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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38560

Chapter 38560 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Penereiro, Julio Cesar., 1994:
Possible astronomical influences on evolution of biological species Possiveis influencias astronomicas evolucao das especies biologicas

Koks, Ben J., 1998:
Possible breeding attempt of turnstone Arenaria interpres in the Dutch Wadden Sea Een mogelijk broedgeval van een steenloper Arenaria interpres in het Nederlandse Waddengebied

Zucchi, H., 2004:
Possible breeding of Savis warbler Locustella luscinioides in the year 2003 at an agricultural fallow in Osnabrueck Brutverdacht eines Rohrschwirls Locustella luscinioides im Jahr 2003 auf einer Ackerbrache bei Osnabrueck

Lugrin, Bernard., 1998:
Possible breeding of black-necked grebe Podiceps nigricollis in the Canton of Geneva Premier indice de nidification du grebe a cou noir Podiceps nigricollis dans le canton de Geneve

Diesing, Peter., 2002:
Possible breeding of little ringed plover Charadrius dubius at a newly created moor pond in Cloppenburg district Moegliche Flussregenpfeiferbrut Charadrius dubius an neugeschaffenem Moorteich -weiher im Landkreis Cloppenburg

Persson, Hakon., 2000:
Possible breeding of merlin Falco columbarius in Scania in 2000 Mojlig hackning av stenfalk i Skane 2000

Potters, Hans., 2002:
Possible case of bigamy by Little Owl Athene noctua Mogelijk geval van bigamie bij de Steenuil Athene noctua

Rangbru, Bjorn., 2001 :
Possible case of otter Lutra lutra worrying sheep to death Oter Lutra lutra jaget sannsynligvis sau til dode

Suchant, Rudi., 1997:
Possible causes of population decrease Mogliche Ursachen fur den Bestandesruckgang

Kliebe, Karl., 2003:
Possible causes of young losses of the tufted duck Aythya fuligula at Radenhaus waters at Kirchhain, Marburg-Biedenkopf district Hesse Moegliche Ursachen der Jungenverluste bei Reiherenten Aythya fuligula an der Radenhaeuser Lache bei Kirchhain, Kreis Marburg-Biedenkopf Hessen

Castilla, A.M.; Ali, M., 1997:
Possible changes in abundance of retiles at the Medes Islands Girona, western Mediterranean Posibles cambios en la abundancia de reptiles en las islas Medes Girona, Mediterraneo occidental

Sike, Tamas., 2003:
Possible consumption of hedgehog Erinaceus europaeus by barn owl Tyto alba A gyongybagoly Tyto alba lehetseges sunfogyasztasarol

Servheen, CW.; Knight, RR., 1990:
Possible effects of a restored wolf population on grizzly bears in the Yellowstone area

Penzes, Bethen., 1995:
Possible effects of chemical mosquito control on mass-dying of eels in the Balaton Lake Szunyogirtas es angolnapusztulas

Balmori, A., 2007:
Possible effects of the electromagnetic waves used in the wireless telephony on wildlife Effets possibles des ondes electromagnetiques utilisees dans la telephonie mobile sur les etres vivants

Balmori, A., 2004:
Possible effects of the electromagnetic waves used in the wireless telephony on wildlife Posibles efectos de las ondas electromagneticas utilizadas en la telefonia inalambrica sobre los seres vivos

Lislevand, Terje., 2006 :
Possible effects on bird life of raising power lines over Svelviksund and Drammensfjord Mulige effekter pa fuglelivet ved heving av kraftledning over Svelviksundet i Drammensfjorden

Hufnagel, L.; Meszaros, Z., 1999:
Possible environmental problems related to the introduction with plant protection purposes of species not native in the Hungarian fauna Lehetseges termeszetvedelmi problemak, a faunankra idegen allatfajok novenyvedelmi celu mesterseges betelepitesevel kapcsolatban

Dementyev, G.P.; Kartashev, N.N., 1952:
Possible fluctuations in the terrestrial vertebrate fauna in the western sector of the main Turcmenian Canal

Dementyev, G.P.; KARTASHEV.N.N., 1952:
Possible fluctuations in the terrestrial vertebrate fauna in the western sector of the main Turkmenian Canal

Simek, K.; Macek, M.; Seda, J.; Vyhnalek, V., 1990:
Possible food chain relationships between bacterioplankton, protozoans, and cladocerans in a reservoir

Pintureau, B.; Petinon, S.; Nardon, C., 1999:
Possible function of substances excreted by Trichogramma and darkening their hosts Role possible des substances excretees par les trichogrammes et assombrissant leurs hotes

Schlueter, Uwe., 2004:
Possible habitats of the Algerian whip snake, Hemorrhois algirus Jan, 1863 on Malta Moegliche Lebensraeume der Algerischen Zornnatter, Hemorrhois algirus Jan, 1863 auf Malta

Wagner, Marion., 1997:
Possible health risks in microwave heated bird food Uber mogliche Gesundheitrisiken durch mikrowellenerwarmtes Vogelfutter

Maier, Walter A., 2001:
Possible impact of climate changes on the spread of pathogens impacting on humans via animal vectors transmitters in Germany Start of an action project Moegliche Auswirkungen von Klimaveraenderungen auf die Ausbreitung von humanmedizinisch relevanten Krankheitserregern ueber tierische Vektoren Uebertreger in Deutschland Aktionsprogramm gestartet

Garthe, S., 2000:
Possible impact of offshore wind energy plants on sea and water birds of the German North Sea and Baltic Sea Moegliche Auswirkungen von Offshore-Windenergieanlagen auf See- und Wasservoegel der deutschen Nord- und Ostsee

Artmann-Graf, G., 2004:
Possible indication of two generations of Gryllus campestris Linnaeus, 1758 Orthoptera Gryllidae in summer 2003 Moeglicher Hinweis auf zwei Generationen von Gryllus campestris Linnaeus, 1758 Orthoptera Gryllidae im Sommer 2003

Principato, M.; Boni, P.; Bertolini, M.P.oietti; D'Andrea, M., 2004:
Possible isolation of Dirofilaria immitis Leidy, 1856 in naturally infested mosquitoes from Umbria Possibile isolamento di Dirofilaria immitis Leidy, 1856, in Umbria, in zanzare naturalmente infestate

Benabib, Miriam., 1992:
Possible lines of investigation on the marine turtles of Mexico Posibles lineas de investigacion sobre tortugas marinas en Mexico

de Jong-Brink, M.; Hordijk, PL.; Schallig, HDFH.; Bergamin-Sassen, MJM.; Oosthoek, P., 1990:
Possible mechanisms underlying parasitic castration in trematode infected snails

Svirezhev, YuM., 1974:
Possible methods of generalisation on R Fishers fundamental theorem of natural selection

Sarkisjan, S.G., 1947:
Possible mineralogical correlations of the Sakmaz-Artin deposits in Tshimbaevo oilbearing district

Coeckelbergh, Chris., 1996:
Possible nest-building attempt by spoonbills at Wintam-Bornem Antwerp in 1996 Mogelijke poging tot nestbouw van lepelaars Platalea leucorodia te Wintam-Bornem Antwerpen in 1996

Martinez, M.D.; Atienza, JC.; Ornosa, C., 1996:
Possible nesting of formicids Hymenoptera, Formicidae in trunks of Pinus pinea Linnaeus, 1753 Pinaceae in Valladolid Posible nidificacion de formicidos Hymenoptera, Formicidae en troncos de Pinus pinea Linnaeus, 1753 Pinaceae en Valladolid

Gomez de Silva Garza, H.; Oliveras de Ita, A., 2001:
Possible nomadic behavior in sedge wren Cistothorus platensis in Distrito Federal, Mexico Posible nomadismo en el Chivirin sabanero Cistothorus platensis en el Distrito Federal, Mexico

Orellana-B., A.M.; Erazo-D., M.C., 2002:
Possible population decline of the swallowtail Papilio polyxenes americus Kollar Lepidoptera Papilionidae in the intra-Andean valley of Merida, Venezuela Posible declinacion poblacional de la mariposa Papilio polyxenes americus Kollar Lepidoptera Papilionidae en el valle intra-andino de Merida, Venezuela

Prat, S.; Thackeray, J.F.ancis., 2001:
Possible position of the temporal lines on the cranium of Mrs Ples A africanus Is sexual determination possible? Position de lignes temporales sur le cranium de Mrs Ples A africanus Une attribution sexuelle est-elle possible?

Merck, T., 2000:
Possible problems of offshore wind energy plants from a conservation perspective Moegliche Probleme von Offshore-Windenergieanlagen aus Naturschutzsicht

Skiba, Reinald., 2000:
Possible rain call selection in the chaffinch Fringilla coelebs by noise intensity - an investigation of a hypothesis Mogliche Dialektselektion des Regenrufes beim Buchfink Fringilla coelebs durch Larmbelastung - Prufung einer Hypothese

Pfeifer, Robert., 1995:
Possible reasons for disappearing of the rock thrush Monticola saxatilis from Central Europe Mogliche Ursachen fur das Verschwinden des Steinrotels Monticola saxatilis aus Mitteleuropa

Fahy, E., 1990:
Possible reasons for the recent decline in Irish sea trout stocks a general or local trend?

Erterius, David., 2002:
Possible record of Iberian chiffchaff in Fyledalen 21-23 April 2002 Mojlig iberisk gransangare i Fyledalen 21-23 april 2002

Gyorffy, Szabolcs., 2006:
Possible relationship between the mite populations of a peach orchard and the surrounding vegetation Oszibarack-ultetveny es a kornyezo vegetacio atkapopulacioinak lehetseges kolcsonhatasa

Pagliarani, A.; Bandiera, P.; Trombetti, F.; Ventrella, V.; Trigari, G.; Borgati, AR., 2005:
Possible role of the Na-dependent ATPase activities in the nitrogen excretion in the clam Tapes philippinarum Possibile ruolo delle ATPasi Na-dipendenti nella escrezione azotata nella vongola Tapes philippinarum

Bracci Laudiero, L.; Gualtieri, R.; Andreuccetti, P., 1990:
Possible role of the cortical endoplasmic reticulum during early stages of development in the painted frog Discoglossus pictus Anura

Bosch, J., 2000:
Possible selection of breeding site by female Montagus harriers Circus pygargus Posible eleccion del territorio de cria por parte de la hembra en el Aguilucho Cinizo Circus pygargus

Bender, J.; Xylander, W.E.R.; Stephan, R., 2001:
Possible solutions for the conflict between mine reclamation and conservation Loesungsansaetze im Zielkonflikt zwischen Rekultivierung und Naturschutz in der Bergbausanierung Wiederherstellung eines Libellengewaessers auf Halden des Braunkohletagebaus Berzdorf

Stumpf, Thomas., 1998:
Possiblities of autoecological characterization of closely related beetle species Ins, Col by ecological indicators Moeglichkeiten der autoekologischen Charakterisierung nahe verwandter Kaeferarten Ins, Col mittels oekologischer Zeigerwerte

Bartova, Jana., 2000:
Possiblities of the swamp turtle Emys orbicularis restitution in the Torozlin Protected Area Moznosti restitucie korytnacky mociarnej Emys orbicularis v prirodnej rezervacii Torozlin

Cappetta, H., 2006:
Post Triassic Elasmobranchii species and genus index Elasmobranchii Post-Triadici Index specierum et generum

Luschi, P.; Papi, F.; Hughes, G.R., 2000:
Post breeding migration movements of female marine turtles, monitored via satellite Movimenti migratori post-riproduttivi di femmine di tartarughe marine monitorati via satellite

Mezzavilla, F.; Martignago, G.; Foltran, D., 1999:
Post breeding migration of honey buzzard, Pernis apivorus, in the Venetian Prealps years 1985-1997 Migrazione postriproduttiva del falco pecchiaiolo, Pernis apivorus, attraverso le Prealpi Trevigiane anni 1985-1997

Angelini, M.Robles, 2004:
Post embrionary development and reproductive potential of Chrysoperla externa Hagen Neuroptera Chrysopidae fed with different amounts of eggs of Sitotroga cerealella Lepidoptera Gelechiidae Desenvolvimento pas-embrionario e potencial reprodutivo de Chrysoperla externa Hagen Neuroptera Chrysopidae, alimentada corn diferentes quantidades de ovos de Sitotroga cerealella Lepidoptera Gelechiidae

Marinho da Silva Gomes, Celma. d' Almeida, Jose Mario., 1999:
Post embryo development of Atherigona orientalis Schinner, 1860 Diptera Muscidae on different diets, under laboratory conditions Desenvolvimento pos embrionario de Atherigona orientalis Schinner, 1860 Diptera Muscidae em diferentes dietas, sob condicoes de laboratorio

Markov, AV.; Kushlina, VB., 1990:
Post larval development of several sea urchin spatangoids

Kiszka, J.; Jauniaux, T., 2003:
Post mortem examination of a Sowerbys beaked whale stranded in northern France a collision with a ship responsible of the death? Examen post mortem dun Mesoplodon bidens echoue dans le nord de la France une collision avec un navire comme cause de la mort?

Mezzavilla, F.; Giraudo, L.; Toffoli, R.; Martignago, G., 1999:
Post reproductive migration of the honey buzzard Pernis apivorus across northern Italy Migrazione post riproduttiva del falco pecchiaiolo Pernis apivorus attraverso lItalia settentrionale

Haunschmid, R.; Kozak, D., 1997:
Post stocking performance of catchable brown trout, introduced to different types of streams in Upper Austria Effektivitat von Besatzmassnahmen mit fangfahigen Bachforellen aus einer Zuchtanlage in verschiedenen Flusstypen in Oberosterreich

Mezzavilla, F.; Martignago, G.; Silveri, G., 2003:
Post-breeding Migration Counts of the Honey Buzzard Pernis apivorus above the Hills of Asolo, northeast Italy 1994-2001 Migrazione visibile post riproduttiva del Falco pecchiaiolo Pernis apivorus sopra i Colli Asolani NE Italia anni 1994-2001

Giraudo, L.; Toffoli, R., 2003:
Post-breeding Migration of the Black Kite Milvus migrans at the Alpi Marittime Nature Park, Italian Alps La migrazione postnuziale del Nibbio bruno Milvus migrans attraverso le Alpi Marittime

Gerritsen, Gerrit J., 2001:
Post-breeding concentrations of more than 1000 Egyptian geese Alopochen aegyptiacus in Zwolle Zomerconcentraties van ruim 1000 Nijlganzen Alopochen aegyptiacus in Zwolle

Miltschev, B.; Kodshabaschev, N.; Tschobanov, D., 2000:
Post-breeding diet of black storks Ciconia nigra in SE Bulgaria Zur Nahrung des Schwarzstorchs Ciconia nigra nach der Brutzeit in Sudost-Bulgarien

Beron, M.P.ula.; Coria, N.R.; Favero, M., 2002:
Post-breeding diet of the gentoo penguin Pygoscelis papua at Laurie Island South Orkney Islands, Antarctica period 1997-1999 Monitoreo de la dieta post-reproductiva del pinguino papua Pygoscelis papua en Isla Laurie Orcadas del Sur, Antartida periodo 1997-1999

Charvoz, Pierre., 2004:
Post-breeding migration at Fort lEcluse, autumn 2002 Migration postnuptiale au Fort lEcluse, automne 2003

Soto-Gamboa, M.; Nespolo, R.F., 1997:
Post-eclosional homeothermy development in chicks of two Antarctic birds species Pygoscelis papua and Daption capense in Ardley peninsula, King George Island Desarrollo posteclosional de la homeotermia en polluelos de dos especies de aves antarticas Pygoscelis papua y Daption capense en peninsula Ardley, isla Rey Jorge

Milward-de-Azevedo, E.M.; Carraro, V.M.; Martins, C.; Ignacio Moreira, O.; Cruz, M.; Serafin, I., 1996:
Post-embrionary development of Chrysomya megacephala Fabricius Diptera Calliphoridae in different temperatures, under experimental conditions Part 1 Desenvolvimento pos-embrionario de Chrysomya megacephala Fabricius Diptera Calliphoridae in diferentes temperaturas, sob condicoes experimentais Parte 1

Paes,; Gatto Brito, L.; Castelo Branco, M.; Moya-Borja, G.E.rain., 2000:
Post-embrionary development of Lucilia cuprina Wied, 1830 reared on horse meat exposed at different periods of putrefaction Desenvolvimento pos-embrionario de Lucilia cuprina Wied, 1830 Diptera Calliphoridae, criada em dieta a base de carne equina em diferentes estagios de putrefacao

D.A.riba, A.V.; Costamagna, S.R., 2006:
Post-embrionary development of Microcerella acrydiorum Diptera Sarcophagidae under laboratory conditions Desarrollo post-embrionario de Microcerella acrydiorum Diptera Sarcophagidae bajo condiciones de laboratorio

Nespoli, P.E.; Queiroz, M.M.; Ribeiro, R.C.; Milward-de-Azevedo, E.M., 1998:
Post-embrionary development of two populations of Chrysomya albiceps Wiedemann Diptera, Calliphoridae reared on meat in different stages of putrefaction Desenvolvimento pos-embrionario de duas populacoes de Chrysomya albiceps Wiedemann Diptera, Calliphoridae criadas em carne em diferentes estagios de decomposicao

de Macedo, D.M.; Chaaban, A.; Borja, G.E.; Moya, 2005:
Post-embrionic development of Stomoxys calcitrans Linnaeus, 1758 Diptera Muscidae feed in feces of treated bovines with different avermectins Desenvolvimento pos-embrionario de Stomoxys calcitrans Linnaeus, 1758 Diptera Muscidae criadas em fezes de bovinos tratados com diferentes avermectinas

Amiranashvili, NG., 1990:
Post-embryonal morphogenesis of bone elements of carapace of land turtles

dos Santos, M.B.; Martins, C.; Milward-de-Azevedo, E.M., 1996:
Post-embryonary development of Chrysomya megacephala Fabricius Diptera Calliphoridae reared on a sardine diet previously exposed to controlled temperature conditions for different periods of time Desenvolvimento pos-embrionario de Chrysomya megacephala Fabricius Diptera Calliphoridae criada em dieta a base de sardinha previamente exposta, por diferentes periodos, a condicoes controladas

Loureiro, M.S.; Oliveira, V.C. d'Almeida,, 2005:
Post-embryonary development of Pattonella intermutans Thomson, 1869 in different diets Desenvolvimento pos-embrionario de Pattonella intermutans Thomson Diptera Sarcophagidae em diferentes dietas

Daas, T.; Bouzerna, N.; Descamps, M., 1996:
Post-embryonic development and life-cycle of Eupolybothrus elongatus Newport in eastern Algeria Developpement post-embryonnaire et cycle biologique de Eupolybothrus elongatus Newport dans lest algerien

d'Almeida,; Fraga, M.B.rges.; Ferro, C.L.sboa., 2000:
Post-embryonic development of Chrysomya megacephala Fabricius, 1794 Diptera Calliphoridae, in olygidics artificial diets Desenvolvimento pos-embrionario de Chrysomya megacephala Fabricius, 1794 Diptera Calliphoridae, em dietas artificiais oligidicas

Mendoca, P.Martins d'Almeida, J.Mario, 2004:
Post-embryonic development of Chrysomya megacephala Wiedemann, 1794 Diptera Calliphoridae in milky artificial diets Desenvolvimento pos-embrionario de Chrysomya megacephala Fabricius, 1794 Diptera Calliphoridae em dietas artificiais a base de leite

d'Almeida,; Ferro, C.L.sboa.; Fraga, M.B.rges., 2001:
Post-embryonic development of Chrysomya putoria Wiedemann, 1818 Diptera Calliphoridae in artificial diets Desenvolvimento pos-embrionario de Chrysomya putoria Wiedemann, 1818 Diptera Calliphoridae em dietas artificiais

Vieira, Ana Maria. de Lello, Edy., 2001:
Post-embryonic development of Dermatobia hominis Linnaeus Jr Diptera, Cuterebridae foregut Desenvolvimento pos-embrionario do intestino anterior de Dermatobia hominis Linnaeus Jr Diptera, Cuterebridae

de Lello, E.; Vieira, A.M.ria., 2001:
Post-embryonic development of Dermatobia hominis Linnaeus Jr Diptera, Cuterebridae midgut Desenvolvimento pos-embrionario do intestino medio de Dermatobia hominis Linnaeus Jr Diptera, Cuterebridae

Skarbilovich, T.S., 1954:
Post-embryonic development of Heterodera schachtii Schmidt, 1871

da Motta, Ellen Serri. d'Almeida, Jose Mario., 2002:
Post-embryonic development of Ophyra aenescens Wiedemann, 1830 Diptera Muscidae in artificial diets Desenvolvimento pos-embrionario de Ophyra aenescens Wiedemann, 1830 Diptera, Muscidae, em dietas artificiais

d'Almeida,; Borges, C.; Abrantes Goncalves, C., 1999:
Post-embryonic development of Ophyra aenescens Wiedemann, 1830 Diptera Muscidae, in different diets, under laboratory conditions Desenvolvimento pos-embrionario de Ophyra aenescens Wiedemann 1830 Diptera Muscidae em diferentes dietas, sob condicoes de laboratorio

Khelil, C.; E.H.dfi-Bel Haj., 2002:
Post-embryonic development of Synisoma nadejda Rezig, 1989 Isopoda, Valvifera Developpement post-embryonnaire chez Synisoma nadejda Rezig, 1989 Isopoda, Valvifera

Knoechel, R.; Copeman, D., 1990:
Post-impoundment salmonid growth enhancement influence of increased zooplankton biomass and body size in Cat Arm Reservoir, Newfoundland

Gast, Gaston., 1998:
Post-juvenile moult of a blue tit Parus caeruleus Evolution and photographic records of the replacement of the wing coverts and crown feathers La mue postjuvenile dune mesange bleue Parus caeruleus Evolution dans le temps et suivi photographique du renouvellement des couvertures alaires et des plumes de la calotte cranienne

Fasano, S.; Vaschetti, G., 2001:
Post-juvenile moult of the goldcrest Regulus regulus during autumn migration Muta post-giovanile del regalo Regulus regulus durante la migrazione autunnale

Cutolo de Araujo, M.; Cotroni Valenti, W., 2005:
Post-larvae feeding strategies of Amazonia prawns Macrobrachium amazonicum Manejo alimentar de pos-larvas do camarao-da-amazonia, Macrobrachium amazonicum, em bercario I

Liu, H.; Li, H.; Zhai, B.; Liu, W., 1990:
Post-larval development of the masticating apparatus of black carp Mylopharyngodon piceus Richardson

Donath, Helmut., 2000:
Post-mining landscape - indicator and target species for evaluation of conservation concepts Part 2 Odonata Bergbaufolgelandschaft - Leit- und Zielarten zur Beurteilung von Naturschutzkonzepten Teil 2 Libellen

Schneider, DC.; Haedrich, RL., 1990:
Post-mortem erosion of fine-scale spatial structure of epibenthic megafauna on the outer Grand Bank of Newfoundland

Borbath, P.; Zalai, T., 2005:
Post-nuptial gathering of red-footed falcons Falco vespertinus on the Hevesi-sik, Hungary Kek vercsek Falco vespertinus oszi gyulekezese a Hevesi-sikon

Contejean, Georges., 2003:
Post-nuptial migration at the site of Roches de Pont-de-Roide Doubs Migrations post-nuptiales au site des Roches de Pont-de-Roide Doubs

Banerjee, S.; Malhotra, SK., 1990:
Post-parasitizational biochemical changes in five species of Indian hill-stream and fresh water fishes

Zinke, A.; Wolf, P.; Kummerfeld, N., 1999:
Post-prandial levels and diagnostic value of plasma bile acid concentrations in parrots Postprandialer Verlauf und diagnostische Relevanz der Plasmagallensaurenkonzentration bei Papageien

Corbi, F.; Pinos, F.; Trotta, M.; D.L.eto, G.; Cascianelli, D., 1999:
Post-reproductive migration of diurnal raptors of Circeo headland Latium La migrazione post-riproduttiva dei rapaci diurni nel Promontorio del Circeo Lazio

Pillai, MC.; Griffin, FJ.; Clark, W.H.; Jr., 1990:
Post-spawning changes in the extracellular matrices in the eggs of Sicyonia ingentis

Rohe, W.; Hartmann, R., 2004:
Post-war changes in arable farming of Rheinhessen Rhineland-Palatinate and possible effects on small game Lepus europaeus, Perdix perdix and Phasianus colchicus Der Wandel der rheinhessischen Landwirtschaft nach dem 2 Weltkrieg und potentielle Auswirkungen auf die Niederwildarten Feldhase Lepus europaeus, Rebhuhn Perdix perdix und Fasan Phasianus colchicus sowie Massnahmen zur Verbesserung der Biotopstruktur

Adloff, Andreas., 2001:
Postage stamps with motives from the zoo Postwertzeichen mit Motiven aus dem Tierpark

Charvoz, Pierre., 2001:
Postbreeding migration at Fort lEcluse, autumn 2000 Migration postnuptiale au Fort lEcluse, automne 2000

Abdala, Fernando., 1999:
Postcranial elements of Cynognathus Synapsida-Cynodontia from the Early Triassic of Mendoza province, Argentina Considerations about the morphology of the humerus in cynodonts Elementos postcraneanos de Cynognathus Synapsida-Cynodontia del Triasico Inferior de la provincia de Mendoza, Argentina Consideraciones sobre la morfologia del humero en cinodontes

Senut, B.; Gommery, D., 1997:
Postcranial skeleton of Otavipithecus, Hominoidea from the Middle Miocene of Namibia Squelette postcranien dOtavipithecus, Hominoidea du Miocene moyen de Namibie