Mammalia, Xenarthra del Mioceno tardio del valle del Cajon, Catamarca, Argentina

Graf, W.; Hutter, G., 2002:
New Data on the Stonefly Fauna Insecta, Plecoptera of Austria Neue Daten zur Steinfliegenfauna Oesterreichs Insecta, Plecoptera

Freiman, E.V., 1960:
New Datsko-Paleocene complex of Foraminifera from western Siberia

Zerche, Lothar., 1998:
New Deliphrosoma species from Bulgaria and Turkey and new subspecies of Deliphrosoma prolongatum Rottenberg from Bulgaria Insecta Coleoptera Staphylinidae Omaliinae Neue Deliphrosoma-Arten aus Bulgarien und aus der Turkei und neue Unterarten von Deliphrosoma prolongatum Rottenberg aus Bugarien Insecta Coleoptera Staphylinidae Omaliinae

Lyashenko, GP., 1972:
New Devonian Coniconchia from the Volgo-Ural province

Maksimova, Z.A. ., 1969:
New Devonian Phacopoidea of certain regions of the USSR

Lyashenko, AI., 1969:
New Devonian brachiopods from the Volgo-Ural gas and oil bearing province and from the Urals

Lyashenko, AI., 1969:
New Devonian brachiopods from the central and western areas of the Russian Platform

Chacaltana, C.; Cerron, F.; Valencia, M., 2002:
New Devonian evidence in sediments of the Western Cordillera south west Peru with records of Phacops Trilobita and Acrospirifer Brachiopoda and its implication in sedimentary and tectoenvironmental analysis Nuevas evidencias Devonianas en sedimentitas de la Cordillera Occidental SO del Peru con ocurrencia de Phacops Trilobita y Acrospirifer Brachiopoda y su implicancia en el analisis sedimentario y tectonoambiental

Batrukova, LS., 1969:
New Devonian lingulids and discinids from the Russian Platform

Netchaeva, M.A. ., 1969:
New Devonian occurrences of suborder Beyrichiida from the south-eastern regions of the Russian Platform

Maksimova, Z.A. ., 1969:
New Devonian representative of the genus Aulacopleura in the Arctic Urals

Maksimova, Z.A., 1965:
New Devonian trilobites from north Vietman

Moretto, Philippe., 1999:
New Diastellopalpus Lansberge from the Congo Basin and Angola Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae Diastellopalpus Lansberge nouveaux du Bassin du Congo et dAngola Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae

Maarouf, Abdelkader., 2003:
New Diptera Cyclorrhapha and Brachycera for Morocco Dipteres Cyclorrhaphes et Brachyceres nouveaux pour le Maroc

Schacht, W.; Heuck, P.; Eichiner, F., 2007:
New Diptera records from Bavaria Diptera Psilidae, Pallopteridae, Piophilidae, Clusiidae, Sciomyzidae, Sepsidae, Lauxaniidae, Chloropidae, Drosophilidae, Rhinophoridae Neue Zweiflueglernachweise aus Bayern Diptera Psilidae, Pallopteridae, Piophilidae, Clusiidae, Sciomyzidae, Sepsidae, Lauxaniidae, Chloropidae, Drosophilidae, Rhinophoridae

Adlbauer, Karl., 2004:
New Disteniidae and Cerambycidae from Africa and the Seychelles Coleoptera Neue Disteniidae und Cerambycidae aus Afrika und den Seychellen Coleoptera

Chartrousse, A.; Masse, J.-Pierre., 1998:
New Early Aptian Coalcomaninae rudists, Caprinidae from the Mid Pacific Mountains Coalcomaninae rudistes, Caprinidae nouveaux de lAptien inferieur des mid Pacific Mountains

Neustrueva, I.; Yu ., 1969:
New Early Carboniferous Kloedenellacea in south Mugodzhar

Bodylevskii, V.I., 1970:
New Early Cretacean Pholadomyidae andLate Jurassic Gresslya from Eastern Siberia

Glazunova, A.E., 1970:
New Early Cretaceous Phacoides from Povolzhe

Efimova, A.F., 1970:
New Early Cretaceous Pinna from the north-east of the USSR

Bodylevskii, V.I., 1970:
New Early Cretaceous ammonites from Eastern Siberia

Buzurukov, D.D.; Kakhanova, L.P.; Urmanova, S.H., 1970:
New Early Cretaceous and Eocene representatives of Veneridae from Central Asia

Oleynikov, A.N. ., 1969:
New Early Cretaceous and Jurassic Phyllopoda in eastern Zabaikal and Siberia

Tarabukin, VP., 1990:
New Early Devonian conodonts of north east Yakutia

Aizenshtat, I.M., 1970:
New Early Eocene Bolivinopsis from Turgai

Gommery, D.; Senut, B.; Pickford, M., 1998:
New Early Miocene hominoid postcranial remains from Napak, Uganda Nouveaux restes postcraniens dHominoidea du Miocene inferieur de Napak, Ouganda

Burtman, E.S., 1970:
New Early Palaeocene gastropodes from Povolzhe

Kalmykova, M.A., 1970 :
New Early Permian Pseudofusulinida and Parafusulinida from Darvaz

Abushik, A.F. ., 1969:
New Early Silurian Beyrichiacea in the Siberian platform

Nakrem, HA.; Mork, A., 1990:
New Early Triassic Bryozoa Treptostomata from Spitsbergen, with some remarks on the stratigraphy of the investigated horizons

Molin, V.A. ., 1969:
New Early Triassic Conchostraca in northern USSR

Bychkov, Y.M.; Efimova, A.F., 1970:
New Early Triassic Posi-donia from northeast Asia

Mishina, EM., 1977:
New Early Triassic representatives of Podocopa from the Russian platform

Haxaire, J.; Vaglia, T., 2004:
New Ecuadorian and Bolivian sphingids of the genus Xylophanes Huebner, 1819 Lepidoptera Sphingidae Nouveaux Sphingidae equatoriens et boliviens du genre Xylophanes Huebner, 1819 Lepidoptera Sphingidae

Sclater, P.L., 1878:
New Edition of H E Stricklands Rules for Zoological Nomenclature

Jurkova, A.; Molcikova, V.; Ctyroky, P.; Policky, J., 1983:
New Eggenburgian finds in NE Moravia Nove nalezy eggenburgu na severovychodni Morave

Chalumeau, F.; Touroult, J., 2004:
New Elaphidiini of the Lesser Antilles and miscellaneous notes Coleoptera, Cerambycidae, Cerambycinae Nouveaux Elaphidiini des petites antilles et notes diverses Coleoptera, Cerambycidae, Cerambycinae

Zeising, M.; Brunne, G., 2005:
New Elateridae from Greece Coleoptera, Elateridae Neue Elateriden aus Griechenland Coleoptera, Elateridae

Zeising, M.; Brunne, G., 2003:
New Elateridae from Portugal, Morocco, and Turkey Coleoptera, Elateridae Neue Elateriden aus Portugal, Marokko und der Tuerkei Coleoptera, Elateridae

Emerton., 1885:
New England Epeiridae

Emerton, J.H., 1891:
New England Spiders of the Families Drassidae, Agalenidae, and Dysderidae

Emehton, J.H., 1889:
New England Spiders of the family Cinifonidae

Emerton, J.H., 1882:
New England Spiders of the family Theridiidae

Trofimov, B.A., 1952:
New Entelodontidae from Mongolia and Kazakstan

Beschin, C.; D.A.geli, A., 2004:
New Eocene Brachyura of the Lessini Mounts in the Vicenza area northeast Italy Nuovi Brachiuri Eocenici dei monti Lessini Vicentini Italia nordorientale

Tessier, G.; Beschin, C.; Busulini, A. de Angeli, A., 1999:
New Eocenic Brachyura from Main quarry at Arzignano Vicenza, N-Italy Nuovi brachiuri eocenici nella cava Main di Arzignano Vicenza - Italia settentrionale

Attal, Stephane., 2005:
New Epiphile Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae Nouveaux Epiphile Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae

Martinova, G.P. ., 1969:
New Etroeungtian occurrences of the genus Selebratina Polenova

Martinova, G.P. ., 1969:
New Etroeungtian ostracods in the Pechora basin

Lucht, Wilhelm., 1990:
New Eucnemidae genera of the Oriental and Ethiopian regions with description of a new species Coleoptera, Eucnemidae, Melasinae Neue Eucnemiden-Gattungen der Orientalischen und Aethiopischen Region nebst Beschreibung einer neuen Art Coleoptera, Eucnemidae, Melasinae

Hattenschwiler, Peter., 1998:
New Eumasia species from Central Spain and the Maldives and some supplementary information on the knowledge of the genus Eumasia Psychidae Neue Eumasia Arten aus Mittelspanien und den Malediven und einige Erganzungen zur Kenntnis der Gattung Eumasia Psychidae

Gusenleitner, J., 1999:
New Eumenidae from southern Africa and Kenya Hymenoptera, Vespoidea, Eumenidae Neue Eumeniden aus dem sudlichen Afrika und Kenya Hymenoptera, Vespoidea, Eumenidae

Gusenleitner, J., 1999:
New Eumenidae species from palaearctic Asia and North Africa Hymenoptera, Vespoidea, Eumenidae Neue Eumeniden-Arten aus dem palaarktischen Asien und Nordafrika Hymenoptera, Vespoidea, Eumenidae

Herbulot, Claude., 1987:
New Eupithecia species from South America Lepidoptera Geometridae Nouveaux Eupithecia dAmerique du Sud Lepidoptera Geometridae

Schwenke, Wolfgang., 2002:
New European Mesochorinae species Hymenoptera, Ichneumonidae, Mesochorinae Neue europaeische Mesochorinae-Arten Hymenoptera, Ichneumonidae, Mesochorinae

Zhuravleva, FA., 1990:
New Famennian pseudorthoceratids from southern trans-Caucasia

Thery, T., 2006:
New French localities for Leptotyphlus Fauvel and Octavius Fauvel genera Coleoptera Staphylinidae Nouvelles localities francaises pour les genres Leptotyphlus Fauvel et Octarvius Fauvel Coleoptera Staphylinidae

Binon, M.; Secchi, F.; Thery, T., 2006:
New French post for Rhyzobius lophanthae Blaisdell, 1892 Coleoptera Coccinellidae Nouvelles stations francaises pour Rhyzobius lophanthae Blaisdell, 1892 Coleoptera Coccinellidae

Dodelin, B., 2006:
New French stations for Mycetophagus populi Fabricius and reflection about its ecology Coleoptera, Mycetophagidae Stations francaises de Mycetophagus populi Fabricius et reflexion a propos de son ecologie Coleoptera, Mycetophagidae

Williams, MR., 1990:
New Gahnia Forst Forst F food plant records for three Western Australian skippers Lepidoptera Hesperiidae

Bollman, C.H., 1887:
New Genus and Species of Polydesmidae

Herbulot, Claude., 1999:
New Geometridae from Bioko Island, Equatorial Guinea Lepidoptera, Geometridae Nouveaux Geometridae de lile de Bioko, Guinee Equatoriale Lepidoptera, Geometridae

Herbulot, Claude., 1988:
New Geometridae from Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia Lepidoptera Nouveaux Geometridae de lEcuador, du Perou et de la Bolivie Lepidoptera

Herbulot, Claude., 1988:
New Geometridae from Guadeloupe and Martinique Lepidoptera Nouveaux Geometridae de la Guadeloupe et de la Martinique Lepidoptera

Herbulot, Claude., 2000:
New Geometridae of Madagascar Lepidoptera, Geometridae Nouveaux geometrides de Madagascar Lepidoptera, Geometridae

Hausmann, Axel., 1995:
New Geometridae records from Cyprus and a general survey of the fauna Lepidoptera, Geometridae Neue Geometriden-Funde aus Zypern und Gesamtubersicht uber die Fauna Lepidoptera, Geometridae

Herbulot, C., 1996:
New Geometrinae from Africa and Madagascar Lepidoptera Geometridae Nouveaux Geometrinae dAfrique et de Madagascar Lepidoptera Geometridae

Pei, W.C., 1960:
New Gigantopitheev3 lower jaw from Kwangsi Province

Gery, C.; Dauphin, P., 2005:
New Gironde post for Ancyrosoma leucogrammes Gmelin Hemiptera Pentatomidae Nouvelle station Grondine pour Ancyrosoma leucogrammes Gmelin Hemiptera Pentatomidae

Bremer, HJ., 1997:
New Gnathidiini of the genus Anommabates Koch, 1956, Gnathidium Gebien, 1920, Menimus Sharp, 1876 and Micropeneta Pic, 1921 Coleoptera, Tenebrionidae Neue Gnathidiini der Gattungen Anommabates Koch, 1956, Gnathidium Gebien, 1920, Menimus Sharp, 1876 und Micropeneta Pic, 1921 Coleoptera, Tenebrionidae

D.M.ralles, D.B. de Villalobos, L.; Cristina., 1996:
New Gordius for Argentina Gordiacea, Nematomorpha Nuevos Gordius para la Argentina Gordiacea, Nematomorpha

Linares, Asuncion., 2002:
New Hammatoceratinae Ammonitina from the Aalenian/Bajocian boundary of the Subbetic Zone Betic Cordillera, southern Spain Nuevos Hammatoceratinae Ammonitina del limite Aaleniense/Bajociense de la Zona Subbetica Cordillera Betica, sur de Espana

Averyanov, V.I. ., 1969:
New Healdianella in the east of the Russian platform

Montreuil, O., 2007:
New Helictopleurus dOrbigny, 1915 Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae Nouveaux Helictopleurus dOrbigny, 1915 Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae

Montreuil, O., 2005:
New Helictopleurus dOrbigny, 1915 from Madagascar, and review of the semivirens group sensu Lebis, 1960 Insecta, Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae, Oniticellini Nouveaux Helictopleurus dOrbigny, 1915 de Madagascar et revision du groupe semivirens sensu Lebis, 1960 Insecta, Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae, Oniticellini

Galileo, M.H.lena M.; Martins, U.R., 2006:
New Hemilophini Coleoptera, Cerambycidae, Lamiinae from FT Hovore collection, Santa Clarita, California Novos Hemilophini Coleoptera, Cerambycidae, Lamiinae da Colecao FT Hovore, Santa Clarita, California

Lupoli, R.; Dusoulier, F.; Streito, J.-Claude.; Foucart, A., 2007:
New Hemiptera in Europe Ventocoris martini Horvath, 1889 Un Herniptere nouveau en Europe Ventocoris martini Horvath, 1889 Het, Pentatomidae

Gela., 1997:
New Heterocera species for the census of Alicante Province Nuevas especies de Heteroceros para el censo de la Provincia de Alicante

Tormo Munoz, Jose Enrique., 1997:
New Heterocera species recorded for the census of Alicante Province Nuevas especies de heteroceros para el censo de la Provincia de Alicante

Ortuno, V.; Arillo, A., 1997:
New Heteroptera Insecta for the Miocene of Izarra Alava, Spain Nuevos Heteroptera Insecta del Mioceno de Izarra Alava, Espana

Berenger, J., 2007:
New Heteroptera Reduviidae from French Guyana II - Harpactorinae, Harpactorini Heteropteres Reduviidae nouveaux de Guyane Francaise II - Harpactorinae, Harpactorini

Denosmaison, Jean-Claude., 2001:
New Heteroptera for the Parisian region Heteropteres nouveaux pour la region parisienne

Rodriguez, M.A.; Olivares, T.S.; Angulo, A.O., 2001:
New High Andes species VII Lepidoptera Noctuidae Nuevas especies altoandinas VII Lepidoptera Noctuidae

Gomy, Yves., 1998:
New Histeridae for the fauna for France Coleoptera, Histeridae Histeridae nouveaux pour la faune de France Coleoptera, Histeridae

Bankovics, A.; Sos, E., 2004:
New Hungarian record of great northern diver Gavia immer from the Danube Jeges buvar Gavia immer ujabb hazai elofordulasa a Dunarol

Kondorosy, E.; Orosz, A., 2001:
New Hungarian records of cicadellids from lime Auchenorrhyncha Cicadellidae Uj mezei kabocak Auchenorrhyncha Cicadellidae Magyarorszagon, harsrol

Cope, E.D., 1883:
New Hydroid Polyp, Rhizohydra flavitincta, from the Upper Klamath Lake

Spasskaya, L.P., 1950:
New Hymenolepidids of birds in Lake Tchani

Generani, M.; Pagliano, G.; Scaramozzino, P.L.igi.; Strumia, F., 2000:
New Hymenoptera from Montecristo Island Tuscany - Italy Hymenoptera Tenthredinidae, Gasteruptiidae, Evaniidae, Ichneumonidae, Chrysididae, Tiphiidae, Scoliidae, Formicidae, Sphecidae, Apoidea Nuovi imenotteri dellisola di Montecristo Arcipelago Toscano Hymenoptera Tenthredinidae, Gasteruptiidae, Evaniidae, Ichneumonidae, Chrysididae, Tiphiidae, Scoliidae, Formicidae, Sphecidae, Apoidea

Dolin, WG., 1998:
New Hypnoidus species Coleoptera Elateridae, Hypnoidini from central Asia Neue Hypnoidus-Arten Coleoptera Elateridae, Hypnoidini aus Mittelasien

Glowacinski, Zbigniew., 1997:
New IUCN/WCU categories of threatened and disappearing species Nowe kategorie IUCN/WCU dla gatunkow zagrozonych i ginacych

Lopez-Colon, Jose Ignacio., 1996:
New Iberian records and data on the habitat of Cymindis Menas bedeli Tschitscherine, 1897 Coleoptera; Caraboidea; Lebiidae Nuevo registro iberico y datos sobre el habitat de Cymindis Menas bedeli Tschitscherine, 1897 Coleoptera; Caraboidea; Lebiidae

Corra de los Prados, M.; Cabrero-Sanudo, F.J., 2004:
New Iberian records of the genus Hybalus Brulle, 1834 Coleoptera, Scarabaeoidea, Orphnidae Nuevas citas ibericas para el genero Hybalus Brulle, 1834 Coleoptera Scarabaeoidea, Orphnidae

Ribes, J.; Ribes, E., 2000:
New Iberian species of Hyoidea Reuter, 1876 Heteroptera, Miridae, Orthotylinae Una nueva Hyoidea Reuter, 1876 iberica Heteroptera, Miridae, Orthotylinae

Viktorov, G. ., 1969:
New Ichneumonidae from tribus Acoenitini Hymenoptera, Ichneumonidae

Fewkes, J.W., 1889:
New Invertebrata from the coast of California

Galvagni, Antonio., 2002:
New Italian species of the genus Anonconotus Camerano, 1878 A ligustinus n sp and A sibyllinus n sp Insecta Orthoptera Tettigoniidae Nuove specie italiane del genere Anonconotus Camerano, 1878 A ligustinus n sp e A sibyllinus n sp Insecta Orthoptera Tettigoniidae

Vitale, F.; Rodriguez, G., 2004:
New Ithomiinae of Colombia and Ecuador Lepidoptera Nymphalidae Nuevos Ithomiinae de Colombia y Ecuador Lepidoptera Nymphalidae

Kuroda, T.; Hukuda, N.G.ven., 1944:
New Japanese Gastropoda

Kuroda, T.; Taki, I., 1944:
New Japanese Mollusca

Pilsbry, H.A., 1913:
New Japanese Ovu lidae

Taki, I.; Habe, T., 1945:
New Japanese lamelli-branchs

Taki, I.; Habe, T., 1945:
New Japanese marine borers

Kuroda, T., 1945:
New Japanese shells pt 6

Puthz, Volker., 2001:
New Japanese species of the genus Stenus Latreille Coleoptera Staphylinidae Neue japanische Arten der Gattung Stenus Latreille Coleoptera Staphylinidae 266 Beitrag zur Kenntnis der Steninen

Miklukho-Maklai, K.V., 1970:
New Kazanian Cornuspiridae andNodosaria from the Russian Platform

Repman, E.A., 1970:
New Kellorian representatives of Ceratomya from the Gussar range

Lassalle, Bernard., 1997:
New Laemostenus from Anatolia and Negrum from China Coleoptera Caraboidea Nouveaux Laemostenus dAnatolie et Negrum de Chine Coleoptera Caraboidea

Urmanova, S.H., 1970:
New Late Aptian Diadochoceras from Central Asia,

Yakushina, A.A., 1970:
New Late Cretaceous Cyrenidae from South Primorye

Bobkova, N.N., 1970:
New Late Cretaceous Rudista from central Asia

Vinokurova, E.G.; Frolenkova, A.; Ya.; Kakhanova, L.P., 1970 :
New Late Cretaceous and Middle Eocene Ostreinae from Central Asia

Ektova, L.A., 1970:
New Late Devonian Astrorhizida from TyanShan

Averyanov, V.I. ., 1969:
New Late Devonian Cavellinidae in the east of the Russian platform

Sosnina, M.I., 1970:
New Late Devonian Fusulinida from Sikhote-Alin

Nalivkin, B.V., 1970:
New Late Devonian Lyriopecten from Tinian

Netchaeva, M.A. ., 1969:
New Late Devonian Podcopida from the south-east of the Russian Platform

Averyanov, V.I. ., 1969:
New Late Devonian paelaeocopids in the eastern Russian platform

Buzurukov, D.D., 1970:
New Late Eocene Cyrtodaria from Central Asia

Rotkite, L.M., 1970:
New Late Jurassic Astarte from the north-west of the Russian platform

Bodylevskii, V.I., 1970:
New Late Jurassic Tancredia from Taimyr

Zaspelova, V.S. ., 1969:
New Late Palaeozoic Phyllopoda in Central Kazakistan

Sosnina, M.I., 1970 :
New Late Permian Nodosaria from Southern Primorye

Zekina, Y.L.; Kukhtinov, DA., 1977:
New Late Permian and Early Triassic darwinulids

Modzalevskaya, EA., 1977:
New Late Silurian Hallopora from western Tuva

Polubotko, I.V., 1970:
New Late Triassic Lima and Plicatula from the north-east of the USSR

Efimova, A.F.; Kiparisova, L.D., 1970:
New Late Triassic Palaeopharus from the Far East and north-east of the USSR

Milander, Georg., 2005:
New Leiodidae, Erotylidae and Lathridiidae beetles in the Estonian fauna Uued mardikalised sugokondadest Leiodidae, Erotylidae ja Lathridiidae Eesti faunas

Deuve, T.; Tian, M.-Yi., 2005:
New Leistus and Haplochlaenius from China Coleoptera, Caraboidea Nouveaux Leistus et Haplochlaenius de Chine Coleoptera, Caraboidea

Putschkow, AW.; Dolin, WG., 1998:
New Leistus-species Coleoptera, Carabidae from North Tadzhikistan Neue Carabiden-Art der Gattung Leistus Coleoptera, Carabidae aus Nord Tadzhikistan

Abushik, AF,., 1977:
New Leperditidae from the Upper parts of Pechora River

Peslier, Serge., 1998:
New Lepidoptera for Corsica and Sardinia Pyralidae - Tortricidae - Noctuidae Lepidopteres nouveaux pour la Corse ou la Sardaigne Pyralidae - Tortricidae - Noctuidae

Dardenne, B., 1998 :
New Lepidoptera for Normandy and Upper Normandy Pyralidae-Noctuidae Lepidopteres nouveaux pour la Normandie et la Haute-Normandie Pyralidae-Noctuidae

Dardenne, B., 1999:
New Lepidoptera for Normandy, Upper Normandy, Eure and Seine Maritime Lepidopteres nouveaux pour la Normandie, la Haute-Normandie, lEure et la Seine Maritime

Schroeder, H.; Treadaway, C.G., 1996:
New Lepidoptera from the Philippines, 13 Neue Lepidoptera von den Philippinen, 13

Opheim, M., 1978:
New Lepidoptera in Norway

Malicky, H.; Chantaramongkol, P.; Saengpradab, N.; Chaibu, P.; Thani, I.; Changthong, N.; Cheunbarn, S.; Laudee, P.; Prommi, T.-on.; Sompong, S., 2002:
New Leptoceridae from Asia Trichoptera Together with article no 33 on caddisflies from Thailand Neue asiatische Leptoceridae Trichoptera Zugleich Arbeit Nr 33 ueber thailaendische Koecherfliegen

Pace, Roberto., 1996:
New Leptusa Kraatz from Spain, France, Italy, Austria, Cyprus, Turkey and Taiwan Monograph of the genus Leptusa Kraatz supplement 4 Coleoptera, Staphylinidae 123rd Contribution to the study of Aleocharinae Nuove Leptusa Kraatz di Spagna, Francia, Italia, Austria, Cipro, Turchia e Taiwan Monografia del genere Leptusa Kraatz Supplemento 4 Coleoptera, Staphylinidae 123o Contributo alla conoscenza delle Aleocharinae

Pace, Roberto., 1999:
New Leptusa from China Monograph on the genus Leptusa Kraatz supplement 10 Coleoptera Staphylinidae Nuove Leptusa della Cina Monografia del genere Leptusa Kraatz supplemento 10 Coleoptera Staphylinidae

Andriyashev, A.P., 1955:
New Liparid caught at a depth of 7 klm

Boulard, M.; Boulard, J., 1999:
New Locris originating from Zambia Cercopoidea, Cercopidae, Locrisini Nouveau Locris originaire de la Zambie Cercopoidea, Cercopidae, Locrisini

Chernysheva, NE., 1972:
New Lower Cambrian Trilobites of Pamir

Lazarenko, N.P., 1962:
New Lower Cambrian trilobites from the Soviet Arctic

Ait Malek, Z.; Racheboeuf, P.R.; Lazreq, N., 2000:
New Lower Devonian strophomenate brachiopods from the western Anti-Atlas, Morocco Nouveaux brachiopodes Strophomenata du Devonien inferieur de lAnti-Atlas occidental, Maroc

Schneider, G.F. ., 1969:
New Lower Triassic Cytheridae in the Precasjnc cavity

Kanda, S.; Kato, H., 1931:
New Lycaenids

Gil Cid, MD.; Dominguez Alonso, P.; Cruz Gonzalez, MC.; Escribano Rodenas, M., 1996:
New Macrocystellidae Echinodermata, Cystoidea Rhombifera of the Spanish Ordovician Nuevo Macrocystellidae Echinodermata, Cystoidea Rhombifera para el Ordovicico espanol

Werno, Andreas., 2001:
New Macrolepidoptera species and notable new records of Lepidoptera in Saarland Neue Grossschmetterlingsarten und bemerkenswerte weitere Funde von Lepidopteren im Saarland

Randriamasimanana, D.; Gibon, F.-Marie., 2000:
New Malagassy Oecetis Trichoptera, Leptoceridae Nouveaux Oecetis malgaches Trichoptera, Leptoceridae

Salazar E., Julian A., 2002:
New Mantidae and their identification in the entomological collection of Tolima University, Ibague Novedades en Mantidae y su reconocimiento en la coleccion entomologica de la Universidad del Tolima, Ibague

Konashov, V.G., 1964 :
New Markiruyushii horizon at the base of the Toarcian layer of the Donets region

Willmann, R.; Novokschonov, V., 1998:
New Mecoptera from the Upper Jurassic of Karatau Kazachstan Insecta, Mecoptera Orthophlebiidae Neue Mecopteren aus dem oberen Jura von Karatau Kasachstan Insecta, Mecoptera Orthophlebiidae

Schimmel, Rainer., 2006:
New Megapenthini-, Physorhinini-, Diminae- and Senodoniina-species from South-East Asia Insecta Coleoptera, Elateridae Neue Megapenthini-, Physorhinini-, Diminae- und Senodoniina-Arten aus Suedostasien Insecta Coleoptera, Elateridae

Zhanoida, A.I., 1970:
New Mesosoic radiolarians from Sikhote-Alin and Lower Priamur

Sinitshenkova, ND., 1990:
New Mesozoic Plecoptera from Asia

Popov, Y.A., 1966:
New Mesozoic aquatic bugs Heteroptera, Corixidae from Transbaikalia

Moron, Miguel Angel., 1996:
New Mexican species of the genus Phyllophaga Coleoptera Melolonthidae, Melolonthinae Nuevas especies Mexiquenses del genero Phyllophaga Coleoptera Melolonthidae, Melolonthinae

Buvat, Roger., 1995:
New Microlepidoptera for the French fauna Lep Gelechiidae, Cosmopterigidae, Blastobasidae, Elachistidae Microlepidopteres nouveaux pour la faune francaise Lep Gelechiidae, Cosmopterigidae, Blastobasidae, Elachistidae

Szaboky, C., 1990:
New Microlepidoptera species for the Hungarian fauna Lepidoptera

Lopatin, I.K., 1967:
New Mid Asian species from the genus Longitarsus Latr Coleoptera Chrysomelidae Halticinae

Chernysheva, N.E., 1950:
New Middle Cambrian Trilobites of Eastern Siberia

Koneva, SP., 1990:
New Middle Cambrian acrotretids Brachiopoda from Maly Karatau

Semashko, A.K., 1969:
New Middle Cambrian trilobites from the sandstone-shale suite in the region of the Julie Mine Batenevsky Mountain Range

Rybkina, NL.; Smirnov, AN., 1990:
New Middle Devonian spiriferids from southern Tian-Shan

Maksimova, ZA., 1977:
New Middle Devonian trilobites from certain regions of the USSR

Lyabzhina, K,A., 1977:
New Middle Eocene oysters from the Chu-Sarysui depression

Nekhorosheva, L.V., 1977:
New Middle Ordovician Diplotrypa from Koteh island Novosibirsk island Ezhegodnik vses

Koroleva, M.N., 1964:
New Middle Ordovician trilobites Shumardia from northern Kazakhstan

Strukulenko. O.P., 1977:
New Middle Palaeozoic Palaeocopida from Siberia

Ingrisch, Sigfrid., 1998:
New Mirolliini taxa from South east Asia Ensifera Tettigonioidea Phaneropteridae Neue taxa der Mirolliini aus Sudost-Asien Ensifera Tettigonioidea Phaneropteridae

Neifar, L.; Euzet, L.; Ben Hassine, O.K.lthoum., 2001:
New Monocotylidae Monogenea parasites of Rhinobatos rhinobatos Euselachii, Rhinobatidae Monocotylidae Monogenea nouveaux parasites de Rhinobatos rhinobatos Euselachii, Rhinobatidae

Neifar, L.; Euzet, L.; Kalthoum Ben Hassine, O., 1998:
New Monocotylidae Monogenea, gill parasites of Dasyatis pastinaca L Euselachii, Dasyatidae Supplements to the description of Heterocotyle pastinacae Scott, 1904 Nouveaux Monocotylidae Monogenea, parasites branchiaux de Dasyatis pastinaca L Euselachii, Dasyatidae Complements a la description de Heterocotyle pastinacae Scott, 1904

Belosvsky, G.; Slade, J., 1990:
New Montanan decticid, a glacial relict

Tarrier, Michel R., 1998:
New Moroccan localities for some lesser known Rhopalocera Lepidoptera Papilionoidea Nouvelles localisations marocaines de quelques rhopaloceres peu connus Lepidoptera Papilionoidea

Merz, B.; Pont, A.C., 1997:
New Muscidae Diptera for the fauna of Switzerland Neue Muscidae Diptera fur die Fauna der Schweiz

Mendiola, C., 1999:
New Myliobatoidea Neoselachii, Batomorphii of the Thanetian ? period from Oued Zem Ouled Abdoun Basin, Morocco Myliobatoideos nuevos Neoselachii, Batomorphii del Thanetiense ? de Oued Zem Cuenca de los Ouled Abdoun, Marruecos

Hecq, J., 2005:
New Mylothris Pieridae of Nigeria Lepidoptera Pieridae Nouveaux Mylothris Pieridae du Nigeria Lepidoptera Pieridae

Sokolskaya, N.L., 1962:
New Naididae Oligochaeta species from the Lake Baikal

Porshnyakova, Y.F., 1970:
New Namurian representatives of Archaediscidae from South Fergan

Dolin, WG., 1997 :
New Negastriinae Coleoptera, Elateridae from southeast Asia Neue Negastriinae Coleoptera Elateridae aus Sudostasien

Jogis, V.A., 1965:
New Nematodes of birds in the Kurish Bay

Senz, W., 2000:
New Nemertini from the Arabian Gulf 1 Palaeonemertini Neue Nemertinen aus dem Golf von Arabien 1 Palaeonemertini

Deharveng, L.; Bedos, A., 2002:
New Neocaledonian Ectonura Collembola Neanuridae Nouveaux Ectonura de Nouvelle-Caledonie Collemboles Neanuridae

Glazunova, A.E., 1970:
New Neocomian representatives of Pro-cerithidae from Povolzhe

Syrides, G.E.; Koliadimou, K.K.; Koufos, G.D., 1997:
New Neogene molluscan and mammalian sites from Thrace, Greece Nouvelles localites neogenes des mollusques et mammiferes dans le bassin de Xanthi-Komotini Thrace, Grece; premiere decouverte de mollusques de la Paratethys dans la region etudiee

Urban, Danuncia., 2003:
New Neotropical Dianthidiini Hymenoptera, Megachilidae Novos Dianthidiini neotropicals Hymenoptera, Megachilidae

Dechambre, Roger-Paul., 2006:
New Neotropical Dynastidae Coleoptera Nouveaux dynastides neotropicaux Coleoptera, Dynastidae

Herbulot, Claude., 2001:
New Neotropical Geometridae Lepidoptera Nouveaux Geometridae neotropicaux Lepidoptera

Attal, Stephane., 1999:
New Neotropical Nymphalidae Lepidoptera, Rhopalocera Nouveaux Nymphalidae neotropicaux Lepidoptera, Rhopalocera

Attal, S.; Hiltbrand, R.; Rodriguez, G., 2006:
New Neotropical Nymphalidae Lepidoptera, Rhopalocera Nouveaux Nymphalidae neotropicaux Lepidoptera, Rhopalocera

Galileo, M.H.lena M.; Martins, U.R., 1998:
New Neotropical genus and species of Lamiinae Coleoptera, Cerambycidae Novo genero e novas especies de Lamiinae Coleoptera, Cerambycidae neotropicais

Zajciw, D., 1971:
New Neotropical longicorns 18 Coleoptera,Cerambycidae

Young, FN., 1990:
New Neotropical species of Desmopachria Desmopachria s str Babington Coleoptera Dytiscidae

de Oliveira,; Carraro, V.M.rins., 1997:
New Neotropical species of the genus Djalmabatista Fittkau, 1968 Diptera, Chironomidae Nova especie Neotropica do genero Djalmabatista Fittkau, 1968 Diptera, Chironomidae

Gonzalez Lopez, Alfredo E., 2002:
New Neuroptera for Aragon and its provinces Neuropteros nuevos para Aragon o sus provincias

Troger, EJ., 1999:
New Neuroptera records from Crete Neue Neuropteren-Funde auf Kreta

Smith, J.B., 1905:
New Noctuidae for 1905 No 1

Van Duzee, M.C., 1917:
New North-American species of Dolichopodidae

Endrestol, Anders., 2007:
New Norwegian Red Data List Ny norsk rodliste

Thiaucourt, Paul., 2002:
New Nystalea Lepidoptera, Notodontidae Nystalea nouveaux Lepidoptera, Notodontidae

Papazian, Michel., 2002:
New Odonata for French Guiana II Odonata, Coenagrionidae, Libellulidae Odonates nouveaux pour la Guyane francaise II Odonata, Coenagrionidae, Libellulidae

Papazian, Michel., 1999:
New Odonata for French Guyana Odonata, Libellulidae Odonates nouveaux pour la Guyane Francaise Odonata, Libellulidae

D'Antonio, C., 1999:
New Odonata records from the province of Bergamo, Lombardy, northern Italy Nuovi odonatologici della provincia di Bergamo, Lombardia, Italia settentrionale Odonata

Shevyreva, N.S., 1965:
New Oligocene hamsters of the USSR and Mongolia

Gheerbrant, E.; Thomas, H.; Sen, S.; Al-Sulaimani, Z., 1995:
New Oligopithecinae primate Simiiformes from the early Oligocene of Taqah, Sultanate of Oman Nouveau primate Oligopithecinae Simiiformes de lOligocene inferieur de Taqah, Sultanat dOman

Martins, U.R.; Galileo, M.H.lena M., 2005:
New Onciderini Coleoptera, Cerambycidae from Bolivia Novos Onciderini Coleoptera, Cerambycidae da Bolivia

Sokolov, B.S., 1947:
New Ordovician Tabulata from Greenland

Stukalina, G.A.; Tujutjan, Y.A., 1968:
New Ordovician sea lilies of Kazakhstan

Carrera, Marcelo G., 1996:
New Ordovician sponges from San Juan Formation, Argentine Precordillera Nuevos poriferos de la Formacion San Juan Ordovicico, Precordillera Argentina

Koroleva, M.N., 1965:
New Ordovician trilobites from northern Kazakhstan

Puthz, V., 2004:
New Oriental species of the genus Stenus Latreille from the Geneva Museum Coleoptera Staphylinidae 284th contribution to the knowledge of Steninae Neue orientalische Arten der Gattung Stenus Latreille aus dem Genfer Museum Coleoptera Staphylinidae 284 Beitrag zur Kenntnis der Steninen

Marchal-Papier, F.; Nel, A.; Grauvogel-Stamm, L., 2000:
New Orthoptera Ensifera, Insecta from the Triassic of the Vosges France Nouveaux orthopteres Ensifera, Insecta du Trias des Vosges France

Baierl, E., 2002:
New Orthoptera literature 4 Neue Orthopterenliteratur 4

Deuve, Thierry., 2005:
New Ozaeninae Eustrini and Ozaenini from the Neotropical region and from Nepal Coleoptera, Caraboidea, Paussidae Nouveaux Ozaeninae Eustrini et Ozaenini de la region neotropicale et du Nepal Coleoptera, Caraboidea, Paussidae

Neumann, Werner., 2007:
New Pachypanchax species ? from Madagascar Neue Pachypanchax-Arten ? aus Madagaskar

Geisthardt, Michael., 1999:
New Palaearctic Lampyridae and comments on well known species Coleoptera Neue palaarktische Lampyridae und Anmerkungen zu bekannten Arten Coleoptera

Steinhausen, WR., 2000:
New Palaearctic leaf beetle larvae Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae Neue palaearktische Blattkaefer-Larven Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae

van der Zanden, G., 1998:
New Palaearctic species from the family Megachilidae Insecta, Hymenoptera, Apoidea Neue palaarktische Arten aus der Familie der Megachilidae Insecta, Hymenoptera, Apoidea

Jaschhof, Mathias., 1997:
New Palaearctic species of gall midges of the genus Peromyia Diptera Cecidomyiidae, Lestremiinae Neue palaarktische Gallmucken-Arten aus der Gattung Peromyia Diptera Cecidomyiidae Lestremiinae

Kuhlmann, M., 2002:
New Palaearctic species of the bee genus Colletes Latr with comments on further species of the Old World Hymenoptera Apidae Colletinae Neue palaearktische Arten der Bienengattung Colletes Latr mit Anmerkungen zu weiteren Arten der Alten Welt Hymenoptera Apidae Colletinae

Mamaev, B.M.; Jaschhof, M., 1997:
New Palaearctic species of the genus Aprionus Kieffer, 1894 Diptera Cecidomyiidae, Lestremiinae Neue palaarktische Arten aus der Gattung Aprionus Kieffer, 1894 Diptera Cecidomyiidae, Lestremiinae

Hreblay, Marton., 1996:
New Palaearctic taxa of the genus Perigrapha Lederer, 1857 Lepidoptera, Noctuidae Neue palaarktische Taxa aus der Gattung Perigrapha Lederer, 1857 Lepidoptera, Noctuidae

Chochlova, I.A. ., 1969:
New Palaeogene Cytheridae in the Turgay and North Priaral

Traquair, R.H., 1888:
New Palaeoniscidae from the English Coal-Measures No II

Lyashenko, GP., 1969:
New Palaeozoic Coniconchia from the Arctic Circle

Zaspelova, VS.; Zhigaite, UK.; Molin, VA.; Stepanov, IV., 1977:
New Palaeozoic and Early Mesozoic Conchostraca from USSR and the Spitsbergen

Zhuravleva, FA., 1990:
New Palaeozoic cephalopods from Mongolia

Mezzalira, S.; Martins-Neto, R.G.oia., 1992:
New Palaeozoic crustaceans from the State of Sao Paulo, with the description of new taxa Novos crustaceos paleozoicos do Estado de Sao Paulo, com descricao de novos taxa

Abushik, A.F. ., 1969:
New Palaeozoic occurrences of Leperditiidae in Altai and Baigacha

Spasski, A.A., 1950:
New Paranoplocephalid from Tyan-Shan marmots

Id.; Kovacs, T.; Kovacs, T., 1999:
New Pauesia Quilis, 1931 species for the Hungarian fauna Hymenoptera Aphidiidae Uj Pauesia Quilis, 1931 fajok Magyarorszag faunajaban Hymenoptera Aphidiidae

Schimmel, Rainer., 1997:
New Pectocera species from South east Asia and systematic remarks on Ceropectus Fleutiaux, 1927 Coleoptera, Elateridae, Oxynopterinae Neue Pectocera-Arten aus Sudostasien und systematische Bemerkungen zu Ceropectus Fleutiaux, 1927 Coleoptera, Elateridae, Oxynopterinae

Lyutkevich, E.M.; Lobanova, D.V., 1970:
New Permian Astartella from the Pechora basin

Neukirchen, Walter M., 1997:
New Peruvian Heliconius subspecies Lepidoptera Nymphalidae Neue peruanische Heliconius-Unterarten Lepidoptera Nymphalidae

Schmidt, Guenter., 2002:
New Phlogius material Araneae Theraphosidae Selenocosmiinae from Papua New Guinea and description of the male of Phlogius papuanus Kulczynski, 1908 Neues Phlogius-Material Araneae Theraphosidae Selenocosmiinae aus Papua-Neuguinea und Beschreibung des Maennchens von Phlogius papuanus Kulczynski, 1908

de Armas, Luis F., 1995:
New Phrynus from Mexico Nicaragua, with complementary description of P garridoi Armas Amblypygi Phrynidae Nuevos Phrynus de Mexico y Nicaragua, con la descripcion complementaria de P garridoi Armas Amblypygi Phrynidae

Roeper, Martin., 2003:
New Plattenkalk records in memory of Karl Albert Frickhinger Neue Plattenkalk-Funde im Gedenken an Karl Albert Frickhinger

Tierno de Figueroa, JM.; Sanchez Ortega, A., 1995:
New Plecoptera records Insecta, Plecoptera in the Spanish Pyrenees Nuevas citas de plecopteros Insecta, Plecoptera en el Pirineo espanol

Tauber, Adan A., 1999:
New Pleistocene vicuna from Cordoba Province, Argentina Hallazgo de una vicuna en el Pleistoceno de la provincia de Cordoba, Republica Argentina

Leonova, EG.; Stepanaitys, NE., 1977:
New Pliocene Cyprididae from Pricaspia

Stepanaitys, N.E. ., 1969:
New Pliocene and post Pliocene Cytheridae in western Turkmenia

Kabak, Ilia I., 1998:
New Poecilus Pseudoderus from Kyrgyzstan Coleoptera, Carabidae, Pterostichini Nouveaux Poecilus Pseudoderus du Kirghizistan Coleoptera, Carabidae, Pterostichini

Ivanov, A.V., 1962:
New Pogonophora from the Eastern Pacific Part 2 Heptabrachia ctenophora sp n and Heptabrachia canadensis sp n

Ivanov, A.V., 1961:
New Pogonophora from the eastern part of the Pacific I Qalathedlinum brachiosum sp n

Ivanov, A.V., 1954:
New Pogonophora of the Far East seas

Tunoglu, Cemal., 2001:
New Pontian Tyrrhenocythere Ostracoda specis from Arakli Trabzon, eastern Black Sea region of Turkey Ponsiyen yasli yeni Tyrrhenocythere turleri Arakli/Trabzon, Dogu Karadeniz Bolgesi, Turkiye

Garcia-Alcalde, Jenaro L., 1999:
New Pragian Early Devonian rhynchonellid brachiopod genus of the Cantabro-Celtiberian region Spain Nuevo genero de braquiopodos rinconelidos del Praguiense Devonico Inferior de la region cantabro-celtiberica Espana

Garcia, G.; Feist, M.; Cabot, A.; Valentin, X.; Vianey-Liaud, M., 2000:
New Prismatoolithus oospecies and other Upper Cretaceous dinosaur eggs from the Villeveyrac-Meze Basin Herault, France Les oeufs de dinosaurs du Cretace superieur du bassin de Villeveyrac-Meze Herault, France description dune nouvelle ooespece de Prismatoolithus

Schimmel, Rainer., 1997:
New Procraerus species as well as a new species from the new genus Martiniana carinata n gen et n sp from south-east Asia Insecta Coleoptera Elateridae Neue Procraerus-Arten sowie eine neue Art aus der neuen Gattung Martiniana carinata n gen et n sp aus Sudost-Asien Insecta Coleoptera Elateridae

Baeva, V.G., 1969:
New Psylloidea species Homoptera from Tadzhikistan

Arenberger, E., 2002:
New Pterophoridae from Morocco Lepidoptera Neue Pterophoridae aus Marokko Lepidoptera

Dolin, Wladimir G., 1998:
New Quasimus species from south east Asia and the Philippines Coleoptera, Elateridae Neue Quasimus-Arten aus Sudost-Asien und Philippinen Coleoptera, Elateridae

Zicsi, A.; Feijoo Martinez, A., 2002:
New Quimbaya and other earthworms from Colombia and Ecuador Oligochata Glossoscolecidae earthworms from South-America 36 Neue Quimbaya- und andere Regenwurmarten aus Kolumbien und Ekuador Oligochaeta Glossoscolecidae Regenwuermer aus Suedamerika 36

Dornbusch, Gunthard., 2004:
New Ramsar area in Saxony-Anhalt Neues Ramsar-Gebiet in Sachsen-Anhalt

Storkersen, Oystein R., 1996:
New Ramsar wetlands established in Norway Ni nye norske Ramsar-omrader opprettet i 1996

Calvario, E.; Gustin, M.; Sarrocco, S.; Gallo-Orsi, U.; Bulgarini, F.; Fraticelli, F.; LIPU.; WWF., 1999:
New Red Lists of the breeding birds in Italy Nuova Liste Rossa degli uccelli nidificanti in Italia

Cavazzuti, Pierfranco., 2006:
New Rhigocarabus from mountainous regions of China Nuovi Rhigocarabus delle regioni Montagne della cina, Province di Sichuan, Gansu e Qinghai Settentrionale Coleoptera, Carabidae

Aliev, R.A., 1965:
New Rhincholites of the lower Cretaceous in the south-eastern Caucasus

Pawlowski, L.K., 1954:
New Rotatoria in fauna of Poland

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