Phlebotomine sandflies Diptera Psychodidae frequency, in tegumentary leishmaniasis area, of the Minas Gerais State, Brazil Frequencia de flebotomineos Diptera Psychodidae, em area de Leishmaniose tegumentar, no estado de Minas Gerais, Brasil

do Santos, T.G.; Brazil, R.P.

Entomologia y Vectores. julho-agosto-setembro; 103: 331-343


Accession: 038538891

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Studies on the biology of phlebotominae sandflies related to their nocturnal rhythm were undertaken in 4 localities of the micro-region of Vicosa, using a Shannon-like light trap and human bait. A total of 823 sandflies, belonging to 10 Lutzomyia species, L. intermedia being the most abundant, were collected. There was no significant difference in the mean abundance and frequency of L. intermedia in relation to the nocturnal collection period in this kind of trap. The same was observed for L. whitmani. There was no significant difference in the abundance and frequency of female L. intermedia and of L. whitmani over the nocturnal collection period on human bait. There was a high incidence of L. intermedia on human bait, in an environment greatly modified by man, which reinforces the probability of the species being involved in tegumentary leishmaniase transmission in this micro-region.