New clear wing moth species and subspecies from Europe and Turkey Sesiidae, Lepidoptera Neue Glasflugler-Arten und Unterarten aus Europa und der Turkei Sesiidae, Lepidoptera

Spatenka, K.

Bonner Zoologische Beitraege 47(1-2): 43-57


Accession: 038449666

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Nine new species and subspecies of clearwing moths (Sesiidae) are described from Europe and Turkey. Many specimens of Bembecia peterseni sp. n. have been collected from a number of localities in Anatolia (Turkey). It resembles a number of Bembecia species and is closely related to B. iberica from France, Spain and Morocco. Synanthedon hera sp. n. described from several specimens from the Taurus (Turkey) is closely related to S. mannii. Dipchasphecia intermedia sp. n. was collected and bred from specimens originating from the Pontus and Taurus Mts (Turkey). It resembles D. lanipes and D. krocha its larva living in Acantholimon sp. Chamaesphaecia kautti from Nigde (Turkey), closely related to Ch. bibioniformis. Chamaesphecia taurica sp. n. also belongs into the same group. Synanthedon stomoxiformis riefenstahli ssp. n. from southern Spain, Synanthedon andrenaeformis tenuicingulata ssp. n. from north-eastern Turkey and from Armenia, Bembecia pavicevici dobrovskyi ssp. n. from the Taygetos Mts (Greece), and Bembecia syzcjovi kappadocica ssp. n. from Kappadokia (Asia Minor) represent new subspecies of species already known from other parts of the Palaearctic region.