On the post-breeding wing-moult of black-necked grebes Podiceps n nigricollis and other Podicipedidae Zur postnuptialen Schwingenmauser des Schwarzhalstauchers Podiceps n nigricollis und anderei Lappentaucher Podicipedidae

Koehler, P.; Koehler, U.

Avifaunistik in Bayern 3(1): 40-46


Accession: 038505121

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Black-necked Grebes captured at "Ismaninger Speichersee mit Fischteichen", Upper Bavaria, southern Germany, moulted flight-feathers between 12.7. and 23.8. Primaries, secondaries, tertials and all wing coverts were shed simultaneously, while the birds were still mainly in breeding plumage. The flightless period for each bird is estimated to be three weeks. Four out of six birds regained flight by the beginning of August. These are the first European data on the post-breeding wing moult for this species. Data for the flightless periods of other grebes are also given. These data are: Little Grebe Tachybaptus (r.) ruficollis (sight records: start from mid July, mainly August, later no data), Great Crested Grebe P. cristatus (one captured, ca 13.8.-11.9.), of Red-necked Grebe P. grisegena (one sight record, approx. 17.7.-11.8.2003), and of Slavonian Grebe P. auritus (sight records of two birds, flightless between approx. 12.7. and 2.8., and between 18.7. and 5.8.2004 respectively).