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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38483

Chapter 38483 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Rudebeck, G., 1976:
Observations on Vanessa aalanta L in southern Sweden

Eidenmuller, B.; Wicker, R., 1998:
Observations on Varanus mertensi clutches incubated under different conditions Beobachtungen an Varanus mertensi-Gelegen inkubiert unter verschiedenen Bedingungen

Bordoni, A., 2003:
Observations on Zatypota albicoxa Walker Hymenoptera Ichneumonidae and his host Achaearanea lunata Clerck Araneae Theridiidae Osservazioni su Zatypota albicoxa Walker Hymenoptera, Ichneumonidae e sul suo ospite Achaearanea lunata Clerck Araneae, Theridiidae

Vestergaard, DA., 1999:
Observations on Zygaena viciae Lepidoptera Zygaenidae Waarnemingen van Zygaena viciae Lepidoptera Zygaenidae

Ghosh, A., 1980:
Observations on a blue form of green leafhopper

Neumann, Werner., 2005:
Observations on a Aplocheilus biootope Beobachtungen an einem Aplocheilus-Biotop

Unruh, Michael., 1998:
Observations on a black grass snake Beobachtung einer schwarzen Ringelnatter Natrix natrix

Gilot, Fabien., 1998:
Observations on a booted eagle Hieraaetus pennatus at Cernay Haut-Rhin in 1996 Observations daigles bottes Hieraaetus pennatus a Cernay Haut-Rhin en 1996

de Armas, Luis F., 1999:
Observations on a butterfly migration Lepidoptera Pieridae in el Toldo, Moa, Holguin province Observaciones sobre una migracion de mariposas Lepidoptera Pieridae en el Toldo, Moa, provincia de Holguin

Kronshage, Andreas., 1996:
Observations on a colony of midwife toads Alytes obstetricans in the south Westphalian mountainous region Northrhine-Westphalia Beobachtungen an einer Kolonie der Geburtshelferkrote Alytes obstetricans im sudwestfalischen Bergland Nordrhein-Westfalen

Bruge, Hubert., 1996:
Observations on a curious habitat of Atheta Mocyta clientula Erichson, 1839 and of some other little known species Coleoptera Staphylinidae Observations relatives a un curieux habitat dAtheta Mocyta clientula Erichson, 1839 et de quelques autres especes peu communes Coleoptera Staphylinidae

Schulz, Hans-Juergen., 2003:
Observations on a female of Anoplius viaticus L, 1758 carrying a wolf spider Hym Pompilidae Beobachtungen eines Weibchens von Anoplius viaticus L, 1758 beim Eintragen einer Wolfsspinne Hym Pompilidae

Freytag, Kurt., 1998:
Observations on a further 14 Amphipyrinae and 4 Cucullinae species Lepidoptera, Noctuidae, Amphipyrinae, Cucullinae Bemerkungen zu weiteren 14 Amphipyrinae sowie 4 Cucullinae-Arten Lepidoptera, Noctuidae, Amphipyrinae, Cucullinae

Freytag, Kurt., 1996:
Observations on a further 18 Cucullinae species Schrank, 1802 Lepidoptera, Noctuidae Bemerkungen zu weiteren 18 Cucullinae-Arten Schrank, 1802 Lepidoptera, Noctuidae

Freytag, Kurt., 1997:
Observations on a further 3 Hadeninae and 11 Noctuinae species Lepidoptera, Noctuidae, Hadeninae, Noctuinae Bemerkungen zu weiteren 3 Hadeninae sowie 11 Noctuinae-Arten Lepidoptera, Noctuidae, Hadeninae, Noctuinae

Vaslin, M.; Maly, L., 1997:
Observations on a jackdaw Corvus monedula with the characteristics of the eastern race soemmeringii Observation dun choucas des tours Corvus monedula presentait les caracteristiques de la race orientale soemmeringii

Voisin, Jean-Francois., 1996:
Observations on a large number of Aeropus sibiricus Insecta, Orthoptera in Grande Sassiere Savoie evolution during the years 1987 and 1988 Observations sur une pullulation dAeropus sibiricus Insecta, Orthoptera en Grande Sassiere Savoie evolution pendant les annees 1987 et 1988

Sorace, A.; Tanda, F., 1997:
Observations on a mixed brood of the great tit Parus major and the blue tit Parus caeruleus Osservazione di una covata mista di cinciallegra Parus major e di cinciarella Parus caeruleus

Massemin, D.; Boyer, F., 2002:
Observations on a nerite of French Guiana Neritina cf reclivata Say, 1822 Observations sur une nerite de Guyane francaise Neritina cf reclivata Say, 1822

Perez-Lopez, F.; Javier.; Hernandez-Ruiz, J.A.relio., 1995:
Observations on a new feeding habit in Typhoeus typhoeus Linnaeus, 1758 Coleoptera Geotrupidae Observacion de un nuevo habito alimenticio en Typhoeus typhoeus Linnaeus, 1758 Coleoptera Geotrupidae

Murgia, C.; Demurtas, A.; Sgarangella, R.; Tatti, D.; Trainito, E., 1995:
Observations on a new heronry of little egret Egretta garzetta in an islet of NE Sardinia Osservazioni biologiche di una nuova colonia di garzetta Egretta garzetta sita in unisola della Sardegna nord-orientale

Mey, Eberhard., 2002:
Observations on a notable breeding site of the great crested grebe Podiceps cristatus in the Saale valley Beobachtungen an einem singulaeren Brutplatz des Haubentauchers Podiceps cristatus im Saaletal

Bousquet, Jean-Francois., 1998:
Observations on a pair of squacco herons Ardea ralloides at Villeneuve Tolosane 31 in summer 1995 Observations sur un couple de herons crabiers Ardea ralloides a Villeneuve Tolosane 31 en ete 1995

Dittberner, H.; Dittberner, W., 2004:
Observations on a pre-collecting site of the waxwing Bombycilla garrulus Beobachtungen an einem Vorsammelplatz vom Seidenschwanz Bombycilla garrulus

Burggraeve, G., 1977:
Observations on a probable mixed breeding pair, roseate tern, Sterna dougallii x common tern, Sterna hirundo at Knokke

Danel, Christian., 1995:
Observations on a problematic moulting in Pterinochilus murinus Observation realisee a partir dune mue problematique chez Pterinochilus murinus

Weissgerber, Rolf., 2003:
Observations on a rain water puddle of a field area Beobachtungen an einem Regenwassertuempel in der Feldflur

Heynig, Hermann., 1997:
Observations on a red coloured Euglena species Beobachtungen an einer rot gefarbten Euglena-Art

Lantermann, W.; Lantermann, Y., 2006:
Observations on a sand lizard population Lacerta agilis in the Huenxe area/Wesel district Beobachtungen an einer Zauneidechsen-Population Lacerta agilis im Bereich Huenxe/Kreis Wesel

Petrovicky, Ivan., 2002:
Observations on a secretive way of life Nahlednuti do skryteho zivota

Becker, U.; Becker, K.-Heinz., 1991:
Observations on a serotine bat Eptesicus serotinus infected with rabies Beobachtungen an einer an Tollwut erkrankten Breitflugelfledermaus Eptesicus serotinus

Hausl-Hofstaetter, U., 2004:
Observations on a sleeping aggregation of the wool-carder bee Anthidium septemspinosum Lepeletier 1841 Hymenoptera, Apoidea, Megachilidae Beobachtungen an einer Nachtruhegemeinschaft der Wollbiene Anthidium septemspinosum Lepeletier 1841 Hymenoptera, Apoidea, Megachilidae

Scheidt, Ulrich., 1995:
Observations on a spawning ground of the toad Bufo bufo L, 1758 in Erfurt/Thuringia 2 Size frequency and body mass; anomalies and injuries Beobachtungen an einem Laichplatz der Erdkrote Bufo bufo L, 1758 bei Erfurt/Thuringen 2 Langenklassen und Massenverteilung; Anomalien und Verletzungen

Scheidt, Ulrich., 1994:
Observations on a spawning place of the toad Bufo bufo L, 1758 near Erfurt 1 Migration behaviour and sex ratio Beobachtungen an einem Laichplatz der Erdkrote Bufo bufo L, 1758 bei Erfurt 1 Wanderverhalten und Geschlechterverhaltnis

Zettel, H.; Wiesbauer, H., 2003:
Observations on a syntopic occurrence of Osmia Anthocopa mocsaryi Friese, 1895 and Osmia Anthocopa papaveris Latreille, 1799, with further additions to the bee fauna Hymenoptera Apidae of the Eichkogel near Moedling lower Austria Beobachtungen zu einem syntopen Vorkommen von Osmia Anthocopa mocsaryi Friese, 1895 and Osmia A papaveris Latreille, 1799 sowie weitere Ergaenzungen zur Bienenfauna Hymenoptera Apidae des Eichkogels bei Moedling Niederoesterreich

Badtke, G.; Biermann, H.; Schulze, W., 2004:
Observations on a third generation of the map butterfly Araschnia levana Linnaeus, 1758 in north Germany in late summer 2003 Beobachtungen zu einer dritten Generation des Landkaertchen-Falters Araschnia levana Linnaeus, 1758 im noerdlichen Deutschland im Spaetsommer 2003

Skiba, Reinald., 1997:
Observations on a treecreeper - short-toed treecreeper hybrid Certhia familiaris - C brachydactyla with alternate song stanzas of both species Beobachtungen eines Mischsangers Waldbaumlaufer - Gartenbaumlaufer Certhia familiaris - C brachydactyla mit getrennt vorgetragenen Strophen beider Arten

Lienenbecker, Heinz., 2006:
Observations on a vineyard snail population in Steinhagen/Guetersloh district Beobachtungen an einer Weinbergschnecken-Population in Steinhagen/Kreis Guetersloh

Gibeaux, Christian A., 1998:
Observations on a year of entomology, 1997, in the forests of Fontainebleau, Trois-Pignons, Champagne and Brimbois Lepidoptera Observations sur lannee entomologique 1977 dans les forets domaniales de Fontainebleau, des Trois-Pignons, de Champagne et de Brimbois Lepidoptera

Cantu Chapa, A., 1993:
Observations on ammonite Perisphinctidae of the Upper Tithonian Kossmatia Uhlig and Fierrites gen nov Observaciones sobre las amonitas Perisphinctidae del Titoniano superior Kossmatia Uhlig y Fierrites gen nov

Wiener, Anna Karina., 1996:
Observations on amphibians in Klagenfurt Amphibienbeobachtungen in Klagenfurt

Kunz, Kriton., 1999:
Observations on amplexus of Hymenochirus boettgeri Tornier, 1896 Bemerkungen zum Amplexus bei Hymenochirus boettgeri Tornier, 1896

Weissgerber, Rolf., 1996:
Observations on an abnormal coloured buzzard Buteo buteo near Oelsen Beobachtung eines abnorm gefarbten Mausebussards Buteo buteo bei Oelsen

Litt, Rene., 2000:
Observations on an aquatic coleopteran Agabus Gaurodytes guttatus Paykull, 1798 Coleoptera/Dytiscidae Observations sur le coleoptere aquatique Agabus Gaurodytes guttatus Paykull, 1798 Coleoptera/Dytiscidae

Poppen, Theodor., 1991:
Observations on an infection with rabies of the serotine bat Eptesicus serotinus in Aurich Region Beobachtungen zur Tollwuterkrankung einer Breitflugelfledermaus Eptesicus serotinus im Landkreis Aurich

Schardt, M.; Kohler, G., 1995:
Observations on an interesting deformity of Basiliscus plumifrons Bemerkungen zu einer interessanten Missbildung bei Basiliscus plumifrons

Zawadzki, Mike., 2005:
Observations on an introduced population of Podarcis pityusensis pityusensis Bosca, 1883 in Cala Ratjada north east Mallorca Beobachtungen an einer eingeschleppten Population von Podarcis pityusensis pityusensis Bosca, 1883 in Cala Ratjada Nordost-Mallorca

Il'in, V.S., 1956:
Observations on and corrections to the suborder Gobioidei in L S Bergs book Fresh water fishes of the USSR and adjoining countries, 4th Edit, 1948-1949

Casali, S.; Suzzi Valli, A.; Busignani, G.; Tedaldi, G., 2002:
Observations on arboreal habits of Speleomantes italicus Dunn, 1923 in the Republic of San Marino Osservazioni sui costumi arboricoli di Speleomantes italicus Dunn, 1923 nella Repubblica di San Marino Amphibia Urodela Plethodontidae

Kreisch, WF., 2000:
Observations on artificial nesting aids for aculeate Hymenoptera in big city centres Hym Beobachtungen an Nisthilfen fuer aculeate Hymenopteren im Kernbereich von Grossstaedten Hym

van Aartsen, B., 1981:
Observations on autumn moths with wingless females Lep, Geometridae

Blant, Michael., 1993:
Observations on bats at the Psychiatric Hospital of the Canton Perreux NE results of five years of active protection Observation des chiropteres a lHopital psychiatrique cantonal de Perreux NE bilan de cinq ans de protection active

Mucedda, M.; Vadacca, M.; Ciccarese, N., 2003:
Observations on bats of some coastal caves of south eastern Salento Lecce Osservazioni sui chirotteri di alcune grotte costiere del Salento sud-orientale Lecce

Auverlot, Edmond., 2002:
Observations on beetles in the Somme littoral zone, Ponthieu-Marquenterre-Vimeu Observations de coleopteres dans la Somme zone littorale, Ponthieu-Marquenterre-Vimeu

Lundberg, U.; Szdzuy, K.; Koenig, I., 2001:
Observations on behavioural development in African elephants Loxodonta africana in the Berlin-Friedrichsfelde Zoo Beobachtungen zur Verhaltensontogenese Afrikanischer Elefanten Loxodonta africana im Tierpark Berlin-Friedrichsfelde

Pfau, H.K.aus.; Pfau, B., 2005:
Observations on bioacoustics and behavior of Madeiras green bush-cricket Psalmatophanes barretoi Orthoptera Tettigoniidae Beobachtungen zur Bioakustik und Ethologie des Madeira - Heupferdes Psalmatophanes barretoi Orthoptera Tettigoniidae

Aguilera, L.; Marquetti, M.M.; Fuentes, O.; Navarro, A., 1996:
Observations on biological aspects of Blattella germanica Dictyoptera Blattellidae under laboratory conditions Observaciones sobre aspectos biologicos de Blattella germanica Dictyoptera Blattellidae en condiciones de laboratorio

Camporese, P.; Pellizzari, G., 1998:
Observations on biology of Ceroplastes japonicus in urban environment Osservazioni sul ciclo biologico di Ceroplastes japonicus in ambiente urbano

Luferov, V.P., 1963:
Observations on biology of Herpobdella

Yanushko, P.A., 1950:
Observations on biology of Marmota menzbieri Kaschk

Gomez, B.; Villalobos, F.J.vier.; Ruiz, L.; Castro, A.E., 1999:
Observations on biology of Melolonthidae Coleoptera Scarabaeoidea at a locality of Los Altos de Chiapas, Mexico Observaciones sobre la biologia de melolontidos Coleoptera Scarabaeoidea en una localidad de Los Altos de Chiapas, Mexico

Bertolero, A.; Zavalaga, C., 2003:
Observations on biometry and molt of the Peruvian Seaside-Cinclodes Cinclodes taczanowskii at Punta San Juan, Southern Peru Observaciones sobre la biometria y la muda del Churrete Marisquero Cinclodes taczanowskii en Punta San Juan, Costa Sur del Peru

Beltzer, A.H.; Ordano, M., 2001:
Observations on bird assemblages of an insular middle Parana River forest in Argentina Observaciones sobre ensambles de Aves de un bosque insular del Rio Parana medio, Argentina

Tot, L., 2001:
Observations on bird fauna in broader vicinity of Prizren and Kosovska Mitrovica in period 1960-1961 Zapazanja o fauni ptica sire okoline Prizrena i Kosovske Mitrovice u periodu 1960-1961

Lessow, O.; Rowald, W., 2007:
Observations on bird migration, especially raptors, near Tarifa in southern Spain Beobachtungen zum Zugverhalten von Greifvoegeln und anderen Vogelarten bei Tarifa in Suedspanien

de Lima, F.C.; Aleixo, A., 2000:
Observations on bird species found in urban habitats in the city of Campinas, Sao Paulo State, Brazil Notas sobre algumas aves em ambientes antropizados da cidade de Campinas, Sao Paulo, Brasil

Bottazzo, S.; Piras, G.; Tonelli, A., 2001:
Observations on birds at Cava Bomba Regional Park of Colli Euganei - Veneto Osservazioni sullavifauna di Cava Bomba Parco Regionale dei Colli Euganei - Veneto

Birdlife Osterreich (Landesgruppe Karnten)., 1997:
Observations on birds in Carinthia during 1996 Vogelkundliche Beobachtungen aus Karnten 1996

Birdlife Osterreich (Landesgruppe Karnten)., 1998:
Observations on birds in Carinthia during 1997 Vogelkundliche Beobachtungen aus Karnten 1997

Ferreira de Vasconcelos, M.; Figueredo, C.C.nha.; Carvalho, H.A.ila.; D'Angelo Neto, S., 2003:
Observations on breeding biology of the Pauraque, Nyctidromus albicollis Gmelin, 1789, Aves Caprimulgiformes in Minas Gerais state, Brazil Observacoes sobre a reproducao do curiango, Nyctidromus albicollis Gmelin, 1789, Aves Caprimulgiformes no estado de Minas Gerais, Brasil

Uhlig, R.; Uhlig, S., 1998:
Observations on breeding in buildings by the pale crag martin Hirundo obsoleta in the United Arab Emirates Beobachtungen an Gebaudebrutern der Steinschwalbe Hirundo obsoleta in den Vereinigten Arabischen Emiraten

Gruen, Rudolf., 2004:
Observations on breeding in the grey wagtail Motacilla cinerea Beobachtungen des Brutgeschehens bei der Gebirgsstelze Motacilla cinerea

Krasovski, V.P., 1954:
Observations on breeding of desman in captivity

Mayer, Gertrud Th., 1993:
Observations on breeding sites and breeding periods of jackdaws Corvus monedula in Upper Austria 1880 to 1990 Brutplatz- und Brutzeitbeobachtungen von Dohlen Curvus Brutplatz- und Brutzeitbeobachtungen von Dohlen Curvus Brutplatz- und Brutzeitbeobachtungen von Dohlen Curvus Brutplatz- und Brutzeitbeobachtungen von Dohlen Curvus Brutplatz- und Brutzeitbeobachtungen von Dohlen Curvus Brutplatz- und Brutzeitbeobachtungen von Dohlen Curvus Brutplatz- und Brutzeitbeobachtungen von Doh

Kupko, S.; Schlottke, L., 1999:
Observations on breeding success of jackdaws breeding in nest boxes in Berlin Beobachtungen zum Bruterfolg der in Nistkasten brutenden Dohlen Corvus monedula L in Berlin

Jaschhof, Helmut., 1998:
Observations on brood care by Saperda carcharias L Col, Cerambycidae Beobachtungen zur Brutfursorge beim Grossen Pappelbock Saperda carcharias L Col, Cerambycidae

Raingeard, Jean., 1996:
Observations on buprestids of the Massif de Saint-Guilhem-le-Desert Herault Coleoptera, Buprestidae Observation sur les buprestes du Massif de Saint-Guilhem-le-Desert Herault Coleoptera, Buprestidae

Malavasi, D.; Tralongo, S., 1999:
Observations on butterflies and on dragonflies communities living in the regional park of the River Stirone Osservazioni sulle comunita di lepidotteri ropaloceri e odonati presenti nel Parco regionale dello Stirone

Schurian, Klaus G., 1997:
Observations on butterflies at the Turkish south coast in autumn 1996 Schmetterlingsbeobachtungen an der turkischen Sudkuste im Herbst 1996

Fieber, Viktor., 1998:
Observations on butterflies during 1997 in northern Rhineland-Palatinate with a list of Macrolepidoptera registered during 1992 to 1998 in the research area Wustseifen Einige Schmetterlingsbeobachtungen 1997 aus dem nordlichen Rheinlad-Pfalz - mit einer Liste der von 1992 bis 1998 im Untersuchungsgebiet Wustseifen registrierten Macrolepidoptera

Beck, Andreas., 1998:
Observations on butterflies in Gran Canaria Canary Islands Tagfalter-Beobachtungen auf Gran Canaria Kanarische Inseln

Ten Hagen, W.; Eckweiler, W., 2000 :
Observations on butterflies in Syria 4th contribution Lepidoptera Papilionoidea, Hesperioidea Tagfalterbeobachtungen in Syrien 4 Beitrag Lepidoptera Papilionoidea, Hesperioidea

ten Hagen, Wolfgang., 1996:
Observations on butterflies in Syria and Jordan 2nd contribution Lepidoptera Papilionoidea, Hesperioidea Tagfalterbeobachtungen in Syrien un Jordanien 2 Beitrag Lepidoptera Papilionoidea, Hesperioidea

ten Hagen, Wolfgang., 1998:
Observations on butterflies in Syria and Jordan 3rd contribution Lepidoptera Hesperioidea, Papilionoidea Tagfalterbeobachtungen in Syrien und Jordanien 3 Beitrag Lepidoptera Hesperioidea, Papilionoidea

Schmitt, Thomas., 1998:
Observations on butterflies in nature reserves of Rhineland-Palatinate Tagfalterbeobachtungen in rheinland-pfalzischen Naturschutzgebieten

Gosalbez Fernandez, Jose Luis., 1997:
Observations on butterflies in the Pyrenees of Aragon Canfranc, June 1996 Observacion de Lepidopteros en el Pirineo aragones Canfranc, Junio 1996

Bertuetti, E.; Valle, M., 2003:
Observations on caddisflies in a biotope in Lombardy sixty years after Prof Morettis studies Osservazioni tricotterologiche in un biotopo Lombardo a sessanta anni dagli studi del Prof Moretti Insecta, Trichoptera

Scheller, W.; Meyburg, B-U., 1996:
Observations on cainism in the lesser spotted eagle Aquila pomarina by means of a remote-controlled videocamera Untersuchungen zum Kainismus beim Schreiadler Aquila pomarina mittels ferngesteuerter Videokamera

Malkmus, Rudolf., 1996:
Observations on calling activity of frog species at Mount Kinabalu, North Borneo Bemerkungen zur Rufaktivitat einiger Froscharten am Mount Kinabalu, Nord-Borneo

Pojoga, I., 1970:
Observations on carp genetics

Evers, Hans-Georg., 1998:
Observations on catfish in the south east of Brazil Beobachtungen an Welsen im Sudosten Brasiliens

Kainz, E.; Gollmann, H.P.ter., 2001:
Observations on changes of fish stocks in a residual flow stretch of the river Fuschler Ache Austria between August 1988 and October 2000 Beobachtungen ueber Fischbestandsaenderungen in einer Restwasserstrecke der Fuschler Ache OOe in der Zeit vom August 1988 bis zum Oktober 2000

Reinhardt, Helge., 1999:
Observations on characteristics and foraging behaviour of the Syrian woodpecker Beobachtungen zu Merkmalen und zum Verhalten des Blutspechts bei der Nahrungssuche

Viloria, A.L.; Portillo, L., 2000:
Observations on coal mining in the Perija mountains Zulia, Venezuela and its negative and irreversible consequences for the local environment Observaciones sobre la extraccion del carbon en la Sierra de Perija Zulia, Venezuela y sus consecuencias negativas y irreversibles sobre el ambiente local

de Morais,; Marrelli, M.T.ledo; Natal, D., 2007:
Observations on control applications in breeding sites with high infestation of Culex quinquefasciatus Say Diptera, Culicidae Observacoes sobre aplicacoes de controle em ecotopo com alta infestacao de Culex quinquefasciatus Say Diptera, Culicidae

Litt, Rene., 2000:
Observations on copulation in lepidopterans 2 Lepidoptera Observations sur les accouplements des lepidopteres 2 Lepidoptera

Greven, H.; Nehrig, N., 2004:
Observations on courtship and mating in Dermogenys pusilla van Hasselt, 1837 Hemiramphidae, Teleostei Beobachtungen zur Balz und Paarung von Dermogenys pusilla van Hasselt, 1837 Hemiramphidae, Teleostei

Uhlig, R.; Uhlig, S., 2000:
Observations on courtship behaviour of Egyptian vulture Neophron percnopterus Beobachtungen zum Balzflug des Schmutzgeiers Neophron percnopterus

Akin Polat, Z.; Saygi, G.; Kalkan, K., 2004:
Observations on cysticerci of Taenia saginata Cysticercus bovis Taenia saginata sistiserkusu Cysticercus bovis uzerinde calismalar

Bogoslovski, A.S., 1949:
Observations on development of colonies in Rotatoria

Turk, Sonia Z., 2002:
Observations on diapause and two kind of oviposition in Scotussa lemniscata Stal Acrididae Melanoplinae Dichroplini Desoves epifiticos e hipogeos dos modalidades de oviposicion en Scotussa lemniscata Stal 1860 Acrididae Melanoplinae Consideraciones sobre su diapausa Tucuman, Argentina

Deveci, Onder., 1996:
Observations on diapause of Locusta migratoria cinerascens Fab Orthoptera Acrididae in the Menemen-Izmir plain population Locusta migratoria cinerascens Fab Orthoptera Acrididaein Menemen-Izmir ovasi populasyonunda diyapozu uzerine arastirmalar

Principato, M.; Melidone, R.; Nyiligira, JB., 1999:
Observations on diffusion of Glycyphagus domesticus Acari Glycyphagidae in habitations Observations sur la diffusion de Glycyphagus domesticus Acari Glycyphagidae dans les habitations

Gloe, Peter., 2001:
Observations on disputes between birds at foraging sites Beobachtungen zu Auseinandersetzungen von Voegeln am Futterplatz

Toffoli, R.; Bellone, C., 1996:
Observations on diurnal autumn raptor migration in the Maritime Alps Osservazioni sulla migrazione autunnale dei rapaci diurni sulle Alpi Marittime

Camerini, Giuseppe., 2002:
Observations on diurnal butterfly populations Lepidoptera Rhopalocera of Lungavilla marsh park Pavia Osservazioni sul popolamento di farfalle diurne Lepidoptera Ropalocera Osservazioni sul popolamento di farfalle diurne Lepidoptera Ropalocera Osservazioni sul popolamento di farfalle diurne Lepidoptera Ropalocera Osservazioni sul popolamento di farfalle diurne Lepidoptera Ropalocera Osservazioni sul popolamento di farfalle diurne Lepidoptera Ropalocera Osservazioni sul popolamento

Pankratius, U.; Bruenner, K. v.d.; Dunk, K., 2003:
Observations on diving beetles Col Dytiscidae Begegnungen mit Gelbrandkaefern Col Dytiscidae

Schmida, Gunther., 2005:
Observations on dwarf blue eyes Betrachtungen zum Zwergblauauge

van den Heuvel, H., 1990:
Observations on ecdysis in the lobster Homarus gammarus Linnaeus, 1758 in the aquarium

Raeuschl, G., 2002:
Observations on ecology and conservation of the scarce swallowtail Iphiclides podalirius Linnaeus, 1758 Lepidoptera Papilionidae in Wien-Baumgarten, Oesterreich Beobachtungen zu Oekologie und Schutz des Segelfalters Iphiclides podalirius Linnaeus, 1758 Lepidoptera Papilionidae in Wien-Baumgarten, Oesterreich

Spence, JR., 1990:
Observations on ecology of Trypanea Schrank Diptera Tephritidae, and its association with the Asteraceae

Clotilde-Ba, F.-Lyse.; Diatta, Y.; Capape, C., 1997:
Observations on eight edible species of Crustacea Decapoda from Senegalese waters western Africa Observations sur huit especes comestibles de Crustaces Decapodes des eaux Senegalaises Afrique de louest

Kurt, F.; Weihs, W.; Martin, F.; Weiz, I.; Wuestenhagen, A.; Kriegl, K.; Pieler, E.; Garai, M.; Reimers, M.; Schmidt, S.; Dastig, B., 2001:
Observations on elephants in the Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage Beobachtungen an Elefanten in der Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage

Shelton, SY.; Buckley, JS., 1990:
Observations on enzyme preparation effects on skeletal material

Agudelo Rondon, A.A.novis.; Chica Echeverri, L.M.rcela.; Morales, J.E.rique., 2002:
Observations on exemplary emerged of an ootheca de Antemninae Terra, 1995 A new record for Colombia Mantodea Vatidae Antemninae Observaciones sobre ejemplares eclosionados de una ooteca de Antemninae Terra, 1995 Un nuevo registro para Colombia Mantodea Vatidae Antemninae

Trappmann, C.; Clemen, G., 2001:
Observations on exploitation of the hunting territory of Natterers bat Myotis nattereri Kuhl, 1817 by means of telemetry Beobachtungen zur Nutzung des Jagdgebiets der Fransenfledermaus Myotis nattereri Kuhl, 1817 mittels Telemetrie

Bertin, Giorgio., 1996:
Observations on external morphology of Silpha tristis Illiger, 1798 and Silpha obscura obscura Linne, 1758 Coleoptera, Silphidae Ozzervazioni sulla morfologia esterna di Silpha tristis Illiger, 1798 e Silpha obscura obscura Linne, 1758 Coleoptera, Silphidae

Linden, O., 1977:
Observations on extremely dense populations of toads

Lorenzini, G.; Orlando, E., 1997:
Observations on feeding behaviour in Hexaplex trunculus Mollusca, Gastropoda, Muricidae Osservazioni sul comoportamento alimentare di Hexaplex trunculus Mollusca, Gastropoda, Muricidae

Cannizzaro, L.; Beltrano, AM.; Kallianiotis, A.; Vidoris, P.; Garofalo, G., 2002:
Observations on feeding habits of Lithognathus mormyrus in the Gulf of Selinunte and in the Gulf of Kavala Osservazioni sulla dieta di Lithognathus mormyrus Linnaeus, 1758 nel Golfo di Selinunte e nel Golfo di Kavala

Chessa, LA.; Lanera, P.; Pais, A.; Plastina, N.; Scardi, M.; Serra, S.; Valiante, ML.; Vinci, D., 2005:
Observations on feeding habitus of Lithognathus mormyrus Linnaeus, 1758 in the Calich Lagoon north western Sardinia Aspetti del regime alimentare di Lithognathus mormyrus Linnaeus, 1758 nello stagno di Calich Sardegna nord occidentale

Kotarba, I., 1966:
Observations on feeding of rattle snake, Crotalus durissus terrificus Laur

Alencar, J.; Lorosa, E.S.; Silva, J.D.s S.; Lopes, C.M.; Guimaraes, A.E., 2005:
Observations on feeding patterns among mosquitoes Diptera Culicidae in the Pantanal, MT, Brazil Observacoes Sobre Padroes Alimentares de Mosquitos Diptera Culicidae no Pantanal Mato-Grossense

Pais, A.; Chessa, LA.; Serra, S.; Ligios, L.; Mura, F., 2001:
Observations on fish fry ascent in the Calich lagoon NW Sardinia Osservazioni sulla rimonta del pesce novello nello stagno di Calich Sardegna Nord Occidentale

Costantini, M.; Bernardini, M.; Cordone, P.; Giulianini, PG.; Orel, G., 2000:
Observations on fishery, feeding habits and reproductive biology of Mustelus mustelus Chondrichtyes , Triakidae in northern Adriatic Sea Osservazioni sulla pesca, la biologia riproduttiva ed alimentare di Mustelus mustelus Chondrichtyes , Triakidae in alto Adriatico

Klose, Oscar., 1998:
Observations on fishing by the hen harrier Circus cyaneus Beobachtungen einer fischenden Kornweihe Circus cyaneus

Kooiker, G.; Klaus, S.; Wiesner, J.; Junker, S.; Pyzhjanov, S.; Bergmann, H., 2005:
Observations on flying squirrels Pteromys volans at Lake Baikal east Siberia Beobachtungen an Flughoernchen Pteromys volans am Baikalsee Ostsibirien

Sprecher-Uebersax, E.; Durrer, H., 2001:
Observations on food choices of the stag beetle Lucanus cervus Coleoptera Beobachtungen zur Nahrungswahl des Hirschkaefers Lucanus cervus L Coleoptera

Rebernig, R.; D.B.ttisti, R., 1999:
Observations on foxes Vulpes vulpes Linnaeus, 1758 and hares Lepus europaeus, Pallas, 1778 in the low Valbelluna Osservazioni su volpe Vulpes vulpes Linnaeus, 1758 e lepre Lepus europaeus, Pallas, 1778 nella bassa Valbelluna

Weigt, Hans-Joachim., 1989:
Observations on geometrid moths 10 Lepidoptera, Geometridae A new subspecies of Eupithecia impurata Hubner, 1813 Blutenspanner-Beobachtungen 10 Lepidoptera, Geometridae Eine neue Unterart von Eupithecia impurata Hubner, 1813

Menini, S.; Pirone, A.; Fabiani, O.; Voliani, A.; Baino, R., 2001:
Observations on gonadic maturity and fecundity in Mullus barbatus Osservazioni su maturita gonadica e fecondita in Mullus barbatus

Vasconcelos, M.F.; Vasconcelos, A.P.; Viana, P.L.; Palu, L.; Silva, J.F., 2005:
Observations on granivorous birds Columbidae and Emberizidae associated with bamboo fructification Poaceae, Bambusoideae in the southern district of Cadeia do Espinhaco, Minas Gerais, Brazil Observacoes sobre aves granivoras Columbidae e Emberizidae associadas a frutificacao de taquaras Poaceae, Bambusoideae na porcao meridional da Cadeia do Espinhaco, Minas Gerais, Brazil

Reinhardt, Helge., 1993:
Observations on greenshanks Tringa nebularia and marsh sandpipers Tringa stagnalis Beobachtungen am Grunschenkel Tringa nebularia und Teichwasserlaufer Tringa stagnalis

Brockhaus, Thomas., 2005:
Observations on ground arthropods of the genus Isotoma Bourlet, 1839 Collembola, Isotomidae Beobachtungen an Bodenarthropoden der Gattung Isotoma Bourlet, 1839 Collembola, Isotomidae

Dougalis, P., 2007:
Observations on ground display of Calandra lark Melanocorypha calandra Beobachtungen zur Bodenbalz der Kalanderlerche Melanocorypha calandra

Modin, G.V., 1956:
Observations on hare in the sheltering forest belts

Malavasi, Davide., 2002:
Observations on herpetocoenosis living in intensive agriculture-based farmland in Modena lowlands Note ed osservazioni sulla erpetocenosi di agroecosistemi ad agricoltura intensiva della bassa pianura modenese

Vedenski, A.P., 1957:
Observations on herring breeding in the Tartar Straits

Dittberner, H.; Dittberner, W., 2004:
Observations on homewards migrating peregrine falcons Falco peregrinus at Arkona Cape Ruegen Beobachtungen heimziehender Wanderfalken Falco peregrinus am Kap Arkona Ruegen

Otto, C.; Otto, W., 1999:
Observations on house martin nests in Berlin-Marzahn Beobachtungen an Mehlschwalbennistplatzen in Berlin-Marzahn

Lauterbach, Karl-Ernst., 2004:
Observations on hoverflies of the genus Leucozona Schiner, 1860 in a wetland deciduous forest in the east Westphalian hills area Diptera, Syrphidae Beobachtungen an Weissbandschwebfliegen Leucozona Schiner, 1860 in einem feuchten Laubwald im ostwestfaelischen Bergland Diptera, Syrphidae

Schulz, U.; Eisermann, K., 2001:
Observations on hummingbirds in a cloud forest in Guatemala Kolibri-Beobachtungen in einer Nebelwaldregion Guatemalas

Kellermayr, Walter., 1997:
Observations on insects in Linz inner city Insektenbeobachtungen in der Linzer Innenstadt

Vitalini, F.; Sarrocco, S.; Carpeneto, G.M., 2003:
Observations on intra and interspecific cleptoparasitism of the gadwall Anas strepera of Vico lake nature reserve Osservazioni sul cleptoparassitismo intra ed interspecifico della Canapiglia Anas strepera nella Riserva Naturale del Lago di Vico

Baevsky, Y.B.B.liaev, D.K.; Utkin, L.G., 1958:
Observations on intraovarial eggs of Mustela zibellina

Bazant, Jaroslav., 2000:
Observations on keeping the Indian red tortoise in an open air run Postrehy z chovu zelvy hvezdnate ve venkovnim vybehu

Eberling, Gabriela., 2004:
Observations on keeping the chaco tortoise, Geochelone chilensis, under combined outdoor and indoor conditions Beobachtungen bei der kombinierten Freiland- und Innenhaltung der Argentinischen Landschildkroete - Geochelone chilensis

Dieckmann, Martin., 2004:
Observations on lacertids in Apulia Beobachtungen an Lacertiden in Apulien

Panner, Torsten., 2007:
Observations on lacertids in east Anatolia Beobachtungen an Lacertiden in Ostanatolien

Wildermuth, H., 2005:
Observations on late autumn and winter activity of the winter damselfly Sympecma fusca Beobachtungen zur Spaetherbst-und Winterakrivitaet der Gemeinen Winterlibelle Sympecma fusca

Savourey, Michel., 2005:
Observations on lepidopterans between Monts de Lacaune and Minervois Lepidoptera, Zygaenidae, Papilionidea Observations de Lepidopteres entre Monts de Lacaune et Minervois Lepidoptera, Zygaenidae, Papilionidea

Kuduraliev, AK.; Sultanbaeva, ZB., 1977:
Observations on little known birds of Kirghizia Trudy biol

Micali, P.; Solustri, C., 2004:
Observations on living specimens of Donax semistriatus Poli, 1795 Osservazioni su esemplari viventi di Donax semistriatus Poli, 1795

Muller, Johannes., 1995:
Observations on lizards in Jordan Eidechsenbeobachtungen in Jordanien

Martijn, Dick., 2001:
Observations on lizards in Languedoc-Roussillon southern France and Haute-Marne northern France Waarnemingen aan hagedissen in de Languedoc-Roussillon Zuid-Frankrijk en Haute-Marne Noord-Frankrijk

Stchegolev, G.G., 1948:
Observations on manifold cocoon production by Hirudo medicinalis

Duguy, R., 1996:
Observations on marine turtles in 1995 Atlantic Observations de tortues marines en 1995 Atlantique

Duguy, R.; Moriniere, P.; Spano, MA., 1997:
Observations on marine turtles in 1996 Atlantic Observations de tortues marines en 1996 Atlantique

Duguy, R.; Moriniere, P.; Meunier, A., 2000:
Observations on marine turtles in 1999 Atlantic and English Channel Observations de tortues marines en 1999 Atlantique et Manche

Duguy, R.; Moriniere, P.; Meunier, A., 2001:
Observations on marine turtles in 2000 Atlantic and English Channel Observations tortues marines en 2000 Atlantique et Manche

Abbuehl, R.; Durrer, H., 2000:
Observations on mating behaviour of the yellow-bellied toad Bombina variegata variegata Beobachtungen zum Paarungsverhalten der Gelbbauchunke Bombina variegata variegata

Loch, K.; Loch, W., 1998:
Observations on melanism of Amphiprion bicinctus Beobachtungen zum Melanismus bei Amphiprion bicinctus

Simon, H-R., 1998:
Observations on micro insects spring tails; Collembola in south Hesse Beobachtungen an Mikro-Insekten Springschwanze; Collembola in Sud-Hessen

Sleptzov, M.M., 1961:
Observations on micro-Cetacea in the Far East seas and in the North-western part of the Pacific

Rebernig, R.; D.B.ttisti, R.; Paolucci, P., 1999:
Observations on microtheriofauna in the Lentiai area Belluno Pre-Alps Osservazioni sulla microteriofauna nella zona di Lentiai Prealpi Bellunesi

Geh, Georg., 2001:
Observations on migrating nymphalids Nymphalidae in the Augsburg area Beobachtungen an wandernden Edelfaltern Nymphalidae im Raum Augsburg

Hansen, Morten DD., 2001:
Observations on migrating red admirals Vanessa atalanta L in Denmark 1995-2000 Observationer af traekkende admiraler Vanessa atalanta L i Danmark i 1995-2000

Rudnick, Kurt., 1996:
Observations on migration behaviour of Pieris brassicae and Pieris rapae at Darss Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in 1994 Lepidoptera, Pieridae Beobachtungen zum Wanderverhalten von Pieris brassicae und Pieris rapae auf dem Darss Mecklenburg-Vorpommern im Jahre 1994 Lepidoptera, Pieridae

Vojnits, A., 1977:
Observations on migration in the Borzony mountains I

Schegolev, G.G., 1951:
Observations on mobility of Hirudo medicinalis in reservoirs

Gaulke, Maren. de Silva, Anslem., 1997:
Observations on monitor lizards in Sri Lanka Waranbeobachtungen auf Sri Lanka

Priore, R.; Lopez, C., 1998:
Observations on morphology and bioethology of Phyllocnistis citrella in Campania Region Italy Note di morfologia e biologia di Phyllocnistis citrella in Campania

Fall, M.; Kpatcha, KP.; Diebakate, C.; Faye, N.; Toguebaye, BS., 1997:
Observations on myxosporidia Myxozoa of the genus Myxobolus parasites of Mugil cephalus Pisces, Teleostei from Senegal Observations sur des myxosporidies Myxozoa du genre Myxobolus parasites de Mugil cephalus poisson, teleosteen du Senegal

Harmata, Wincenty., 2000:
Observations on native species of bats in captivity Spostrzezenia nad krajowymi gatunkami nietopierzy w hodowli

Tsolakis, H.; Ragusa, E., 2004:
Observations on natural biological control of Tetranychus urticae Koch Acariformes, Tetranychidae on strawberries in glasshouse in an organic farming process Osservazioni su un caso di controllo biologico naturale di Tetranychus urticae Koch Acariformes Tetranychidae su fragola in serra a conduzione biologica

Altermatt, Florian., 2001:
Observations on nectar plants for butterflies Lepidoptera Beobachtungen von Nektarpflanzen bei Schmetterllngen Lepidoptera

Suhrmann, Robert., 1998:
Observations on nest construction in the spider wasp Auplopus carbonarius Scopoli, 1753 Hymenoptera Pompilidae Beobachtungen beim Tonnchenbau der Wegwespe Auplopus carbonarius Scopoli, 1763 Hymenoptera Pompilidae

Scaravelli, Dino., 1997:
Observations on nesting behaviour and chick food of Muscicapa striata on Elba island Osservazioni su di un nido e dati alimentari di Muscicapa striata nellIsola dElba

Krupa, Adam., 1998:
Observations on nesting of black-headed gull Larus ridibundus at the central Warta Obserwacje nad gniezdzeniem sie smieszki Larus ridibundus nad srodkowa Warta

Torres, O.; Acosta, M.; Jimenez, A.; Mugica, L., 2002:
Observations on nestlings of West Indian whistling-duck Dendrocygna arborea in Cienaga de Zapata, Cuba Observacion de polluelos de yaguasa Dendrocygna arborea en la Cienaga de Zapata, Cuba

Gistsov, AP., 1990:
Observations on night migration of birds in western Tyan-Shan during October 1980

Huner, JV.; Henttonen, P.; Lindqvist, OV., 1990:
Observations on noble crayfish, Astacus astacus Linnaeus, Decapoda, Astacidae, populations in central Finland - management implications

Mrgnt, Gr., 1967:
Observations on occasional population explosions in the beetle Byctiscus populi L Coleoptera Curculionidae

Loza, A.; Ludwig, 2003:
Observations on omnivorism in three carabids Coleoptera in the Peruvian high plains Observaciones sobre omnivorismo en tres carabidos Coleoptera del altiplano peruano

Zangheri, S.; Furlan, L.; Sannino, L., 1998:
Observations on overwintering of Agrotis ipsilon Hufnagel in different Italian regions Agrotis ipsilon Hufnagel indagini sullo svernamento in diverse regioni italiane Lepidoptera Noctuidae

Schmitt, Thomas., 2000:
Observations on oviposition behaviour and larval food plants of butterflies in southwestern Hunsrueck during the year 2000 Beobachtungen zum Eiablageverhalten und zu Raupenfutterpflanzen von Tagfaltern im suedwestlichen Hunsrueck im Jahr 2000

Frey, H.; Roth-Callies, M., 1996:
Observations on pair formation and reproductive behaviour in reintroduced bearded vultures Gypaetus barbatus in Rauris Salzburg, Austria Untersuchungen zur Paarbildung und zum Fortpflanzungsverhalten wiedereingeburgerter Bartgeier Gypaetus barbatus

Rackow, H., 2005:
Observations on pairing and egg laying behaviour of Ophiogomphus cecilia at Lauter Rhineland-Palatinate Beobachtungen zum Paarungs- und Eiablageverhalten von Ophiogomphus cecilia an der Lauter Rheinland-Pfalz

Litt, R., 1999:
Observations on parasitic wasps of Belgium Hymenoptera Vespidae Observations sur les guepes parasites de Belgique Hymenoptera Vespidae

Isacch, J.P.; Chiurla, E.H., 1997:
Observations on pelagic seabirds at SE Buenos Aires, Argentina Observaciones sobre aves pelagicas en el SE bonaerense, Argentina

Atkinson, K., 1990:
Observations on peregrines at Bardsey in 1990

Mastrorilli, M.; Festari, L., 2001:
Observations on phenology of short-eared owl Asio flammeus in north-eastern Italy Considerazioni sulla fenologia del gufo di palude Asio flammeus Pontoppidan, 1763 nellItalia nord-orientale

Hughes, RL.; Hall, LS.; Archer, M.; Aplin, K., 1990:
Observations on placentation and developmemt in Echymipera kalubu

Finke, C.; Deppe, U.; Dudler, H.; Retzlaff, H.; Wittland, W., 1998:
Observations on plume moths in east Westphalia, north Hesse and south Lower Saxony Lep, Pterophoridae Federgeistchen-Beobachtungen in Ostwestfalen, Nordhessen und Sudniedersachsen Lep, Pterophoridae

Afonskaya, R.I.Krumina, M.K., 1958:
Observations on polar bears

Knoetzsch, G., 2005:
Observations on population developments, biology and ecology of a newly discovered occurrence of Ruspolia nitidula Scopoli, 1786 in Baden-Wuerttemberg Beobachtungen zur Bestandsentwicklung, Biologie and Oekologie eines neu entdeckten Vorkommens der Grossen Schiefkopfschrecke Ruspolia nitidula Scopoli, 1786 in Baden-Wuerttemberg

Zelinskaya, L.M., 1964:
Observations on population dynamics of the gipsy moth in the forests of Lower Pridneprov

Simon, O.; Jenrich, J., 1999:
Observations on predation of grasshoppers by birds and mammals Beobachtungen zur Pradation von Heuschrecken durch Vogel und Saugetiere

Uhlig, Rolf., 1995:
Observations on prey obtention by sparrows Passer domesticus during the breeding period Beobachtungen zum Beuteerwerb bei Haussperlingen Passer domesticus wahrend der Brutzeit

Schnepf, Eberhard., 1999:
Observations on protists which subsist on algae Part 1 dinoflagellates as exploiters of marine algae Beobachtungen an Protisten, die sich von Algen ernahren 1 Teil Dinoflagellaten als Fresser mariner Kieselalgen

Schnepf, Eberhard., 1999:
Observations on protists, which feed on algae Part 2 Euglenozoa and phagotrophic nanoflagellates of the North Sea Beobachtungen an Protisten, die sich von Algen ernahren 2 Teil Euglenozoa und phagotrophe Nanoflagellaten der Nordsee

Schnepf, Eberhard., 1999:
Observations on protists, which feed on algae Part 5 amoeboid and plasmodial protists Beobachtungen an Protisten, die sich von Algen ernahren 5 Teil amoboide und plasmodiale Protisten

Eberling, Gabriela., 2005:
Observations on raising Indotestudo elongata Blyth, 1853 Beobachtungen bei der Aufzucht von Indotestudo elongata Blyth, 1853

Vonck, W., 1990:
Observations on reactions of gleaners

Lindigkeit, Henning J., 2005:
Observations on rearing and the influence of vibrations on a scorpion mother with young on its back in the species Mesobuthus gibbosus Brulle, 1891 Scorpiones Buthidae Beobachtungen aus der Nachzuchtpraxis zum Einfluss von Vibrationen auf eine Skorpionmutter mit Jungtieren auf dem Ruecken der Art Mesobuthus gibbosus Brulle, 1891 Scorpiones Buthidae

Castro Galvez, R.; Celis Cesena, R.; Espinoza Montes, A.; Perez Serrano, A., 1992:
Observations on rearing juveniles of the blue abalone Haliotis fulgens, Philippi, 1845 in laboratory conditions Observaciones sobre crecimiento de juveniles de abulon azul Haliotis fulgens, Phillippi, 1845 en condiciones de laboratorio

Koehler, Dieter., 2000:
Observations on rectum licking by a female of the lesser shrew Sorex minutus Beobachtungen zum Enddarmlecken eines Weibchens der Zwergspitzmaus Sorex minutus

Mossner, Ruth., 2001:
Observations on red-rumped parrots Beobachtungen an Singsittichen

Balanca, Gilles. de Visscher, Marie-Noel., 1996:
Observations on reproduction displacements of the Abyssinian roller Coracias abyssinica, the rufous-crowned roller C naevia and the broad-billed roller Eurystomus glaucurus, in the north of Burkina Faso Observations sur la reproduction et les deplacements du rollier dAbyssinie Coracias abyssinica, du rollier varie C naevia et du rolle africain Eurysomus glaucurus, au nord du Burkina Faso

Sarto, M.; Bacchelli, M.; Prevedelli, D., 2000:
Observations on reproduction and larval development of Desdemona ornata Banse Polychaeta Sabellidae Osservazioni su riproduzione e svilupo larvale di Desdemona ornata Banse Polychaeta Sabellidae

Scapolatempo, M.; Solustri, C.; Sabelli, B., 2005:
Observations on reproductive cycle of Anadara demiri Piani, 1981 Bivalvia, Arcidae in the central Adriatic Sea Osservazioni istologiche sul ciclo riproduttivo di Anadara demiri Piani, 1981 Bivalvia, Arcidae in Adriatico centrale

Kheissin, E.M., 1959:
Observations on residual bodies of oocysts and spores of some Eimeria species from rabbits and Isospora species from fox, ferret and hedgehog

Henriksen, Gunnar., 1997:
Observations on ringed and grey seals in Finnmark Observasjoner av ringsel og blasel i Finnmark

Rall, Y.M.; Kiyanova, V.S.S.relina, T.D., 1954:
Observations on rodents in the irrigation area of Rostov Province

Weiss, Siegfried., 2000:
Observations on roosting communities in the breeding area of the white wagtail Beobachtungen zu Schlafgesellschaften im Brutgebiet der Bachstelze

Siragusa, C.; Casapulla, R.; Baldi, L.; Guarino, A.; Mizzoni, V.; Romano, R., 2003:
Observations on sanitary conditions of some wild animals in Campania serological investigation Osservazioni sullo stato sanitoario di alcuni selvatici in Campania indagine sierologica

Dirksen, L.; Gutsche, A., 2006:
Observations on saurophagy of Ctenosaura bakeri Squamata Iguanidae Beobachtungen zur Saurophagie bei Ctenosaura bakeri Squamata Iguanidae

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