New contribution to the knowledge of butterflies Insecta, Lepidoptera, Hesperiodea and Papilionoidea of the Province of Sondrio Lombardy, northern Italy Nuovo contributo alla conoscenza delle Farfalle diurne Insecta, Lepidoptera, Hesperioidea e Papilionoidea della provincia di Sondrio Lombardia, Italia Settentrionale

Pensotti, Carlo Saverio Maria.

Naturalista Valtellinese 15: 29-59


Accession: 038449784

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The list of the butterflies of the Province of Sondrio given by BASSANI et al. (2001) is updated and corrected, with the addition of 23 species (19 from various public and private collections, and 4 from the literature) and eliminating 13 species. As a result, the number of known species for the Province rises from 140 to 150, out of 279 for the whole of Italy.