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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38465

Chapter 38465 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Anon., 1907:
Newton, ALfred in memoriam

Vozenilek, Petr., 2002:
Next observation of the amphicians and reptiles in the year 2002 Dalsi pozorovani amfibii a reptili v roce 2002

Meissner, W.; Skakuj, M., 1995:
Next records of ring-billed gull Larus delawarensis in Poland and problems with its identification in first winter plumage Kolejne stwierdzenia mewy delawarskiej Larus delawarensis w polsce i problemy z jej rozpoznawaniem w pierwszej szacie zimowej

Ullman, Magnus., 1998:
Next stop Sweden Another unidentifiable small grey wader Next stop Sweden Annu en oidentifierbar gra smavadare

Ullman, Magnus., 1997:
Next stop Sweden A big, resourceful pipit from Mongolia Next stop Sweden Stor, knepig piplarka fran Mongoliet

Ullman, Magnus., 1998:
Next stop Sweden A striped little creature, creeping along the ground with difficulty Next stop Sweden En streckad, svart markkrypande sak

Ullman, Magnus., 1997:
Next stop Sweden Light-coloured arctic Pallass reed bunting Next stop Sweden Ljus, arktisk savsparv

Ullman, Magnus., 1998:
Next stop Sweden North American jewels Next Stop Sweden Nordamerikanska juveler

Ullman, Magnus., 1999:
Next stop Sweden Paper swallow from Spain Next stop Sweden Papperssvalan fran Spanien

Ullman, Magnus., 1998:
Next stop Sweden The second goldeneye Next stop Sweden Den andra knipan

Voigt, Klaus., 1998:
Nezara viridula rediscovered in South Germany Heteroptera, Pentatomidae Nezara viridula erneut in Suddeutschland gefunden Heteroptera, Pentatomidae

Schmidt, Gunter., 1997:
Nhandu tripartitus sp n Araneae Theraphosidae Theraphosinae, a second Nhandu species Nhandu tripartitus sp n Araneae Theraphosidae Theraphosinae eine zweite Nhandu-Art

Spencer, J.W., 1887:
Niagara Fossils Part I Graptolitidae of the Upper Silurian System Part II Stromatoporidae of the Upper Silurian System Part III Fifteen new Species of Niagara Fossils

Martinez, S., 2001:
Nicaraguan information on the lobster in the Caribbean Informe de Nicaragua sobre la langosta del Caribe

Barnutty, R.; Perez Moreno, M., 2001:
Nicaraguan national information Informe nacional de Nicaragua

Werner, Uwe., 2004:
Nice to look at Eellike gobies of the genus Gobioides Schaurig schoen Aalgrundeln der Gattung Gobioides

Baglione, V.; Pieri, M.; Bogliani, G., 1991:
Niche breadth and feeding habitat overlap in rooks and hooded crows in winter Ampiezza e sovrapposizione dellhabitat di alimentazione nel corvo e nella cornacchia grigia durante linverno

Tarrier, Michel., 1996 :
Niche diversity and ecological preferences in the habitat of the Middle Atlas Morocco Lepidoptera Rhopalocera Papilionoidea Diversite des niches et preferences ecologiques dans un biotope du Moyen Atlas Maroc Lepidoptera Rhopalocera Papilionoidea

Rettelbach, T.; Gruppe, A.; Schopf, R., 2001:
Niche occupation by the genus Thanasimus Latr Coleoptera, Cleridae in the Berchtesgaden National Park Zur Nischendifferenzierung der Gattung Thanasimus Latr Coleoptera, Cleridae im Nationalpark Berchtesgaden

Viksne, A.; E,., 1963:
Niches of trichinellosis in the Latvian Republic and some prophylactic measures for their control

Weyer, Dieter., 1996:
Nichlavalla sytovae n g n sp from the Lochkovian of Podolia Anthozoa, Rugosa; Lower Devonian, Ukraine Nichlavalla sytovae n g n sp aus dem Lochkovian von Podolien Anthozoa, Rugosa; Unterdevon, Ukraine

Brisson, JD., 1990:
Nichoirs artificiels pour lhirondelle a front blanc

Lorenz, Felix., 1997:
Nickel content in Erronea errones Gastropoda Cypraeidae from Noumea Nickel in Erronea errones Gastropoda Cypraeidae von Noumea

Romasheva, L.F.; Sartbaev, S.K.K.siev, S.K., 1964:
Nicochlorane in controlling the ectoparasites of the domestic birds

Peive, A.V.; Kheraskov, N.P.; Shtreis, N.A.; Yanshin, A.L., 1955:
Nicolai Sergeevich Shatski 60th anniversary

Blankensteyn, A.; Moreno, T.R.gina., 1999:
Nicolea venustula Montagu Polychaeta, Terebellidae a new record to the southern Brazilian coast Nova ocorrencia de Nicolea venustula Montagu Polychaeta, Terebellidae na costa sul do Brasil

Migulin, A., 1915:
Nictalus maximus Fatio trouve dans le gouvernement de Kharkov

Bianchi, V., 1907:
Nidification de Fringilla montifringilla Linn dans le gouvernement de St Petersbourg

Boutrouille, C., 1990:
Nidification du guepier dEurope Merops apiaster en 1989 a Ecourt-Saint-Quentin Pas-de-Calais

Maillard Z., O.; Caballero, E., 2003:
Nidification of the Andean Cock-of-the-Rock Rupicola peruviana in Sal Onofre valley, Cochabamba, Bolivia Nidificacion del Gallito de la Roca Rupicola peruviana en el valle de San Onofre, Cochabamba, Bolivia

Baglieri, S.; Iapichino, C., 1990:
Nidificazione del crociere Loxia curvirostra in Provincia di Ragusa Sicilia orientale Aves, Passeriformes

Guerra, M., 1990:
Nidificazione di rondine montana Ptyonoprogne rupestris Scop in Bergamo citta, negli anni 1989-1990

Stefano, L., 1990:
Nidificazione precoce di pettirosso Erithacus rubecula

Meyer, Klaus-Juergen., 2001:
Nieder Ochtenhausen research borehole A contribution to Miocene stratigraphy in NW Germany Forschungsbohrung Nieder Ochtenhausen ein Beitrag zur Miozaen-Stratigraphie in NW-Deutschland

Buric, Z.; Furmankiewicz, J.; Telatynski, S., 2001:
Niedzwiedzia cave as one of fhe most valuable bat localities in Lower Silesia Jaskinia Niedzwiedzia jako jedno z najcenniejszych stanowisk nietoperzy na Dolnym Slasku

Anonymous., 1990:
Niger reintroduction

Rodebrand, S., 1977:
Night bird inventory 1977

Smrcek, M., 1990:
Night birds

Smolis, Manfred., 1998:
Night breeding success with the tetra Hyphessobrycon elachys, or my neglected display aquarium Ein Nachtzuchterfolg beim kleinen Schilfsalmler Hyphessobrycon elachys, oder mein vernachlassigtes Schaubecken

Kosir, Martin., 1997:
Night calls by grey partridges Perdix perdix in Ljubljana Vecerno oglasanje jerebic Perdix perdix v Ljubljani

Lesuire, Lionel., 1998:
Night collecting at home continuation Lepidoptera, Heterocera Chasses de nuit en pantoufles a la maison suite Lepidoptera, Heterocera

Chautan, Marc., 1998:
Night counts for assessing mammal abundance kilometric indexes or distance sampling? Les comptages nocturnes pour le suivi des populations de mammiferes sauvages indices kilometriques ou echantillonnage des distances distance sampling?

Einstein, Jost., 2004:
Night flight of a raven Corvus corax Naechtlicher Flug eine Kolkraben Corvus corax

Glaw, F.; Schmidt, K.; Vences, M., 2003:
Night geckos from Madagascar Nachtgeckos aus Madagaskar

Kovacs, Gabor., 2001:
Night heron Nycticorax nycticorax swimming in deep water Mely vizen uszo bakcso Nycticorax nycticorax

Guglielmi, Roberto., 2000:
Night heron Nycticorax nycticorax probably nesting in Falciano Lake Province of Caserta, Campania region Segnalazione di nidificazione probabile di Nitticora Nycticorax nycticorax al Lago di Falciano CE

Vrezec, Al., 2001:
Night heron Kvakac Nycticorax nycticorax

Morin, Robert., 1994:
Night monkey Douroucouli

Bieseman, Joris., 2006:
Night of the bat light in the darkness Nacht van de Vleermuis licht in de duisternis

Andrew, D., 1990:
Night parrot rediscovered

Gragera, Francisco., 1996:
Night raptors in southern Extremadura Las rapaces nocturnas en el sur de Extremadura

Robiche, Gerard., 2001:
Night research of species belonging to the Tenebrionidae family Discovery of a new station in France for Gonocephalum yelamosi Espanol Vinolas, 1983 and examination of a teratological case of Enoplopus dentipes Rossi, 1790 in the department of the Var Coleoptera, Tenebrionidae Recherches nocturnes despeces appartenant a la famille Tenebrionidae decouverte dune nouvelle station en France pour Gonocephalumyelamosi Espanol Vinolas, 1983 et examen dun cas teratologique dEnoplopus den

Rettig, Klaus., 1995:
Night song and winter song of a robin Erithacus rubecula in Emden Nachtgesang und Wintergesang eines Rotkehlchens Erithacus rubecula in Emden

Melletti, Mario., 1998:
Night song in wren Troglodytes troglodytes, in a urban park of Roma Canto notturno in scricciolo Troglodytes troglodytes in un parco Romano

Cluck, P., 1997:
Night trapping using a simple efficient honeydew recipe Une methode de chasse de nuit a la miellee, dont la recette est simple et efficace

Renaudier, Alexandre., 1996:
Night vocalizations of the alpine swift Apus melba Cris nocturnes du martinet a ventre blanc Apus melba

Pauschert, Peter., 2005:
Night-flying lepidopterans in the East Frisian Island Norderney Nachtaktive Grossschmetterlinge Lepidoptera der ostfriesischen Insel Norderney

Meininger, Peter L. ter Keurs, Wim J., 2001:
Night-roost census of hooded crow Corvus cornix near Den Haag in 1974 Slaaptrektelling van Bonte Kraai Corvus cornix bij Den Haag in 1974

Baverstock, R.; Baverstock, G., 1990:
Night-time on the Common

Kaczmareck, Lothar., 1995:
Nightingale Luscinia megarhynchos 1990 population census in Hildesheim city area Bestandsaufnahme der Nachtigall Luscinia megarhynchos im Stadtgebiet Hildesheim 1990

Hens, Maarten., 2004:
Nightingale and golden oriole Nachtegaal en Wielewaal

Moss, J.; Shand, R., 1990:
Nightingale in mainland Fife

Thye, Konrad., 1995:
Nightingales Luscinia megarhynchos - population count 1995 in Hannover Nachtigallen Luscinia megarhynchos - Zahlung 1995 in Hannover

Marik, Pal., 1999:
Nightingales Luscinia megarhynchos nesting on tree Fan feszkelo fulemulek Luscinia megarhynchos

Wahlen, L., 1975:
Nightingales in Sormland 1975

Rozgonyi, Sandor., 1998:
Nightjar hunting in daytime in October Lappantyu Caprimulgus europaeus nappali vadaszata oktoberben

Bonazzi, P.; Farina, F.; Favaron, M., 2003:
Nightjar, Caprimulgus europaeus, population in the Sasso Malascarpa Natural Reserve northern Italy Popolamento di succiacapre, Caprimulgus europaeus, nella Riserva Naturale Sasso Malascarpa

Vrezec, Al., 1996:
Nightjar Podhujka

Bult, H., 2002:
Nightjars Caprimulgus europaeus in the SW Netherlands Nachtzwaluwen Caprimulgus europaeus onder de rook van Antwerpen

Glue, D., 1990:
Nightjars flourish as rooks struggle - the 1990 breeding season

Swanberg, PO., 1993:
Nightly migration flight Nattflyttning hos tranor

Bessolitsyna, IA., 2002:
Nighttime vertical migrations of Baikal benthic amphipods

Nassonov, N.V., 1907:
Nikolai Petrovic Wagner 1829-1907 Nekrolog

Rahbek, C.; Ree, B., 2000:
Nikolaj Mardal Jensen 29 August 1915 - 12 February 1999 Nikolaj Mardal Jensen 29 august 1915 - 12 februar 1999

Kreissl, E.; Frantz, K., 1995:
Nikolaus Poda von Neuhaus - the beginning of Styrian entomology 3101723-2941798 Nikolaus Poda von Neuhaus - der Beginn steirischer Entomologie 3101723-2941798

van de Werken, H., 1976:
Nile crocodiles captivating monsters

Kotusz, J.; Kusznierz, J.; Witkowski, A., 2000:
Nile tilapia Oreochromis niloticus L Osteichthyes Cichlidae in the open waters of Poland the Ruda River, a right affluent of the upper Odra River Tilapia nilowa Oreochromis niloticus L Osteichthyes Cichlidae w wodach otwartych Polski rzeka Ruda, prawy doplyw gornej Odry

Rice, CG., 1990:
Nilgiri tahr, Eravikulam National Park and conservation

Carlberg, T., 2003:
Nils Linnman 1915-2002 Enthusiastic collector of beetles right up to the last Nils Linnman 1915-2002 Passionerad skalbaggssamlare in i det sista

Damgaard, J., 2005:
Nils Otto Moller Andersen 21st November 1940 - 12th May 2004 Nils Otto Moller Andersen 21 november 1940-12 maj 2004

Baumgartner, Hansjakob., 1996:
Nimble permanent fliers Flinke Dauerflieger

Schulte, Michael., 2002:
Nimbochromis linni from Lake Malawi Nimbochromis linni - der Ruesselmaulbrueter aus dem Malawisee

Ruiz, J.L., 2006:
Nimbus richardi Veiga, 1984, a new Aphodiini for the fauna of Morocco Coleoptera Aphodiidae Nimbus richardi Veiga, 1984, un nuevo Aphodiini para la fauna de Marruecos Coleoptera Aphodiidae

Siering, M., 1990:
Nimmt die Mandarinente Aix galericulata als Brutvogel am Standtrand Munchens zu?

Anon., 1954:
Nina Petrovna Shaskolskaya-Kozlova

Wirdheim, Anders., 2001:
Nine million birds Swedish ringing activities over 90 years Nio miljoner faglar Svensk ringmarkning under 90 ar

Malicky, H.; Chantaramongkol, P.; Changthong, N.; Thamsenanupap, P., 2005:
Nine new caddisflies from Thailand Trichoptera part no 37 about caddisflies from Thailand Neun neue Koecherfliegen aus Thailand Trichoptera Arbeit Nr 37 ueber thailaendische Koecherfliegen

Merz, B., 2004:
Nine new species of fly in Switzerland Diptera, Brachycera Neun fuer die Schweiz neue Fliegenarten Diptera, Brachycera

Nguyen V.Thanh., 2000:
Nine predatory nematodes Mononchidae Nematoda recorded the frist time from Vietnam Ve 9 loai tuyen trung an thit lan dau tien duoc phat hien o Viet Nam Nematoda Monochida

Ortea, J.; Espinosa, J., 1998:
Nine species of the genus Flabellina Voight, 1834 Mollusca Nudibranchia found in Angola, Cape Verd, Costa Rica, Cuba, and Portugal are studied with the description of three new species Estudio de nueve especies del genero Flabellina Voight, 1834 Mollusca Nudibranchia colectadas en Angola, Cabo Verde, Costa Rica, Cuba y Portugal, con la descripcion de tres especies nuevas

Ivanovsky, Wladimir V., 2001:
Nine year summary of the osprey in Belarus, 1991 to 1999 Neun-Jahres-Bilanz des Fischadlers in Weissrussland 1991 bis 1999

Arai, Y., 1990:
Nine years observation of the dragonfly fauna at a swampy field in Chichibu

Saure, Christoph., 1997:
Nineta guadarramensis Pictet, 1865 - a new lacewing for Germany Neuroptera Chrysopidae Nineta guadarramensis Pictet, 1865 - eine fur Deutschland neue Florfliege Neuroptera Chrysopidae

Guex, J.; Hungerbuehler, A.; Jenks, J.; Taylor, D.; Bucher, H., 2005 :
Nineteen ammonite species of the Spathian Lower Triassic of the American West Idaho, Nevada, Utah and California preliminary note Dix-neuf nouvelles especes dammonites du Spathien Trias inferieur de lOuest americain Idaho, Nevada, Utah et Californie Note preliminaire

Roge, Jean., 1995:
Nineteenth note on the Coleoptera from south west France Dix-neuvieme note sur les coleopteres du sud-ouest de la France

Andrew, D., 1990:
Ninety years of bird conservation

Souza Lima, G. de Campos, JC., 1990:
Ninhal de Alfenas importancia e conservacao

Buturlin, S.A., 1910:
Ninox scutulata ussuriensis subsp n

Abstracts., 1996:
Ninth annual meeting of the Biological Institute, 4th to 6th November 1996 9a Reuniao Anual do Instituto Biologico 4 a 6 de novembro de 1996

Dokladov, T., 1957:
Ninth conference on parasitological problems 28 March to 3 April 1957

Herroelen, P., 1977:
Ninth report 1975 of the Belgian Avifauna Homologation Committee

Andreev, Stoitze., 2001:
Niphargus bulgaricus sp n and two species new to the fauna of Bulgaria - Niphargopsis trispinosus Dancau and Gammarus roeseli Gervais Amphipoda Niphargidae, Gammaridae Niphargus bulgaricus sp n et deux especes nouvelles pour la faune de Bulgarie - Niphargopsis trispinosus Dancau et Gammarus roeseli Gervais Amphipoda Niphargidae, Gammaridae

Rai, PS., 1980:
Nisaga simplex damage to rice in the hill tracts of south India

Cossmann, M., 1956:
Niso munieri Rigaux Sauvage 1868

Hladk, B., 1965:
Nisten und Herbstdurchzug der Vogel im Brezina-wald bei Polna

Molcanov, L.A., 1915:
Nisten von Phalacrocorax graculus L am Sudufer der Krim

Minder, H., 1990:
Nistkastengemeinschaft von Schleiereule Tyto alba und turmfalke Falco tinnunculus

Szczepko, K.; Kowalczyk, J.K.zysztof., 2002:
Nitela fallax Kohl, 1883 Hymenoptera Sphecoidea in Poland Nitela fallax Kohl, 1883 Hymenoptera Sphecoidea w Polsce

Grouvelle, A., 1917:
Nitidulidae Coleo-teres des iles Philippines recoltes par C F Baker, ii

Audisio, Paolo., 2001:
Nitidulids and kateretids of the Castelporziano Presidential Estate Coleoptera, Nitidulidae, Kateretidae Nitidulidi e Cateretidi della Tenuta Presidenziale di Castelporziano Coleoptera, Nitidulidae, Kateretidae

Sokolov, OA.; Semenov, VM.; Agaev, VA., 1990:
Nitrates in the natural environment

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