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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38455

Chapter 38455 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Kusov, V.N., 1957:
New method in collecting and study on breeding Ornithodorus papillipes in natural environment

Anon., 1956:
New method in entomological collection

Koritin, S.A., 1959:
New method of catching and tagging the stags

Nikitin, VF., 1976:
New method of determination of longevity of larval paramphistomes

Ershov, V.S.; Krikunov, M.S.; Plakhotnya, R.A.; Gorobetz, A.D., 1953:
New method of diagnostics of ascariasis in pig

Donizeti de Oliveira, A.; Mendonca Filho, J.G.aciano; Carvalho, M. de Araujo; Menezes, T.R.go; Cunha Lana, C.; Brenner, W.W.lter, 2004:
New method of palynological preparation for increasing the recovery of dinoflagellates Novo metodo de preparacao palinologica para aumentar a recuperacao de dinoflagelados

Meien, S.V., 1957:
New method of photography

Shpak, N.I., 1956:
New method of tissue preservation using phytoncides of horse-radish

Blagosklonov, K.H., 1952 :
New method of transport of young birds as settlers for protection of forest-cultures

Granat, J.; Heim, J.-Louis., 2003:
New method to estimate Neanderthals dental age Nouvelle methode destimation de lage dentaire des Neandertaliens

Szep, Tibor., 2000:
New methods and possibilities in bird monitoring A madar-monitorozas uj modszerei es lehetosegei

Bernini, F.; Barbieri, F.; Vercesi, A., 2000:
New methods for capturing and marking anurans first research on Rana latastei and Rana dalmatina Nuove metodologie di cattura e di marcatura negli anuri prima esperienza su Rana latastei e Rana dalmatina

Brodskii, A.L.; Zemlian-skaia, A.I., 1946:
New methods for the control of Hetcrodera marioni Cornu

Caccio, SM., 2004:
New methods for the diagnosis of Cryptosporidium e Giardia Nuovi metodi per la diagnosi di Cryptosporidium e Giardia

Dorofeev, Y.P., 1976:
New methods in calculation of small terrestrial predators in centres of mass reproduction of water voles

aumov, N.P.; Dukelskaya, I.M.; Dombrovski, V.V., 1951:
New methods in campaign against field mice

Bogatora, IB., 1973:
New methods of Cladocera cultivation

Bauer, ON.; Uspenskaya, A.V., 1957:
New methods of controlling fish diseases

Krivitzki, A.S., 1956 :
New methods of microscopy in biology

Roktaneu, L.P.Pashkova, L.P., 1970:
New methods of recording wheat thrips

Kirpik, Mehmet Ali., 2006:
New methods to collect spider wasps Pompilidae Hymenoptera Orumcek Arilarinin Pompilidae Hymenoptera Yakalanmasinda Kullanilan Yeni Yontemler

Courtois, J-M., 1995:
New microlepidoptera for the fauna of Lorraine Insecta, Lepidoptera Microlepidopteres nouveaux pour la faune de Lorraine Insecta, Lepidoptera

Buschmann, Ferenc., 2005:
New microlepidopterous species in the collection of Matra Museum, Gyongyos, Hungary Uj microlepidoptera fajok a Matra Muzeum gyujtemenyeben

Odin, G.S.rge; Lethiers, A., 2006:
New micropalaeontological studies on the stratotype of the Campanian-Maastrichtian boundary at Tercis SW France the gilianelles microproblematica extracted through acetolysis Nouvelles etudes micropaleontologiques sur le stratotype de la limite Campanien-Maastrichtien a Tercis SO France les gilianelles microproblematica extraites par acetolyse

Mauries, J.-Paul.; Heymer, A., 1996:
New micropolydesmids from Central Africa preliminary grouping for a revision of the genus Sphaeroparia Nouveaux micropolydesmides dAfrique centrale essai de rassemblement pour une revision du genre Sphaeroparia Diplopoda, Polydesmida, Fuhrmannodesmidae

Rudzinski, Hans-Georg., 2000:
New midges from Moravia Diptera, Sciaridae Neue Trauermucken aus Mahren Diptera Sciaridae

Anonymous., 1993:
New migration by Danaus chrysippus L in Catalonia Nova migracio da Danaus chrysippus L a Catalunya

Lisitzin, A.P.; Udintzev, G.B., 1955 :
New model of bottom sampler

Rolan, E.; Trigo, J., 2002:
New mollusc records for Galicia, 2 Nuevas citas de moluscos para Galicia, 2

Koernig, G., 2005:
New mollusc species in Saxony-Anhalt Neue Molluskenarten in Sachsen-Anhalt

da Costa Barros Muniz, Geraldo., 1993:
New molluscs from the Gramame Formation, Upper Cretaceous of the Paraiba and Pernambuco states, northeast of Brazil Novos moluscos da Formacao Gramame, Cretaceo Superior dos Estados da Paraiba e de Pernambuco, nordeste do Brasil

Morton, L.S.; Herbst, R., 2003:
New molluscs from the Miocene San Jose and Chiquimil Formations, Santa Maria Valley, Catamarca and Tucuman Provinces, Argentina Moluscos dulceacuicolas de las Formaciones San Jose y Chiquimil Mioceno del Valle de Santa Maria Catamarca y Tucuman, Argentina

Moths, Herbert., 2002:
New molluscs from the Sternberger Gestein Chattian, Upper Oligocene of Northern Germany Neue Mollusken aus dem Sternberger Gestein Chattium, Oberoligozaen von Norddeutschland

Bartsch, Paul., 1907:
New mollusks of the family Vitrinellidae from the west coast of America

Gusev, A.V., 1955:
New monogenetic trematodes from the gills ofSqualiobarbus curriculus Richardson from rivers in China

Gagarin, VG.; Gagarin, VG.; Sapozhnikov, GI., 1974:
New morphological criteria of the genus Sprjabinema Werestschagin, 1926 Syphaciidae, Oxyurata and S ovis Skrjabin, 1915

D.M.rzo, L.; D.S.radis, A., 1994:
New morphological observation of the female bacterial pockets in the Cleoninae Coleoptera Curculionidae Nuove osservazioni morfologiche sulle sacche batteriche femminili nelle Cleonine Coleoptera Curculionidae

Seguignes, M.; Richard, G., 2005:
New morphometric study of shells of the genus Conus Nouvelle approche morphometrique des coquilles du genre Conus

Castillo, D.T.rres.; Vega, V.V.ldenegro., 2004:
New mortaliy records and cub necropsies of the Kerguelen fur seal, Arctocephalus gazella, at Cape Shirreff, Livingston island, Antarctic Nuevos registros de mortalidad y necropsias de cachorros de lobo fino antartico, Arctocephalus gazella, en cabo Shirreff, isla Livingston, Antartica

Torp, R., 1974:
New moth for Denmark Chloroclystis v-ata Hw

Fibiger, M., 1973:
New moth for Denmark Dysstroma latefasciata Stdgr

Aguila, Rayner Nunez., 2003:
New moth records from Cuba Lepidoptera Nuevos registros de polillas Lepidoptera para Cuba

Gloe, Peter., 2006:
New moult records of the eider Somateria mollissima in inland waters in the west of Schleswig-Holstein Neue Mausernachweise der Eiderente Somateria mollissima auf Binnengewaessern im Westen Schleswig-Holsteins

Kraan, C.; Piersma, T.; Dekinga, A.; Fey, B., 2006:
New moulting area for shelduck Tadorna tadorna in the western Dutch Wadden Sea offers plenty of mudshrimps Corophium volutator and little disturbance Bergeenden vinden Slijkgarnaaltjes en rust op nieuwe ruiplaats bij Harlingen

Lucanus, Oliver., 2003:
New mountain mailed catfishes from Peru Neue Gebirgs-Harnischwelse aus Peru

Hahn, G.; Hahn, R., 2002:
New multituberculate teeth from the Barremian Lower Cretaceous of Galve Spain Neue Multituberculaten-Zaehne aus dem Barremium Unter-Kreide von Galve Spanien

Kpatcha, TK.; Faye, N.; Diebakate, C.; Fall, M.; Toguebaye, BS., 1997:
New myxosporidian species of the genus Henneguya Thelohan, 1895 Myxozoa, Myxosporea parasites of marine fishes from Senegal light and electron microscopic studies Nouvelles especes dHenneguya Thelohan, 1895 Myxozoa, Myxosporea parasites des poissons marins du Senegal etude en microscopie photonique et electronique

Ortego, J.; Nieto Nafria, J.M.; Mier Durante, M.; Pilar., 1998:
New name for Blanchardia Ortego, Nieto Nafria and Mier Durante, 1997 Hemiptera, Aphididae Nuevo nombre para Blanchardia Ortego, Nieto Nafria y Mier Durante, 1997 Hemiptera, Aphididae

Gozalo, Rodolfo., 1998:
New name for Jenningsina Aragonella Gozalo, 1994 Ostracoda, non Aragonella Thalmann, 1942 Foraminifera Nuevo nombre para Jenningsina Aragonella Gozalo, 1994 Ostracoda, no Aragonella Thalmann, 1942 Foraminifera

Tomlin, J.R. le B., 1917:
New name for Microsetia preoccupied

Korb, Stanislav K., 2000:
New name for the subspecies Papilio forbesi meridionalis Lepidoptera Papilionidae Nouvelle denomination pour la sous-espece Papilio forbesi meridionalis Lepidoptera Papilionidae

Lacroix, Marc., 1996:
New name to Robinsonella Lacroix Col, Melolonthidae Nouveau nom pour Robinsonella Lacroix Col, Melolonthidae

Subias, LS., 2001:
New names for some Oribatid mites Nuevos nombres para algunos acaros Oribatidos

Bauer, Lucas., 1994:
New names in the family Dendrobatidae Anura, Amphibia Nieuwe namen voor enkele Dendrobatidae

Saarinen, K.; Marttila, O.; Haahtela, T.; Pajari, M., 1996:
New native names for Finnish hawkmoths, bombycoids, notodontids, lymantriids and arctiids Kiitajien ja kehraajien suomenkielinen nimisto uudistuu

Donath, Helmut., 2004:
New nature reserves in the Luckau Region Neue Naturschutzgebiete in der Luckauer Region

Nowak, S.; Nowak, A.; Spalek, K., 1998:
New nature reserves in the Opole vojevodeship Nowe rezerwaty przyrody w wojewodztwie opolskim

Alexander, C.P., 1920:
New nearctic crane-flies Tipulidae, Diptera Part ix

Karokhin, V.I., 1949:
New nema-tode belonging to the genus Contra-caecum

Carles-Tolra, Miguel., 2001:
New nematocerans for the Iberian Peninsula Diptera, Nematocera Anisopodidae, Bibionidae, Blephariceridae, Bolitophilidae, Diadocidiidae, Dixidae, Keroplatidae, Ptychopteridae and Thaumaleidae Nematoceros nuevos para la Peninsula Iberica Diptera, Nematocera Anisopodidae, Bibionidae, Blephariceridae, Bolitophilidae, Diadocidiidae, Dixidae, Keroplatidae, Ptychopteridae y Thaumaleidae

Asadov, S.M., 1958:
New nematode Nematodirus junetispicularis spec nov occurring in the intestine of Capra cylindricornis, Rupicapra rupcapra and Capreolus capreolus

Bagaturiya, N.Z.; Eliava, I.; Ya., 1966:
New nematode Mesodorylaitnus vulvapapillatus spec nov Nematoda Dorylaimoidea in Eastern Gruzia

Dubinin, V.B., 1953:
New nematode from the milk-glands of Clethrionomys species, with some data on its biology

Boev, S.N.; Sulimov, A.D., 1963:
New nematode occurring in the lungs of carnivorous animals

Rizhikov, K.M.; Sudarikov, V.E., 1953:
New nematode parasite of Cottidae in Baikal

Eroshenko, AS., 1971:
New nematode species of the genus Tylenchus Bastian 1865, from Primorye region

Burdelev, T.E., 1950:
New nematodeOllulanus skrjabini nov sp from the digestive tract of lion

Schulz, R.S., 1948:
New nematodes from Altai and Mongolian rodents Ochotonidae- creepers

Gushanskaya, L.K., 1950:
New nematodes of the genus Skrjabinocara Kuraschvili, 1941

Senz, Wolfgang., 2001:
New nemertean species from the Gulf of Arabia 2 Heteronemerteans and monostiliferous hoplonemerteans Neue Nemertinen aus dem Golf von Arabien 2 Heteronemertini und monostilifere Hoplonemertini

Martins, U.R.; Napp, D.S.lange., 2007:
New neotropical Cerambycinae and transference of Tippmannia Monne to Hesperophanini Coleoptera, Cerambycidae Novos Cerambycinae neotropicais e transferencia de Tippmannia Monne para Hesperophanini Coleoptera, Cerambycidae

Dupuis, Fabien., 2000:
New neotropical Cyclocephalini Coleoptera, Dynastinae Nouveaux Cyclocephalini neotropicaux Coleoptera, Dynastidae

Galileo, M.H.lena M.; Martins, U.R., 2004:
New neotropical Hemilophini Coleoptera, Cerambycidae, Lamiinae Novos Hemilophini Coleoptera, Cerambycidae, Lamiinae da Regiao Neotropical

Attal, Stephane., 2000 :
New neotropical Nymphalidae Lepidoptera, Rhopalocera Nouveaux Nymphalidae neotropicaux Lepidoptera, Rhopalocera

Deuve, Thierry., 2004:
New neotropical Ozaenini Coleoptera, Paussidae Nouveaux Ozaenini neotropicaux Coleoptera, Paussidae

Bordignon, Lucio., 1999:
New nesting and recent expansion of the black stork Ciconia nigra in Italy Nuove nidificazioni e recente espansione della cicogna nera Ciconia nigra in Italia

Brunelli, M., 2002:
New nesting attempt of the black stork Ciconia nigra in Latium Central Italy Nuovo tentativo di nidificazione di cicogna nera Ciconia nigra nel Lazio

Gomez-Serrano, M.A.gel.; Hernandez,, 2000:
New nesting birds for the province of Castellon Nuevas aves nidificantes en la provincia de Castellon

Gilot, Fabien., 1999:
New nesting record for the alpine accentor Prunella collaris in the Vosgian Massif Nouvelle preuve de nidification de laccenteur alpin Prunella collaris dans le massif vosgien

Orsenigo, F.; Redaelli, G., 2001:
New nesting record of the bee-eater Merops apiaster in the province of Bergamo Nuova nidificazione di gruccione Merops apiaster in provincia di Bergamo

Gobbo, D., 2006:
New nesting site of the house martin Delichon urbica in Neuchatel Nouveau site de nidification pour les Hirondelles de fenetre Delichon urbica en ville de Neuchatel

Sackl, P.; Ilzer, W., 1997:
New nesting sites and population numbers of the sand martin Riparia riparia in Styria 1992-1996 Neue Brutansiedlungen und Bestandsentwicklung der Uferschwalbe Riparia riparia in der Steiermark 1992-1996

Moes, P.; Dumoulin, R., 1996 :
New nesting sites of nightjar in the region of Spa Ardenne - Belgium Nouveaux sites de nidification de lengoulevent dEurope Caprimulgus europaeus en region spadoise

Klos, D.; Bauer, F., 2001:
New nets for catching invertebrates and plankton in inland waters a proposal for standardising Neue Kescher und Netze zum Fang von Invertebraten und Plankton in Binnengewaessern ein Vorschlag zur Standardisierung

Hreblay, M.; Ronkay, L., 1999:
New noctuid taxa from the Himalayan area and the south east Asian region Lepidoptera Noctuidae plates XIV-XXI Neue trifide Noctuidae aus dem himalayanischen Raum und der suedostasiatischen Region Lepidoptera Noctuidae Plts XIV-XXI

Strand, Leif Age., 1997:
New northern range boundary for the moor frog in Norway Ny nordgrense for spissnutet frosk i Norge

Capella, J.J.; Gibbons, J.E.; Vilina, Y.A., 1999:
New northern records of Chilean dolphin, Cephalorhynchus eutropia Gray, 1846 on central Chile Nuevos registros del delfin chileno, Cephalorhynchus eutropia Gray, 1846 en Chile central, extremo norte de su distribucion

Merceron, E., 1999:
New note on Procrustes Dysmictocarabus solieri, Dejean Col Carabidae Nouvelle note concernant Procrustes Dysmictocarabus solieri, Dejean Col Carabidae

D.G.acomo, A.G.; Lopez Lanus, B., 2000:
New notes on the nesting of some species of northwestern Argentina birds Nuevos aportes al conocimiento de la nidificacion de algunas aves del noroeste Argentino

Smith, R., 2004:
New nyctithere Mammalia, Lipotyphla from the Lower Oligocene of Belgium Borgloon Formation, MP 21 Nouveau nyctithere Mammalia, Lipotyphla de lOligocene inferieur de Belgique Formation de Borgloon, MP 21

Schroeder, H.G.; Treadaway, C.G., 2003:
New nymphalid taxa from the Philippines Lepidoptera Nymphalidae Neue Nymphaliden-Taxa von den Philippinen Lepidoptera Nymphalidae

Lalanne-Cassou, Bernard., 1996:
New observation of Cacyreus marshalli Butler in Spain Lepidoptera Lycaenidae Nouvelle observation de Cacyreus marshalli Butler en Espagne Lepidoptera Lycaenidae

Vago, Jean-Luc., 2006:
New observation of Chalcis sispes Linne Hymenoptera Chalcidoidea Chalcididae in the department of Nord Nouvelle observation de Chalcis sispes Linne Hymenoptera Chalcidoidea Chalcididae dans le departement du Nord

Boyer, Franck., 2006:
New observation of Leptochitona furtiva in Djerba Tunisia Nouvelle observation de Leptochitona furtiva Monterosato, 1879 a Djerba Tunisie meridionale

Gorniak, J.; Furmankiewicz, M., 2001:
New observation of Myotis bechsteinii in Sudety Nowe obserwacje nocka Bechsteina Myotis bechsteinii w Sudetach

Dommanget, J.-Louis.; Luquet, G.C.r., 1997:
New observation of Sympetrum meridionale Selys, 1841 in Paris region, Odonata, Anisoptera, Libellulidae Nouvelle observation de Sympetrum meridionale Selys, 1841 en Ile-de-France Odonata, Anisoptera, Libellulidae

Meurgey, Francois., 2005:
New observation of Sympetrum vulgatum ibericum Ocharan, 1983 in France Pyrenees-Orientales Nouvelle observation de Sympetrum vulgatum ibericum Ocharan, 1983 en France Pyrenees-Orientales

Delic, V., 1990:
New observation of some of the rare species in Yugoslavian ornitofauna

Issartel, Gerard., 1999:
New observation of the long-fingered bat Myotis capaccinii in Ardeche Nouvelle observation du murin de Capaccini Myotis capaccinii, en Ardeche

Aguirre C., Juan., 1997:
New observation of the warbling doradito Pseudocolopterix flaviventris, Passeriformes Tyrannidae at the Maipo river mouth, Valparaiso region, Chile Nueva observacion del pajaro amarillo Pseudocolopterix flaviventris, Passeriformes Tyrannidae en la desembocadura del Rio Maipo, Region de Valparaiso, Chile

Leseigneur, L.; Dalmon, J., 2006:
New observations about Marolia leseigneuri J-P Nicolas Coleoptera Melandryidae Nouvelles observations sur Marolia leseigneuri J-P Nicolas Coleoptera, Melandryidae

Brusseaux, Gerard., 2003:
New observations of Cacyreus marshalli Butler in the Vaucluse and Haute- Garonne regions Nouvelles observations de Cacyreus marshalli Butler dans le Vaucluse et en Haute-Garonne Lepidoptera Lycaenidae

Bertin, Jerome., 2003:
New observations of Cacyreus marshalli Butler, 1898, in the Var region, in Aquitaine, and in the Rhone-Alpes region Lepidoptera, Lycaenidae Cacyreus marshalli Butler, 1898, dans le Var, en Aquitaine et dans la Region Rhone-Alpes Lepidoptera, Lycaenidae

Santone, P.; Norscia, C.; D.F.brizio, F., 1999:
New observations of Egyptian vulture, Neophron percnopterus, in Abruzzo c Italy Nuove osservazioni de capovaccaio, Neophron percnopterus, in Abruzzo

Dortel, F.; Branger, F., 1999:
New observations of Epitheca bimaculata Charpentier, 1825 in Indre department Nouvelles observations dEpitheca bimaculata Charpentier, 1825 dans le departement de lIndre

Vacher, Jean-Pierre., 2001:
New observations of Oxygastra curtisii Dale,1834 in Haute-Garonne department Odonata, Corduliidae Nouvelles observations dOxygastra curtisii Dale,1834 dans le departement de la Haute-Garonne Odonata, Corduliidae

Brusseaux, G.; Cama, A., 2000:
New observations of Pempelia albariella Zeller, a reestablished species in continental France Lepidoptera Pyralidae Phycitinae Nouvelle observation en France continentale de Pempelia albariella Zeller, espece rehabilitee Lepidopteres Pyralidae Phycitinae

Sardet, E.; Hugel, S.; Schwebel, L.; Carron, G.; Treiber, R., 2005 :
New observations of Phaneroptera nana Fieber 1853 Orthoptera, Phaneropteridae in Alsace and the rest of western and central Europe Nouvelles observations de Phaneroptera nana Fieber 1853 Orthoptera, Phaneropteridae en Alsace et dans le reste de lEurope occidentale et centrale

Baugnee, J., 2002:
New observations of Plagiolepis vindobonensis Lomnicki, 1925 in Belgium Hymenoptera Formicidae Nouvelles observations de Plagiolepis vindobonensis Lomnicki, 1925 en Belguiqe Hymenoptera Formicidae

Coppa, Gennaro., 2000:
New observations of Ruspolia nitidula Scopoli, 1786, Orthoptera, Copiphorinae Kirby 1906 in Champagne-Ardenne Nouvelles observations de Ruspolia nitidula Scopoli, 1786, Orthoptera, Copiphorinae Kirby 1906 en Champagne-Ardenne

Grand, Daniel., 2005:
New observations of Trithemis annulata Palisot de Beauvois, 1805 in France Nouvelles observations en france de Trithemis annulata Palisot de Beauvois, 1805 Odonata, Anisoptera, Libellulidae

Braud, Y.; Ramos, R.; Cocquempot, C., 2002:
New observations of Xylotrechus stebbingi Gahan, 1906, in Europe and North Africa Col, Cerambycidae Nouvelles observations de Xylotrechus stebbingi Gahan, 1906, en Europe et en Afrique du Nord Col, Cerambycidae

Perez de Ana, Juan Manuel., 2002:
New observations of amphibians and reptiles in the Basque Country Nuevas citas de anfibios y reptiles para el Pais Vasco

Alvarez-Leon, Ricardo., 2001:
New observations of atrapamoscas tijereto Tyrannus savanna Aves Tyrannidae in the Colombian Caribbean coast Nuevas observaciones del atrapamoscas tijereto Tyrannus savanna Aves Tyrannidae en la costa Caribe di Colombia

Mihelic, T.; Brajnik, I., 2006:
New observations of birds of prey migrating over Volovja reber s Slovenia Nova opazovanja selitve ujed na Volovji rebri J Slovenija

Perez-Rivera, Raul A., 2000:
New observations of diet and feeding behavior of the Greater Antillean grackle Quiscalus niger brachipterus in Puerto Rico Alimentos y conducta alimentaria no informadas en el mozambique Quiscalus niger brachipterus de Puerto Rico

Blonski, W.; Major, J., 2003:
New observations of diving mallards Anas platyrhynchos Ponowne obserwacje nurkujacych krzyzawek Anas platyrhynchos

Litt, Rene., 1998:
New observations of insects in my garden 1991 to 1997 Nouvelles observations dinsectes dans mon jardin annees 1991 a 1997

Puzovic, S., 2002:
New observations of red kite in Serbia during reproductive period Nova posmatranja crvene lunje Milvus milvus u Srbiji tokom reproduktivnog perioda

Goulliart, A.; Lohez, D.; Vago, J.-Luc., 2006:
New observations of the coccinellid Harmonia axyridis Pallas Coleoptera Coccinellidae in Nord, France Nouvelles observations de la coccinelle Harmonia axyridis Pallas Coleoptera Coccinellidae dans le Nord de la France

Klose, Albrecht., 2004:
New observations of the shelduck in the Danube valley Neuere Beobachtungen der Brandgans im Donautal

Bouyon, H.; Van Meer, C., 2004:
New observations on Agnathus decoratus Germar Coleoptera Pyrochroidae Nouvelles fraiches de Agnathus decoratus Germar Coleoptera Pyrochroidae

Litt, R., 1996:
New observations on Anthophora retusa Linnaeus 1758 Hymenoptera Apoidea Anthophoridae Part 2 Nouvelles observations sur Anthophora retusa Linnaeus 1758 Hymenoptera Apoidea Anthrophoridae Suite 2

Brustel, H.; Berger, P.; Minetti, R., 1997:
New observations on Brachyta borni Ganglbauer Coleoptera Cerambycidae Nouvelles observations sur Brachyta borni Ganglbauer Coleoptera Cerambycidae

Marquet, Jacques., 1998 :
New observations on Cacyreus marshalli Btlr, a recently discovered species in France Lepidoptera Lycaenidae Nouvelles observations de Cacyreus marshalli Btlr, espece recemment decouverte en France Lepidoptera Lycaenidae

Adge, Michel., 2002:
New observations on Cacyreus marshalli Butler in Herault Lepidoptera Lycaenidae Nouvelles observations de Cacyreus marshalli Butler dans lHerault Lepidoptera Lycaenidae

L.G.ff, G.; Terzo, M., 1999:
New observations on Ceratina parvula Smith in France and the Iberian peninsula Hymenoptera, Xylocopinae Nouvelles observations sur Ceratina parvula Smith en France et en peninsule Iberique Hymenoptera, Xylocopinae

Bourgeat, E., 1995:
New observations on Chalybion femoratum F in Bouches-du-Rhone Hym Sphec Sceliphronini Nouvelle observation de Chalybion femoratum F dans les Bouches-du-Rhone Hym Sphec Sceliphronini

Sudkamp, Wouter., 1997:
New observations on Codiacrinus Neue Beobachtungen an Codiacrinus

Baugnee, J.-Yves.; Minet, G.; Lempereur, J.-Michel., 2002:
New observations on Deilus fugax Olivier, 1790 and Xylotrechus antilope Schoenherr, 1817 in Belgium Coleoptera, Cerambycidae Nouvelles observations de Deilus fugax Olivier, 1790 et de Xylotrechus antilope Schoenherr, 1817 en Belgique Coleoptera, Cerambycidae

Lisogor, K.A., 1965:
New observations on Ordovician and Silurian trilobites from north-eastern Central Kazakhstan

Hahn, G.; Hahn, R., 1998:
New observations on Plagiaulacoidea Multituberculata of the Upper Jurassic 2 The structure of the lower jaw and the dentition of Meketibolodon and Guimarotodon Neue Beobachtungen an Plagiaulacoidea Multituberculata des Ober-Juras 2 Zum Bau des Unterkiefers und des Gebisses bei Meketibolodon und bei Guimarotodon

Hahn, G.; Hahn, R., 1998:
New observations on Plagiaulacoidea Multituberculata of the Upper Jurassic 4 A representative of the Albionbaataridae in the Lusitanian of Portugal Neue Beobachtungen an Plagiaulacoidea Multituberculata des Ober-Juras 4 Ein Vertreter der Albionbaataridae im Lusitanien Portugals

Coache, A.; Constantin, R., 2006:
New observations on Psilothrix severa Kiesenwetter, 1859 Coleoptera, Cleroidea, Dasytidae Observations nouvelles sur Psilothrix severa Kiesenwetter, 1859 Coleoptera, Cleroidea, Dasytidae

Cornet, J.-Paul.; Sutee, Y.; Gonzalez, J.-Paul., 2001:
New observations on bioecology of ticks in Thailand recent data on species from Central Plain Nouvelles observations sur la bioecologie des tiques en Thailande donnees recentes sur les especies presentes dans la Plaine Centrale

Schneider, Diethelm., 1996:
New observations on diet and the problem of prey recognition by Bembix rostrata Linnaeus, 1758 Sphecidae Neue Beobachtungen zur Nahrung und zum Problem der Beuteerkennung bei Bembix rostrata Linnaeus, 1758 Sphecidae

Litt, Rene., 2006:
New observations on hibernation, spring emergence and larval development of Pyrrhocoris apterus L years 2001 to 2003 Hemiptera Heteroptera Pyrrhocoridae Nouvelles observations sur le comportement avant lhibernation, le reveil au printemps et le developpement larvaire de Pyrrhocoris apterus L anness 2001 a 2003 Hemiptera Heteroptera Pyrrhocoridae

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New observations on large branchiopod crustaceans in Alsace Nouvelles observations de grands crustaces branchiopodes en Alsace

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New observations on mass emergence of Utetheisa pulchella Linnaeus, 1758 Lepidoptera Arctiidae Nova observacio sobre les emergencies massives dUtetheisa pulchella Linnaeus, 1758 Lepidoptera Arctiidae

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New observations on medusae Cnidaria, Scyphozoa, Rhizostomeae from northeast and south Brazil Novas observacoes sobre medusas Cnidaria, Scyphozoa, Rhizostomeae no nordeste e sul do Brasil

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New observations on morphology and biometry of Ceratium hirundinella OF Muell Schrank in the north east France Nouvelles observations sur la morphologie et la biometrie de Ceratium hirundinella OF Muell Schrank dans le nord-est de la France

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New observations on oviposition and larval food plants of butterfly species in Baden-Wurttemberg Lepidoptera, Rhopalocera Neue Beobachtungen zu Eiablage- und Raupennahrungspflanzen von Tagfalterarten in Baden-Wurttemberg Lepidoptera, Rhopalocera

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New observations on reptiles of Madagascar Neue Erkenntnisse zur Faunistik einiger Reptilien Madagaskars

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New observations on six bird species from Mali Nouvelles observations de six especes doiseaux au Mali

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New observations on some Coleoptera from southwestern France, 26th note 1st part Nouvelles observations sur quelques Coleopteres du sud-ouest de la France, 26e note 1Ere partie

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New observations on some Coleoptera of south-west France 26th note 2nd part Nouvelles observations sur quelques Coleopteres du sud-ouest de la France 26e note 2e partie

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New observations on some percoid fishes Teleostei from European Cenozoic fresh and brackish waters Nouvelles observations sur quelques Percoidei poissons teleosteens des eaux douces et saumatres du Cenozoique europeen

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New observations on some remarkables grasshoppers in the Provence-Alpes-Cote dAzur French region Nouvelles observations de quelques insectes orthopteres remarquables, en region Provence-Alpes-Cote dAzur France

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New observations on taxonomy, biology and ecology of Macaronesian Cryptorhynchinae Third contribution Canary Islands/La Palma Coleoptera Curculionidae Cryptorhynchinae Neue Erkenntnisse zur Taxonomie, Biologie und Oekologie der Cryptorhynchinae von den Makaronesischen Inseln 3 Beitrag Kanaren/La Palma Coleoptera Curculionidae

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New observations on the Plagiaulacoidea Multituberculata of the Upper Jurassic 3 The structure of molars of Paulchoffatiidae Neue Beobachtungen an Plagiaulacoidea Multituberculata des Ober-Juras 3 Der Bau der Molaren bei den Paulchoffatiidae

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New observations on the avifauna of the Atacama and Coquimbo regions Nuevas observaciones sobre la ornitofauna de las regiones de Atacama y Coquimbo

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New observations on the behaviour of Bubopsis agrioides Rb Neuroptera, Ascalaphidae Observations nouvelles sur le comportement de Bubopsis agrioides Rb Neuroptera, Ascalaphidae

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New observations on the biology of the preimaginal instars of Pontia chloridice Huebner, 1813 Lepidoptera Pieridae Neuere Beobachtungen zur Biologie and Morphologie de Praeimaginalstadien von Pontia chloridice Huebner, 1813 Lepidoptera Pieridae

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New observations on the chacoan peccary, Catagonus wagneri

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New observations on the concentration of Rhopalocera, Lepidoptera of the summits of some hills of Caldas and Antioquia, Colombia Insecta, Lepidoptera Nuevas observaciones sobre la concentration de lepidopteros rhopaloceros en las cumbres de algunos cerros de Caldas y Antioquia, Colombia Insecta, Lepidoptera

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New observations on the distribution and the biology of Microbuthus fagei Vachon, 1949 Scorpiones, Buthidae Nouvelles observations sur la repartition et la biologie de Microbothus fagei Vachon, 1949 Scorpiones, Buthidae

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New observations on the nesting of some birds in Minas Gerais Novas observacoes sobre a nidificacao de algumas aves em Minas Gerais

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New observations on the oral phase of gasterophilosis by Gasterophilus nasalis Diptera Gasterophilidae Nuove osservazioni sulla fase orale della gasterofilosi da Gasterophilus nasalis Diptera Gasterophilidae nei cavalli

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New observations on the skull remains of Paulchoffatiidae Multituberculata; Upper Jurassic Neue Beobachtungen an Schaedel-Resten von Paulchoffatiidae Multituberculata; Ober-Jura

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New observations on the systematics of Triphoridae from the Mediterranean and north east Atlantic Nouvelles observations sur la systematique des Triphoridae de Mediterranee et du proche Atlantique

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New observations on the tectonic disposition of Elephantide layers in the basin of Said Martin de Sossenac in Durfort Gard Nouvelles observations sur la disposition tectonique des couches a Elephantides de la cuvette de St-Martin de Sossenac a Durfort Gard

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New occurrence of Arctic tern Sterna paradisaea in Hungary A sarki cser Sterna paradisaea ujabb eolfordulasa Magyarorszagon

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New occurrence of Brachyteles arachnoides in Serra do Mar state park, Sao Paulo, Brazil Nova ocorrencia de Brachyteles arachnoides no Parque Estadual da Serra do Mar, Sao Paulo, Brasil

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New occurrence of Gryon gallardoi Hymenoptera, Scelionidae, parasitoid of Hemiptera in Itumbiara, Goias, Brazil Nova ocorrencia de Gryon gallardoi Hymenoptera, Scelionidae parasitoide de Hemiptera em Itumbiara, Goias, Brasil

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New occurrence of Leporinus pachycheilus Britski, 1976 and a description of a new species of the same group in the Brazilian Amazon Osteichthyes, Anostomidae Novas ocorrencias de Leporinus pachycheilus Britsky, 1976 e descricao de uma especie nova do mesmo grupo na Amazonia brasileira Osteichthyes, Anostomidae

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New occurrence of Rhabdinopora Graptolithina in Quebrada de Humahuaca, Jujuy Province Presencia de Rhabdinopora Graptolithina en la Quebrada de Humahuaca, Provincia de Jujuy

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New occurrence of Rotaliatina in the Pliocene of Java

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New occurrence of Saga pedo Pallas in Matra Mountaines A Saga pedo Pallas ujabb lelohelye a Matraban

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New occurrence of Sphaerium Cyrenastrum solidum Normand, 1844 and Corbicula fluminea OF Mueller, 1774 in Hungary and in Slovakia Sphaerium Cyrenastrum solidum Normand, 1844, Corbicula fluminea OF Mueller, 1774 ujabb magyarorszagi es szlovakiai elofordulasa Bivalvia Sphaeriidae, Corbiculidae

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New occurrence of sandwich tern Sterna sandvicensis near Fertoujlak Kenti cserek Sterna sandvicensis ujabb elofordulasa Fertoujlak kozeleben

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New occurrence of some, rare woodlice species in Hungary Nehany ritka aszkarak Crustacea Isopoda Oniscidea ujabb elofordulasi adatai Magyarorszagrol

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New occurrence of the Pampas deer, Ozotoceros bezoarticus in Parana state, south Brazil Nuevas ocurrencia de Venado de campo, Ozotoceros bezoarticus en el Estado del Parana, Sur de Brasil

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New occurrence of the king of the manakins, in Corumbatai, Sao Paulo state, Brazil Nova ocorrencia do rei-dos-tangaras, em Corumbatai, estado de Sao Paulo, Brasil

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New occurrences of brontotherions in Mongolia

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New occurrences of dinosaurs in Buryatia

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New occurrences of foraminiferal species in Paleogene of the Crimea

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New occurrences of molluscs on the coast of Santa Catarina, Brazil Novas ocorrencias de moluscos no litoral de Santa Catarina, Brasil

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New odontostomides of Cordoba

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New olenellid fauna from southern Spitsbergen

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New operation method on the abdomen of black bear for drainage bile

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New or few recording species of Buprestoidea from the Romanian fauna of the collection Dr N Savulescu from the Grigore Antipa Museum of Natural History, Bucharest Coleoptera Buprestoidea Specii noi sau putin cunoscute de Buprestoidea pentru fauna Romaniei din colectia Dr N Savulescu de la Muzeul de Istorie Naturala Grigore Antipa din Bucuresti Coleoptera Buprestoidea

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New or interesting Carabus from Asia Coleoptera, Carabidae Nuovi o interessanti Carabus dAsia Coleoptera, Carabidae

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New or interesting Cerambycidae from Sicily Insecta Coleoptera Cerambycidae Cerambycidae nuovi o interessanti per la fauna di Sicilia Insecta Coleoptera Cerambycidae

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New or interesting Coleoptera from the Figuigs region south-east Morocco complements and new data Coleopteres nouveaux ou interessants de la region de Figuig sud-est du Maroc complements et nouvelles donnes

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New or interesting Coleoptera from the region of Figuig south east of Morocco Coleopteres nouveaux ou interessants de la region de Figuig sud-est du Maroc

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New or interesting Crambidae from Catalonia and the Iberian Peninsula fauna V Microlepidoptera Crambidae nous o interessants per a la fauna catalana i iberica V

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New or interesting Heteroptera from Brittany and Vendee Hemipteres heteropteres nouveaux ou interessants de Bretagne et de Vendee

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New or interesting Hymenoptera Aculeata for Luxembourg fauna Hymenoptera, Aculeata Hymenopteres aculeates nouveaux ou interessants pour la faune luxembourgeoise Hymenoptera, Aculeata

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New or interesting Noctuidae from the Catalonia fauna Vll Lepidoptera Noctuidae nous o interessants per a la fauna catalana VII Lepidoptera

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New or interesting Peritelini of Tyrrhenian fauna 9 Three new species of Pseudomeira from Sardinia Coleoptera, Curculionidae Peritelini nuovi o interessanti della fauna tirrenica IX Tre nuove Pseudomeira di Sardegna Coleoptera, Curculionidae

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New or interesting Peritelini of the Palaearctic fauna VIII Pseudomeira from the Balkans Coleoptera Curculionidae Entiminae Peritelini nuovi o interessanti della fauna paleartica VIII Pseudomeira balcaniche Coleoptera Curculionidae Entiminae

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New or interesting Protoperidinium Dinoflagellata of the Bay of Manila Philippines Protoperidinium Dinoflagellata nuevos o interesantes de la Bahia de Manila Filipinas

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New or interesting Saturniidae from Cameroon Insecta, Lepidoptera Saturniidae du Cameroun nouveaux ou interessants Insecta, Lepidoptera

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New or interesting Tenebrionidae of Genoa Museum Coleoptera Tenebrionidos nuevos o interesantes del Museo de Genova Coleoptera

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New or interesting Tingidae collected from Papua New Guinea Heteroptera Tingidae nouveaux ou interessants collecte en Papouaise-Nouvelle-Guinee Heteroptera

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New or interesting distributional data on Italian carabid beetles Coleoptera, Carabidae Dati geonemici nuovi od interessanti su carabidi Italiani Coleoptera, Carabidae

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New or interesting finding of Noctuidae in Catalonia Lepidoptera Noctuidae Algunes troballes noves o interessants de Noctuidae a Catalunya Lepidoptera Noctuidae

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New or interesting finds of Microlepidoptera in Switzerland Fuer die Schweiz neue oder interessante Funde von Microlepidopteren

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New or interesting host records of robber flies Diptera Tachinidae from clear wings Lepidoptera Sesiidae Neue oder interessante Wirtsbefunde von Raupenfliegen Diptera Tachinidae aus Glasflueglern Lepidoptera Sesiidae

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New or interesting lepidopterans for the fauna of the Iberian and Balearic region Lepidoptera Microlepidopters nous o interessants per a la fauna iberobalear Lepidoptera

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New or interesting longhorn beetles from Near East Su alcuni nuovi o interessanti cerambicidi del medio oriente Insecta Coleoptera Cerambycidae

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New or interesting observations on the Carabidae of Ardeche and the Rhone-Alpes region Observations nouvelles ou interessantes sur les Carabidae de lArdeche et de la Region Rhone-Alpes

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New or interesting records of Chrysomelidae Coleoptera from the north of the Iberian Peninsula Citas nuevas o interesantes de Chrysomelidae Coleoptera del norte de la Peninsula Iberica

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New or interesting records of Chrysomelidae Coleoptera from the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula Citas nuevas o interesantes de Chrysomelidae Coleoptera del noroeste peninsular

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New or interesting records of Chrysomelidae Coleoptera of the Balearic Islands Cites noves o interessants de Chrysomelidae Coleoptera de les Illes Balears

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New or interesting records of Lepidoptera from the Balearic Islands Lepidopters nous o interessants per a la fauna de les illes Balears II

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New or interesting records of ants Hymenoptera Formicidae from the island of Mallorca Balearic Islands, Spain Citas nuevas o interesantes de hormigas Hymenoptera Formicidae para la Isla de Mallorca Baleares, Espana

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New or interesting records of cerambycids in La Rioja Coleoptera, Cerambycidae Nuevas o interesantes capturas de cerambicidos en La Rioja Coleoptera, Cerambycidae

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New or interesting reports of Insecta Neuropterida in Sicily and surrounding islands Nuove acquisizioni sulla neurotterofauna di Sicilia e isole circumsiciliane Insecta Neuropterida

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New or interesting species of Afrotropical and Oriental Clytrinae Coleoptera Chrysomelidae Nuove o interessanti specie di Clytrinae afrotropicali e orientali Coleoptera Chrysomelidae

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New or interesting species of Spheciformes for the Iberian Peninsula Hymenoptera Ampulicidae, Sphecidae and Crabronidae Especies nuevas o interesantes de esfeciformes para la Peninsula Iberica Hymenoptera Ampulicidae, Sphecidae y Crabronidae

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New or interesting tenebrionids beetles collected by Gianfranco Curletti in Mozambique 1996, 1999 Coleoptera, Tenebrionidae Tenebrionidos nuevos o interesantes de Mozambique, colectados por Gianfranco Curletti 1996, 1999 Coleoptera, Tenebrionidae

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New or less known beetles for Sicily Carabidae, Cerambycidae, Coccinellidae, Curculionidae Coleotteri nuovi o poco noti di Sicilia Carabidae, Cerambycidae, Coccinellidae, Curculionidae

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New or less known beetles for Sicily II Coleoptera Carabidae, Cholevidae, Lucanidae, Geotrupidae, Cetonidae, Elateridae, Buprestidae, Cleridae, Melyridae, Coccinellidae, Melandryidae, Cerambycidae, Chrysomelidae, Bruchidae, Curculionidae Coleotteri nuovi o poco noti di Sicilia II

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New or less known microfossils from the European Devonian Neue oder wenig bekannte Mikrofossilien aus dem europaischen Devon

Noubhani, A.; Cappetta, H., 1995:
New or lesser known batoids Neoselachii Rajiformes, Myliobatiformes from the Maastrichtian and Palaeocene phosphates of Morocco Batoides nouveaux ou peu connus Neoselachii Rajiformes, Myliobatiformes des phosphates maastrichtiens et paleocenes du Maroc

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New or little known Aleocharinae from India Coleoptera, Staphylinidae Aleocharinae nuove o poco note dellIndia Coleoptera, Staphylinidae 165o Contributo alla conoscenza della Aleocharinae

Pace, Roberto., 2000:
New or little known Aleocharinae of Chile Coleoptera, Staphylinidae 157th contribution to the knowledge of the Aleocharinae Aleocharinae del Cile, nuove o poco note Coleoptera, Staphylinidae 157 Aleocharinae del Cile, nuove o poco note Coleoptera, Staphylinidae 157 Aleocharinae del Cile, nuove o poco note Coleoptera, Staphylinidae 157 Aleocharinae del Cile, nuove o poco note Coleoptera, Staphylinidae 157 Aleocharinae del Cile, nuove o poco note Coleoptera, Staphylinidae 157 Aleoch

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New or little known Asian Melolonthidae Coleoptera, Scarabaeoidea Especes nouvelles ou meconnues de Melolonthidae asiatiques Coleoptera, Scarabaeoidea

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New or little known Cerambycidae for the fauna of Spain Coleoptera Cerambycidae nouveaux ou peu connus de la faune dEspagne Coleoptera - Cerambycidae

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New or little known Diptera for the fauna of France Dipteres nouveaux ou peu connus pour la faune de France

Berenger, Jean-Michel., 2001:
New or little known Heteroptera Reduviidae from French Guyana I, Stenopodainae Heteropteres Reduviidae nouveaux ou peu connus de Guyane francaise I, Stenopodainae

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New or little known Hymenoptera Ceraphronoidea no 2 Hymenoptera Ceraphronoidea nouveaux ou peu connus no 2

Ribera, I.; Hernando, C.; Aguilera, P.; Millan, A., 1997:
New or little known Iberian species of aquatic beetles Coleoptera Dytiscidae, Hydrophilidae, Hydraenidae, Dryopidae Especies poco conocidas o nuevas para la fauna iberica de coleopteros acuaticos Coleoptera Dytiscidae, Hydrophilidae, Hydraenidae, Dryopidae

Gentili, E., 1997:
New or little known Laccobius Coleoptera, Hydrophilidae Laccobius nuovi o poco noti Coleoptera, Hydrophilidae

Demerges, D., 2003:
New or little known Lepidoptera for Pyrenees-Orientales Lepidoptera Lasiocampidae, Noctuidae Lepidopteres nouveaux ou peu connus pour les Pyrenees-Orientales Lepidoptera Lasiocampidae, Noctuidae

Nel, Jacques., 2006:
New or little known Microlepidoptera of France Lepidoptera, Adelidae, Tineidae, Cosmopterigidae, Elachistidae and Gelechiidae Microlepidopteres nouveaux ou peu connus de la faune de France Lepidoptera, Adelidae, Tineidae, Cosmopterigidae, Elachistidae et Gelechiidae

Boucher, Stephane., 1996:
New or little known Passalinae of the genera Macrolinus Kaup and Plesthenus Kaup Sanghi Archipelago, Sulawesi, north Sumatra and Perak Coleoptera, Passalidae Passalinae nouveaux ou peu connus des genres Macrolinus Kaup et Plesthenus Kaup Archipel Sanghi, Sulawesi, Nord-Sumatra et Perak Coleoptera, Passalidae

Casale, A.; Giachino, P.M.uro.; Jalzic, B.; Vailati, D., 1998:
New or little known Reicheiina of the Eastern Mediterranean area Coleoptera Scaritinae Reicheiina nuovi o poco noti dellarea Mediterranea orientale Coleoptera Carabidae Scaritinae

Casale, Achille., 1997:
New or little known Sphodrina from Greece and the Near East Coleoptera, Carabidae Sphodrina nuovi o poco noti di Grecia e del vicino oriente Coleoptera, Carabidae

Etonti, M.; Mateu, J., 1998:
New or little known Trechini from Argentina and Chile Coleoptera, Carabidae, Trechinae Trechini nuovo o poco noti di Argentina e Cile Coleoptera, Carabidae, Trechinae

Vermeulen, J., 2003:
New or little known ammonites from the Mediterranean Barremian Ammonites nouvelles ou peu connues du Barremien mediterraneen

Wittler, F.A.; Roth, R., 2003:
New or little known epizoa of the Westphalian Upper Cretaceous 1 Homeosolen cf gambley Gregory from the upper Lower Campanian of Coesfeld Bryozoa, Lower Cretaceous, NW Germany Neue oder nicht bekannte Epizoen der Westfaelischen Oberkreide 1 Homeosolen cf gambley Gregory aus dem hoeheren Untercampan von Coesfeld Bryozoa, Oberkreide, NW-Deutschland

Bivar de Sousa, A., 1997:
New or little known records of earwigs Insecta, Dermaptera for continental Portugal Dermapteros Insecta Dermaptera novos ou pouco conhecidos para Portugal continental

Withers, Philip., 2004:
New or little known scatopsids for the French fauna Description of Rhexosa lydiae n sp Diptera, Scatopsidae Scatopsides nouvelles ou peu connues de la faune de France Description de Rhexosa lydiae n sp Diptera, Scatopsidae

Pace, R., 2004:
New or little known species of Aleocharinae from Central Asia Coleoptera, Staphylinidae Neue Arten und Bemerkungen zur Verbreitung bekannter Arten der Aleocharinae aus Mittelasien Coleoptera, Staphylinidae

Pana, Ioana., 2000:
New or little known species of Aptian, Albian and Cenomanian gastropods of southern Dobrogea Especes nouvelles ou peu connues de gastropodes Aptiens, Albiens, Cenomaniens de la Dobrogea du sud

Pace, R., 2004:
New or little known species of Homalotini, Silusini, Bolitocharini, Diestotini and Autaliini from China and Thailand Coleoptera, Staphylinidae Specie nuove o poco note di Homalotini, Silusini, Bolitocharini, Diestotini e Autaliini della Cina e della Thailandia Coleoptera, Staphylinidae

Casale, A.; Giachino, P.M.uro.; Vailati, D.; Vigna Taglianti, A., 1996:
New or little known species of the genus Duvalius from Greece Coleoptera, Carabidae Specie nuove o poco note del genere Duvalius in Grecia Coleoptera, Carabidae

Sama, G.; Rapuzzi, P., 1999:
New or little-known Cerambycidae from Turkey and the Middle East Coleoptera, Cerambycidae Cerambycidae nuovi o poco noti di Turchia e Medio Oriente Coleoptera, Cerambycidae

Nakane, T., 1981:
New or little-known Coleoptera from Japan and its adjacent regions 33 New or little-known Coleoptera from Japan and its adjacent regions 33

Alexander, C.P., 1920:
New or little-known crane-flies from tropical America Tipulidae, Diptera

Lassalle, B., 2004:
New or little-known ground beetles Coleoptera Carabidae Carabes nouveaux ou mal connus Coleoptera Carabidae

Schnee, H., 1997:
New or missing Aculeata from Germany and Saxonia, respectively Hymenoptera Fur Deutschland beziehungsweise fur Sachsen neue oder verschollene Aculeata Hymenoptera

Baugnee, J-Y.; Dethier, M.; Constant, J.; Bruers, J.; Viskens, G.; Bruge, H., 2000:
New or notable Heteroptera for the fauna of Belgium Heteropterses nouveaux ou remarquables pour la faune de Belgique

Gusenleitner, J., 2002:
New or notable Vespoidea from the Near East Hymenoptera Eumenidae, Masaridae Neue oder bemerkenswerte Vespoidea aus dem Nahen Osten Hymenoptera Eumenidae, Masaridae

Schmid-Egger, Christian., 1996:
New or notable record for south west German aculeates Neue oder bemerkenswerte sudwestdeutsche Stechimmenfunde

de la Pena, Martin R., 1996:
New or noteworthy bird records for Santa Fe and Entre Rios Provinces, Argentina Nuevos registros o aves poco citadas para las provincias de Santa Fe y Entre Rios, Argentina

Besuchet, Claude., 1999:
New or poorly known Palaearctic pselaphids Coleoptera Staphylinidae Pselaphinae Pselaphides palearctiques nouveaux ou meconnus Coleoptera Staphylinidae Pselaphinae

Pierotti, H.; Bello, C., 2001:
New or poorly known Peritelini of Tyrrhenian fauna VI The Peritelini of Corsica Coleoptera, Curculionidae Peritelini nuovi o interessanti della fauna tirrenica VI I Peritelini di Corsica Coleoptera, Curculionidae

Petitpierre, Eduard., 2001:
New or poorly known species of Chrysomelidae Coleoptera for the Ibero-Balearic fauna Especies nuevas o poco conocidas para la fauna ibero-balear de Chrysomelidae Coleoptera

Nel, Jaques., 1999:
New or poorly known species of Microlepidoptera from France Lepidoptera Especes nouvelles ou rarement signalees de microlepidopteres de France Lepidoptera

Nel, Jacques., 2001:
New or poorly known species of Microlepidoptera from southern Alps of France Lepidoptera Especes nouvelles ou rarement signalees de microlepidopteres des Alpes meridionales francaises Lepidoptera, Alucitidae, Gelechiidae, Elachistidae, Ochsenheimeriidae

Casale, A.; Ledoux, G., 1996:
New or poorly known sphodrids from Afghanistan Coleoptera, Carabidae, Sphodrina Sphodrides nouveaux ou peu connus dAfghanistan Coleoptera, Carabidae, Sphodrina

Lambelet, Jean., 1997:
New or rare Coleoptera for Gard Coleopteres nouveaux ou rares pour le Gard

Zalocar de Domitrovic, Yolanda., 1991:
New or rare Strombomonas Euglenophyta from Argentina Strombomonas Euglenophyta nuevas o raras de la Argentina

Jacquot, Philippe., 2007:
New or rare long horned beetles for the department of Jura Coleoptera Cerambycidae Longicornes nouveaux ou rares pour le departement du Jura Coleoptera Cerambycidae

Poussereau, Jacques., 2006:
New or recent data for the Elateridae of la Reunion Col Elateridae Donnees recentes ou nouvelles pour les Elaterides de la Reunion Col Elateridae

Habeler, Heinz., 1998:
New or remarkable species of butterfly fauna from Greece Insecta Lepidoptera Neue oder bemerkenswerte Arten fur die Schmetterlingsfauna Griechenlands Insecta Lepidoptera

Geiser, Elisabeth., 1997:
New or very rare beetles from Salzburg Insecta Coleoptera Neue oder sehr seltene Kafer aus Salzburg Insecta Coleoptera

Mortera, H., 2002:
New or very scarce lycaenids from Asturias Lepidoptera Lycaenidae Algunos licenidos nuevos o muy escasos en Asturias Lepidoptera Lycaenidae

Hall, Ragnar., 2002:
New order of insects discovered Ny insektsordning hittad

Zevina, G.B., 1959:
New organisms in Caspian Sea

Subias, LS., 2000:
New oribatid mites Acariformes, Oribatida for the Iberian Peninsula fauna Nuevos oribatidos Acariformes, Oribatida para la fauna de la Peninsula Iberica

de Vasconcelos, M.F.rreira.; Vasconcelos, P.N.ves.; Mauricio, G.N.; Matrangolo, C.A.gusto Rodrigues.; Dell'Amore, C.M.; Nemesio, A.; Ferreira,; Endrigo, E., 2003:
New ornithological records for the Serra do Caraca, with comments on the geographic distribution of some species Novos registros ornitologicos para a Serra do Caraca, Brasil, com comentarios sobre distribuicao geografica de algumas especies

Costa, Ronaldo., 2000:
New ornithological records from Campos Sulinos Novos registros ornitologicos nos Campos Sulinos

Taverne, Louis., 2000:
New osteological and phylogenetic data on Palaeonotopterus greenwoodi, notopterid Teleostei, Osteoglossomorpha from the continental Lower Cenomanian Cretaceous of Morocco Nouvelles donnees osteologiques et phylogenetiques sur Palaeonotopterus greenwoodi, notopteride Teleostei, Osteoglossomorpha du Cenomanien inferieur continental Cretace du Maroc

Andreu, B.; Boutchich, K.; Chbani, B., 1998:
New ostracod species in the Coniacian-Santonian and Maastrichtian from the Essaouira Basin Atlantic Atlas, Morocco Nouvelles especes dostracodes du Coniacien-Santonien et Maastrichtien du Bassin dEssaouira Basin Atlas Atlantique, Maroc

Bertels-Psotka, A.; Cusminsky, G.C., 1999:
New ostracod species of the Nirihuau Formation Oligocene from its type area near San Carlos de Bariloche Rio Negro Province, Argentina Nuevas especies de ostracodos de la Formacion Nirihuau Oligoceno en su area tipo alrededores de San Carlos de Bariloche, provincia de Rio Negro, Republica Argentina

Sidaraviciene, Nijole., 1997:
New ostracodes of the genus Amygdalella from the Upper Silurian of Lithuania Nauji Amygdalela genties ostrakodai is Lietuvos virsutinio siluro

Abushik, AF.; Trandafilova, EF., 1977:
New ostracods from the Early Devonian in Moldavia 75-84, illust

Weiss, Michael., 1996:
New ostracods from the NW-German Kimmeridgian Neue Ostracoden aus dem Kimmeridgium NW-Deutschlands

Meryc, E.; Ersoy, S.; Gormus, M., 2000:
New overviews on paleogeographical distribution of the species of Loftusia Foraminifera in the Tethyan Ocean of Maastrichtian Late Cretaceous Loftusia Foraminifer turlerinin Maastrihtiyen Gec Kretase Tetis Okyanusundaki paleocografik yayilimi uzerine yeni gorusler

Hallier, U.; Hallier, B.C., 2000:
New paintings at Tetes Rondes Tassili nAjjer, Algeria Nouvelles peintures Tetes Rondes Tassili nAjjer, Algerie

Walther, AM.; Orgeira, MJ.; Reguero, MA.; Verzi, DH.; Chernoglasov, C.; Vilas, JF.; Sinito, AM.; Herrero Bervera, E., 1996:
New palaeomagnetic study of the Uquia Formation Nuevo estudio paleomagnetico de la Formacion Uquia de la provincia de Jujuy, Argentina

Colbach, R.; Guerin-Franiatte, S.; Maquil, R., 2003:
New palaeontological data of the Hettangian of Burmerange Plateau Grand Duchy of Luxembourg Nouvelles donnees paleontologiques dans lHettangien du Plateau de Burmerange Grand-Duche de Luxembourg

Onder, F.; Boztug, D.; Yilmaz, O., 1990:
New palaeontological data on the Lower Mesozoic rocks of Goynukdagi Kastamonu area - northwestern Pontides/Turkey

Rabeder, G., 2005:
New palaeontological data on the bear cave in Hartelsgraben 1714/1, Gesaeuse mountains, Styria Neue palaeontologische Daten von der Baerenhoehle im Hartelsgraben 1714/1, Gesaeuseberge, Steiermark

Ebbo, L.; Poupon, A.; Delanoy, G., 2000:
New palaeontological data on the genus Dissimilites Sarkar, 1954 Nouvelles donnees paleontologiques sur le genre Dissimilites Sarkar, 1954

Picot, L.; Becker, D.; Berger, J.-Pierre., 1999:
New paleoecological and biostratigraphical data on the Calcaires delemontiens Formation Delsberger Kalke, Late Oligocene, Swiss Jura Mountains Nouvelles donnees paleoecologiques et biostratigraphiques sur la Formation des Calcaires delemontiens Delsberger Kalke, Oligocene terminal, Jura suisse

Cregut-Bonnoure, E., 2006:
New paleogeographical and chronological data on Caprinae Mammalia, Bovidae of the Middle and Upper Pleistocene of Europe Nouvelles donnees paleogeographiques et chronologiques sur les Caprinae Mammalia, Bovidae du Pleistocene moyen et superieur dEurope

Toro, Blanca A., 1999:
New paleontologic Graptolithina, biostratigraphic and paleogeographic data from the Santa Victoria region, Eastern Cordillera, Argentina Nuevos datos paleontologicos Graptolithina, bioestratigraficos y paleogeograficos del area de Santa Victoria, Cordillera Oriental, Argentina

Arribas, A.; Baeza, E.; Bermudez, D.; Blanco, S.; Duran, JJ.; Garrido, G.; Gumiel, JC.; Hernandez, R.; Soria, JM.; Viseras, C., 2004:
New paleontological records with large mammals from the Guadix-Baza Basin Granada Fonelas Project contributions to the knowledge of the continental faunas at the European Pliocene-Pleistocene Nuevos registros paleontologicos de grandes mamiferos en la Cuenca de Guadix-Baza Granada aportaciones del Proyecto Fonelas al conocimiento sobre las faunas continentales del Plioceno-Pleistoceno europeo

Gasser, Z.; Ferrer, J.A.toni., 1997:
New paleontological sites from the Miocene and Quaternary of Formentera Pityusic Islands, western Mediterranean Nous jaciments paleontologics del Mioce i Quaternari de Formentera Illes Pitiuses, Mediterrania occidental

Pramparo, M.B.; Volkheimer, W., 2002:
New palynomorph assemblages from La Amarga Formation, Banados de Caichigue Member, southern Neuquen Basin, Argentina Nuevos hallazgos de palinomorfos en la Formacion La Amarga, Miembro Banados de Caichigue, cuenca Neuquina sudoriental, Argentina

Lefebvre, B.; Prandini, J.-Pierre., 2005:
New panorama of echinoderms 4th part - a changing history Nouveau panorama des echinodermes 4e partie une histoire mouvementee

Dagnogo, M.; Gouteaux, JP., 2003:
New parasitism data of Glossina palpalis palpalis Diptera Glossinidae by Hexamermis glossinae Nematoda Mermithidae in forest area of Ivory Coast Nouvelles donnees sur le parasitisme de Glossina palpalis palpalis Diptera Glossinidae par Hexamermis glossinae Nematoda Mermithidae en secteur pre-forestier de Cote dIvoire

Boscan de M., N.; Godoy, F., 1996:
New parasitoids from Anastrepha and Ceratitis fruit flies in Venezuela Nuevos parasitoides de moscas de las frutas de los generos Anastrepha y Ceratitis en Venezuela

Kaiser, Martin., 2000:
New parrot aviaries in Berlin-Friedrichsfelde zoo Neue Papageienvolieren im Tierpark Berlin-Friedrichsfelde

Gogala, M., 2006:
New perceptions of the systematics of the Cicadetta montana group - Auchenorrhyncha Cicadoidea Tibicinidae Neue Erkenntnisse ueber die Systematik der Cicadetta-montana-Gruppe Auchenorrhyncha Cicadoidea Tibicinidae

Cueto, V.R., 2006:
New perspectives on American migratory birds techniques, patterns, processes and mechanisms Nuevas miradas sobre las aves migratorias americanas tecnicas, patrones, procesos y mecanismos

Gibson, KR., 1990:
New perspectives on instincts and intelligence brain size and the emergence of hierarchical mental constructional skills

Gyorgy, Burges., 1998:
New pest Galerucella Hydrogaleruca nymphaeae L syn G polygonata Laich occurence in Hungary Ujkartevo a tunderrozsa-levelbogar Galerucella Hydrogaleruca nimphaeae L syn G polygonata Laich Magyarorszagon

Raudonis, L., 1996:
New pest species of apple trees in Lithuania Naujos obelu kenkeju rusys Lietuvoje

Krehan, H.; Holzschuh, C., 1999:
New pests on Larix imported from Siberian forests Neue Importholzschadlinge aus Sibirien

Ineich, Ivan., 2003:
New pet animals or new domestic animals? The myth of the rainbow snake Noveaux animaux de compagnie ou nouveaux animaux domestiques? Le mythe du serpent arc-en-ciel

Chlupac, I., 1971:
New phacopid trilobites from the Devonian ofCzechoslovakia

Zompro, Oliver., 1998:
New phasmids from Neuguinea Insecta Phasmatodea Neue Phasmiden aus Neuguinea Insecta Phasmatodea

Zompro, Oliver., 1999:
New phasmids from Thailand Insecta Phasmatodea Neue Stabschrecken aus Thailand Insecta Phasmatodea

Zompro, Oliver., 1998:
New phasmids from Venezuela and Ecuador Phasmatodea Neue Phasmiden aus Venezuela und Ecuador Phasmatodea

Severtzow, N., 1874:
New pheasants from West Asia

Egereva, IV., 1976:
New phenomena in the fauna of the Kyibyshev Reservoir

Pfister, A., 1996:
New pheromones in a practical test Neue Pheromone im Praxistest

Carles-Tolra, Miguel., 2006:
New phorids for the Iberian Peninsula and Balearic Islands Diptera, Phoridae Foridos nuevos para la Peninsula Iberica e Islas Baleares Diptera, Phoridae

Elias, RB.; Soares, AO., 1998:
New phytophagous insects of citrus orchards of Sao Miguel island Azores Novos insectos fitofagos em pomares de citrinos da ilha Sao Miguel Acores

Cordier, S., 2003:
New pieces in the Emilien Dumas collection De nouvelles pieces dans la collection Emilien Dumas

Lombardero, MJ.; Fernandez de Ana Magan, FJ., 1997:
New pinhole borers on Eucalyptus in Galicia NW of Iberian Peninsula Nuevos insectos perforadores asociados al eucalipto en Galicia Coleoptera Scolytidae y Platypodidae

Fournier, Francois., 2001:
New places for A inundana D et S, 1775 in France Lepidoptera Tortricidae Nouvelles captures dApotomis inundana D et S, 1775 en France Lepidoptera Tortricidae

Strelkov, A.A.; Virketis, M.A., 1950:
New planctonic Infusorium Suborder Tintinnoinea from the Peter the Great Bay

Alberti, Gerhard KB., 1996:
New planktonic tentaculite taxa from older Devonian Neue planktonische Tentaculiten-Taxa aus dem alteren Unter-Devon

D.Freina, Josef J., 2003:
New plant host records for Adscita Adscita obscura Zeller, 1847 and Jordanita Roccia budensis Speyer Speyer, 1858 in Asia Minor Lepidoptera, Zygaenidae, Procridinae Neue Wirtspflanzennachweise fuer Adscita Adscita obscura Zeller, 1847 und Jordanita Roccia budensis Speyer Speyer, 1858 in Kleinasien Lepidoptera, Zygaenidae, Procridinae

Ushakov, P.V., 1953:
New poly-chaetous annelids of the family Phyllo-docidac Polychaeta

Taktakishvili, I.G., 1966:
New pontie Cardiidae in Gruzia

Horvath, G.; Pogany, A.; Hamburger, K.; Sarkany, H., 2004:
New population data from trapping studies of the protected field vole Microtus agrestis Linnaeus, 1761 in the Kis-Balaton marshland area A vedett csalitjaro pocok, Microtus agrestis Linnaeus, 1761 ujabb csapdazasos adatai a Kis-Balaton teruleten

Kessler, Dino., 1995:
New population survey of the tree pipit Anthus trivialis in Nassau Erneute Bestandskontrolle des Baumpiepers Anthus trivialis in der Verbandsgemeinde Nassau

Devecis, Jacques., 2000:
New populations of Carabus from the Massif Central Nouvelles populations de Carabus du Massif Central Col Carabidae

Legros, O., 1995:
New populations of Chromaphyosemion Nouvelles populations de Chromaphyosemion

Koehler, G.; Pfeiffer, S.; Specht, J.; Wagner, M., 2005:
New populations of Oedipodinae Caelifera Acrididae discovered on Triassic limestone near Jena/Thuringia Neu entdeckte Populationen von Oedlandschrecken Caelifera Acrididae, Oedipodinae im Muschelkalkgebiet um Jena/Thueringen

Hernandez, A.J.; Sanchez, J.; Ibanez, J.M.nuel; Martinez, J.F.ancisco; Garcia, P., 2002:
New populations of the chamaeleon in Murcia Nuevas poblaciones de camaleon en Murcia

Galuzo, I.G., 1956:
New possibilities and prospects of the application of the doctrine of Academician E N Pav-lovsky on the natural nidality of diseases

Gommery, D.; Senut, B.; Pickford, M.; Musiime, E., 2002:
New postcranial remains of Ugandapithecus major Early Miocene, Uganda Les nouveaux restes du squelette dUgandapithecus major Miocene inferieur de Napak, Ouganda

Karg, Wolfgang., 1997:
New predatory mite species of the Antennophorina Berlese, 1892 Acarina, Parasitiformes, phoretic on passalid beetles Neue Raubmilbenarten der Antennophorina Berlese, 1892 Acarina, Parasitiformes, phoretisch auf Passaliden

Karg, Wolfgang., 1998:
New predatory mite species of the Ascidae Oudemans, 1905 in the tropical rain forest of the Ecuador Acarina, Parasitiformes Neue Raubmilbenarten der Ascidae Oudemans, 1905 im tropischen Regenwald von Ecuador Acarina, Parasitiformes

Karg, Wolfgang., 1998:
New predatory mite species of the Phytoseiidae Berlese Acarina, Parasitiformes Neue Raubmilbenarten der Phytoseiidae Berlese Acarina, Parasitiformes

Karg, Wolfgang., 2000:
New predatory mite species of the pioneer species group of the Rhodacaridae Oudemans Acarina, Parasitiformes Neue Raubmilbenarten der Pionierartengruppe Rhodacaridae Oudemans Acarina, Parasitiformes

Cuevas, E.; Maldonado, A., 2002:
New presence of kemps ridley Lepidochelys kempi in the coast of the Peninsula of Yucatin Nueva presencia de tortuga lora Lepidochelys kempi, en las costas de la Peninsula de Yucatan

Metzner, J.; Voelkl, W., 2003:
New primary habitats through river restoration? - Development of select bird species after re-introduction of dynamic processes along Main River Entstehen durch Flussrenaturierung neue Primaerhabitate? Bestandsentwicklung ausgewaehlter Vogelarten nach dem Wiederzulassen dynamischer Prozesse am Main

Vacante, Vincenzo., 1995:
New problems and acquisitions on the spreading of thrips and whiteflies Nuove problematiche e acquisizioni sulla diffusione di tripidi e aleirodidi

Koltzov, N.K., 1922:
New problems and methods in Protistology

Gomez-Luna, M.E.genia.; Cedillo-Pardo, E.; Contreras y Montero, B.; Gallo-Padilla, I.; Martinez-Cortes, A., 1999:
New profile of the Ladinian-Lower Carnian with ammonoid fauna in La Ballena, Zacatecas, Mexico Un nuevo perfil del ladiniano-carnico inferior con fauna de amonoideos en La Ballena, Zacatecas, Mexico

Iablokov, AW., 1971:
New proofs of the attack of sword fishes on whales

Krstojevic, D.; Novcic, R., 1999:
New proofs on woodcock Scolopax rusticola breeding on Kopaonik Nove potvrde o gnezdenju sumske sljuke Scolopax rusticola na Kopaoniku

Trojan, Przemyslaw., 1998:
New prospects for entofaunistic studies Nowe perspektywy w badaniach entomofaunistycznych

Lorenzo, J.A.tonio.; Hernandez, M.A.gel., 2005:
New prospects for the Canarian houbara bustard Una nueva oportunidad para la Hubara Canaria y su habitat

Stoltz, M.; Helb, H., 2004:
New prospects for the white stork Ciconia ciconia in agricultural regions - examples of a reintroduction project in the western part of Rhineland-Palatinate and in the Saarland Neue Chancen fuer den Weissstorch Ciconia ciconia in der Kulturlandschaft - beispiele aus dem Wiederansiedlungsprojekt in der Westpfalz und im Saarland

Nielsen, P.; Stadel., 2000:
New protection for insects in Sweden Governments follow the Berne Convention on protection of a series of animals and plants Nye fredninger af insekter i Sverige Myndighederne folger op pa Bernkonventionen med beskyttelse af en raekke dyr og planter

Borisch, Dietmar., 1998:
New provincial records of earwigs Dermaptera from Sweden Nya landskapsfynd av tvestjartar 3

Kras'kov, LI., 1977:
New pseudagnosti from the late Cambrian of south Kazakhstan

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