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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38537

Chapter 38537 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Rivadeneira Giuria, Victor.; Arias Avila, Carlos Alberto., 2001: Peruvian species of the subgenus Ximeniconus Emerson and Old Jr, 1962 Mollusca, Gastropoda, Conidae Especies peruanas del subgenero Ximeniconus Emerson y Old Jr, 1962 Mollusca, Gastropoda, Conidae

Secretaria de Pesca., 1990: Pescados y mariscos de las aguas Mexicanas calalogo

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Soto-Jaramillo, Fidel., 1989: Pessagniella Parasigalia genera novs of planktonic foraminifera of the Late Cretaceous Pessagniella y Parasigalia novs genera de foraminiferos planctonicos del Cretacico Tardio

Borgemeister, Christian.; Langewald, Juergen.; Lomer, Chris J.; Wilps, Hans.; Zelazny, Bernhard.; Zimmermann, Olaf., 2004: Pest Directory - worldwide CD-ROM database to support research in plant protection Pest Directory - eine weltweite CD-ROM Datenbank ur Foerderung der Forschung im Pflanzenschutz

Ulubilir, Asuman.; Yabas, Cahide., 1996: Pest and beneficial fauna of under cover vegetables and their distribution in the Mediterranean region of Turkiye Akdeniz Bolgesinde ortualtinda yetistirilen sebzelerde gorulen zararli ve yararli faunanin tespiti

Tomiczek, Christian.; Perny, Bernhard., 2005: Pest and diseases on trees in cities Aktuelle Schaeden an Baeumen im Stadtbereich

Ozturk, N.; Ulusoy, M.; Rifat; Bayhan, E., 2005: Pest and natural enemy species determined in pomegranate orchards in the Eastern Mediterranean Region, Turkey Dogu Akdeniz Bolgesi nar alanlarinda saptanan zararlilar ve dogal dusman turleri

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Perny, Bernhard., 2005: Pest on shoots of firs Schaedlinge an Trieben von Tannen

Pospischil, Reiner., 2001: Pest portraits 1996-2001 Schaedlingsprotraets 1996-2001

Tomiczek, Ch., 1997: Pest risk analysis of pinewood nematodes of the genus Bursaphelenchus? Welche Gefahr droht uns durch Splintholznematoden der Gattung Bursaphelenchus?

Sertkaya, E.; Telli, S.; Yigit, A., 2006: Pest status and parasitoids of gall midge, Asphondylia capsici Barnes Diptera Cecidomyiidae in Antakya Province Antakya ve cevresinde biber galsinegi, Asphondylia capsici Barnes Diptera Cecidomyiidaenin zarar durumu ve parazitoitleri

Faleiro, JR.; Singh, KM., 1990: Pest-predator relationship on summer cowpea crop in Delhi

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van de Graaff, S., 1996: Pesticide residues in fishes after chronic and acute exposure in water bodies Pestizidruckstande in Fischen nach chronischer und akuter Exposition in Gewassern

El-Elaimy, IA.; El-Saadany, MM.; Gabr, SA.; Sakr, SA., 1990: Pesticide-poisoning to fresh water teleost 8 Ultrastructural alterations of the intestine of Tilapia nilotica under stress of exposure to diazinon and neopybuthrin

Sokolowski, Andrzej., 1998: Pesticides and epigeal arthropods of agrocenoses Chemiczne srodki ochrony roslin a fauna epigeicznych stawonogow agrocenoz

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Pascual-Villalobos, MJ.; Carreres, R.; Riudavets, J.; Aguilar, M.; Bozal, JM.; Garcia, MC.; Soler, A.; Baz, A.; Del Estal, P., 2006: Pests and natural enemies in stored rice in Spain Plagas del arroz almacenado y sus enemigos naturales en Espana

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Seidel, Mechthild., 1998: Pests in grain stores Cleaning and disinfection of empty areas are important Vorratsschadlingen in Getreidelagern Reinigung und Leerraumentwesung sind wichtig

Perez Moreno, Ignacio., 1999: Pests introduced to peninsular Spain during the second half of the 20th century Plagas introducidas en Espana peninsular en la segunda mitad del siglo 20

Perez Moreno, Ignacio., 1999: Pests introduced to peninsular Spain during the second part of the 20th century Plagas introducidas en Espana peninsular en la segunda mitad del siglo XX

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Andreiko, O. F.; Shumilo, R. P., 1971: Pests of crows, rodents and the hare family

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Mrutzek, Michael., 2000: Pests A minute slug as a stubborn pest of Montipora corals Plagegeister Eine winzige Nacktschnecke als hartnackiger Fressfeind von Montipora-Steinkorallen

Mrutzek, Michael., 2000: Pests A turbellarian specialized at targeting the Acropora formosa line and a method for its control Plagegeister Ein auf die Acropora formosa-Verwandschaft spezialisierter Strudelwurm und eine Methode zu seiner Bekampfung

Mrutzek, Michael., 2000: Pests New information on treatment of the Acropora formosa turbellarian and a further gastropod as a parasite of Porites Plagegeister - neue Erkenntnisse zur Bekampfung des Acropora formosa-Strudelwurms und eine weitere Nacktschnecke als parasitarer Porites-Untermieter

Schnepf, Eberhard., 2005: Petalomonas sphagnophila, a euglenid from sphagnum grass of moor lakes with endosymbiontic Cyanobacteria Petalomonas sphagnophila, eine Euglenide aus dem Schwingrasen von Moorseen mit endosymbiontischen Cyanobakterien

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Polz, Hermann., 2003: Petasmata of the genus Aeger Muenster, 1839 Crustacea Decapoda Penaeoidea and their phylogenetic importance Petasmata der Gattung Aeger Muenster, 1839 Crustacea Decapoda Penaeoidea und ihre phylogenetische Bedeutung

Solti, B., 1977: Petenyi Janos Salamon Czynk Ede - their collection of remains

Sauer, Klaus Peter., 1999: Peter Berthold Ornithologist and experimental evolution researcher Eulogy on the occasion of the science prize giving and Karl Ritter von Frisch medal by the German Zoological Society on the 3rd June 1998 in Leipzig Peter Berthold Vogelkundler und experimenteller Evolutionsforscher Laudatio anlasslich der Verleihung des Wissenschaftspreises verbunden mit der Karl Ritter von Frisch-Medaille der Deutschen Zoologischen Gesellschaft am 03 Juni 1998 in Leipzig

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Not given., 1869: Petites nouvelles entomologiques

Ricklefs., 1908: Petricola pholadiformis in the North-Sea

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Alvaro, J.; Javier.; Vennin, Emmanuelle., 1998: Petrography and diagenetic processes recorded in the Cambrian limestones of the Mesones Group Iberian Chains, NE Spain Petrografia y diagenesis de las calizas cambricas del Grupo Mesones Cadenas Ibericas, NE de Espana

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de Araujo Tavora, V.; Da Silva, O. Guedes Junior, 2002: Petrography and geochemistry of the carcinolites of the Baunilha Grande ecofacies of the Pirabas Formation Eomiocene, Para State, Brazil Petrografia e geoquimica dos carcinolitos da ecofacies Baunilha Grande da Formacao Pirabas Eomioceno, Estado do Para

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Dickhoff, Andreas., 2003: Petrosaurus thalassinus Cope, 1863 - the blue rock lizard Care, housing breeding Petrosaurus thalassinus Cope, 1863 - der Blaue Felsenleguan Pflege, Haltung und Vermehrung

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Fritzsche, Ingo.; Reese, Elke.; Schmidt, Werner.; Oerlecke, Steve., 2004: Peucetia madagascariensis Vinson, 1863 observations on the care and breeding of a lynx spider Aranea; Oxyopidae Peucetia madagascariensis Vinson, 1863 Beobachtungen zur Haltung und Zucht einer Luchsspinne Aranea; Oxyopidae

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Falleiros, Angela MF.; Gregorio, Elisa A., 1996: Phagocytic hemocytes in larvae of Diatraea saccharalis Fabricius Lepidoptera, Pyralidae Hemocitos fagocitarios em larvas de Diatraea saccharalis Fabricius Lepidoptera, Pyralidae

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Figueroa, Luis.; Torres, Patricio., 1995: Phalacrocorax olivaceus Aves Phalacrocoracidae, a new mechanical vector of Henneguya sp in aquatic ecosystems from south Chile Phalacrocorax olivaceus Aves Phalacrocoracidae, un nuevo vector mecanico de Henneguya sp Protozoa Mixozoa en ecosistemas acuaticos del sur de Chile

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Drees, Michael., 1994: Phaneroptera falcata Poda now also found in Hagen Die Sichelschrecke Phaneroptera falcata Poda nun auch bei Hagen gefunden

Coray, A., 2003: Phaneroptera nana Fieber, 1853 Ensifera Phaneropteridae conquers the Rhine at Basle Phaneroptera nana Fieber, 1853 Ensifera Phaneropteridae ueberwindet den Rhein bei Basel

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Coelho, Sonia Maria Prevedello., 2000: Phaonia Robineau-Desvoidy Diptera, Muscidae, Phaoniinae II Revision of the Neotropical species Phaonia Robineau-Desvoidy Diptera, Muscidae, Phaoniinae II Revisao das especies neotropicais

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Novales-Li, P., 1990: Pharmacological features of beta-hydroxyl-L-glutamic acid receptors

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