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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 38489

Chapter 38489 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Sibalic, S.; Krezevic, N., 1963:
Occurrence of intestinal coccidiosis in chickens in broiler production

Cerva, L., 1962:
Occurrence of intestinal parasites in the population of Central Bohemia

da Silva, R.C.sta; Fernandes, A.C.rlos Sequeira; Sedor, F.A., 2003:
Occurrence of invertebrate ichnofossils in the Irati Formation Upper Permian of Parana Basin, Brazil Ocorrencia de icnofosseis de invertebrados na Formacao Irati Permiano superior da Bacia do Parana, Brasil

Alves Coelho Santos, M.; Alves Coelho, P., 1994:
Occurrence of juveniles of Panulirus laevicauda Latreille, 1817 at Piedade beach, municipal district Jaboatao dos Guararapes, Pernambuco, Brazil Crustacea, Decapoda, Palinuridae Ocorrencia de jovens de Panulirus laevicauda Latreille, 1817 na praia de Piedade, municipio de Jaboatao dos Guararapes, Pernambuco, Brasil Crustacea, Decapoda, Palinuridae

Beltran-Leo, B.S.sana; Acero, P., A.; Rios, H., R., 2003:
Occurrence of juveniles of the genus Pseudophallus Pisces Syngnathidae in Colombian marine waters Presencia de juveniles del genero Pseudophallus Pisces Syngnathidae en aguas marinas Colombianas

Kaniuczak, Zdzislaw., 1999:
Occurrence of ladybirds Col Coccinellidae in wheat in the region of south-east Poland Wystepowanie biedronek Col Coccinellidae na pszenicy ozimej w poludniowo-wschodniej Polsce

Hudecek, Jiri, J., 2004:
Occurrence of lammergeier Gypaetus barbatus in the territory of Poland Vyskyt orlopsula bradateho Gypaetus barbatus na uzemi Polska

Demiaszkiewicz, A.W.; Drozdz, J., 1997:
Occurrence of larvae of Protostrongylidae family in terrestrial snails on the area of deer farm in Kosewo Wystepowanie larw nicieni z rodziny Protostrongylidae w slimakach ladowych na fermie jeleniowatych w Kosewie

Montes, SMNM.; Boliani, AC.; Papa, G.; Ceravolo, LC.; Rossi, A.; Namekata, T., 2001:
Occurrence of larval parasitoids of the citrus leaf miner moth, Phyllocnistis citrella Station, in Presidente Prudente municipality, SP Ocorrencia de parasitoides da larva minadora dos citros, Phyllocnistis citrella Station, no municipio de Presidente Prudente, SP

Schnabel, Herbert., 2001:
Occurrence of larval-overwintering dragonfly larvae in carp fishery ponds of the Upper Lusatian heath and lake district Untersuchungen zum Vorkommen larval ueberwinternder Libellenlarven in Karpfenteichen des Oberlausitzer Heide- und Teichgebietes

Gallo, Jan., 1996:
Occurrence of leaf miners Agromyzidae in winter barley in dependence on some factors of agrotechnics Vyskyt mineriek Agromyzidae na jacmeni ozimnom v zavislosti od niektorych prvkov agrotechniky

Gruerzmacher, D.D.; Loeck, A.E.imar.; Medeiros, A.H., 2002:
Occurrence of leaf-cutting ants in the Depressao Central region of Rio Grande do Sul Ocorrencia de formigas cortadeiras na Regiao da Depressao Central do estado do Rio Grande do Sul

Kots, Y.L., 1954:
Occurrence of leeches in the upper respiratory tract and oesophagus and methods of extrac-tion

Kovaleva, L.S., 1957:
Occurrence of leopard in the Northern Caucasus

Langenburg, J., 2005:
Occurrence of long-legged buzzard Buteo buteo rufinus in Bavaria and Europe Zum Auftreten des Adlerbussards Buteo buteo rufinus in Bayern und Europa - Ergebnisse aus der Arbeit der Bayerischen Avifaunistischen Kommission

Slotta-Bachmayr, L., 2003:
Occurrence of long-tailed Skua Stercorarius longicaudus in the province of Salzburg Zum Auftreten der Falkenraubmoewie Stercorarius longicaudus im Bundesland Salzburg

Falkenberg, F.; Lislevand, T.; Solheim, K.E.ik, 2004:
Occurrence of long-tailed skuas Stercorarius longicaudus at Hardangervidda Forekomsten av fjelljo Stercorarius longicaudus pa Hardangervidda

Siering, G.; Beier, W., 2001:
Occurrence of longhorn beetles Col, Cerambycidae on the former military training area Dallgow-Doeberitz near Potsdam Germany - 1st supplement Zum Vorkommen von Bokkaefern Col, Cerambycidae im Gebiet des ehemaligen GUS-Truppenuebungsplatzes Dallgow-Doeberitz bei Potsdam 1 Nachtrag

Neumann, V.; Neumann, K.; Hofmann, T., 2001:
Occurrence of longhorn beetles Coleoptera; Cerambycidae in the Hakel wood Die Bockkaeferfauna Coleoptera; Cerambycidae des Hakelwaldes

Lopes, L.M.ria Silva.; Lopes, A.C.istina de Castro.; Serra-Freire, N.M.ues., 1997:
Occurrence of lynxacariose in Felis catus domesticus in Jundiai city, state of Sao Paulo Registro de lynxacariose em Felis catus domesticus na cidade de Jundiai, estado de Sao Paulo

Cuppen, HPJJ., 1978:
Occurrence of macropter forms of some water-surface bugs in the Netherlands Heteroptera with some observations on their ecology

Polumordvinov, A.D., 1945:
Occurrence of malaria at high altitudes in southern Tadjikistan

Buske, Martin., 2001:
Occurrence of melanistic Norway rats Rattus norvegicus Erxl The causes are mutations and inbreeding Vorkommen schwarzer Wanderratten Rattus norvegicus Erxl Die Ursachen sind Mutation und Inzucht

Sartini, M.; Belcari, P.; Rossetti, I., 2004:
Occurrence of mesopelagic fish larvae in the southern Tuscan Archipelago Presenza di larve di pesci mesopelagici nellarcipelago Toscano meridionale

Marchiori, C.H., 2006:
Occurrence of microhimenopterous parasitoids of Archisepsis scabra Loew Diptera Sepsidae on bovine dung and buffalo Ocorrencia de microhimenopteros parasitoides de Archisepsis scabra Loew Diptera Sepsidae sobre fezes bovinas e de bufalos

Christen, Walter., 2000:
Occurrence of migrants passerines in winter in the Aare plain near Solothurn Switzerland Wintervorkommen von Zugvogeln Singvogel in der Aareebene bei Solothurn

Jurkiewicz-Karnkowska, E., 1990:
Occurrence of molluscs in the littoral zone of the Zegrzynski Reservoir and in the pre-mouth and mouth zones of supplying rivers

de Carvalho, A.Ribeiro, 2005:
Occurrence of multiparasitism in third instar larvae and pupae of Chrysomya megacephala Fabricius in field conditions Ocorrencia de multiparasitismo em larvas de terceiro instar e pupas de Chrysomya megacephala Fabricius em condicoes de campo

Duris, Z.; Horka, I., 2001:
Occurrence of narrow-clawed crayfish Pontastacus =Astacus leptodactylus in Kravina vicinity K vyskytu raka bahenniho Pontastacus =Astacus leptodactylus Eschscholtz na Kravinsku

Liskova, Marta., 1995:
Occurrence of nematodes of the family Longidoridae in the rhizosphere of agricultural plants in Slovakia Vyskyt nematodov celade Longidoridae v rizosfere polnohospodarskych plodin na Slovensku

Kukula, Krzysztof., 2000:
Occurrence of noble crayfish Astacus astacus L in the San River headwaters Wystepowanie raka szlachetnego Astacus astacus L w zlewni gornego Sanu

Balestrin, R.L.cchesi.; Leitao-de-Araujo, M.; Machado Alves, M.L.cia., 2002:
Occurrence of non natural hybridism between Bothrops jararaca and B neuwiedi Serpentes, Viperidae Ocorrencia de hibridos nao naturais entre Bothrops jararaca e B neuwiedi Serpentes, Viperidae

Ciglic, H.; Sere, D., 2004 :
Occurrence of non-native duck species in Slovenia an overview Pregled pojavljanja tujerodnih rac v Sloveniji

Woziiy, E., 1967:
Occurrence of nummulites in Bathonian at Siemien near Parczew

Stolarczyk, J.; Suhaj, J., 2003:
Occurrence of nutria Myocastor coypus Mammalia Rodentia in Silesia and Northern Moravia Czech Republic Vyskyt Nutrie Myocastor coypus Mammalia Rodentia ve Slezsku a na severni Morace Ceska republika

Siroyechkovsky, E.E., 1956:
Occurrence of nutria in Dagestan

Wrzesinska, D., 2006:
Occurrence of onion thrips Thrips tabaci Lind on Sosnowskis hogweed Heracleum sosnowskyi Manden Wystepowanie wciornastka tytoniowca Thrips tabaci Lind na barszczu Sosnowskiego Heracleum sosnowskyi Manden

Montone, R.C.rmela.; Weber, R.R.land., 1996:
Occurrence of organochlorine pesticides and polychlorinated biphenyls in marine organisms from the coast of Sao Paulo and Ubatuba, SP Ocorrencia de pesticidas organoclorados e bifenilos policlorados em organismos marinhos do litoral de Sao Paulo e Ubatuba, SP

Elmeros, Morten., 2000:
Occurrence of otter Lutra lutra in Ribe County in the winter 1998-1999 Odderens Lutra lutra forekomst i Ribe Amt i vinteren 1998-1999

Szimuly, G.; Mogyorosi, S., 2004:
Occurrence of paddyfield warbler Acrocephalus agricola near Lake Ferto Rozsdas nadiposzata Acrocephalus agricola elofordulasa a Ferto mellett

Sere, Dare., 1998:
Occurrence of paddyfield warblers Acrocephalus agricola in Slovenia Plevelna trstnica Acrocephalus agricola ugotovljena tudi v Slovenia

Valverde, M.C.leste C.; Pacheco, D.C.; Leite, F.H.; Andrade, 2005 :
Occurrence of parasitary cysts in the kidney of two species of Amphisbaenia Reptilia Squamata Ocorrencia de cisto paraistarios no rim de duas especies de Amphibaenia Reptilia Squamata

Kedra, A.H.; Sikora, B., 2003:
Occurrence of parasitic Metazoa of bream Abramis brama in the natural and artificial reservoirs in Poland Wystepowanie pasozytniczych metazoa leszcza Abramis brama w zbiornikach naturalnych i sztucznych w Polsce

Sosnowska, D.; Banaszak, H., 1998:
Occurrence of parasitic fungi on population of sugar beet nematode Heterodera schachtii Schmidt in Torun region Wystepowanie pasozytniczych grzybow w populacji matwika burakowego Heterodera schachtii Schmidt w rejonie Torunia

Ciechanowski, Mateusz., 2001:
Occurrence of parti-coloured bat Vespertilio murinus Linnaeus, 1758 in the Gdansk region Wystepowanie mroczka posrebrzanego Vespertilio murinus Linnaeus, 1758 w regione Gdanskim

Wodecka, B.; Sawczuk, M., 2004:
Occurrence of pathogenic genospecies of Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato in Ixodes ricinus tick collected from north-western Poland Wystepowanie chorobotworczych genogatunkow z obrebu Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato w kleszczach Ixodes ricinus odlawianych z Polnocno-Zachodniej Polski

Zalai, T.; Vasas, A., 1999:
Occurrence of pectoral sandpiper Calidris melanotus at the Begecs Reservoir Vandorpartfuto Calidris melanotus elofordulasa a Begecsi-viztarolon

Kielkiewicz, M.; Gajc-Wolska, J.; Szwacka, M.; Malepszy, S., 2006:
Occurrence of pests and their natural enemies of genetically modified cucumbers expressing the thaumatin II gene Wystepowanie szkodnikow i fauny pozytecznej na transgenicznych ogorkach z ekspresja genu taumatyny II

Aparecida Magrini, E.; Silveira Neto, S.; Machado Botelho, P.S.rgio.; Grillo Negrim, S., 1996:
Occurrence of phytophagous Pentatomidae associated with soybean phenology in Pirassununga-sp Ocorrencia de percevejos no municipio de Pirassununga-sp, associada com a fenologia da soja

Asmus, G.Lafourcade, 2004 :
Occurrence of plant-parasitic nematodes in cotton crops in Mato Grosso do Sul State, Brazil Ocorrencia de nematoides fitoparasitos em algodoeiro no Estado de Mato Grosso do Sul

Kaczmarzyk, M.; Klukowski, Z.; Kelm, M., 2001:
Occurrence of pollen beetle Meligethes spp and its parasitoids Tersilochinae Ichneumonidae on winter rape - spatio-temporal analysis Wystepowanie slodyszka rzepakowego Meligethes spp i jego parazytoidow z podrodziny Tersilochinae Ichneumonidae na rzepaku ozimym - analiza prezestrenno-czasowa

Dense, C.; Taake, K.-Hans.; Mascher, G., 1996:
Occurrence of pond bats Myotis dasycneme in NW Germany in summer and winter Sommer- und Wintervorkommen von Teichfledermausen Myotis dasycneme in Nordwestdeutschland

Hrdy, I.; Krampl, F.; Kuldova, J.; Kalinova, B., 1997:
Occurrence of potential orchard pests Cydia lobarzewskii and C janthinana Lepidoptera Tortricidae in the Czech Republic with notes on some other species according to pheromone trapping Vyskyt potencialnich skudcu sadu, obalece slivonoveho, Cydia lobarzewskii a obalece trnkoveho, C janthinana Lepidoptera Tortricidae v Ceske republice a poznamky k dalsim druhum podle ulovku do feromonovych lapaku

Belorte, LCC.; Ramiro, ZA.; Faria, AM., 2004:
Occurrence of predators in five soybean cultivars Glycine max L Merrill, 1917 district of Aracatuba, Sao Paulo State, Brazil Ocorrencia de predadores em cinco cultivares de soja Glycine max L Merrill, 1917 no municipio de Aracatuba, SP

Kupriyanova-Shakhmatova, R.A., 1959:
Occurrence of progenetic metacercariae in molluscs of the mid-Volga

Marques, R.V.ra; Soligo, A.J.se, 2004:
Occurrence of puma attacks Puma concolor on domestic animals in Sao Francisco de Paula, RS Ocorrencia de ataques de pumas Puma concolor a animais domesticos em Sao Francisco de Paula, RS

Stolarczyk, J.; Hanak, F.; Hudecek, J.J.; Havranek, J.; Vlach, J., 2004:
Occurrence of pygmy cormorant Phalacrocorax pygmaeus in Silesia and in the north-eastern and middle Moravia Vyskyt kormorana maleho Phalacrocorax pygmaenus ve Slezsku a na severovychodni a stredni Morave

Zimak, J.; Pek, I., 1994:
Occurrence of pyrite in shells of species Terebralia bidentata Defrance, 1804 from Lower Badenian of East Bohemia Vyskyt pyritu ve schrankach druhu Terebralia bidentata Defrance, 1804 z vychodoceskeho spodniho badenu

Dierschke, Volker., 2001:
Occurrence of raptors on Helgoland German Bight, North Sea Regular migration or wind drift? Das Vorkommen von Greifvoegeln auf Helgoland Regulaerer Zug oder Winddrift?

Herroelen, P., 2002:
Occurrence of ravens in Belgium Voorkomen van raven in Belgie

Dierschke, V.; Helbig, A.J., 1997:
Occurrence of razorbill Alca torda, guillemot Uria aalge and black guillemot Cepphus grylle on the Baltic Sea near Hiddensee, northeast Germany Zum Vorkommen von Tordalk Alca torda, Trottellumme Uria aalge und Gryllteiste Cepphus grylle auf der Ostee bei Hiddensee

Doupal, Lubomir., 2006:
Occurrence of red-necked grebe Podiceps grisegena in Tovacov region Vyskyt potapky rudokrke Podiceps grisegena na Tovacovsku

Karlov, N.N., 1954:
Occurrence of remains of Quaternary mammals, found near Dnepopetrovsk

Hartel, H.; Plesker, M., 1997:
Occurrence of reptiles in Bielefeld Reptilienvorkommen in Bielefeld

Sirek, J.; Vavrik, M., 2004:
Occurrence of sandwich tern Sterna sandvicensis in the Czech Republic and in Europe Vyskyt rybaka severniho Sterna sandvicensis v Ceske republice a v Evrope

Lukas, Jozef., 2000:
Occurrence of selected species of the class Branchiopoda in the territory of western Slovakia Vyskyt niektorych druhov lupenonozok Crustacea, Branchiopoda na uzemi zapadneho Slovenska

Jirova, D.; Nekvasilova, O., 1959:
Occurrence of serpent-stars in the Devonian of Czechoslovakia

Agoston, Atila., 1998:
Occurrence of shelduck Tadorna tadorna at Novi Knezevac fishpond Pojavljivanje sarene utve Tadorna tadorna na potiskim ribnjacima

Kasza, Ferenc., 2004:
Occurrence of short-toed lark Calandrella brachydactyla near Szeged during the breeding period A szikipacsirta Calandrella brachydactyla elofordulasa Szeged kornyeken koltesi idoben

Sziraki, Gyorgy., 1998:
Occurrence of silky lacewings Neuroptera Psychopsidae in Nepal and New Guinea A selymesfatyolkak Neuroptera Psychopsidae elofordulasa Nepalban es Uj-Guinean

George, Klaus., 2000:
Occurrence of siskin Carduelis spinus in the Lower Harz mountains Zum Vorkommen des Erlenzeisigs Carduelis spinus im Unterharz Ringfundmitteilung 15/2000 der Vogelwarte Hiddensee

Logachev, E.D., 1956:
Occurrence of small amoebocytes in the turbellarian Sorocelis guttata in experimental conditions

Gazin, P.; Barbosa, C.S.moes.; Bouvy, M.; Audry, P., 2000:
Occurrence of snail vectors of schistosomiasis in a dam of the semi-arid region of Pernambuco State, Brazil Registro de ocorrencia de vetores da esquistossomose mansonica em acude do Sertao de Pernambuco

Araujo, T.; Moro, L.; Lucia, M.; Golloubeff, B.; Vasconcelos, A.C.sar., 1999:
Occurrence of some endo and ectoparasites in the serpentarium of UNIFENAS - Universidade de Alfenas - MG Ocorrencia de alguns endo e ectoparasitos no serpentario da UNIFENAS - Universidade de Alfenas - MG

Joachim, J.; Lauga, J., 1998:
Occurrence of some forest passerines in Toulouse models their application to the study of populations of the chaffinch Fringilla coelebs in the south west of France Occurrence de quelques passereaux forestiers dans le Toulousain modelisation, puis application a letude des populations du pinson des arbres Fringilla coelebs dans le grand sud-ouest francais

Hurej, M.; Twardowski, J.; Magiera-Dulewicz, J., 2003:
Occurrence of some herbivores on yellow lupin grown in pure stand and in mixture with spring triticale Wystepowanie wybranych grup fitofagow na lubinie zoltym uprawianym w siewie czystym i wspolrzednie z pszenzytem jarym

D.Winter, Frank., 1998:
Occurrence of some mussels on the North French coast from Cap Gris Nez to Malo-les-Bains Voorkomen van enkele mollusken aan de Noord-Franse kust van Cap Gris Nez tot Malo-les-Bains

Panigaj, Lubomir., 1995:
Occurrence of some thermophilic species of butterflies Lepidoptera in Bukovske Vrchy Mountains Vyskyt niektorych teplomilnych druhov motylov Lepidoptera v Bukovskych Vrchoch

Thomazini, M.J.se; Patto Pacheco, E., 2003:
Occurrence of sorghum midge Stenodiplosis sorghicola Coquillett Diptera Cecidomyiidae on sorghum genotypes in Rio Branco, AC, Brazil Ocorrencia da mosca-do-sorgo Stenodiplosis sorghicola Coquillett Diptera Cecidomyiidae em genotipos de sorgo em Rio Branco, AC, Brasil

Zorzenon, FJ.; Bergmann, EC.; Bicudo, JEA., 1999:
Occurrence of species and varieties of Coraliomela Jacobson Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae in palm tree crops Euterpe edulis and Euterpe oleracea Palmae in Brazil Ocorrencia de especies e variedades do genero Coraliomela Jacobson Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae em cultura de palmiteiros Euterpe edulis Mart e Euterpe oleracea Mart Palmae no Brasil

Hudecek, J.; Stolarczyk, J., 1997:
Occurrence of species of the genus Branta in Silesia and north Moravia Vyskyty bernesek rodu Branta ve Slezsku a na severni Morave

Skotarczak, B.; Wodecka, B., 1998:
Occurrence of spirochetes Borrelia burgdorferi sl in ticks Ixodes ricinus in the forests of Szczecin Province Wystepowanie kretkow Borrelia burgdorferi sl u kleszczy Ixodes ricinus w lasach wojewodztwa szczecinskiego

Vondracek, Jiri., 2006:
Occurrence of stonechat and whinchat in Usti nad Labem district and in north Bohemia K vyskytu brambornicku na uzemi okresu Usti nad Labem a v severnich Cechach

Polak, Slavko., 2000:
Occurrence of tawny owl Strix aluco in the karst caves of the Notranjska and Primorska regions Pojavljanje lesne sove Strix aluco v Notranjskih in Primorskih kraskih jamah

Vavrik, M.; Faunisticka komise CSO., 2004:
Occurrence of the Arctic tern Sterna paradisaea in the Czech Republic and Europe, its identification Vyskyt rybaka dlouhoocaseho Sterna paradisaea v Cesku a Evrope, jeho urcovani

Staniec, Bernard., 2001:
Occurrence of the Bledius Leach species Coleoptera Staphylinidae in the middle-eastern Poland and remarks on their life-cycle and environmental preferences Wystepowanie gatunkow z rodzaju Bledius Leach Coleoptera Staphylinidae w srodkowo-wschodniej Polsce oraz uwagi o ich cyklu zyciowym i preferencjach srodowiskowych

Trnka, A., 2004:
Occurrence of the Blyths reed warbler Acrocephalus dumetorum in Europe - is there an expansion to the west of its breeding range? Vyskyt trsteniarika krovinneho Acrocephalus dumetorum v Europe - posuva sa hranica jeho rozsirenia dalej na zapad?

Koehler, E.; Bucek, S., 2000:
Occurrence of the Maastrichtian Jarmuta Formation in the Haligovce succession The Pieniny Klippen Belt Vyskyt mastrichtskeho jarmutskeho suvrstvia v haligovskej sukcesii pieninsky usek bradloveho pasma

Arillo, Antonio., 2001:
Occurrence of the Pompilidae family Insecta, Hymenoptera in the Upper Miocene sediments of La Cerdana Basin Lleida, NE Spain Presencia de la familia Pompilidae Insecta, Hymenoptera en el Mioceno Superior de la Cuenca de La Cerdana Lleida, NE de Espana

Danko, S.; Pjencak, P., 2006:
Occurrence of the Schreibers bat Miniopterus schreibersii in the Slanske vrchy Mts eastern Slovakia Vyskyt lietavca stahovaveho Miniopterus schreibersii v Slanskych vrchoch

McCann, C., 1934:
Occurrence of the Six-toed Frog Rana hexadactyla Lesson in the Bombay Presidency

Bertaco, V.A.; Cardoso, A.R., 2004:
Occurrence of the Sternopygus macrurus Bloch Schneider, 1801 Gymnotiformes Sternopygidae in the rio Uruguay basin, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil Ocorrencia de Sternopygus macrurus Bloch Schneider, 1801 Gymnotiformes Sternopygidae na bacia do rio Uruguai, Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil

Wojcik, J.D.; Skorka, P.; Martyka, R., 2000:
Occurrence of the Ural owl Strix uralensis in the Radlowo-Wierzchoslawice forests near Tarnow Wystepowanie puszczyka uralskiego Strix uralensis w Lasach Radlowsko-Wierzchoslawickich kolo Tarnowa

Meissner, W.; Sikora, A., 1996:
Occurrence of the avocet Recurvirostra avosetta in Poland Wystepowanie szablodzioba Recurvirostra avosetta w Polsce

Hage, Hans-Joachim., 2001:
Occurrence of the bank swallow Riparia riparia in the district of Dachau and its adjoining districts from 1896 to 2000 Vorkommen der Uferschwalbe Riparia riparia im Landkreis Dachau und Umgebung von 1896 bis 2000

Kitowski, I., 2002:
Occurrence of the barn owl Tyto alba and little owl Athene noctua in vast farms of the eastern Lublin Region Wystepowanie plomykowki Tyto alba i pojdzki Athene noctua w wielkoobszarowych gospodarstwach rolnych wschodniej Lubelszczyzny

Gorczewski, A.; Henel, K.; Henel, A.; Betleja, J., 2004:
Occurrence of the barn owl Tyto alba in the surroundings of Glogowek Opole district Wystepowanie plomykowki Tyto alba w okolicach Glogowka

Kara, M.H.chem; Bourehail, N., 2003:
Occurrence of the barracuda, Sphyraena viridensis Sphyraenidae, off eastern coasts of Algeria Presence du barracuda, Sphyraena viridensis Sphyraenidae, sur lest Algerien

Toffoli, R.; Martinelli, L., 1996 :
Occurrence of the bearded vulture Gypaetus barbatus in the Alps of Cuneo preliminary data La presenza del gipeto Gypaetus barbatus sulle Alpi cuneesi primi dati

Amaral, C., 2002:
Occurrence of the black-collared hawk Busarellus nigricollis in Santa Catarina state Ocorrencia do gaviao-belo Busarellus nigricollis no estado de Santa Catarina

Kuzniak, S.; Lorek, G.; Lewandowski, M., 1997:
Occurrence of the black-winged stilt Himantopus himantopus in Poland Wystepowanie szczudlaka Himantopus himantopus w Polsce

da Silva Fonseca, V.S.mone.; Petry, M.V.rginia. de Souza Fonseca, F.L.is., 2001:
Occurrence of the blue petrel Halobaena caerulea on the Brazilian coast Ocorrencia de Petrel-Azul Halobaena caerulea no litoral do Brasil

Martinez, Carlos., 1998:
Occurrence of the breeding pearl kite, Gampsonyx swainsonii Aves Accipitridae, in Sao Luis do Maranhao Ocorrencia reprodutiva do gaviaozinho, Gampsonyx swainsonii Aves Accipitridae em Sao Luis do Maranhao

Miazga, M.; Roguszka, A.; Gustaw, W.; Siek, R.; Turski, M., 2000:
Occurrence of the buzzard Buteo buteo and goshawk Accipiter gentilis in agricultural landscape of Lublin surroundings in 1994 Wystepowanie myszolowa Buteo buteo i jastrzebia Accipiter gentilis w krajobrazie rolniczym w okolicach Lublina w roku 1994

Freyhof, Jorg., 1995:
Occurrence of the club-tailed dragonfly Gomphus vulgatissimus L Odonata Gomphidae at the River Sieg, North Rhine Westphalia Zum Vorkommen der Gemeinen Keiljungfer Gomphus vulgatissimus L Odonata Gomphidae an der Sieg/NRW

Bohl, Erik., 1998:
Occurrence of the common crayfish Astacus astacus Linnaeus, 1758 and Austropotamobius pallipes Lereboulet, 1858 in Liechtenstein Vorkommen des Edelkrebses Astacus astactus Vorkommen des Edelkrebses Astacus astactus Vorkommen des Edelkrebses Astacus astactus Vorkommen des Edelkrebses Astacus astactus Vorkommen des Edelkrebses Astacus astactus Vorkommen des Edelkrebses Astacus astactus Vorkommen des Edelkrebses Astacus astactus Vorkommen des Edelkrebses Astacus astactus Vorkomm

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Occurrence of the common vole, Microtus arvalis Pallas, in Poland in 1969-1988 on the basis of the observations from the Regional Stations of Quarantine and Plant Protection

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Occurrence of the corncrake Crex crex in the Main-Tauber district Das Vorkommen des Wachtelkonigs Crex crex im Main-Tauber Kreis

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Occurrence of the cotton bollworm Helicoverpa armigera Hbn in Hungary in 1996, its damage and experiences in its control A gyapottok-bagolylepke Helicoverpa armigera Hbn 1996 Evi elofordulasa, kartetele es a vedekezesek tapasztalatai szantofoldon

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Occurrence of the coypu Myocastor coypus in the Czech Republic Vyskyt nutrie Myocastor coypus v Cekse republice

Machida, Y.; Yamakawa, T., 1990:
Occurrence of the deep-sea diceratiid anglerfish Phrynichthys wedli in the East China Sea

Mey, Dieter., 2000:
Occurrence of the dragonfly Cordulegaster bidentata Insecta, Odonata, Anisoptera in limestone streams in north west Thueringen Vorkommen der Gestreiften Quelljungfer Cordulegaster bidentata Insecta, Odonata, Anisoptera an Kalsinterbaechen in Nordwestthueringen

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Occurrence of the ear jellyfish in the Malmo canal system

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Occurrence of the early juvenile stages of Panulirus argus Latreille, 1804, in north east Brazil Crustacea, Decapoda, Palinuridae Ocorrencia dos primeiros estagios juvenis de Panulirus argus Latreille, 1804, no nordeste Brasileiro Crustacea, Decapoda, Palinuridae

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Occurrence of the family Virgulariidae Verrill, 1868 Octocorallia, Pennatulacea in continental shelf waters of Argentina La presencia de la familia Virgulariidae Verrill, 1868 Octocorallia, Pennatulacea en aguas de plataforma continental Argentina

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Occurrence of the frugivorous flies Diptera Tephritidae and Lonchaeidae and their parasitoids in Itumbiara, GO Ocorrencia de moscas frugivoras Diptera Tephritidae e Lonchaeidae e seus parasitoides em Itumbiara - GO

Berti Filho, E.; Alves, S.B.tista.; Cerignoni, J.A.gelo., 1996:
Occurrence of the fungus Hirsutella sp in adults of the eucalyptus borer Phoracantha semipunctata Fabricius Coleoptera, Cerambycidae Ocorrencia do fungo Hirsutella sp em adulto da broca dos eucaliptos Phoracantha semipunctata Fabricius Coleoptera, Cerambycidae

Gaudant, J.; Codrea, V.; Dica, P.; Gheerbrant, E., 2005:
Occurrence of the genus Cyclurus Agassiz actinopterygian fish, Amiidae in the Upper Palaeocene of Jibou Transylvania, Romania Presence du genre Cyclurus Agassiz poisson actinopterygien, Amiidae dans le Paleocene superieur de Jibou Transylvanie, Roumanie

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Occurrence of the glaucous gull Larus hyperboreus in Poland Wystepowanie mewy bladej Larus hyperboreus w Polsce

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Occurrence of the golden eagle Aquila chrysaetos in the Carpathians in 1993-1996 Wystepowanie orla przedniego Aquila chrysaetos w Karpatach w latach 1993-1996

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Occurrence of the great black-headed gull Larus ichthyaetus in Slovenia Pojavljanje ribjega galeba Larus ichthyaetus v Sloveniji

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Occurrence of the great bustard Otis tarda during the Boreal near Bonifacio southern Corsica, France; 8th millennium BC Presence de la grande outarde Otis tarda au Boreal dans la region de Bonifacio Corse-du-Sud, France; 8eme millenaire av J-C

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Occurrence of the great egret Casmerodius albus as guests at the Steinhuder Meer Der Silberreiher Casmerodius albus als Gastvogel am Steinhuder Meer

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Occurrence of the great grey shrike Lanius excubitor in Schleswig-Holstein in the period 1800-2000 Vorkommen des Raubwuergers Lanius excubitor in Schleswig-Holstein 1800-2000

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Occurrence of the green woodpecker Picus viridis in the Saxonian Vogtland region Zum Vorkommen des Gruenspechtes Picus viridis im saechsischen Vogtland

van der Kooij, J.; Isaksen, K.; Olsen, K.M.gne., 2001:
Occurrence of the harvest mouse Micromys minutus confirmed in Norway Dvergmus Micromys minutus pavist som ny pattedyrart for Norge

Antonsson, K.; Hedin, J.; Jansson, N.; Nilsson, S.G.; Ranius, T., 2003:
Occurrence of the hermit beetle Osmoderma eremita, in Sweden Laderbaggens Osmoderma eremita forekomst i Sverige

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Occurrence of the hibiscus coccid, Maconellicoccus hirsutus in Saint-Martin Lesser Antilles Hemiptera, Pseudococcidae Presence de la cochenille de lhibiscus, Maconellicoccus hirsutus a Saint-Martin Hemiptera, Pseudococcidae

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Occurrence of the lammergeier Gypaetus barbatus in the Italian Alps, with particular reference to some protected areas La presenza del gipeto Gypaetus barbatus sulle Alpi italiane, con particolare riferimento ad alcune aree protette

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Occurrence of the late-flying clear-wing moths of Serbia Chamaesphecia leucopsiformis Esper, 1800 together with remarks on the distribution of some further clear-wing species in Switzerland Lepidoptera, Sesiidae Vorkommen des Spaetfliegenden Wolfsmilch- Glasfueglers Chamaesphecia leucopsiformis Esper, 1800 sowie Bemerkungen zur Verbreitung einiger weiteren Glasflueglerarten in der Schweiz Lepidoptera, Sesiidae

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Occurrence of the leatherback turtle Dermochelys coriacea in Tunisian waters Presence de la tortue luth Dermochelys coriacea dans les eaux tunisiennes

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Occurrence of the lesser black-backed gull Larus fuscus in Torun in 1991-2001 Taxonomy and identification of subspecies Wystepowanie mewy zoltonogiej Larus fuscus w Toruniu w latach 1991-2001 Taksonomia i identyfikacja podgatunkow

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Occurrence of the lesser spotted eagle Aquila pomarina in the Opava region Silesia, Czech Republic in the breeding season 2005 Vyskyt orla kriklaveho Aquila pomarina na Opavsku Slezsko v hnizdnim obdobi roku 2005

Amaral, C.; Amaral, V., 2002:
Occurrence of the lesser yellow-headed vulture Cathartes burrovianus in Ouro city, west Santa Catarina state Ocorrencia do urubu-de-cabeca-amarela Cathartes burrovianus no municipio de Ouro, oeste de estado de Santa Catarina

Diechsel, Ralf., 2004:
Occurrence of the limoniid Chionea lutescens Dipt, Limoniidae in the city area of Berlin Ein Vorkommen der Schneemuecke Chionea lutescens Dipt, Limoniidae im Stadtgebiet von Berlin

Lengyel, J., 2001:
Occurrence of the long-legged buzzard Buteo rufinus in district of Nove Zamky, Slovakia Vyskyt mysiaka hrdzaveho Buteo rufinus v okrese Nove Zamky

Cyprich, D.; Rolnikova, T.; Krumpal, M., 2002:
Occurrence of the mammal fleas Siphonaptera on birds and their nests in Slovakia Vyskyt cicavcich druhov blch Siphonaptera na vtakoch a v ich hniezdach na Slovensku

Scherer Neto, P.; Carrano, E., 1998:
Occurrence of the masked water tyrant Fluvicola nengeta Linnaeus, 1766 from Parana State Ocorrencia da lavadeira-mascarada Fluvicola nengeta Linnaeus, 1766 no Estado do Parana

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Occurrence of the microfossils belonging to Acritarcha in the older Paleozoic of the NW border of the Upper Silesia coal basin SW Poland O wystepowaniu mikroskamienialosci grupy Acritarcha w utworach starszego paleozoiku polnocno-wschodniego obrzezenia GZW

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Occurrence of the new species of Scleractina Coelenterata in the Pirabas Formation Eomiocene - Para State, Brazil Ocorrencia de uma nova especie de escleractineo Coelenterata na Formacad Pirabas Eomioceno, Estado do Para

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Occurrence of the nightingale in northern Schwalm-Eder district Das Vorkommen der Nachtigall im nordlichen Schwalm-Eder Kreis

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Occurrence of the ocean sunfish Mola mola Linnaeus, 1758 Pisces Molidae off the Magdalena Department, Colombian Caribbean Occurrence of the ocean sunfish Mola mola Linnaeus, 1758 Pisces Molidae off the Magdalena Department, Colombian Caribbean

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Occurrence of the osprey Pandion haliaetus in Argentina and Uruguay Presencia del aguila pescadora Pandion haliaetus en Argentina y Uruguay

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Occurrence of the osprey Pandion haliaetus Linnaeus, 1758 Pandionidae, the monk parakeet Myiopsitta monachus Boddaert, 1783 Psittacidae and the greyish mourner Rhytipterna simplex Lichtenstein, 1823 Tyrannidae in the Guarapiranga reserve, Sao Paulo municipality, SP Ocorrencia da aguia-pescadora, Pandion haliaetus Linnaeus, 1758 Pandionidae, caturrita, Myiopsitta monachus Boddaert, 1783 Psittacidae e vissia, Rhytipterna simplex Lichtenstein, 1823 Tyrannidae no Reservato

von Bulow, Bernd., 1996:
Occurrence of the palmate newt Triturus h helveticus in Hunxer wood area Germany confirmed Vorkommen des Fadenmolches Triturus h helveticus im Hunxer Wald bestatigt

Stloukal, E.; Stloukalova, V., 2005:
Occurrence of the parasite Urogonimus macrostomus Leucochloridiidae, Trematoda at the Muranska planina Mts, Slovakia Vyskyt parazita Urogonimus macrostomus Leucochloridiidae, Trematoda na Muranskej planine Slovensko

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Occurrence of the parasitoid Spalangia nigra Hymenoptera, Pteromalidae in pupae of Ravinia belforti Diptera, Sarcophagidae Ocorrencia do parasitoide Spalangia nigra Hymenoptera, Pteromalidae em pupas de Ravinia belforti Diptera, Sarcophagidae

Moretti, T.C.; Ribeiro, OB., 2006:
Occurrence of the parasitoid Tachinaephagus zealandicus Ashmead Hymenoptera Encyrtidae in pupae of Chrysomya megacephala Fabricius Diptera Calliphoridae in rat carcass Encontro do parasitoide Tachinaephagus zealandicus Ashmead Hymenoptera Encyrtidae em pupas de Chrysomya megacephala Fabricius Diptera Calliphoridae em carcaca de rato

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Occurrence of the pipistrelle bat, Pipistrellus peguensis Sinha, 1869 in Darjeeling, West Bengal, India

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Occurrence of the pomarine skua Stercorarius pomarinus in Slovenia Pojavljanje lopataste govnacke Stercorarius pomarinus v Sloveniji

Maciantowicz, M.; Najbar, B., 2000:
Occurrence of the pond turtle Emys orbicularis Linnaeus, 1758 in the Lubuskie Province Wystepowanie zolwia blotnego Emys orbicularis Linnaeus, 1758 na terenie wojewodztwa lubuskiego

Sekrecka, M.; Olszak, R., 2004:
Occurrence of the predatory mites on blueberry plantations in central Poland Drapiezne roztocze wystepujace na plantacjach borowki wysokiej w Polsce centralnej

Hage, Hans-Joachim., 2005:
Occurrence of the red-backed shrike Lanius collurio in Dachau/Bavaria and the surrounding area from 1985 to 2004 Der Neuntoeter Lanius collurio im Landkreis Dachau und Umgebung von 1985 bis 2004 mit Anmerkungen zu Heckenpflanzungen und Felwegasphaltierungen

D'Angelo Neto, S.; Ramos Queiroz, S., 2001:
Occurrence of the rufous-sided pygmy-tyrant Euscarthmus rufomarginatus northern Minas Gerais state, Brazil Ocorrencia da maria-corruira Euscarthmus rufomarginatus no norte de Minas Gerais, Brasil

Rastgeldi, S.; Gocmen, B., 2003:
Occurrence of the rumen ciliates, Diplodinium crista-galli and Diplodinium flabellum Entodiniomorphida in Turkish domestic goats Capra hircus L Turkiye evcil kecilerinde Capra hircus L iskembe siliyatlari, Diplodinium crista-galli ve Diplodinium flabellumun Entodiniomorphida bulunusu

Zagalska, M.; Lamentowicz, M., 2001:
Occurrence of the sand martin Riparia riparia in opencast mines near Konin Wystepowanie brzegowki Riparia riparia w kopalniach odkrywkowych pod Koninem

Krzykawski, S.; Wiecaszek, B., 1996:
Occurrence of the sea bass Dicentrarchus labrax L, 1758 Pisces, Moronidae in the Baltic Sea area Pojawienie sie labraksa Dicentrarchus labrax L, 1758 Pisces, Moronidae w Morzu Baltyckim

Maiorano, P.; Carlucci, R.; Casamassima, F.; D.N.colo, EV., 2000:
Occurrence of the selachians on the trawl fishing in the north-western Ionian Sea Incidenza dei selaci nella pesca a strascico del mar Ionio nord-occidentale

Schaarschmidt, T.; Bast, H., 2004:
Occurrence of the smooth snake Coronella austriaca on military ranges in the woodland Rostocker Heide Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany Untersuchungen zum Vorkommen der Schlingnatter Coronella austriaca auf ehemaligen Militaerflaechen in der Rostocker Heide Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Soares, M.; Schiefler, A.F.nseca., 1995:
Occurrence of the snowy sheathbill Chionis alba Aves, Chionididae in Santa Catarina State Ocorrencia da pomba-antartica Chionis alba Aves, Chionididae para o Estado de Santa Catarina

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Occurrence of the social parasitic ant Myrmica microrubra in Hesse Hymenoptera, Formicidae Vorkommen der sozialparasitischen Ameise Myrmica microrubra in Hessen Hymenoptera, Formicidae

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Occurrence of the sperm plugs of Eriphia smithii MacLeay

Ciach, M.; Gwardjan, M.; Ziecik, P., 2005:
Occurrence of the spider Argiope bruennichi in the Malopolska Upland and southern Mazovia Wystepowanie tygrzyka paskowanego Argiope bruennichi na Wyzynie Malopolskiej i poludniowym Mazowszu

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Occurrence of the stag beetle Lucanus cervus in Hagen and Iserlohn-Letmathe Vorkommen des Hirschkafers Lucanus cervus in Hagen und Iserlohn-Letmathe

Neubauer, G.; Brauze, T.; Lamentowicz, M., 2001:
Occurrence of the stonechat Saxicola torquata in Torun and Plock valleys in the years 1990-2000 Wystepowanie klaskawki Saxicola torquata w koltinie Torunskiej i Plockiej w latach 1990-2000

Kappes, H.; Colln, K., 1997:
Occurrence of the trichopteran Enoicyla pusilla Burmeister, 1839 Trichoptera Limnephilidae in der Hardt bei Birgel Daun district, Eifel Vorkommen der Kocherfliege Enoicyla pusilla Burmeister, 1839 Trichoptera Limnephilidae in der Hardt bei Birgel Kr Daun, Eifel

Persson, Hakon., 1997:
Occurrence of the tundra bean goose Anser serrirostris rossicus in Scania, 1974-1996 Tundrasadgasen Anser serrirostris rossicus i Skane 1974-1996

Geister, Iztok., 2002:
Occurrence of the vagrant emperor dragonfly Hemianax ephippiger Burmeister, 1839 on the Slovene coast Insecta Odonata Pojavljaneje afriskega minljivca Hemianax ephippiger Burmeister, 1839 na Slovenskem morskem obrezju Insecta Odonata

Vargha, B.; Iharos, G., 2001:
Occurrence of the water - bear Tardigrada species in Somogy county Medveallatka Tardigrada fajok elofordulasa Somogy megyeben

Kajtoch, L.; Piestrzynska-Kajtoch, A., 2005:
Occurrence of the water pipit Anthus spinoletta in the Beskid Wyspowy Mts Wystepowanie siwerniaka Anthus spinoletta w Beskidzie Wyspowym

Kulakowski, T.; Polakowski, M., 2003 :
Occurrence of the waxwing Bombycilla garrulus in the Nizina Polnocnopodlaska lowland in the seasons 1981/1982-1995/1996 Wystepowanie jemioluszki Bombycilla garrulus na Nizinie Polnocnopodlaskiej w sezonach 1981/1982-1995/1996

Rost, F.; Hagemann, J., 2004:
Occurrence of the wheatear Oenanthe oenanthe 1978-1992 in the opencast coal mines south of Leipzig Zum Vorkommen des Steinschmaetzers Oenanthe oenanthe 1978-1992 im Grubengebiet suedlich von Leipzig

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Occurrence of the white-headed duck Oxyura leucocephala at the Southern Morava River Pojava plavokljune patke Oxyura leucocephala na Juznoj Moravi

Rettig, Klaus., 1996:
Occurrence of the white-spotted bluethroat in the agricultural marsh near Emden Weissstern-Blaukehlchen-Vorkommen 1996 in der Ackermarsch bei Emden

Kneis, Peter., 1995:
Occurrence of the wild cat Felis silvestris on the former military training place of Zeithain Gohrischheide, North Saxony Hinweise auf ein Vorkommen der Wildkatze Felis silvestris auf dem fruheren Truppenubungsplatz Zeithain Gohrischheide, Nordsachsen

Amcoff, M.; Eriksson, P., 1996:
Occurrence of three-toed woodpecker Picoides tridactylus at the scales of forest stand and landscape Forekomst av tretaig hackspett Picoides tridactylus pa bestands- och landskapsniva

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Occurrence of ticks on giant anteater Myrmecophaga tridactyla and collared anteater Tamandua tetradactyla in the pantanal region of Mato Groso do Sul State, Brazil Ocorrencia de carrapatos em tamandua-bandeira Myrmecophaga tridactyla e tamandua-mirim Tamandua tetradactyla na regiao do Pantanal Sul Mato-Grossense, Brasil

Stanovsky, J.; Rohacova, M.; Kocarek, P.; Sabol, O., 2003:
Occurrence of tiger beetles Cicindela arenaria viennensis and Cicindela germanica Coleoptera Carabidae in the northern Moravia K vyskytu svizniku Cicindela arenaria viennensis a Cicindela germanica Coleoptera Carabidae na severni Morave

Wita, I.; Ovcharenko, M., 1997:
Occurrence of trypanosomes Trypanosoma carassii in blood of roach Rutilus rutilus and tench Tinca tinca Wystepowanie swidrowcow Trypanosoma carassii we krwi ploci Rutilus rutilus i lina Tinca tinca

Pozaryski, W.; Lendzion, K., 1960:
Occurrence of tuffites in the Chalk near Siedlce

Nakayama, C.M.tuko.; Porto, J.I.an Rebelo.; Feldberg, E., 2000:
Occurrence of two cytotypes in Serrasalmus spilopleura Kner, 1858 Characiformes, Serrasalmidae from the Confluence Region of the Negro and Solimoes rivers, Amazonas Ocorrencia de dois citotipos em Serrasalmus spilopleura Kner, 1858 Characiformes, Serrasalmidae da Regiao de Confluencia dos Rios Negro e Solimoes, Amazonas, Brasil

Campos, J.V.rgas.; Garcia, F.R.berto Mello.; Matiotti da Costa, M.K.tia., 2001:
Occurrence of two species of grasshoppers Orthoptera, Caelifera feeding on citrus plants in the far west of Santa Catarina, Brazil Ocorrencia de duas especies de gafanhotos Orthoptera, Caelifera alimentado-se de plantas citricas no extremo oeste de Santa Catarina, Brasil

Pacenovsky, Samuel., 1995:
Occurrence of uncommon species of Anseriformes order in years 1991-1993 in southern part of Kosicka kotlina basin Vyskyt zriedkavejsich zubkozobcov Anseriformes v rokoch 1991-1993 v juznej casti Kosickej kotliny

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Occurrence of waxwing Bombycilla garrulus in Slovenia - in the past and present Pojavljanje pegama Bombycilla garrulus v Sloveniji - nekoc in danes

Czerniakowski, Z., 1990:
Occurrence of weevils Curculionidae on birds foot trefoil Lotus corniculatus L in Rzeszow region according to the age of plantations and mode of exploitations

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Occurrence of white mealybug Pseudaulacaspis pentagona Targiani-Tozzetti in relation to peach tree phenology in Caldas, Minas Gerais Ocorrencia da cochonilha-branca Pseudaulacaspis pentagona Targiani-Tozzetti em relacao a fenologia do pessegueiro em Caldas, Minas Gerais

Jensen, Birger., 2003:
Occurrence of wild and domestic rabbit Oryctolagus cuniculus on the Danish islands Forekomst af vild- og tamkanin Oryctolagus cuniculus pa de danske oer

Doupal, L.; Sirek, J., 2000:
Occurrence of wildfowls Anseriformes in Tovacov area Vyskyt vrubozobych Anseriformes na Tovacovsku

Kelm, M.; Lenort, M.; Licznar-Malanczuk, M., 2004:
Occurrence of woolly aphid Eriosoma lanigerum Hausm in different systems of apple orchards Wystepowanie bawelnicy korowki Eriosoma lanigerum Hausm w roznych systemach prowadzenia sadu jabloniowego obserwacje jednoroczne

Torok, H.A.tila.; Petrilla-Bartha, E., 2006:
Occurrence of yellow-browed warbler Phylloscopus inornatus on the Kaszonyi-hegy near Barabas Vandorfuzike Phylloscopus inornatus elofordulasa a barabasi Kaszonyi-hegyen

Motta-Junior, J.C.rlos.; Lombardi, J.A.tonio., 2002:
Occurrence of zoochory in gallery forests of the cerrado complex, Brazil Ocorrencia de zoocoria em florestas-de-galeria no Complexo do Cerrado, Brasil

Reichholf, J.H., 2005:
Occurrence phenology of Stathmopoda pedella Linnaeus, 1761 on the Lower Inn Lepidoptera, Stathmopodidae Phaenologie des Vorkommens von Stathmopoda pedella Linnaeus, 1761 am unteren Inn Lepidoptera, Stathmopodidae

Airosa Kosloski, M.; Deliberador Miranda, J.M., 2003:
Occurrence register of the Puma concolor Linnaeus, 1758, in the Cambui Biological Reserve, Sao Jose dos Pinais, Parana State, Brazil Registro da ocorrencia de Puma concolor Linnaeus, 1758, na Reserva Biologica do Cambui, Curitiba/Sao Jose dos Pinhais, Parana, Brasil

Bail, G.C.; Branco, JO., 2003:
Occurrence, abundance and diversity of ichthyofauna in sea-bob-shrimp fishery in the area of Penha, SC Ocorrencia, abundancia e diversidade da ictiofauna na pesca do camarao sete-barbas, na regiao de Penha, SC

Heino, J.; Poykko, H.; Itames, J., 1998:
Occurrence, biology and conservation possibilities of Lycaena helle in the area of Koillismaa, eastern Finland Luhtakultasiiven Lycaena helle esiintymisesta, elintavoista ja suojelumahdollisuuksista Koillismaan alueella

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Occurrence, breeding biology, and ringing recoveries from jackdaws in the greater area of Munich Vorkommen, Brutbiologie und Ringfunde von Dohlen im Grossraum Munchen

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Occurrence, distribution and abundance of the genus Passerina in Biosphere Reserve La Sepultura, Chiapas Ocurrencia, distribucion y abundancia del genero Passerina en la Reserva de la Biosfera La Sepultura, Chiapas

Augst, U.; Manka, G., 1997:
Occurrence, distribution and population development of the little owl Athene noctua, the pygmy owl Glaucidium passerinum and Tengmalm s owl Aegolius funereus in Saxon Switzerland Vorkommen, Verbreitung und Bestandsentwicklung von Steinkauz Athene noctua, Sperlingskauz Glaucidium passerinum und Rauhfusskauz Aegolius funereus in der Sachsischen Schweiz

Schmidt, Klaus., 1997:
Occurrence, frequency and habitat requirments of the lesser mottled grasshopper Stenobothrus stigmaticus in Wartburg district/SW Thuringia Vorkommen, Haufigkeit und Lebensraumanspruche des Kleinen Heidegrashupfers, Stenobothrus stigmaticus, im Wartburgkreis/SW-Thuringen

Reichholf, J.H., 2005:
Occurrence, frequency and population development of the nettle pyralid moths Eurrhypara hortulata Linnaeus, 1758 and Pleuroptya ruralis Scopoli, 1763 in the Lower Bavarian Inn valley Lepidoptera, Pyralidae Vorkommen, Haeufigkeit und Bestandsentwicklung der beiden Brennnesselzuensler Eurrhypara hortulata Linnaeus, 1758 und Pleuroptya ruralis Scopoli, 1763 im niederbayerischen Inntal Lepidoptera, Pyralidae

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