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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38473

Chapter 38473 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Kovac, Vladimir., 1999:
Notes on ichthyofauna of channels in the area at the cities of Komarno, Kolarovo and Velky Meder Large Danube Island, Slovakia Poznamky o ichtyofaune kanalov v oblasti medzi Komarnom, Kolarovom a Velkym Mederom

Kupcok, S.; Kovac, V., 2000:
Notes on ichthyofauna of the Gidra creek Poznamky o ichthyofaune Gidry

Metrailler, S., 2005:
Notes on incubation length records for Acanthochelys spixii Dumeril Bibron, 1835 Note sur des durees dincubation records pour Acanthochelys spixii Dumeril Bibron, 1835

Calvo Sanchez, F., 2006:
Notes on interesting Coleoptera of Castilla and Leon I Tillus ibericus Bahillo de la Puebla, Lopez-Colon and Garcia-Paris, 2003 Coleoptera Cleridae first record for the community of Castilla and Leon Notas sobre coleopteros interesantes de Castilla y Leon I Tillus ibericus Bahillo de la Puebla, Lopez-Colon y Garcia-Paris, 2003 Coleoptera Cleridae primer registro para la comunidad de Castilla y Leon

Sanchez, F.; Calvo, 2005:
Notes on interesting coleopterans of Castilla y Leon III Ptilophorus dufouri Latreille, 1817 Coleoptera Rhipiphoridae first record for the province of Salamanca Notas sobre coleopteros interesantes de Castilla y Leon III Ptilophorus dufouri Latreille, 1817 Coleoptera Rhipiphoridae primer registro para la provincia de Salamanca

Hiller, Arwin., 2005:
Notes on keeping Cuora galbinifrons galbinifrons Bourret, 1939 Beobachtungen bei der Haltung von Cuora galbinifrons galbinifrons Bourret, 1939

Mazzucconi, S.A.; Bachmann, A.O., 1997:
Notes on larvae of aquatic Heteroptera from Argentina Family Veliidae Oiovelia Notas sobre larvas de heteropteros acuaticos argentinos Familia Veliidae Oiovelia

Horvath, Zoltan., 2002:
Notes on lesser spotted eagle Aquila pomarina records in Somogy county A bekaszo sas Aquila pomarina Somogy megyei elofordulasairol

Lupoli, Roland., 1997:
Notes on little known bugs found on cruciferous plants Heteroptera Pentatomidae Eurydemini Podopinae Notes sur quelques punaises peu connues rencontrees sur les cruciferes Heteroptera Pentatomidae Eurydemini Podopinae

Mitter, H., 2001:
Notes on little known species of the family Glaphyridae from the Near and Middle East and descripton of Pygopleurus anahitae n sp Coleoptera, Scarabaeoidea, Glaphyridae Notizen ueber wenig bekannte Arten der Familie Glaphyridae aus dem Nahen und Mittleren Osten und Beschreibung von Pygopleurus anahitae n sp Coleoptera, Scarabaeoidea, Glaphyridae

Trematerra, P.; Gentile, P., 2001:
Notes on little known tortricid moths from central-southern Italy with record of Cnephasia hellenica Obraztsov, 1956, new for the Italian fauna Lepidoptera Tortricidae Alcuni tortricidi poco noti dallItalia centro-meridionale e segnalazione di Cnephasia hellenica Obraztsov, 1956, Lepidoptera Tortricidae

Rivas, Belkis A., 2000:
Notes on mammals of the plain Amacuro Estado Delta Amacuro Notas sobre los mamiferos de la planicie Amacuro Estado Delta Amacuro

Pitman, C.R.S., 1931:
Notes on marked eggs and the breeding habits of Hirundo abyssinica unitatis Scl Praed, the South African Smaller-Striped Swallow in Uganda, pp 39-44 The eggs of Micropus caffer streubelii Hartl, the White-rumped Swift, pp 44-45 The nesting of Dissoura episcopus microscelis Sclater, the African Woolly-necked Stork in Uganda, pp 45 46 The Yellow-throated Long Claw Macronyx c croceus Vieill and Macronyx sharpei Jackson pp 46-47 Further notes on the breeding of Hagedashia h

Delfosse, Emmanuel., 2001:
Notes on mating attempts by Psalmopoeus cambrigei Pocock, 1895 Arachnida Araneae Mygalomorphae Theraphosidae Aviculariinae Notes sur des essais daccouplements chez Psalmopoeus cambrigei Pocock, 1895 Arachnida Araneae Mygalomorphae Theraphosidae Aviculariinae

de Leonardis, C.; Semprucci, F.; Balsamo, M.; D'Addabio, R.; Gallo D'Addabio, M.; Sandulli, R., 2006:
Notes on meiofauna of Porto Cesareo marine protected area Lecce, Italy Note sulla meiofauna dellarea marina protetta di Porto Cesareo Lecce

Lussi, M.; Smith, G., 1996:
Notes on members of the genera Volvarina Hinds, 1844 and Dentimargo Cosmann, 1889 in S Africa with the description of eight new species Note sui membri dei generi Volvarina Hinds, 1844 e Dentimargo Cossmann, 1889 in Sud Africa con descrizione di otto nuove specie

Holan, Vladimir., 1994:
Notes on migration and nesting of red-backed shrike Lanius collurio Nekolik poznamek k migraci a hnizdeni tuhyka obecneho Lanius collurio

Scaravelli, D.; Delogu, M.; D.M.rco, A., 2003:
Notes on morphometry, comparative pathology and nest construction by Athene noctua in north Italy Note di morfometria, patologia comparata e costruzione del nido in Athene noctua nord italiane

Martini, Antonio., 2000:
Notes on mortality factors of Neodiprion sertifer eggs in pine stands of the Appennino Tosco-Romagnolo Note sulle cause di mortalita delle uova di Neodiprion sertifer Geoffroy Hymenoptera Diprionidae nelle pinete dellAppennino Tosco-Romagnolo

Kassebeer, Christian F., 2000:
Notes on native wood gnats Diptera, Anisopodidae Bemerkungen zu einheimischen Fenstermuecken Diptera, Anisopodidae

Maugeri, F.Gabriel, 2006:
Notes on nesting of the cinnamon-bellied ground-tyrant Muscisaxicola capistratus Tyrannidae in northern Patagonia, Argentina Notas sobre la nidificacion de la Dormilona Canela Muscisaxicola capistratus Tyrannidae en el norte de la Patagonia, Argentina

Pilsbry, H.A., 1898:
Notes on new and little-known Amnicolidae

Knaggs, H.G., 1864 :
Notes on new and rare species of Lepidoptera excepting Tineina for 1863

J.Templado, M.Villena, J.Fernandez, 1996:
Noticia de nuevos taxones para la ciencia en el ambito ibero-balear y macaronesico. Nuevos taxones de invertebrados (excluidos insectos) descritos en la Peninsula Iberica y Macaronesia entre 1994 y 1996

Vences, M.; Glaw, F.; Zapp, C., 1999:
Notes on number and size of oocytes in Malagasy frogs of the genera Tomopterna, Aglyptodactylus, Boophis and Mantidactylus Amphibia Ranidae Bemerkungen zu Eizahlen und Eigrossen bei madagassischen Froschen der Gattungen Tomopterna, Aglyptodactylus, Boophis und Mantidactylus Amphibia Ranidae

Metalnikov, M.D., 1935:
Notes on nummulites discovered in environs of Sotshi

Kanjo, B., 1997:
Notes on ornithofauna of Ribarevo and surroundings Prilog za faunu ptica podrucja Ribareva u gornjem Podunavlju

Novak, Jindrich., 2003:
Notes on parental care in fish 2 Altricial forms Poznamky k peci o potomstvo u ryb 2 Formy pece

Novak, Jindrich., 2003:
Notes on parental care in fish Poznamky k peci o potomstvo u ryb

Kapischke, Hans-Juergen., 2001:
Notes on partial albino blackbirds Notizen zu teilalbinotischen Amseln

Ferreira-Peruquetti, P.; Trivinho-Strixino, S., 2003:
Notes on phoretic relationship between Chironomidae and Odonata species of Sao Paulo State, Brazil Notas sobre relacoes foreticas entre especies de Chironomidae e Odonata do Estado de Sao Paulo, Brasil

Livanov, N.A., 1961:
Notes on planaria of Baikal Sea

Livanov, N.A.; Porfir'eva, N.A., 1962:
Notes on planarians of Baikal Sea

Reinel Henao, Efrain., 1998:
Notes on polimorphism of Dendrobates histrionicus, Anura Dendrobatidae Notas sobre el polimorfismo en Dendrobates histrionicus, Anura Dendrobatidae

Padayatti, PS., 1990:
Notes on population characteristics and reproductive biology of the portunid crab Charybdis Charybdis feriatus Linnaeus at Cochin

Schuster, W.H., 1948:
Notes on prawn fisheries in Indonesia

Salamanna, G.; Blasco-Zumeta, J., 1996:
Notes on psychodids Diptera Psychodidae from Los Monegros Zaragoza, Spain Nota sobre los psicodidos Diptera Psychodidae de los Monegros Zaragoza, Espana

Lelov, Eedi., 1997:
Notes on raptors and owls Tahelepanekuid roovlindudest

Jonsson, G., 1968:
Notes on rare fish

Metrailler, Sebastien., 1995:
Notes on rearing of Phrynops Mesoclemmys gibbus Schweigger, 1812 Notes sur lelevage de Phrynops Mesoclemmys gibbus Schweigger, 1812

Whiteaves, J.F., 1895:
Notes on recent Canadian Unionidae

Gallant, J-Bernard.; Constant, J., 1998:
Notes on recent records of Ceraleptus lividus Stein, 1858 Heteroptera, Coreidae in Belgium Note sur de recentes captures de Ceraleptus lividus Stein, 1858 Heteroptera, Coreidae en Belgique

Conway, JR., 1990:
Notes on repletes, myrmecophiles, and predators on honey ant nests Myrmecocystus mexicanus Hymenoptera Formicidae in Arizona Notes on repletes, myrmecophiles, and predators on honey ant nests Myrmecocystus mexicanus Hymenoptera Formicidae in Arizona

Pelikan, J., 1966:
Notes on reproduction and sex ratio in Apodemus agrarius Pall

Kobayashi, H., 1990:
Notes on scarabaeid beetles from Lutao Island off Taiwan

Hauri, Rolf., 2001:
Notes on second and third broods of the common coot Fulica atra Zu Zweit- und Drittbruten beim Blaesshuhn Fulica atra

Deuve, Thierry., 2002:
Notes on several Isiocarabus and Carabus s str from southern China Coleoptera, Carabidae Notes sur quelques Isiocarabus et Carabus s str de la Chine meridionale Coleoptera, Carabidae

Shima, T., 1966:
Notes on sexual activity in Drosophila nigromaculata with reference to copulation and eggs laid

Godfrey, F.K., 1931:
Notes on shells of South Australia

Zuljevic, Antal., 1997:
Notes on siskin Carduelis spinus in breeding season in Sombor area Podaci o cizku Carduelis spinus u letnjem periodu u Somboru

Castro, Leopoldo., 2003:
Notes on solitary vespids Hymenoptera Vespoidea Eumeninae Notas sobre vespidos solitarios Hymenoptera Vespoidea Eumeninae

Nardi, Gianluca., 2001:
Notes on some Aderids Coleoptera, Aderidae Note su alcuni aderidi Coleoptera, Aderidae

Tristram, H.B., 1869:
Notes on some African Birds

Pace, R., 2005:
Notes on some Aleocharinae from Euro-Mediterranean area with particular attention on Piedmont, Sardinia and Greece taxa Coleoptera, Staphylinidae Note su alcune Aleocharinae dellarea euro-mediterranea con particolare riguardo a taxa di Piemonte, Sardegna e Grecia Coleoptera, Staphylinidae

Gil-Santana, H.R.; Baena, M.; Silva-da-Silva, L.R.fael; Zeraik, S.O., 2005:
Notes on some American species of Empicoris Heteroptera Reduviidae Emesinae Notas sobre algumas especies de Empicoris americanas Heteroptera Reduviidae Emesinae

Vigna Taglianti, Augusto., 1999:
Notes on some Anechurinae from Apennines Dermaptera, Forficulidae Note su Anechurinae della fauna appenninica Dermaptera, Forficulidae

Deloya, Cuauhtemoc., 1999:
Notes on some Aphodiinae of Veracruz, Mexico Coleoptera Scarabaeidae Notas sobre algunos Aphodiinae de Veracruz, Mexico Coleoptera Scarabaeidae

Pocock, R.I., 1889:
Notes on some Buthidae, new and old

Murria Beltran, F.; Murria Beltran, A., 1997:
Notes on some Cerambycidae Coleoptera from Aragon Nota sobre Cerambycidae Coleoptera aragoneses

Dajoz, Roger., 2004:
Notes on some Clivinini of North America, description of three species of the genus Dyschiriodes, and a new genus from Guyana Coleoptera, Carabidae Notes sur quelques Clivinini dAmerique du Nord ; description de trois especes du genre Dyschiriodes, et dun genre nouveau de Guyane Coleoptera, Carabidae

Blatchley, W.S., 1920:
Notes on some Coleoptera taken in the vicinity of Dunedin, Florida, in the spring of 1920, with descriptions of new species

Modena, M.; Mori, M.; Vacchi, M., 2001:
Notes on some Crustacea Malacostraca collected in areas near to V/C Haven Ligurian Sea Note su alcuni crostacei malacostraci raccolti in aree adiacenti alla M/C Haven Mar Ligure

Sassi, D., 2004:
Notes on some Cryptocephalus species of subgenus Burlinius Coleoptera Chrysomelidae Note su alcune specie di Cryptocephalus del sottogenere Burlinius Coleoptera Chrysomelidae

Ramellini, Pietro., 1998:
Notes on some Diplura from the Abruzzo National park Italy Note sui dipluri del Parco Nazionale dAbruzzo Diplura

Rivosecchi, L.;, M., 2001:
Notes on some Diptera preserved in zoological Musea of Rome Note su alcuni Ditteri conservati in musei zoologici di Roma

Magrini, P.; Vanni, S.; Degiovanni, A., 1997:
Notes on some Duvalius of the andreinii group sensu Magrini, 1997, with a description of a new subspecies Note su alcuni Duvalius del gruppo andreinii sensu Magrini, 1997, con descrizione di una nuova sottospecie Insecta, Coleoptera, Carabidae, Trechinae

Dauphin, Patrick., 2001:
Notes on some Euro-Mediterranean Phloeopora Coleoptera, Staphylinidae Notes sur quelques Phloeopora euromediterraneennes Coleoptera, Staphylinidae

Pederzani, Fernando., 1998:
Notes on some Hydradephaga and Hydrophiloidea from the Presidential Estate of Castelporziano Coleoptera, Hygrobiidae, Haliplidae Dytiscidae, Hydraenidae, Helophoridae, Hydrochidae, Hydrophilidae Note su alcuni idroadefagi e palpicorni della tenuta presidenziale de Castelporziano Coleoptera, Hygrobiidae, Haliplidae, Dytiscidae, Hydraenidae, Helophoridae, Hydrochidae, Hydrophilidae

Pesarini, Carlo., 1996:
Notes on some Italian Erigonidae, with description of a new species Araneae Note su alcuni Erigonidae italiani, con descrizione di una nuova specie Araneae

Nel, J.; Nel, A., 2000:
Notes on some Lepidoptera from Tenerife Canary Islands with descriptions of Coccidiphila patriciae n sp Lepidoptera Cosmopterigidae Contribution a la connaissance des Lepidopteres des iles Canaries, avec la description de Coccidiphila patriciae n sp Lepidoptera, Cosmopterigidae

Rallo, G.; Uliana, M., 2001:
Notes on some Lepidoptera from Valle Averto Venice Lagoon and the Venetian mainland NE-Italy Note su alcuni Lepidoptera di Valle Averto in Laguna di Venezia e dellentroterra Veneziano Ricerche scientifiche nella Riserva naturale del WWF di Valle dellAverto - 9

Alves,; Dieguez, A.J.vier., 1998:
Notes on some Lepidoptera relating to farming activity I Insecta Lepidoptera Adelocephalidae Saturniidae Hemileucidae Notas sobre algunos lepidopteros relacionados con las actividades agropecuarias I Insecta Lepidoptera Adelocephalidae Saturniidae Hemileucidae

Preissecker, F., 1923:
Notes on some Lepidoptera

Cassola, F.; Andriamampianina, L., 2001:
Notes on some Madagascan tiger beetles, with description of two new species Coleoptera, Cicindelidae Notes sur des cicindelides de Madagascar, avec la description de deux nouvelles especes Coleoptera, Cicindelidae

Allemand, Roland., 1997:
Notes on some Mediterranean Curimopsis related to C maritima Marsham Coleoptera Byrrhidae Note sur quelques Curimopsis mediterraneens proches de C maritima Marsham Coleoptera Byrrhidae

Chiarelli, S.; Micali, P.; Quadri, P., 2003:
Notes on some Mediterranean species of the genus Mitrella Risso, 1826 Gastropoda, Muricidae Note su alcune specie mediterranee del genere Mitrella Risso, 1826 Gastropoda, Muricidae

Suter, H., 1905:
Notes on some New Zealand Pleurotomidae

Cockerell, T.D.A., 1898 :
Notes on some Pupidae

Penati, Fabio., 1998:
Notes on some Saprininae collected in the province of Grosseto Insecta, Coleoptera, Histeridae Su alcuni Saprininae catturati in provincia di Grosseto Insecta, Coleoptera, Histeridae

Thomas, O., 1897:
Notes on some South American Muridae

Botosaneanu, Lazare., 1999:
Notes on some Spanish or Moroccan Trichoptera of the collections of the Museum national dHistoire naturelle, Paris Notes sur quelques trichopteres espagnols ou marocains des collections du Museum national dHistoire naturelle, Paris Trichoptera

Arthur, W., 1880:
Notes on some Specimens of Migratory Salmonidae

Nardi, Gianluca., 2002:
Notes on some Stagetus species Coleoptera, Anobiidae Note su alcune specie di Stagetus Coleoptera, Anobiidae

Gaunitz, C.B., 1930:
Notes on some Swedish Coleoptera

Cole, DT., 1990:
Notes on some Tswana bird names

Gregor, H-J., 2001:
Notes on some Upper Pleistocene localities Tyrrhenian II of Sardinia, in regard to marine faunas and geological relationships Notizen zu einigen jungpleistozaenen Fundpunkten Tyrrhenium II auf Sardinien, marine Faunen und geologische Verhaeltnisse betreffend

Bordoni, A., 2003:
Notes on some Xantholinini from Korea Coleoptera Staphylinidae Appunti su alcuni Xantholinini della Corea Coleoptera Staphylinidae 127o contributo alla conoscenza degli Staphylinidae

Sterki, V., 1893:
Notes on some Zonitidae

Moure, Jesus S., 1996:
Notes on some bees from Bahia, Brasil Hymenoptera, Apoidea Notas sobre algumas especies de abelhas da Bahia, Brasil Hymenoptera, Apoidea

Alekperov, AM., 1975:
Notes on some birds in Apsheron

Danilovich, A., 1931:
Notes on some birds in the vicinity of the town of Kiev

Cecchi, B.; L.C.scio, P.; Magrini, P., 1999:
Notes on some carabid beetles from Italian small islands Note su alcuni carabidi delle isole minori italiane Coleoptera Carabidae

Fredericks, George., 1915:
Notes on some carboniferous fossils from collection of Geological Cabinet of University of Kazan

Fredericks, G., 1915:
Notes on some carboniferous fossils from the collection of the Geological Cabinet of the University of Kazan

Krishna Pillai, N., 1971:
Notes on some copepod parasites in the collections of the British Museum NH, London

Magyar, G., 2006:
Notes on some disputed species with old records on the list of the birds of Hungary Megjegyzesek nehany vitatott fajrol magyarorszag madarainak ne vjegyzeken

Abe, T., 1970:
Notes on some edible marine fishes collected betweenthe Bonin Islands and the mouth of Sagami Bay-3

Bordoni, A., 2003:
Notes on some euroasiatic Xantholinini and description of a new genus from Manchuria Coleoptera Staphylinidae Note su alcuni Xantholinini euroasiatici e descrizione di un nuovo genere della Manciuria Coleoptera Staphylinidae

Filmer, RM., 1990:
Notes on some forms of Conus pennaceus Born, 1778

Brugnola, Renato., 1996:
Notes on some interesting Cerambycidae of the coleopteran fauna of Marche Italy, Marche, Pesaro - Foglia valley Note su alcuni interessanti cerambicidi della coleotterofauna marchigiana Italia, Marche, Pesaro - Valle del Foglia

Dapporto, L.; Fiumi, G.; Govi, G., 2006:
Notes on some interesting Heterocera from Sardinia and Corsica Lepidoptera Heterocera Interessanti specie di Lepidotteri Etoceri della regione sardo-corsa Lepidoptera Heterocera

Platia, G.; Baviera, C., 2005:
Notes on some interesting click-beetles of Sicily, with description of a new species of Cardiophorus Eschscholtz Coleoptera Elateridae Note su alcuni interessanti elateridi di Sicilia con descrizione di una nuova specie di Lardiophorus Eschscholtz, 1829 Coleoptera Elateridae

Lempereur, Jean-Michel., 2007:
Notes on some interesting records of weevils for the fauna of Belgium Coleoptera, Curculionidae Notes sur quelques capturs interessante de Charancons pour la faune Belge Coleoptera, Curculionidae

Nakane, T., 1990:
Notes on some little-known beetles Coleoptera in Japan 6

Mihailova, P., 1968:
Notes on some lumbricid species found in Bulgaria

Wendling, K.; Haybach, A., 2003:
Notes on some mayflies Insecta Ephemeroptera collected in the River Tisza Hungary after the Cyanide spill at Baia Mare Romania in 2000 Notizen zu einigen Eintagsfliegen Insecta Ephemeroptera aus der Theiss in Ungarn nach dem Cyanid-Unfall in Baja Mare Rumaenien im Jahre 2000

Deuve, T.; Imura, Y., 1992:
Notes on some new and less known species of Carabus Apotomopterus, Carabus, Rhigocarabus, Diocarabus Coleoptera, Carabidae from eastern Asia Note sur quelques Carabus Apotomopterus, Carabus, Rhigocarabus, Diocarabus Coleoptera, Carabidae nouveaux ou mal connus de lAsie orientale

Gonzalez-Ruiz, N.; Navarro-Frias, J.; Alvarez, T., 2000:
Notes on some new bat records of Mexico state, Mexico Notas sobre algunos nuevos registros de murcielagos del Estado de Mexico, Mexico

Bornschein, M.R.cardo.; Reinert, B.L.iza.; Pichorim, M., 1997:
Notes on some new or little known birds in southern Brazil Notas sobre algumas aves novas ou pouco conhecidas no sul do Brasil

McIntosh, WC., 1919:
Notes on some of the Peracarida Mysidacea and Eucarida Decapoda of St Andrews, in the living condition

Brady, H.B., 1879:
Notes on some of the Reticularian Rhizopoda of the Challenger Expedition

Orousset, J., 1995:
Notes on some old methods used to control harmful Coleoptera Note sur quelques antiques moyens de lutte contre les coleopteres nuisibles

Zompro, Oliver., 1997:
Notes on some phasmids in the Zoological Museum Hamburg Uber einige Phasmiden aus der Entomologischen Sammlung des Zoologischen Museums Hamburg

Delfosse, Emmanuel., 2002:
Notes on some phasmids of France and overseas Insecta Phasmatoptera Notes sur quelques Phasmes de France et dOutre-Mer Insecta Phasmatoptera

Salazar E., Julian A., 1996:
Notes on some rare Colombian Satyrinae Lepidoptera Nymphalidae Noticias sobre algunos Satyrinae poco conocidos para Colombia Lepidoptera Nymphalidae

Baraniak, Edward., 1997:
Notes on some rare, interesting moth species of the family Depressariidae Lepidoptera collected in the Wielkopolski National Park Uwagi o interesujacych gatunkach Depressariidae Lepidoptera zlowionych w Wielkopolskim Parku Narodowym

Lauer, Jose M., 1995:
Notes on some recent articles about Conus taxa Note su alcuni recenti articoli dedicati a taxa di Conus

Sclater, P.L., 1889:
Notes on some recently-described Species of Dendrocolaptidae

Billi, F.; Varenne, T., 2001:
Notes on some species of carpet moths Lepidoptera Geometridae new or little known in Alpes-Maritimes Note sur quelques especes de phalenes Lepidopteres Geometridae nouvelles ou peu connues des Alpes-Maritimes

Brevignon, Christian., 1998:
Notes on some species of the genus Parides Hubner, 1819 from French Guiana Lepidoptera Papilionidae Notes sur quelques especes du genre Parides Hubner, 1819 en Guyane Francaise Lepidoptera Papilionidae

Prati Musetti, Alessandro., 1995:
Notes on some specific and infraspecific taxa of Cassidae Note su alcuni taxa specifici e infraspecifici di Cassidae

Taymans, Michel., 1997:
Notes on some spring records of Rhopalocera Nota sobre alguns ropalocers primaverals

Rovati, C.; Violani, C.; Caprotti, M., 1998:
Notes on some taxidermically prepared mammals kept in the Science Museum of the University of Pavia Italy Note su alcuni esemplari di mammiferi tassidermizzati del Museo di Scienze dellUniversita di Pavia

Ferreira de Vasconcelos, M.; Maldonado-Coelho, M.; Duraes, R., 1999:
Notes on some threatened and little known bird species from Southern Espinhaco Range, Minas Gerais Notas sobre algumas especies de aves ameacadas e pouco conhecidas da porcao Meridional da Cadeia do Espinhaco, Minas Gerais

Gebert, J., 1996:
Notes on some tiger beetles, mainly from the palaearctic region Col, Cicindelidae Bemerkungen zu einigen vorwiegend palaarktischen Cicindeliden Col, Cicindelidae

Dodelin, B., 2003:
Notes on some troglophilic Catopidae and Staphylinidae beetles of the Regional Natural Park of the Massif de Bauges Savoie and Haute-Savoie, France Notes sur quelques Coleopteres Catopidae et Staphylinidae troglophiles du Parc Naturel Regional du massif des Bauges Savoie et Haute-Savoie

Bozzetti, Luigi., 1996:
Notes on some unusual species Note su alcune specie insolite

Pantacchini, Christian., 1993:
Notes on some weevils Curculionidae, Coleoptera A propos de quelques charancons Coleoptera Curculionidae

Smith, Frank., 1900:
Notes on species of North American Oligochaeta III List of species found in Illinois, and descriptions of Illinois Tubificidae

Isaia, Marco., 2000:
Notes on spiders Arachnida, Araneae of Mont Avic Natural Park Aosta Valley, Italy Note sui alcuni ragni Arachnida, Araneae del Parco Naturale del Mont Avic Valle dAosta e sulla loro distribuzione altimetrica

Groppali, R.; Pesarini, C., 2002:
Notes on spiders of Monte Subasio Central Apennines - Province of Perugia Arachnida Araneae Appunti sui ragni del Monte Subasio Appennino Centrale - Provincia di Perugia Arachnida Araneae

Rosas, J.; Rengel, J.; Silva, M.; Castillo, E.; Millan, J.; Cabrera, T., 2000:
Notes on spontaneous egg laying by the spiny lobster Panulirus laevicauda Latreille, 1804 Decapoda Palinuridae Notas de un desove espontaneo de la langosta moteada Panulirus laevicauda Latreille, 1804 Decapoda Palinuridae

Rengel, J.; Silva, M.; Castillo, E.; Rosas, J.; Cabrera, T., 2000:
Notes on spontaneous spawn of the spotted lobster Panulirus laevicauda Latreille, 1804 Notas de un desove espontaneo de la langosta moteada Panulirus laevicauda Latreille, 1804

Tree, AJ., 1990:
Notes on sunbird movements and nectar sources in Zimbabwe

Bordoni, A., 1999:
Notes on synonymy of some species and subgenera in the genus Xantholinus Dejan, 1821 and the designations of lectotypes Coleoptera Staphylinidae Note sulla sinonimia di alcune specie e sottogeneri del genere Xantholinus Dejan, 1821 e designazione di lectotipi Coleoptera Staphylinidae

Gonzalez-Mora, D.; Peris, S.V.; Mariluis, J.C., 1998:
Notes on taxonomy and distribution of the genera Compsomyiops Townsend, 1918 Diptera, Calliphoridae Notas sobre la taxonomia y distribucion del genero Compsomyiops Townsend, 1918 Diptera, Calliphoridae

Zilli, A., 1990:
Notes on th nomenclature of Coscinia libyssa Pungeler, 1907 and its occurrence in Sicily Lepidoptera, Arctiidae

Fewkes, J.W., 1882:
Notes on the Acalephae from the Tortugas, with a description of new Genera and Species

Pilsbry, H.A., 1893:
Notes on the Acanthochitidae, with descriptions of new American species

Pace, R., 2004:
Notes on the Aleocharinae from Spain Coleoptera Staphylinidae Note sulle Aleocharinae della Spagna Coleoptera Staphylinidae

de Andrade, M.A.tonio.; Greco de Andrade, M.V.egas., 2000 :
Notes on the American cliff swallow Hirundo pyrrhonota and its occurrence in Serra di Cipo, Minas Gerais Notas sobre a andorinha-de-dorso-acanelado Hirundo pyrrhonota e sua ocorrencia na Serra do Cipo, Minas Gerais

Ewing, H.E., 1909:
Notes on the American oribatid fauna, with a list of four spceies of European Oribatidae hitherto unknown in this country

Borne, Richard Higgins., 1906:
Notes on the Anatomy of South African Aplysiidae, with descriptions of two new species

Pajot, Francois-Xavier., 1996:
Notes on the Anoplura from West-Africa, Chad and Cameroon Notes sur les anoploures de lAfrique de louest, du Tchad et du Cameroun Insecta, Anoplura

Meade, R.H., 1878:
Notes on the Anthomyiidae of North America

Baehrmann, Rudolf., 2007:
Notes on the Anthomyzidae Diptera of central Germany Zur Kenntnis der Anthomyzidae Diptera Mitteldeutschlands

Mazel, Robert., 2001:
Notes on the Ascalaphidae of the south of France Neuroptera Notes sur les Ascalaphidae du sud de la France Neuroptera

Brevignon, C., 2006:
Notes on the Biblidinae of French Guiana Lepidoptera Nymphalidae Notes sur les Biblidinae de Guyane Francaise Lepidoptera Nymphalidae

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