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Plant parasitic nematodes associated with the yellow yam in six municipalities of the Rainforest Zone Zona da Mata in the State of Pernambuco, Brazil Fitonematoides associados ao inhame da Costa em Seis Municipios produtores da Zona da Mata do Estado de Pernambuco, Brasil

Marinho de Moura, R.; Santana de Oliveira, I.; Rubens de Castro Torres, G.

Nematologia Brasileira. Dezembro; 292: 299-302


Accession: 038548085

A survey on the occurrence of plant parasitic nematodes of the yellow yam (Dioscorea cayennensis) in six municipalities of the Rainforest Zone (Zona da Mata) in the State of Pernambuco: Aldeia, Paudalho, Vicencia, Itapissuma, Goiana e Condado was carried out. The results indicated the presence of the species Pratylenchus coffeae, Meloidogyne sp., Rotylenchulus reniformis, Helicotylenchus diltystera and Criconemella ornata in all sampled areas, except for H. dihystera in Itapissuma. The yam nematode Scittellonema bradys, the etiologic agent of dry rot in yam, was not found, confirming Moura and collaborators' data published in 2001 on the progressive replacement of this nematode by P. coffeae, which causes similar symptoms in yellow yam tubers. This nematode can Currently be found in almost all yam producing areas in Northeastern Brazil.

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