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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38534

Chapter 38534 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Myartzeva, S.N., 1969:
Peculiarities of biology and etology of Ammophilini tribe Hymenoptera, Sphecidae in Turkmenia

Kolesnikova, IYa.; Donets, ZS., 1990:
Peculiarities of distribution of parasitic Protozoa in fishes of the Rybinsk Reservoir

Buda, V.; Znutiene, S., 1996:
Peculiarities of egg clutches distribution in small ermine moths Yponomeuta cognagellus and Y evonymellus Lepidoptera, Yponomeutidae Voratinkliniu kandziu Yponomeuta cognagellus ir Y evonymellus Lepidoptera, Yponomeutidae kiausiniu deciu paskirstymo ypatumai

Izvekova, GI., 1990:
Peculiarities of hydrolysis of polysaccharides in cestodes and in the intestine of their fish hosts

Raishite, D.I., 1967:
Peculiarities of infection of leeches with cercariae of the trematode Apatemon gracilis minor Yamaguti, 1933

Vinnitzki, I.M., 1951:
Peculiarities of inflammatory reactions in carnivorous animals after introduction of foreign tissues and helminths into the body cavity

Fateev, K.; Ya., 1967:
Peculiarities of internal organs in the American mink Mustela vison Briss

Rimsh, E.; Ya., 1968:
Peculiarities of lipid exchange in Variegated and White silver carps and their hybrids

Vereiskaya, VN.; Vinnik, TA., 1973:
Peculiarities of maturation of polyploid oocytes in Bombyx mori L during artificial parthenogenesis 2 Triploids

Bogdanova, E., 1990:
Peculiarities of parasite infection and invasion diseases of Lake Ladoga fish with antropogenic influence

Flint, MV.; Dritz, AV.; Pasternak, AF., 1990:
Peculiarities of physiology of some interzonal Copepoda species

Moiseev, P.A., 1956:
Peculiarities of population dynamics of the commercial fauna in the north-western part of the Pacific, and the causes of these peculiarities

Zotin, A.I., 1954:
Peculiarities of secretion of hatching ferment in embryos of Acipenseridae and Salmonidae

Kolinenko, S.V.; Bezdenejnik, V.A., 1969:
Peculiarities of sex formation in the European eel

Larionova, E.N., 1956:
Peculiarities of the Devonian cross-section of the river Vyatka at Sovetsk

Larionova, E.N., 1956:
Peculiarities of the Devonian cross-section on the River Vyalka at Sovetsk

Larionova, E.N., 1956:
Peculiarities of the Devonian section on the river Vyatka at Sovetsk

Sokolov, VE.; Dzhemukhadze, NK.; Malygin, VM., 1990:
Peculiarities of the activity of some enzymes in specific skin glands of sibling species of the common vole

Timonin, VP.; Zhigalov, IA., 1990:
Peculiarities of the age composition, distribution and drift of Euphausia superba larvae in the Somov Sea and adjacent waters

Tarasov, P.P., 1959:
Peculiarities of the biology of Alticdla strelzovi

Vives, E.; Vives, J., 1999:
Peculiarities of the coleopterans from Los Monegros Singularidad de los coleopteros de Los Monegros

Bondarenko, N.V., 1958:
Peculiarities of the diapause of the spider mite Tetranychus urticae and ways of controlling its population under conditions of greenhouses

von Koenigswald, Wighart., 2001:
Peculiarities of the enamel surface of mammal teeth Besonderheiten der Schmelzoberflaeche bei Saeugetierzaehnen

Medvedev, SG., 1990:
Peculiarities of the evolution of fleas, parasites of Chiroptera

Poddubny, A.G., 1958:
Peculiarities of the growth of the razor-fish in the Rybinsk and adjacent water reservoirs

Lagnnov, A.G., 1970:
Peculiarities of the leopard moth larvae

Agapova, A.I., 1957:
Peculiarities of the parasitic fauna of acclimatized fish in the water-reservoirs of Kazakhstan

Zaleskii, Y.M., 1965:
Peculiarities of the preservation of certain fossil entomofauna and their use in stratigraphy

Samurov, MA., 1990:
Peculiarities of the seasonal cycle of the flea Ceratophyllus tesquorum Wagn Siphonaptera, Ceratophyllidae in northeastern part of Caspian lowland

A.Hussein, I.A., 2004:
Peculiarities of the spider communities Arachnida, Araneae in the open cast brown coal mining areas Zu Besonderheiten der Spinnenfauna Arachnida; Araneae der Bergbaufolgelandschaften

Dubinin, V.B., 1949:
Peculiarities of the structure and biology of feather mites inhabiting the basal part of the shafts of the feathers of terns

Khidrogluyan, F., 1956:
Peculiarities of the structure of the intestine in some rodents

Navratil, S.; Palikova, M.; Lescenko, P., 2001:
Peculiarities of the veterinary approach in aquarium fish cultures Zvlastnosti veterinarni pece v velkochovech akvarijnich ryb

Akbarov, S.; Davydov, A.F., 1967:
Peculiarities of thermoregulation in sheep in summer in connection with periodical cooling and shearing

Davydov, A.F.; Lobanov, N.B.; Makarova, A.R.R.shevskaya, D.A.; Yunusov, S., 1967:
Peculiarities of thermoregulation of therepresentative family Equidae in ontogenesis in the conditions of high temperature

Protzenko, AI., 1973:
Peculiarities of topographical distribution of Elateridae Coleoptera from Kirgizia

Drushchi, V.V.; Khiami, N., 1969:
Peculiarities of various stages in the ontogeny of certain lower Cretaceous ammonites

Tokarev, A.K., 1955 :
Peculiarities on searching for food and character of feeding of shoals of pelagic fishes

Shilov, I.A., 1955:
Peculiarity in distribution and the mode of life of water rats in various natural conditions

Gosteeva, M.N., 1956:
Peculiarity of the development of vobla, the Aral sea roach

Blickhan, Reinhard., 2000:
Pedal systems Pedale Systeme

Kellner, Rupert., 1997:
Pederin supplied by females of Paederus spp Coleoptera Staphylinidae to their offspring Pederin-Investition der Weibchen von Paederus spp Coleoptera Staphylinidae in ihre Nachkommen

Agenjo, R., 1973:
Pediasia fulloni nova species descubierta en bailen Lep, Crambidae

Boczarowski, A., 2004:
Pedicellariae from Middle Jurassic Ore bearing Czestochowa Clay Formation and their significance in echinoids life strategy Pedicellarie ze srodkowojurajskich ilow rudonosnych i ich znaczenie w strategii zyciowej jezowcow

Palmeri, V.; Pulvirenti, A., 2004:
Pediobius bruchicida Rondani Hymenoptera, Eulophidae hyperparasitoid of Ooencyrtus pityocampae Mercet in Italy Pediobius bruchicida Rondani Hymenoptera, Eulophidae iperparassitoide di Ooencyrtus pityocampae Mercet in Italia

Parenti, F., 1994:
Pedra Furada, northeast Brazil 1 Problems and chronostratigraphy Pedra Furada, nordeste del Brasile 1 Problematica e cronostratigrafia

Ullastre, J.; Masriera, A., 2004:
Pedraforca stratigraphy and structure Catalonian Pyrenees, Spain Pedraforca estratigrafia y estructura Pirineo catalan, Espana

Lynch, John D., 1999:
Pedro Miguel Ruiz-Carranza February 3rd, 1932 - September 12th, 1998 Pedro Miguel Ruiz-Carranza Febrero 3, 1932 - Septiembre 12, 1998

Shakhtakhtinskaya, Z., 1949:
Pego-somum skrjabini sp nov parasite of birds

L.Corre, Matthieu., 2000:
Pekin nightingale Leiothrix lutea Sylviidae, Timaliinae a new species introduced to La Reunion Indian Ocean Le rossignol du Japon Leiothrix lutea sylviides, timaliines, nouvelle espece introduite a la Reunion Ocean Indien

Cordier, Julien., 2002:
Pekin robin Leiothrix lutea breeding the Pyrenees-Atlantiques Reproduction dans les Pyrenees-Atlantiques du Leiothrix jaune Leiothrix lutea

Birshstein, Y.A.; Vinogredov, M.E., 1958:
Pelagial gammarids of the North-Western part of the Pacific

Ushakov, P.V., 1957:
Pelagic Polychaeta of the North-Western part of the Pacific Invest

Sveshnikov, V.A., 1961:
Pelagic Polychaete larvae of the White Sea

Semenova, TN., 1973:
Pelagic amphipods of the genus Vibilia Milne-Edwards Hyperiidea, Vibiliidae, in the south-eastern parts of the Pacific Ocean

Federov, VV.; Parin, NV., 1998:
Pelagic and benthopelagic fishes of the Pacific waters of Russia in boundary of the 200-miles economic zone

Gordeeva, KT.; Shmeleva, AA., 1974:
Pelagic copepods in tropical Atlantic and peculiarities of their mass distribution

Parin, NV.; Andriyashev, AP.; Borodulina, OD.; Chuvasov, VM., 1974:
Pelagic deep-sea fish from the south-west part of the Atlantic Ocean

Fukataki, H., 1963:
Pelagic egg balloons from the Western North Pacific referrable to Sebastolobus macrochir Gunther

Myrberget, S., 1965:
Pelagic fish eggs and larvae in the Skagerrack and Oslofjord 1957-1959

Kada, O.; Marhoum, A., 1997:
Pelagic fishing in the Moroccan Mediterranean La pecherie pelagique en Mediterranee marocaine

Ilin, IN., 1992:
Pelagic irruptions in tropical and subtropical oceanic waters Pelagicheskoe obrastanie v tropicheskikh i subtropicheskikh vodakh okeana

Lubny-Tertsyk, E.A., 1964:
Pelagic lancelets

Kiseleva, M.I., 1957:
Pelagic larvae of Black-Sea polychaetes

Murina, VV.; Kukyanova, LF., 1990:
Pelagic larvae of Polychaeta of the Black Sea Nereidae

Paulmier, Gerard., 1996:
Pelagic molluscs of Martinique The tests of pelagic molluscs collected in the sedimentary deposits of Martinique Mollusques pelagiques de Martinique Les tests des mollusques pelagiques recueillis dans les depots sedimentaires de la Martinique

Vicencio-Aguilar, M.E.; Sanchez-Nava, S.; Fernandez-Alamo, M.A.a., 2000:
Pelagic molluscs of the western region of Baja California state, Mexico Moluscos pelagicos de la region occidental del estado de Baja California, Mexico

Korotkevic, V.S., 1955:
Pelagic nemertine from Polar region

Korotkevitsch, V.S., 1955:
Pelagic nemertines of the far eastern seas of the USSR

Rozbaczylo, N.; Moreno, R.A.; Guzman, G.; Jaque, J., 2004:
Pelagic polychaetes Annelida, Polychaeta from the SE Pacific Ocean off Chile and its Oceanic Islands Poliquetos pelagicos Annelida, Polychaeta del Pacfico suroriental frente a Chile e islas oceanicas

Schagerl, M.; Krbec, H.; Nairz, S.; Wieltschnig, C., 1996:
Pelagic primary production in the Danubian backwater system Regelsbrunner Au Lower Austria Pelagische Primarproduktion in einem Donaualtarm bei Regelsbrunn Niederosterreich

Luigi, Bruno ., 1997:
Pelagic seashells Conchiglie pelagiche

Olavo, G.; Costa, P.A.; Martins, A.S., 2005:
Pelagic surveys in the central region of Brazilian EEZ between Rio Real-BA and Cao de Sao Tome-RJ Prospeccao de grandes peixes pelagicos na regiao central da ZEE Brasileira entre o Rio Real-BA e o Cabo de Sao Tome-RJ

Amor, A., 1966:
Pelagic tunicates of Operation Convergency in the south Atlantic 1961

Andreata, J.V.; Oliveira, L.O.; Meurer, B.C.; Freret, N.V.; Teixeira, D.E.; Manzano, F.V.; Longo, M.M., 2004:
Pelagics fishes of Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Peixes pelagicos da Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Mayer, P.; Kreutz, M., 2000:
Pelagovasicola cinctum - a ciliate unusually found in plankton Pelagovasicola cinctum - ein unregelmassig auftretender Ciliat im Plankton

Tanasiichuk, LN., 1975:
Pelecus cultratus in the Kakhovsk and Kremenchugsk reservoirs

Molchanova, TV., 1974:
Pelicans and cormorants in western Siberia

Kazakov, BA.; Yazykova, IM., 1972:
Pelicans on Lake Manych-Gudilo

Berg, M., 1990:
Pellet analysis in Heumensoord

Schmid, P., 2003:
Pellet analysis in a population of the little owl Athene noctua in an intensively cultivated agricultural landscape Grosses Moos in Switzerland Gewoellanalyse bei einer Population des Steinkauzes Athene noctua im Grossen Moos, einer intensiv genutzten Agrarlandschaft des schweizerischen Mittellandes

Temme, Manfred., 2000:
Pellet analysis of the barn owl Tyto alba at Albernoa, Alentejo province, Portugal Gewollinhalte der Schleiereule Tyto alba bei Albernoa, Provinz Alentejo, Portugal

Lavers, N., 1990:
Pellet analysis of winter-roosting of long-eared owls Asio otus in Arkansas

Temme, Manfred., 2000:
Pellet content of the long-eared owl Asio otus in Emden city/east Friesland Gewollinhalte von Waldohreulen Asio otus in der Stadt Emden/Ostfriesland

Staton, MA.; McNease, L.; Theriot, L.; Joanen, T., 1990:
Pelletized alligator feed an update

Knefeli, Thomas., 1997:
Pellets for parrots? Pellets fur Papageien?

Pharisat, Andre., 2001:
Pellets of Tyto alba from Malans bell tower Haute-Saone Pelote de rejection de Tyto alba du clocher de Malans Haute-Saone

Pharisat, Andre., 2001:
Pellets of Tyto alba, Battrans church Haute-Saone Pelote de rejection de Tyto alba, eglise de Battrans Haute-Saone

Pharisat, Andre., 2004:
Pellets of the barn owl Tyto alba at Etrabonne Doubs Pelotes de rejection de chouette effraie Tyto alba a Etrabonne Doubs

Pharisat, Andre., 2004:
Pellets of the barn owl Tyto alba at Pierrefontaine les Varans Doubs Pelotes de rejection de chouette effraie Tyto alba a Pierrefontaine les Varans Doubs

Pharisat, Andre., 2003:
Pellets of the barn owl Tyto alba, at the dungeon of Etrabonne castle Pelotes de rejection de Chouette effraie Tyto alba, donjon du chateau dEtrabonne

Werner, Uwe., 2003:
Pelmatochromis nigrofasciatus Bred for the first time in the aquarium Pelmatochromis nigrofasciatus stmals im Aquarium nachgezuechtet

Trapp, Benny., 2001:
Pelobates syriacus Boettger, 1889 The eastern spadefoot Pelobates syriacus Boettger, 1889 Syrische Schaufelkroete

Thomas, Herve., 1994:
Pelodytes punctatus Pelobatidae, Anura, Amphibia in hibernation in Lot-et-Garonne Pelodytes punctatus amphibien anoure Pelobatidae en hivernation dans le Lot-et-Garonne

Balmori, Alfonso., 2000:
Pelodytes punctatus parsley frog new records and habitat in Valladolid and Palencia Pelodytes punctatus sapillo moteado nuevas citas y habitat en Valladolid y Palencia

Hofstra, Jelle., 1996:
Pelomedusa subrufa in the terrarium De Afrikaanse moerasschildpad, Pelomedusa subrufa in het terrarium

Stumm, Claudius K. van Bruggen, Johan JA., 1997:
Pelomyxa palustris, a strange amoeba Pelomyxa palustris, eine merkwurdige Amobe

Hadjouis, D., 2005:
Pelorovis antiquus and/or Syncerus caffer? Turotragus or Tragelaphus Bovidae, Mammalia, buffaloes and tragelaphines of the Aterian site Les Phacocheres Algers, Algeria Pelorovis antiquus et/ou Syncerus caffer? Taurotragus ou Tragelaphus Bovidae, Mammalia Les buffles et Les Tragelaphines du gisement Aterien des Phacocheres Alger, Algerie

Ylla, J.; Macia, R.; Redondo, V., 2003:
Pelosia muscerda Hufnagel, 1766, a new species for Aragon and confirmation of the presence of Eilema lutarella Linnaeus, 1758 in Sierra de Albarracin Lepidoptera Arctiidae Pelosia muscerda Hufnagel, 1766 especie nueva para aragon y confirmacion de la presencia de Eilema lutarella Linnaeus, 1758 en la Sierra de Albarracin Lepidoptera Arctiidae

Sundell, P.R.bert.; Kaitila, J., 2003:
Pelosia obtusa Herrich-Schaeffer, 1847, a tiger moth new for Finland Pelosia obtusa Herrich-Schaeffer, 1847, kaaripistesiipi - Suomelle uusi siilikas

Duquef, Maurice., 1995:
Pelosia obtusa H-S a new species for Somme Department Picardy Lep Arctiidae Lithosiinae Pelosia obtusa H-S espece nouvelle pour le departement de la Somme Picardie Lep Arctiidae Lithosiinae

Sumpich, Jan., 1997:
Pelosia obtusa H-S, a new species for the Corsican fauna Lepidoptera Arctiidae Pelosia obtusa H-S, espece nouvelle pour la faune de Corse Lepidoptera Arctiidae

Rogard, Jacques., 1997:
Pelosia obtusa Herrich-Schaffer 1852, a new species for Gironde Lepidoptera Arctiidae Lithosiinae Pelosia obtusa Herrich-Schaffer 1852, espece nouvelle pour le departement de la Gironde Lepidoptera Arctiidae Lithosiinae

Delongueville, C.; Scaillet, R., 1999:
Pelseneeria minor Koehler Vaney, 1908, collections in the Alboran Sea Pelseneeria minor Koehler Vaney, 1908 recoltes en mer d Alboran

Chessa, LA.; Patti, FP.; Delrio, G., 2005:
Peltaster placenta Muller Troschel 1842 tetrameric form an unusual finding Peltaster placenta Muller Troschel 1842 forma tetramera un ritrovamento insolito

Bonnot, A.; Fortwengler, D.; Marchand, D., 1997:
Peltoceratinae Ammonitina, Aspidoceratidae of the Callovian-Oxfordian boundary from the Terres Noires Formation of south east France Les Peltoceratinae Ammonitina, Aspidoceratidae au passage Callovien-Oxfordien dans les Terres Noires du sud-est France

Herzog, Annette., 2001:
Peltoperleidus obristi sp nov, a new small actinopterygian fish of the Prosanto Formation Middle Triassic of Grison Switzerland Peltoperleidus obristi sp nov, ein neuer, kleiner Strahlenflosser Actinopterygii, Perleidiformes aus der Prosanto-Formation Mitteltrias von Graubuenden Schweiz

Grychta, Udo., 1999:
Pelusios subniger Lacepede, 1788, the East African black terrapin - a report on keeping and breeding Pelusios subniger Lacepede, 1788, die Dunkle Pelomedusenschildkrote - ein Haltungs- und Zuchtbericht

Linke, Horst., 2006:
Pelvicachromis humilis a new local form from Fria in Guinea Pelvicachromis humilis eine neue Lokalform aus Fria in Guinea

Chiout, K-H., 1990:
Pelvicachromis roloffi, die Karbolmaus aus West-Liberia

Lamboj, Anton., 2006:
Pelvicachromis sp blue fin a fine surprise from Guinea Pelvicachromis sp blue fin eine schoene Ueberraschung aus Guinea

Coffin, J.; Remaudiere, G., 2001:
Pemphigus coluteae Passerini, 1863, alienicole morph and synonym of P Phemphiginus vesicarius Passerini, 1862 Hemiptera, Aphididae, Eriosomatinae Pemphigus coluteae Passerini, 1863, forme exilee et synonyme de P Pemphiginus vesicarius Passerini, 1862 Hemiptera, Aphididae, Eriosomatinae

Ripka, G.; Szendrey, L., 2004:
Pemphigus fuscicornis Koch has caused damage on sugar beet in 2003, too Recent data to the knowledge of the distribution of and damage by the species in Hungary A repa-gyokertetu Pemphigus fuscicornis Koch 2003-ban is karositott Ujabb adatok a faj hazai elterjedesehez es kartetelehez

Wiering, Henny., 1999:
Pemphredon montana, new to the Netherlands Hymenoptera Sphecidae Pemphredon montana, een nieuwe graafwesp voor Nederland Hymenoptera Sphecidae

Mikuz, V.; Horvat, A., 1998:
Pen shells from Badenian beds at Dolnja Stara vas near Skocjan and at Gorenja vas near Smarjeta in Lower Carniola Slovenia Lescurji iz badenijskih plasti Dolnje Stare vasi pri Skocjanu in Gorenje vasi pri Smarjeti na Dolenjskem Slovenija

Morales Muniz, A.; Moreno Nuno, R., 1992:
Pena Negra Alicante an archaeozoological study Pena Negra Alicante efectos de la seleccion aprioristica de muestras en arqueozoologia

Lin, M-N.; Ting, Y-Y.; Tzeng, B-S.; Liu, C-Y., 1990:
Penaeid parental shrimp rearing culture of the third generation in Penaeus vannamei

Guzman G., G.; Soto M., R., 2000:
Penaeid shrimps Decapoda, Dendrobranchiata of northern Chile the El Nino event 1997-1998 Camarones peneidos Decapoda, Dendrobranchiata frente al norte de Chile evento El Nino 1997-1998

Crosnier, A., 2006:
Penaeopsis Crustacea, Decapoda, Penaeidae collected in the south-west Pacific by French expeditions since 1976 Description of a new species Penaeopsis Bate, 1881 Crustacea, Decapoda, Penaeidae recoltees dans le Pacifique sud-ouest par les campagnes francaises depuis 1976 Description dune espece nouvelle

Artiles, M.A.; Regueira, E.; Perez, L., 2000:
Penaeus schmitti maturity and reproduction using ablated and non-ablated females under natural light Maduracion y reproduccion de Penaeus schmitti utilizando hembras ablacionadas y no ablacionadas bajo iluminacion natural

Beschin, C.; Garassino, A., 2000:
Penaeus vanzii n sp and Penaeus sorbinii n sp Crustacea, Decapoda of the Oligocene of Valle del Ponte Laverda and Salcedo Vicenza, N Italy Penaeus vanzii n sp e Penaeus sorbinii n sp Crustacea, Decapoda dellOligocene della Valle del Ponte Laverda e di Salcedo Vicenza, N Italia

Stallknecht, Helmut., 2000:
Pencil fishes Schrage Steher

Northwang, U.; Weidig, I., 2003:
Pencil tongues and nutcracker beaks Parrot systematics and biogeography Pinselzungen und Nussknackerschnaebel Papageiensystematik und Biogeographie

Elias, Jaroslav., 2002:
Pencilfishes in the aquarium Drobnoustky a sikmostojky v akvariu

Suttner, Rudolf., 2004:
Pencilfishes Schraegsteher

Testaert, Dominique., 1999:
Penduline tit Remiz pendulinus in Wallonia; change of status and analysis of breeding in the lower Meuse valley La remiz penduline Remiz pendulinus en Wallonie, evolution du statut et analyse de la nidification en Basse-Meuse liegeoise

Elias, G.; Ferreira, L.F.lipe., 1994:
Penduline tit Remiz pendulinus breeding in Portugal Nidificacao do chapim-de-faces-pretas Remiz pendulinus em Portugal

Wagner, L.; Molnar, V., 1997:
Penduline tit x white-crowned penduline tit hybrid at Sumony Koronas fuggocinege hibrid Remiz pendulinus coronatus x pendulinus Sumonyban

Dias-Arieira, C.R.; Ferraz, S.; Freitas, L.G.; Mizobutsi, E.H.ydu., 2002:
Penetration and development of Meloidogyne incognita, M javanica and Heterodera glycines in four forage grasses Penetracao e desenvolvimento de Meloidogyne incognita, M javanica e Heterodera glycines em quatro gramineas forrageiras

Diogo, A.M.ria.; Sediyama, T.; D'Arc, R.; Sediyama, C.S.gueyuki., 2000:
Penetration and reproduction of Heterodera glycines, race 3, in some plant species Penetracao e reproducao de Heterodera glycines, raca 3, em algumas especies vegetais

Paz, R.C.lia Rodrigues da; Zuge, R.M.ra; Barnabe, V.H.ppolito; Morato, R.G.ncalves; Felippe, P.A.selmo Nunes; Barnabe, R.C.mpanarut, 2000:
Penetration assay of frozen jaguar Panthera onca sperm in heterologous oocytes Avaliacao da capacidade de penetracao de semen congelado de onca pintada Panthera onca em oocitos heterologos

Bardonnet, A.; Gaudin, P., 1990:
Penetration de la lumiere a linterieur des graviers des frayeres a salmonides incidences possibles sur le comportement des alevins

Korelov, M.N., 1953:
Penetration of Rana esculenta into Balkhash basin

Shilova, S.A.; Troitsky, V.B.; Diozdova, Y.V., 1958:
Penetration of ticks into residential quarters in areas of tick-borne encephalitis

Acosta Hospitaleche, C.; Canto, J.; Tambussi, C.P., 2006:
Penguins Aves, Spheniscidae in Coquimbo Middle Miocene-Late Pliocene, Chile and their relationship with the ocean currents Pinguinos Aves, Spheniscidae en Coquimbo Mioceno Medio-Plioceno Tardio, Chile y su vinculacion con las corrientes oceanicas

Cruz, Isabel., 2001:
Penguins as prey during the Holocene Biological, fossil, and archaeological information for discussing the issue of their availability in the South of Patagonia Los pinguinos como presas durante el Holoceno Informacion biologica, fosil y arqueologica para discutir su disponibilidad en el sur de Patagonia

Elorza, Mikelo., 1994:
Penguins at Zarautz? Record of an extinct species of Pinguinus impennis at the Herriko Barra Formation Pinguinos en Zarautz? Sobre el hallazgo de la especie extinta Pinguinus impennis en el yacimiento de Herriko Barra

Lono, O., 1961:
Penguins in Norway

Schiavini, A.; Yorio, P.; Gandini, P.; Raya Rey, A.; Boersma, P.; Dee, 2005:
Penguins of coastal Argentina population status and conservation Los pinguinos de las costas argentinas estado poblacional y conservacion

Fagot, Jean., 1999:
Penichroa fasciata Stephens, 1831 in Belgium explanation Coleoptera Cerambycidae Penichroa fasciata Stephens, 1831 en Belgique explication Coleoptera Cerambycidae

Fagot, J.; Thirion, C., 1996:
Penichroa fasciata Stephens, 1831, new species for the Belgian fauna Coleoptera, Cerambycidae Penichroa fasciata Stephens, 1831, nouvelle espece pour la faune belge Coleoptera, Cerambycidae

Navarro, J.; Urbano, J.M.ria.; Llinares, A., 2004:
Penichroa timida Menetries, 1832 Coleoptera, Poliphaga, Cerambycidae, species present in Seville Andalusia, Spain Penichroa timida Menetries, 1832 Coleoptera, Poliphaga, Cerambycidae, especie presente en Sevilla Andalucia, Espana

Rybalchenko, VM.; Koval, EZ.; Sheremet, VP., 1990:
Penicillium funiculosum Thom toxicity to blood-sucking mosquito larvae

Zernov, S.A., 1909:
Penilia schmackeri Richard Cladocera dans la Mer Noire, Note preliminaire

Strauss, Guenter., 2006:
Penis transplant as a therapy for preputial closure in a young bush dog Speothos venaticus Penisverlagerung als Therapie eines Praeputialverschlusses bei einem jungen Waldhund Speothos venaticus

L.D.mezet, M.; Dumas, C.; Plusquellec, Y., 2004 :
Penn ar Bed, 50 years history Penn ar Bed, 50 ans dhistoire

D.P.ins, G.; Garrevoet, T., 1998:
Pennisetia hylaeiformis new to the province of Antwerp Lepidoptera Sesiidae Pennisetia hylaeiformis nieuw voor de provincie Antwerpen Lepidoptera Sesiidae

Stone, W., 1890:
Pennsylvania and New Jersey Spiders of the Family Lycosidae

Sour Tovar, F.; Quiroz Barroso, S.A., 1989:
Pennsylvanian brachiopods Strophomenida of the Ixtaltepec Formation, Santiago Ixtaltepec, Oaxaca Braquiopodos pensilvanicos Strophomenida de la Formacion Ixtaltepec, Santiago Ixtaltepec, Oaxaca

Minwegen, Elke., 2001:
Pensylvanian biconstructions of the Cantabrian Mountains northern Spain Die Biokonstruktionen im Pennsylvanium des Kantabrischen Gebirges Nordspanien

Tulp, Arnold., 2004:
Pentacoelum punctatum Brandtner, 1935, a barely known triclad turbellarian from brackish water found near Harlingen Pentacoelum punctatum Brandtner, 1935, een nauwelijks bekende triclade uit het brakke water, aangetroffen bij Harlingen

Kapitonov, V.I.; Ganyushin, A.; E,., 1971:
Pentadactyl dwarf jerboa-a new species of mammalian fauna of Kazakhstan

Schouteden, H., 1916:
Pentalomides nouveaux du Congo belge

Hes, O.; Vrabec, V., 2002:
Pentastomiasis in Bitis gabonica Pentastomiaza u Bitis gabonica

Canestri Trotti, G.; Trentini, M., 2000:
Pentastomida Linguatulida important parasites of reptiles, and, potentially, of man Pentastomida Linguatulida importanti parassiti dei rettili e potenzialmente delluomo

Rokicki, Jerzy., 1997:
Pentastomida Wrzechy

Lia, R.; Tarsitano, E.; Orsini, O., 2000:
Pentastomids causing zoonosis report on Porocephalus clavatus Sambon, 1922 in a captive Boa constrictor from Apulia region, Italy Rischio di zoonosi da pentastomidi segnalazione di Porocephalus clavatus Sambon, 1922 in un Boa constrictor in Puglia

Horvath, G., 1904:
Pentatomidae novae africanae

Kramshoj, L.; Kramshoj, E., 1996:
People and birds on the Emerald Isle Folk og fugle pa Den Gronne O

Johansen, B.T.; Ravn, K., 1997:
People are getting to know the northern bird of paradise Af Nordens paradisfugl bliver man klog

Kloes, H.-Georg.; Lange, J., 2003:
People who played a role in Berlin exhibition aquaria Personen, die in der Berliner Schauaquaristik eine Rolle spielten

Klima, M., 1994:
Peponocephala electra Gray, 1846 - melon-headed whale Peponocephala electra Gray, 1846 - Melonenkopf oder Breitschnabeldelphin

Sielfeld K., W.; Vargas F., M.; Kong U., I.; Guzman G., G., 1996:
Peprilus medius Peters, 1869, at Punta Chipana 21o 19S, first region, Chile Pisces Perciformes, Stromateidae Peprilus medius Peters, 1869, en Punta Chipana 21o 19S, 1 region, Chile Pisces Perciformes, Stromateidae

Adams, ME., 1990:
Peptides as chemical signals hormones to neurotransmitters

Hagvar, Sigmund., 2002:
Per F Waaler Interviewed by Sigmund Hagvar 23 April 1999 Per F Waaler Intervjuet av Sigmund Hagvar 23 april 1999

Kronestedt, Torbjorn., 1999:
Per Lindskog - a commemorative sketch Per Lindskog - en minnesteckning

Kirkim, F.; Sezgin, M.; Katagan, T.; Kocatas, A.; Ates, A.; Suat, 2005:
Peracarid Crustacea fauna of rocky communities in Turkish Aegean Sea coasts Turkiyenin Ege Denizi Kiyilarindaki Kayalik Kommunitelerin Peracarid Crustacea Faunasi

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