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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38522

Chapter 38522 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Southworth, GR., 1990:
PCB concentrations in stream sunfish Lepomis auritus and L macrochirus in relation to proximity to chronic point sources

Hugla, J-L.; Dohet, A.; Thys, I.; Hoffmann, L.; Thome, J-P., 1998:
PCBs and organochlorinated pesticides contamination of fish in Luxembourg possible impact on otter populations Contamination par les PCBs et les pesticides organochlores des poissons du Grand-Duche de Luxembourg incidence possible sur les populations de loutre Lutra lutra L

Falandysz, J.; Florek, A.; Bergqvist, P.-Anders.; Kulp, S.E.ik.; Strandberg, B.; Strandberg, L.; Rappe, C.; Mizera, T., 1996:
PCDDs and PCDFs in breast muscles and liver of white-tailed sea eagles PCDDs i PCDFs w tkance miesniowej i watrobie bielikow

Montoya, R.P.; Gomez, P.I.; Gonzalez, M.A.; Henriquez, M.; Candia, A., 1996:
PCR genes amplification and its utility in biodiversity studies Amplificacion de genes por PCR y su aplicacion al estudio de la biodiversidad

Galluzzi, L.; Bertozzini, E.; Penna, A.; Pompei, M.; Milandri, A.; Perini, F.; Pigalarga, A.; Ingarao, C.; Prioli, S.; Magnani, M., 2006:
PCR monitoring of toxic dinoflagellates in a shellfish farm along the coast of Emilia Romagna region Monitoraggio tramite PCR di dinoflagellati tossici inun allevamento di mitili lungo la costa dellEmelia Romagna

Mezghani Khemakhem, M.; Makni, H.; Marrakchi, M., 2002:
PCR-RFLP identification of mitochondrial markers of Mayetiola Diptera Cecidomyiidae on cereals Identification par PCR-RFLP de marqueurs mitochondriaux chez deux especes de Mayetiola nuisibles aux cultures de cereales Diptera Cecidomyiidae

Borgo, R.; Souty-Grosset, C.; Gomot, L., 1995:
PCR-RFLP on mitochondrial DNA of 4 Helix land snails Etude de lADN mitochondrial despeces descargots du genre Helix par PCR-RFLP

Brueckner, M.; Duering, A., 2001:
PCR-RFLP a fast and inexpensive biochemical method for detecting species boundaries in the Lacerta viridis/bilineata species complex PCR-RFLP Eine schnelle und preisguenstige biochemische Methode zur Artgrenzen-Erkennung im Lacerta viridis/bilineata Komplex

Galluzzi, L.; Penna, A.; Bertozzini, E.; Giacobbe, MG.; Vila, M.; Garces, E.; Prioli, S.; Magnani, M., 2005:
PCR-based detection of Alexandrium minutum in mussels Rilevazione della presenza di Alexandrium minutum in Molluschi tramite PCR

Hughes, GW.; Cosgrove, JA., 1990:
PH change in a formalin borax solution with inferences about uses of neutralized formalin in vertebrate collections

Hoyer-Tomiczek, U.; Tomiczek, C., 2005:
PHRAME - an EU Research cooperation PHRAME - eine EU-Forschungskooperation Wie gefaehrlich ist der Kiefernsplintholznematode fuer Europa?

Sorokin, A L. ., 1991:
PINRO complex fisheries research in the North Basin results and outlooks selected papers

Anonymous., 1997:
PNEAT publications Publications du PNEAT

Weisel, S.; Weber, S., 1996:
PROFELIS - a project for the protection of species in Costa Rica PROFELIS - ein Pilotprojekt zum Artenschutz in Costa Rica

Cardona, AR.; Giacobbe, MG.; Luglie, A.; Milandri, A.; Poletti, R.; D.D.menico, E.; Yakimov, MM., 2004:
PSTs production in Alexandrium minutum clones comparison between axenic and not axenic cultures Produzione di PSTs in cloni di Alexandrium minutum confronto fra colture in assenza e in presenza di batteri

Stresemann., 1906 :
Paarung von Acanthis linaria mit Carduelis carduelis

Brakel, Johannes F., 2005:
Pablo Neruda and birds Pablo Neruda und die Voegel

Mellini, E.; Campadelli, G.; Gardenghi, G., 1997:
Pabulum inoculation techniques for the in vitro rearing of the parasitoid Exorista larvarum L Sulle tecniche di inoculazione del pabulum per lallevamento in vitro del parassitoide Exorista larvarum L

Osbahr, K., 2004:
Pacarana conservation project in Colombia Pakarana-Schutzprojekt in Kolumbien

Leonard, Philippe., 2005:
Pachnoda interrupta Olivier, 1789 Coleoptera, Cetoniidae illustration of the great variability of this species Pachnoda interrupta Olivier, 1789 Coleoptera, Cetoniidae illustration de la grande variabilite de cette espece

Rosler, Herbert., 1999:
Pachycalamus brevis Gunther, 1881 - biology and first impressions of terrarium care Pachycalamus brevis Gunther, 1881 - Biologie und erste Eindrucke einer Terrarienhaltung

Gueorguiev, V.B.; Gueorguiev, B.V., 1997:
Pachycarus Mystropterus macedonicus sp n from Macedonia and notes on Balkan species Coleoptera, Carabidae, Harpalini Pachycarus Mystropterus macedonicus sp n de Macedoine et notes sur les especes balkaniques Coleoptera, Carabidae, Harpalini

Zettel, H., 2002:
Pachychelonus maximus sp n Hymenoptera Braconidae Cheloninae from Kenya Pachychelonus maximus sp n Hymenoptera Braconidae Cheloninae aus Kenia

Kruger, Martin., 1999:
Pachycnemoides n gen, a new Ennominae genus from southern Africa Lepidoptera Geometridae Pachycnemoides n gen, eine neue Ennominen-Gattung aus dem sudlichen Afrika Lepidoptera Geometridae

Bordoni, A., 2003 :
Pachycorynus eggersi Bernhauer Schubert, 1914 n comb, from St Thomas Island in West Indies Coleoptera Staphylinidae Pachycorynus eggersi Bernhauer Schubert, 1914 n comb, dellisola di St Thomas nelle indie occidentali Insecta Coleoptera Staphylinidae

Marchiori, C.H.; Silva, C.G.; Caldas, E.R.; Vieira, C.I.; Almeida, K.G.; Teixeira, F.F., 2000:
Pachycrepoideus vindemiae Hymenoptera Pteromalidae as parasite of Ophyra aenescens Diptera Muscidae in Brazil Pachycrepoideus vindemiae Hymenoptera Pteromalidae como parasita de Ophyra aenescens Diptera Muscidae no Brasil

Marchiori, C.H.nrique; Silva Filho, O.M.reira; Pains, E.R.sende; Borges, C.P.ula Vieira, 2004:
Pachycrepoideus vindemiae Rondani, 1875 Himenoptera Pteromalidae collected in pupae of Ravinia belforti Prado Fonseca, 1832 Diptera Sarcophagidae Itumbiara, Goias, Brazil Pachycrepoideus vindemiae Rondani, 1875 Hymenoptera Pteromalidae coletados em pupas de Ravinia belforti Prado Fonseca, 1832 Diptera Sarcophagidae Itumbiara, Goias, Brasil

Barts, M.; Hulbert, F., 2004:
Pachydactylus kochii Fitzsimons, 1959 Kochs thick-fingered gecko Pachydactylus kochii Fitzsimons, 1959 Kochs Dickfingergecko

Lopez-Colon, Jose Ignacio., 1999:
Pachydema gomerae, new species from Canary Islands, is described Pachydema gomerae, nueva especie de coleoptero canario Scarabaeidae, Melolonthinae

Lopez-Colon, Jose Ignacio., 2004:
Pachydema keithi Lacroix, 2000, synonym of Pachydema ameliae Lopez-Colon, 1986 Col, Scarabaeidae, Melolonthinae, Pachydemini Pachydema keithi Lacroix, 2000, sinonima de Pachydema ameliae Lopez-Colon, 1986 Col, Scarabaeidae, Melolonthinae, Pachydemini

Lacroix, Marc., 2001:
Pachydeminae from East Africa Kenya and Tanzania Coleoptera, Melolonthidae Pachydeminae de lEst africain Kenya et Tanzanie Coleoptera, Melolonthidae

Adlbauer, Karl., 1997:
Pachydissus deroliformis sp n - a new cerambycid species from Namibia State Museum Coleoptera, Cerambycidae, Cerambycini Pachydissus deroliformis sp n - eine neue Cerambycidenart aus dem State Museum of Namibia Coleoptera, Cerambycidae, Cerambycini

Garcia, Lluc., 1994:
Pachygrapsus transversus Crustacea Decapoda Grapsidae in the Balearic Islands Pachygrapsus transversus Crustacea Decapoda Grapsidae a les Illes Balears

Ferrer, J., 1998:
Pachylodera brevicornis Quedenfeldt found in Tunisia Coleoptera, Tenebrionidae Pachylodera brevicornis Quedenfeldt trouve en Tunisie Coleoptera, Tenebrionidae

Muniz-Martinez, Raul., 2000:
Pachymedusa dacnicolor Cope, 1864 a new hylid for Durango state, Mexico Amphibia Hylidae Pachymedusa dacnicolor Cope, 1864 un nuevo hilido para el estado de Durango, Mexico Amphibia Hylidae

Mikaelian, I.; Thiebault, JJ., 1990:
Pachymeningite ossifiante chez une buse variable Buteo buteo

Cuesta Ruiz-Colmenares, Miguel Angel., 1995:
Pachynolophinae Equoidea, Perissodactyla, Mammalia from the Eocene of the Duero Valley Castilla y Leon, Spain Los Pachynolophinae Equoidea, Perissodactyla, Mammalia del Eoceno de la Cuenca del Duero Castilla y Leon, Espana

Czabalay, L,., 1977:
Pachyodonta from Cretaceous in Mecsek

Gaudant, J.; Meunier, F.J., 1996:
Pachyostosis in a fossil clupeid from the Late Miocene of western Algeria, Sardina? crassa Sauvage, 1873 Observation dun cas de pachyostose chez un Clupeidae fossile du Miocene terminal de louest Algerien, Sardina? crassa Sauvage, 1873

Janak, Jiri., 1998:
Pachypaederus anita sp n from Madagascar Coleoptera Staphylinidae Paederinae Pachyderus anita sp n aus Madagaskar Coleoptera Staphylinidae Paederinae

Boldt, Holger., 1997:
Pachypanchax omalonotus Nosy Be - simple but beware Pachypanchax omalonotus Nosy Be - einfach aber oho

Guyot, Herve., 2003:
Pachypasa otus Drury, 1773 Lepidoptera, Lasiocampidae La Chouette Pachypasa otus Drury, 1773 Lepidoptere Lasiocampide

Plas, L.; Chabrol, L., 2003:
Pachyrhinus lethierryi Col Curculionidae in west France continuation Pachyrhinus lethierryi Col Curculionidae dans lOuest de la France suite

Sadorge, Alain., 2003:
Pachyrhinus lethierryi Desbrocher, 1875 Coleoptere Curculionidae in the west of France Pachyrhinus lethierryi Desbrocher, 1875 Coleoptere Curculionidae dans lOuest de la France

Neid, J., 1996:
Pachyrhinus lethierryi Desbrochers in Val dOise Col Curculionidae Pachyrhinus lethierryi Desbrochers en Val dOise Col Curculionidae

Rheinheimer, Joachim., 2003:
Pachyrhinus lethierryi Desbrochers in south west Germany Coleoptera Curculionidae Pachyrhinus lethierryi Desbrochers in Suedwestdeutschland Coleoptera Curculionidae

Delalande, Robert., 2002:
Pachyrhinus lethierryi Desbrochers, 1875 in Correze Pachyrhinus lethierryi Desbrochers, 1875 en Correze

Inglebert, H.; Voisin, J.-Francois., 2001:
Pachyrhinus lethierryi Desbrochers, 1875 in Loir-et-Cher Pachyrhinus lethierryi Desbrochers, 1875 dans le Loir-et-Cher

Zanol, K.M R., 2006:
Pachytettix Hemiptera, Cicadellidae first record for Brazil and description of a new species Pachytettix Hemiptera, Cicadellidae primeiro registro no Brasil e descricao de uma nova especie

Kadenatzi, A.N., 1960:
Pachytrema skrjabini nov sp- a new trematode occurring in Citeilus erythrogenus

Nathansen, O., 1990:
Pachytriton labiatus - a new good terrarium newt

Stachowiak, Pawel., 1997:
Pachytychius sparsutus Ol Coleoptera Curculionidae a species new to Poland, and weevil and beetle species new to the Bialowieza Forest Pachytychius sparsutus Ol Coleoptera Curculionidae gatunek nowy dla Polski i gatunki ryjkowcowatych nowe dla Puszczy Bialowieskiej

Neveu, A., 1998:
Pacifastacus leniusculus involved as carrier and stock of the crayfish plague fungus present knowledge Pacifastacus leniusculus son role de vecteur et de reservoir de la peste des ecrevisses aphanomycose Etat actuel des connaissances

Neveu, A., 2005:
Pacifastacus leniusculus, a new jeopardy for Atlantic salmon Salmo salar? experimental design of its predacious capacity on youngs of the year Pacifastacus leniusculus, un nouveau danger pour le saumon atlantique Salmo salar? approche experimentale de sa capacite de predation des alvins nageant

Arrignon, J.; Laurent, PJ., 1998:
Pacifastacus leniusculus, miracle or scourge? Pacifastacus leniusculus, miracle ou fleau?

Abstracts., 1990:
Pacific Coast Oyster Growers Association National Shellfisheries Association Pacific Coast Section Forty-fourth Annual Meeting September 27-29, 1990 Shilo Airport Inn Portland, Oregon

Canadian Department of Fisheries & Oceans., 1990:
Pacific Region Science Review 1989-1990

Palsson, WA., 1990:
Pacific cod Gadus macrocephalus in Puget Sound and adjacent waters biology and stock assessment

Wilson, DE., 1990:
Pacific flying foxes surveyed

Aye, R.; Roth, T., 2001:
Pacific golden plover in Tunisia Observation dun pluvier fauve Pluvialis fulva dans le Golfe de Gabes Tunisie

Bougeard, B.; Siblet, J.-Philippe., 2000:
Pacific golden plover in central France Observation automnale dun pluvier fauve Pluvialis fulva dans lYonne

Cadee, G.C., 2004:
Pacific oysters Crassostrea gigas suffocated under a layer of algal cover in 2003 Japanese oesters Crassostrea gigas gestikt onder algenbedekking in 2003

Tydeman, Peter., 1999:
Pacific oysters in the Eems Harbour Japanse oesters in de Eemshaven

Ivankov, V.N., 1968:
Pacific salmons of the island Iturup Kuriles Islands Izv tikhookean nauchno issled

Ertel, L.; Ya., 1970:
Pacific squid aid general ways of itsutilization

Ray, G.; Carleton; McCormick-Ray, J.; Berg, P.; Epstein, H.E., 2006:
Pacific walrus benthic bioturbator of Beringia Pacific walrus benthic bioturbator of Beringia

Jandeck, Tim-Uwe., 2005:
Pack your tiger in the tank Form breeding of Sumatra barbs Pack Dir Tiger in den Tank Die Formenzucht bei Sumatrabarben

Schneidewind, Frank., 2000:
Packed into box form Fish of the family Ostraciidae Verpackt in Kofferform Fische aus der Familie Ostraciidae

van der Veen, L.; Ebels, E.B., 1996:
Paddyfield warbler on Vlieland in September 1994 Veldrietzanger op Vlieland in september 1994

Hromadka, L., 2005:
Paederus Eopaederus tanjorensis sp nov from India Coleoptera Staphylinidae Paederus Eopaederus tanjorensis sp nov aus Indien Coleoptera Staphylinidae

Larson, A., 1980:
Paedomorphosis in relation to rates of morphological and molecular evolution in the salamander aneides flavipunctatus amphibia, plethodontidae

Manfredi, C.; Ciavaglia, E. di Silverio, MC.; Manfrin, G., 2006:
Pagellus sp distribution in the north and central Adriatic Sea time series analysis from 1982 to 2004 Aspetti biologici e distribuzione del genere Pagellus in alto e medio Adriatico analisi di serie storiche dal 1982 al 2004

Johansen, Steffen., 1997:
Pages from my diary Sider fra min dagbog

Rieger, P.J.; Giraldi, J.L., 1997:
Pagurus brevidactylus Stimpson new record of Anomura Decapoda, Paguridae to the seaboard of Santa Catarina, Brazil Pagurus brevidactylus Stimpson novo registro de Anomura Decapoda, Paguridae para o litoral Santa Catarina, Brasil

D.F.eina, J.J.; Witt, T.J., 2004:
Paidia elegantia spec nov, a new species from southern Iran Lepidoptera, Arctiidae, Lithosiinae Paidia elegantia spec nov, eine neue Flechtenbaerenart aus dem suedlichen Iran Lepidoptera, Arctiidae, Lithosiinae

D.Freina, J.J., 2006:
Paidia minoica sp n from Crete, a new Paidia for Europe Description and phenology data of the species Lepidoptera Arctiidae, Lithosiinae Paidia minoica sp n von Kreta, eine neue Paidia fuer Europa Beschreibung und Angaben zur Phaenologie der Art Lepidoptera Arctiidae, Lithosiinae

Gogala, Matija., 2002:
Pails of grapes and colonizing of water habitats Cebri za grozdje in poseljevanje vodnih habitatov

Oidtmann, B.; Hoffmann, R.W., 2001 :
Pain and suffering in fish Schmerzen und Leiden bei Fischen

Kuehnel, Klaus Detlef., 2006:
Painted frogs of the Mediterranea The genus Discoglossus Scheibenzuengler von Mittelmeer Die Gattung Discoglossus

Stefanescu, C.; Julia, L., 2002:
Painted ladies Cynthia cardui preyed upon by insectivorous birds, with comments on the spring migration of butterflies on Illa de lAire Menorca Adults de Cynthia cardui atacats per ocells insectivors, amb comentaris sobre la migracio primaveral de ropalocers a lilla de lAire Menorca

Hennig, Andreas S., 2003:
Painted turtles Zierschildkroeten

Valledor de Lozoya, A., 2006:
Paintings of dodos a lost image and another recovered image Pinturas de dodos una imagen perdida y otra recuperada

Koehler, G., 2005:
Paintings of lizards, newts and salamanders by Roesel von Rosenhof Herrn Roesel von Rosenhofs Gemaelde der Eydexen

Jenny, David., 1998:
Pair formation and the first breeding of the bearded vulture in Engadine Paarbildungen und erste Brut bei den Engadiner Bartgeiern

Jansen, J.J.J.; Ebels, E.B., 2004:
Pair of dark-bellied Brent goose x pale-bellied Brent goose with three hybrid young on Texel in December 2003-January 2004 Gemengd paar Rotgans x Witbuikrotgans met drie hybride jongen op Texel in december 2003-januari 2004

Olsson, Mats., 1999:
Pair of golden eagles in Skane successfully fledge three young Skanskt ornpar fick ut tre ungar

Rimpp, Kurt., 2001:
Pairing and egg laying of Tylototriton kweichowensis Paarung und Eiablage bei Tylototriton kweichowensis

Vlaney-Liaud, M., 2003:
Pairing and reproduction in a simultaneous hermaphrodite, the planorbid Biomphalaria glabrata Say, 1818 Pulmonate Gastropod Appariement et reproduction chez un hermaphrodite simultane, la planorbe Biomphalaria glabrata Say, 1818 Gasteropode, Pulmone

Jacobi, Bernhard., 2000:
Pairing behaviour and anatomy of Lestica species Hymenoptera, Sphecidae, Crabroninae Paarungsverhalten und Anatomie von Lestica-Arten Hymenoptera, Sphecidae, Crabroninae

Mougin, J-L., 2000:
Pairing in the Bulwers Petrel Bulweria bulwerii of Selvagem Grande Lappariement chez le Petrel de Bulwer Bulweria bulwerii de Selvagem Grande

Salek, M.; Marhoul, P.; Pintir, J., 2002:
Pairing rate, sex ratio and age structure of a Grey Partridge Perdix perdix population in Prague, February 2000-2002 Rychlost parovani, pomer pohlavi a vekova struktura prazske populace koroptve polni Perdix perdix behem unora 2000-2002

Carranza, J., 2006:
Pairing strategies and sexual selection of deer in Donana Estrategias de apareamiento y seleccion sexual del ciervo en Donana

Schawerda, K., 1915:
Palaarktische Lepidopteren

Bernasconi, Reno., 1999:
Paladilhia bessoni n sp Gastropoda Prosobranchia Hydrobiidae from karstic groundwater of Haute Soule, Pyrenees Atlantiques, France Paladilhia bessoni n sp Gastropoda Prosobranchia Hydrobiidae des eaux souterraines karstiques de la Haute Soule Pyrenees Atlantiques, France

Schatz, H., 2004:
Palaeacarus hystricinus TRAGARDH, 1932 Acari Oribatida Palaeacaridae, a remarkable oribatid mite from Tyrol Palaeacarus hystricinus TRAGARDH, 1932 Acari Oribatida Palaeacaridae, eine bemerkenswerte Hornmilbe in Tirol

Telnov, Dmitry., 1998 :
Palaearctic Anthicidae of Copenhagen Zoological Museum Insecta Coleoptera Palaarktische Anthicidae des Zoologischen Museums Kopenhagen Insecta Coleoptera

Skorikov, A.S., 1922:
Palaearctic Bumble Bees Part I General Biology including Zoogeography

Rossaro, B.; D.F.ancesco, M.; Pannunzio, G., 1994:
Palaearctic Diamesinae and Prodiamesinae distribution Diptera Chironomidae La distribuzione delle Diamesinae e Prodiamesinae paleartiche Diptera Chironomidae

Eck, Siegfried., 1996:
Palaearctic birds - geospecies and biospecies Die Palaearktischen Vogel - geospezies und biospezies

Hino, T., 1990:
Palaearctic deciduous forests and their bird communities comparisons between east Asia and west-central Europe

Rosler, Herbert., 1997:
Palaearctic geckos Reptilia Gekkota Part 1 historic overview, geography and climate, distribution Palaarktische Geckos Reptilia Gekkota Teil 1 Historischer Uberblick, Geographie und Klima, Verbreitung

Rosler, Herbert., 1999:
Palaearctic geckos Reptilia Gekkota Part 2 Eublepharis turcmenicus Darevsky, 1978 Palaarktische Geckos Reptilia Gekkota Teil 2 Eublepharis turcmenicus Darevsky, 1978

Pearson, DJ., 1990:
Palaearctic passerine migrants in Kenya and Uganda temporal and spatial patterns of their movements

Besuchet, Claude., 1999:
Palaearctic pselaphids Taxonomic and faunistic notes Coleoptera Staphylinidae Pselaphinae Pselaphides palearctiques Notes taxonomiques et faunistiques Coleoptera Staphylinidae Pselaphinae

Kirschenhofer, Erich., 1999:
Palaearctic, Oriental and Ethiopian species of the subgenus Nectochlaenius Antoine, 1959 of the genus Chlaenius Bonelli, 1810 Coleoptera Carabidae Die palaarktischen, orientalischen und athiopischen Arten des Subgenus Nectochlaenius Antoine, 1959 des Genus Chlaenius Bonelli, 1810 Coleoptera Carabidae

Lack, PC., 1990:
Palaearctic-African systems

Fischer, M., 1990:
Palaearktische Opiinae Hymenoptera, Braconidae Neue Arten und neue Funde aus dem Ungarischen Naturwissenschaftlichen Museum in Budapest

Filho, J.F., 1967:
Palaemon Palaemon paivai, new species of crustacean from Brazil Decapoda Palaemonidae

de Boois, I., 2000:
Palaemon adspersus, alias the Baltic prawn Palaemon adspersus, alias de roodsprietgarnaal

Schoenfelder, Rolf., 2005:
Palaemon elegans The small prawn from the Baltic Sea Palaemon elegans Die Kleine Felsengarnele aus der Ostsee

Rehfeld, Ursula., 1996:
Palaeo redox potential during diagenesis of Jurassic and Cretaceous sponge bioconstructions Palaoredoxpotential wahrend der Diagenese von jurassischen und kretazischen spongiolithischen Biokonstruktionen

Baroncelli, Maria Angela., 2001:
Palaeo-ecologic reconstruction of an association of Petaloconchus glomeratus Vermetidae of the Pliocene in the Botto Valley Piedmont, NW Italy Ricostruzione paleoecologica di unassociazione a Petaloconchus glomeratus Vermetidae del Pliocene di Valle Botto Piemonte, Italia NW

Stenlokk, Jan., 1996:
Palaeo-entomology or insects prehistory Paleo-entomologi eller insektenes forhistorie

Fursenko, A.V.; Fursenko, K.B., 1960:
Palaeo-geographical and stratigraphical meaning of findings of Foraminifera in the Upper Eocene deposits of White Russia and Lithuania

Vozzhennikova, T.F., 1960:
Palaeoalgological characteristics of the mid-Cainozoic deposits of lowlying western Siberia

Lopez, Gregorio., 1996:
Palaeobiogeographic affinities of the Campanian and Maastrichtian inoceramid Bivalvia from Alava and Navarra Afinidades paleobiogeograficas de los inoceramidos Bivalvia del Campaniense y Maastrichtiense de Alava y Navarra

Mahboubi, M.; Mebrouk, F.; Jaeger, J.-Jacques., 1997:
Palaeobiogeographical conclusions from the study of Palaeogene deposits of Maghreb mammals, gastropods, charophytes Consequences paleobiogeographiques tirees a partir de letude de quelques gisements paleogenes du Maghreb mammiferes, gasteropodes, charophytes

Mazel, Robert., 2004:
Palaeobiogeographical questions relating to the discovery of Berotha glaserella Aspoeck, Aspoeck Hoelzel, 1979 Neuroptera, Planipennia, Berothidae in France Questions paleobiogeographiques posees par la decouverte en France de Berotha glaserella Aspock et Aspock et Holzel, 1979 Neuroptera, Planipennia, Berothidae

Gaudant, Jean., 1996:
Palaeobiogeographical significance of the find of characiform teleostean fish teeth in the Middle Miocene of Sansan Gers, France Signification paleobiogeographique de la decouverte de dents de Characiformes poissons teleosteens dans le Miocene moyen de Sansan Gers

Arenillas, Ignacio., 2004:
Palaeobiogeography and global palaeogeography with microfossils Paleobiogeografia y paleogeografia global con microfosiles

Vera-Pelaez, JL.; Lozano-Francisco, MC., 2001:
Palaeobiogeography and palaeoecology of the subfamily Clavatulinae Turridae, Gastropoda in the Pliocene of the western Mediterranean and Lusitanian region Paleobiogeografia y paleoecologia de la subfamilia Clavatulinae Turridae, Gastropoda en el Plioceno del Mediterraneo occidental y region Lusitanica

Cabral, Maria Cristina., 1998:
Palaeobiogeography of Aptian ostracods from Portugal Paleobiogeographie des ostracodes Aptiens du Portugal

Voigt, Silke., 1996:
Palaeobiogeography of Upper Cretaceous inoceramids and rudists Oceanographic and climatological consequences of a new palaeogeography Palaobiogeographie oberkretazischer Inoceramen und Rudisten Ozeanographische und klimatologische Konsequenzen einer neuen Palaogeographie

Babin, C.; Sanchez, TM., 2001:
Palaeobiogeography of bivalves during the Lower Palaeozoic and Devonian Paleobiogeografia de los bivalvos durante el Paleozoico Inferior y el Devonico

Lozano-Francisco, MC.; Vera-Pelaez, JL., 2001:
Palaeobiogeography of the genus Genota Adams Adams Turridae, Gastropoda in the Pliocene of the western Mediterranean and Lusitanian region Paleobiogeografia del genero Genota Adams y Adams Turridae, Gastropoda en el Plioceno del Mediterraneo occidental y region Lusitanica

Keupp, H.; Roper, M.; Seilacher, A., 1999:
Palaeobiological aspects on syn vivo colonized ammonoids of the plattenkalk of the Upper Kimmeridgian of Brunn in east Bavaria Palaobiologische Aspekte von syn vivo-besiedelten Ammonoideen im Plattenkalk des Ober-Kimmeridgiums von Brunn in Ostbayern

i Castells, Joan Vicente., 1997:
Palaeobiological extinctions during the history of the earth Les extincions paleobiologiques en la historia de la terra

Noe-Nygaard, N.; Albrechtsen, T.; Abildtrup, C.H.ns.; Gotfredsen, A.B.rgitte.; Richter, J., 1998:
Palaeobiological, sedimentological and geochemical analysis of Upper Weichselian and Holocene deposits at Store Amose, Denmark Palaeobiologiske, sedimentologiske og geokemiske undersogelser af Sen Weichsel og Holocaene aflejringer i Store Amose, Danmark

Godinot, M. .; Gingerich, P.D. ., 1996:
Palaeobiology and evolution of mammals of the Paleogene Special volume in honour of Donald E Russell Paleobiologie et evolution des mammiferes du Paleogene Volume jubilaire en hommage a Donald E Russell

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