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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38518

Chapter 38518 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Beher, E., 2004:
Ostracode fauna and biostratigraphy of the Upper Sinemurian of Southern Germany and Northern Switzerland Ostracodenfauna und Blostratigraphie im Ober-Sinernurium von Sueddeutschland und der Nordschweiz

Pipik, Radovan., 2002:
Ostracode fauna of the Blazovce and Martin formations Turiec basin Fauna lasturniciek Ostracoda blazovskeho a martinskeho suvrstvia Turcianska kotlina

Schallreuter, R., 1990:
Ostracoden aus Ojlemyrflint-Geschieben von Sylt 2

Schallreuter, R., 1990:
Ostracoden aus silurischen Hornsteinen von Sylt

Guernet, C.; Lemeille, F.; Sorel, D.; Bourdillon, C.; Berge-Thierry, C.; Manakou, M., 2003:
Ostracodes and Quaternary from Aigion Gulf of Corinth, Greece Les Ostracodes et le Quaternaire dAigion golfe de Corinthe, Grece

Szczechura, J.; Olempska-Roniewicz, E., 1996:
Ostracodes and palaeogeography Malzoraczki a paleogeografia

Guernet, C.; Molina, E., 1997:
Ostracodes and the Paleocene-Eocene boundary in the betic Cordilleras Caravaca section, Spain Les ostracodes et le passage Paleocene-Eocene dans les Cordilleres betiques Coupe de Caravaca, Espagne

Guernet, C.; Delrieu, B.; Rouchy, J.-Marie.; Poisson, A.; Saint-Martin, J.-Paul.; Tsagaris, S., 1996:
Ostracodes and the evaporitic Messinian episode in the Mediterranean Les ostracodes et lepisode evaporitique messinien en Mediterranee

Andreu, B.; Charcosset, P.; Ciszak, R., 1999:
Ostracodes from Middle and Upper Bathonian of the Grands-Causses, southern France Associations and paleoenvironments Ostracodes du Bathonien moyen et superieur des Grands-Causses, sud de la France Associations et paleoenvironnements

Guernet, C.; Boukhary, M.; El-Sammak, A.; Bignot, G.; Al-Kaabi, N.; Al-Sharhan, A., 2001:
Ostracodes from Ras Al Khaimah United Arab Emirates, Arabian Gulf Les ostracodes du Ras Al Khaimah Emirats Arabes Unis, Golfe Arabique

Schallreuter, R.; Koch, L., 1999:
Ostracodes from the Lower Llanvirnian Ordovician of Kiesbert Ebbe anticline, Rhenish Massif Ostrakoden aus dem Unteren Llanvirn Ordoviz von Kiesbert Ebbe-Sattel, Rheinisches Schiefergebirge

Schallreuter, Roger., 2001:
Ostracodes from the Ostrakodenkalk Silurian of the Lindener Mark near Giessen Hesse Ostrakoden aus dem Ostrakodenkalk Silur der Lindener Mark bei Giessen Hessen

A.u, B.; Colin, J.; Haddoumi, H.; Charriere, A., 2003:
Ostracodes from the Red Beds of the Ait Attab syncline, central High Atlas, Morocco systematics, biostratigraphy, palaeoecology, palaeobiogeography Les ostracodes des Couches Rouges du synclinal dAit Attab, Haut Atlas Central, Maroc systematique, biostratigraphie, paleoecologie, paleobiogeographie

Andreu, B.; Bodergat, A.-Marie.; Brunel, F.; Colin, J.-Paul.; Cubaynes, R., 1998:
Ostracodes from the Upper Carixian-Domerian Lower Jurassic from Quercy, Aquitaine Basin, France Ostracodes du Carixien superieur-Domerien Jurassique inferieur du Quercy, Bassin dAquitaine, France

Colin, J., 2006:
Ostracodes of the Aiguebelette Lake department of Savoie first data Les Ostracodes du Lac dAiguebelette departement de Savoie premieres donnees

Ruiz, F.; Gonzalez-Regalado, M.L.z., 1996:
Ostracodes of the S W Iberian Bay during the Mio-Pliocene Les Ostracodes du golfe Mio-Pliocene du sud ouest de lEspagne

Luppold, Friedrich W., 2001:
Ostracodes of the calcareous lower Hauterivian in the eastern part of the Lower Saxony basin with their microfauna and facies Die Ostrakoden des kalkig entwickelten Unter-Hauterivium im oestlichen Niedersaechsischen Becken und seine Mikrofauna und Fazies

Bertels-Psotka, A.; Laprida, C., 1998:
Ostracods Arthropoda, Crustacea from the Las Escobas Formation Holocene, Salado Basin, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina Ostracodos Arthropoda, Crustacea de la Formacion las Escobas Holoceno, Cuenca del Salado, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Republica Argentina

Bertels-Psotka, A.; Laprida, C., 1998:
Ostracods Arthropoda, Crustacea of the Cerro de la Gloria Member, Las Escobas Formation Holocene, Buenos Aires province, Argentina Ostracodos Arthropoda, Crustacea del Miembro Cerro de la Gloria, Formacion Las Escobas Holoceno, provincia de Buenos Aires, Republica Argentina

Cesar, I.I.; Armendariz, L.C.; Damborenea, M.C., 2001:
Ostracods Crustacea from Martin Garcia Island, Rio de la Plata River, Argentina Ostracods Crustacea de la Isla Martin Garcia, Rio de la Plata, Argentina

Herrig, E., 1995:
Ostracods Crustacea of the genera Neocyprideis, Cushmanidea Cytheromorpha in the Upper Cretaceous, Northern lower temperated Realm; Baltic Sea Ostrakoden Crustacea der Gattungen Neocyprideis, Cushmanidea und Cytheromorpha im nordlich gemassigten Bereich der Oberkreide; Ostsee-Raum

Cusminsky, G.; Garcia, A.; Herbst, R., 2006:
Ostracods Crustacea, Ostracoda and charophytes Chlorophyta, Charales from the Desencuentro Formation Upper Miocene, La Rioja Province, Argentina Ostracodos Crustacea, Ostracoda y carofitos Chlorophyta, Charales de la Formacion Desencuentro Mioceno superior, provincia de La Rioja, Argentina

Janz, Horst., 1998:
Ostracods - time and habitat formation in the Tertiary Muschelkrebse - Zeit-und Umweltzeugen im Tertiar

Shornikov, EI.; Michailova, ED., 1990 :
Ostracods Bythocytheridae at early stage of development Comparative morphology, paleoecology and evolutionary pathways

Schornikov, EI., 1993:
Ostracods Bythocytheridae of the Devonian-Carboniferous boundary deposits of the NE Russia

Frenzel, Peter., 2005:
Ostracods and Foraminifera from the Strelasund and Kubitzer Bodden, southern Baltic Sea Ostrakoden und Foraminiferen im Strelasund und Kubitzer Bodden

Civis, J.; Gonzalez-Lucas, C.; Alonso-Gavilan, G.; Gonzalez-Delgado, JA., 2001:
Ostracods and Foraminifera chronostratigraphic and paleoenvironmental implications during the Upper Neogene in the Oued Arjat area Bou Regreg Basin, N of Morocco Ostracofauna y Foraminiferos implicaciones cronestratigraficas y paleoambientales durante el Neogeno superior en el area del Oued Arjat Cuenca de Bou Regreg, Marruecos

Bertels-Psotka, A.; Laprida, C., 1998:
Ostracods and Holocene palaeoenvironments of northeastern Buenos Aires Province, Argentina Ostracodos y paleoambientes holocenos del nordeste de la provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina

Chait, R.; Bonnot-Courtois, C.; Caline, B.; Guernet, C.; Guillaume, M.-Claude.; Mathieu, R., 1996:
Ostracods and Rance tidal power plant installation consequences on the estuarian environment Brittany, France Les ostracodes et les consequences de la mise en place de lusine maremotrice de la Rance Bretagne, France sur le milieu estuarien

Fuhrmann, R.; Schirrmeister, L.; Pietrzeniuk, E., 1997:
Ostracods and molluscs from the Weichselian sediments of the Biesenthal Basin N Brandenburg, Barnim Ostrakoden und Mollusken aus den weichselspatglazialen Sedimenten des Biesenthaler Beckens N-Brandenburg, Barnim

Casier, J.-Georges.; Preat, A., 1997:
Ostracods and sedimentology from the Eifelian-Givetian transition in the marble quarry of Pic de Vissou Montagne Noire, France Ostracodes et sedimentologie au passage Eifelien-Givetien dans la marbriere du Pic de Vissou Montagne Noire, France

Casier, J.-Georges.; Lehmami, M.; Preat, A., 1997 :
Ostracods and sedimentology from the Givetian at Ain Khir NW Meseta of Morocco Ostracodes et sedimentologie du Givetian a Ain Khira Meseta nord occidentale du Maroc

Guernet, Cl., 1998:
Ostracods and the Paleocene-Eocene boundary Les ostracodes et la limite Paleocene-Eocene

Horne, DJ.; Lord, AR.; Robinson, JE.; Whittaker, JE., 1990:
Ostracods as climatic indicators in interglacial deposits or, on some new and little-known British Quaternary Ostracoda

Laprida, Cecilia., 2001:
Ostracods as indicators of small-scale hydrological conditions An example of interpretation in the Holocene of Argentina Les ostracodes traceurs des conditions hydrologiques a petite echelle Exemple dinterpretation dans lHolocene dArgentine

Apostolescu, Vespasian., 2000:
Ostracods as stratigraphical markers and indicators of palaeoenvironments results of studies made in the Oligocene of Luberon Les ostracodes en tant que marqueurs stratigraphiques et indicateurs des paleomilieux resultats des etudes realisees dans lOligocene du Luberon

Milhau, Bruno., 1996:
Ostracods at the Eifelian-Givetian boundary in Morocco comparison with European associations Les ostracodes au voisinage de la limite Eifelien-Givetien au Maroc comparaison avec ceux dEurope occidentale

Schallreuter, Roger., 2000:
Ostracods from Silurian deposits V Ostrakoden aus silurischen Geschieben V

Schallreuter, Roger., 2000:
Ostracods from Silurian formations 4 Ostrakoden aus silurischen Geschieben 4

Milhau, Bruno., 1996:
Ostracods from Waiheke Island Lower Miocene, New Zealand Les ostracodes de LIle de Waiheke Miocene Inferieur, Nouvelle Zelande

Tkacheva, ID., 1973:
Ostracods from supporting layers of Tournaisian from Bashkirian mountains

Chait, R.; Dauvin, J.-Claude.; Guernet, C., 1998:
Ostracods from the Bay of Seine eastern English Channel Les ostracodes de la Baie de Seine Manche Orientale

Andreu, B.; Peybernes, B.; Calvet, N., 1996:
Ostracods from the Berriasian-Valanginian transition, Segre Valley, Gorges of Organya South-Pyrenean zone, Catalonia, Spain Ostracodes du passage Berriasien-Valanginien dans la valle du Segre, gorges dOrganya zone sud-pyreneenne, Catalogne, Espagne

Cusminsky, G.C.; Whatley, R.C., 2000:
Ostracods from the Burdwood Bank, southwestern Atlantic Ocean core Ostracodos de un testigo del Banco Burdwood, Oceano Atlantico sudoccidental austral

Lethiers, F.; Baudin, F.; Casier, J.-Georges., 1998:
Ostracods from the Frasnian-Famennian boundary in anoxic environment La Serre, Montagne Noire, France Ostracodes de la limite Frasnien-Famennien en environnement anoxique La Serre, Montagne Noire, France

Blumenstengel, H.; Bender, P.; Herbig, H.-Georg., 1997:
Ostracods from the Gladenbach Formation Lower Carboniferous, Lahn-Dill syncline, Rhenisch Schiefergebirge Ostrakoden aus der Gladenbach-Formation Unterkarbon, Lahn-Dill-Mulde, Rheinisches Schiefergebirge

Zorn, Irene., 1998:
Ostracods from the Karpathian Lower Miocene of the Korneuburg Basin Lower Austria Ostracoda aus dem Karpat Unter-Miozan des Korneuburger Beckens Niederosterreich

G.Gruber, P.Schäfer, 2000:
Mitteleozäne Süßwasser-Ostracoden aus dem Eckfelder Maar (Vulkaneifel)

Kondrashkina, O.N., 1971:
Ostracods from the Miocene deposits in depressions between the mountains of south-eastern Kazakhstan, geological provinces

Echevarria, A.Emma, 2002:
Ostracods from the Monte Leon Formation Late Oligocene-Early Miocene from northeast of Gobernador Gregores, Santa Cruz, Argentina Ostracodos de la Formacion Monte Leon Oligoceno Tardio-Mioceno Temprano del noreste de Gobernador Gregores, Santa Cruz, Argentina

Sidaravichene, N., 1992:
Ostracods from the Ordovician of Lithuania

Schallreuter, Roger., 1996:
Ostracods from the Silurian Formations 3 Ostrakoden aus silurischen Geschieben 3

Fohrer, Beate., 1997:
Ostracods from the Upper Carboniferous and Lower Permian of the Carnic Alps Austria systematics, biostratigraphy and palecology Ostracoden aus dem Oberkarbon uns Unterperm der Karnischen Alpen Osterreich Systematik, Biostratigraphie uns Palokologie

Bender, P.; Blumenstengel, H., 2004:
Ostracods from the Weitershausen Formation Upper Devonian, Hoerre, Rheinish Slate Mountains Ostracoden aus der Weitershausen-Formation Oberdevon, Hoerre, Rheinisches Schiefergebirge

Ruiz, F.; Gonzalez-Regalado, ML.; Baceta, JI.; Pendon, JG.; Tosquella, J., 2001:
Ostracods from the basal sands of the Niebla Formation Guadalquivir Bain, SW Spain preliminary data Datos preliminares sobre los ostracodos de las arenas basales de la Formacion Niebla Depresion del Guadalquivir, SO de Espana

Buschmina, L.S., 1970:
Ostracods from the border layers betweenDevonian and Carboniferous in the Eltzov sincline south-western Siberia

Sakina, NI., 1976:
Ostracods from the borders of the Cretaceous and Palaeogene in eastern Ustyurt

Schallreuter, Roger., 1997:
Ostracods from the geschiebes of the Tretaspis limestone Ordovician Ostrakoden aus Tretaspiskalkgeschieben Ordoviz

Abushik, AF., 1977:
Ostracods from the key section of the Silurian - Lower Devonian of the Podolie

Janz, Horst., 1997:
Ostracods from the kleini beds of the Miocene crater lake of Steinheim am Albuch southern Germany Die Ostrakoden der kleini-Schichten des miozanen Kratersees von Steinheim am Albuch Suddeutschland

Damotte, R.; Odin, GS., 2001:
Ostracods of the Campanian-Maastrichtian of the Tercis les Bains section Landes, France Ostracodes du Campanien-Maastrichtien du profil de Tercis les Bains Landes, France

Polenova, E.N., 1968:
Ostracods of the Lower Devonian of Salair-Tomchumysh horizon

Andreu, B., 2001:
Ostracods of the Tercis les Bains site Landes, France Ostracodes du site de Tercis les Bains Landes, France

Polenova, EN., 1966:
Ostracods of the Upper Devonian from the north-west of the Russian platform

Cabral, MC.; Azeredo, AC.; Ramalho, MM., 2001:
Ostracods of the Upper Jurassic of Valverde Lusitanian Basin, Portugal preliminary study Ostracodos do Jurassico Superior de Valverde Bacia Lusitanica, Portugal estudo preliminar

Zanina, I.E., 1956:
Ostracods of the Vizensk layer of the Sub-Moscow Basin

Permyakova, MN., 1990:
Ostracods of the Volgian deposits in Ukraine

Mandelshtam, M.I., 1956:
Ostracods of the coal-bearing deposits of the Kuznetz Basin in Andreeva, E M others Atlas of the fossil fauna and flora of the Permian layers of the Kuznets Basin

Babinot, JF., 2000:
Ostracods of the historical stratotype of the Lower Aptian in the Cassis-La Bedoule region SE France Les ostracodes du stratotype historique de lAptien inferieur dans la region de Cassis-La Bedoule SE France

Schaefer, Peter., 2005:
Ostracods of the lower freshwater molasse near La Chaux Kanton Waadt, Switzerland are described and figured Beitraege zur Ostracoden- und Foraminiferen-Fauna der Unteren Suesswassermolasse in der Schweiz und in Savoyen Frankreich 2* La Chaux Kanton Waadt, Schweiz

Ruiz, F.; Baceta, JI.; Gonzalez-Regalado, ML.; Tosquella, J., 1999:
Ostracods of the sands with Heterostegina of the Calcarenita de Niebla Formation Guadalquivir Basin, SW Spain Los ostracodos de las arenas con Heterostegina de la Formacion Calcarenita de Niebla depresion del Guadalquivir, SO de Espana

Casier, J.-Georges.; Lethiers, F., 1997:
Ostracods surviving the F/F event in the Devils Gate Pass Section Nevada, USA Les ostracodes survivants a lextinction du Devonien superieur dans la coupe du Col de Devils Gate Nevada, USA

Lethiers, F.; Casier, J.-Georges., 1996:
Ostracods that disappear at the Frasnian/Famennian transition at the boundary stratotype in Coumiac Montagne Noire, France Les ostracodes qui disparaissent avec levenement Frasnien-Famennien au limitotype de Coumiac Montagne Noire, France

Canudo, Jose Ignacio., 2004:
Ostracods Ostracodos

Schallreuter, R., 1990:
Ostrakoden aus mittelordovizischen Hornsteinen von Sylt

Lev, O.M., 1957:
Ostrakodui iz misailapskoi i effuzivnotufovoi svit verkhnei Permi Nordvikskogho raioua

Silveira, N.; Jr.; Silva, FC.; Poli, CR., 1990:
Ostras tentativa de repovoamento da Lagoa da Conceicao - Ilha de Santa Catarina - SC - Brasil

Dylevskaja, A.N., 1913:
Ostrea rarilamella de leocene inferieur de Mangychlak

Brunet, Rodolfo FJ., 1997:
Ostrea with fingerprints, originating from the Formacion Entrerriense of Valdes Peninsula, Chubut province, Argentina Ostreas con fingerprint procedentes de la formacion entrerriense de Peninsula Valdes, Provincia del Chubut, Argentina

D.T.ri, L.; L.C.puto, S.; Marzano, MC.; Pastorelli, AM.; Pompei, M.; Rositani, L.; Ungaro, N., 2003:
Ostreopsidiaceae Dinophyceae presence along the coastal area Bari Sulla presenza di Ostreopsidiaceae Dinophyceae lungo il litorale barese

Quod, Jean Pascal., 1994:
Ostreopsis mascarenensis sp nov Dinophyceae, a ciguatera-associated toxic dinoflagellate in the Indian Ocean Ostreopsis mascarenensis sp nov Dinophyceae, dinoflagelle toxique associe a la ciguatera dans locean Indien

Njikam, I N.; Ndam, S.; Huart, A.; Leroy, P., 2004:
Ostrich Struthio camelus conservation in Cameroon through its valorization prospects coming from breeding Conservation de lautruche Struthio camelus au Cameroun par sa valorisation perspectives offertes par lelevage

Anon., 1958:
Ostrich anting in smoke of bonfire

Milani, N.; Zandigiacomo, P.; Barbattini, R., 1990:
Ostrinia nubilalis Hb Lepidoptera Pyralidae su mais in Friuli 5 Provedilotta biologica con Trichogramma maidis Pint e Voeg Hymenoptera Trichogrammatidae attivita del parassitoide in Campo

Ortu, S.; Putzolu, F., 1998:
Ostrinia nubilalis and Helicoverpa armigera on artichoke in Sardinia Italy Ostrinia nubilalis ed Helicoverpa armigera su carciofo in Sardegna

Pankow, H., 1990:

Espinosa, J.; Ortea, J., 1997:
Osvaldoginella gomezi Mollusca Neogastropoda Marginellidae a new genus and a new species of the Tropical Western Atlantic Osvaldoginella gomezi Mollusca Neogastropoda Marginellidae nuevo genero y nueva especie del Atlantico Occidental Tropical

Ben Slimane, B.; Durette-Desset, M.; Cl., 1995:
Oswaldocruzia bonai n sp Nematoda, Trichostrogylina, Molineoidea parasite of the cavernicolous salamander of Sardinia Oswaldocruzia bonai n sp Nematoda, Trichostrogylina, Molineoidea parasite dune salamandre cavernicole de Sardaigne

Daiya, GG., 1973:
Oswaldocruzia molgeta Lewis, 1928 - a new nematode for Latvian fauna

Ben Slimane, B.; Durette-Desset, M-C.; Chabaud, AG., 1995:
Oswaldocruzia n spp Nematoda Trichostrongylina, Molineoidea parasitizing lizards from Guadeloupe Phenomenes de speciation chez les Oswaldocruzia Nematoda Trichostrongylina, Molineoidea parasites de lezards de Guadeloupe

Weglarska, B.; Stoklosa, S., 1996:
Ota Oliva 8121926-29121994 Professor of Karol University in Praga Obituary Ota Oliva 8121926-29121994 Profesor Uniwersytetu Karola w Pradze

Michaux, B., 1990:
Otaian L Miocene macrofossils dredged from Motuihe Channel

Santos, Osmar., 2002:
Otala punctata Mueller, 1774 yes, Otala lactea Mueller, 1774 no Otala punctata Mueller, 1774 si, Otala lactea Mueller, 1774 no

Maurel, Jean-Philippe., 2006:
Otala punctata OF Mueller, 1774 in Toulouse Haute-Garonne, France Otala punctata OF Mueller, 1774 a Toulouse Haute-Garonne, France

Clanzig, S.; Bertrand, A., 2001:
Otala punctata OF Muller 1774 in France Otala punctata OF Muller 1774 en France

Musketov, D.I., 1913:
Otchet o geologicheskikh izsledovaniyakh v vostochnoi fergan v 1912 godu

Talegon, J., 2006:
Other alternatives for reducing the damage by the wolf to livestock Otras alternativas para reducir los danos del lobo al ganado

Froehlich, C.G., 1999:
Other insects Outros insetos

Ellwanger, Goetz., 2003:
Other invertebrates of the Fauna Flora Habitats Directive Sonstige Wirbellose der FFH-Richtlinie

Azanza, Beatriz., 2004:
Other microfossils of vertebrates Otros microfosiles de vertebrados

Saarinen, K.; Kaitila, J-P.; Salin, T., 2006:
Other observations on Lepidoptera summer 2005 Muita paivaperhoshavaintoja kesalta 2005

Hansen, J.E.; Perrotta, R.G.; Madirolas, A., 2004:
Other pelagic fishes patagonian sprat, silversides, rough scad, Argentine menhaden and blue fish Otros peces pelagicos Sardina fueguina, pejerreyes, surel, saraca y anchoa de Banco

Duckworth, JW., 1990:
Other wildlife in Marojejy

Vorst, Oscar., 1996:
Othius laeviusculus new to the fauna of the Netherlands Coleoptera Staphylinidae Othius laeviusculus nieuw voor de Nederlandse fauna Coleoptera Staphylinidae

Stettler, P.H.inrich.; Obst, F.J.ergen., 2004:
Othmar Stemmler is 70 Othmar Stemmler wird 70 Jahre

Magnano, Luigi., 2001:
Otiorhynchomorphus gen nov of the tribe Otiorhynchini Coleoptera, Curculionidae, Polydrusinae Otiorhynchomorphus, nuovo genere della tribu Otiorhynchini Coleoptera, Curculionidae, Polydrusinae XLVo contributo alla conoscenza dei Curculionidae

Bassangova, N.; Grunder, J., 1997:
Otiorhynchus Coleoptera, Curculionidae in various areas of Switzerland Otiorhynchus Coleoptera, Curculionidae in verschiedenen Gebieten der Schweiz

Vasiljev, I.V., 1909:
Otiorhynchus Cryphiphorus ligustici L, Coleoptere nuisible a la lucerne

Delaunay, L., 2005:
Otiorhynchus Phalantorrhynchus Reitter, 1912 coachei n sp from the French southern Alps Coleoptera Curculionidae Entiminae Otiorhynchus Phalantorrhynchus Reitter, 1912 coachei n sp du plateau de Bure, Alpes francaises meridionales Coleoptera Curculionidae Entiminae

Osella, G.; Zuppa, A.M.ria., 2006:
Otiorhynchus Podonebistus gasparoi n sp, a blind weevil from Greece Coleoptera, Curculionidae, Entiminae, Otiorhynchini Otiorhynchus Podonebistus gasparoi sp n, un Curculionide anoftalmo della Grecia Coleoptera, Curculionidae, Entiminae, Otiorhynchini

Pesarini, Carlo., 2001:
Otiorhynchus Presolanus diottii, new weevil species and subgenus from the Lombard Alps Coleoptera Curculionidae Otiorhynchus Presolanus diottii, nuova specie e nuovo sottogenere di curculionide delle Alpi Lombarde Coleoptera, Curculionidae

Magnano, Luigi., 1998:
Otiorhynchus Prodeminus angelinii n sp from south Italy and notes about the species of the subgenus Prodeminus Coleoptera Curculionidae Otiorhynchus Prodeminus angelinii n sp dellItalia meridionale e note sulle specie del sottogenere Prodeminus Coleoptera Curculionidae

di Marco, C.; Osella, G., 2001:
Otiorhynchus Germar, 1824 and the strictly related genera Dodecastichus Stierlin, 1861, Limatogaster Apfelbeck, 1898 and Cirorrhynchus Apfelbeck, 1899 from the Abruzzo-Molise Appennins Coleoptera, Curculionidae Gli Otiorhynchus Germar, 1824 ed i generi ad esso strettamente affini Dodecastichus Stierlin, 1861, Limatogaster Apfelbeck, 1898 e Cirorrhynchus Apfelbeck, 1899 dellAppennino Abruzzese-Molisano Coleoptera, Curculionidae

Britvec, Branko., 2006:
Otiorhynchus alutaceus a vittatus Germar, 1817 Coleoptera Curculionidae an endemic species to Croatia and a dangerous pest Otiorhynchus alutaceus a vittatus Germar, 1817 Coleoptera Curculionidae Hrvatski endem i opasan stetnik

Heijerm, T.; Moraal, L.; Burgers, J. de Goffau, L., 2003:
Otiorhynchus apenninus, a new weevil for the Netherlands Coleoptera Curculionidae Otiorhynchus apenninus, een niuewe snuitkever voor Nederland Coleoptera Curculionidae

Eifler, M., 1996:
Otiorhynchus armadillo Rossi, 1792 - new for our region Otiorhynchus armadillo Rossi, 1792 - neu fur unser Gebiet

Germann, C., 2006:
Otiorhynchus armatus Boheman, 1843 - a further species for the Swiss fauna from Tessin Coleoptera, Curculionidae Otiorhynchus armatus Boheman, 1843 - eine weitere Art fuer die Schweizer Fauna aus dem Tessin Coleoptera, Curculionidae

Heijerman, T.; Drost, MBP., 2000:
Otiorhynchus aurifer, a south European weevil established in the Netherlands Coleoptera Curculionidae Otiorhynchus aurifer, een Zuid-Europese snuitkever ingeburgerd in Nederland Coleoptera Curculionidae

Magnano, L.; Chavanon, G.; Pelletier, J., 2004:
Otiorhynchus from Morocco additions and corrections to the catalogue of L Kocher Coleoptera Curculionidae 3rd note Les Otiorhynchus du Maroc additions et corrections au catalogue de L Kocher Coleoptera Curculionidae 3e note

Herrmann, Andreas., 1999:
Otiorhynchus fuscipes Olivier mistakenly identified = Otiorhynchus meridionalis Gyllenhal - new to our region Otiorhynchus fuscipes Olivier fehlbestimmt = Otiorhynchus meridionalis Gyllenhal - neu fur unser Gebiet

Knutelski, S., 1997:
Otiorhynchus laevigatus Fabricius, 1792 and Liophloeus tessulatus Muller, 1776 - non flying curculionids from Helgoland Col, Curculionidae Otiorhynchus laevigatus Fabricius, 1792 und Liophloeus tessulatus Muller, 1776 - flugunfahige Russelkafer auf der Insel Helgoland Col, Curculionidae

Voisin, J-F., 1997:
Otiorhynchus paradisiacus Pesarini 1968 in Queyras Curculionidae Otiorhynchus paradisiacus Pesarini 1968 dans le Queyras Curculionidae

Germann, C., 2004:
Otiorhynchus pinastri Herbst, 1795 - an invasive xenobiotic weevil from eastern Europe in Switzerland Coleoptera, Curculionidae Otiorhynchus pinastri Herbst, 1795 - ein invasiver Xenobiont aus dem oestlichen Europa in der Schweiz Coleoptera, Curculionidae

Ranta, Yrjo., 2001:
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Otiorhynchus smreczynskii Cmoluch, 1968 and the genera of the snout beetles Coleoptera Attelabidae, Apionidae, Curculionidae of the synanthropic communities of Lublin Otiorhynchus smreczynskii Cmoluch, 1968 i gatunki ryjkowcowatych Coleoptera Attelabidae, Apionidae, Curculionidae zbiorowisk synantropijnych lublina

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Otiorrhynchus Cryphiphorus ligustiei L,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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Otkrytie dokembriiskogo kristallicheskogo fundamenta v Tuimazinskom neftehosnom raione

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Otocinclus - hardworking cleaners in aquaria Otocinclus - fleissige Saubermanner im Aquarium

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Otocinclus affinis, a small Brazilian algal feeder Otocinclus affinis, een kleine Braziliaanse algeneter

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Otolith wear in the stomach of a great cormorant Slijtage van otolieten in de maag van een aalscholver Phalacrocorax carbo

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Otolith the fishs black box Lotolithe la boite noire des teleosteens

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Otoliths - by example of labyrinth fishes Ueber Gehoersteinchen Otolithen, dargestellt am Beispiel von Labyrinthfischen

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Otoliths and age of bottom and near-bottom fishes of the Nazca and Sala y Gomez submarine ridges

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Otoliths of the Family Sciaenidae Osteichthyes, Teleostei, Perciformes proceeding from the Lower Pliocene of Guardamar - Spain Low Segura Basin, eastern Betic Cordillera Otoliths of the Family Sciaenidae Osteichthyes, Teleostei, Perciformes proceeding from the Lower Pliocene of Guardamar - Spain Low Segura Basin, eastern Betic Cordillera

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Otoliths an introduction to their morphology and use in the identification of Southern Ocean fishes

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Otro pez intruso en nuestras aguas el chanchito

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Ottenby bird observatory 2004 Ottenby fagelstation 2004

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Ottenby bird station - autumn 1976

Lindholm, C-G.; Hjort, C., 1977:
Ottenby ornithological observation station - spring 1977

Hjort, C.; Lindholm, C-G., 1977:
Ottenby ornithological observation station - summer 1977

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Ottenbys surveillance of the influenza virus is being exported to the other side of the Atlantic Ottenbys overvakning av influensavirus exporteras till andra sidan Atlanten

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Ottenby, creme de la creme of bird-watching sites Ottenby, skadningens creme de la creme

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Otter Lutra lutra distribution in Guadiamar River after Aznalcollar mine toxic spill Distribucion de la nutria Lutra lutra en el rio Guadiamar tras el vertido toxico de la mina de Aznalcollar

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Otter - where are you? Loutre, ou es-tu?

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Otter distribution and protection in South Africa

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Otter in the region of Petchero-Ilitch game reserve

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Otter shells on the Dutch coast a successful colonisation in 2002? Otterschelpen op de Hollandse Kust een succesvolle kolonisatie in 2002?

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Otter survey of Skye, 1988 and 1989

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Otter survey of the Isle of Skye, Scotland Lutra lutra

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Otters in captivity

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Otters an action plan for their conservation

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Otto Finsch 1839-1917

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Otto Goldfuss - conchyliologist and malacozoologist of passion - collector by Gods grace In memory of the publication The terrestrial molluscs of Central Germany of 100 years ago With notes from the point of view of a contemporary and present-day professional colleague Otto Goldfuss - Conchyliologe und Malakozoologe aus Passion - Sammler von Gottes Gnaden Zur Erinnerung an die Veroeffentlichung Die Binnenmollusken Mittel-Deutschlands vor 100 Jahren Mit Anmerkungen aus der Sicht eines

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Otto Herman, the native from Brezno town - an important Hungarian arachnologist and his contribution to knowledge of spiders of Upper Hungary Otto Herman, Brezniansky rodak - vyznamny Uhorsky arachnolog a jeho podiel na poznani pavukov Horneho Uhorska

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Otto Steinfatt on what would have been his 90th birthday Otto Steinfatt zum 90 Geburtstag

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Otto Tschepe in memory of the 15th anniversary of his death Otto Tschepe zur Erinnerung an seinen 15 Todestag

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Ouch Abscesses of turtles Au Backe Abszesserkrankungen bei Schildkroten

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Ougandatherium napakense nov gen nov sp, the earliest Rhinocerotidae Iranotheriinae from Africa Ougandatherium napakense nov gen nov sp, le plus ancien Rhinocerotidae Iranotheriinae d Afrique

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Oulimnius tuberculatus Muller, 1806 and Elmis maugetii Latreille, 1798 in the river Pulsnitz in Brandenburg Insecta, Coleoptera, Elmidae Oulimnius tuberculatus Muller, 1806 und Elmis maugetii Latreille, 1798 in der brandenbergischen Pulsnitz Insecta, Coleoptera, Elmidae

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Our African origin

Sircoulomb, Guy., 1997:
Our Franco-Britannic meeting Notre meeting Franco-Britannique

Srank, V.; Kmet, I., 2005:
Our Zoo Bojnice Nasa Zoo Bojnice

Tirmanis, I., 1990:
Our amphibians

Abdulagatov, A.Z., 1970:
Our attempt to control the European grape moth

Otto, C.; Otto, W., 2005:
Our balcony breeders Unsere Balkonbrueter

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Our biosphere under threat Ecological realities and Australias opportunities

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Our brutal age

Fetter-Keulen, C.; Fetter-Keulen, S.; Goffart, P., 1993:
Our butterflies should live Pour que vivent nos papillons

Bagyura, Janos., 2001:
Our characteristic bird, the saker Falco cherrug Jellemzo madarunk, a kerecsensolyom Falco cherrug

Fritsch, Hans-Dieter., 1995:
Our collared doves, yesterday and today Unsere Lachtaube gestern und heute

Pauli, D.; Bachmann, S., 2002:
Our diversity makes us strong Unsere Vielfalt macht uns stark

Anonymous., 1978 :
Our environment Alaskan musk oxen airlifted to Siberia

van Setten, Henny. van Setten, Miranda., 2003:
Our experience with Lepidodactylus lugubris Onze ervaringen met Lepidodactylus lugubris

Illes, J., 1958:
Our experience with fight against tick in cattle

Grundsoe, M., 2005:
Our first experience of care and breeding of Pogona vitticeps Vores start, hold og opdraet af Pogona vitticeps

Romee, Mariele., 1996:
Our first unwilling experiences with the hand rearing of Agapornis roseicollis Unsere erste unfreiwillige Erfahrungen mit der Handaufzucht von Rosenkopfchen Agapornis roseicollis

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Our footprints in nature

Povz, M.; Sket, B., 1990:
Our freshwater fishes Nase sladkovodne ribe

Godin, Jose., 2004:
Our herons Nos herons

Eck, Siegfried., 2001:
Our honorary member Professor Dr Wilhelm Meise on his 100th birthday on 12th September 2001 Unserem Ehrenmitglied Professor Dr Wilhelm Meise zum 100 Geburtstag am 12 September 2001

Grundsoe, M., 2005:
Our incubator for bearded dragon eggs Vores rugekasse til skaegagam-aeg

Neveu, A., 2005:
Our knowledge on the biology of crayfish a century ago, as reflected in the work by M Male The crayfish, different species - reproduction - rearing - enemies - diseases - fishing - legislation - culinary recipes Nos connaissances sur la Biologie des ecrevisses il y a un siecle vues a travers Iouvrage de M Male Lecrevisse, Differentes especes - Reproduction - Elevage - Ses ennemis - Ses maladies - Peche - Legislation - Recettes culinaires

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Our landscape and regional parks The landscape park Kum Nasi krajinski in regijski parki Krajinski park Kum

Gorkic, M.; Cernatic-Gregoric, A., 2000:
Our landscape and regional parks The landscape park Zgornja Idrijca Nasi krajinski in regijski parki Krajinski park Zgornja Idrijca

Lenz, Rudolf., 1997:
Our long-tailed tits Uber unsere Schwanzmeisen

Geiser, Franz., 1991:
Our migrants in Africa Winter travels in the old home Unsere Zugvogel in Afrika Winterreise in die alte Heimat

Lozek, V., 1990:
Our molluscs in the Red Book - alpine Cochlodina in Vtacnik

Lenz, Rudolf., 1999:
Our nuthatches - the European nuthatch Unsere Spechtmeisen - die Kleiber

Giebing, Manfred., 1995:
Our redpolls Acanthis flammea Unsere Birkenzeisige Acanthis flammea

van Swaay, C.; Plate, C., 2003:
Our sand dunes, ordinary rather than special Onze duinen meer gewoon, minder bijzonder

Senders, J.; Senders, R., 1995:
Our tenth stay in Bali Il nostro decimo soggiorno a Bali

Perez, Abel., 1999:
Our troglobites Nuestros troglobios

Mohr, Hans., 2000:
Our woodlark Unsere Heidelerche

Koster, JC., 1999:
Ourapteryx sambucaria forma olivacea, a beautiful form of the swallow-tailed moth Lepidoptera Geometridae Ourapteryx sambucaria forma olivacea, een fraaie vorm van de vliervinder Lepidoptera Geometridae

Bernd, D.; Eppler, G.; Kappes, D., 2000:
Ousting of breeding colonies of the mouse-eared bat Myotis myotis by the barn owl Tyto alba with proposals for the avoidance of this cohabitation problem Vertreibung von Fortpflanzungskolonien des Grossen Mausohrs Myotis myotis durch die Schleiereule Tyto alba sowie Vorschlaege zur Vermeidung dieses Kohabitations-Problems

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Out and about in north east Venezuela Auf Achse in Nordost Venezuela

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Out of Asia - the Asian ladybird in Oberhausen Out of Asia - der Asiatische Marienkaefer in Oberhausen

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Out of its skin - observations on exuviae of the primitive shrimp Triops longicaudatus Aus der Haut gefahren - Beobachtungen an Exuvien des Urzeitkrebses Triops longicaudatus

Garai, A.; Gyulai, P., 1996:
Outbreak and damage of field voles Microtus arvalis Pallas in Borsod-Abauj-Zemplen counties in 1994-1995 A mezei pocok Microtus arvalis Pallas kartetele Borsod-Abauj-Zemplen megyeben az 1994-1995 Evekben

Wermelinger, Beat., 1995:
Outbreak and population collapse of the gypsy moth Lymantria dispar in the Canton Ticino in 1992/93 Massenvermehrung und Populationszusammenbruch des Schwammspinners Lymantria dispar L Lymantriidae 1992/93 im Tessin

Brinon, L.; Matile-Ferrero, D.; Chazeau, J., 2004:
Outbreak and regression of a grass infesting mealybug, introduced in New Caledonia, Heliococcus summervillei Brookes Hemiptera, Pseudococcidae Extension et regression dune Cochenille nuisible aux Graminees, introduite en Nouvelle-Caledonie, Heliococcus summervillei Brookes Hemiptera, Pseudococcidae

Arzone, A.; Currado, I.; Mazzoglio,; Patetta, A., 1994:
Outbreak of Calliteara pudibunda L in northwestern Italy Lepidoptera Lymantriidae Gradazione di Calliteara pudibunda L in Italia nord-occidentale Lepidoptera Lymantriidae

Anonymous., 1990:
Outbreak of spiralling whitefly Aleurodicus disperus on Male and Villingili Islands

Leon-Vizcaino, L.; Bernabe, A.; Contreras, A.; Cubero, MJ.; Gomez, S.; Astorga, R., 1990:
Outbreak of tuberculosis caused by Mycobacterium bovis in wild boars Sus scrofa

Wermelinger, B.; Wyniger, D.; Forster, B., 2005:
Outbreak und first record of Oxycarenus lavaterae Fabricius, 1787 Heteroptera, Lygaeidae in Northern Switzerland Massenauftreten und erster Nachweis von Oxycarenus lavaterae F Heteroptera, Lygaeidae auf der Schweizer Alpennordseite

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Outbreeding via frequency-dependent mate selection in the parasitoid wasp, nasonia =mormoniella vitripennis walker

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Outcome of competition between Rhizopertha and Tribolium

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Outcrops of Triassic sedimentary rocks proposed for protection in Chrzanow district Silesian Upland Proponowane do ochrony odsloniecia osadow triasu srodkowego na Ziemi Chrzanowskiej Wyzyna Slaska

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Outdoor enclosures for marmosets at the Institute of Anthropology of Gottingen University Freigehege fur Krallenaffen am Institut fur Anthropologie der Universitat Gottingen

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Outdoor overwintering of the common musk turtle Sternotherus odoratus Freilandueberwinterung der Gewoehnlichen Moschusschildkroete Sternotherus odoratus

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Outdoors observations on the behaviour of wild silkmoths when attacked by bats Lepidoptera Saturniidae Freilandbeobachtungen zum Verhalten von Saturniiden bei Angriffen durch Fledermaeuse Lepidoptera Saturniidae

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Outer and inner views Light and scanning electron microscopy observations on tissues Aussenansichten - Innenansichten Licht- und rasterelektronenmikroskopische Betrachtungen an Geweben

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Outline of a new biogeographical scheme for Latin America and the Caribbean Presentacion sintetica de un nuevo esquema biogeografico de America Latina y el Caribe

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Outline of a parallel between two travelers of Museum dHistoire Naturelle Alcide dOrbigny and Victor Jacquemont Esquisse dun parallele entre deux voyageurs du Museum Alcide dOrbigny et Victor Jacquemont

Gilioli, G.; Luciano, P.; Serra, G., 2000:
Outline of a sampling method of Tortrix viridana L Lepidoptera Tortricidae egg-clusters abundance Contributo allo studio di un metodo di campionamento dellabbondanza delle ovideposizioni di Tortrix viridana L Lepidoptera Tortricidae

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Outline of development of medical parasitology in our country

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Outline of knowledge on the genus Carabus L in north east China Carabidae Esquisse pour la connaissance du genre Carabus L en Chine du nord-est Carabidae

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Outline of planarian life Vyp 11 Proto-cotylus fungiformis H Sab

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Outline of small mammal fauna Insectivora, Rodentia and their ectoparasites of the National Nature Reserve Sivec area Cierna Hora Mountains Nacrt fauny drobnych cicavcov Insectivora, Rodentia a ich ektoparazitov Narodnej Prirodnej Rezervacie Sivec Cierna hora

Azevedo, C.O.; Santos, H.S., 2000:
Outline of the Hymenoptera parasitoids Insecta, Hymenoptera from Reserva Biologica de Duas Bocas, Cariacica, ES, Brazil Perfil da fauna de himenopteros parasitoides Insecta, Hymenoptera em uma area de Mata Atlantica da Reserva Biologica de Duas Bocas, Cariacica, ES, Brasil

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Outline of the Nabidae, Reduviidae and Pyrrhocoridae fauna of the Bakony Mountains Heteroptera A Bakony-hegyseg Nabidae, Reduviidae es Pyrrhocoridae faunajanak alapvetese Heteroptera

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Outline of the biology of Acheta domesticus L Zarys biologii swierszcza domowego Acheta domesticus L

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Outline of the biology of freshwater polyps, pp 1-372 text-figs

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Outline of the history and current status of fish poulations in the central Weissen Elster near Zeitz Abriss zum historischen und gegenwartigen Fischbestand im Mittellauf der Weissen Elster bei Zeitz

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Outline of the history of a Saxonian specialist ornithology conservation group Abriss der Geschichte einer saechsischen Fachgruppe Ornithologie und Vogelschutz

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Outline on the biology of the fruit tree mites Introduction

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Outlines of stratigraphy and of the geological structure of the mountain Merishkop the ridge of Nuru-Tau

Solovyeva, M.N.; Chekhovich, V.D., 1958:
Outlines of stratigraphy and the geological structure of the Merishkop Mountain Nura-Tan

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Outlines of the acclimatisation of mammals in Ural

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Outlines of the ecology of mammals

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Outlines of the history of zoology at the University of Kharkov

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Outlines of the phylogeny of fishes

Zasukhin, D.N., 1952:
Outstanding investigations of native scientists on the causative organisms of malaria A historical memoir

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Outward mowing, as a way of reducing losses of young corncrakes Crex crex and quails Coturnix coturnix Les fenaisons centrifuges, une methode pour reduire la mortalite des jeunes rales de genets Crex crex et cailles des bles Coturnix coturnix

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Ovalisia Scintillatrix kairouzi n sp from north Lebanon Ovalisia Scintillatrix kairouzi n sp du Liban septentrional Coleoptera Buprestidae

Ramirez Cruz, A.; Hernandez-Ortiz, V.; Martinez M., I., 1996:
Ovarial maturation of the guava fruit fly Anastrepha striata Schiner Diptera Tephritidae Maduracion ovarica en la mosca de la guayaba Anastrepha striata Schiner Diptera Tephritidae

Montes Perez, R.C.; Cabrera Baz, E.A., 2006:
Ovarian activity of Agouti paca Rodentia Agoutidae under captivity Actividad ovarica del tepezeuintle Agouti paca Rodentia Agoutidae en cautiverio

Nannini, N.; Pinna, D.; Chiericoni, V.; Biagi, F.; Belcari, P., 2001:
Ovarian cycle of Merluccius merluccius Linnaeus, 1758 in the northern Tyrrhenian Sea Ciclo ovarico di Merluccius merluccius Linnaeus, 1758 nel Mar Tirreno settentrionale

Vallisneri, M.; Scapolatempo, M.; Tommasini, S., 2004:
Ovarian cycle of the shrimp Palaemon serratus Pennant, 1777 in the Po River Delta Ciclo ovarico del gamberetto Palaemon serratus Pennant, 1777 nel Delta del Po