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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38547

Chapter 38547 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Kabicek, Jan., 1997:
Phytoseiid mites of an abandoned apple orchard and in surrounding vegetation Roztoci celedi Phytoseiidae opusteneho jablonoveho sadu a okolni vegetace

Kabicek, J.; Koubkova, Z., 1998:
Phytoseiid mites on plants of a city park Roztoci celedi Phytoseiidae na rostlinach mestskeho parku

Pinchuk, LM., 1972:
Phytoseiidae Parasitiformes Gamesoidea from nests of small mammals in Moldavia

Rosso de Ferradas, B.; Fernandez, H.R.fael., 2001:
Phytotelmic Arrenurus Duges Acari Prostigmata Parasitengona of Venezuela Arrenurus Duges Acari Prostigmata Parasitengona fitotelmicos de Venezuela

Viscarret, M.; Lopez, S.N.; Botto, E., 2001:
Phytotoxicity, life table and fecundity studies on the ARG1 biotype of the Bemisia tabaci complex Hemiptera Aleyrodidae Estudios fitotoxicos y de tabla de vida y fecundidad sobre el biotipo ARG1 del complejo Bemisia tabaci Hemiptera Aleyrodidae

Wisser, J.; Strauss, G.; Stolte, M., 1997:
Phytotoxicosis by acorns in llamas and guanacos Phytotoxikose durch Eicheln bei Lamas und Guanakos

Tomasi, Ettore., 2002:
Phytozoa of Alta Val Torre and Val Uccea western Prealpi Giulie, Lusevera, Udine Fito - zoocecidi dellalta Val Torre e Val Uccea Prealpi Giulie occidentali-Lusevera-Udine

Tomasi, Ettore., 2002:
Phytozoa of Monte Castellaro Maggiore Veliko Gradisce north eastern Italy - Slovenia Fito - zoocecidi del Monte Castellaro Maggiore Italia nordorientale - Slovenia

Tomasi, Ettore., 2002:
Phytozoa of Rosandra valley San Dorligo della Valle, Trieste, north - eastern Italy Fito -zoocecidi della val Rosandra San dorligo della Valle, Trieste, Italia nordorientale

Higo, N., 1968:
Pi-effect in the swimming motion of fish-I horizontal U-turn motion

Kornijow, Ryszard., 1998:
Piaseczno, an endangered lake with natural rarities Piaseczno - zagrozone jezioro osobliwosci przyrodniczych

Usakov, V.E., 1911:
Pica caudata im Gouvernement Tomsk

de Lucca, ER., 1990:
Picaflor garganta blanca en el SO de Buenos Aires

Rassati, G.; Zacchigna, M. de Simon, P.E.ilio.; Fabro, C.; Filacorda, S., 2001:
Picidae and Tarvisian forest characteristics Picidae e caratteristiche forestali nel Tarvisiano

Ceruti, P.; Randolfi, E.; Tralongo, S., 2003:
Picidae and forestry a case study in Stirone river park Emilia-Romagna Picidi e attivita forestali un caso di studio nel Parco Fluviale dello Stirone Emilia-Romagna

Greigh de Brito, G.; Correa Costa, E.; Maziero, H.; Bordini de Brito, A.; Dorr, F.A.gusto, 2004:
Pickleworm Diaphania nitidalis Cramer, 1782 Lepidoptera Pyralidae preference for cucumber cultivars in greenhouse Preferencia da broca-das-cucurbiticeas Diaphania nitidalis Cramer, 1782 Lepidoptera Pyralidae por cultivares de pepineiro em ambiente protegido

Ramirez-Perilla, Jaime., 2000:
Picnometric techniques to determine shelled-egg volume Tecnica picnometrica para determinar volumen de huevos con cascara

Ortiz, M.; Jimeno, A., 2001:
Pictorial guide for the identification of the families and genera of Gammaridea amphipods of the Iberian Peninsula Guia ilustrada para la identificacion de las familias y los generos de los anfipodos del suborden Gammaridea de la Peninsula Iberica

Bicho, CL.; Ribeiro, PB., 1998:
Pictorial key for the main Siphonaptera species with medical and veterinary importance in Brazil Chave pictorica para as principais especies de Siphonaptera de importancia medica e veterinaria, no Brasil

Stueben, P.; Bahr, F., 2005:
Pictorial key to the Cryptorhynchinae of Central Europe Coleoptera Curculionidae Cryptorhynchinae Bilderschluessel zu den Cryptorhynchinae Mitteleuropas Coleoptera Curculionidae Cryptorhynchinae

Arias C., Q.; Clavijo, J., 2001:
Pictorial key to the species of Diaphania Huebner, 1818 Lepidoptera Crambidae of Venezuela Clave pictorica de las especies de Diaphania Huebner, 1818 Lepidoptera Crambidae de Venezuela

Anon., 1967:
Pictures of a loaf of bread in which a mouse was found

Pfeiffer, Michael., 2003:
Pictures of spiny loach embryos Cobitis taenia L Aufnahmen von Steinbeisserembryonen Cobitis taenia L

Cerqueira Lima, P.; Grantsau, R., 2006:
Picumnus pygmaeus distinctus Pinto e Camargo, 1961, invalidity of subspecies Picumnus pygmaeus distinctus Pinto e Camargo, 1961, registro da invalidade da subespecie

Sevcik, Jan., 1994:
Pieces of bread in the diet of white wagtail Motacilla alba Ulomky peciva v potrave mladat konipasa bileho Motacilla alba

Weidner, Thomas., 2005:
Pieces of gold from the south of Peru Satanoperca sp Rio Madre de Dios Goldstuecke aus dem Sueden Perus Satanoperca sp Rio Madre de Dios

Rahne, U.; Winkel, W., 1998:
Pied flycatcher Ficedula hypoleuca from northern Germany recovered in Guinea/West Africa Trauerschnapper Ficedula hypoleuca aus Norddeutschland in Guinea/Westafrika wiedergefunden

Winkel, W.; Winkel, D., 2001:
Pied flycatcher Ficedula hypoleuca nestlings with abnormally-coloured plumage chlorochroism Chlorochroismus bei Nestlingen des Trauerschnaeppers Ficedula hypoleuca

Holczer, Lorinc., 1997:
Pied flycatcher catching insects from water surface Kormos legykapo Ficedula hypoleuca kulonos vadaszata

Smit, Aart., 1999:
Pied flycatcher followed on foot Bonte vliegenvanger op de voet gevolgd

Arrigo, D.; Ravussin, P.-Alain., 1999:
Pied flycatchers Ficedula hypoleuca breeding under the roof of a chalet Un couple de gobemouches noirs Ficedula hypoleuca niche sous le toit dun chalet

Lander, FA., 1990:
Pied flycatchers in the Forest of Dean, 1990

Obradovic, Vesna., 1994:
Pied kingfisher Ceryle rudis in the coastal region of Montenegro Sivi vodomec Ceryle rudis v Crnogorskem primorju

van den Berg, A.B.; Brouwer, R.E.; Ebels, E.B.; Endt, H.J. van Rossum, R., 1994:
Pied wheatear at Petten and Katwijk in October-November 1992 Bonte Tapuiten bij Petten en Katwijk in oktober-november 1992

Smith, S., 1990:
Pied wheatear at Wah Fu The first record for Hong Kong

Ullman, Magnus., 2004:
Pied wheatear Nunnestenskvatta

Wattel, J.; Roselaar, CS., 1997:
Pied-billed grebe near Akersloot Dikbekfuut bij Akersloot

Wattel, J.; Roselaar, CS. van Rijswijk, W.J.; Ebels, E.B., 1998:
Pied-billed grebes at Akersloot in April 1997 and at Vlaardingen in January 1998 Dikbekfuten bij Akersloot in april 1997 en Vlaardingen in januari 1998

Ulfstrand, Staffan., 2001:
Pied/collared flycatcher - a nobe hybrid in the making Svartvit halsbandsflugsnappare - ett adelt kryss i vardande?

Campbell, B., 1951:
Pied Flycatcher mysteries, p 467 figs Nesting of the Woodcock p 589 figs The retiring neighbour

Carbonnel, G.; Pouyet, S., 1997:
Pielous procedure, a tool for paleodispersion Application to ostracodes Paleocene, Niger and bryozoans Neogene, Tethys Le protocole de Pielou, un outil decisionnel pour les paleodispersions Application aux ostracodes Niger, Paleocene et aux bryozoaires Tethys, Neogene

Gallet, Jean., 2003:
Pieris mannii Mayer, 1851 Lepidoptera Pieridae, a new species for Corsica, France Pieris mannii MAYER, 1851 Lepidoptera Pieridae, nouvelle espece pour la Corse

Anonymous., 2003:
Pierre Baujard List of publications Pierre Baujard Liste des publications

Socolof, R., 1990:
Pierre Brichard 1921-1990

Fabri, R.; Symoens, J.-Jacques., 2000:
Pierre Compere, from the vegetation map of the Lower Congo to the secretariat of the committee for the nomenclature of algae Pierre Compere, de la carte de vegetation du Bas-Congo au secretariat du comite pour la nomenclature des algues

Branchaud, A.; Jenkins, RE., 1999:
Pierre Fortin 1823-1888 and the first scientific description of the copper redhorse, Moxostoma hubbsi Pierre Fortin 1823-1888 et la premiere description scientifique du chevalier cuivre, Moxostoma hubbsi

Mathieu, Michel., 2003:
Pierre Lubet 2 June 1925 - 22 February 2003 Pierre Lubet 2 juin 1925 - 22 fevrier 2003

Belles, Xavier., 2006:
Pierre Lyonet 1706-1789, lawyer and anatomist Pierre Lyonet 1706-1789, hombre de leyes y minucioso anatomista

Viette, Pierre., 2004:
Pierre Viette his professional life Elements in the history of the museum entomology laboratory during the second half of the XX century Autobiography Pierre Viette sa vie professionnelle Elements pour un histoire du laboratoire dEntomologie du Museum pendant la seconde moitie du XXeme siecle Autobiographie

Ribes, Eva., 1997:
Piesma silenes Horvath, 1888, a new species for the Iberian fauna and P pupula Puton, 1879, new for Catalonia Heteroptera, Piesmatidae Piesma silenes Horvath, 1888, nova especie per a la fauna iberica i P pupula Puton, 1879, nova per a Catalunya Heteroptera, Piesmatidae

Gentili, S.; Barili, A.; Meschini, P., 2003:
Pietrafitta Perugia, Central Italy an open and open-air museum for the Mine of Marvels Un Museo aperto allaperto per la miniera delle Meraviglie di Pietrafitta Perugia, Italia centrale

Meniel, P., 2006:
Pig and wildboar in nothern Gaul, between archaeozoology and collective imaginary Porc et sanglier en Guale septentrionale, entre archeozoologie et imaginaire collectif

Beinlich, Burkhard., 1998:
Pig husbandry in the open - a dynamic factor for morphology and vegetation Schweine-Freilandhaltung als dynamischer Faktor Ein Uberblick zum aktuellen Kenntnisstand

Scheurer, Stephan., 1995:
Pigeon ticks in Berlin Strategies for successful control Taubenzecken in Berlin Strategien fur die erfolgreiche Bekampfung

Cogan, R.; Wells, S., 1990:
Pigeon-proof feeder developed at Phoenix Zoo

Jean, Alain., 1996:
Pigeons Natural history of migration Les palombes Histoire naturelle dune migration

Lutzmann, N., 2004:
Piggy backs during pairing Why do some chamaeleon females carry males on their backs? Huckepack zur Hochzeit Warum tragen einige Chamaeleonweibchen die Maennchen auf dem Ruecken?

Valencia, J.; Godoy, C.; Blank, O.; Donoso, D., 1997:
Pigment abnormalities in gentoo penguin, Pygoscelis papua, at Paradise Bay, Antarctica Alteraciones pigmentarias en el pinguino papua, Pygoscelis papua, en bahia Paraiso, Antartica

Pyza, Elzbieta., 1996:
Pigment dispersing factor as a mediator in the insects circadian clock Czynnik rozpraszajacy pigment jako mediator zegara bilogicznego owadow

van de Veerdonk, FC,G., 1975:
Pigment migration in amphibians

Hermanns, JF., 2001:
Pigmentary anomalies and failure of metamorphosis in the common salamander Salamandra salamandra Anomalies pigmentaires et echec de la metamorphose chez la salamandre tachetee Salamandra salamandra

Soares, F.; Engrola, S.; Dinis, MT., 2002:
Pigmentation abnormalities in juveniles sole Solea senegalensis Kaup, 1858 Anomalias en la pigmentacion de juveniles de lenguado Solea senegalensis Kaup, 1858

Roman, J.; Laffitte, R., 2002:
Pigmentation anomalies in the southwestern water vole Arvicola sapidus sapidus Miller, 1908 Anomalias pigmentarias en la rata de agua Arvicola sapidus sapidus Miller, 1908, D.C.istina.; Hofmann, P.R.berto Petersen.; Valente-Gaiesky, V.L.cia Silva., 2002:
Pigmentation polymorphisms in Drosophila Polimorfismos de pigmentacao em Drosophila

Alves-da-Silva, Sandra Maria. de Souza Laitano, Cristina., 1994:
Pigmented Euglenaceae from Banhado do Jacare, Parque de Protecao Ambiental, Triunfo, Rio Grande do Sul State, Brazil Euglenaceae pigmentadas do Banhado do Jacare, em um Parque de Protecao Ambiental, Triunfo, Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil

Jati, S.; Train, S., 1994:
Pigmented Euglenaceae from freshwater lentic bodies of Porto Rico Island, Porto Rico City, Parana, Brazil Euglenaceae pigmentadas de ambientes lenticos da Ilha Porto Rico, Municipio de Porto Rico, Parana, Brasil

Duque, Santiago R., 1995:
Pigmented euglenophytes from Colombian Amazonia Euglenofitas pigmentadas de la Amazonia Colombiana

Skornik, Iztok., 1996:
Pigmy cormorant Phalacrocorax pygmaeus Different observations from Secovlje Salina in 1995 Pritlikavi kormoran Phalacrocorax pygmaeus

Tomazic, Ales., 2002:
Pigmy owl Mali skovik Glaucidium passerinum

Leyers, Etienne., 2006:
Pike cichlids conclusion Dwergcrenicichlas slot

Sieraad, HA., 2000:
Pike in the domestic aquarium Snoeken in het huiskameraquarium

Samokhuaiova, LK., 1975:
Pike productivity in the Kursk Straits

Serov, N.P., 1965:
Pike-perch Lucioperca lucioperca L in Lake Balkhash

Malinin, L.K.; Poddubnyi, A.G.; Svirsldi, A.M., 1977:
Pike-perch behaviour during spawniug migration in the upper tributary of Rybin water reservoir

Tunbridge, B.R., 1969:
Pilchard survey Nelson 1964

Zablotzkaya, L.V., 1955:
Pillage of coniferous seeds by murine rodents

Policar, T.; Kozak, P., 2001:
Pilot experience with hatching and breeding apparatuses for early juvenile crayfish culture Prvni zkusenosti s lihnoucim a odchovnym aparatem urcenym k produkci racat do III vyvojoveho stadia

Py-Daniel, V.; Andreazze, R. de Medeiros, JF., 2000:
Pilot project Xitei/Xidea Roraima I Epidemiological indices of transmission of Onchocerca volvulus Leuckart, 1893 for the years 1995-1996 Projeto piloto Xitei/Xidea Roraima I - Indices epidemiologicos da transmissao de Onchocerca volvulus Leuckart, 1893 para os anos de 1995-1996

Staub, R.; Willi, G., 2003:
Pilot project for the updating of the biotope inventory of Vorarlberg Pilotprojekt Aktualisierung Biotopinventar Vorarlberg

Pees, M.; Straub, J.; Schumacher, J.; Gompf, R.; Krautwald-Junghanns, M-E., 2005:
Pilot study for normal colour-flow and pulsed-wave spectral Doppler echocardiography in Hispaniolan amazons Amazona ventralis and blue-fronted amazons Amazona a aestiva Pilotstudie zu echokardiographischen Untersuchungen mittels Farb- und pulsed-wave-Spektraidoppler an Blaukronenamazonen Amazona ventralis und Blaustirnamazonen Amazona a aestiva

Desportes, G., 1990:
Pilot whale research in the Faroe Islands Presentation and preliminary results

Bloch, D.; Desportes, G.; Hoydal, K.; Jean, P., 1990:
Pilot whaling in the Faroe Islands July 1986 - July 1988

Schlupp, I.; Podloucky, R.; Kietz, M.; Stolz, F-M., 1990:
Pilotproject Braken-Erste Ergebnisse zur Neubesiedlung eines Ersatzlaichgewassers durch adulte Erdkroten Bufo bufo L

Spencer, F., 1990:
Piltdown a scientific forgery

Mueller, P., 2003:
Piltonia Trilobita in the German Lower Carboniferous Piltonia Trilobita im deutschen Unter-Karbon

Zumaquero R.,; Alejandre A., R.; Linares F., G.; Cedillo R., M.L.lia; Lopez O., J.F.ancisco; Caicedo R., R., 2004:
Pimeliaphilus triatomae Acari Pteregosomidae used as biological control of Meccus pallidipennis Hemiptera Reduviidae in laboratory conditions Pimeliaphilus triatomae Acari Pteregosomidae utilizado como control biologico de Meccus pallidipennis Hemiptera Reduviidae en condiciones de laboratorio

Vidal, E.S.dney.; Santos de Lucena, C.A.berto., 1999:
Pimelodus atrobrunneus, a new species of pimelodid catfish from the upper Rio Uruguai drainage Teleostei, Siluriformes, Pimelodidae Pimelodus atrobrunneus, uma nova especie de pimelodideo do Rio Uruguai superior Teleostei, Siluriformes, Pimelodidae

Piekarska-Boniecka, Hanna., 1997:
Pimplinae Hymenoptera Ichneumonidae occuring in the fruit-growing environment in the environs of Poznan Part 2 Pimplinae Hymenoptera, Ichneumonidae wystepujace w srodowisku sadowniczym okolic Poznania Czesc 2

Piekarska-Boniecka, H.; Wilkaniec, B., 1996:
Pimplinae Hymenoptera, Ichneumonidae occuring in the fruit-growing environment in the environs of Poznan Pimplinae Hymenoptera, Ichneumonidae wystepujace w srodowisku sadowniczym okolic Poznania Czesc 1

Piekarska-Boniecka, Hanna., 1999:
Pimplinae and Diacritinae Hymenoptera Ichneumonidae of selected habitats of an agricultural landscape of Poznan environs Part 1 Pimplinae i Diacritinae Hymenoptera Ichneumonidae wybranych srodowisk krajobrazu rolniczego okolic Poznania Czesc 1

Constantineanu, M.I.; Ciochia, V.; Petcu. L.; Gavrilescu, E.; Constantineanu, R.; Mustata, G., 1966:
Pimplinae and Lissonotinae-new for the Romanian fauna

Malta, Jose Celso O., 1995:
Pindapixara tarira gen et sp n Copepoda Ergasilidae from the gills of Hoplias malabaricus Bloch, 1794 Characiformes Erythrinidae from Brazilian Amazon Pindapixara tarira gen et sp n Copepoda Ergasilidae das branquias de Hoplias malabaricus Bloch, 1794 Characiformes Erythrinidae da Amazonia Brasileira

Szaboky, Csaba., 2004:
Pine beauty moth Panolis flammea Denis et Schiffermuller, 1775 in Hungary A fenyobagoly Panolis flammea Denis et Schiffermuller, 1775 Magyarorszagon

Kayser, Yves., 1999:
Pine bunting wintering in France Premier cas dhivernage du bruant a calotte blanche Emberiza leucocephalos en France

Abrahamson, WG.; Hartnett, DC., 1990:
Pine flatwoods and dry prairies

Berger, Tobias., 2000:
Pine grosbeaks - invasion on Oland during autumn/winter 2000 Tallbitar - invasionen pa Oland hosten/vintern 2000

Bosma, J.G.; Ebels, E.B., 2005:
Pine grosbeaks in the Netherlands in November 2004 Haakbekken in Noord-Nederland in november 2004

Mjolsnes, Kjell., 2004 :
Pine grosbeaks on a quick visit Konglebiter pa snarvisitt

van Dijl, M.; Bosma, J., 2004:
Pine grosbeaks Haakbekken in Friesland en Groningen

Van Den Berge, Koen., 1997:
Pine martens in Flanders? Boommarters in Vlaanderen?

Kleef, Hans L., 1997:
Pine martens in the Netherlands, in particular in the north of the country Boommarterinventarisatie in Nederland aanpak en resultaten, toegespitst op Noord-Nederland

Jacob, Wolfgang., 2001:
Pine pollen as a food resource for plankton in an extremely acidic mining lake Kiefernpollen als Naehrstoffquelle fuer Plankter in einem extrem sauren Tagebaurestsee

Perez Contreras, T.; Tierno de Figueroa, J.M.nuel., 1997:
Pine processionary and its sting defenses La procesionaria del pino y sus defensas urticantes

Pimental, C.; Tavares, A.; Paiva, MR., 2000:
Pine processionary moth Thaumetopoea pityocampa Lepidoptera, Thaumetopoeidae - population dynamics and feeding ecology studies in Portugal Estudos sobre dinamica populacional e ecologia alimentar da processionaria do pinheiro Thaumetopoea pityocampa Lepidoptera, Thaumetopoeidae em Portugal

Dixon, WN.; Foltz, JL., 1990:
Pine reproduction weevils, Hylobius pales Herbst Pachylobius picivorus Germar Coleoptera Curculionidae

Ruiz-Portero, C.; Barranco, P.; Cabello, T., 2004:
Pine scolytids in the Sierra de los Filabres, Almeria Spain Coleoptera, Scolytidae Escolitidos de pinos en la Sierra de los Filabres, Almeria Espana Coleoptera, Scolytidae

Nuorteva, Matti., 1999:
Pine shoot beetles as designers of pine crowns Ytimennavertajat mannyn latvojen muotoilijoina

Roversi, P.F.; Peveriei, G.S.bbatini; Pennacch, F.; Tiberi, R., 2004:
Pine shoot beetles in central Italy Tomicus spp Gli scolitidi del genere Tomicus Latreille in Italia centrale

Fischer, Maximilian., 1998:
Pine wasps on new and known taxa of Alysiini and Dacnusini Hymenoptera, Braconidae, Alysiinae Kieferwespen uber neue und alte Taxa der Alysiini und Dacnusini Hymenoptera, Braconidae, Alysiinae

Steinlechner, S., 1990:
Pineal gland activity during seasonal adaptation of small mammals

Kirim, B.; Bayir, A.; Sirkecioglu, N.; Aras, N.; Mevlut, 2006:
Pineal gland in fish and functions of melatonin hormone Baliklarda pineal bez ve melatonin hormonunun fonksiyonlari

Abs, M., 2004:
Pines and birds - remarkable symbiosis Kiefer und Voegel - merkwuerdige Symbiosen

Hahn, G.; Hahn, R., 1999:
Pinheirodontidae n fam Multituberculata Mammalia from the Lower Cretaceous of Portugal Pinheirodontidae n fam Multituberculata Mammalia aus der tiefen Unter-Kreide Portugals

Cordo, H.D., 2004:
Pink cuskeel Genypterus blacodes Biological features and stock assessment Abadejo Genypterus blacodes Caracterizacion biologica y estado del recurso

Gutierrez, R., 1998:
Pink flamingoes in Spain Flamant roses en Espagne

Sosa, Orlando., 1999:
Pink hibiscus mealybug in Belize El insecto chupador de Savia Maconellicoccus hirsutus en Belize

Siblet, Jean-Philippe., 1999:
Pink pigmentation of lower parts of the black-headed gull Larus ridibundus Pigmentation rosee des parties inferieures chez la mouette rieuse Larus ridibundus

Pillen, Robrecht., 2003:
Pink-footed goose likes long distances Kleine rietgans houdt van grote afstanden

Stumberger, Borut., 2001:
Pink-footed goose Kratkokljuna gos Anser brachyrhynchus

Babjee, AM., 1990:
Pink-necked pigeon a sanctuary on a ranch

Pinto Paiva, M.; Fernandes de Andrade-Tubino, M., 2001:
Pink-shrimp industrial fishery and its by-catch off Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil 1993-1997 Pescarias industriais do camarao-rosa e da fauna acompanhante no estado do Rio de Janeiro, Brasil 1993-1997

Vicente, N. de Gaulejac, B.; Avon, M., 2003:
Pinna nobilis biological indicator of the Mediterranean littoral quality Pinna nobilis indicateur biologique de la qualite du littoral mediterraneen

Zaouali, Jeanne., 2003:
Pinna nobilis status in Tunisia Le status de Pinna nobilis en Tunisie

Maio, N.; Picariello, O., 2000:
Pinnipeds and sirenians of the Zoological Museum of the University Federico II of Naples Catalogue of the collection with historical and osteometrical notes I pinnipedi e i sirenii del Museo Zoologico dellUniversita di Napoli Federico II Mammalia Carnivora, Sirenia Catalogo della collezione con note storiche e osteometriche

Bozic, Ivo A., 2001:
Pintail Dolgorepa raca Anas acuta

Costa Neto, E.Medeiros, 2006:
Piolho-de-cobra Arthropoda Chilopoda Geophilomorpha as viewed by the inhabitants of Pedra Branca, Santa Terezinha, Bahia State, Brazil Piolho-de-cobra Arthropoda Chilopoda Geophilomorpha na concepcao dos moradores de Pedra Branca, Santa Terezinha, Estado da Bahia, Brasil

Ceppi, S.; Occhipinti Ambrogi, A.; Sconfietti, R., 1999:
Pioneer and mature sessile communities of hard substrata in the Lagoon of Venice a comparison of their structures and dynamics Comunita bentoniche pioniere e paraclimaciche in laguna di Venezia strutture e dinamiche a confronto

Saunier, Philippe., 1998:
Pioneering work in the production of reconstruction models of extinct large vertebrates Neue Wege in der Herstellung von Rekonstruktionsmodellen ausgestorbener, grosser Wirbeltiere

Orousset, J., 1996:
Pioneers of coleopterology in the Pyrenees-Orientales Les pionniers de la coleopterologie dans les Pyrenees-Orientales

Osborn, Henry Fairfield., 1907:
Pioneers of science in America Edward Drinker Cope Edward Drinker Cope Edward Drinker Cope Edward Drinker Cope Edward Drinker Cope Edward Drinker Cope Edward Drinker Cope Edward Drinker Cope Edward Drinker Cope Edward Drinker Cope Edward Drinker Cope Edward Drinker Cope Edward Drinker Cope Edward Drinker Cope Edward Drinker Cope Edward Drinker Cope Edward Drinker Cope Edward Drinker Cope Edward Drinker Cope Edward Drinker Cope Edward Drinker Cope Edwar

Merriam, C.H., 1907:
Pioneers of science in America John James Audubon John James Audubon John James Audubon John James Audubon John James Audubon John James Audubon John James Audubon John James Audubon John James Audubon John James Audubon John James Audubon John James Audubon John James Audubon John James Audubon John James Audubon John James Audubon John James Audubon John James Audubon John James Audubon John James Audubon John James Audubon John James Audubon John

Capaccioni, R.; San Martin, G., 1990:
Pionosyllis anophthalma n sp, a new Syllidae Polychaeta from the Spanish Mediterranean coasts

Weidner, T.; Seidel, I., 2006:
Pipefishes of freshwater and brackish water Nadeln des Suess- und Brackwassers

Deblinger, RD.; Rimmer, DW., 1990:
Piping plover nest and habitat protection in Massachusetts a review

Golder, W.; Parnell, JF., 1990:
Piping plover, Charadrius melodus Ord

Fuhrmann, M.; Godmann, O., 1999:
Pipistrelle species Pipistrellus pygmaeus/mediterraneus - a new species for Germany Mueckenfledermaus Pipistrellus pygmaeus/mediterraneus - eine neue Art in Deutschland

Jones, L., 1990:
Pipistrelles back at Somerford Keynes

Freitag, Bernd., 1996:
Pipistrellus kuhli - the first record of reproduction in Steiermark Mammalia, Chiroptera, Vespertilionidae Pipistrellus kuhli - Erste Fortpflanzungsnachweise fur die Steiermark Mammalia, Chiroptera, Vespertilionidae

Centro protezione chirottero Ticino (CPT)., 2002:
Pipistrellus pygmaeus, a species of pipistrelle recently discovered in Europe and present also in Ticino Pipistrellus pygmaeus, una specie di pipistrello scoperta di recente in Europe, e presente anche in Ticino

Radulet, Nastase., 1996:
Pipistrellus savii Bonaparte, 1837 Chiroptera Vespertilionidae recorded for the first time in Romania Pipistrellus savii Bonaparte, 1837 Chiroptera Vespertilionidae signale pour la premiere fois en Roumanie

Freitag, Bernd., 1996:
Pipistrellus savii Bonaparte, 1837 - first record for Steiermark Mammalia, Chiroptera Pipistrellus savii Bonaparte, 1837 - Erstnachweis fur die Steiermark Mammalia, Chiroptera

Wolff, Danny., 1998:
Pipiza accola Violovitsh, 1985 Diptera, Syrphidae - first record for Germany Pipiza accola Violovitsh, 1985 Diptera, Syrphidae - Erstnachweis fur Deutschland

Scherer Neto, P.; Kajiwara, D., 1997:
Pipra fasciicauda Pipridae, Aves in the Vila Rico do Espirito Santo State Park, Fenix, Parana Pipra fasciicauda Pipridae, Aves no Parque Estadual de Vila Rica do Espirito Santo, Fenix, Parana

Bankowska, Regina., 1996:
Pipunculidae Diptera of the Kampinos National Park Pipunculidae Diptera Kampinoskiego Parku Narodowego

Bydzovsky, Vladko., 2001:
Piranhas of the genus Serrasalmus Pirane rodu Serrasalmus

Schleser, David M., 2003:
Piranhas? - why not? Piranhas? - Warum nicht?

Furtado, Eurides., 2001:
Pirascca crocostigma Bates, 1868 ethologic data and description of the female Lepidoptera, Riodinidae Pirascca crocostigma Bates, 1868 notas etologicas e descricao da femea Lepidoptera, Riodinidae

di Carlo, EA., 1990:
Piro piro codalunga Bartramia longicauda nelle Marche

Charyev, O.Ch., 1977:
Piroplasmid fauna of sheep and diseases caused by them

Oboldujeff, G.A., 1910:
Piroplasmose der Pferde und Hunde in West-Sibirien

Dschunkovski, E.; Luhs, I., 1909:
Piroplasmose der Schafe in Transkaukasien

Sassuchin, D.M., 1936:
Piroplasmoses of wild mammals in South-Eastern Russia No IV

Kommenrij, R., 1964:
Piroplasmosis in cattle on the isle of Arneland, the Netherlands

Mora Morote, Pedro., 1997:
Pisces Myliobatiformes, Rajiformes and Pristiophoriformes in the Pliocene of Guardamar del Segura Alicante Peces Myliobatiformes, Rajiformes y Pristiophoriformes en el Plioceno de Guardamar del Segura Alicante

Melotti, P., 1990:
Piscicoltura in acque calde

Moiseev, P.A., 1959:
Pisciculture investigations in the western part of the Pacific

Novotny, L.; Dvorak, P., 2002:
Piscinoodinium infection in aquarium fish Piscinoodinioza u akvarijnich ryb

Mayer Pelicice, F.; Abujanra, F.; Fugi, R.; Dirco Latini, J.; Gomes, L.C.rlos.; Agostinho, A.A.tonio., 2005:
Piscivory relating to productivity in reservoirs exploring the top down mechanism A Piscivoria Controlando a Produtividade em Reservatorios Explorando o Mecanismo Top Down

Mansur, M.C.istina Dreher.; Anflor-de-Oliveira, L.M.ria. de Almeida-Caon, J.E.isabete Marques., 2001:
Pisidium punctiferum Bivalvia, Sphaeriidae - ecologic data and population density in Arroio Bom Jardim, Rio Grande do Sul State, Brazil Pisidium punctiferum Bivalvia, Sphaeriidae - dados ecologicos e densidade populacional no arroio Bom Jardim, Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil

Anflor de Oliveira, L.M.ria.; Mansur, M.C.istina Dreher., 2001:
Pisidium punctiferum Mollusca, Bivalvia, Sphaeriidae developmental aspects of a population from the small river Bom Jardim of the Cai River Basin, Rio Grande do Sul State, Brasil Pisidium punctiferum Mollusca, Bivalvia, Sphaeriidae aspectos do seu desenvolvimento em amostras da populacao do arroio Bom Jardim, da Bacia do Rio Cai, Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil

Weber, Michael., 1996:
Pit 4 of the Schnerman in Rothenberge outcrop litho- and biostratigraphy of the Upper Aptian profile in NW Germany Die Tongrube 4 der Ziegelei Schnermann in Rothenberge Litho- und Biostratigraphie einer Ober-Aptprofils in NW-Deutschland

Brandstaetter, Frank., 2005:
Pitangus lictor in a roomy enclosure Der Liktormaskentyrann in einer grossraeumigen Lebensraumanlage

Boye, P.; Meinig, H., 1997:
Pitfall traps for amphibians a perspective of mammalian conservation Amphibienlandfallen aus der Sicht des Saugetierschutzes

Bult, Hidde., 2000:
Pitfalls during marsh tit Parus palustris surveys in West-Brabant Glanskop Parus palustris perikelen in West-Brabant

Fremont, Jean-Yves., 1994:
Pitfalls in the identification of the ruddy shelduck Tadorna ferruginea Les pieges de lidentification le tadorne casarca Tadorna ferruginea

Essl, F.; Weissmair, W.; Brader, M., 1998:
Pits in the Upper Austrian region Unteres Muhlviertel - aspects of vegetation and zoology birds, amphibians, reptiles, grasshoppers Abbaugebiete im Unteren Muhlviertel - vegetationskundliche und zoologische Aspekte Vogel, Amphibien, Reptilien und Springschrecken

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