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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38502

Chapter 38502 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Rekk, G.F., 1948:
On the faune of the spider mites Tetranychidae, Acari in Gruz

Veselov, A.A.; Sheremeta, V.H., 1965:
On the faunistic characteristics of the Solenov horizon in the north-eastern Pre-Black Sea area

Aisenberg, D.E.; Brazhnikova, N.E., 1956:
On the faunistic features of the Donetz Lowlands

Drees, Michael., 1996:
On the faunistics and habitat selection of the beetle genus Hylis in southern Westphalia Coleoptera Eucnemidae Zur Faunistik und Habitatwahl der Kafergattung Hylis in Sudwestfalen Coleoptera Eucnemidae

Drees, Michael., 2004:
On the faunistics of the scydmaenid beetles of the Hagen district Coleoptera Scydmaenidae Zur Faunistik der Ameisenkaefer im Raum Hagen Coleoptera Scydmaenidae

Altenhofer, E.; Pschorn-Walcher, H., 2006:
On the faunistics, biology and parasitoids of the mining sawflies of the tribe Pseudodineurini Hymenoptera Tenthredinidae Zur Faunistik, Biologie und Parasitierung der minierenden Blattwespen der Tribus Pseudodineurini Hymenoptera Tenthredinidae

Lunkashu, Ml., 1974:
On the feather parasites of terrestrial birds of Moldavia and western regions of the Ukraine 1 Mallophaga Amblycera

Jaworowski, K., 1962:
On the feather structure of an accumulation of the graptolite remains

Petrova, KK.; Balashova, AI.; Liberman, VM., 1975:
On the fecundity and age composition of natural populations of horseflies in Bryanshina

Koryakov, E.A., 1955:
On the fecundity and the type of spawning population in Comephorus baicalensis

Fominyth, VG.; Vavin, VG., 1975:
On the fecundity of black flies Diptera, Tabanidae of the Tomsk part of the River Ob

Skarbilovich, TS., 1975:
On the fecundity of the nematode Mesodorylaimus bastiani Butschli, 1873

Vinogradov, K.A.; Tkacheva, K.S., 1949:
On the fecundity of tho littoral fishes of the Black Sea

Fischer, Klaus., 1998:
On the fecundity, fertility and biology of immature stages of the violet copper Lycaena helle Lepidoptera Lycaenidae Zu Fekunditaet, Fertilitaet und Praeimaginalbiologie des Blauschillernden Feuerfalters Lycaena helle Lepidoptera Lycaenidae

Khaberman, H.H., 1968:
On the feeding and food relationship of bream in the lakes of Estonia

Monteresino, E.M.; Zunino, M., 2003:
On the feeding and nesting behaviour of Eucraniini Coleoptera Scarabaeidae Scarabaeinae Sobre el comportamiento de alimentacion y nidificacion de Eucraniini Coleoptera Scarabaeidae Scarabaeinae

Chariev, R.M.ravleva, R.E.; Zamanmuradova, Z.M., 1968:
On the feeding base of the fish ponds in the fish farm Karamet-Niyaz for growing carp

Ponitz, Ingolf., 1991 :
On the feeding ecology of Strix aluco in relation to various nesting places Zur Ernahrungsokologie des Waldkauzes Strix aluco unter Berucksichtigung unterschiedlicher Horststandorte

Sokolova, M.N.; Kuznetsov, A.P., 1960:
On the feeding habits and the role played by trophic factors in the distribution of the urchin Echinarachnius parma Lam

Kondur, L.V., 1975:
On the feeding of Abramis brama orientalis Berg in Kairakkum reservoir

Ozhegova, V.E.; Zharov, A.I., 1969:
On the feeding of Amu Darya trout

Litvinenko, NM., 1972:
On the feeding of Apus sp in South Primorie

Izzatyllaev, Z., 1969:
On the feeding of Carabidae on land molluscs Izv Akad Nauk tadzhik

Bringsoe, Henrik., 1997:
On the feeding of Coluber hippocrepis Hesteskosnogen som adselsaeder

Bashenina, N.V., 1957:
On the feeding of Ligurus lagurus Pall, when breeding it in captivity

Vovk, AN., 1972:
On the feeding of Loligo pelei Les from North America

Kuznetzov, A.P., 1966:
On the feeding of Nuculana pernula Muller

Krylov, VI., 1972:
On the feeding of Odobaenus rosmarus divergens

Pavlova, E.V., 1959:
On the feeding of Penilia avirostris Dana

Tugarina, P.Y., 1964:
On the feeding of Thymallus arcticus baicalensis infrasp brevipinnis Svet

Aualiani, R.S., 1953:
On the feeding of Vulpes vulpes alpherakyi Soobshch

Kopylov, A.I., 1977:
On the feeding of aquatic lnfusoria

Usova, ZV.; Rybintsev, NT., 1975:
On the feeding of black fly larvae Diptera, Simuliidae

Burukovskii, RN., 1975:
On the feeding of four species of shrimps from the genus Penaeus living in the Atlantic Ocean

Vali, Ulo., 2005:
On the feeding of grey-headed woodpecker nestlings Hallpea-rahni pesapoegade toitmisest

Zharkova, V.K., 1969:
On the feeding of lizards in Ryazan region

Heinrich, A.K., 1958:
On the feeding of marine copepods in tropical regions

Kangur, Peeter., 2000:
On the feeding of pike Esox lucius L in Lake Peipsi in 1995-1996 Haugi toidu koosseisust Peipsi jarves aastatel 1995-1996

Kangur, A.; Kangur, P., 2003:
On the feeding of pikeperch in Lake Vortsjarv Koha toitumisest Vortsjarves

Matyakubov, S., 1975:
On the feeding of shrikes in Tashkent region

Yadgarov, T., 1974:
On the feeding of snakes on Aral-Pargambar Island basin of the River Surkhandanya

Kokhiya, A.B., 1960:
On the feeding of some fish in the river Inguri and its tributaries

Khalilov, A.R., 1968:
On the feeding of some fishes in Varvarin water-reservoir

Pastukhov, VD., 1971:
On the feeding of the Baikal seal in experimental conditions

Khamaganov, S.A., 1967:
On the feeding of the Brown rat in the natural biotope of Central Priamur

Kostenko, VA.; Mirotvortzev, YuI.; Okhotina, MV., 1970:
On the feeding of the Maksimovich vole

Petipa, T.C. ., 1969:
On the feeding of the crustacean Pontella mediterranea Claus in the Black Sea

Anisimov, EP., 1969:
On the feeding of the kestrel in Moldavia

Tofan, VE., 1977:
On the feeding of the lake frog in Moldavia 206

Turaev, A.K., 1971:
On the feeding of the porcupine Hystrixleucura Sykes 1831 in the south-west of Tadzhikistan

Levchinska, GM., 1972:
On the feeding of the trophic, imaginal stages of Meloidae Coleoptera from the Ukraine

Nikolaev, AM.; Skalkin, VA., 1975:
On the feeding of true seals on the eastern shores of Sakhalin

Sherman, 1M., 1975:
On the feeding of young Ctenopharyngodon idella and Abramis brama while rearing them together

Khalil', A-KhS.; Lupacheva, LI.; Franzuzova, EM., 1975:
On the feeding of young Hypophthalmichthys molitrix while being reared in a polyculture

Puzankova, RN.; Kashkarov, D.; Yu., 1972:
On the feeding on birds of the magpie in the cotton growing regions of the Fergan Valley Uzbekistan

Gasparyan, K.M., 1964:
On the feeding regime of Capra aegagnts in Urtz Saraibulag ridge

Sosipatova, LA.; Sosipatova, LA., 1974:
On the fenomena of larva migrans in domestic animals

Bolotova, T.T., 1977:
On the fertility and spawning of Coregonus in Ladoga lake

Bratsenyuk, GN., 1972:
On the fertility dynamics of the Volga sturgeon

Smirnov, EN., 1970:
On the fertility of Apodemus speciosus and Clethrionomys rufocanus in Central Sikhote-Alin

Vovk, AN., 1972:
On the fertility of Loligo pealei Lesueur, 1821 from North America

Ergashev, N.; Hafizov, U., 1975:
On the fertility of the karakurt spider

Ibrahim, VKh., 1975:
On the fertility of the rudd Scardinius erythrophthalmus in the Kakhorsk Reservoir

Zubenko, VL., 1975:
On the fertility of the tench in the Kiev Reservoir

Motono, A.; Matsunaga, Y., 1990:
On the field butterflies collected in the southern east coast of Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea Butterflies mostly collected in the Hamhung district

Heinrich, A.K., 1963:
On the filtering ability of copepods in the boreal and the tropical regions of the Pacific

Mau, Klaus-Georg., 1997:
On the finch Serinus syriacus Bonaparte 1850 Uber den Zederngirlitz Serinus syriacus Bonaparte, 1850

Gontarenko, AV.; Novikov, OA., 2002:
On the find Ataenius horticola the species of the new for Ukranian fauna tribe Eupariini, in the Crimea Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae Ueber den Fund auf Krim Ataenius horticola - der Vertreter der neuen fuer die Fauna von Ukraine Tribus Eupariini Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae

Grigoryan, SM., 1976:
On the finding of Nummulites in the Palaeocene of Armenia

Brunetti, M.; Vecchi, G., 2003:
On the finding of Teretia elegantissima Foresti, 1868 in the Emilia and Tuscany Pliocene Sul ritrovamento di Teretia elengatissima Foresti, 1868 in terreni pliocenici dellEmilia e della Toscana

Vinogradova, N.G., 1969:
On the finding of a new aberrant ascidian in the ultraabyssal of the Kurile-Kamchatka trench

Vinogradova, N.G., 1958:
On the finding of a new ascidian species-Cnemido-carpa zenkevitchiana in the fiord of the Barger oasis Antarctic

Knyazkov, V.V., 1977:
On the finding of termites Isoptera in the sands of Kashka-Kum of the nature reserve Tigrovaya Balka

Pavlov, A.V.; Yun-Lyan., 1962:
On the finding of the nematode Hepaticola soricuola in the shrews of Altai

Kiseleva, M.I., 1964:
On the finding of the polychaete Amistrosyllis tentaculata Treadwell in the Black and Red Seas

Vainshtein, BA., 1976:
On the finding of the water mite Sperchon Palpisperchon crassipalpis Sperchontidae, Acariformes in USSR fauna

D.Maddalena, Alessandro., 2001:
On the finds of 28 specimens of great white shark, Carcharodon carcharias Linnaeus, 1758, preserved in Italian museums Sui reperti di 28 esemplari di squalo bianco, Carcharodon carcharias Linnaeus, 1758, conservati in musei Italiani

Logachev, E.D., 1955:
On the fine structure of muscle-fibres in trematodes and cestodes

Bogoyavlenski, Y.K., 1958:
On the fine structure of the cuticle of the nematode Ascaridia galli Schrank, 1788

Watanabe, I.S.; Lopes, R.A.; de Moraes, J.O., 1990:
On the fine structure of the parotid gland of tufted capuchin monkey, Cebus apella

Logachev, E.D., 1955:
On the fine structures of cuticula in trematodes and cestodes

Ohtani, T.; Muraoka, K., 1990:
On the first and second zoeae of the swimming pea crab, Tritodynamia horvathi Nobili Decapoda, Pinnotheridae

Paepke, H.-Joachim.; Schindler, I., 2002:
On the first description of Pterophyllum scalare Pisces, Cichlidae Zur Erstbeschreibung von Pterophyllum scalare Schultze in Lichtenstein, 1823 Pisces, Cichlidae

Ott, Gerhard., 1998:
On the first description of Schistura notostigma Bleeker, 1863 Cypriniformes Cobitoidea Zur Erstbeschreibung von Schistura notostigma Bleeker, 1863 Cypriniformes Cobitoidea

Dubrovo, I.A., 1954:
On the first discovery of the primitivo elephant, Elephas meridionalis Nesti, in northern Siberia

Balashova, EA.; Balashova, EA.; Korkutis, VA., 1970:
On the first find of an Upper Cambrian trilobite in the Tyske suite of the Baltic area

Gabuniya, L.K., 1959:
On the first finding of Listriodon splendens in Miocene of SSSR

Permyakova, MM., 1974:
On the first record of the ostracode subgenus Fuhrbergiella Praefuhrbergiella in the Jurassic deposits of the Dnieper-Donets depression

Huwae, PHM., 1986:
On the first record of two Pennella species Crustacea Copepoda and Conchoderma virgatum Spengler Crustacea Cirripedia in the Netherlands

Nel, Jacques., 1995:
On the first stages and the biology of Oxyptilus jaeckhi Bigot Picard, 1991 Twenty-ninth contribution to the knowledge of Pterophoridae from the south of France Lepidoptera Pterophoridae Sur les premiers etats et la biologie dOxyptilus jaeckhi Bigot Picard, 1991 Vingt-neuvieme contribution a la connaissance des Pterophoridae du sud de la France Lepidoptera Pterophoridae

Friedl, T.; Honsig-Erlenburg, W., 1997:
On the fish fauna of Ferlach Drau dam Zur Fischfauna des Ferlacher Draustaues

Frenz, C.; Kordges, T., 1998:
On the fish fauna of the Hoenne Sauerland in the area of its periodic drying up in the middle course Zur Fischfauna der Hoenne Sauerland im Bereich ihres periodisch austrocknenden Mittellaufes

Higo, N.; Plotner, D.; Nakashima, S.; Fujieda, S.; Hashi, H., 1990:
On the fish gathering effect of the artificial reefs ascertained by the diving observation - 14 At the reefs offshore of Tanegashima, Kagoshima Prefecture

Higo, N.; Kakimoto, M.; Shimizu, H.; Plotner, D.; Hashi, H.; Kamimizutaru, T., 1990:
On the fish gathering effect of the artificial reefs ascertained by the diving observation - 20 At the off-sea in Kagoshima Bay, Kagoshima Prefecture

Lebedev, B.I., 1971:
On the fish helminth fauna from the Tasmanian Sea

Kainz, Erich., 1997:
On the fish stocks of the Wambach in a strongly regulated part near Ebelsberg Zum Fischbestand des Wambaches im hartverbauten Bereich bei Ebelsberg

Greiter, S.; Fachbach, G., 2000:
On the fish-stock of the Stainz river and its dead channels in the south of Stainz W-Styria Zum Fischbestand des Stainzbaches und seiner Altarme sudlich von Stainz Weststeiermark

Taranetz, A.J., 1937:
On the fishes and fisheries of the Nova-Selimdjinsky district

Lindberg, G.U., 1949:
On the fishes in the fanna of the Yellow Sea

Yoshihara, T., 1971:
On the fishway at Hells Gate

Novozhenov, Y.I., 1967:
On the fitness of natural populations of the cockchafer Melolontha hippocastani F

Karpa, Aina., 1997:
On the flies Diptera Brachycera, Cyclorrhapha of the regional Protection area of northern Vidzene Materiali par ziemel vidzemes Regionala Dabas aizsardzibas kompleksa divsparniem Diptera Brachycera, Cyclorrhapha

Baratov, ShB., 1973:
On the flight of Tabanidae in light traps with mercury

Buturlin, S.A., 1912:
On the flight of birds against the wind

Duty, Inge., 1995:
On the flower visiting behaviour of Neoascia interrupta Mg, 1822 Diptera, Syrphidae Zum Blutenbesuch von Neoascia interrupta Mg, 1822 Diptera, Syrphidae

Rapaport, L.P.; Semenova, N.I., 1962:
On the fluctuations in numbers of jerboas and of small murids in the Pre-Fergan regions of Kirgizia

Spuris, Zandis., 1995:
On the fly Psila fimetaria L Diptera, Psilidae Par musa Psila fimetaria L Diptera, Psilidae

Ponomareva, A.A., 1967:
On the fodder connections of certain bees from the Anthophorinae sub-family and the principal pollinators Hymenoptera Apoidea of veget-able plants in Central Kazakhstan and Central Asia

Ergashev, N.; Khalmuminov, A., 1975:
On the food composition of Latrodectus mactans tredecimguttatus Rossi

Zhiteneva, T.S., 1958:
On the food of bream in the Rybinsk water-reservoir

Francischetti, C.N.scimento.; Da-Silva, E.R.beiro.; Salles, F.F.lcao., 2001:
On the food of nimphs of Caenis cuniana Froehlich, 1969 Ephemeroptera, Caenidae in a temporary marshin Restinga de Marica, Rio de Janeiro state, Brazil A alimentacao de ninfas de Caenis cuniana Froehlich, 1969 Ephemeroptera, Caenidae em um brejo temporario da Restinga de Marica, estado do Rio de Janeiro

Da-Silva, Elidiomar Ribeiro., 1997:
On the food of nymphs of Callibaetis guttatus Navas, 1915 Ephemeroptera, Baetidae in a temporary marsh at the littoral of Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil A alimentacao de ninfas de Callibaetis guttatus Navas, 1915 Ephemeroptera, Baetidae em um brejo temporario do litoral do Estado do Rio de Janeiro

Osadchaya, N.P., 1959:
On the food of some species of desert rodents

Torin, YnA., 1971:
On the food of the swordfish X gladius L

Pervushin, AS.; Latogurskyii, VI., 1972:
On the food provisions of Mystacoceti and Odontoceti in Antarctica

Pervushin, A.S.; Latogurskii, V.I., 1971:
On the food provisions of Odontoceti and Mystacoceti in Antarctica

Gavrilov, EI., 1972:
On the food supply of the rock nuthatch

Kocak,; Kemal, M., 2002:
On the food-plant of Euapatura mirza Ebert Lepidoptera, Argynnidae Euapatura mirzanin Besin Bitkisi Hakkinda Lepidoptera, Argynnidae

Weissgerber, Rolf., 2000:
On the foraging site choice and group size of wintering bean and white-fronted geese Anser fabalis, A albifrons in the Zeitz hilly arable region during the winters from 1991/92 to 1999/2000 Zur Aesungsflaechenwahl und Truppengroesse ueberwinternder Saat- und Blessgaense Anser fabalis, A albifrons im Zeitzer Ackerhuegelland in den Wintern 1991/92 bis 1999/2000

Didkovsky, V.Y., 1961:
On the foraminifer fauna of the Azov Sea

Pogrebnyak, V.A., 1964:
On the foraminiferal genera Monotaxinoides and Eolasiodiscus

Alemasov, BE., 1975:
On the forecasting of productivity and numbers of herring in the North Sea

Amanov, AA., 1974:
On the formation of an ichthyofauna of the Chimkurgansk reservoir in the basin of the River Kashkadarya

Kobalenko, AL.; NegadaevNikonov, KN., 1977:
On the formation of contemporary fauna of ostracods in the Dnestr basin during anthropogenesis

Vinkler, N.G., 1968:
On the formation of diapause in the scarce bordered straw moth pupae Chloridea obsoleta F

Sadykhov, IA., 1975:
On the formation of helminth complexes in the coypu in Azderbaidjan

Sadykhov, IA., 1975:
On the formation of helminth complexes in the coypu in Azerbaidjan

Tatarinov, L.P., 1965:
On the formation of mammalian characters in the higher theriodonts

Sokolov, D.F., 1916:
On the formation of seoondary cysts in Gastrostyla steini Eng

Babik, Wieslaw., 2000:
On the formation of species especially cichlids by means of sympatric speciation O powstawaniu gatunkow szczegolnie pielegnic droga specjacji sympatrycznej

de Carvalho, M.A.elina Martins. de Oliveira, P.F.assinetti NM.; Machado, G.V.lente.; Miglino, M.A.gelica., 2000:
On the formation of the cranial cava vein in agouti Dasyprocta aguti - Rodentia Mammalia Sobre a formacao da veia cava cranial cutia dourada Dasyprocta aguti - Rodentia Mammalia

Dagva, E., 1959:
On the former distribution of the Prze-walski horse in Mongolia In Bannikov ? others, The Przewalski horse

Zhitkov, B.M., 1937:
On the former distribution of the Sablo in Europe

Horstmann, K., 2000:
On the forms and varieties described by MI Constantineanu before 1961 in the family Ichneumonidae Hymenoptera and their classification as infrasubspecific names Uber die von MI Constantineanu vor 1961 in der Familie Ichneumonidae Hymenoptera beschriebenen Formen und Varietaten und ihre Einstufung als infrasubspezifische Namen

Reichenow, A., 1917:
On the forms of Certhia brachydactyla

Korzhuev, P.A.; Glazova, T.N., 1969:
On the forms of adaptation for development of the internal organs in Chondrostei

Burchak-Abramovich, N.I., 1952:
On the fossil Orycteropus gaudryi from the Upper Tertiary deposits of the town Maraga

Riedel, Gerd-Rainer., 2001:
On the fossil content of the Maastrichtian Upper Cretaceous of Kazimierz Dolny/Poland Zum Fossilinhalt des Maastricht Oberkreide von Kazimierz Dolny/Polen

May, Andreas., 1993:
On the fossil finds of Ohler Schiefer Devonian Eifelian in west Sauerland Eastern Rheinish Mountains Zur Fossilfuhrung des Ohler Schiefers Devon Eifelium im West-Sauerland Rheinisches Schiefergebirge

Major, C.J.; Forsyth., 1891:
On the fossil remains of speciesof the family Giraffidae

Gabashivili, E.G., 1957:
On the fossil vertebrates in Udabno

Hoffeins, C.; Hoffeins, H.W.rner, 2004:
On the frequency of inclusions in Baltic and Bitterfeld amber Tertiary, Eocene from unselected material, with special reference to the order Diptera Untersuchungen ueber die Haeufigkeit von Inklusen in Baltischem und Bitterfelder Bernstein Tertiaer, Eozaen aus unselektierten Aufsammlungen unter besonderer Beruecksichtigung der Ordnung Diptera

Shen, C.J.; Tai, A.Y., 1964:
On the freshwater copepods of Yunnan Province

Izzatulaev, Z., 1972:
On the freshwater mollusc fauna of the Hissar Ridge on the adjacent regions of Tadzhikistan

Smits, J., 2003 :
On the front cover Physignathus lesueurii Gray, 1831 Bij de voorplaat Physignathus lesueurii Gray, 1831

Smoors, BJGM., 2002:
On the front cover Chamaeleo Trioceros jacksonii jacksonii variant willegensi Bij de voorplaat Chamaeleo Trioceros jacksonii jacksonii variant willegensi

ter Borg, J., 2002:
On the front cover the European salamander, Salamandra salamandra Bij de voorplaat De Vuursalamander, Salamandra salamandra

Mosevich, T.N., 1963:
On the function of endoplasmic reticulum in Colpidium colpoda Morphology and physiology of protozoa, Trans

Bogoyavlenskii, YuK., 1972:
On the function of the cuticle in nematodes

Reichholf, Josef H., 2004:
On the function of the digital pads on the feet of kinglets Regulus sp Funktion der Zehensohlenballen von Goldhaehnchen Regulus sp

Horst, R., 1891:
On the function of the receptaculum seminis of some tropical Lumbricidae

Burukovskll, RN., 1972:
On the function of the rostrum in shrimps

Aleev, Y.G., 1955:
On the functional and phylogenetic significance of some morphological peculiarities in fish, belonging to the subfamily Carangidae

Gurinovich, L.A., 1960:
On the functional features of the retarded conditioned reflexes in dogs of one year of age

Aleev, Y.G., 1956 :
On the functional importance of lateral horizontal body orientation in Pleuronectiformes

Shtegman, B.K., 1948:
On the functional importance of the subspecific features in Emberiza schoeniclus L

Malyukina, G.A.; Yurkevich, G.V., 1967:
On the functional peculiarities of the peripheral apparatus in the olfactory system of fish

Plisetskaya, E.M., 1957:
On the functional properties of smooth muscles of the intestine in poikilothermal vertebrates

Decleyre, D.; Aerts, P.; Verraes, W., 1990:
On the functional significance of the dorsal part of the A muscle in Pomatoschistus lozanoi Teleostei Gobiidae

Fuentes, O.; Rodriguez-Acosta, A., 1997:
On the genera Bothriechis, Bothriopsis, Bothrops Porthidium Serpentes Crotalidae in Venezuela Keys for their identification of their biomedical interests Sobre los generos Bothriechis, Bothriopsis, Bothrops y Porthidium Serpentes Crotalidae existentes en Venezuela Claves para su identificacion de interes biomedico

Barcellos, A.; Grazia, J., 1998:
On the genera Curatia and Copeocoris Heteroptera, Pentatomidae, Pentatomini Sobre os generos Curatia e Copeocoris Heteroptera, Pentatomidae, Pentatomini

Sudre, J.; Teocchi, P., 2002:
On the genera Hecyra Thomson, Niphona Mulsant and Nyphona Dejean Coleoptera Cerambycidae A propos des genres Hecyra Thomson, Niphona Mulsant et Nyphona Dejean Coleoptera Cerambycidae

Vit, Stanislav., 1999:
On the genera Nycteus Latreille, 1829, and Eucinetus Germar, 1818 Coleoptera, Eucinetidae Sur les genres Nycteus Latreille, 1829, et Eucinetus Germar, 1818 Coleoptera, Eucinetidae

Keith, Denis., 2002 :
On the genera Panotrogus Reitter, 1902 and Pseudopanotrogus Petrovitz, 1969 II Coleoptera, Scarabaeoidea, Melolonthidae Sur les genres Panotrogus Reitter, 1902 et Pseudopanotrogus Petrovitz, 1969 II Coleoptera, Scarabaeoidea, Melolonthidae

Keith, Denis., 2001:
On the genera Panotrogus Reitter, 1902 and Pseudopanotrogus Petrovitz, 1969 Record of Brahmina glabellus Nikolajev et Kabakov, 1980 from Pakistan Coleoptera Melolonthidae Sur les genres Panotrogus Reitter, 1902 et Pseudopanotrogus Petrovitz, 1969 Presence de Brahmina glabellus Nikolajev et Kabakov, 1980 au Pakistan Coleoptera Melolonthidae

Gray, J.E., 1864:
On the genera of Chelydidae and the characters furnished by the study of their skulls

Cope, E.D., 1880:
On the genera of Felidae and Canidae

Wollaston, T.V., 1873:
On the genera of the Cossonidae

Vislobokova, IA., 1990:
On the general regularities of historical development and classification of Ruminantia

Astrova, G.G., 1955:
On the generic complexes of Porifera in the Silurian deposits of the Soviet Union

Grismado, C.J., 2004:
On the generic placement of Hyptiotes zenzesi Mello-Leitao = Miagrammopes zenzesi and Uloborus zenzesi Mello-Leitao = Zosis peruanus Keyserling Araneae, Uloboridae Sobre la ubicacion generica de Hyptiotes zenzesi Mello-Leitao = Miagrammopes zenzesi y Uloborus zenzesi Mello-Leitao = Zosis peruanus Keyserling Araneae, Uloboridae

Pilsbry, H.A., 1895:
On the generic position of Patulastra ? Punctum ? pugetensis and Pyramidula ? randolphii, with suggestions for a classification of American Zonitidae

Panacyuk, DI.; Mintyugov, VN.; Pyatov, MV.; Zyablov, AA.; Golovin, VG., 1972:
On the generic specification of Sarcosporidia

Yartseva, M.V., 1964:
On the generic type of the genus Halkyardia in the Ukrainian Paleogene

Zvereva, O.S., 1957:
On the genetic boundary in a river valley and its role in hydrobiology

Carpenter, P.H., 1877:
On the genus Actinometra, Mull, with a morphological account of a new species A polymorpha from the Philippine Islands

Keith, D., 2006:
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