On the habitat preference and distribution of Bembidion tenellum Erichson 1837 and Bembidion azurescens Dalla Torre, 1877 in Saxony-Anhalt Coleoptera, Carabidae Zur Habitatbindung und Verbreitung von Bembidion tenellum Erichson, 1837 und Bembidion azurescens Dalla Torre, 1877 in Sachsen-Anhalt Coleoptera, Carabidae

Trost, M.

Entomologische Nachrichten und Berichte 503: 135-139


Accession: 038501777

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The closely related carabid species Bembidion (Emphanes) azurescens DALLA TORRE, 1877 and B. tenellum ERICHSON, 1837 were for a long time confused. The present paper deals with their distribution and habitat preference in the federal state of Saxony-Anhaft (Germany). Bembidion tenellum is a halobiontic species, predominantly living on salt-influenced muddy watersides and in reed stands, although it requires only low salt concentrations. Its distribution in Saxony-Anhalt is determined by the occurrence of salt sites and coincides well with the distribution of halophytes. Bembidion azurescens shows no preference for salt and lives along waters on soils containing some sand or gravel.