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On the prey of two pipefish, Syngnathus typhle and Nerophis ophidion Teleostei, Syngnathidae from the Baltic Sea, in combination with the transfer of parasites Zur Nahrung zweier Seenadeln, Syngnathus typhle und Nerophis ophidion, Teleostei, Syngnathidae aus der Ostsee, in Kombination mit der Uebertragung von Parasiten

Zander, C.; Dieter

Zeitschrift fuer Fischkunde 72: 155-159


Accession: 038505342

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The pipefish Syngnathus typhle and Nerophis ophidion are abundant fishes of the Baltic Sea. In the sea-grass belt of the Salzhaff (NW Mecklenburg, northern Germany) they feed mainly on calanoid cope-pods, which range in N. ophidion after isopods. Whereas S. typhle ingested also macrofauna-crustaceans, N. ophidion collects sometimes molluscs and insect-larvae from the sea-grass. In S. typhle seven, in N. ophidion five parasite species were found, of which 3 are transferred by prey organisms. Cryptocotyle concavum and Acanthostomum balthicum attained in S. typhle, Trichodina sp. and Hlysterothylacium. aduncum in N. ophidion highest prevalences. The role of S. Typhle as special final host of A. balthicum and transmitter of A. crassus on eels in the Baltic Sea is emphasised.

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