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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38453

Chapter 38453 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Karaman, G.S., 1965:
New finding of Orchestia cavimana in the Balkans

Sanchez Marco, A., 2003:
New finding of Pleistocene marine birds from Fuerteventura Canary Islands Nuevo hallazgo de aves marinas del Pleistoceno de Fuerteventura Islas Canarias

Mikuz, Vasja., 2002:
New finding of crab Harpactoxanthopsis quadrilobata Desmarest in the Eocene flysch at Gracisce near Pazin in Istria Croatia Nova najdba rakovice Harpactoxanthopsis quadrilobata Desmarest v eocenskem flisu pri Graciscu blizu Pazina v Istri Hrvaska

Retzlaff, Hans., 2002:
New finding of three Lepidoptera species in north Rhine-Westphalia - Antispila treitschkiella Fischer von Roeslerstamm, 1843, Eudarcia pagenstecherella Huebner, 1825 and Pseudatemelia synchrozella Jaeckh, 1959 Drei fuer Nordrhein-Westfalen neue Schmetterlingsarten - Antispila treitschkiella Fischer von Roeslerstamm, 1843, Eudarcia pagenstecherella Huebner, 1825 und Pseudatemelia synchrozella Jaeckh, 1959 Lep, Heliozelidae, Tineidae et Amphisbatidae

Brandt, T.; Schirmer, M., 1999:
New findings about the distribution of Marstoniopsis scholtzi A Schmidt 1856 Gastropoda Hydrobiidae in the North German Lowlands Neue Erkenntnisse uber die Verbreitung von Marstoniopsis scholtzi A Schmidt 1856 Gastropoda Hydrobiidae im Norddeutschen Flachland

Hemmersbach, A.; Seliger, R.; Steegers, S., 2001:
New findings and further remarkable observations in the Heinsberg district Neufunde und weitere bemerkenswerte Beobachtungen im Kries Heinsberg Macrolepidoptera 3 Nachtrag zu Beitrag zur Macrolepidopterenfauna des Niederrheinischen Tieflandes und Randgebieten zur Niederrheinischen Bucht - Beobachtungen und Funde im Kries Heinsberg

Kokot, Andrzej., 2002 :
New findings and new localities of some rare Macrolepidoptera in Bialowieza Forest Nowe pojawy i nowe stanowiska niektorych rzadko spotykanych motyli wiekszych Macrolepidoptera w Puszczy Bialowieskiej

Rein, Siegfried., 2001:
New findings concerning the evolutionary biology of Germanic ceratites - ontogeny, phylogeny and dimorphismic behaviour Neue Erkenntnisse zur Evolutionsbiologie der germanischen Ceratiten - Ontogenese, Phylogenese und Dimorphismusverhalten

Reiprich, A.; Osust, J., 2002:
New findings from the years 1999-2001 and additional information about butterfly fauna in the National Park Slovak Paradise Slovensky Raj and in the surroundings of Spisska Nova Ves Nove nalezy z rokov 1999-2001 a doplnujuce udaje k motylej faune Narodneho parku Slovensky raj a okolia Spisskej Novej Vsi Zaverecny sumar

Anon., 1956:
New findings in Kamchatka Waters

Karisch, T.; Leutsch, H.; Sbieschne, H.; Stockel, D., 1999:
New findings in the butterfly fauna of Upper Lusatia Insecta, Lepidoptera Neue Erkenntnisse zur Schmetterlingsfauna der Oberlausitz Insecta, Lepidoptera

Dvorak, L.; Stastny, J., 1998:
New findings of Agabus wasastjernae CR Sahlberg Coleoptera Dytiscidae in the Czech Republic Nove nalezy potapnika Agabus wasastjernae CR Sahlberg Coleoptera Dytiscidae v Ceske republice

Forattini, O.P.ulo.; Kakitani, I.; Marques, G.R.ta Alvarenga Monteiro. de Brito, M., 1998:
New findings of Anopheles mosquitoes in artificial containers Novos encontros de anofelineos em recipientes artificiais

Koryakov, E.A., 1954:
New findings of Copepoda parasitica on Baikal fish

Glazunova, A.E., 1967:
New findings of Cretaceous ammonites in the Russian platform

Trampenau, Mario., 2006:
New findings of Cupido argiades Pallas, 1771 after 30 years in Oberlausitz and Zuchtbericht Lepidoptera, Lycaenidae Neufund von Cupido argiades Pallas, 1771 nach 30 Jahren in der Oberlausitz sowie Zuchtbericht Lepidoptera, Lycaenidae

Vengliansky, I.V., 1961:
New findings of Foraminifera of the Valvulina species

Zhilovs'kii, M.I., 1963:
New findings of Inoceramus and Foraminifera in the black flysch of Viutrennikh Car-pathians and studies concerning their stratigraphy

Andrusko, A.M.Markov, J.S., 1955:
New findings of Leishmania in reptiles of Middle Asia

Porpino, K. de Oliveira; Bergqvist, L.P.glarelli, 2002:
New findings of Panochthus Mammalia, Cingulata, Gliptodontoidea in the Brazilian northeastern Novos achados de Panochthus Mammalia, Cingulata, Glyptodontoidea no nordeste do Brasil

Aslanyan, P.M., 1966:
New findings of Pleistocene freshwater molluscs near Erevan

Klappenbach, M.A., 1967:
New findings of Polystira formosissima E A Smith, 1915 Moll Gastropoda in the coastal Atlantic, South America

Grimmberger, G., 2006:
New findings of Syringomorpha nilssoni Torell, 1868 from Geschiebe Neue funde von Syringomorpha nilssoni Torell, 1868 im Geschiebe

Vyushkov, B.P., 1955:
New findings of Triassic vertebrates in USSR

Andreeva, O.N., 1957:
New findings of articulated animals in Eastern Siberia

Fischer, Karlheinz., 1997:
New findings of birds from the Middle Oligocene of Weisselster Basin near Leipzig Saxony Neue Vogelfunde aus dem mittleren Oligozan des Weisselsterbeckens bei Leipzig Sachsen

Calvo, J.O.; Mazzetta, G.V., 2004:
New findings of dinosaur tracks in the Candeleros Formation Albian-Cenomanian, Picun Leufu, Neuquen, Argentina Nuevos hallazgos de huellas de dinosaurios en la Formacion Candeleros Albiano-Cenomaniano, Picum Leufu, Neuquen, Argentina

Matena, J.; Soldan, T., 1986:
New findings of larvae of the genus Epoicocladius Diptera, Chironomidae Nove nalezy larev rodu Epoicocladius Diptera, Chironomidae

Ferrarese, U.; Natale, A.; Corradi, S.; Maroli, M., 2005:
New findings of sandflies Diptera, Psychodidae in the southern part of Trentino northern Italy Nuovi ritrovamenti di flebotomi Diptera, Psychodidae nella parte meridionale del Trentino

Novikova, T.A.; Drozdova, YuV.; Telegin, VI., 1973:
New findings of the high mountain vole Alticola macrotis Radde in north east Altai

Uhrin, M.; Danko, S., 1996:
New findings of the pond bat Myotis dasycneme in Slovakia Nove nalezy netopiera pobrezneho, Myotis dasycneme Chiroptera Vespertilionidae na Slovensku

Morosov, V.A.; Shuleiko, V.N., 1959:
New findings of the tick Alectorobius asperus verrucosus in the Krasnodar Region

Gasse, Christoph., 2000:
New findings of the violet copper Lycaena helle Denis Schiffermuller, 1775 in the Hochsauerland area Neufund des Blauschillernden Feuerfalters Lycaena helle Denis Schiffermuller, 1775 im Hochsauerlandkreis Lep, Lycaenidae

Haesloop, Uwe., 2001 :
New findings of water beetles Coleoptera Dytiscidae in the area of Bremen Neue Schwimmkaeferfunde Coleoptera Dytiscidae im Grossraum Bremen

Heinz, W.; Staven, K., 1998:
New findings on Carabus Imaibius species from the Pakistani Himalayas Coleoptera Carabidae Neue Erkenntnisse an Carabus Imaibius-Arten aus dem pakistanischen Himalaya Coleoptera Carabidae

Meric, E.; Kerey, I.; Erdal; Avsar, N.; Tugrul, A.; Beril; Suner, F.; Sayar, A., 2003:
New findings on the Holocene deposits in the Golden Horn Istanbul coastal area Unkapani-Azapkapi Halic Istanbul kiyi alanlarinda Unkapani-Azapkapi gozlenen Holosen cokelleri hakkinda yeni bulgular

Meric, E.; Kerey, I.; Erdal.; Avsar, N.; Tunoglu, C.; Taner, G.; Kapan-Yesilyurt, S.; Unsal, I.; Rosso, A., 2000:
New findings on the Late Quaternary Holocene Marmara Sea-Black Sea connection via the Bosphorus Sea Way Gec kuvaterner Holosende Istanbul Bogazi Yolu ile Marmara Denizi-Karadeniz Baglantisi Hakkinda Yeni Bulgular

Schneidewind, Frank., 1998:
New findings on the genus Tropheus Neuere Erkenntnisse uber die Gattung Tropheus

Huemer, Peter., 1998:
New findings on the identity and distribution of European Oegoconia species Lepidoptera, Autostichidae Neue Erkentnisse zur Identitat und Verbreitung europaischer Oegoconia-Arten Lepidoptera, Autostichidae

Schroter, Hansjochen., 2000:
New findings to cockchafer Melolontha hippocastani F control Neue Erkenntnisse zur Bekampfung des Waldmaikafers Melolontha hippocastani

Tendal, Ole Secher., 2004:
New findings, distribution maps and key to freshwater sponges in Denmark Nye fund, udbredelseskort og nogle til danske ferskvandssvampe Porifera

Lorenz, J., 2005:
New findings, rediscoveries and noteworthy faunistical records of beetles Col in Saxony, 2001-2005 Neu- und Wiederfunde von Kaeferarten Col fuer die Fauna Sachsens sowie weitere faunistisch bemerkenswerte Kaefernachweise 2001-2005

Weigel, A., 2005:
New findings, rediscovery and noteworthy records of beetles Coleoptera in the fauna of Saxony Neu- und Wiederfunde sowie weitere bemerkenswerte Nachweise von Kaeferarten Coleoptera fuer die Fauna von Sachsen

Hellmund, M.; Hellmund, W., 2002:
New finds and additions to the reproductive behaviour of fossil damselflies Insecta, Odonata, Zygoptera Neufunde und Ergaenzungen zur Fortpflanzungsbiologle fossiler Kleinlibellen Insecta, Odonata, Zygoptera

Witlake, Friedrich., 1997:
New finds and observations on Hololepta plana Sulzer, 1776 and Siagonium quadricorne Kirby, 1815 East Westphalia Col, Histeridae, Staphylinidae Neue Funde und Beobachtungen von Hololepta plana Sulzer, 1776 und Siagonium quadricorne Kirby, 1815 in Ostwestfalen Col, Histeridae, Staphylinidae

Gromova, V., 1952:
New finds of Anchitheriinae from Mongolia

Shobozorov, P.C.L., 1956:
New finds of Cambrian fauna in the meta-morphic series of Baikal high lands

Belyaeva, E.I.; Gabuniya, L.K., 1960:
New finds of Caucasian platybelodonts

Reiprich, A.; Osust, J., 1999:
New finds of Lepidoptera in National Park Slovensky Raj and Spisska Nova Ves in 1996 -1998 Nove druhy motylov Lepidoptera pre Narodny Park Slovensky Raj a okolie Spisskej Novej Vsi z rokov 1996 -1998

Filippova, IB.; Fonin, VD.; Boishenko, AF., 1990:
New finds of Lower Cambrian fauna in the Dhzidin zone, Mongolia

Bognibova, R.T.; Shcheglov, A.P., 1967:
New finds of Middle Cambrian trilobites on South Krasnoyarsk territory

Keskula, Tonu., 1993:
New finds of Nemapogon wolffiellus Lepidoptera, Tineidae in Estonia Haruldase koilase Nemapogon wolffiellus Lepidoptera, Tineidae uutest leidudest Eestis

Alekseyeva, L.I., 1966:
New finds of Pleistocene mammals in Kharkov region

Kofler, Bojan., 2005:
New finds of Pretneria latitarsis soriscensis Perreau, 2003 Coleoptera Cholevidae Leptodirinae Nova nahajalisca podvrste Pretneria latitarsis soriscensis Perreau, 2003 Coleoptera Cholevidae Leptodirinae

Aarvik, L.; Berggren, K.; Bakke, S.A., 2001:
New finds of butterflies in Norway 2 Nye funn av sommerfugler i Norge 2

Aarvik, L.; Berggren, K.; Bakke, S.A., 2005:
New finds of butterflies in Norway 4 Nye funn av sommerfugler i Norge 4

Reiprich, Andrej., 1996:
New finds of butterflies in Slovensky Raj and Spisska Nova Ves region in 1994-1995 Nove druhu motylov pre narodny park Slovensky Raj a okolie Spisskej Novej Vsi z rokov 1994-1995

Reiprich, A.; Tokar, Z.; Osust, J., 1995:
New finds of butterflies in Slovensky raj and Spisska Nova Ves region in 1992-1993 Nove druhy motylov pre oblast Slovenskeho raja a okolia Spisskej Novej Vsi z rokov 1992-1993

Pogosyan, EE.; Pogosyan, EE.; Karapetyan, D.A., 1975:
New finds of cyst-forming nematodes in Armenia Nematoda, Heteroderidae

Niedzwiedzki, G.; Niedzwiedzki, D., 2004:
New finds of dinosaur tracks with metatarsal impressions from the Lower Jurassic of the Holy Cross Mountains, central Poland Nowe znaleziska tropow dinozaurow ze sladem srodstopia z dolnej jury Gor Swietokrzyskich

Gaudant, J.; Vatsev, M., 1997:
New finds of fossil fishes in the lacustrine Oligo-Miocene of south-west Bulgaria Novelles decouvertes paleo-ichthyologiques dans lOligo-Miocene lacustre du sud-ouest de la Bulgarie

Romodanova, A.P.; Shevchenko, A.I., 1959:
New finds of fossil mammals of Middle Pleistocene age in the Ukraine

Bezdecka, P., 1990:
New finds of gynandromorphic ants in Czechoslovakia

Polubotko, IV.; Ochev, VG., 1972:
New finds of ichthyosaurs in the Triassic deposits of north-eastern USSR and some remarks on their taphonomy

Aarvik, L.; Berggren, K.; Bakke, S.A.; Haugen, L.T.mmas.; Voith, R., 2006:
New finds of lepidopterans for Norway 5 Nye funn av sommerfugler i Norge 5

Ericson, Bertil., 1999:
New finds of nitidulid beetles Coleoptera Nitidulidae Meligethes with three to Sweden new species Nya fynd av rapsbaggar Coleoptera Nitidulidae Meligethes med tre for Sverige nya arter

Heyne, Karl-Heinz., 1996:
New finds of ringed birds in the Trier region Neue Funde beringter Vogel in der Region Trier

van der Zanden, G., 1998:
New finds of some little-known Palaearctic species of bees Insecta, Hymenoptera, Apoidea Neue Funde einiger wenig bekannter palaarktischer Bienen-Arten Insecta, Hymenoptera, Apoidea

Schmidt, Gunter., 1997:
New finds of spiders on the Canary Island Fuerteventura Neue Spinnenfunde auf der kanarischen Insel Fuerteventura

Donath, H., 2004 :
New finds of the darter Leucorrhinia pectoralis in the Niederlausitz Landruecken Nature Reserve Neue Funde der Grossen Moosjungfer Leucorrhinia pectoralis im Naturpark Niederlausitzer Landruecken

Bergsten, Johannes., 2001:
New finds of the earwig species Labia minor and Forficula auricularia in Vasterbotten Nya fynd av liten tvestjart och vanlig tvestjart i Vasterbotten

Zernet'sky, B.F., 1961:
New finds of the genus Pseudosiderolites in the south of the USSR and their significance for stratigraphy

Stumpf, Thomas. van der Kooij, Jeroen., 1999:
New finds of the yellow-necked mouse Apodemus flavicollis on the north west boundary of its territory Neue Funde der Gelbhalsmaus Apodemus flavicollis am nordwestlichen Arealrand

Novak, Z., 1990:
New finds of trace fossils from the Sabha region Libya

Ptaszynski, T.; Niedzwiedzki, G., 2002:
New finds of vertebrate tracks from the Buntsandstein of the Holy Cross Mountains central Poland Nowe znaleziska tropow kregowcow z pstrego piaskowca Gor Swietokrzyskich

Ott, Dieter., 1998:
New fish - new names, Fundulopanchax powelli and new data on Fundulopanchax Neue Fische - neue Namen, Fundulopanchax powelli und Neuerungen bei Fundulopanchax

Ortiz, M.; Lalana, R.; Suarez, E., 2003:
New fish parasite copepod and isopod crustaceans Crustacea, from the Cuban Archipelago, with the description of a new species of copepod Nuevos copepodos e isopodos Crustacea, parasitos de peces del Archipelago Cubano, con la descripcion de una nueva especie de copepodo

Villamizar, Estrella., 1996:
New fish records for the Los Roques Archipelago and/or Venezuela Nuevos registros de peces para el archipielago de Los Roques y/o Venezuela

Rivarola, D.; Codorniu, L.; Chiappe, L.; Arcucci, A., 2004:
New fish remains and sedimentary paleoenvironment of the Lagarcito Formation Early Cretaceous, San Luis, Argentina Nuevos hallazgos de peces fosiles y paleoambiente sedimentario de la Formacion Lagarcito Cretacico temprano, San Luis, Argentina

Mandrytza, SA., 1990:
New fish species of the genus Minous Cuvier Pisces Synanceiidae from the Indian Ocean

Wirtz, Peter., 1996:
New fishes from the Canary Islands Neue Fische von den Kanaren

Patzner, Robert A., 2002:
New fishes in the Mediterranean Sea - a ten year look back Neue Fische im Mittelmeer - zehn Jahre im Rueckblick

Wirtz, Peter., 2005:
New fishes for Madeira and the Azores Neue Fische fuer Madeira und die Azoren

Scherzinger, A.; F., M.; Heizmann, E.P.; Hofmann, F., 2005:
New fissure fillings from northern Hegau and the area around Sigmaringen western Swabian Alb, SW Germany Neue Spaltenfuellungen aus dem noerdlichen Hegau und der Umgebung von Sigmaringen Westliche Schwaebische Alb

Beaucournu, J.-Claude.; Sountsov, V.V.siljevich., 2000:
New fleas from Vietnam Ceratophyllidae Siphonaptera Puces nouvelles ou peu connues du Vietnam Ceratophyllidae Siphonaptera

Beaucournu, J.-Claude.; Sountsov, V.V.siljevicj., 1999:
New fleas from Vietnam Ctenophthalmidae and Pygiopsyllidae Siphonaptera Puces nouvelles ou peu connues du Vietnam Ctenophthalmidae et Pygiopsyllidae Siphonaptera

Geissert, F.; Merkel, J.J.cques.; Zimmermann, S., 1993:
New floristic, zoological and geological observations for Bas-Rhin Observations floristiques, zoologiques et geologiques inedites dans le Bas-Rhin

Haber Uriarte, M., 2005:
New focuses on the relations of autapomorphic anatomy of neandertals Nuevos enfoques en relacion con la anatomia autapomorfica de los neandertalenses

Tangen, Per., 1996:
New food plant for the butterfly Agriades aquilo Ny naeringsplante for dagsommerfuglen Agriades aquilo

Kusakin, O.G., 1955:
New for Far-Eastern waters USSR-The warm-water families of Isopoda

Ruecker, W., 2003:
New for Germany Corticaria longicornis Neu fuer Deutschland Corticaria longicornis

Wirtz, Peter., 1996:
New for Madeira two shrimps and two tunicates Neu fur Madeira zwei Garnelen und zwei Seescheiden

Borowiec, L.; Cooter, J., 1999:
New for Poland and rare species of the genus Leiodes Latreille, 1896 Coleoptera Leiodidae Nowe i rzadkie dla Polski gatunki z rodzaju Leiodes Latreille, 1896 Coleoptera Leiodidae

Jaloszynski, P.; Gawronski, R.; Kazmierczak, M.; Gutowski, J.M., 2005:
New for Poland, and rare beetles of the genus Euplectus Leach Coleoptera Staphylinidae Pselaphinae Nowe dla Polski i rzadkie chrzaszcze z rodzaju Euplectus Leach Coleoptera Staphylinidae Pselaphinae

Hilpold, Andreas., 2005:
New for South Tyrol Leptoglossus occidentalis Heidemann, 1910 Heteroptera, Coreidae Neu fuer Suedtirol Leptoglossus occidentalis Heidemann, 1910 Heteroptera, Coreidae

Walter, T.; Weber, P., 1999:
New for Switzerland Malthodes holdhausi Kaszab, 1955 Coleoptera, Cantharidae and other Cantharidae occurring in the same habitat Neu fur die Schweiz Malthodes holdhausi Kaszab, 1955 Coleoptera, Cantharidae und im selben Lebensraum vorkommende weitere Cantharidae

Holsteijn, Harry., 2006:
New for the Netherlands Haliclystus auricula Rathke, 1806 Nieuw in Nederland Haliclystus auricula Rathke, 1806

Nijland, R., 2003:
New for the Netherlands the shore crab Hemigrapsus penicillatus Nieuw in Nederland de Penseelkrab

Pronina, T.V., 1961:
New foraminifer species from the Lower Jivetian of the Middle and Southern Urals

Nicat, Jacques., 2002:
New form and subspecies of Charaxes eudoxus Drury 1782 Nouvelles forme et sous-espece de Charaxes eudoxus Drury 1782

Mazepova, G.F., 1955:
New form of Eucyclops serrulatus Fisch from Lake Baikal

Pidoplitchko, I.G.; Flerov, K.K., 1952:
New form of deer from the Pliocene of south Ukraine

Tere, I., 1955:
New form of mechanism in cell multiplication

Fetisov, A.S., 1950:
New form of shrew Sorex jenissejensis margarita subsp n from Eastern Siberia

Pilsbry, H.A., 1895:
New forms of American Zonitidae and Helicida

Monchenko, V.I., 1959:
New forms of Copepoda for the fauna of the Ukrainian Republic

Dolin, VG.; Ostafichuk, VG., 1973 :
New forms of Elateridae larvae from Moldavia

Oliver Sanz, Francisco., 1997:
New forms of Papilio dardanus Brown, 1776 from the Central African Republic Nuevas formas de Papilio dardanus Brown, 1776 de la Republica Centroafricana

Papaianopol, I.; Macalet, R., 1997:
New forms of the genus Congeria and Dreissena Bivalvia, Dreissenidae from the Pontian of Muntenia Dacian basin, Romania Nouvelles formes des genres Congeria et Dreissena Bivalvia, Dreissenidae dans le Pontien de Muntenie Bassin Dacique, Roumanie

Gayet, M.; Meunier, F.J., 1996:
New fossil Polypteriformes from the Coniacian-Senonian outcrop of In Becetem Niger Nouveaux Polypteriformes du gisement coniacien-senonien dIn Becetem Niger

Mason, MA., 1990:
New fossil Primates from the Uintan Eocene of southern California

Bagli, L.; Gentilini, G., 2003:
New fossil dragonflies from the Upper Miocene of Monte Castellaro, Pesaro, Marches, central Italy Insecta Odonata Libellulidae Nuove libellule fossili del miocene superiore di Monte Castellaro, Pesaro Marche, Italia centrale

Kursawe, Udo., 1993:
New fossil finds from the Liassic of Altdorf Neue Fossilienfunde im Lias Epsilon von Altdorf

Storozhenko, SYu., 1990:
New fossil grylloblattid insects Insecta, Grylloblattida Blattogryllidae, Geinitziidae from the Permian and Mesozoic of Asia

del Valle, R.A.; Medina, F.A., 1980:
New fossil invertebrates from Cabo Lamb Vega Island and Cabo Morro James Ross Island Nuevos invertebrados fosiles de Cabo Lamb Isla Vega y Cabo Morro Isla James Ross

Rinderknecht, Andres., 1998:
New fossil microvertebrates from the Upper Pleistocene of Uruguay Nuevos microvertebrados fosiles para el Pleistoceno superior del Uruguay Amphibia, Reptilia, Aves

Wenndorf, Klaus-Werner., 1999:
New fossil records from the Lower Devonian of the Rhine and Mosel Rhineland-Palatinate geological map, sheet 5611 Koblenz Part 1 the Lower Emsian Neue Fossilfunde aus dem Unterdevon an Rhein und Mosel geologische Karte von Rheinland-Pfalz, Blatt 5611 Koblenz Teil 1 Unterems

Wenndorf, Klaus-Werner., 2001:
New fossil records from the Lower Devonian of the Rhine and Mosel geological map of Rhineland-Palatinate, page 5611 Koblenz Part 2 lower Upper Emsian Neue Fossilfunde aus dem Unterdevon an Rhein und Mosel geologische Karte von Rheinland-Pfalz, Blatt 5611 Koblenz Teil 2 tiefes Oberems Emsquarzit

Roper, M.; Neumeier, F., 1995:
New fossil records from the Upper Cretaceous of Regensburg Part 2 The Grossberg sandstone from Eggmuhl Upper Turonian Neue Fossilfunde aus der Regensburger Oberkreide Teil 2 Der Grossberger Sandstein von Eggmuhl Oberturon

Ruiz-Sanchez, F.J.vier. de Santisteban Bove, C.; Lacomba Andueza, J.I.nacio., 2003:
New fossil rodent faunas Mammalia, Rodentia of lower and middle Aragonian in the Barranco Morteral section River Magro basin, prov Valencia, Spain Nuevas faunas de roedores fosiles Mammalia, Rodentia de edad Aragoniense inferior y medio en la serie del Barranco de Morteral cuenca del Rio Magro, prov de Valencia, Espana

Datsenko, LN., 1990:
New fossil species of superfamily Pisidioidea of Pleistocene alluvion in the Ukraine

Gagnaison, C.; Fucci, D.; Gagnaison, J.; Gillet, P., 2007:
New fossils of Chalicotherium grande in the Miocene shell marls of Touraine De nouveaux fossiles de Chalicotherium grande dans les faluns miocenes de Touraine

Bertolero, A.; Canicio, A., 2000:
New free nesting record for Trachemys scripta elegans in Catalonia Nueva cita de nidificacion en libertad de Trachemys scripta elegans en Cataluna

Wirtz, Peter., 2006:
New freshwater blenniids from Greece Neuer Suesswasserblenniide aus Griechenland

Hoffmann, P.; Hoffmann, M., 2005:
New from Rio Madre de Dios The Peruvian tetra Hyphessobrycon nigricinctus Neu aus dem Rio Madre de Dios Peru-Kaisersalmler Hyphessobrycon nigricinctus

Hillmer, G.; Voigt, E.; Scholz, J., 1997:
New fungiform Bryozoan genera Cyclostomata from the subhercynian Santonian and their ecology Neue fungiforme Bryozoen-Genera Cyclostomata aus dem subhercynen Santonium und ihre Okologie

Plassmann, Eberhard., 1999:
New fungus gnats from Bavaria and Sweden Diptera, Nematocera, Sciaroidea, Mycetophilidae Neue bayerische und swedische Pilzmucken Diptera, Nematocera, Sciaroidea, Mycetophilidae

Tyurin, P.S., 1959:
New fur animals-American mink and nutria in Kirgizia

Jaschhof, Mathias., 1997:
New gall midge species of the Palaearctic Diptera Cecidomyiidae Lestremiinae Contribution 1 genus Aprionus Neue Gallmucken-Arten aus der Palaarktis Diptera Cecidomyiidae Lestremiinae 1 Beitrag Gattung Aprionus

Plantard, O.; Chaubet, B.; Folliot, R., 2004:
New galligenous Cynipidae for the west of France Cynipidae galligenes nouveaux pour lOuest de la France

Mateu, J.; Etonti, M., 2002:
New gen and new sp of Anillini from northern Peru, Perucharidius andinus Coleoptera, Carabidae, Anillini Perucharidius andinus gen n, sp n di anillini del Peru settentrionale Coleoptera, Carabidae, Anillini

Tilkina, K.F., 1958:
New genera species of ostracod

Creao-Duarte, Antonio J., 1997:
New genera and new species of Hoplophorionini Hemiptera, Membracidae, Membracinae Novos generos e especies de Hoplophorionini Hemiptera, Membracidae, Membracinae

Morvan, Dremm Mab., 1999:
New genera and new species of Platynina and Sphodrina from the Eastern Himalaya Coleoptera Carabidae Platynina Nouveaux genres et nouvelles especes de Platynina et de Sphodrina de l Himalaya oriental Coleoptera Carabidae Platynina

Morvan, Dremm Mab., 1999:
New genera and new species of Platynina from the eastern Himalayas Nouveaux genres et nouvelles especes de Platynina de lHimalaya oriental

Carles-Tolra, M., 2007:
New genera and species for Spain Diptera Limoniidae, Asilidae, Heleomyzidae, Psilidae, Calliphoridae Generos y especies nuevos para Espana Diptera Limoniidae, Asilidae, Heleomyzidae, Psilidae, Calliphoridae

Fullaway, D.T., 1919:
New genera and species of Braconidae, mostly malayan

Poletaeva, O.K., 1960:
New genera and species of Cambrian trilobites of Western Siberia

Girault, A.A., 1920:
New genera and species of Chalcid-flies from Australia Hymenoptera

Koltun, V.M., 1955:
New genera and species of Cornacuspongia from Okhotsk and Behring seas

Reig Oriol, Jose Ma., 1997:
New genera and species of Cretaceous Madreporaria Generos y especies nuevas de madreporarios cretacicos

Naumov, D.V., 1955:
New genera and species of Hydroidea from the Far-Eastern Seas

Bonatto, S.R.; Marinoni, L., 2005:
New genera and species of Mesembrinellinae Diptera, Calliphoridae from Costa Rica and Venezuela Generos e especies novos de Mesembrinellinae Diptera, Calliphoridae da Costa Rica e Venezuela

Pocock, R.I., 1897:
New genera and species of Millipedes of the family Platyrrhachidae from the Indo-and Austro-Malayan subregions, contained in the collection of the British Museum

Lubimova, P.S., 1958:
New genera and species of Ostracod

Miller, N.C.E., 1948:
New genera and species of Reduviidae from the Philippines, Celebes and Malaysia

Kirejtshuk, AG., 1990:
New genera and species of the nitidulid beetles Coleoptera, Nitidulidae from Australian region 3

Banks, Nathan., 1909:
New genera and species of tropical Myrmeleonidae

Pace, Roberto., 2002:
New genera of Aleocharinae from Borneo Coleoptera, Staphylinidae Nuovi generi di Aleocharinae del Borneo Coleoptera, Staphylinidae

Townsend, C.H.T., 1917:
New genera of Amobiinae

Girault, A.A., 1915:
New genera of chalcidoid Hymenoptera

Spasskii, AA., 1973:
New genera of cyclophyllid cestodes

Korshunov, YuP., 1990:
New genera of the subfamily Parnassiinae Swainson, 1840

Koroleva, M.N., 1959:
New genera of trilobites from the Middle and Upper Ordovician of northern Kazakhstan

Vilaclara, G.; Lugo, A.; Martinez, S., 1995:
New genera record of Pyrobotrys Arnoldi and Chlorobrachis Korsch Chlorophyceae, Volvocales from Mexico Registros genericos nuevos para Mexico de Pyrobotrys Arnoldi y Chlorobrachis Korsch Chlorophyceae, Volvocales

Olivares, T.S.; Angulo, A.O., 2005:
New genera, new synonymous and little known species of the subfamily Cuculliinae Lepidoptera, Noctuidae Nuevos generos, sinonimos y especies poco conocidas de la subfamilia Cuculliinae Lepidoptera, Noctuidae

Rost, R.; Neumann, F.; Kirchhofel, K.; Hoyer, E., 1994:
New generation of bee eaters Breeding of Merops nubicus nubicus Nachwuchs bei den Vettern des Feuers Uber eine Nachzucht des Scharlachspintes Merops nubicus nubicus

Staeck, Wolfgang., 1998:
New generic names for 24 Lake Malawi cichlids Neuer Gattungsname fur 24 Malawisee-Cichliden

Garcia R., Jose Luis., 2000:
New generic records of Hymenoptera Parasitica for Venezuela Nuevos registros genericos para Venezuela de Hymenoptera Parasitica

Sitnikova, LG., 1979:
New genus new species of mite from the family Cepheidae Acarina Oribatei from South America

Suleimanov, I.S., 1955:
New genus Gubkinella and two new species, belonging to the family Heterohelicidae, from the Upper Senonian of southwestern Kizil-Kum

Espinosa, J.; Ortea, J., 2000:
New genus and eleven new species of Cystiscidae and Marginellidae Mollusca Neogastropoda from the Costa Rica Caribbean Descripcion de un genero y once especies nuevas de Cystiscidae y Marginellidae Mollusca Neogastropoda del Caribe de Costa Rica

Moore, T.; Lander, T., 2004:
New genus and new species in the Stigmoderini tribe Coleoptera Buprestidae in America Genero y especie nuevas de la tribu Stigmoderini Coleoptera Buprestidae en America

Urban, Danuncia., 1999:
New genus and new species of Anthidiinae with taxonomic notes Hymenoptera, Megachilidae Genero novo e especies novas de Anthidiinae e nota taxonomica Hymenoptera, Megachilidae

Berenger, J.; Gil-Santana, H., 2005:
New genus and new species of Ectrichodiinae from South America Heteroptera, Reduviidae Nouveau genre et nouvelles especes dEctrichodiinae dAmerique du Sud Reteroptera, Reduviidae

Perreau, Michel., 1999:
New genus and new species of Leptodirini Coleoptera, Leiodidae Nouveaux genres et nouvelles espces de Leptodirini Coleoptera, Leiodidae

Lipman, R.H., 1969:
New genus and new species of Radiolaria of the USSR

Chou, I.; Xiang, L., 1981:
New genus and new species of aphidiids from China Hymenoptera Aphidiidae

Gomelauri, L.A., 1963:
New genus and new species of predatory acarina belonging to the family of Bdel-lidae

Lourenco, Wilson R., 1999:
New genus and new species of scorpion from Egypt, belonging to the family Buthidae Simon Un nouveau genre et une nouvelle espece de scorpion dEgypte, appartenant a la famille des Buthidae Simon

Bregetova, N.G.Grokhovskaya, I.M., 1961:
New genus and some new species of gamasid mites from North Viet-Nam and South China

Espanol, F.; Vinolas, A., 1996:
New genus and species of Anobiidae of the tropical African region Coleoptera Genero y especies nuevas de Anobiidae del Africa tropical Coleoptera

Neder de Roman, Lilia E., 1999:
New genus and species of Asaphinae Hymenoptera Pteromalidae in the Prepuna biotic zone of Argentine Nuevo genero y especie de Asaphinae Hymenoptera Pteromalidae de la Prepuna de la Argentina

Arredondo, C.; Arredondo, O., 2000:
New genus and species of Cuban Pleistocene sloth Nuevo genero y especie de perezoso Edentata Megalonychidae del Pleistoceno de Cuba

Maier, EM., 1975:
New genus and species of Foraminifera from the Aral Sea, the Caspian Sea and lakes in the caves of Kaptar-Khan

Chiamolera, L. de B.; Cavichioli, R.R.; Anderle, P.N., 2003:
New genus and species of Neocoelidiinae Hemiptera Auchenorrhyncha, Cicadellidae Genero e Especie Nova de Neocoelidiinae Hemiptera Auchenorrhyncha, Cicadellidae

Ebert, H.; Dias, M.M.rtins., 1997:
New genus and species of Satyrinae Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae from southern Brazil Novos genero e especie de Satyrinae Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae do sudeste Brasileiro

Rzhonsnitskaya, M.A., 1960:
New genus and species of Theodossiids from the Kuzbas New species of Ancient Plants and Invertebrates USSR

Arredondo, O.; Arredondo, C., 1999:
New genus and species of fossil bird Falconiformes Accipitridae from the Quaternary of Cuba Nuevos genero y especies de ave fosil Falconiformes Accipitridae del Cuaternario de Cuba

Perez-Asso, A.R., 2003:
New genus and species of millipedes of the family Chelodesmidae Diplopoda Polydesmida for Hispaniola Nuevo genero y especie de milpies de la famila Chelodesmidae Diplopoda Polydesmida para la Hispaniola

Martins, U.R.; Napp, D.S.lange., 2005:
New genus and synonymical note in Callichromatini Coleoptera, Cerambycidae Novo genero e nota sinonimica em Callichromatini Coleoptera, Cerambycidae

Moore, T.; Vidal, P., 2005:
New genus and two new species of Anthicidae for Chile Coleoptera Nuevo genero y dos especies nuevas de Anthicidae para Chile Coleoptera

Julio, C.E.uardo de Alvarenga.; Monne, M.A., 2005:
New genus of Acanthoderini Coleoptera, Cerambycidae Novo genero de Acanthoderini Coleoptera, Cerambycidae

Zhuravleva, I.T., 1951:
New genus of Archaecyaths with pectinate bottom from Cambrian lime-zones of Siberia

Izecksohn, Eugenio., 1998:
New genus of Brazilian Hylidae Amphibia, Anura Novo genero de Hylidae brasileiro Amphibia, Anura

Graf, V.; Kumagai, A.F.mi., 1998:
New genus of Campopleginae Hymenoptera, Ichneumonidae from Brazil Novo genero de Campopleginae Hymenoptera, Ichneumonidae do Brasil

Akopyan, VT., 1972:
New genus of Upper Cretaceous Acteonellids

Ivanova, T.S.; Dzhuraeva, L.M., 1971:
New genus of a new family Tigronchidae famnov Nematoda Mononchida from Tadzhikistan

Korchagin, V.I., 1964 :
New genus of agglutinating Foraminifera from Turonian deposits of the Tadzhikistan depression

Dolin, W.; Girard, C., 1998:
New genus of click-beetles of sub-family Negastriinae Coleoptera Elateridae from Madagascar Description dun genre nouveau de Negastriinae Coleoptera Elateridae de Madagascar

Lavrenteva, VD., 1990:
New genus of cryptostomid Bryozoa

Solovyeva, M.N., 1955:
New genus of fusulinids-Dagmarella-and its systematic position and geographical distribution

Orlova, I.N., 1955:
New genus of the family Archaediscidae Tchern 1948

Astashkina, V.F., 1970:
New genus of the family Stropheodontidae Caster Brachiopoda

Gusev, A.V., 1965:
New genus of the monogenetic trematodes occurring in the eels belonging to the genus Anguilla

Akhmerov, A.K., 1959:
New genus of trematodes from fishes

Kiryanova, E.S., 1950:
New genus of water worm Progordius gen nov from Tadshikistan

Arredondo, O.; Rivero, M., 1997:
New genus species of Megalonychidae from Cuban Quaternary Nuevo genero y especie de Megalonychidae del Cuaternario Cubano

Garcia-Paris, Mario., 2000:
New geographic records of Sitarini Coleoptera Meloidae from the Iberian Peninsula Nuevas localidades de Sitarini Coleoptea Meloidae en la Peninsula Iberica

Galvao, C. da Silva Rocha, D.; Jurberg, J.; Carcavallo, R.U., 2001:
New geographical distribution of Triatoma deaneorum Galvao, Souza Lima 1967, new designation for Triatoma deanei Hemiptera, Reduviidae Ampliacao da distribuicao geografica de Triatoma deaneorum Galvao, Souza Lima 1967, nova denominacao para Triatoma deanei Hemiptera, Reduviidae

Amarista, Jesus., 1996:
New geographical distribution record for Aedes Howardina ioliota Dyar Knab 1913 Diptera Culicidae in Venezuela Nuevo registro sobre la distribucion geografica de Aedes Howardina ioliota Dyar Knab 1913 Diptera Culicidae en Venezuela

Berti, J.; Mora, J.; Menares, C., 1996:
New geographical distribution record of Anopheles neomaculipalpus Curry, 1931 Diptera Culicidae from Venezuela Nuevo registro sobre la distribucion geografica de Anopheles neomaculipalpus Curry, 1931 Diptera Culicidae en Venezuela

Ibanez-Bernal, S.; Paz-Rodriguez, R.; Alonzo-Parra, D., 1996:
New geographical record of Eratyrus cuspidatus Stal Hemiptera Reduviidae, Triatominae from Mexico Nuevo registro geografico de Eratyrus cuspidatus Stal Hemiptera Reduviidae, Triatominae de Mexico

Natera, M.; Manzanilla, J., 2001:
New geographical records and bioecological notes for Philodryas olfersii Lichtenstein, 1823 Serpentes Colubridae in Venezuela Nuevos registros geograficos y notas bioecologicas de Philodryas olfersii Lichtenstein, 1823 Serpentes Colubridae en Venezuela

Perez de Ana, JM., 1999:
New geographical references for mammals of the Basque Country Nuevas cuadriculas para mamiferos en el Pais Vasco

Margiotta, S.; Varola, A., 2004:
New geological and paleontological data on some important outcrops in the territory of Lecce Nuovi dati geologici e paleontologici su alcuni affioramenti nel territorio di Lecce

Catalano, S.; D.S.efano, A., 1996:
New geological and stratigraphical data on the Capo dOrlando Flysch in the eastern Peloritani Mountains north-eastern Sicily Nuovi dati geologici e stratigrafici sul Flysch di Capo dOrlando nei Peloritani orientali Sicilia nord-orientale

Imre, Fazekas., 1996:
New geometrid moth from the Bakony Mountains on the Hungarian fauna the Nychiodes obscuraria Vill Lepidoptera, Geometridae A magyar faunaban uj araszololepke a Bakony-hegysegbol a Nychiodes obscuraria Vill Lepidoptera, Geometridae

Zahm, N., 2003:
New geometrids for the Saarland fauna Lepidoptera, Geometridae Neue Geometriden fuer die Saarland-Fauna Lepidoptera, Geometridae

Pedroni, G., 2004:
New geonemic and bio-ecologic data on Italian Anthribidae Coleoptera Curculionoidea Nouvi dati geonemici ed ecologico-biologici sugli Anthribidae italiani Coleoptera Curculionoidea

Tarrier, M., 1997:
New geonemic definitions and range extensions of some Rhopalocera from Morocco Lepidoptera Nouvelles definitions geonemiques et extensions daires de quelques Rhopaloceres au Maroc Lepidoptera

Uhlig, Undine., 2001:
New glirid records Rodentia, Mammalia from the Oligocene of the south German folded molasse - systematic position and biostratigraphical evaluation Neue Gliridenfunde Rodentia, Mammalia aus dem Oligozaen der sueddeutschen Faltenmolasse - systematische Stellung und biostratigraphische Verwertbarkeit

Zurita, Alfredo Eduardo., 2002:
New glyptodont Mammalia, Glyptodontoidea from the Quaternary of Chaco Province Argentina Nuevo gliptodonte Mammalia, Glyptodontidea del Cuaternario de la provincia de Chaco Argentina

Jakubski, A.W., 1925:
New graphical methods in biology and their importance

Horny, R., 1964:
New graptolites from the metamorphosed Silurian in Bohemia

Anonymous., 1990:
New ground - not always free of eelworm problems

Kutasi, Csaba., 1997:
New ground beetle species Carabidae to the Bakony-Mountains from the surroundings of Veszpremvarsany A Bakony-hegyseg teruletere uj futobogarfajok Carabidae Veszpremvarsany kornyekerol

Pervomaiskii, G.C., 1950:
New gynandromorph ticks belonging to the genus Hyalomma Koch Acarina, Ixodidae

Pavlovskii, E.N.; Bernadskaya, Z.M., 1948:
New gynandromorphs in Ixodid ticks

Pavlovsky, E.N.; Bernadskaya, Z.M., 1948:
New gyndromorphs of Ixodid ticks

Marchiori, C H.; Silva Filho, OM.; Milhomem, MEV.; Leles, AS., 2004:
New habitat and host for Aleochara notula Erichson, 1839 Coleoptera Staphylinidae in buffalo dung in Brazil Novo habitat e hospedeiro para Aleochara notula Erichson, 1839 Coleoptera Staphylinidae em fezes de bufalos no Brasil

Bonani, J P.; Silva, CG.; Marchiori, CH.; Amaral, BB.; Torres, LC.; Souza, B., 2004:
New habitat and host for Trichopria sp Hymenoptera Diapriidae in Brazil Novo habitat e hospedeiro para Trichopria sp Hymenoptera Diapriidae no Brasil

Marchiori, C H.; Silva Filho, OM.; Milhomem, MEV.; Silva, AL., 2004:
New habitat for Trichopria sp Hymenoptera Diapriidae in Brazil Novo habitat para Trichopria sp Hymenoptera Diapriidae no Brasil

Matyushkin, EN.; Kuznetzov, GV.; Mirotvortzer, YuI., 1974:
New habitat of Sicista caudata in Primorye and Priamur

Gruber, Jurgen., 2000 :
New harvestmen from Lower Austria and neighbouring areas Arachnida Opiliones Neue Weberknechtfunde aus Niederosterreich und angrenzenden Gebieten Arachnida Opiliones

Ryzhikov, K.M.; Leonov, V.A.; Tzimbalyuk, A.K., 1964:
New helminth occurring in anseriform birds Australapatemon skrjabini sp nov Trematoda Strigeidae

Choizho, U., 1959:
New helminths of the horse

Adlbauer, Karl., 1999:
New hemipteran records for Austria, Styria and Burgenland Heteroptera 7th contribution to the faunistics of Styrian hemipterans Neue Wanzenarten fuer Oesterreich, die Steiermark und das Burgenland Heteroptera 7 Beitrag zur Faunistik steirischer Wanzen

Tucakov, Marko., 2001:
New heron colony in Pancevacki rit marsh Nova kolonija caplji u Pancevackom ritu

Scarton, F.; Semenzato, M., 2005:
New heronries in the Venice Province years 2003-2004 Nuove garzaie in provincia di Venezia Anni 2003-2004

Gosa, Alberto., 1995:
New herpetological data in the Basque Country northern Spain Nuevos datos herpetologicos para el Pais Vasco

Sindaco, R.; Biggi, E.; Boano, G.; Delmastro, G.B., 2002:
New herpetological information for Piedmont I Amphibia, Reptilia Novitates Herpetologicae Pedemontanae I Amphibia, Reptilia

Mateo, J.A.; Garcia-Marquez, M.; Lopez-Jurado, L.F.; Pether, J., 1997:
New herpetological observations on the Desertas islands Cape Verde archipelago Nuevas observaciones herpetologicas en las Islas Desertas Archipielago de Cabo Verde

Hasi, M.; Lopez-Jurado, L.-Felipe.; Mateo, J.-Antonio.; Saint-Andrieux, J.-Pierre.; Geniez, P., 1998:
New herpetological records in Western Sahara, 3 Nouvelles observations herpetologiques au Sahara Occidental, 3

Kis, Bela., 1996:
New heteropterans for the Romanian fauna Heteroptere noi pentru fauna Romaniei

Selin, A., 2004:
New heteropterans in the Estonian fauna Uusi lutikalisi Heteroptera Eesti faunas

Pecenko, N., 1990:
New hope for the Javan rhinoceros

Becker, P.H.; Ludwigs, J.-Dieter.; Wagener, M., 2001:
New hope for the North Sea cod in summer 2001 seabirds already indicate a good year Neue Chance fuer den Nordsee-Kabeljau Seevoegel machen bereits im Sommer 2001 auf starken Jahrgang aufmerksam

W W.F.; International., 1997:
New hopes for the Siberian tiger after a recent census Nuevas esperanzas para el tigre siberiano tras un reciente censo

Marchiori, C H.; Barbosa, RM.; Silva Filho, OM.; Fortes, FCA.; Goncalves, PLP.; Brunes, RR.; Laurindo, JF.; Borges, RF., 2004:
New host and habitat for the parasitoid Spalangia drosophilae Ashmead Hymenoptera Pteromalidae in Brazil Novo hospedeiro e habitat para o parasitoide Spalangia drosophilae Ashmead Hymenoptera Pteromalidae no Brasil

Alcaraz-Melendez, L.; Jimenez, M.L.isa.; Torres, L., 2003:
New host for Corythaica carinata Hemiptera Tingidae in Baja California Sur, Mexico Hospedero nuevo para Corythaica carainata Hemiptera Tingidae en Baja California Sur, Mexico

Jimenez, M.L.isa.; Palacios, C., 1999:
New host for two species of Triatominae Hemiptera Reduviidae in Baja California Sur, Mexico Nuevo hospedero para dos especies de triatominos Hemiptera Reduviidae de Baja California Sur, Mexico

de Souza, C.E.; Pillegi. do Amaral Filho, B.F.rreira., 1999 :
New host plant of Leptoglossus zonatus Dallas Heteroptera Coreidae Nova planta hospedeira de Leptoglossus zonatus Dallas Heteroptera Coreidae

Milkowski, Marek., 1999:
New host plants for Mesosa curculionoides L and Pogonocherus hispidus L Coleoptera; Cerambycidae Nieznane dotychczas rosliny zywicielskie larw Mesosa curculionoides L i Pogonocherus hispidus L Coleoptera Cerambycidae

Hernandez-Suarez, E.; Febles, JC.; Carnero, A., 2000:
New host plants of the whitefly Lecanoideus floccissimus Hemiptera Aleyrodidae in the Canary Islands Nuevos hospedantes de la mosca blanca Lecanoideus floccissimus Hemiptera Aleyrodidae en las Islas Canarias

Villacide, J.M.ria; Sackmann, P.; Elgueta, M., 2006:
New host record for Huequenia livida Coleoptera Cerambycidae in Argentina Nuevo hospedador de Huequenia livida Coleoptera Cerambycidae en Argentina

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