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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38498

Chapter 38498 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Brady, H., 1878:
On the Reticularian and Radiolarian Rhizopoda Foraminifera and Polycystina of the North-Polar Expedition of 1875-6

Andrews, C.W., 1910:
On the Robber Crab Birgus latro

Popkova, G.A., 1964:
On the Rolando substance of the dorsal part of the medulla spinalis

Koste, Walter., 1999:
On the Rotifera fauna of shallow pools in the southern Pantanal Brazil Ueber Raedertiere Rotifera aus Gewaessern des suedlichen Pantanal Brasilien

Kofler, Alois., 1998:
On the Sapygidae of Tyrol Austria Die Keulenwespen Tirols Hymenoptera Sapygidae

Gadaev, A.; Abidzhanov, AA., 1976:
On the Sarkosporidia from Uzbekistan

Jaschhof, M., 2003:
On the Saxonian fauna of wood-midges, with description of new species of the genera Aprionus and Monardia Insecta Diptera Cecidomyiidae Lestremiinae Zur Holzmuecken-Fauna Sachsens, mit Beschreibung neuer Arten aus den Gattungen Aprionus und Monardia Insecta Diptera Cecidomyiidae Lestremiinae

Schneider, Martin Reinhard., 1992:
On the Sciomyzidae Diptera fauna from Cologne Zur Hornfliegen-Fauna von Koln Diptera Sciomyzidae

Gorbenko, V.F., 1956:
On the Senonian deposits on the north-eastern outskirts of the Donetz Ridge

Arustamov, A.L., 1966:
On the Senonian gastropods in Gaur-dak-Kugitan Region

Cope, E.D., 1888:
On the Shoulder-Girdle and Extremities of Eryops

de Ruiter, Maarten., 1996:
On the Sierra finches Phrygilus Part 1 Uber die Ammerlinge Phrygilus 1 Teil

Patrusheva, VD.; Korshunov, YuP.; Shchepetkin, VA., 1977:
On the Simuliidae fauna Diptera of Polyarnyi Ural

Prosl, H.; Lassnig, H.; Mramor, C., 2004:
On the Siphonaptera fauna of the red fox Vulpes vulpes in Austria Zur Siphonaptera-Fauna des Rotfuchses Vulpes vulpes in Oesterreich

Altukhov, KA., 1975:
On the Solovetsk herring

Ihering, H.; Von., 1900:
On the South American species of Mytilidae

Bahrmann, Rudolf., 1999:
On the Sphaeroceridae fauna of the Brocken region Diptera, Brachycera Zur Kenntnis der Sphaeroceridae des Brockengebietes Diptera Brachycera

Gekhtin, VI., 1972:
On the Stephanofilaria of cattle under the conditions of Uzbekhistan

Ikeda, K., 1935 :
On the Sticklebacks of the Kurile Islands

Borradaile, L.A., 1901:
On the Stomatopoda and Macrura brought by Dr Willey from the South Seas

Beddard, F.E., 1888:
On the Structure of Three New Species of Earthworms, with Remarks on certain points in the Morphology of the Oligochaeta

Beddard, F.E., 1887:
On the Structure of a New Genus of Lumbricidae Thamnodrilus gulielmi

Stroganova, VK.; Vasilenko, SV., 1990:
On the Symphyta Hymenoptera fauna of Yakutia Part 1

Zhelokhovtzev, AN., 1976:
On the Symphyta fauna Hymenoptera from south Magadan region

Garrod, A.H., 1878:
On the Systematic Position of the Momotidae

Soshkina, E.D., 1947:
On the Systematics of the Silurian and Devonian Rugose Corals

Schuelke, M., 2005:
On the Tachinus Gravenhorst species of the southern and eastern Palaearctic region Coleoptera, Staphylinidae, Tachyporinae Zur Kenntnis sued- und ostpalaearktischer Arten der Gattung Tachinus Gravenhorst Coleoptera, Staphylinidae, Tachyporinae

Dastych, H., 1970:
On the Tardigrada of Tatra Mts National Park

Daller, Franz., 1996:
On the Thraupidae family, genus Passerina Uber die Familie der Farbfinken Gattung Passerina

Poljak, J., 1944:
On the Tithonic deposits and their fauna from the region of the Velika Kapela mountains in Croatia

Dal, S.K., 1957:
On the Transcaucasian Ochotona

Karlov, N.N., 1955:
On the Triassic deposits of Dnepropetrovsk province

Dubrovskaya, N.F., 1962:
On the Trochammina polymera zone in the Valanginian deposits of NW Tumenskogo Pri-Urals

Plotnikova, L.F., 1961:
On the Turonian and Goiiiaeian deposits of the Konka-Yalyn depression

Viskova, L.A., 1963:
On the Upper Cretaceous Cyclostomatous Polyzoa of the Volga Region and the Crimea

Kashirtzev, A.S., 1957:
On the Upper Palaeozoic fauna from Western Verkhoyania and its stratigraphical significance

Korn, D., 1990:
On the Upper Visean P1b goniatite succession in north Leitrim

Beecher, C.E., 1901:
On the Validity of the Family Bohemillidae Barrande

Vorobiev, K.A., 1927:
On the Vertebrate Fauna of the northern part of the Kostroma gov

Castro, Leopoldo., 1999 :
On the Vespidae sl of Los Monegros Hymenoptera, Vespoidea Sobre los Vespidae sl de Los Monegros Hymenoptera, Vespoidea

Fratello, B.; Bertogna, I., 1999:
On the Viperidae reptiles of the Franchini Collection I rettili Viperini della Collezione Franchini

Lastockin, D.A., 1915:
On the Water Vascular System of Synaptidae

Mu, A.T., 1954:
On the Wufeng shale

Spasskii, AA.; Kharchenko, VI., 1975:
On the absence of autochthonous taxa in cestodes of the family Davaineidae in birds of prey

Spasskii, AA.; Kharchenko, VI., 1975:
On the absence of autochthonous taxons of cestodes from the family Davaineidae in birds of prey

Dubinin, V.B., 1952:
On the absence of feather mites on some recent birds

Spasski, A.A., 1962:
On the absence of neotenic forms among the cyclophyllidean cestodes

Mambetzhumaev, AM.; Ishadov, N., 1973:
On the abundance and protection of Ungulata in Turkmenia

Zinoviev, V.I., 1971:
On the abundance dynamics of aquatic birds on Ivankov water reservoir

Viktorov, VA., 1974:
On the abundance of Clethrionomys glareolus, Apodemus flavicollis and a sylvaticus sylvaticus in the forest biotopes of Ryazan and Kalinin regions

Kudrin, A.I., 1969:
On the abundance of cereal flea beetles

Wiesner, J.; Putzmann, F.; Eckert, K., 1991:
On the abundance of pygmy owl Glaucidium passerinum L in the Thuringian Slate mountains Zur Siedlungsdichte des Sperlingskauzes Glaucidium passerinum L im thuringer Schiefergebirge

M'intosh, W.C., 1872:
On the abyssal theory of light, the protozoic absorption-theory, and the azoic-mud theory, propounded in the Reports of H M S Porcupine, 1869-70

Simon, L.; Trumm, S.; Limbach, T., 1995:
On the acceptability of intensive cropping of vegetables with respect to avifaunistic aspects Zur Umweltvertraglichkeit des Intensivgemusebaus aus avifaunistischer Sicht

Amanov, A.A., 1968:
On the acclimatisation of Lucioperca lucioperca in the Degrez water-reservoir

Luzhin, B.P., 1959:
On the acclimatisation of bream in the Lake Issik-Kul

Savojskaja, GI., 1972:
On the acclimatization of Leis axyridis Pall Coleoptera, Coccinellidae in Zailii Ala-Tau

Panchenko, SE., 1972:
On the accumulation of pesticides in fish

Groger, Joachim., 2000:
On the accuracy of age readings, their standardization and calibration Genauigkeit von Alterslesungen, ihre Standardisierung und Kalibrierung

Pravdina, L.I., 1958:
On the acidity of the stomach in certain rodents

Gramentz, D., 2007:
On the acoustic and visual communication of Cosymbotus platyurus Schneider, 1792 Zur akustischen and visuellen Kommunikation von Cosymbotus platyurus Schneider, 1792

Shishkova, E.V., 1977:
On the acoustic radiation by dolphins of echolocation impulses and their imitation by man

Shikhobalova, N.P., 1956:
On the acquired immunity of chickens after Syngamiasis

Rheinberger, Hans-Joerg., 2002:
On the action of hereditary determinants the Rockefeller Foundation, the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, and Alfred Kuehns investigations of Gene Action Substances Ueber die Wirkungsweise der Erbanlagen - Alfred Kuehns Untersuchungen ueber Genwirkstoffe und ihre Foerderung durch die Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft und die Rockefeller Foundation

Anon., 1956:
On the activities of the geological section of the Moscow Society of Naturalists

Yan Chzhun-chen., 1957:
On the activity and development of the All-China paleontological Society

Arndt, E., 2004:
On the activity of Meconema thalassinum De Geer, 1773 in the canopy of a central European deciduous forest Untersuchung zur Aktivitaet der Eichenschrecke Meconema thalassinum De Geer, 1773 im Kronenraum eines Laubmischwaldes

Shreder, V.N., 1959:
On the activity of phosphatase and on nucleic acids in the leucosytary serums

Loseva, AV., 1972:
On the activity of proteolytic enzymes in the flesh of Atheresthes evermanni

Kobakhidze, D.N., 1957:
On the activity of the Institute of Zoology of the Gruzian Academy of Science

Tauchnitz, Helmut., 1991:
On the activity of the goshawk Zur Aktivitat des Habichts

Klein, E.E.; Kurtzkhaliya, E.G.G.aliya, N.V., 1966:
On the activity of the neutral proteinase in the cephalic brain

Kommilch, Johann-Christoph., 2001:
On the aculeate fauna of the Warnemuende dune region Hymenoptera Aculeata Zur Stechimmenfauna Hymenoptera Aculeata der Warnemuender Duenen

Fedorov, A.V., 1956:
On the adaptations of predatory fish to feeding on large and armed animals

Shapiro, I.D.; Vilkova, N.A.; Sazonov, A.P., 1967:
On the adaptive features of the structure of digestive tracts of larvae of some fly species Diptera, Brachycera, Cyclor-rapha

Radakov, D.V., 1958:
On the adaptive importance of shoaling behaviour of Pollachius virens fry

Gadzhiev, G.V.; Gadzhiev, D.V., 1957:
On the adaptive reduction of the lateral metapodia in Equidae

Nikolski, G.V.; Pikuleva, V.A., 1958:
On the adaptive value of variability amplitude of individual characters and properties of organisms

Natal, D. de Freitas Barata, Miranda.; Urbinatti, P.R.berto.; Barata, J.M.ria Soares. de Paula, M.B.cudo., 1998:
On the adult mosquito fauna Diptera, Culicidae in an hydroelectric project area in the Parana River basin, Brazil Sobre a fauna de mosquitos adultos Diptera, Culicidae em area de implantacao de hidreletrica na bacia do Rio Parana, Brasil

Verina, V.N., 1971:
On the advantages and disadvantages of pesticides

Shchennikov, S.T.; Orlova, Z.V.; Buinitskaya, M.I., 1942:
On the aetiology of swine dysentery In Russian

Leitman, M.Z.; Rogova, L.I.; Burov, K.D., 1946:
On the aetiology of the intestinal diseases in Tashkent

Goin, F.J.; Rey, P., 1997:
On the affinities of Monodelphis Burnett, 1830 Mammalia Marsupialia Didelphidae Marmosinae Sobre las afinidades de Monodelphis Burnett, 1830 Mammalia Marsupialia Didelphidae Marmosinae

d'Hondt, Jean-Loup., 1997:
On the affinities of the Cycliophora Funch and Kristensen, 1995, a new embranchment of marine invertebrates, ectoparasite or commensal of crustaceans Decapoda Sur les affinites des Cycliophora Funch et Kristensen, 1995, un nouvel embranchement dinvertebres marins, ectoparasite ou commensal des crustaces decapodes

Bernard, H.M., 1898:
On the affinities of the Madreporarian Genus Alveopora with the Palaeozoic Favositidae, together with a brief sketch of some of the evolutionary stages of the Madreporarian skeleton

Marshall, G.A.K., 1919:
On the african genera of wingless Brachyderinae with connate claws Coleoptera, Curculionidae

Goin, Francisco J., 1997:
On the age and affinities of Zygolestes paranensis Ameghino, 1898 Marsupialia Didelphidae Marmosinae Sobre le edad y afinidades de Zygolestes paranensis Ameghino, 1898 Marsupialia Didelphidae Marmosinae

Epifanov, B.P., 1956 :
On the age and general condition of formation of the Tula iron-ore bearing horizon

Birkenmajer, K.; Pazdro, O., 1963:
On the age and geological position of the so-called Sub-flysch beds of the Pieniny Klippen Belt of Poland

Gabrielyan, A.A.T.lmachevskii, A.A.; Shestakov, P.T., 1968:
On the age and stratigraphic position of the Oktemberian suite Armenian Republic

Gabrielyan, A.A.T.lmachevskii, A.A.; Shestakov, P.T., 1968:
On the age and stratigraphic position of the Oktemberian suite Armenian SSR

Imanov, A.M.; Seidov, A.G., 1965:
On the age and synchrony of Akerin and Goris suites Minor Caucasus

Bekker, V.E., 1958:
On the age composition and the rate of growth of Blicca in Rybinsk reservoir

Roper, M.; Rothgaenger, M., 1997:
On the age determination and palaeoecology of Upper Jurassic limestones in Brunn/Upper Palatinate Upper Kimmeridgian Zur Altersdatierung und Palaookologie der Oberjura-Plattenkalke von Brunn/Oberpfalz Oberes Kimmeridgium

Parukhin, AM., 1973:
On the age dynamics of parasitic infection of Trachurus trachurus and Nimipterus japonicus from two regions of the Indian Ocean

Parukhin, AM., 1973:
On the age dynamics of parasitic infection of Trachurus trachurus and Nimlpterus japonicus from two regions of the Indian Ocean

Shapilov, A.F., 1964:
On the age morphology of the sheep kidneys

Kondratyeva, M.G.; Obruchev, D.V., 1955:
On the age of Bavlin deposits of the Saratov right bank

Bondareva, T.P., 1965:
On the age of Chegan suite and on the border of Eocene and Oligocene in the northern Pre-Aral

Papava, DYU.; Goderdzihvili, G.S., 1968:
On the age of Khotinsk sandstones

Vakhaniya, E.K., 1957:
On the age of Kolkidsk series

Malachova, N.P., 1950:
On the age of Litvensk and Tchussovsk limestones on the wentern slope of the Middle Urals Foraminifera

Subbotina, N.N.; Glushko, V.V.; Pishvanova, L.S., 1955:
On the age of Lower Vorotishche Horizon of the Pre-Carpathian Border Depression

Leleshus, V.L., 1970:
On the age of Merishkor, Dalyan and Isfarinhorizonts of Middle Palaeozoic in central Asia

Leleshus, V.L., 1970:
On the age of Merishkor, Dalyansk and Isfar horizons of Central Palaezoic in Central Asia

Klishevich, VL.; Kolobova, IM., 1990:
On the age of Toluk Formation the northern Tien-Shan

Kacharava, M.V.; Popkhadze, M.V., 1955:
On the age of flysch deposits of the village Gumbati

Vialov, O.S.; Dabagyan, N.V.; Mjatliuk, E.V., 1963:
On the age of globigerine Sheshorian horizon of the Carpathian flysch

Aleksejchik, S.N., 1947:
On the age of gray wacke formation in Mongolia

Biely, A.; Samuel, O., 1982:
On the age of red Vajskovsky potok brook conglomerates in Lopejska dolina valley Kotazke veku cervenych vajskovskych zlepencov v Lopejskej kotline

Levenko, A.I., 1954:
On the age of salt bearing deposits in the region of the mountain Tuz-Tag Tuba

Yaroshevich, V.M., 1967:
On the age of the Carbonaceous series of the Telek Phosphorite deposit area Eastern Sayan

Sergeev, V.V., 1958:
On the age of the Karaganda series of the Karaganda basin

Volgin, V.I.; Miklukho-Maklai, A.D., 1957:
On the age of the Kizil-Kijisk belt of Carboniferous

Sundukov, VM., 1974:
On the age of the Kotuisk archaeocyathan horizon of the Lower Cambrian era of the south west Anabarsk Massif

Sachuk, A.N., 1964:
On the age of the Liginsky suite

Nemkov, G.I.; Khloponin, K.L., 1955:
On the age of the Lower Menilite Horizon of the Eastern Carpathians

Starobinetz, E.Y.; Eventov, Y.S., 1948:
On the age of the Paleogene in the middle of the Amu-Darye River

Sivov, A.G.; Tomashpol'skaya, V.D., 1958:
On the age of the Sanashtvikgolsky Archaeocyathan-trilobite suite of deposits in Sayan-Altai

Sivov, A.G.; Tomashpol'skaya, V.D., 1958:
On the age of the Sanashtykgol Archaeocyatho-trilobite complex of the Sayano-Altai district

Mkrtchyan, S.S.; Kararyan, S.V., 1969:
On the age of the Shnokhsk massif of quartz diorites

Nikolov, T.; Peybernes, B.; Lakova, I.; Ciszak, R.; Durand-Delga, M.; Ivanov, M., 2001:
On the age of the Tithonian-Berriasian lithostratotype of the Magura Formation Belogradchik anticline, western pre-Balkan paleogeographic implications Sur lage Tithonien-Berriasien du lithostratotype de la Formation Magura anticlinal de Belogradchik, Prebalkan Occidental implications paleogeographiques

Neiman, V.B., 1955:
On the age of the Upper Zolna deposits in the Samara-Luka zone

Gabunia, L.K.; Matzkhonashvili, K.G.; Cheidze, D.V., 1966:
On the age of the continental deposits of the Chkheidze mountain

Shcheglova, V.V., 1961:
On the age of the fauna of the Berdijsk and Yurovichak Paleolithic sites

Baratov, R.B.; Kukhtikov, M.M., 1956:
On the age of the intrusion of Sina south-western spur of the Gissar ridge

Agusti, J.; Oms, O., 2001:
On the age of the last hipparionine faunas in western Europe Lage des dernieres faunes a Hipparion en Europe de lOuest

Khalilov, A.G.; Abdulkasumzade, M.R., 1969:
On the age of the limestones in the Talistan-Diallin cliffs

Sudo, M.M., 1965:
On the age of the marine Miocene dsposits in the southern part of the Krasnovodsk Peninsula

Mironova, M.G.; Stepanov, D.L., 1957:
On the age of the marlaceous level of the Lower Permian stratum of the Pechora basin

Strelin, B.P.; Migacheva, EE., 1957:
On the age of the oldest deposits of the Jurassic in Dnepr-Donetz

Birkenmajer, K., 1954:
On the age of the so-called Puchov Marls in the Pieniny Central Carpathians and stratigraphy of the Pieniny Klipper-Belt mantle

Yatchenko, L.D., 1965:
On the age of the upper Akchagil conglomerates

Zakharova, L.V., 1957:
On the age of the upper horizons of an upper Cretaceous section in the Vedi River Basin South Armenia

Lutkevich, E.M.; Schneider, G.F., 1958:
On the age of variegated deposits in the south-east of the Near Timan region

Strakhov, L.G., 1964:
On the age of volcanic shaft formations and iron ore beds of the southern Siberian platform

Kidirbaev, H., 1960:
On the age peculiarities of Citellus fulvus oxianus

Vistelius, A.B.; Korobkov, I.A.; Romanova, M.A.; Semenovich, V.N., 1955:
On the age problem of the lower part of the red layer of Cheleken peninsula

Seidzzaev, M.M., 1970:
On the age structure and growth of the Roach in the Ural River

Ivankov, V.N., 1965:
On the age structure of the population of Oncorhynchus gorbuscha Walb

Parin, N.V.; Pokhilpkaya, G.N., 1968:
On the age variability and distribution of a rare ocean fish Eumecichathys fiski Pisces, Lophotidae

Teras, J., 1962:
On the agglutination reaction and complement fixation in trichomoniasis of the genitourinary tract

Gan, EL.; Enilceva, NKh.; Shamslev, SV., 1972:
On the aggregating sites of male warble flies

Shurepova, G.A., 1971:
On the aggressive behaviour of Tursiops truncatus ponticus Barabasch in captivity

Keilin, D., 1919:
On the alimentary canal and its appondages in the larvae of Scatopsidae and Bibionidae, with some remarks on the parasites of these larvae

Ernst, Stephan., 2000:
On the altitude distribution of the spotted crake Porzana porzana in the Russian Altai Zur Hoehenverbreitung des Tuepfelsumpfhuhns Porzana porzana im russischen Altai

Vermeulen, J.; Bert, D., 1998:
On the ammonite fauna of the Barremian in La Saure near Tourette-Levens Alpes-Maritimes, France Sur lammonitofaune du Barremien de La Saure pres de Tourrette-Levens Alpes-Maritimes, France

Abedikova, TM.; Babenko, VI., 1975:
On the amount of amateur fishing of Rutilus rutilus heckeli

Schmid, Ulrike., 1999:
On the amphipod fauna Crustacea of the Lower Oder Valley floodplain Zur Besiedlung der Flussaue des Unteren Odertals durch Amphipoda Crustacea

Kazakov, B.E., 1971:
On the analysis of Monogenoidea fauna infish from Kolsk peninsula

Tuaev, D.G., 1970:
On the analysis of fauna and ecology of water fowl in Azerbaidjan

Roitman, V.A., 1971:
On the analysis of helminth fauna in salmonid fish in the water reservoirs of the USSR

Nemirovskaia, A.I.; Pavlova, E.A.; Kil'metova, A.A.; Ginburg, N.S.; Zabezhanskiń≠, V.P., 1969:
On the analysis of imported malaria

Drozdovski, E.M., 1963:
On the analysis of the notion of Aphelenchoides fragariae

Karmanova, EM., 1974:
On the analysis of the trematode genus Schiginella n gen Echinostomatidae - a parasite of the great crested grebe Podiceps cristatus

Movsessian, S.O., 1971:
On the analysis of three species of Raillie-tina Cestoidea, Davaineidae

Schultz, R.S.K.denatzii, A.N.; Andreeva, N.K., 1949:
On the anatomical structure of the male genital apparatus of the nematodes belonging to the genus Neostrongylus Gebauer, 1932

Rubtsov, I.A., 1965 :
On the anatomy and diagnostic of Mermis larvae

Diogo, R.; Chardon, M., 2000:
On the anatomy and function of the cephalic structures associated with the feeding mechanisms in the genus Chrysichthys Teleostei Siluriformes Anatomie et fonction des structures cephaliques associees a la prise de nourriture chez le genre Chrysichthys Teleostei Siluriformes

Shibuye, F., 1895:
On the anatomy of Cytherea meretrix In Japanese

Fedotov, D.M., 1915:
On the anatomy of Gorgonocephalus eucnemis M and Tr

Bloomer, H.H., 1905:
On the anatomy of certain species of Solenidae

Bairamyan, EA., 1973:
On the anatomy of the respiratory system of some poultry and wild birds

Yatskov, SV., 1990:
On the ancient family of ammonoids Anetoceratidae

Bekshtrem, E.A., 1927:
On the animals and birds of the Riazan Meshchera

Kokhnenko, S.V.; Borovik, E.A., 1957:
On the anlage of the eel scale

Zlinska, Adriena., 2005:
On the anniversary of RNDr Anna Ondrejickova, CSc K zivotnemu jubileu RNDr Anny Ondrejickovej, CSc

Sonnenschein, Edith., 1994:
On the annual rhythm and inner clock of birds Uber den Jahresrhythmus und die innere Uhr der Vogel

Vologdin, A.G., 1955:
On the annulated non-chasmic Archaeocyatha from the Cambrian of Northern Asia

Fowler, H.G.; Delabie, J.H. de Medeiros,, 1998:
On the ant community on cocoa in Bahia implications for loss management and conservation of the Atlantic forest O mosaico de formigas nos cacauais bahianos implicacoes para o manejo de pragas e conservacao da mata Atlantica

Zhizhilashvili, TI., 1975:
On the ant fauna Hymenoptera, Formicidae of Samtskhe-Trialete and Dzhavakheti

Yakimova, GI.; Borisova, TA.; Razurmovskii, PN., 1972:
On the antibiotic-stability of Paramedium caudatum

Mamedov, A.M., 1964:
On the antigen properties of the brain tissues in buffalo embryo in connection with the period of pregnancy

Narzikulov, M.N.; Umarov, S.A., 1971:
On the aphid fauna Homoptera, Aphidinea from Afghanistan

Narzikulov, MN.; Umarov, S.A., 1972:
On the aphid fauna Homoptera, Aphidinea of Afghanistan

Voronina, N.M., 1958:
On the apparent daily fluctuations in the amount of plankton

Kononova, L.I., 1961:
On the appearance of Spirifer pseudotrigonalis Semich in the Lower Carboniferous deposits of Central Kazakhstan

Gerasimova, GN.; Schneidermiller, AP., 1972:
On the appearance of metastrongylosis in Siberia

Zhigaltseva, M.I.; Chernobrovina, S.M., 1966:
On the application of ultraviolet ray sources to control insect pests

Schweigert, Guenter., 2000:
On the aptychus belonging to the Middle Jurassic ammonite genus Kosmoceras Ueber den Aptychus der mitteljurassischen Ammonitengattung Kosmoceras

Rabitsch, W.; Zettel, H., 2000:
On the aquatic bug fauna Insecta, Heteroptera of northern Austria Zur Wasserwanzenfauna Heteroptera Gerromorpha und Nepomorpha des noerdlichen Oesterreich

Dubatolov, VV.; Zolotarenko, GS., 1990:
On the arctiid fauna Lepidoptera Nolidae, Arctiidae of Western Siberian Plains

Pavlinin, V.N., 1965:
On the areal and morphology of Maries martes in the Tyumen Province

Kudryasheva, I.V., 1968:
On the armoured mites in the soil of oak forests in Tellermanov experimental forestry

Bazarov, B.B.; Shmelev, G.P., 1968:
On the armoured scale fauna of the tamarisc in Central Asia

Eminov, A., 1975:
On the arrival of Bombycilla garrulus in South Turkmenistan

Schliesske, J., 2000:
On the arthropod fauna and its phytosanitary consequences in raw cocoa imports from west African countries Zur Arthropodenfauna und ihrer phytosanitaeren Konsequenzen in Importsendungen von Rohkakao Theobroma cacao L aus west-afrikanischen Laendern

Perner, Jorg., 1997:
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