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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 38530

Chapter 38530 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Particularities of recruitment and renewal of Lanice conchilega population Polychaete, Terebellidae associated with mussel farming in the Baie des Veys western part of Bay of Seine Particularites du recrutement et du renouvellement dune population de Lanice conchilega Polychete Terebellidae associee a la conchyliculture en Baie des Veys Baie de Seine occidentale
, Journal de Recherche Oceanographique 2e semestre; 212-3: 118-125 (1996)

Particulars of behaviour of the Japanese mackerel during its period of intense feeding
, Rybnoe Khozyaistvo Moskva 2: 6-8 (1972)

Particulars of infestation of molluscs by trematode larvae in the tributaries of the Volgograd Reservoir
, Problemy Parazit 1: 271-272 (1972)

Particulars of the helminth fauna of hagomorphs and rodents in Turkmenistan
, Problemy Parazit 1: 48-49 (1975)

Particulars of the helminth fauna of lagomorphs and rodents in Turkmenistan
, Problemy Parazit 1: 48-49 (1975)

Particulars of young sturgeons in natural spawning grounds in the basin of the River Kura in 1969
, Rybnoe Khozyaistvo Moskva 6: 19-20 (1971)

Particulars on the distribution of the herring in the region of the New England and Nova Scotia shelf in connection with the horizontal circulation of water
, Trudy Atlant nauchno-issled Inst Ryb Khoz Okeanogr 36: 115-126 (1971)

Partiell abnorme Dorsalfarbung bei Bombina variegata variegata
, Veroeffentlichungen Naturhistorisches Museum Schloss Bertholdsburg Schleusingen, 5: 85 (1990)

Partition of feeding resources in fish of a mountain stream in the south east of Brazil Partilha de recursos alimentares em peixes em um riacho de serra do sudeste do Brasil
, Anais da Academia Brasileira de Ciencias. Junho; 692: 243-252 (1997)

Partitioning and bioavailability of mercury in an experimentally acidified Wisconsin lake
, Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 97: 909-918 (1990)

Partner loyalty in the fish Astronotus ocellatus Partnersky vztah u ryb Astronotus ocellatus
, Akvarium Terarium 457: 25-26 (2002)

Partridges and burrowing owls as predators of Bostryx conspersus Mollusca, Bulimulidae at Lomas de Lachay Perdices y lechuzas como depredadoras de Bostryx conspersus Mollusca, Bulimulidae en las Lomas de Lachay
, Biociencias. 31 dez; 92: 177-180 (2001)

Partridges, quails and pheasants Perdrix, cailles, colins et faisans
, Game and Wildlife Science. September-December; 183-4: i-vii, 231-586 (2001)

Parts of animals remarks on vocabulary and classification in sixteenth-century treatises on fishes Les parties des animaux quelques remarques sur la terminologie et la classification dans les traites ichthyologiques du XVIe siecle
, Colloques d'Histoire des Connaissances Zoologiques 13: 81-124 (2002)

Parts of the Thuringian landscape with national importance for conservation Landschaftsteile Thueringens mit bundesweiter Bedeutung fuer den Naturschutz
, Landschaftspflege und Naturschutz in Thueringen 391: 1-20 (2002)

Partulidae catalog of species
, Tryonia 19: 1-96 (1990)

Parturition and perinatal behaviour in captive cotton-top tamarins Saguinus oedipus
, Primates 314: 523-535 (1990)

Parturition in the lizard Liolaemus kingii Iguania Liolaemidae ethological observations El parto en el lagarto Liolaemus kingii Iguania Liolaemidae observaciones etologicas
, Cuadernos de Herpetologia. Diciembre; 162: 129-135 (2002)

Parus ater martensi subspec nov, the coal tit of the Thakkhola, Nepal Aves Passeriformes Paridae Parus ater martensi subspec nov, die Tannenmeise der Thakkhola, Nepal Aves Passeriformes Paridae
, Zoologische Abhandlungen (Dresden): 501: 129-132 (1998)

Parus cinereus ferghanensis Buturlin
, Messager Ornithologique Moskva, 3 163-164 (1912)

Parus hibernicus sp n described
, Bulletin of the British Ornithologists' Club, 27 36-37 (1910)

Parymenopus Wood-Mason, 1890, and Cataspilota Giglio-Tos, 1917, wild genus Parymenopus Wood-Mason, 1890, et Cataspilota Giglio-Tos, 1917, genres valides Diet Mantodea
, Bulletin de la Societe Entomologique de France 112(1): 91-92 (2007)

Pasalid beetles Coleoptera Passalidae of Colombia IV characterization of montane species Escarabajos-pasalidos Coleoptera Passalidae de Colombia IV tipificando las especies de montana
, Coleccion Jorge Alvarez Lleras 13: 249-266 (1999)

Passage and occurrence of the common pochard Aythya ferina at Racki ribniki - Pozeg Landscape Park in NE Slovenia Prelet in pojavljanje sivke Aythya ferina v Krajinskem parku Racki ribniki - Pozeg v severovzhodni Sloveniji
, Acrocephalus (Ljubljana): 1989: 109-114 (1998)

Passage and occurrence of the ruff Philomachus pugnax at Dravsko polje Prelet in pojavljanje togotnika Philomachus pugnax na Dravskem polju
, Acrocephalus (Ljubljana): 1990-91: 155-158 (1998)

Passage and occurrence of turnstone Arenaria interpres in central Moravia Tah a vyskyt kamenacka pestreho Arenaria interpres na stredni Morave
, Zpravy MOS: 58: 183-185 (2000)

Passage and occurrence of white-winged black tern Chlidonias leucopterus Temm in Middle Moravia Tah a vyskyt rybaka belokridleho Chlidonias leucopterus Temm na stredni Morave
, Zpravy MOS: 64: 144-145 (2006)

Passage and wintering of raptors Falconiformes in the Odra river valley near Zielona Gora Przeloty i zimowanie ptakow szponiastych Falconiformes w dolinie Odry kolo Zielonej Gory
, Ptaki Slaska 15: 89-103 (2004)

Passage break of golden plover Pluvialis apricaria in Unicov region Tahova zastavka kulika zlateho Pluvialis apricaria na Unicovsku
, Zpravy MOS: 57: 7-17 (1999)

Passage des Parus ater L en automne 1913 et on printemps 1914
, Ornith et avicult Moskva, 5 244-245 (1915)

Passage migration of ortolan Buntings Emberiza hortulana at the German Bight Helgoland and Schleswig-Holstein in the period 1964-2000 Zum Zugvorkommen des Ortolans Emberiza hortulana art der Deutschen Bucht Helgoland und schleswig-holsteinische Kueste 1964-2000
, Vogelwarte 43(3): 179-184 (2005)

Passage of Temmincks stint Calidris temminckii in Central Moravia Tah jespaka sedeho Calidris temminckii na stredni Morave
, Zpravy MOS: 60: 191-194 (2002)

Passage of red throated pipit, Anthus cervinus, in Corsica Passage du pipit a gorge rousse, Anthus cervinus, en Corse
, Rivista Italiana di Ornitologia. Novembre; 671: 13-20 (1997)

Passage stop of common lapwing Vanellus vanellus in Unicov region Tahova zastavka cejky chocholate Vanellus vanellus na Unicovsku
, Zpravy MOS: 60: 35-40 (2002)

Passages for badgers and their efficacy Durchlasse fur Dachse und ihre Effektivitat
, Zeitschrift fuer Jagdwissenschaft. Juni; 422: 134-142 (1996)

Passalid beetles Coleoptera Passalidae from Colombia 3 a new species from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta Escarabajos pasalidos Coleoptera Passalidae de Colombia 3 una nueva especie de la Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta
, Caldasia. Agosto; 202: 203-206 (1998)

Passalidae Coleoptera of Colombia Passalidae Coleoptera de Colombia
, m3m Monografias Tercer Milenio 3: 35-50 (2003)

Passalidae Coleoptera Lamellicornia of Serra dos Carajas, Para, Brazil Passalideos Coleoptera Lamellicornia da Serra dos Carajas, Para, Brasil
, Boletim do Museu Paraense Emilio Goeldi Serie Zoologia 1993? Dezembro; 92: 229-240 (1994)

Passalidae Coleoptera Scarabaeoidea in dry tropical forest sections of the central basin of Rio Cauca, Colombia Passalidae Coleoptera Scarabaeoidea en fragmentos de bosque seco tropical de la cuenca media del Rio Cauca, Colombia
, Folia Entomologica Mexicana 110: 15-22 (2000)

Passalidae of Nicaragua Passalidae de Nicaragua
, Revista Nicaraguense de Entomologia. Diciembre; 59-62: 1-4 (2002)

Passalidae Key to the genera of Colombia Passalidae Clave para generos de Colombia
, Boletin del Museo de Entomologia de la Universidad del Valle. diciembre; 12: 55-61 (1993)

Passalids distribution and the effects of deforestation in the altitudinal transect Tumaco-Chiles Narino Pasalidos distribucion e efecto de la deforestacion en el transecto altitudinal Tumaco-Chiles Narino
, Boletin del Museo de Entomologia de la Universidad del Valle. junio; 51: 13-24 (1997)

Passalurus ambiguus Rudolphi, 1819 in a wild rabbit Yabani tavsanda Passalurus ambiguus Rudolphi, 1819 bulgusu
, Turkiye Parazitoloji Dergisi 273: 199-200 (2003)

Passer - special problems of general importance Passer - Spezielle Probleme von allgemeiner Bedeutung
, Ornithologische Mitteilungen 564: 116-131 (2004)

Passer montanus in a Japanese mans haori and comments on the symbolic importance of the sparrow in Japan Feldsperlinge Passer montanus in einem japanischen Maenner-Haori und Bemerkungen zur symbolischen Bedeutung des Sperlings in Japan
, Ornithologische Mitteilungen 5610: 332-337 (2004)

Passer simplex
, Var Fagelvarld 493: 157-158 (1990)

Passeriform ringing activity in the Le Cesine biotope 1991-1997 Lattivita di inanellamento dei passeriformi nel biotopo Le Cesine 1991-1997
, Avocetta. Giugno; 231: 23 (1999)

Passeriformes from the Iberian Neogene Findings in Layna Early Pliocene Passeriformes del Neogeno iberico Hallazgos en Layna Plioceno inferior
, Revista Espanola de Paleontologia. Enero; 151: 101-104 (2000)

Passerine defense strategy against Eurasian cuckoo Cuculus canorus - a bibliographical analysis Strategie de defense des passereaux vis-a-vis du coucou gris Cuculus canorus Une analyse bibliographique
, Alauda 673: 189-204 (1999)

Passerines and moor management Les passereaux et la gestion des landes
, Penn ar Bed (Brest). septembre; 182: 37-46 (2001)

Passiflora edulis f flavicarpa pollination, floral number, climate and population density of Xylocopa spp Hymenoptera Anthophoridae Numero floral, clima, densidad poblacional de Xylocopa spp Hymenoptera Anthophoridae y polinizacion del maracuya Passiflora edulis f flavicarpa
, Revista de Biologia Tropical 47(4): 711-718 (1999)

Passiflora edulis f flavicarpa the first host of Anastrepha dryas Stone 1942 Passiflora edulis f flavicarpa primer hospedero de Anastrepha dryas Stone 1942
, Agronomia Tropical (Maracay). Enero-Marzo; 511: 147-152 (2001)

Passing through the Mediterranean - role of the resting site in bird migration Atkeles a Mediterraneumon - Pihenohelyek szerepe a madarvonulasban
, Allattani Kozlemenyek 87: 165-177 (2002)

Passive acoustic censuring of cetacean can passive acoustics be employed to study distribution and migration of northeast Atlantic minke whales?
, North Atlantic Studies, 21-2: 79-81 (1990)

Passive dispersal of phytoseiids Acarina Phytoseiidae in a vineyard agro-ecosystem in Northern Italy Diffusione passiva di fitoseidi Acarina Phytoseiidae nellagroecosistema vigneto in Italia settentrionale
, Bollettino di Zoologia Agraria e di Bachicoltura 36(1): 133-147 (2004)

Passive transport of animals through the air
, Sveriges Nat 685: 333-336 (1977)

Past present distribution of the great bustard Otis tarda in the SE Carpathian area Die Grosstrappe Otis tarda im SO-Karpatenraum einst und jetzt
, Ornithologische Mitteilungen 48(4): 89-98 (1996)

Past and future of sturgeons in Poland Przeszlosc i przyszlosc jesiotrow w Polsce
, Zoologica Poloniae 41: 171-178(Suppl.) (1996)

Past and present distribution of spadefoot toad Pelobates cultripes Cuvier, 1829 Amphibia in the south Vendee Repartition passee et actuelle du pelobate cultripede Pelobates cultripes Cuvier, 1829 Amphibia dans le sud Vendee
, Annales de la Societe des Sciences Naturelles de la Charente-Maritime. mars; 89: 1089-1096 (2000)

Past and present of the occurence of the brook lamprey Lampetra planeri in the upper river basin of the Morava river Northern Moravia, Czech Republic Historie a soucasnost vyskytu mihule potocni Lampetra planeri v hornim povodi reky Moravy
, Lampetra 4: 132-141 (2000)

Past and present situation of the spadefoot toad, Pelobates cultripes Cuvier, 1829 Anura, Pelobatidae on the western French Atlantic coast Statut passe et actuel du pelobate cultripede Pelobates cultripes Cuvier, 1829 Anura, Pelobatidae sur la facade atlantique francaise
, Bulletin de la Societe Herpetologique de France 1er trimestre; 101: 29-46 (2002)

Past and present status of elk in White Russia
, Sborn Nauch Trud Minsk 1: 141-146 (1950)

Past and present status of the tiger beetle Cicindela arenaria Fuesslin, 1775 in Germany Col, Cicindelidae Historische und aktuelle Bestandssituation des Sandlaufkafers Cicindela arenaria Fuesslin, 1775 in Deutschland Col, Cicindelidae
, Entomologische Nachrichten und Berichte 402: 83-88 (1996)

Past and present notes on the role of history in Ernst Mayrs writings Vergangenheit und Gegenwart Bemerkungen zur Funktion von Geschichte in den Schriften Ernst Mayrs
, Biologisches Zentralblatt. April-Mai-Juni; 1142: 143-149 (1995)

Past distribution of Leptodactylus fallax Muller, 1923 and Eleutherodactylus johnstonei Barbour, 1914 Anura, Leptodactylidae Repartition passee de Leptodactylus fallax Muller, 1923 et dEleutherodactylus johnstonei Barbour, 1914 anoures, leptodactylides
, Bulletin de la Societe Herpetologique de France 2eme trimestre; 94: 13-23 (2000)

Past, present and future of the hamster Cricetus cricetus in the Netherlands from a genetic perspective Verleden, Heden en Toekomst van de Hamster Cricetus cricetus in Nederland vanuit Genetisch Perspectief
, Alterra-Rapport 861: 1-54 (2003)

Past, present and the future of a collection of curculionids Passe, present et devenir dune collection de Curculionides
, Bulletin Trimestriel de la Societe d'Histoire Naturelle et des Amis du Museum d'Autun 19964: 7-10 No 160 (1998)

Pastel coloured white-backed munias Pastellfarbige Japanische Movchen
, Gefiederte Welt. Januar; 1221: 12-14 (1998)

Pasteuria penetrans adherence and parasitism in Meloidogyne incognita and Meloidogyne arabicida Pasteuria penetrans adherencia y parasitismo en Meloidogyne incognita y Meloidogyne arabicida
, Nematropica 29(2): 233-240 (1999)

Pasteuria spp occurrence and population fluctuation in Minas Gerais State, Brazil Ocorrencia e flutuacao populacional de Pasteuria spp em Minas Gerais
, Nematologia Brasileira. Dezembro; 202: 41-51 (1996)

Pastor roseus in Finnland
, Ornithologische Monatsberichte, 17 5-6 (1909)

Pastureland as habitat for the corncrake - an alternative protection measure? Weideland als Habitat des Wachtelkoenigs Crex crex - eine Schutz-Alternative?
, Corax. Dezember; 181: 42-58 (1999)

Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego Patagonia y Tierra del Fuego
, Garcilla 89: 10-13 (1994)

Patagoniaella, a new genus of the family Ancorabolidae Sars, 1909 Copepoda, Harpacticoida
, Physis Buenos Aires 27(No. 75: 461-469 (1968)

Patanodontus acaudatum gen n et sp n Nematoda-Diplogasteridae a parasite of larvae of Diloboderus abderus Sturm Coleoptera-Scarabaeidae in Argentina Patanodontus acaudatum gen n et sp n Nematoda-Diplogasteridae un parasito de larvas de Diloboderus abderus Sturm Coleoptera-Scarabaidae en Argentina
, Estudos de Biologia (Curitiba). Junho; 42: 33-39 (1997)

Patch reefs in the limestones of the Formacion de Altamira Cenomanian, Cobreces/Tonanes area, Prov Cantabria, northern Spain stratigraphical position, facies context and sequence stratigraphy Flecken-Riffe in den Kalken der Formacion de Altamira Cenoman, Cobreces/Tonanes-Gebiet, Prov Kantabrien, Nord-Spanien stratigraphische Position, fazielle Rahmenbedingungen und Sequenzstratigraphie
, Berliner Geowissenschaftliche Abhandlungen Reihe E Palaeobiologie 18: 353-373 (1996)

Patella on the west coast of Africa Patellen an den Kuesten Westafrikas
, Club Conchylia Informationen 34(1-3): 29-40 (2002)

Patella species Archaeogastropoda distributed in Saros Bay Northest Aegean Sea Saros Korfezinde Kuzey Ege Denizi dagilim gosteren Patella Archaeogastropoda turleri
, Turkish Journal of Zoology 23: 513-519 (Turkish Suppl. 2 (1999)

Patents on life? No patents on life Patente auf Leben? Kein Patente auf Leben
, DTW (Deutsche Tieraerztliche Wochenschrift). Marz; 1053: 90-93 (1998)

Paternal behaviour in rodents Comportamiento paterno en los roedores
, Ciencia (Mexico City). Diciembre; 504: 26-30 (1999)

Paternity analyses of a trigyneous pied flycatcher Ficedula hypoleuca Vaterschaftsnachweise bei einem trigyn verpaarten Trauerschnapper Ficedula hypoleuca
, Journal fuer Ornithologie. Juli; 1393: 349-351 (1998)

Paternity analysis of four great tit Parus major broods in unusually close proximity Vaterschaftsnachweise bei vier ungewoehnlich dicht benachbart bruetenden Kohlmeisen-Paaren Parus major
, Journal fuer Ornithologie. Oktober; 1424: 429-432 (2001)

Paternity assurance and mate guarding Lassurance de paternite et la surveillance du conjoint
, Cahiers d'Ethologie 181: 117-121 (1998)

Paternity determination of the Somali wild ass by molecular genetics a case study Molekulargenetische Vaterschaftsprufung beim Somali-Wildesel ein Fallbericht
, Zoologische Garten 67(5): 283-289 (1997)

Paternity determination of the binturong Arctictis binturong Raffles, 1821 with the help of genetic fingerprinting Vaterschaftnachweis beim Binturong Arctictis binturong Raffles, 1821 mit Hilfe eines genetischen Fingerabdruckverfahrens
, Zoologische Garten 66(5): 301-309 (1996)

Path integration in Blattella germanica l Dictyoptera Blattellidae orientation and distance Integration du trajet chez Blattella germanica l Dictyoptera Blattellidae orientation et distance
, Annales de la Societe Entomologique de France. decembre; 35: 142-147(Suppl.) (1999)

Path making in the central zone of a nature reserve? Wegebau in der Kernzone eines Naturschutzgebietes?
, Jahrbuch des Vereins zum Schutz der Bergwelt 67: 87-108 (2002)

Patho-genicity of strains of Entamoeba histolytica recovered from healthy carriers
, Medical Parasitology and Parasitic Diseases Moscow 24(4): 317-321 (1955 )

Pathogenesis and diagnosis of different types of systemic acidosis in animals with conclusions for effective forms of therapy Pathogenese und Diagnostik von systemischen Azidosen bei Tieren mit Schlussfolgerungen fur wirksame Therapieverfahren
, Tieraerztliche Praxis Ausgabe G Grosstiere-Nutztiere 25(6): 611-624 (1997)

Pathogenesis of trichomoniasis and biology of Trichomonas foetus
, Veterinariya Moskva 40(8): 30-31 (1963)

Pathogenesis, clinical course and treatment of visceral leishmaniasis
, Med Parasitol Moscow 16(6): 38-47 (1947)

Pathogenetic and epidemological relation between amebic and bacillary dysentery
, Meditsinskaya Parazitologiya Moscow 27: 701-705 (1958)

Pathogenic ability of trichomonads, coming out of nasal chamber of hogs, diseased with infectional atrophic rhinitis
, Veterinariya Moskva 40(9): 25-26 (1963)

Pathogenic bacterials in kidney and external lesions of jundia Rhamdia quelen in semi-intensive fish culture Bacterias com potencial patogenico nos rins e lesoes externas de jundias Rhamdia quelen cultivados em sistema semi-intensivo
, Ciencia Rural. mar-abr; 302: 293-298 (2000)

Pathogenic effect of 3 parasitic nematodes in Aedes aegypti larvae under laboratory conditions in Cuba Efecto patogenico de 3 nematodos parasitos en larvas de Aedes aegypti en condiciones de laboratorio, en Cuba
, Revista Cubana de Medicina Tropical. Sept-Dec; 573 (2005)

Pathogenic effect of the nematode parasite Romanomermis iyengari Nematoda Mermithidae in Aedes aegypti mosquito larvae Diptera Culicidae under laboratory conditions in the State of Oaxaca, Mexico Efecto patogenico del nematodo parasito Romanomermis iyengari Nematoda Mermithidae en larvas del mosquito Aedes aegypti Diptera Culicidae en condiciones de laboratorio en el Estado de Oaxaca, Mexico
, Revista Cubana de Medicina Tropical 501: 8-11 (1998)